he's digging his own grave

Burnt Knuckles

Draco Malfoy x Reader
Word Count: 805

Draco wants to write her letters, but settles for bite marks instead. Digs the whorls of his fingers against her hips until his fingertips are like ink blots scattered across the page.

He wants to write her a sonnet, to proclaim his undying love, but they’re backs up on the Quidditch Pitch and she’s between his legs so all he can do is press his lips to her pulse and hope that she understands.

Because this - she tells him, time and time again, him and her and his hand between her legs, its nothing. A fling. A remnant of summer burning orange in the fall that will crunch like leaves beneath his boot.

She’s dating Potter and she’s wrong for him and what would his parents say?

There’s never a good enough answer. Only the stilling of his hips and the hitching of his breath as she reaches down to run her fingers along the scar ridged across his stomach. The scar that Potter had left, Potter had caused. The scar that his girlfriend takes to tracing with her tongue.

Somehow Draco always fails to mention that he sees her as more than a fuck.

And she’s right, he knows; his parents would be furious and Potter would pull fists, they don’t work and wouldn’t work and he doesn’t understand why there’s an aching in his chest whenever either one of them confirms that fact.

But he’s memorized the way that early light slants through the blinds to paint against her skin; wants to keep the image of their clothes mingled across his floor like a photograph in his mind; never forgets the way that her bones fit neatly against his and fuck if he isn’t digging his own grave.

He watches her across the Great Hall, sometimes. Catches her eyes and feels a thunderstorm kick up in his chest until Potter sits beside her and delivers a lion worthy snarl.

And he smirks when its later and her legs are tangled in his sheets and he’s coaxing a roar from her open mouth, with her claws dug across his back, with a dangerous sort of contentment swelling in his stomach because “this can’t happen,” she says, and yet it always does. Because the no’s meld into yes’s and Draco wants her, he does, despite her blood and despite her house and despite the flaws dug between them.

He wants her for more than just sex.

Wants to lace his fingers through hers without a mattress there to mold their knuckles, wants to kiss her cheek when she’s wide awake and laughing, wants to write her love letters in bleeding, dripping pen. He wants her and he wants her and he doesn’t anticipate them falling apart.


The last time never feels like the last time until it is.

Until the clang of his belt buckle is resounding in the hollow of his ear drums as she curls her fingers around the edge of the door and glances back at him with light breaking around her shoulders.

“This is the last time, Draco, ” she says. “I’m serious, this time.”

And he knows, somehow, that its true.

Understands in the marrow of his bones that this had to end, but he’d never thought and never considered and now he’s sitting on a moth bitten couch with something like heartbreak in his mouth.

Because he wants her, and she doesn’t want him back.


The end never feels like the end, and sometimes its not the end.

Because Draco is a white knuckled grip around his suitcase, is a sharp profile against the countryside rushing by and he’s locking eyes with her in the corridor of the train.

And he’s seen her undressed, has mapped his hands across the landscape of her body and allowed his mouth to follow. He’s seen her flayed open with live wires wrapped around the notches of his spine but there’s never been a moment more electric than this -

Her tucking her hair behind her ear and his loosening his grip.

A sigh that comes before a confession as she says, “I shouldn’t have picked him” and he can’t help but agree.

“I shouldn’t have picked him and I’m sorry that I did and -”

His suitcase thuds against the floor. He’s wrapping his arms around her shoulders in a way that he’s never done before. Because her ribs are cracking open and he’s looking her in the face in this - him and her and their clothes on while their chests are touching - this is right and this is perfect and this is what he’s wanted since that first time that he met her, six years ago with a hand outstretched on this very train.

“I know,” he murmurs, wants to be saying “I love you” instead.

GOT7 / Them being intimidated by you as their roommate

Request: Hi! Can you do a got7 scenario when you’re their roommate and they think you’re intimidating like they feel nervous around you. Please???? Thank you very much.xoxo         

Thank you for requesting this, I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by tuanpumpkins

Both you and Mark were rarely home due to school, work, and other possible social activities. When both of you were home, though, you noticed a tendency of him sneaking into his room whenever he heard you open the front door. You thought he just wanted to be left alone, so you didn’t bother him.

Until you noticed that on top of trying to disappear when you were home, he also barely made eye-contact with you when you asked him something. It could be as easy of a question as, “how was your day?” and he’d get really uncomfortable in a matter of a few seconds.

After having decided that living like this was causing both of you stress, you decided to confront him one day after returning home from a long day at school. Like always, you heard him get up from the couch in the living room and make his way to his bedroom as soon as you walked through the door.

“Mark!” you called out and you could visibly see cold run through him as he stopped and turned around to look at you. “Can we talk?”

“Uh, sure,” he said, trying not to lose his balance.

He sat back down on the couch while you locked the door, took off your coat, and joined him in the living room.

You sat down next to him, not failing to notice that all through this, he was staring ahead and not blinking.

“Do you hate me?” you asked him right away.

Mark was so shocked by this question that he turned to look at you, but then looked away as soon as he made eye contact.

“I don’t hate you,” he said.

“Then what’s the deal?” you continued. “You’re literally avoiding me. I’m trying to get to know you because, I mean, we live together, but it’s hard when you act as if I’m a huge nuisance to you.”

He sighed and finally, after taking a deep breath, managed to look at you long enough to finish his speech. “You’re not a nuisance. I’m sorry if it seems that way, I’ve just never lived with a girl before. It’s… intimidating.”

“Intimidating?” you raised your eyebrows. “Come on, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean you have to find me intimidating. I’m a total bro. I even watch football.”

You saw him cringe and smiled happily, knowing that your goal was achieved.

“Seriously,” you continued. “Let’s do something to get to know each other better, so you wouldn’t feel so creeped out by me.”

“I’m not—” he started but then sighed and waved his hand to dismiss the thought. “What do you want to do?”

“Anything. What do you usually do when you lock up in that room of yours?”

You thought you saw him blush but his bright red hair distracted the attention from his face. “I… I play games sometimes, I guess.”

“Fantastic!” you exclaimed, jumping up from the couch. “Let’s do that.”

“Wait, you play games?” his eyebrows shot up.

“If by games, you mean that dinosaur thing on Google Chrome that appears when you lose internet connection, then you bet your ass I play games!” you said, making him laugh and feeling even more accomplished. “But other than that, no, not really. So, come on. Get up. Teach me how to play something.”

“I’m not a good teacher,” he said, getting up from the couch.

“Let me be the judge of that,” you replied.

You continued to chatter all the way to his room, trying to get him to break out of his shell a little because you knew that once he got used to you, you’d see a whole different person.


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You honestly thought Jaebum hated half of the planet. You included. You only saw him smile when he was on the phone with his friends, but other than that, he walked around the house with a poker face so bad that you wanted to hide away in your room.

One night, when he was supposed to be away visiting his parents, you decided to throw a solo-party. You took a shower while blasting the music loudly and jammed out to every song that played. After that, you wrapped a towel around your body and walked out of the bathroom, your hairbrush/microphone still in your hand, another song by The Weeknd playing in the background.


Like a deer in the headlights, you froze, slowly turning your head to the source of the sound, until your eyes met Jaebum’s shocked ones.

For a loooong moment, both of you stayed quiet, just staring at each other in shock.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” you asked finally, wrapping the towel tighter around your body.

“My car broke down,” he said, looking down to avoid being caught staring at you. “Looks like I’ll be staying home after all.”

“Oh,” you said, turning back towards the bathroom. “Well, let me turn the music down, then.”

“You don’t have to,” he said quickly, forcing you to stop.

“I don’t?” you raised your eyebrows.

“No. I mean, I don’t mind it.”

“You don’t?” you asked again, feeling as if your extensive vocabulary just flew out the window.

He shook his head. “You can listen to whatever you want. Actually, I kind of enjoy your music taste.”

“How do you know what my music taste is?”

“You, uh, play the music pretty loudly when you’re studying,” he explained with an awkward smile and you almost wanted to pause the moment and rewind to the start.

Were you actually having a normal conversation with him? And he was smiling during it, too?

“I’m sorry,” you said. “It helps me focus.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me. It’s okay, like I said.”

“Really?” you continued, still not being able to believe it. “I’m going to be honest with you, I seriously thought you hated everything that had to do with me.”

Jaebum was even more shocked than when he saw you strut across the living room in just a towel.

“What? Why would I hate you?” he questioned.

“Well, you just have this serious expression on all of the time,” you tried to explain, suddenly feeling very stupid.

“So do you,” he pointed out.

“Maybe. But I try to be nice to you.”

“And I’m not nice to you?”

“Uh,” you hesitated. “I wouldn’t know because I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’re actually talking.”

“Oh,” he said in realization. “Okay, I’m sorry if I made it seem like I hate you. Maybe I’m just a little uncomfortable living with you.”

You weren’t sure if that was supposed to be comforting, so you stayed quiet and just watched him.

“I mean, I don’t know much about girls,” he said. “So, for all I know, you just want me out of your way so you could carry on doing… girl stuff.”

“Girl stuff, huh?” you were interested now. “So, like, killing my ex-boyfriends and then performing rituals with blood to hail Satan?”

