he's drinking a frappe

a peace offering.
ok i’m trying to learn to use watercolors properly (??????) in my art + wanted to draw smth fall….. feeling. anyway connor drinks frappes in the dead of winter and he got zoe a psl (he doesn’t know what she likes from sbux so he’s just like uhhhh fuck it everyone likes a psl??? zoe in fact thinks they’re ok but usually gets tea or an americano w lots of sugar if she’s feelin coffee)

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This is gonna sound super weird, but I had a dream about G-dragon last night. For some reason we needed those small little plastic balls you put in ball pits and out of all the stores, we were going to K-Mart. Before we left someone warned me to watch Jiyong closely because he likes to start fires in K-Marts, small ones and ones that burn down the stores. So we go, Jiyong runs off, I get the balls, and when I find him again he's a Starbucks drinking coffee and just giggling cutely.

If that ‘someone’ who warned you was Youngbae or any of the bigbang members for that matter, you shouldn’t have taken it seriously

why tf did you need little plastic balls??????

what colour hair did jiyong have in your dream??????

was he drinking just a straight up black coffee or was it a frappe??????

why does jiyong like burning k-mart stores and why hasn’t he gotten arrested for it yet??????

and can i please have your dreams??????

part one


Taehyung sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair, “Jimin…you’re a true idiot.”

During those 2 years, things became awkward even though they said it weren’t going to be, it ended up being is. Thinking that Jimin really was over Y/n, as a friend, he tried to help Y/n get back on her feet.

Everything went well, she managed to get out of the house after 8 months and school didn’t count.

As for Jimin…he rarely was home. Taehyung sighed again…grabbed his keys and wallet to find Jimin knowing that he will get his heart broken.

Play song “I would” - DAY6 **The song should finish when you finish reading too :)**

Jimin smiled as he thought of Y/n. I’m going to make this right. I’m going to make us work again.

He texted Y/n after Taehyung and surprisingly she agreed to meet up.

He entered the cafe and saw her sitting by the window drinking, “Iced caramel frappe.” he said to himself as he chuckled.

He fixed his shirt and went to her, “Y/n…”

She smiled at him, “Hey.” she got up and gave him a hug. Jimin hugged her back, kind of shocked that she would give him a hug. The two sat down and they stayed quiet.

“Would you like to drink something?” she offered, “I was going to order the drink that you used to get but I figured you might not like it.”

No! It’s actually my favorite now. “It’s fine. I actually wanted to talk to you…about us,” he carefully said as he looked at her.

She nodded, “I do too…is it okay if I go ahead first?”

“Of course,” he smiled.

“After we broke up, I’m not going to lie. I was a wreck. We became awkward when we said it wouldn’t be. I stopped coming to our hang outs. The only time I left the house was when I had class. Then one day, Tae came over and being his usual self helped me be myself again which I’m thankful for. I want to let you know that I was happy when we were dating. I hope you were too. I hope we can start over…as friends and I kind of met a guy. We have been talking for about 5 months and I think I like him. Jimin is it okay for me to start liking him?”

I guess I’m too late Jimin smiled and nodded, “O-Of course. Why are you asking my permission? As long as you’re happy then I am. Who is this guy? Do I know him?”

She smiled brightly as she explained the new guy to Jimin. Jimin smiled sadly as he listened to her. Wishing what she said wasn’t true but she seems to happy and he couldn’t take away this new happiness she found. It’d be selfish of him.

“Brian?” she said as she stopped what she was going to say, “What are you doing here?”

Jimin turned around and he got to admit he was handsome. Brian smiled warmly at her. “Go.”

Y/n looked at Jimin confusingly, “I can’t leav-”

“Go. Don’t make him wait.”  Jimin smiled at her, “Go. It’s okay.”

She hesitantly grabbed her purse and drink, “Okay. I’ll see you later Jimin.”

He watched her go to him and saw that smile that was once meant to be for him go to someone else. Jimin silently cussed at himself. He stayed in the cafe for a while. Thinking and regretting.


Jimin quickly wiped his eyes and saw Taehyung with two drinks in his hands. He handed one to him, “Here.”

He took it and thanked him. Once again, Jimin silently broke down crying.

