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Miss Yeh

Harry X Reader: Smut

In which Harry has been deprived for too long.

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“’M losing my fuckin’ mind.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Harry.”

“’M not, am I?” He glares at you, lips turned down deeply at the corners, voice rising in offense. “’S been nearly three weeks since I got to touch yeh.”

“You know why.” Your voice has softened some. You know what he means. The weeks of limited interaction have been equally torturous for you. But there’s a reasonable cause, and you really don’t want to get him into trouble.

“Yeah, I know,” he huffs, leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms. “Doesn’ mean I like it.”

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Please please please do a long smutty write where y/n has a praise kink

You two are probably in bed when he reaches to kiss you. “Lips so good, my baby, always drive me crazy when i kiss yeh.” 

You smile broadly which makes his dimples show. He starts kissing down your neck and bites your skin. “It’s so easy to mark yeh. ‘M always leavin’ a mess of red and purple love bites on your skin.”

You start petting his hair in return for his compliments and he puts a few more kisses on your shoulders. When his lips touch the place between your breasts, you tremble in his arms and he smirks. “So sensitive, hmmm?” 

“H-Harry” you moan when he blows cool air over you nipples and sucks on them.

His cold fingers dance over your panties edge before they slip inside of them and his eyes widen at you. “Pet, you’re drippin’ wet” he smirks, “I can’t remember the last time when your juices were all over my hand from one touch, baby. What turned yeh on so much, huh?”

“All of your compliments… I just love it when you-”

“So my babygirl is telling me she has a praise kink, ‘s that right?”


He smirks and give you a quick peck on the lips before he returns to the position between your legs. “C’mon, let’s clean this mess you made.” He licks your folds and kisses your clit, his hands are holding onto your tighs so you can’t move away from him. His tongue travels up from your entrance to your clit and you arch your back. “So sweet, darling. ‘M never getting bored of your taste on my tongue.”

You smile, quite whimpers are slipping off your mouth. “H-Harry… Please. Yeah, there, there!”

“Love hearing your moans, pet. Makes me so hard.”

You get on your elbows so you can see how his mouth works on you. 

“Let me, please, let me see how hard you are.”

He smiles and stands up, taking off his boxers. His cock twitches in his hand, when he climbs back on bed and he starts sucking on your clit, making those sucktion noises. 

“See? See what ifluence you have on me, angel?”

And this is all you need to hear to cum, shaking and screaming his name.

So after seeing these posts by @owldart for @doodledrawsthings‘ Hell’s Studio Au, I realized I needed to write something for it! Because I am a HUGE sucker for body swap stories. This was a lot of fun to write, but it came out… Quite a lot larger than I had anticipated! I hope you enjoy!

Word Count:  8,489

The feeling of ink-covered hair on his own head was a surreal one. To the point where Bendy had a hard time grasping what exactly he was touching. On top of that, his hand felt weird. Why was that? Having gallons of ink dumped on him was something that he didn’t want to admit he was used to, but this time seemed to have messed with his senses something fierce. If Sammy hadn’t turned back into an ink monster, had Bendy gone off model again? Gracious, he hoped not.

“Aw man, what a trip…” he moaned. Was there ink in his ears, or did he sound a little different? He rubbed his hand along his head, shuddering slightly as the stringy texture passed between his fingers, “Hey Sammy, am I meltin’ or just–” he stopped when he reached the top of his head. Where he would have normally found the dip between his horns, he didn’t feel… Well, anything. Just more head.

“Drippin’?” he croaked. At that point he realized that the voice he was using was certainly not his. He couldn’t pin whose it was, but it did sound familiar… His eyes popped open, and he was met with a pale, five-fingered hand.

Sammy was quickly catching on himself. He had kept his eyes closed for a while now, a surge of dread washing over him like a devastating tidal wave. He didn’t feel like himself; he felt cold and unnatural. Defined in shape, but able to melt and sink into the surrounding ink at any moment–and he knew that only meant one thing: he was an ink monster yet again. He grit his teeth and dared himself to open his eyes as Bendy spoke, though… Wait a moment. That was his voice that he was hearing. Why was he hearing his own voice, and with Bendy’s accent of all things?

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Dark Plankhandles, Show Me The Forbidden Shadow Ascendant Thadrics 

I enjoyed this a lot, it was fun to get to play up his physical deformities and FINALLY get a chance to draw his Consecration scars. Why’s he drippin’? Why’s he arcane pink? It’s a #aesthetic, I don’t have to answer these questions. 

It’s the monstrous fate my shadow priest Forsaken is trying to avoid. Don’t worry, Thadric, I won’t let anything cool happen to you.

Thigh High

Okay so this wasn’t spawned from anything more than the night that @canistayhaz was talking about thigh riding with her anons, so I hope it’s okay. Also, this is actually the first time I’ve written full on smut, and it’s not that good so I apologize now. But I’ll work on it! Enjoy!

In which Y/N is feeling desperate, and Harry feels neglectful.


Now is not the time for this. You sigh and turn to your right, leaning your head up to glance over Harry’s body at the alarm clock. 2:17. You sigh to yourself and look at Harry now. He’d come home about half an hour ago, rousing you from sleep and then needing help undressing in his sloppy drunk state. It’s not like he’s usually a sloppy drunk, because he’s actually usually refined and just bubbly when intoxicated. It was only a bad thing because he honestly looked so good and you were desperate for him. You had been for days, but he’d been so busy with this and that, so you knew he either didn’t have time or he was going to be exhausted. So you hadn’t said anything.