Jaebum wasn’t expecting this, you could tell that from the way his eyes got wide. “N-no. That’s not what I meant.”

“Okay, relax,” you said then. “I’m obviously just teasing you. Girls are human, too, you know. Just like you.”

“I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had a girl friend,” he said and then heard how it sounded. “I mean, a girl who’s a friend. A friend that is a girl.”

You’ve never seen him this flustered before. In fact, you didn’t think he was capable of getting flustered, and yet there he was, basically blushing.

“You want to watch a movie or something?” you suggested then, with a small smile. “I can be your first friend that is a girl.”

He laughed at this. “Sure. Let me just recover from my lack of smoothness. I swear I’m usually not much of a mess like this.”

“It’s fine,” you laughed. “I actually like this side of you.”


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You weren’t in a good place in your relationship when you first moved in with Jackson, which is why he often heard yelling from your room. Your asshole of a boyfriend seemed to think that you moving in with some guy would jeopardize your relationship. And when you offered him to move in with you, he started coming up with excuses why he couldn’t do that. So, naturally, even if his concern about you living with someone else made sense, you weren’t going to listen to it because you needed to live with someone since you couldn’t afford to live on your own yet.

Eventually, you decided to break up with him, having had enough of his shit already. You felt like you got rid of a huge burden when you broke up with him, and instead of feeling sad or regretting this decision, you felt free.

Jackson, on the other hand, was terrified of you. He heard you yell all types of profanities because the walls were thin and he was afraid to cross you. And in general, he thought that since some asshole guy managed to piss you off that badly, you were hateful to the entire male population now. Which is why he was careful with his words around you.

“Can I be honest with you?” you said to him suddenly, when one night both of you were studying in the living room.

“Uh, sure, if you have to,” Jackson answered awkwardly.

“I’m getting a weird vibe from you,” you said. “Like… like you don’t really like me that much, or something.”

“I’m afraid of you.”

The next few seconds both of you just looked at each other, both surprised by his confession.

“Afraid of me?” you repeated slowly, then. “May I ask why?”

“You’re scary when you’re angry,” Jackson tried to explain, feeling like he was digging his own grave by talking further about this. “And you’ve been angry a lot lately. It’s intimidating and, well, terrifying.”

You considered what the appropriate way to explain your situation to him was, but in the end, decided to just tell him how it is.

“My boyfriend was a dick,” you said. “I mean, ex-boyfriend. We broke up. That’s why I was angry. He just managed to bring out my bad side until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not usually angry all of the time.”

“Well, that’s good to know,” he said, visibly relaxing. “I guess I can take 911 off my speed dial then.”

You raised your eyebrows. “I was kind of hoping you exaggerated the terrifying part.”

“Nope,” Jackson shook his head. “It might not seem so because I look tough but I really don’t like being yelled at. It’s kind of my weakness.”


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With shaky hands, Jinyoung knocked on your bedroom door. You opened in a few seconds, holding a hairdryer in one hand and your phone in the other.

“Uhh,” Jinyoung completely forgot why he knocked after seeing how busy you were. “Am I disturbing you?”

“Not at all,” you answered and he spent the next few seconds trying to understand if you were being sarcastic or not.

“Would you mind if I practiced at home?” he asked, finally. “I can’t go to my piano practice because of the heavy rain. I mean, I could go, I do have an umbrella, I’m not a moron. It’s just that the wind is strong, too, and I’m afraid—”

“Jinyoung,” you interrupted his nervous chatter. “You can play the piano. I don’t care.”

“Oh. Okay. Good. Thank you!”

Not understanding why he felt the need to ask for your permission to practice, you closed the door and went back to your conversation on the phone and the drying of your hair.

A couple of hours later, you exited your bedroom to head to the kitchen in hopes of finding some food. You walked past Jinyoung who was leaning against one of the cupboards and texting someone.

“Hey,” you announced yourself. “How was your piano practice?”

“Did it disturb you?” he asked you, instead of answering your question.

“No,” you answered slowly, a little taken aback by his reaction. “And even if it did, would it matter? You have to practice. I understand.”

Jinyoung looked surprised. His surprise confused you even more.

“Is everything okay?” you finally asked. “I’m starting to feel like I’m missing something.”

“W-what do you mean?”

“It’s as if you’re walking on your tippy-toes around me,” you said. “I’m not going to bite you, you know.”

Jinyoung sighed. “I know. It’s just… don’t take this the wrong way, please, but you’re a very intimidating person.”

This was the first time you hear someone call you that. All of this time, you had assumed you looked friendly and approachable to strangers.

“Why?” you asked, honestly surprised.

“I don’t know,” Jinyoung shrugged his shoulders. “You just have this… air around you. Like, I know you’re nice but I can’t help but feel nervous around you.”

“Is it just me, or every girl?” you asked hopefully.

“Just you,” he admitted, looking down. “Sorry.”

“Well, maybe it’s because you don’t know me,” you concluded. “Let’s hang out someday to change that. And in the meantime, please stop treating me as if I’m your superior. You make me just as nervous. I’m just better at hiding it.”


Originally posted by j-miki

It was about 3am and you had just exited your bedroom and were on your way to the kitchen for a glass of water. Normally, you weren’t very thirsty at night but this time you just couldn’t fall asleep if you didn’t satisfy your thirst first.

You passed Youngjae’s room, stopping to shake your head at the fact that he slept with his door open. You quickly concluded that if a serial killer broke into your apartment, Youngjae would be the first one to go.

You started to walk towards the kitchen again when you heard a voice coming from Youngjae’s room. This forced you to stop and listen in confusion.

“I can’t,” Youngjae said in a tired voice.

You looked into the room and saw his sleeping face in the light of his night light. He sleep-talked? You didn’t know that. Obviously curious, you stayed a little while longer to listen.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said I can’t,” Youngjae repeated. “I will not ask her to listen. No.”

You got even more curious when he mentioned a girl. You knew listening to him talk in his sleep was an invasion of his privacy but you couldn’t help it. You knew so little about him, you had to know more.

“She’s nice, though,” Youngjae spoke again. “But I don’t talk to her. Although nice, Y/n makes me really nervous.”

You felt your stomach drop. The girl he mentioned before was you?

Deciding that you’ve heard enough, you headed back into the room, completely forgetting about the water.

The next morning, you woke up after Youngjae and when you left your bedroom, you found him in the kitchen, making cereal.

“Good morning,” you said, flashing back to what you overheard him say last night.

“Morning,” Youngjae said quickly.

“Can I, um… Can I ask you something?”

Youngjae looked at you with the same exact expression students make when teachers call on them in class.

He didn’t say anything, however, so you continued. “Do I make you uncomfortable?”

He placed the bowl of cereal back on the counter after you asked the question and you saw that his hands shook a little. Did you really make him that nervous?

“Uh… a little,” he admitted after a few seconds. “I’m just not used to you.”

“Yeah. I kind of overheard you last night,” you chose to tell him. “You were talking in your sleep and you mentioned that. You also mentioned not wanting to ask me to listen to something.”

Youngjae looked like he would rather be anywhere but here and yet he couldn’t leave.

“It’s really stupid,” he said, trying to laugh to fight off the awkwardness. “I just have this song that I wrote and I need someone’s opinion, so my friends suggested I ask you to listen to it but it’s not like you and I are friends. I guess I was replaying the conversation I had in my sleep. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” you said right away. “And, actually, I would love to listen to your song if you’d like me to.”

Youngjae raised his eyes to meet yours for the first time since you entered the kitchen. “You would?”

You nodded, smiling. “I may not know that much about music but I’ve heard you play and I know you’re good.”

He smiled back and already you could tell that this was one (of many, hopefully) steady step towards a friendship and away from the awkwardness that seemed to surround him when he talked to you.


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You had just moved into a new apartment and were looking for a roommate. BamBam reached out to you and after meeting him for coffee, you decided he wasn’t dangerous enough to kill you and agreed to let him move in with you.

You had lived together for a couple of weeks, when one Friday night, you found him in the hallway, getting ready to leave. Once he saw you in the mirror, he straightened up immediately.

“You’re leaving?” you asked casually.

“Yes,” he answered. “I’m meeting some friends. I won’t bring them over, though, so, don’t worry.”

You hadn’t realized you were worried. “Oh, it’s cool. I was just going to watch a movie in my room so you can bring whoever you want over.”

“Really?” he raised his eyebrows.

“Of course,” you shrugged. “It’s your apartment, too.”

“Huh,” BamBam looked very surprised. “For some reason, I thought you wouldn’t be as nice.”

You just looked at him in confusion.

“The last roommate I had was very… difficult. She kicked me out of the apartment in the end,” he explained. “So, I’m kind of nervous to do something wrong in case you decide you’re not a big fan of my actions, either.”

“Well, I don’t know you that well yet,” you told him. “But I can assure you, I’d talk to you about your actions if they bothered me.”

He exhaled in relief dramatically, forcing you to laugh.

“I’m a great guy,” BamBam said. “So, I hope you won’t find me annoying in the long run.”

“I hope so, too,” you teased, making him smile, and then turned around to walk back to your room.

