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Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

more evidence (?) that sammy was turned into boris in ch2

well its not exactly evidence exactly but it could be hints

we know sammy wasn’t turned human again, he sounded very unhappy to see “bendy” at the end of chapter 2. shoot, I don’t even think he was flat-out killed. remember how boris could be seen in the corner of the after credits cutscene in chapter 2 displaying sammy’s “body”? seems like a real convenient place for him to be if he were just made from sammy somehow. plus, that ink under the mask doesn’t look like nearly enough ink from an entire body. clearly, most of it went somewhere else

and hmm. he doesn’t talk. maybe that’s because either if he spoke we would recognize him, or the voice was lost in the transformation. maybe boris just straight-up can’t speak, and he would if he could.

boris plays clarinet. sammy plays banjo. you’d expect to see a clarinet in the safehouse next to boris in chapter 3? you would be incorrect. banjo.

also if you wanna jump on the ship train, maybe at least part of the reason alice wanted boris so bad at the end of chapter 3 was because she knew who he was previously~ she was referring to him kinda possessively. shoot you don’t even have to look at it like a ship, maybe they were just really good friends ;P

Teacher || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by relationshipwithbts

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

“Sangwoo, can you come here for a second?” The boy looked up from where he was drawing in the back of the class and locked eyes with you. He was sat alone in the corner, away from the other kids and it broke your heart to see him like this. Sangwoo was usually active with the other kids and used to always participate in class, but lately he had been pulling away from everyone.

The boy cleaned up the items he had been using and he slowly got up from where he was sitting. The sluggish movements of the six year old worried you and a frown came across you face. His eyes seemed to be locked on the ground as he walked towards you, not wanting to make eye contact. The action seemed to be his way of hiding from you and you sighed, slowly crouching down to his height.

“Sangwoo, do you have something you want to tell teacher about?” You asked. You hoped the words would be enough encouragement for the boy to speak but the words he said weren’t the ones you had been looking for. You became even more worried as you heard the words that left his mouth and you wondered if something was going on at home.

“I’m not in trouble, am I?” Sangwoo questioned. His tone made your heart clench and you quickly shook your head, cancelling all fears of his. He seemed to calm down a little bit at the fact that he wasn’t in trouble.

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Wrapped Around; pt.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 12.6k words

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Angst

A/N: weow 1 month later here is part 5!! thank you for your patience ya dumplings (’:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4 | Part 6


Tae was right, he warned you to watch yourself around him and you felt so dumb, so hurt that you had let yourself become one of those girls. You had sworn that you wouldn’t let Jimin get to you but here you were sitting in your bed feeling as broken as all the other girls that had slept with the player that was Park Jimin. Stupid, stupid you.

Glancing at the time on your phone, you pick up the pace of your steps. Your cousin had given you 10 minutes to get to the restaurant before he makes you buy your own meal. The cold winter air bites at your skin as you sprint towards the entrance of the diner, hoping and praying that the heater had been turned on to its highest setting in there. You were so cold that you were sure your fingers were going to fall off at any point now but damn it you’d do anything for free food.

Stepping into the diner, you let out a sigh of relief at the wave of warm air that hits you. Honestly, how can anyone enjoy winter when it’s so horridly cold? You shrug off your hood, eyes scanning the establishment as you look for your cousin.



“Mina,” You smile stiffly as you watch her drape her coat over the back of her chair.

“You made it!” She beams and you hesitate for a while before walking over to take a seat next to your cousin who only looks at you in shock. “I told you she would!” She exclaims, turning to your cousin who now had his head in his hands.

“Crap, I can’t believe you actually got here in time,” Your cousin groans as he pulls out his wallet to count the number of bills he had. “Remind me to never underestimate your will when it comes to getting free food.”

“I told you not to bet against me, didn’t I?” You laugh, trying your best to cover the look of disdain as you sit across Mina, envy running through your veins at the mere sight of her.

“Whatever,” Your cousin huffs, dismissing you with a wave of his hand before he turns to Mina. “What’re you doing here so late anyway?” He asks.

“Well I could ask the same,” She quips.

“We had a busy night so we got up pretty late.”

“Huh, what a coincidence… Me too,” She smirks and you let your fingernails dig into your palm, wishing nothing more than to wipe that smirk off her face.

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Hi! If your prompts are still open could I ask for 10. “Please don’t make me socialize.” with Victor and Yuuri? Thanks so much! I LOVE your writing SO FREAKING MUCH<3

omg hi!! thank you!!! i’m glad you like my stuff 💕

post-series olypics stuff bc im sooooo excited for the olypics yall

10. “Please don’t make me socialize.”