Taehyung fought back his tears. “Thank you Taehyung. You did the right thing. I-I would do the same if I was in your position. I-I think I’m going to head home.”

Jimin covered his head with his hoodie and left.

“One more time, back to that day
Just one more day, back to that time
If only I could go back
If I could go back” - DAY6

A/N: ***Would you guys like the happy alternative ending too? Jungkook’s part two will be coming soon!!***

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Justlex Roadtrip #3

They leave early when it’s still cool out and the sun’s barely out. Justin packs the car while Alex listens to his father give a speech about calling when they get there and frequently after that, don’t pick up hitchhikers, don’t waste money on stupid things, and always make sure the car has gas in it. Alex nods and gives an occasional, “Yes, sir.” His father hands him some money for gas and tells the boys to have a good trip. 

Alex’s mother insists they eat breakfast before leaving. The entire meal consists of Justin complimenting her cooking skills and Alex rolling his eyes and grinning. 

When they’re finally in the car, it’s Justin who demands to drive. 

“I’ve driven with you before,” he says, “you’re all over the place.”

“I’m a perfectly safe driver,” Alex says. He pulls out his bag of CDs and pops one in. 

“Safe, my ass,” Justin snorts. He feels Alex punch his shoulder and he chuckles. He slips on his sunglasses and starts the engine. He taps the steering wheel. “We’re fuckin’ doing this.” 

“We sure are.”

“Try to contain your excitement there, dude.”

“I am excited,” Alex laughs. “Let’s get the hell outta here.” 

“Yes, sir!” Alex scoffs at Justin’s words and salute. They pull out of the drive way and they’re on the road, driving through town in a matter of minutes. 

“Oh, hey,” Alex says, “let’s stop at Monet’s.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I want to get one more drink in before we go.” 


“Yes, really!” 

Justin throws his head back against the seat and groans dramatically. 

“Hey, don’t you want coffee? You got a lot of driving to do since I’m so terrible at it,” Alex reasons. Justin supposes that he’s right. 

They get their drinks to go. Alex gets the mint chocolate chip frappe -which he highly recommends, by the way- and Justin gets a large coffee with sugar. 

Back on the road, they play a game of Would You Rather?

“Would you rather…” Justin starts,” …lick a dirty pole on a subway, or be licked by five dirty hobos?”

Alex makes a disgusted face. “Ew, why?”

“Just answer!”

“Ugh, um… how dirty is the pole?”

“Thousands of people who haven’t washed their hands after wiping have touched that pole.”

Alex wrinkles up his nose. “Okay, where are the hobos licking me?”

“Anywhere they want.”

“Am I fully clothed?”

Justin smirks. “For now.”

“Ew, ew,” Alex grumbles. “I think I’ll take my chances with the pole.” 

“Gross, dude,” Justin chuckles. 

“Fuck off,” Alex sighs. “Okay, would you rather… wear the same pair of underwear -without washing them ever- for the rest of your life, or… only eat roadkill for the rest of your life?”

Justin thinks quietly before giving a firm answer, “Roadkill.” 


“Enough ketchup can make anything taste good.” 

“Oh God-”

“Oh!” Justin grins. “I got a good one. Would you rather dye your hair neon pink… or watch Clay and Tony have sex?”

“Ew, Justin! What kind of question is that!?” Alex exclaims over Justin’s laughter. 

“Just answer!” 

Alex frowns. “Guess I’ll be rocking pink hair for a while.”

Justin smirks and cocks a brow. “You don’t wanna watch Clay and Tony go at it?”

“Do you!?”

Justin shakes his head. “No, but I don’t know if I could take you seriously with pink hair.” 

“This is a stupid game.”

Justin’s laughing so hard that he starts to choke on his own spit. Alex feels little sympathy as he drinks his delicious mint chocolate chip frappe and shakes his head and pats Justin’s back. 

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The Art of a Happy Ending

Summary: Dan Howell is a writer who dreams of writing a bestselling novel, but in order to write a bestselling novel, he must first find inspiration. After meeting the talented artist, Phil Lester, Dan finds himself writing what he never thought he could before.

Genre: AU, Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 13,272

Warnings: death

A/N: I absolutely loved writing this. It’s based on Atonement, one of my favorite books. Enjoy reading!

