he's disgusted too


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”

Alright you can hate the trump family but leave Barron alone please. He’s just a kid, he has no say in what his father is doing. Hes stuck in a bad light for all the world to see because of who his father is and throwing hate at him is just going to teach him to hate more.
Although his father is horrible, theres still room for Baron to grow to be a good person. But belittling him because of who his father is is going to do nothing but harvest more hate in that boy.

wait a minute are there ppl out there calling youngjae a visual hole?? excuse me?? choi youngjae of got7, resident sunshine, the one nichkhun called got7′s visual, the one who has no bad angles in selfies, the one with the most angelic voice, the one who loves fans and told them politely to give got7 their personal space but also worried abt the fans safety, the one who couldn’t dance at all when he became a trainee but only trained 7 months before he debuted, the one who worked multiple part time jobs for money for classes so he could become a trainee, the one who is so talented and so loving and caring, that choi youngjae? i’m sorry but he did not work this hard to have ppl hate on him no idol works this hard for ppl to hate on them goodbye

Not Like This; Part One

[Pairing; Adam Cole X Reader]

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[Notes; Bullet Club party includes; Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Nick and Matt(y) Jackson. Any feedback will be appreciated!]

     Adam Fucking Cole.. struts around in that fucking leather jacket, has his crystallized blue eyes beaming and his stupid hair up in that damn man bun.. Who the hell does he think he is, anyway?  The only respectable thing about him is that phoenix tattoo he has on his arm.. If it’s even for what he says it is.. “Can’t get another one, won’t let it take away from the meaning. It was for my grandmother.” He says a million fucking times, telling everyone and anyone who will listen- trying to win over their hearts.. Jesus, it’s disgusting. 

     He’s too full of himself.. and his best friend is Kenny Omega. Kenny. Omega. Kenny doesn’t give me shit, though. And Nick and Matt? Hello? Matty’s my go-to. Ever since I started wrestling- and started traveling with the Bullet Club- I’ve been close to Matt. Being close to Matt meant being close to Nick. Duh. Being with the Bucks, of course- meant Kenny and Adam were somewhere close.. being kissed on their cheeks and serving super-kicks to whoever stood in their way. I love the boys, but just.. Adam.. there’s something throwing me off about him.

     “Stare all you want baby,” He even said bay-bay, again- looking up, whispering. “say the word, and I’m yours for the night.” Adam winked and clicked his teeth. Disgusting. I could just bring myself to scoff, the next move was upchucking. He was just passing by, when he stopped and walked himself closer. Adam was standing over me, in a second. His arm raised above my head, leaning in dangerously close. “I’ll even dedicate my match tonight to you. Bet me. I win..” His eyes skimmed up and down my body, “and we celebrate, huh?” Adam’s eyes met mine again, his smile starting to come out. “In your fucking dreams, Cole.” I left with, ducking below his arm- slowly making my escape. And I could feel where those eyes were. 

     “BULLET CLUB FOR FUCKING LIFE!” Nick. Nick pushed through the gorilla curtain, flowing into the dingy hallway. “FOR LIFE!” Matt. Obviously. “(Y/N)!” Matt screamed, charging my way. I wasn’t sure if I were about to be super-kicked, or hugged. My hands flung to protect my face, but I couldn’t help but giggle. “Come here!” In an instant I was up in the air, being spun around and around, and around. 

     Then I saw it.. I saw those fucking eyes. Narrow, and judging. My smile immediately faded as if I were being scolded or disciplined by a parent, who didn’t find things funny. Matt stopped spinning me. I couldn’t break it.. He only appeared, watched as he walked, and left. Adam didn’t say a word- yet sent a message. Kenny’s curls bounced by, in my peripheral- but I was so lost in what had just happened, I wasn’t paying attention. 

     “Dinner’s on (Y/N)! Everybody get fucking ready, BC grabbed that win tonight, boys!” Matt.. let me get you a fucking bull-horn. The fans who hadn’t left yet certainly heard that I was buying the boys a meal.. which I was just informed about? Matty made me smile, though. What the hell, what was one dinner? It gave me an excuse.

     “God..daamn, if you weren’t my best friend.” I was running late, and the Bucks agreed to meet me at our restaurant. All four were sitting at the table, waiting on me. I met all eyes. All eyes. Three out of the four sets were warm, inviting, and friendly.. like always. And like always, the remanding were annoyed. “Thank you, Mats.” I actually blushed, even. It wasn’t anything big, though.. until Ken took his napkin, swung it around, and slapped it across the skin-tight, silky body-con “dress” covering my ass.  It was harmless. That’s when a certain set of eyes rolled. I half-laughed, the kind people do when they’re flabbergasted at a comment someone makes to them- that they shouldn’t have. 