“Yuuri, come on, one interview––”

“Please don’t make me socialize, Vitya,” Yuuri whines, burying his face in Viktor’s neck. “I’m so embarrassing! Why am I allowed out of the house?”

“If you never left the house, I’d never be able to brag about my Olympic gold medal husband!” Viktor punctuates this statement by pressing a firm kiss to the top of Yuuri’s head. “Solnyshko, just one. That interviewer you like, Morooka? He’s out there. Just one statement.” 

“I’ve already given my statement.” Yuuri clings to Viktor tightly. “It was a disaster.” 

“It wasn’t that bad,” Viktor says, but Yuuri can tell he’s laughing at him. He can hear it in Viktor’s voice. 

As if on cue, the little TV in the skater’s lounge starts playing Yuuri’s post-skate interview. 

“Mr. Katsuki, how are you feeling after that amazing performance? Is there anyone you’d like to dedicate your performance to?”

Yuuri cringes. He knows what happened next. 

“I’d like to thank my wonderful husband, Makkachin,” TV Yuuri says, his eyes still crazed from the adrenaline rush. “And our lovely dog, Viktor.”

There’s a beat of silence while both Yuuri and the interviewer process what he’d just said. 

“I mean––! I didn’t marry my dog! Viktor isn’t–– Viktor is my husband. I am married to Viktor? Nikiforov? Or well, Nikiforov-Katsuki, now but–– Makkachin is our dog! Viktor and I got married last year––”

Yuuri rips himself away from Viktor and darts over to the TV, fumbling for the off button. He can’t believe no one stopped him from giving a full complete history of his and Viktor’s relationship. 

Yuuri groans. “I’m the worst.”

“You’re not the worst,” Viktor corrects him gently. He takes Yuuri’s hand, running his thumb along his wedding band soothingly. “Now, come on. Let’s go answer a few questions and then we can go home. Makka is waiting!”

Yuri chooses that moment to walk into the skater’s lounge. “Oh, Makkachin? Yuuri’s husband?”

Yuuri’s screech of despair is heard all the way outside of the stadium. 

// send me two characters or more and a prompt and I’ll write you a short fic //

i am so happy for nu'est fans like… i hate that it had to come to nu'est joining produce 101 as trainees and taking ten steps back but they are honestly doing so well. they r getting loads of screentime and literally millions of fans, kim jonghyun is being called “nation’s leader” and u can see their confidence rise with every episode!! OG nu'est fans must be thrilled af!!!!

booze in the time of prohibition (reader/1920's AU)

(So here it is! Yes that title is a book reference, I’m a word nerd. Anyway, I might write a sequel to this, because I adore the premise. Enjoy!)

An ordinary night. An ordinary, warm, summer’s night, where streetlights bathed the pavements in a harsh glow and the world seemed to be so alive and so dead all at once.

An ordinary night in 1925, where you would break the law for the first time in your life.

Everyone was doing it. Prohibition wasn’t doing anyone any favors, so there was no time like the present to try it. You were dressed to the nines, outer layers peeled off in response to the weather. You had planned out an excuse just in case you were stopped on your way there by a policeman. “What’s a young thing like you doing so late at night looking like that?” He would inquire.

“Well, sir, I’m on my way back from my cousin’s wedding, sir. I don’t mean to be any trouble.” A fairly cunning lie, and you knew it. You would keep walking, knock at the door, mutter the password, and slip off into this secret world.

The thrill of getting caught was a wonderful, bone-shaking, stomach churning thrill. Almost the same thrill as when the cold, metal door was pulled open, and you slipped inside.

“The Blind King”, the bar was called. A small, cosy joint on the edge of town. It was your first time there, but all of your friends had recommended it.

“You’ve never been to the King’s? (As it was affectionately dubbed.) The music is amazing, the bartender is almost psychic, the patrons are great chat. And the poker? Challenge the King. Go ahead.” Your friends had told you the password and put in a good word for you last time they were there. So there you stood, looking in through the door into the eyes of a tall, tanned man.

“Password?” He asked in a deep voice, almost at a growl.

“Um… ‘R-Regalia.’ That is the password, right? Weird word.” You replied, almost inaudible. Your heart almost jumped out of your chest when you heard the door unlatch.

You took a good look at the man as you were ushered inside. He was a large, tattooed man, with a scar over his eye.