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Victoria's Secret

The mall is bustling with people, you can barely make your way through the crowded hallways to get coffees from the mini Starbucks.
“I told you that we shouldn’t have come on a Saturday.” Dan groans, “There’s so many people.”
“Dan, relax. You’ll get your frappe very soon.”
“I don’t even like frappes.” He moans.
You roll your eyes remembering how he always refuses to get frappes for himself but then drinks all of yours, “Yeah, okay. You don’t like frappes.”
You’re hit by a permeating waft of perfume and loud pop music. You turn to see you’re standing in front of a Victoria’s Secret. You turn to face Dan and see that his face has turned abnormally blushed and red. “It’s just underwear Dan.”
“It’s just underwear.”
“Yeah.” His face turned 3 shades darker.
“And clothes. They have clothes in there too.”
“Do you want to go in?”
“In Victoria’s Secret. Do you want to go into Victoria’s Secret?”
“I don’t wear bras.”
“Well, maybe you can pick some out for me?”
His face was full of flames now, “Really?”
“Dan, I have boobs, right?”
“I have to wear something over them, right?”
“And it’s reasonable for me to want my boyfriend to like my bras, right?”
“Well, I guess so.”
“Then yes, I really would like for you to pick out some things for me.”
He smiles to the side, “Okay.”
As you walk in you’re surrounded by dim pink lights and tables full of disheveled clothes. You walk over to a table with lacey bralettes and brightly colored sports bras.
“What about these?”
“They’re nice, but I don’t know.”
“Okay…” You fold them and place them back on the table, “What ab-” You turn to find him digging through a pile of discarded pajama pants.
“What are you doing?”
“Well, um, I think that- personally-that you look the sexiest when you’re in my tees and joggers.” He gives you a concerned glance and a once again red face, but you return it with a reassuring grin.
“Absolutely. I don’t need fancy lace and silk to find you attractive. You being you is what turns me on.” He moves towards you and wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead.
“Really really?”
“Really really.”
You grab 3 pairs off the table, “Good! That lace stuff itches like crazy.”
As you run off to checkout you hear Dan laughing close behind.

Yellow Lilies Wrapped in Honey

a/n: ***dan and phil’s son is autistic and there is a scene with a large crowd of ppl (which makes him panic) in it and if u are v uncomfortable w/ crowds i added an astrid * so u can skip over that part !!

Summary: Basically just short snippets about the life of married Dan and Phil along with their two children; from Winnie who’s favorite food is tofu and garlic bread and Charlie who would rather wear yellow skirts and watch the stars all night long. (ft. their shiba inu who is ironically named Susan).

Words: 1.9k

Warnings: Mild panic attack; other than that lots of fluff that will make ur teeth ache

“Papa,” Winnie announced, climbing onto the sofa armchair to slide into Phil’s warm lap comfortably. “Look what I drew at school today.”

She shoved a crumpled paper drawing under Phil’s glasses. He chuckled. “Sweetie I can’t see it when you hold it so close to my face,” He took the drawing in his hand and held it at a distance.

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I'm the dream anon and I wanted to answer your questions. The person who warned us wasn't a bigbang member, but a random lady. We needed the plastic balls for a birthday party. Jiyong had red hair and was drinking a frappe (he looked very cute) and I don't know why he liked burning k-marts, probably because they're out of business or something. My dreams are pretty weird and that's the first time I've had a kpop dream, but you can have them if you want


red hair as in bang bang bang era or motte era?

who’s birthday party?

k-marts are out of business in america? they’re doing just fine here in australia

and your dreams are cool i want them

Good Girls (AKA Double Life E/E)

Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught” - 5SOS

Summary: Nobody knows that perfect student Éponine Thénardier and infamous hacker Max Cale are the same person. Until her annoying classmate Gabriel Enjolras shows up at her work and is stupidly clueless. She kind of has to reveal herself to plant one on him. How else is she supposed to help him escape?

AN: I took forever, I know. So now it’s more like an early Christmas present than a birthday gift for Thea maytheymeetagain. SORRY!