“Y/n!” he called out then. You stopped and turned around. “Would you like to come with me to meet my friends? We could bond, become one of those inseparable roommates who do everything together. And maybe I’d finally stop being afraid to screw something up and make you hate me.”

You smiled, incredibly flattered by this invitation. “Are you sure I wouldn’t bother you?”

“Not at all,” BamBam replied. “I think it’d be nice for us to hang out.”

“I think so, too,” you agreed. “Let me just change quickly and then we can go.”

BamBam nodded and you walked back to your room, while he turned back to the mirror and winked at his reflection. He mentally complimented himself for not losing his charm despite being almost as nervous to talk to you as he was during his finals in high school.


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You and Yugyeom were roommates for almost three months now and yet you only ‘hung out’ when you passed each other in the hallway of your apartment. You tried to invite him to hang out or do something fun together but he always politely declined and you never understood why. He couldn’t have hated you because he didn’t even know you.

Finally, after inviting him to hang out again (and getting turned down again), you decided to ask him what was up. “How come you’ve been rejecting me for three months now?”

Yugyeom wasn’t expecting you to confront him about this, so he took a few minutes to gather himself together.

“I don’t know,” he ended up saying.

“I’ll understand if you say you don’t like me,” you said. “But tell me. I mean, I can move out of the apartment if there’s a problem.”

“No, there’s no problem,” Yugyeom said quickly and then took a deep breath. “I’m just a little intimidated by you and I don’t want to seem awkward.”

“Oh,” you said, simply. Somehow, you haven’t thought of that. “Okay. So, would you rather I left you alone, or would you prefer it if we got to know each other better so you wouldn’t feel awkward anymore?”

Yugyeom considered this. “Look, I’d love to get to know you better, but like I said… I’m awkward. And I’m most definitely not the most social person there is.”

“That’s totally fine,” you said. “We can stay in and hang out here if that’s what you’d prefer.”

“Okay,” he nodded, finally. “But if I’m quiet all of a sudden, then remember that it’s not because I hate you but because—”

“We’ll play a question game,” you interrupted him. “We’ll ask each other random questions and you won’t have time to be quiet.”

You saw Yugyeom smile at this but he turned his head away. “Should we order some food, too?”

“Oh, I like where your mind is going!” you exclaimed. “Let’s order a couple of pizzas and get this show on the road. I want to finally get to know the person that I’ve been living with for the past three months.”

“Don’t get too excited,” Yugyeom told you. “I’m pretty boring.”

“I beg to differ,” you said. “Everyone’s interesting in their own way.”

He smiled again, only this time he didn’t turn away, showing you that he was already more comfortable around you than he was just a few minutes ago.

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What if something palpatine does scares the hell out of obiwan? As in it hits obiwan that an old man lavishing attention, praise, and gifts onto a young troubled teen and wanting to be alone with him so often is a huge red flag.

“…Anakin…where did you get this?” Obi-Wan questioned, blinking down at the shiny and brand new pod piece in his hand that he had stumbled upon.

He knew that Anakin couldn’t but it, not this brand, not this new, there just wasn’t enough money between everything else he bought in.

“I…it was a gift?” The blond looked guiltily up at him.

Guilty for what?

For not telling Obi-Wan about it, for accepting the gift or for now having to tattle if he promised not to tell anyone about the gift?

“From…who?” Obi-Wan asked carefully, aware that his padawans shoulders were tense. He was ready to do his version of evasion and bolting.

It sent Obi-Wan’s heart into his throat and he put on a worried smile for his padawan before kneeling down on the floor beside the other. “You’re not in trouble Anakin, its just…” He held up the pod piece. “This is new, expensive and technically speaking you shouldn’t have it because you couldn’t afford it. Force, I couldn’t afford it, not with how brand new it is. I’m just…curious…no make that worried about how you got it.” He added softly.

Anakin gnawed on his lower lip, watching Obi-Wan before his shoulders untensed, the twelve year old giving him his full attention.

“The Chancellor gave it to me. He said it was a gift.”

“I see.” Obi-Wan looked back at the pod piece.

“…Are you angry?” Anakin fiddled with the droid part in his hands, a small piece to be used on a mouse droid.

“No, I’m worried.” Obi-Wan smiled at Anakin.

But honestly he was terrified.

The Chancellor had given Anakin an expensive pod piece, state of the art, hardly on the market and very hard to get a hold of even for professional pod racers.

“Anakin…what else has the Chancellor given you?”



He says it before he can as much as think, a knee jerk reaction coming from the dept of him as his entire being screams out in rejection.

His instant refusal takes the Council by surprise and Obi-Wan can’t find a hoot inside himself to care as he slides his hands into his robe sleeves and watches them in return as they watch him. Beside him Anakin looks up in surprise, a tiny frown starting at his brows as he watches Obi-Wan too.

“No? I’m not sure I understand Knight Kenobi, the Chancellor has requested your padawan specifically.” Mace leaned forward, eyebrows raised.

“And I’m sure the Chancellor will have more pleasure out of the company of an adult who is legal to enter a bar. Considering he’s already taken my padawan to one, I’m reluctant to allow him more time with Anakin.”

Mace sat back even as several Councilors leaned forward. “What? A-”

“A bar, with strippers.” Obi-Wan pinched his lips together, the only sign of his utter displeasure. “Anakin, please tell them.” He looked at his very young padawan and softened at the look of discomfort on the others face. “You are not in trouble Anakin.” He promised softly.

“No. You are not.” Agreed Plo, watching Anakin through the unblinking optics of his mask. “Please, tell us padawan.”

Anakin shuffled a bit, looking back up at his master before speaking up.


“I’m sorry Chancellor, you are not allowed to request any Jedi that are minors by the standards of Republic law.” Windu’s face was set in marble. “If you wish to request someone else then you are free to do so, but padawan Skywalker, nor anyone under the age of eighteen, will not accompany you without the supervision of their masters.”

Sheev put on a disappointed face. “I see, that is most unfortunate. I had enjoyed our conversation.”

Windu’s brow twitched. “You’ve…enjoyed conversation with a twelve year old padawan…” He let the statement hang.

“He’s very mature for his age.”

Sheev was digging his own grave, he could tell by the slow look of alarm that was crossing the Jedi’s face and he was mentally cursing his slipping grip on the Chosen one.

“I see. Please request a different Jedi…a adult. Goodbye Chancellor.” The Master of the order hung up and Sheev gave a low curse.

Blasted, what had changed!?

Past Saving

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Matt (OC) 

Warnings: angst, language, mentions of death and cancer

Word count: 1.978 (whoops…)

Summary: Dean thinks the reader left him to marry someone else but he doesn’t know that she was terminally ill.

A/N: A lot of people requested a second part to Save or Break so here it is. (I tagged the people who wanted a 2nd part at the bottom.)

Read Part 1 here

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

“The worst good-byes are the ones without closure. You never forget the last time you saw them and that’s what haunts you the most.” -r.m. drake

As Dean laid in bed wide awake at four in the morning his mind drifted to that night he had called you two months ago. He knew he had made a huge mistake by calling you but he needed some sort of closure. He just needed to know and now he did. You were married to some douche and were living that white picket fence life he would only ever dream of. Little did he know the real reason you left him was to protect him from the sorrow your death would have caused him.

He imagined what it would have been like if you were married to him; if you would bake him apple pies every Saturday and he’d pick up the kids from soccer or baseball.

He’d be the one making you happy, the one who you’d greet with a kiss every day when he’d come home from work. Sadly, that would only ever happen in his imagination. You were gone and you took everything with you the night you packed your suitcase two years ago.

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Certified Jealous

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

SUMMARY: Enzo keeps flirting with the reader to get under Neville’s skin. He pushes Neville to his breaking point and after taking care of Enzo, Neville takes you to the hotel to show you what a real man is. SMUT.

(This was originally requested by an anon to @theworldiscolorful but since she doesn’t write for Neville I decided to see what I could do with it! Hopefully whoever the anon was, sees this and likes it!)

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call me (whenever you want me) (M)

▸ PAIRING: Phone Sex Operator!Taehyung x Jimin

SUMMARY: Jimin should’ve known that mixing alcohol with his feelings was never a good idea. Because he sure as hell didn’t need to accidentally call a guy (whose voice was incredibly hot) offering sex to him. Over the phone.

or the one where Jimin drunk dialed phone sex operator!Taehyung and ended up with the best orgasm of his life.