“You’re new. The name’s Gladiolus Amicitia. Call me Gladio.” He held out his hand, and you cautiously took it. Any regrets you once had melted away when he flashed you a toothy grin. “We get to know all our customers: we’re like a family. What can I call you?”

“(Y/N). It’s my first time at one of these… clubs.” You gazed around at the cozy decor. The place was fairly busy, and you picked up on dots of chatter, interspersed with wafting smoke and a deep laugh. The smell of a pleasant musk drifted around the room, spiced and soft.

“Well, enjoy yourself. If anyone gives you trouble, just gimme the word and I’ll take care of them.” Gladio gently pushed you off, taking your coat from you and leaving you standing in the middle of the small room. You found yourself wandering over to the bar. You perched on a stool, still searching the room and attempting to take the atmosphere in. You were brought out of your daydream by the noise of a man clearing his throat.

“Are you going to order something, or am I to guess?” A well dressed man with a thick accent and a pair of glasses caught your attention as he dried a glass with a pale towel. “Ignis Scientia. I’m the resident barman.” He smiled politely, setting the glass down and looking you over. He had a sophisticated air about him that was unfamiliar to you.

“Surprise me, Mr. Scientia. This is my first visit to one of these places, so I’d rather let you do the choosing.” You gave him a smile of your own, a smile that grew wider when he gave you a pleased nod.

“A Sidecar it is, then. Or maybe a Whiskey Sour… No. A Sidecar.” He set about collecting bottles and glasses, and began to almost effortlessly construct the drink. As he poured, he began a conversation.

“So, what brings you to our humble corner of the world?” He joked, beginning to shake the drink.

You answered, but the man in the corner of the room, at the microphone, caught your eye. He had a mess of shining blonde hair, and he sweetly crooned melody after melody with his eyes closed. He seemed to be away in away world of his own, irreverent and nostalgic.

“My friends told me this place was the best in town, so here I am.” He suddenly slid a glass over to you, tapping your hand.

“Your Sidecar. This one is on the house. Enjoy.” You took a sip, and when you hummed in pleasure, he allowed himself a chuckle. He had managed to get the balance exactly right, leading to a smooth, delicious drink.

“And him, over there?” He pointed at the man you had been watching. “Prompto Argentum. Our house musician.” You rolled the name over your tongue a few times. It sounded pleasant, like that of a film actress or a broadway starlet.

You thanked Ignis for the drink, bringing it with you as you looked for a table to sit at. Suddenly, someone tapped your shoulder. You turned around to see a suited man, with a mop of messy black hair and soft eyes.

“The name’s Noctis. Noctis Lucis Caelum. They call me the King.” So, here he was. “Stupid name, I know. I’m the poker guy. New patrons have to play me in in a round, so we can get to know each other. It’s tradition. You win? All your drinks are on my tab tonight. Sound good?”

The entire bar hushed, and you looked around for any response. Gladio motioned to urge you on, and so you sat down at his table and set down your drink. A new sense of bravado, you pulled a cigarette from your pocket and lit it, holding it loosely between your fingers.

“Let’s go, Your Highness.”

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i headcanon isak's mother having OCD from what we've heard/seen of her and when she's finally diagnosed it takes isak a few days to process what that means and he does a ton of research and talks to her about it and to even to learn and figure it out and as he's searching he stumbles along other anxiety disorders and finds a lot of symptoms he has and it scares the crap out of him because his boyfriend having a MI? okay. his mom? okay. but him was a different story. could you write about that?

Having a Name for it can be Scary; 2150ish words

Isak had been barely thirteen the first time he heard the word ‘schizophrenic’.  It had been a scary word; even just the sound it made in his mouth was harsh.  He realised quickly that it was also a taboo word.  His parents refused to talk about it and Isak was too young to care enough to push further than that.

After he moved out he didn’t really think of it again; too busy rebuilding his life to do much else.

The thing is: since getting with Even, Isak had slowly been rebuilding his relationship with his mother.  And part of that had been educating himself about the way her brain worked.  He had been reading all about schizophrenia and his heart had twisted painfully in his chest at the familiarity of it all.

As is often the way with the internet, one thing led to another almost seamlessly.  One web page had listed bipolar disorder as a similar condition to schizophrenia, which had resulted in a little detour in Isak’s research.  Honestly though, he tried not to read up on bipolar because he knew it made Even uncomfortable so he wasn’t on that page for long.