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Sorry I can't stop thinking about Peter crying during sex wtf bye!! Just imagine his face gettin all scrunched up while he kisses u bcos he's trying so hard not to cry from love n disbelief at how lucky he is. Imagine him being so emotional he literally has tears drippin on ur face and then bcos he's Peter he laughs and makes a joke about how he's so lame that he cries during sex WHILE he's still cruing during sex--original Peter-cries-during-sex-hc-anon


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Could you write a blurb about how Niall would react the you "faked it" Would be perfect

The silent treatment usually wasn’t his chosen form of punishment.  Niall liked to talk.  He liked to work things out so the didn’t fester and kill whatever good time could be rolling around the corner.  But so far the silent treatment towards you had been going on for almost five hours, with no end in sight.

He wouldn’t even look at you.  A random run-in in the hallway while he walked towards your bedroom as you were walking back from the laundry room resulted in him staring at the wall and stepping to the side to let you by.

This was ridiculous.  

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Video Games A/N: I love the idea of this scenario! Niall wearing his Ireland jersey makes my heart melt😍 Y/N is playing video games and having a lazy day. When Niall gets home from work, he finds out what she’s been doing all day. I sat on the couch with an Xbox controller in my hand, screaming into the microphone on the headset at the people who continued to shoot me. “YA FUCKIN’ IDIOTS! FUCK YE ALL!” I yelled, shooting at someone from behind what looked to be an abandoned box car in a post-apocalyptic freight yard. Loud music filled my head phones as the screen announced my defeat. I threw my headphones down and set the controller on the table. I walked away and got a beer from the kitchen. I came back into the living room and switched the game from Call of Duty to the latest FIFA game. I heard my boyfriend’s keys clanging together as he unlocked the front door. The door swept open and he came inside, escaping from the harsh winter outside. “Whatcha up to love?” He asked, sitting next to me. “Playin’ FIFA.” I responded, sitting on my knees. “I see.” He smiled. “Why’re ye wearin’ me jersey?” He asked. “Mine’s in the wash.” I answered, pausing the game momentarily to give him a small peck on the lips. He smiled. “I missed ye today.” “I missed ye too.” I replied, leaning back to sit closer to him, only to hunch forward again, trying to score. “What’s this?” He asked almost impertinently as he caught the thin elastic string of my panties with his middle finger. “I’d think ye’d know exactly what they are, considering how many pairs of mine ye’ve ripped off of me.” I answered. He smirked. He unhooked his finger and sat back again. “I meant, why’re ye wearin’ ‘em?” He asked. I looked over to him with a tight-lipped smile. “Ye little tease.” He said, shaking his head. “It wasn’t on purpose. I swear on my life. They were just the first thing I pulled out of the drawer.” I said, scoring a goal against the computer I was playing. “Oi! Eyes on the tellie.” I scolded, seeing him look me up and down. “Relax babe. I’m just admiring what’s mine.” He said, placing his hand on the small of my back. “Not tonight baby.” I told him, finishing the game. “But I was so lookin’ forward to seein’ ye naked in me bed.” He mumbled. “Were ye now?” I asked. “Yes I was.” He replied. “What was it ye wanted to do?” I asked. “So many things my love, so many things.” He answered. “Show me.” I said, running my fingers through his hair. “My sexy Irishman.” He smirked and kissed up my neck. “Mmm I like the sound of dat .” He said, picking me up and taking me upstairs. “Yer gonna be a shakin’, moanin’ mess when I’m done with ye.” He said, crawling over me. “Is dat right?” I asked. “Let’s find out, yeah?” He said, pulling my jeans off and discarding my tank top. He pulled off the thong and a teased with my folds. “Yes.” I breathed, my muscles contracting. “Ye like dat Princess? Ye like it when Daddy plays with yer pussy?” He teased. “Oh yes! God yes. Oh my God.” I moaned. “More! Please!” He thrust a finger in and I whimpered. “More baby! Please!” I begged. He thrust in another finger and I rocked my hips forward. “I can’t take anymore.” I warned. “Yes ye can. Remember New York? Ye were beggin’ me fer four. And ye almost took me entire hand.” He said, curling his fingers up and pushing in a third. I let out a loud, guttural moan and tangled my fingers in his hair once again. “I’m gonna cum!” I whimpered. “Do it baby. Cum fer daddy, princess.” He said, curling his fingers again. “Fuck!” I cried, releasing and leaning back against the headboard in an attempt to catch my breath. “Woah darlin’. Ye squirted.” He chuckled. The satisfied smirk on his face was enough to make my knees shake. He licked the remains of my orgasm off his fingers and my inner thighs before licking a bold line up the center of my core. “Mmmm yeah.” I moaned. “Yer still drippin’ princess.” He chuckled. “Because ye haven’t fucked me yet.” I replied. “Is dat what ye want? Ye want daddy to fuck ye?” He teased. “Yes! Please Daddy.” I whimpered. “Okay baby.” He smirked, thrusting himself into my soaking center. “Oh Daddy!” I yelled. “Yes my love?” He asked, caressing my cheek as he slowly made sweet, passionate love to me. “Ye feel so good.” I mumbled, losing myself in a euphoric spin cycle. His dreamy, unhurried thrusts made me dizzy with delight. “Kiss me.” And he did. He pressed his lips against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. “Princess.” He sighed. “Yer cummin’. Fuck baby.” He held my hips and continued to steadily rock his pelvis against mine until he released and we collapsed on top of each other. “Whaddya think babe? Better than FIFA?” He chuckled. “Well, until Cristiano Ronaldo shows up at my door and we fall in love, I’ve got my sexy Irishman.” I answered, kissing him again. He smiled. “Yeah, ye do.” He said.