▸ RATING & GENRE: NC-17 / Explicit ; Fluff, Crack, Smut

WORD COUNT: 23,292 words



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Okay so I was thinking that headliners usually have shows at least an hour long. I don’t know how the Manchester event is gonna go, but it’s usually 30 minutes at least. Sincer JHO is technically Steve’s song, Louis currently only has 2 songs. This means that he’s either gonna sing new songs, or he’s gonna do covers, and I’m not sure which option kills me more.

love interests + saying i love you (da:i)

blackwall could say it a thousand times and still he wouldn’t think it enough. i love you, i love you, i love you, he says, the shadow of a man starved for his inquisitor, his words both an admission and a plea. one day he’ll be able to say the words plainly, not seeped with desperation, but for now that’s the only way he can say it, because his admissions of love are all he has to give the inquisitor – his love and his life, for whatever that’s worth. he comes close sometimes, late at night when his lover sleeps and he brushes his calloused fingers against the back of their neck, murmuring a soft “i love you” with only the moonlight as witness. true bravery is being able to repeat the words in that way when his inquisitor is awake – he is still a work in progress and he’s never been known for courageousness, but he is trying.

cassandra shows her affection with fierce declarations in heated moments. at least, that’s how it starts – from lioness roars her “i love yous” turn into stuttered responses, into handwritten poems left on desks (anonymously, or so she believes them to be, but the inquisitor always seems to have a knowing smile when they see them), and finally warm replies, quiet but no less amorous than her first confession. “i believe you,” she said once to her inquisitor after they expressed their love; now, with grand battles won and years passed, she finds that she can smile and answer: “i know. and i love you, too.”

cullen says it so earnestly, as often as he can. most times he says it as a reminder – he needs the inquisitor to know just how much they are wanted by him, just how much they mean to him, just how strongly he feels. cullen says it pointedly, with purpose, because he is a practiced man, but there are plenty of times when the words slip out quite unbidden. often they fall from his lips for the little things: when he sees the inquisitor get dressed, or when they smile at something he says, or when they laugh at their own, silly joke. once he says it at the war table and doesn’t even realize he’s let it slip until josephine giggles and leliana tries vainly to hide a smile; he’s mortified for only a moment until he sees his inquisitor, rosy and beaming. he may not yet know how to love himself, but oh, how he loves the inquisitor, and he hopes his words share as much.

dorian doesn’t know how to say it, not really. the words mean so much and yet, they are so empty - he can’t bring himself to use them in the presence of his inquisitor. not when the words are tied to all his lessons of loss, to a father who tried to change him, to a mother who turned a blind eye, to a homeland seeped in blood. sometimes he fears he’ll never say it but oh, he wants to - so he does his best to relearn the words, tie them to something different, to a relationship where he is wanted. and until he can earnestly speak the words, he pours his every emotion into corner kisses and tight embraces and breathed whispers of “amatus.”

iron bull says “i love you” as casually as he can. he means it every time, his eye glimmering with a warmth his easy tone tries to hide, but he means it even more when he hums “kadan” into his inquisitor’s bare shoulders. a plain “i love you” isn’t enough; no common tongue can quite capture the burn, the tightening, the placement of the inquisitor in his heart, the way that qunlat can. still, there is one human word that comes close; it’s telling, the way he says “boss” with a wicked smile, with a fond sigh, with a gut-wrenching roar on the battlefield, with rumbling laughter.

josephine is a silly contradiction when it comes to saying “i love you” – it makes her terribly embarrassed (but pleased, oh so very pleased) to hear the words said to her, but she herself says them almost easily. josie slips the words into light conversation with her darling inquisitor, writes them in love notes in between invitations and speech drafts, sends them through little gifts when she knows her beloved has had a long day. she tries a grand, romantic gesture once – candlelight and roses – but finds that she much rather prefers the bare words. “i love you very much,” she says now, a fond twinkle in her eye. she leaves the grand displays to her inquisitor.

sera announces it like it’s common knowledge, really, like it’s been written in stone for years and years and the inquisitor should just know it. she takes her time getting to this point, of course; the first time the words come out they’re a drunken slur, caught between a hiccup and a giggle. the second time she’s a little less intoxicated and by the third, when the inquisitor finally brings it up, she’s laughing at the hesitance. “i love you, yeah?” she says, and she will continue to say. (she’ll punctuate it with: “prob'ly a bit too much, but don’t let it get to your head” and a mischievous smile.)

solas forbids himself from uttering the words. he will tie his own tongue, guarantee his own heartbreak, dig his own grave – but he will not admit his love for fear that he will hurt the inquisitor any more than he already has, than he already will. still, while he cannot say it, he can think it, in the dead of night when he passes the door to their chambers, fleetingly when the wind carries echoes of their voice, when he sees them smile. the wolf inside him howls his heartsong, the god outside mutes the noise and gives nothing more than a tight-lipped smile, because that is all he can offer. the elf, the man wants to offer more, wants to give them the world and trace the words into their skin. (i love you, he thinks. “in another world,” he says, pleads, begging for their understanding. instead, it drives the knife in a little deeper.)

+bonus, platonic love

cole doesn’t feel the need to say it, so he doesn’t. for him it’s simple enough – he knows the way he feels and shows it through actions. that’s who he is: he acts rather than speaks and helps to fix any of their hurts, because any pain they feel, he feels, too. he’s learning from varric and dorian that there are other ways of showing love, like letting the inquisitor put their hand on his arm or sometimes his shoulder (he likes it when they hold him, but not for long), and letting them remember. he’s becoming quite fond of leaving the inquisitor flowers - cole doesn’t smile much, but he does when he feels the burst of warmth from the inquisitor when they discover the little tokens, or when they tuck them into their hair or tunic pockets. that’s another way of showing his love: smiling.

varric wishes he’d learn his damn lesson already, that holding any love for a hero is bound to end in tragedy, but he never does. it frightens him how fiercely he loves the inquisitor, because everyone he’s ever loved he’s also lost - but the inquisitor keeps coming back, the inquisitor slays demons and dragons and darkspawn and doesn’t even flinch at the pain. but when they stare at their bloody red hands with empty eyes and sinking hearts, varric has to admit to himself how much he cares; he covers their hands with his own, smiles, and pieces together their armor with witty words and wicked grace. and somewhere down the line, when ancient magisters are slain and darkspawn are crawling back into their holes, when skyhold is abuzz with celebration, he’ll watch the inquisitor mingle from afar and murmur, to no one in particular, “yeah, can’t help but love that one.”

vivienne has spent all her life building a reputation for being an iron lady, she wields words forged of steel and has a kingdom to match - she doesn’t love, she cannot love. (at least, so she says, but her heart aches even now when she thinks back on her beloved, taking his final breaths with her at his bedside.) still, vivienne feels a tenderness when she looks on the inquisitor; her casually flung endearments become softer, her smiles less sharp. to the untrained eye and ear nothing has changed, but most nobles know by now not to criticize the inquisitor in the presence of madame de fer, lest they want their secrets slipped and reputations sliced to ribbons. 

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Todo, Katsu and Midoriya with a crush that likes to sat in everyone laps and play with their hairs, how they would react if their crush sit in their laps and seeing in another persons lap? :3

Some kind of scenariobased headcanon thing again. It kind of got out of hand but I still hope you will like it ! (Didnt specify hcs or scenario so I went with this)

Todoroki Shouto

•  He was always watching his crush silently so he didnt miss the fact that they were also very physical contact friendly to no matter what gender – rather said to his dismay. That wasnt really the reason he felt that way towards them though and honestly Todoroki didnt know exactly why but something just really attracted him towards that person whom he couldnt really get a grasp on

•  One time said crush caught him staring, his body involuntarily startling from realization, heterochromatic eyes confused and trying to look elsewhere.  
A mischievous grin spread on their lips and he felt his heart pound against his chest at the sight of their approaching figure – he didnt know what to expect but it was surely not the fact how they sat down on his lap with a hum

•  Not intending to shove them off because he liked how close they were able to be, his hands would have no idea where to be placed and remain awkwardly in the air, somewhere. He wouldnt meet their eyes during that time as well because else, the male knew he’d lose it – whatever that ‘it’ was supposed to be. Other’s find themselves surprised that icy-hot lets someone so close to him

•  It may have not been something really special to them, but to him it surely was and he wouldnt mind them doing this more often, even if it was to him an odd habit. Which is why he wouldnt mind them sitting on other laps. If it was something they enjoyed and would always do it’s their decision – not being the jealous type. Though if they’d become a couple he’d request to refrain that

•  „Is this really comfortable for you or should I shift a little bit?“

Bakugou Katsuki

•  Loud voices were a nuisance. His eyebrows were furrowing as he stared into the group of girls chatting about uninteresting stuff in the classroom. The teacher wasnt there yet so everyone was still scattered and did whatever shit where he didnt need to give a fuck about. But something was bothering him and that was his crush being a bit too friendly with all of their … classmates

•  Bakugou himself had already wondered ’How did I come to like such an annoying person?’, watching them silently in the corner of his eye without anyone noticing it. He’d steal glances from time to time, seriously unpleased about the fact how his crush was sitting in other people’s laps as if it was the most normal and natural thing surrounding the universe

•  Unfortunately they have decided on one day to sit down onto the wrong person, which was indeed no one but he himself, Bakugou Katsuki. Other’s were glancing at his crush with concern and panic crossing their features and all the attention was on those two – he was not allowed to let himself be seen blushing like a mess. The way they played with his hair did not help him in any way

•  But one reason is why he liked them was because they treated him normally, which didnt come by so often and which he was thankful for – though ashe-blonde would never voice that out, out of own volition. Nonetheless he’d shove them off, yelling at them. Does not accept it that crush does it with others but he couldnt stop them or else he’d be caught, enduring it till they’d get together

•  „The fuck you think you’re doing?! Get off me you shithead!