It was only when he was about to exit out of that website entirely that he noticed a list on the side of the page of related disorders.  The words ‘anxiety and panic disorders’ caught his eye and he remembered reading about how anxiety could be a trigger for episodes.

And so he clicked.

At first he had been reading with his mother in mind, thinking about how his father always used to warn him not to stress her out, but then he came across something called ‘generalised anxiety disorder’.  The more he read about it the more he felt like the bottom of his stomach had fallen out; like suddenly being plummeted from the top of a rollercoaster.

Excessive worrying, restlessness and feeling on edge, muscle tension, headaches, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping and staying asleep, being easily startled.

All common things in the day to day life of Isak Valtersen.

When he got to the part about the causes of GAD and saw the words ‘abnormal functioning in particular brain regions’ he slammed his laptop shut and dumped it unceremoniously onto the floor by their bed.

For possibly the first time ever, Isak was glad that Even was at work and he had the flat to himself.

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Hi there! I was hoping to request an exo react to their s/o jamming out and dancing to one of the solo songs made by the three that left. (Like singing to 'Lu' by Luhan or etc) - 😁❤️ Hopeful anon

Ah~ I was really excited when I saw this request—thank you for requesting! I hope this is what you were looking for~


You sit in the living room, scrolling through your playlist when you decide on playing one of your favourite songs—the song that never fails to put you in a carefree mood.

“I got that good good, I got that got that good good.” You nod your head along to the annoyingly catchy lyrics. Looking over your shoulder, you see Baekhyun sporting his wide beagle-like grin.

“Ah~” He muses, “That old hyung still has it in him, huh?”

Throwing himself onto the couch next to you, he glances over to sneak a peek at your lengthy playlist, nodding along to the music.


Chanyeol pulls your wrist through the small boutique you both were shopping at, looking for new clothes to purchase for Jongin’s birthday. Once he settles down with all the mindless chatter, you immediately notice a familiar beat in the air.

“I got that good good.” You sing along to the song, doing a small freestyle dance.

Chanyeol spins around on his heel to look at you, chuckling to himself when he realizes you’re familiar and a fan of his hyung’s song. He decides to join you, waving your shopping bags in the air.


You relax your legs in the car, Jongdae focused entirely on trying to guide himself to the restaurant where you two were to meet up with the rest of the beagle line. Turning on the radio, you without hesitation, notice the song playing. He glances over at you, and noticing your widened eyes, grins to himself as he proceeds to turn up the volume. You roll the windows down, mindlessly singing along.

He nudges you, “Why don’t you show that much enthusiasm to my songs, jagi?”

“Show some respect to your hyung!” You retort playfully.


You scroll down your playlist, looking for a song to listen to while you cook dinner. Instantly, you click on Luhan’s “That Good Good”. Turning up the volume, you begin to chop some celery when Kyungsoo walks in, his eyes wide.

“What’s up, Kyungsoo?” You ask, your eyes locking with his.

He smiles his wide smile, “I just find it cute how you’re a fan of Lu-hyung.”
You chuckle as he takes a knife from the kitchen, helping you chop the vegetables for dinner.


“Jagi,” Jongin yells from across the room, “Can you play a random song? The guys back at the dorm are hosting a freestyle dance-off and I need to practice.”
You nod, clicking the shuffle button on your phone. Immediately, you laugh to yourself when the song begins playing.

“I got that good good.” You sing along. Jongin grabs you by your wrist and seats you on the couch.

“Jagi, I know you got that good good, no need to remind me.” He murmurs, closing the distance between your lips.


“Yifan,” You call out his name, “Get your ass over here.”

Lazily, he looks up from his phone, taking off his shades. “What do you need?”
Blasting the song from your phone, you almost choke when you see his eyes widen in surprise. Wanting to see more of that precious expression, you throw together a goofy freestyle dance behind the kitchen island.

He snorts, “That song’s about me, not you.”


“Baobei,” Yixing pokes your shoulder, “I’m bored. Can you play a song so I can try playing it?”

You giggle, nodding. Your finger instantly clicks on Luhan’s song, “That Good Good”. Directing your eyes over to him, you feel your lips form a smile as you notice his confused expression.
“Isn’t this Luhan ge-ge’s song?” He asks, dazed, “What does it mean?”
You nudge him playfully, “Hey! You wanted me to play a song!”


“Y/N,” Luhan screams from across the room, “I’m writing a song and I don’t know how it should sound. Play me a song so I can compare.”
You bite your lip. Laughing inside, you tap on his song, “That Good Good”.