Éponine Thénardier is a dream to have in class, according to every professor who’s ever had her in their seminars or lectures. She turns in all of her work on time, and it is usually well-researched and eloquently stated. When it is time for a class discussion, Eponine is one of the first to raise her hands and enlighten her fellow students, but she never talks over anyone or makes others cry - only Gabriel Enjolras has managed that.

The fact that Éponine Thénardier is also the best hacker on the continent is not known to anyone. When working, she usually goes by a clever pseudonym to keep her lives separate from one another. It simply would not do for her professors to meet Max Cale.

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your highness if you have the time could you fill this in? :D 'you give me a fake name everytime you come into starbucks and i just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here i am scrawling "batman" onto ur stupid cappuccino' au

oh mfgkjdgod

the headcanon is that jungkook likes green tea flavor ok 

iron man to go
sugakookie; 1.4k; coffee shop!au, barista!yoongi


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Tim O’Brien goes up to the counter and orders a drink he calls the “Epistemic Frappe.” The barista double checks the menu. “I’m sorry, sir,” she says, “but that’s not a real drink.”

“How can you know?” O’Brien asks. He seems to pull a microphone from thin air, and with his lips a little too close to the mic he tells everyone in the Starbucks that they’ve just had their minds blown. He drops the mic and exits walking backward, arms extended.

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Sam loves his expensive coffee okay? And the huge guy who always stares judgmentally at his Starbucks in the elevator, every morning, can fuck right off. Steve's just trying to get to the office without popping a boner; why does the cute guy in the elevator have to lick the whipped cream out of his frappe? Every. Goddamn. Morning. CAN'T HE DRINK IT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE? Steve has to think of those sad dog commercials EVERY MORNING to calm his dick. Fuck.


sam being all shady and defensive over his habits meanwhile steve is chanting internally about dead puppies to try and keep himself from slamming sam up against the elevator doors and kissing the shit outta him

Title: Peace I Leave With You, 4/?

Fandom: OUAT

Rating: T (M in later chapters)

Word Count: ~4,000

Summary: When Emma needs a friend in Storybrooke, she finds one in the sinfully attractive priest Killian Jones. AU starting in season 1.

Notes: The next chapter is probably a week out—I just have too much going on to get it done any faster. In the meantime, thanks for your continued support. It means a lot. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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Killian divides the next day between his normal duties and keeping an eye on Gold. Interestingly enough, for several hours in the afternoon Gold follows August around town. It seems that Gold distrusts August as much as Killian does, though Killian isn’t yet ready to think that the enemy of his enemy should be his friend.

Eventually August returns to his room at Granny’s and Gold returns to his home, so Killian gives up the spying for the day and heads back to his condo to get ready for his date.

His head still tells him that he ought to cancel, but his heart won’t let him.

Emma texts him to pick her up at the station. He finds her waiting in the parking lot, wearing a black skirt and a soft white sweater under her warm black coat. She looks beautiful.

His heart races as they drive, and he asks her why she wanted to meet at the station.

“Well, I was doing a little work,” she says, “but mostly I just didn’t want Mary Margaret to know I was going on a date.”

Killian frowns. “Do you—are you—not happy about this?”

“No, no. That’s not it. I just… she’s had a rough time of it with David and I don’t want to rub this in her face. Especially when we’re not exactly sure where this is going, yet.”

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Happy Hungry Bunch Coffee Orders

Yona:  She changes between a mocha and a caramel latte. She always tries the newest drinks. Recently she discovered Chai Lattes. She hasn’t gone back. 

Hak: Black coffee. He add sugar when he thinks no one is looking. 

Yoon: Hot or cold tea, depending on the weather. He’s the one who showed Yona the blessing that is the Chai Latte. When he’s been overworked, he springs for the largest coffee they have with 3 extra shots and enough cream to mask the flavor. (he really hates the taste, and has no tolerance for, coffee)

Kija: He only gets the latest seasonal drink. He gets super excited about that Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Shin-Ah: Never knows what to order, kind of panicked the first time they took him. Ultimately, Yona ordered him a hot chocolate. Now it’s all he gets.

Jae-Ha: Get’s whatever his date gets. When he’s alone he tells the barista to “surprise him”. He tends to get the most expensive drinks in the house. 

Zeno: He gets frappes with extra whip cream and sprinkles.