Midoriya Izuku

•  This precious bean is that kind of person who was thinking way too lowly of himself when it comes to crushes and love-interests. Having fought well the self-consciousness when it came to his quirk, at this topic he’d find himself back to Level 1 like a small lost puppy left in the middle of a desert. It’d make him actually sad to watch his crush doing what they usually do on other people

•  He’d be quite insecure, asking his friends sometimes for advice or for said friends to even prod his crush if there would be any hidden intention behind their actions but apparently not as goofy and innocent as they seemed. He feels kind of guilty to think that way, reminding himself that he has no right to do because they were not his and would probably never be with an internal sigh

•  Midoriya was just staring out of the window, tapping his desk with his pen when suddenly he felt a weight on his lap. Blinking towards the pressure his eyes would widen and his chin would fall.. it’d fall so hard that it’d cause a hole through America if that was even possible. He’d be bead red from top to ears, the area of his neck and chest – he’s that kind of person who blushes like that

•  His ears caught how his friends would snicker at the scenario that was playing in front of them while he would love to dig his own grave as of right now, it felt like he’d die for real. The male’s body would go all stiff while his crush would cheerfully try to keep a conversation going with him, gently playing with his green hair and Midoriya swore, this crush was real and really really hard

•  „(N-N-Name)! There is an empty chair… N-not that I’d mind or anything!“

Admin Shiro

anonymous asked:

GoM + Nijimura + Haizaki + Kagami + Kiyoshi + Takao + Mayuzumi + Hanamiya + Ogiwara childhood headcanons please, thanks!

Hi dear! Sorry for the wait, I hope you’re fine! Here I am with the headcanons! Since you asked them for many characters, I’ve been general and brief, if you want some more of them just ask okay?

Have a nice day!

KnB Childhood Headcanons:

Kise Ryouta

-the Angel Child that everybody loves. The parents, the over-doting sisters, the neighbors, the old granny that rune that grocery shop….everyone.

-the sisters used to dress him like a girl. 100% sure of this, and he was more cute than every other little girl. Pink? Not a problem, he slayed it. Braids, flowers in the hair, animal hairpins? Looked perfect on him.

-he modeled both for male and female clothing, yes when he was still a child.

-the boy that all the girls in kindergarten fought for when playing house. He came to hate that game, it was boring and all the girls where the same. He knew he was cuter and a better wife than them. (Now, when he remembers how conceited and proud he was about his wife skills, he wants to dig his own grave. It was his sisters’ fault.)

-He was already sharp and definitely too honest, the typical child that points out everything that adults want to hide or fake is not there.

-He learnt quickly how to use his good looks and innocent face to have what he wanted. Not always in egoistic or cunning way, he was just happy when he saw people smiling at him or praising him.

-He had a deep bond with his Grandma, a true traditional Japanese lady. Strict and elegant but extremely caring.

-He got bored quickly and spent time searching for the “right game”. However, he quite enjoyed drawing (even if he wasn’t good at it)and singing! He loved singing and dancing! He organized little shows for his family where he danced and singed for them, or runaway show, taking them very seriously.

-He hated playing in the garden and getting dirty. Especially with insects, he was scared of them. Earthworms in particular.

Aomine Daiki

-The Wild Kid. The child that lives in the park or in the garden, from morning to evening. His parents had to scream and shout every day to bring him back home and put him in the bath. It was a real fight. He spent all his holidays at his grandparents’ house in the mountains.

-Every day was an adventure. He loved rolling in the mud, catching bugs and cicadas, exploring new places and obviously trying every type of sports.

-Until he found basketball, then there was only basket.

-He hurt himself one day and the other too, uncaring towards any potential danger. He got lost in the park or in the wood at least once a week. The firefighters were in the end used to it and became his friends.

-He had a great sense of “justice”. I like to think of him as the child with the hero complex. He fought the evil forces (bullies, a bad dog, strict adults…) and helped the weak (grannies, small animals, younger children…)

-He stayed quiet only when Momoi managed to force him to play at her “girly” games. Usually he was the one dragging her into his crazy ideas.

-Disinterested in the adults’ world, honest and rough, he respected only the ones who earned it. Teaching him how to be polite was his parents’ harder task ever. They still shiver at the memory.

Murasakibara Atsushi

-The Picky Child. Oks, I can’t stop thinking that he was the typical child who wanted always something different. Especially when talking about food. He didn’t throw tantrum, but pouted silently and refused to move/do what he was told for hours. Extremely stubborn. Between him and his parents, it was a battle of wills.

-Being the last son in a big family, he was slightly spoiled. By his brothers and his sister mostly, who just found him cute and cheeky when he was little.

-He was quiet, but moody. He had to be the one to decide what to do and when, he didn’t care if others wanted something different. He was going to do what he wanted either way.

-He liked playing alone, he especially enjoyed videogames and watching cartoons. He had a soft spot for a superheroes’ tv-show and knew all the lines of the Purple Hero. He had costume of him and some related toys. He was super-fast at coming back home after school to watch it.

-Not patient and bored easily, he spent a lot of time daydreaming.

-He was gentle only to younger children, especially girls. If he was in a good mood, he shared his sweets with them. On the other hand, he hated playing with the older ones, but luckily, he was big enough to scare them off.

Akashi Seijuurou

-The Perfect Child. We all know his childhood sucked. He was manipulated to be the perfect being and his entire family, not including the mother, was strict as hell with him. He spent his days learning and studying in solitude or with his tutors.

-He loved spending his free time with his mother, when he could. She would read books to him or play in the garden; they also took care of flowers together and played cheerful songs at the piano.

-After she died, he would wait for the night to come and then sneak out of his room. Some nights, he would curl on a big armchair in the library and read fairy tales or stories of adventures (the ones his mother read to him) by himself. Sometimes, he would go in the garden and take care of their precious flower to be sure they were going to grow and bloom. At least them.

-he started playing the violin because playing the piano without his mother brought back too many memories and hurt too much.

-At first he hated horse-riding, because the majority of animals hated him and escaped as soon as they saw him. Now he’s like a sort of Lion King and animal bows to him. Except dogs. Dogs hate him.

Midorima Shintarou

-The Smart Child. The one that knows too many things and reads too much. At first he was very stiff and cold to adults and other children, he preferred to play on his own, but he softened when his sister was born.

-He enjoyed mind games: puzzles, enigmas, crosswords… The problems arose when he couldn’t solve one, asked his parents but they didn’t know too.

-He read a lot, everything he could find. From kitchen magazines to encyclopedias. His favorites? “Fortune Telling” and “How The Stars Shape Your Life”. Yeah.

-Very diligent and obedient, however he couldn’t suppress his urge to talk. When he heard someone discussing something he had read about, it didn’t matter who it was but he had to have his word. Embarrassing when he knew more than the adults present.

-His parents were strict with him, but in a normal and caring way. They are very proud of him and let him know when he needs it.

-Shy with other kids and unable to socialize well, however he seemed to attract the troublesome kids. Maybe because he was very responsible and took care of them when they got hurt. He was the kid that other mothers loved because they knew that if he was there their crazy kids were going to be okay.

Kuroko Tetsuya

-The Where-Is-My-Child Kid! Usually super quiet, reserved and shy, but when you take your eyes off him he vanishes like a ghost. He was a curious and independent boy that wandered around following his instincts and got lost on daily basis.

-His parents tried everything: bright, neon cloths, some bells, a gps tracker…nothing, it took him one second to disappear, even in their own house. In the end, they decided to put around his neck a card with their names and the phone number, just in case.

-Adorable, a little chubby and with always a cute, faint smile on the lips. Sweet and kind, timid yet willing to befriend other children. Girls loved him endlessly and treated him like their little brother.

-I can see him drawing peacefully and reading. He loved to take naps, everywhere and anywhere.

- Independent, he tried to be the little man his dad would like him to be. Trying to not cry often and be strong, to do what he have too and be responsible. Helping out his mom when she needed, especially with house chores.

Nijimura Shuuzou

-The Dependable Child. When his parents had to leave someone in charge of the house, they would choose Nijimura. Strong, determined and a born leader, capable to handle things even when he was younger. Like a little soldier.

-grumpy and hotheaded he often picked up fights with other children, yet everybody loved him for his kind and honest heart. He was just a bit scary.

-He was the leader of a group of children at the park and used to be the arbiter of every argument. Nobody dared to contradict him.

-He would took care both of his older sister and his younger brother, like a replacement of his father, when he had to stay in hospital. Very responsible and hard working, however he got stressed and insecure easily and that’s why he ended up venting it into fights.

-Loved to play outside with other children and he never left out anyone. He also enjoyed from time to time relaxing on his own, watching his cartoons or chatting with his dad.

-He wanted more than anything else to be like his dad and make him proud.

Kagami Taiga

-The Sunshine Boy! A little tornado of smiles, energy and clumsiness. He tended to end up in every type of trouble and he visited the hospital once a month. The nurses loved him.

-He didn’t have a switch off, much to his mother’s desperation, and he never seemed to be tired. He had to move, play, scream, laugh…endlessly. He slept few hours per night and was extremely loud and boisterous.