He turns around from his computer desk, raising his eyebrows. “This song will definitely be very good good.”

You roll your eyes, “Your sense of humour makes me concerned.”

“And that song will be about you.” He retorts, running to pull you into an embrace.


“Jagi, come over here.” Junmyeon calls out, motioning for you to take a seat next to him at the computer desk. “I wanna show you some old pictures.”

You take a seat next to him as he shows you pictures of his old friends, the old days of EXO. He point each member out, telling you about how they were on tour, how much they meant to him.

“And this is Luhan-hyung.” He presses his lips together, “He was so nice to be around—I heard his career is really taking off.”

You nod, playing the song. He looks at you, asking if this is his hyung. Nodding, you watch him as he continues looking through old pictures.


“Sehun.” You take a seat next to him on the couch, “You remember your old hyungs, right?”
He nods, not looking away from his phone. “Yeah, what about them?”

You click on the song, waiting for a reaction. He looks up from his phone.

“Is this Luhan-hyung?” He asks, confused.

“Yeah.” You confirm, “It’s a great song, isn’t it?”

You watch as he nods, “I downloaded it a few months ago—you’re late on the hype, jagi.”


“Zitao,” You say, seated at the couch. “You got to listen to this song.”

“What is it?” He asks softly, curious. “What song?”

Smiling brightly, you click on Luhan’s “That Good Good”.

“Ah!” He exclaims, “Lu-ge has been doing so well lately! I hope he’s taking care of himself.”
You nod, “Isn’t it a great song?”
He takes your phone, “It is, but I like is song, ‘Lu’ much more.”


“You have to listen to this song.” You demand softly, nestling your head in the crook of his neck. “It’s a really catchy song and I can’t get it out of my head.”
Minseok raises an eyebrow, “Play it then.”
You click on the song as you watch Minseok’s expression. “Who sings this?”
“One of your old friends.”
You watch him as he thinks long and hard before finally realizing, “Ah! Luhan! I hope he’s doing well.”

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Me and my bf didnt do well lately so he decided to end it and just keep in touch. The next day I was going away for 2 months so we kinda ended up fucking at his place. I blew him, we fucked standing, on the couch, I was so wet and he was so hard. Then, he made love to me while looking me in the eyes, I told him to. After that we smoked some pot and he took me home. Even though he wanted to end it, he wants me back and I can see it.


another world [listen]

“It was another country. It was a country for the young, a country where you died before you got old.”

a mix for the barnyard dreamland

im?? so stressed..,,, hyungwon said hes planning something and im trying to prepare myself for it but i know im?? going to be crying on the floor and honestly im too weak for this pls dont

Shit APH Australia Does #39

Actually shows a lot of sportsmanship in Rio rather than his usual competitive side, mostly because America won’t stop bragging to anyone he can get a reaction out of

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1-5 for Flip a Coin Calmar >:B

50 oddly specific headcanon asks

1. How does your muse feel about seafood?

Coming from a desert clan, Adhalras didn’t come into contact much with seafood until he went to Clan Telvaris for his apprenticeship. He got to try calamari and ended up liking it because “this texture so weird haha” and “imagine if we had this many arms!” and “it sounds like my name.”

2. What is their favorite piece of technology?

It would have to be his toolkit. Everything he needs as an artificer is in that kit. It was a present from his parents.

3. When did they lose their virginity?

Calmar was a bit of a late bloomer. He was the awkward gangly kid that was always missing an eyebrow or had soot on his face from his experiments with potions and explosives. It wasn’t until his apprenticeship with Telvaris that he found a young warrior by the name of Sulahn who found him a blast to be around.

4. Was their anything their parents pushed them to do? (e.g. sports, theatre, band)

From a young age, Calmar liked taking things apart to figure out how they worked. As he grew older, he wanted to learn how to make potions and mines and help the clan out as a sapper. His parents never were the type to push him to do anything he didn’t want to do, in fact, they were very supportive of his interests. Perhaps even too supportive…

5. Describe your muse’s worst nightmare.

As a sapper, Adhalras’ worst nightmare stems from his nickname “Flip a Coin Calmar.” From explosives to traps, his creations are known to be very effective… when they work.

As he grew more experienced, his creations became more reliable and this became less of an issue, but the nickname still haunts him. His worst nightmare is also his biggest fear: that his creations will accidentally hurt or kill the people who trusted him.

Thanks for the ask! :D