     “To our win!” I toasted, clanking my wine glass to three beer bottles. “Our? You didn’t even wrestle tonight.. No, let’s go back to our.” Adam chimed in, sitting back in his seat- rimming the bottle top around his lips. He pointed the glass towards me. “I don’t remember your Bullet Club initiation? In fact.. Aren’t you here just because “Matty” is?“ He scrunched his face to my nickname for him. My stomach knotted. I wasn’t up for a fight, I just felt embarrassed, suddenly like I was intruding boy’s night out. 

     “Adam, stop.” Matt spoke up, because I obviously wouldn’t. He was right, after all. “Oh, did I say something wrong? Boyfriend?” Matt cleared his throat, as Nick and Ken watched on. “You can come find me after (Y/N)’s done riding your sideburns, tonight. I’m out, boys.” With that- he got up, grabbed his leather jacket, and walked out. Not even acknowledging us, any of us. Nick o'ed his lips, Kenny’s eyebrows shot to the sky. It was silent. Ass.

     “What the fuck wrong with you!?” Of course, I followed him out. “Turn back now, Baby! They might miss you while you’re gone!” Adam’s heel turned, him now facing me. His arms were spread, the night’s street slight’s gleam complimented his leather jacket. He was smiling. “Are you.. jealous?” Slipped past my lips and into his eardrums, even at our distance.. which was now closing. “Jealous!? Jealous! Ha!” He laughed out. “Jealous of some ring-rat trying to run my faction!? Jealous of being passed around the entire Bullet Cl..” Enough. 

     My fucking.. knuckles.. stung with a pain of a thousand bee-sting’s wrath. Christ. Even as a professional wrestler, I haven’t endured a pain so.. painful. I was seeing red. Not even just my anger. Blood started to spill from my first two knuckles and a blackish-bluish knot formed in a second. Adam was up, even quicker. Clock him again? Wait? Adam faced me, his nose was gushing blood and running down his lips. I froze. I wasn’t sure if he was going to insult me again, or deck me- himself. 

   In a swipe of his sleeve, and a spit of saliva, he temporarily lost most traces of blood around his mouth. He exhaled, deeply. He thought something over, while he closed his eyes, and scoffed before opening them again. Both palms went from his sides, connecting with my cheeks. He held my face in his hands, for the lightest period. He looked into my eyes with those.. sea drops, breathing heavily into my face. I didn’t want to move. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Again and again. “You..” He finally whispered.

   “Dude.. Is he going to kiss her?” We both heard Nick whisper, simultaneously. Adam was still holding my face, breathing just as hard, but now looking at the rest of the party- standing idly by. “Oh shit.” Matt added, immediately turning back to return inside. The rest of the boys followed. Adam, still gripping my face, turned his attention back to me. He smiled and scoffed, once more. With a simple, “Not like this.” he let me go, turned his back, put both hands in his jacket pockets, and returned to strolling down the night’s street.

shit wait okay

imagine kazuma wanting to learn how to heal so he can help kurama since kurama is just an INJURY MAGNET


I hate practically falling in love with anyone who’s really good at their instrument

  • Mahiru: How do you sleep at night?
  • Misono: On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.
  • @ the people that said Bruce Timm should be in charge of the DCEU: don't talk to me or my extended movie universe ever again
This is it

It’s been six months. Now I wake up next to him with pain and warmth in my chest, which I’ve started calling irrational, ridiculous love. I wake up before him and hold his hand against my chest and listen to him breathe. These days it’s still dark by the time I wake up, and I get to watch the sun slowly start to spill through the curtains, watch it overtake the darkness and bloom behind his hair. And when the light wanders across his closed eyes he takes a fast, deep breath through his nose, and I know he’s awake, and I can press my lips to his and feel his mouth turn up into a small smile.

“Good morning.”

And then the pain and warmth turns into crushing and burning, and I’ve started calling that the grounded, reasonable fear.

I still haven’t told him.

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Wang So repaying kindness

he didnt have to save haesoo from a beating 

this look between them, they have some sort of understanding. they help each other, thats the role they fill with each other

 i think he hates to see lashings because of his own childhood

the other ultimate reason, She treated him with compassion when he was at his lowest, not disgust like hes use too 

he always tells her to forget those moments, but its clear he remembers them. and he will help the person who never judged him for breaking down and continually doesnt cower at his sight - they be friends (as of right now, clearly snow scene - feelings)