-He loved playing outside and had a passion for dangerous and reckless games. He was never alone, always dragging someone with him.

-He got hurt easily: scratched knees, purple bruises, insects’ stings…He was also very clumsy and uncoordinated.

-Prideful, brave and curious. He liked nature, except for dogs. He hated dogs, they were evil (his mother used to threaten him that she was going to buy a dog if he didn’t come home)

-Nothing was more boring than staying at home, reading and drawing. When it rained, for one hour or two, they would keep him quiet with cartoons, but he would soon grow bored and start to pester them to play with him.

-He was hotheaded, but he rarely got angry or pouty. He complained, yet he regained his smile quickly. And it was quite contagious.

Haizaki Shougo

-The Spoiled Child. He and his brother had eight years of difference, so his mother spoiled him endlessly. At least when she was home, being a single mother she had to work very hard to maintain them. Yes, he cherished and respected his mother a lot (at least her).

-He had a superiority complex: he had to be the leader of the group and the one who decided who could play with him and who not. Girls weren’t accepted because they were crybabies and too weak.

-He felt like a great boss, going around the park and imposing his power. He said that his brother was the one who taught him how to fight and be brave.

-He had an older brother’s complex: he admired him and praised him wholeheartedly; he wanted to be tall, strong and fearless like him.

Kyoshi Teppei

-The Golden Heart Boy. The one that deeply cares for everyone, kind and always ready to help someone out.

-he would spend days and days gardening with his grandmother or fishing with his grandfather, quietly but cheerfully. Or, reading stories in the veranda and looking at the clouds. It had been his grandad who taught him how to play the harmonica.

-He was the pacemaker at the park, playing the role of the big brother to the other children. Actually, some of them began to call him “Onii-chan” for real, especially little girls.

-Making his mom happy was one of his joy. He would made drawings or small jewels with bottle’s cap, glass beads and plastic strings for her. Because she was a queen.

Takao Kazunari

-The Mischievous Child. He had done everything. He had pranked anyone, without a second thought. Most out of curiosity, sometimes as a revenge.

-carefree kid, always ready to get into trouble voluntarily. At first, they used to ground him, but then he would damage more the house so his parents surrendered and just left him without tv or videogames for some days as a punishment.

-He had drawn on the walls of his house, put worms in the tea cup of the neighbor, scared to death the mailman, scribbled on the teacher’s skirt, hidden in the wood the toy of a child he didn’t like, persuaded a girl she was adopted, sneaked out during the night…His parents spent their time apologizing to the neighborhood.

-He found girls annoying, petty and boring. He preferred playing soccer or hide and seek with other boys.

-He loved animals and was quite good with them. He was often followed by strays and his house became a sort of hotel for abandoned animals.

Mayuzumi Chihiro

-The Lonely Child. He liked to be alone, reading or playing his games on his own.

-He hated to be dragged to the park or to some parties by his parents. He usually hid in a corner and pouted for hours.

-He is an only child, so at time he didn’t know how to interact with other children and was horrible at sharing toys. However, he was good with quiet kids who liked to read like him. Or playing videogames. In those cases, he would even talk a bit, in whispers, and maybe show a faint smile.

-He’s still scared of family reunions, especially in big occasions like Christmas. He was the only child and the center of the attentions. His worst nightmare. He still isn’t able to escape from his aunts’ claws.

-The only one he liked was his grandfather, who brought him in the countryside and would share with him silent afternoons just looking at the sky or wandering in the woods.

-He liked to wander alone, everywhere and anywhere, absentmindedly. Luckily, he had a good sense of direction.

Shigehiro Ogiwara

-The Big Brother. The precious little child that has only one mission: being a good big brother. He tried to be independent and strong just for his little brothers, always trying to be a worth model and being able to take care of them. He was the one who took them to the kindergarten and then to school every morning, holding their hands.

-He would often go to the park and play basketball with his dad.

-bright personality, a bit wild and lively, but very kind. A bit clumsy, he fell easily and it was very cute how hard he tried not to cry every time.

-He ate a lot of food and was always hungry, maybe because he was moving and playing around a lot. His mother was stunned by that.

Hanamiya Makoto

-The Devil Child. He looked absolutely adorable and cute, and you know why? Because he was enough smart to know that if a child was cute, he was going to have what he asked for. Obviously, he put the façade on when he needed too, otherwise he actually didn’t care about others. He liked to be on his own.

-He was the only child of a single mother and truly cherished her, yet she had to work and he spent a lot of time alone.

-He used to go every afternoon to a small library and spent his time reading. There weren’t many books for children, so he soon began to read the ones for adults. He liked the story of military tactics, mathematics and physics’ ones and manuals of chess and other games. The old lady of the library treated him like his own nephew and is one of the few people he truly cares about. He still goes to visit her every week.

-Straying cats loved him and followed him on the streets.

-He had been banned from three different bars because when he was eight he started playing card games with the old customers, but always ended up winning the bet at stake. Sometimes he didn’t have to cheat to win, he was just too good.

I Want To Paint Your Lips - Eight

“I-I can explain!” He had lied.

Sitting in the bathroom with the three men sitting around him, all pairs of eyes fixed to his flushed cheeks. He looked like a kid in trouble, but at least he’d had the chance to remove the lipstick smudges. The moment they spotted Daithi, Brian blurted out, “Evan was kissing Delirious!” before smacking his hands over his lips guiltily.

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Rivals And Lovers Part 2 A.I.

After almost a month sorry guys i know i’m the worst here you have the second and last part of Rivals And Lovers. Hope you like it! 

Let me know what you think of it // Word Count: 1.3k // Masterlist/Requests

A week was not enough to erase your body from everybody’s minds, or the internet for that matter. Even your own parents were still talking about it

It was still awkward when the teachers looked at me weirdly or when they would call out your name and people whispered and laughed as you tried to hide yourself with the books. But at least Daliah and Archie by your side, always making you feel better.

There was one thing that bugged you the most, and no, it wasn’t that Ashton had preferred the team over you – which made you so mad at life –, but who was the person that had not only taken the pictures but had also distributed them all over your school.

“Hey, Y/N, I’ve been thinking and you should come to my house tonight.” Daliah’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts and you stared at her when she continued. “We can watch movies and listen to music, you know. Like the good old times. It’ll relax you for the game tomorrow.”

“I’d love to. A night without my parents telling me about safe sex or the lawsuit is all I need.”

“How is it going with the lawsuit, by the way?” Archie asked as he came with his lunch and sat next to you.

“It’s a mess. My parents have even talked with Ashton’s mother. They say we’ll have to answer some questions together so I have to see him again.”

They looked at you with pity and grabbed your hands to reassure you and tell you silently that they were going to be there, no matter what.

You guys ate and talked about the game you had tomorrow; the game was against Ashton’s team and it was your only chance to do your best. You wanted to show him that you could do better than him, that you were worthier than just a high school football team.

When the bell rang, Daliah had to run to be on the lab without being late. She said goodbye and you and Archie walked together to your next class. He was telling you a joke when you heard someone screaming at you.

“Oi, Archie, be careful. She may ask you to fuck her in the showers with someone taking photos!”

That could only have been from Michael Clifford. How much you hated that jerk.

“Dude, let her be.” Archie screamed back.

“Don’t act like her knight in shining armor. Right now she is only thinking of doing it with you because Ash doesn’t want her lame ass anymore.”

“That’s it, you bitch.” You dropped your bag and quickly you were in front of Michael’s face and that stupid, infamous smirk of his. “I’m gonna slap you so hard that not even your mother will be able to tell if you are her son. Hell, maybe it helps because your face surely is not something people need to see every day.”

A second before your hand touched Michael’s cheek you felt someone grabbing your arm, pulling you away from the stupid jerk. Why did that always happen in the exact same moment?

“Y/N, don’t get in more trouble in school.” You heard Archie’s voice behind you. “You can always wait until the school is over and get his ass.”

The last part was in whispers in your ear so that only you could hear it. You gave Michael a final look and Archie and you continued walking to class.

“I swear I’ll kick his ass this Friday.” You muttered under your breath. Ashton and his team would better prepare themselves.

The match was about to finish and you guys were killing it.

The other team couldn’t even score one goal and your team had already scored three. Their faces were everything you had ever wanted to see.

They had started the match looking all cocky and arrogant – now they couldn’t look more miserable.

And, not to brag, but you were killing it too. Two of the goals were thanks to you, all of the anger that you had inside of you was making it somehow easier winning that evening.

Every time your team scored, Archie and you hugged, sometimes the touch lingering a little bit until you focused on the game again. Ashton didn’t even try to dissimulate his stares, his eyes almost burned holes on your skin and you were feeling rather tired of the feeling.

The whistle sound broke the silence that had been formed, screams of joy quickly followed it. You had won. You had kicked their asses. You had proven that you were better. And it was the best feeling ever.

It didn’t last very long as someone pushed you to the field, followed by a spit that landed on your neck.

“What the hell?” You screamed. Turning around you saw some guy from the other team – Charlie Rodgers. You didn’t know him very well, but it seemed like he was extremely mad at you with his stare, cold as ice and his face red.

“You bitch, why don’t you die?”

“Rodgers, back off.” You heard Ashton’s voice, you didn’t see him though. You were busy staring at Charlie, thinking of all the things you wanted to do with him. All of them had something in common: he would end up going to the hospital, in not so good conditions.

“I ain’t backing off, Irwin. She deserves to be treated like the whore she is.” Had you ever done something to be treated like that?

Archie ran to you and helped to get you back on your feet. “Any of you insult her again and I don’t care if I go to jail but I’ll be more than happy to kill you.”

“I’ll help Archie. You don’t get to hurt Y/N anymore.” Dahlia wasn’t going to let others play with you like that.

“She went behind your backs and fucked Irwin and none of you knew it. She lied to you, knowing that it was forbidden to date someone from the rival team. And you let her get away with it.” Charlie let out a humorless laugh. “No. I won’t. And now she thinks she is better because her team won? I am not letting her get away.”

“Wait, you knew before everyone else?” Ashton asked, astonished.

“It wasn’t difficult. You guys weren’t very discrete.”

Not only you, but almost everyone on the bleachers went wild.

“You were the one that photographed us?” Ashton furiously asked. Charlie just shrugged, not knowing that he was digging his own grave. “Yes.”

Confusion came over you. Firstly, what had you done to him to make him that mad? And what were you supposed to feel? Mad? Happy? Both?

“Mr. Rodgers, come with me. Immediately.” Mrs. Whitman appeared on the field, grabbing Charlie’s arm and let him to her office with two policemen behind her.

“He is stupid enough to confess it here, huh.” Unknowingly to you, Ashton had come closer to you to the point where your arms were almost touching, just lightly brushing.  

“And we were just as stupid to start whatever we had.” You didn’t even bother to turn to see him.

“What do you mean?” Ashton had now moved to be facing you. “You regret us?”

Hurt was all over his expression, it did not make you feel bad though. He didn’t care enough to fight for you.

“Of course I do, Ashton. You chose football over me; your team full of jerks that have done nothing but humiliate me for this past week and make me feel bad about myself. You chose the easy way. And now it is my turn to choose.”

“What do you choose?”

“I choose to celebrate tonight and move on. I choose myself.”

Not even giving him the chance to speak, you turn around to find Dahlia and Archie and to just let yourself forget about everything that had happened. Because deep down you knew that you were rivals before you were lovers.

Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt. 8

She drove him to the beach. He couldn’t believe it. Next time, he won’t just tell someone to drive anywhere, next thing he knows he’ll be on the other side of the country. 

But for some reason he didn’t want to tell her to turn back. Instead, he rolled his windows down and felt the breeze moving through his hair and beating against his face, depleting him from oxygen by how fast she was going. It made him think of other things.

But when she asked him if he was okay, he never expected the question so he responded in the way he felt. Surprised. But he knew how he said it hurt her feelings and he was surprised he cared. She was being genuine. It probably took a lot for her to ask, considering how he is. 

“No,” he admits, feeling the air being sucked out of him. He felt so drained, more than before. So…lifeless in admitting how he truly felt, “I’m not okay,” He looks away once she turns around, squeezing his eyes shut. He never spoke of his feelings, not even to Jesse who he considered to be his best friend, and who he also hurt with his words. 

But for her, even though they came off to a rough start, he wanted to start over. 

She’s beside him again, looking up at him and he can’t look at her. She places her hand on his arm and he lowers his head to his chest. 

“It’s gonna be okay,” she tells him and he looks to the sea again, not believing her words. She gently holds his chin, looking him in the eyes, “You’re gonna be okay,” 

All of a sudden, B/N feels like he’s forgetting that he wasn’t okay and realizing now that he truly was okay. Why was he not okay again? Her eyebrows furrow, her fingertips touching her lips.

“I’m…gonna be okay,” he repeats and she nods with an encouraging smile. 

He’s still rearranging his mind when she glances at him and says, “Take off your shoes,” and he does so without question. 

And it’s because she glanced and didn’t lock eyes with him that it begins to click. He feels a sinking feeling in his gut, his heart racing. 

She’s controlling me. 

And she doesn’t even know it. 

They walk for a while together, his feet planted on the sand while she’s ankle-deep in the water. He avoids her eyes now, looking at his surroundings. She doesn’t seem to notice what she’s done. 

“I know you saw me at the warehouse,” he says. 

“As I said, I didn’t see anything,”

“Actually, you said you wouldn’t say anything. What did you see?”

She goes further into the water away from him until her rolled up jeans begin to get wet, “Looked like a tradeoff,”

“That’s it?”


“You didn’t hear anything?”

She shakes her head, “No,” He doesn’t believe her, but he doesn’t press her either, “Why aren’t you okay?” she asks, “If you wanna talk about it,” 

His puts his hands in his pockets, “Been rethinking my career. It seems to have a lot of…occupational hazards,”

“That’s it?” she asks.

He wanted to mention his ability for some reason, speak to someone who is now like him. Ask if she’s ever heard of it. Ask her if she knows what she’s capable of. But he doesn’t know if she suspects him of anything so he doesn’t want to dig his own grave.

He also wanted her to touch his arm again, feel her reassuring energy flow through him.

“That day must’ve stressed you out a lot,” she says and he agrees. It’s only now that he feels recharged, “Jesse’s also a nice guy,” 

He looks at her suspiciously, “He’s alright,”

“Are you two related?”

“No,” he watches her, wondering something else, “Why so many questions about him?”

She shrugs, walking ahead of him, “Just wondering,”

B/N follows her, kicking sand, “Why wonder about him?”

You both stay out until the sun begins to set and decide to watch that too. You’re sitting in the sand, the wind is chillier, the sea still raging but now the sky is orange and pink and red. 

When last have you actually taken a moment to truly relax instead of thinking about your next paycheck? 

B/N also seems relaxed beside you, engulfed in his own thoughts and you consider trying telepathy again but can’t bother. You let it go. It doesn’t make sense.

That’s when you see him tilt his body to the side, his head in the sand. 

“What are you doing?”

“Have you ever looked at the world from a different perspective?” he asks. 



You follow his lead, looking at the sky upside down. The ocean looks like the sky, the sun and the clouds the earth. The sight is so other-worldly that you stay in that position, wishing that this was how the world truly looked. 

You sit up right, feeling the blood rushing back to your body. His face is red, sand in his hair and a big smile on his face. 

“Looks amazing right?” he asks. 

You don’t know whether to stare at the sky or him. You nod, “It does,” 

“It’s like looking up when in a plane instead of down. You’re so close to space and the sky is dark too,” He’s excited to say all of this, like a kid. 

He moves closer to you to brush your hair with his hands. 

“Sand must be hell to get out of curly hair. Is there sand in mine?” 

“Lots,” you’re cleaning his hair while he did the same for you. He’s dusting the sand from your forehead when he stops, looking at your entire face. 

Your pulse is quickening and you’re not understanding why. He isn’t doing anything. 

“Thank you,” he says, “for taking me out here,” 

“Today’s price is really going to be a $1000,” 

He rolls his eyes with a smile, getting to his feet. He holds your hand, pulling you up and you both decide to head for the car. It’s almost nightfall and since there are no streetlights and barely any moonlight, it will be pitch black soon.

“Where’d you park the car?” 

“Over….there,” you say. You don’t see your car and before you panic you remember that you two walked for a very long time. Meaning, you were far from your car. And the sun was setting fast.  

“Where’d we put our shoes?” you ask him. 

“I put mine with yours,” 

You both sigh, knowing you’ll have to feel the sand to find them. 

“You have your phone?” he asks you. 

“No, I left mine in the car,” 

Another set of sighs. 

“You at least have your car keys, right?” 

You feel your pocket, “Yes,” 

This time a sigh of relief. 

You both walk in silence, the only sound are your feet trudging in the sand, the breeze and the waves of the ocean. 

The sun has completely sunk and it’s incredibly dark. You can barely make out his silhouette beside you. But soon you can’t see or hear him anymore and call out for him. Where did he go?

“B/N?” you look around but there’s nothing to see because it’s pitch black, “If you’re messing with me this isn’t funny!” 

You decide to keep walking. If you get to your car, you can look for him then. But then you hear slapping in the water, and you instinctively move from it. 

You can’t even run because you don’t know what’s around you. Could trip and hit a rock. Get pinched by a crab or step on a jellyfish. You didn’t feel that much paranoia before, but now your heart is pounding. 

More slapping on the water closer to you and then feeling someone grabbing you from behind. You scream while hearing B/N laugh by your ear. You push him off, barely able to see him while knowing all the while that it was him.

You slap and kick him, all the while he laughs. 

“I had to,” he can barely breathe with how hard he’s laughing, “I was gonna put you in the water but you were screaming so much I couldn’t even move. I’m so weak,” 

You drag him by his clothes, pulling him to the water. He notices last second what you’re doing and you hear a big splash as he falls in. But you don’t wait. You run out of the water, hearing him slosh behind you. You’re far from the water, him panting. 

“Not fair, I didn’t do it,” 

“That was your intention!” 

He grabs you, holding you against him and now you’re damp from his clothes. You shove him off. 

“I hate you,” you tell him, “Why’d you do that?” 

You can see his white smile in the dark and shove him again, “What can I say? You put me in a good mood,” 

His response both irritates you and triggers something else by the tone of his voice when he said it. You also realize you’re both wet and in the dark. 

“Let’s just leave,” you say, trying to figure out if you’re even going in the right direction. 

“Wait,” he grabs what he thinks is your arm but is actually the back of your shirt and you hear a small rip, “I…did not mean for that to happen.” 

“You’re working your way up for another dunk in the ocean,” 

“I’m sorry. I really was just kidding around,” but you weren’t even upset about that anymore. You only realized that you were completely alone with a man you were attracted to. 

“I just wanna find my car,” 

This time he places his hand on your shoulder instead of grabbing for you. And since he can’t see you, he move his hand down your arm until he finds your hand and holds it. 

“We can’t see anything. Let’s not get lost,” 

That was more than smooth, that was slick. What just happened? You’ve never been this lost by a turn of events before. Why is he holding your hand right now? When did you jump from friends to whatever this is? Or are you reading too much into it?

He walks ahead, pulling you with him. 

He’s swinging your hands, and if it wasn’t for the sea and the wind, the silence might have been awkward. 

“Is this weird for you?” you ask.

He keeps walking, “Not really. Is holding hands too much?” your hesitation is enough of an answer. He releases your hand and you’re almost sad by that but then he places your hand on his arm, as if he’s escorting you.

“Better?” he asks. 

You lower your face to hide your smile even though it’s too dark for him to see it, “Yes,” This felt way more romantic than hand holding. 

It takes fifteen minutes before you find your car and then your shoes. You don’t have a towel, but you do have a blanket that he wraps himself in because he’s cold. 

“You know, you would be warmer if you just took your clothes off,” you bite your lip once you say it, knowing how it sounded. 

“You’re right,” He doesn’t seem to think anything of your comment because his teeth are chattering and his body shaking. 

He steps out of the car and you happen to watch him from the corner of your eye as you dust off the shoes. He removes his shirt, pulling it over his head. You’re so glad it’s windy because he can’t hear you sigh at the sight of him. 

He shakes out his shirt and this time he looks in your direction to see if you’re watching because he’s taking off his pants. But you anticipated him doing that and look away prior. Bur you still peek. His thighs and calves are so well defined you almost squeal. He dusts off his pants, his back turned to you as he stands in his boxers and you see even his butt is toned. 

You bite your finger, turning away from him as you take a deep breath. 

“Ready?” he asks you and you turn around quickly. 


He’s in the front seat this time, wrapped in your blanket like a puppy. 

“You’re no longer my customer now?” you ask.

He shakes his head, body still shaking. You turn on the heater, warming him up before driving. 

Once he’s warm, he lowers the blanket to his waist, sitting in the front seat with his upper body exposed. 

“Did you get a good look?” 

You look ahead as you drive, “I’m driving, how can I?” 

He adjusts the blanket around him and you can hear the smile in his voice, “You know exactly what I mean,” 

You feel your face heat up but you don’t look at him. You both ride in silence and when you get to his place, he didn’t seem to consider the fact that he only has his boxers on. Or maybe he doesn’t care. 

He steps out with the blanket wrapped around his waist, everyone staring. 

“Do you wanna come up?” 

You suck in air through your teeth, looking him up and down, “That sounds like it entails other things, so I’m gonna have to say no,” 

He doesn’t even try to tell you that you were wrong, only nods, biting his bottom lip, “You’re right,” 

He begins to step back and you stop him, “You better pay me for tonight,” you tell him. 

“Yes,” his voice drags, “I’m gonna get the money,” 

You cross your arms, leaning on the car noticing that a few people overheard your conversation. You put up your hands, “I’m not a prostitute,” you say to them and their eyes go wide, “If I was, would I be wearing this?” that makes them walk away.

As promised, he comes back with the money. Exact amount. 

“Thank you again,” he says. 

“You’re welcome,” 

He begins to leave but turns around, still holding the blanket around his waist, “Are you free tomorrow?” 

“I’m usually free if you need me,” 

“No, not to take me anywhere. But as in…a date,” 

It dawns on you at what he’s asking, “Oh! Uh…” 

“Would you wanna get dinner by chance?” 

You nod, “Yeah, I’ll see what I can do,” Did you agree too quickly? Should’ve played hard to get.

He smiles, “Great, goodnight,” he hands you the blanket and walks away only in his boxers,” Everyone’s staring and so are you because he has such a great back view. 

You sigh admirably, “How did we get here?” 

I’ll take care of you-  A Jason Todd imagine

@mclodyvalentine requested “"When did you get so beautiful?“ + long, emotional embraces + “You’re so soft.” + pressing their foreheads together with Jason Todd? As in: he comes back from the dead and goes to his childhood friend? 👀 sorry if it’s too specific bby you can cut some off” (also this is the longest thing I’ve written so far whoops)

He couldn’t think. He knew he died, and now he is back. Waking up buried and digging out of his own grave had his mind fried. 

Y/N was sitting on her couch watching TV in her pajamas when a sound down the hallway grabbed her attention. Standing up she went to check what it was seeing Jason, still in his suit covered in dirt. She had to pinch her arm to see if she was awake and it wasn’t a nightmare like she had after he died. 

When the pain on her arm confirmed it’s real, she slowly walked up to Jason putting her hands on the sides of his face to pull his attention to her. “Jay?”

She seemed to manage to pull his brain back together as it slowly put back together how he’s alive, she was the only place his mind had thought of. Now he could only think of how she was right there and he hurt from that night, still.

Y/N pulled him to her bathroom turning on the water in the shower and letting him set on the ground. She removed his destroyed suit and slowly cleaned the dirt off his skin being careful of the injuries that remained. 

All the while his mind was racing trying to figure out way too many things at once. Part of his brain heard her talking to him explaining he was going to be okay and she was going to take care of him. 

His voice finally found it’s way out eventually in response to her absentminded talking as she ran shampoo through his hair. “I’m going to take care of you Jay.“ "I know.” His voice was raspy and course and didn’t sound like his own yet.

When he was completely cleaned off she helped him up throwing her arm around his waist and guiding him to the couch. His eyes watched her run and get him water and food setting it by him and running for the first aid kit and some clothes of his she had from before that day.

For the first time since she had seen him, Y/N took a second to catch her breath and think. Jason was right there, her Jay the one she had known since they were kids and he looked more broken than she had ever seen him. She missed him so badly when he was gone and now there he was again she could touch and talk to him. It almost seemed unreal like any second she was going to wake up to her alarm and he was going to be gone again.

She stitched up the injuries that remained and they sat in silence and he looked at her. She was all his mind had thought of when he came back and she was the person he’s trusted for the longest time but he had never noticed how beautiful she was before. 

“When did you get so beautiful?” He asked his voice sounding better than before yet still rough. This caused her to stop her stitching and look up at him. 

“How are you feeling Jay?” She finished the last bandage standing up.

He mumbled fine and reached out to grab her hand pulling her into a hug. The embrace was tight both of them just enjoying the other in their arms. It lasted a long time her fingers ghosting up and down his back. One of his hands rested on the back of her neck and the other clutched onto the back of her shirt as if she was going to be ripped away from him at any moment. 

“You’re so soft,” the words were almost a whisper against her skin as he held her close. The feeling of her skin on his and the sound of her voice was the only thing currently keeping him from crying or screaming at the memory of what happened. Y/N had never seen him more broken in their years and years of being around each other and it hurt her so deeply and badly. Yet, he was here and she could help.

“I’m here for you, it’s alright. I love you, Jay. I will take care of you.” Y/N consoled him making him feel safer than before. “Let’s go lay down. I want to stay with you tonight. God, I’m scared to go to sleep that you won’t be here anymore. It’s okay though. It’ll be okay we can get through this let’s just go sleep”

“I love you too,” he gently pulled her towards him again their foreheads together looking into each other’s eyes. His blue eyes seeming to pierce hers with intensity and fear also admiration, however. 

When they pulled apart she helped him to her room. He had been here before, before he died. When they laid down together him on his back with her hand on his chest to remind him she was there, he finally let the exhaustion take over.

What ever happened with his family, with his death, with his mind he knew she would take care of him.

smile // attack on titan

“…when was the last time you smiled?”

Oh. Shit.

Had he really said that out loud? In that case, he ought to start digging his own grave right there and then. The moment the string of words slipped past his parted lips, Eren had felt all the blood drain from his features in one go.

The next thing he knew, he had Lance Corporal Levi putting his cup of coffee down in favor of glaring at him disapprovingly from across the dining table, eyebrows slightly drawn together more than usual, and generally emitting an air of animosity that contended the younger soldier to start making sense within the next fifteen seconds, lest he’d be forced to leave the room with a missing limb or two. Levi wasn’t known to be a fan of surprises, and tonight, Eren had successfully thrown him off-guard with the dumbest conversation starter he could possibly think of.

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