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I feel like whenever intense mishalecki happens, Jensen almost always steps up his cockles game and is super close/flirty with Misha. Kind of like marking his territory you know?? So you'll see Jared and Misha being close and you'll see jensen react to that, cut to Jensen being all up in Misha's space and laughing and giggling and making eyes at him and basically showing the world 'HEY LOOK AT THIS FLIRTY DYNAMIC WE HAVE' god he's such a disaster. Don't you think?

Jensen is literally the most competitive person on the planet and can’t take any kind of joke ever. Case in point, the Mario Kart tournaments. Look at his fucking face. Misha and Jared are like, “Hey! This is fun and casual!” and Jensen is like, “I WILL DESTROY YOU, I MUST WIN.”

He most definitely tries to “win Misha back” in these instances, lol. He has to Win, even if he’s the only one that thinks this is a competition. 

Misha: You know that the way I feel about Jared has no effect on the way that I feel about you, right?

Jensen, blushing, scoffing: Pft, yeah, I know! Whatever! It’s fine!!1! (It is not fine.)


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


SF!Paps x Reader Fluff

Raffle Winner One-shot
For @artsietango
SFW SF!Paps x Reader smooch/ confession

Papyrus came in every day, like clockwork, and ordered a shot of whiskey and a bottle of barbecue sauce.  

You’d been working at Muffet’s for several months now, and despite the fact that it was monster-run (and that the job had taken you a considerable amount of courage to accept with your arachnophobia), your presence as a human had helped draw a more diverse crowd.  Muffet mixed the drinks with a deft, practiced speed that only someone with three sets of arms could possess, while you carried a platter of drinks from table to table, and numerous little spiders took pastries and burgers to customers from a network of webs in the top of the tavern.  

And every day since you started, Papyrus would walk in and sit at the same seat in the same booth and order the same thing.  

You slide the barbecue sauce to him as you pass his table and wink.  Papyrus usually chuckles and calls you saucy, but this time, he doesn’t even acknowledge you.  He’s got his hood pulled up, and he’s looking down at the table, his usual laid-back grin pulled into a grim line.  The expression startles you enough that you falter in your steps and cause the tray to unbalance, a few drinks sliding along the edge of your platter.  Hurriedly, you correct yourself before they spill and keep going, but you’re distracted as you distribute your orders.

What was wrong with him?

By the time you make it back around to his table, he’s already got two empty shot glasses in front of him, and three spiders are bringing a third glass down the web.  "Hey, Rus.  You didn’t even say hi to me,“ you state lightly, trying to rib him into a response.

His phalanges close around the shot glass, and he shrugs lightly.  His posture’s slouched, with his elbows on the table.  "hey.  sorry,” he mutters, holding up the whiskey to stare unseeingly at it.  

“You’re really pounding them back,” you observe, trying to tread lightly.  Usually, your friend is full of jokes and flirtatious remarks.  You’ve never seen him in a mood this sullen.

He hums, though the sound is nearly lost in the music playing from the jukebox.  "jus’ needed somethin’ to whiskey me away for a bit,“ he murmurs, before taking the shot.  He chases it with a swig of barbecue sauce, straight from the bottle.  You’ve never understood the appeal, and it doesn’t seem to be a monster thing.  But it’s definitely a Rus thing.

“Wanna talk about it?”

He finally turns his head to look at you, his orange eyelights shifting along your body, up to your face.  When his gaze locks with yours, you see resignation flash through his expression, before it hardens.  "actually, yeah, i–“

"Hey!  You!  Can I get my drinks here or what?”

You turn to face a group of humans sitting at the booth across from Papyrus’s.  They look like a rowdy crew to you, but you know you have to keep your smile on your face when you address them if you want to keep them placated.  "I’ll be with you in just a moment,“ you insist in your Professional Voice, which only makes another one of the men sigh.

"We’ve been waiting forever, but those creepy spiders aren’t coming!”

Ugh.  You turn toward Papyrus, but he’s already shaking his head and taking another gulp of his barbecue sauce.  "work’s callin’ you,“ he states the obvious.

He’s right.  If it wasn’t a Friday night, you’d have a better chance of being able to sit and talk to him.  "I’ll be right back,” you promise with a sigh, before turning and going to collect the human group’s order from the bar.  

When you reach the humans, you place your platter on the edge of their table to balance it.  "Okay, so who ordered what?“

One of the men grins.  "Why don'tcha guess?”

You really don’t have time for this.  "I really don’t know.  Did you have the bourbon and coke?“

The group laughs; apparently, you got it wrong.  

One of the man’s buddies leans in.  "What kind of drink do you like, babe?”  His eyes flick up and down your body.  "Sex on the beach?“

Ugh.  Keep your smile on your face; you’re representing the entire establishment when you serve someone.  Muffet taught you that–and if the customers decided to leave, your pay would end up docked.  The spider monster happened to be fiercely competitive, likely because of the bakery that had opened up across the street.  Apparently, Muffet and Grillby had some sort of bad history Underground. 

You laugh without any feeling behind it and shake your head.  "So you must be the one that ordered the Screwdriver,” you state tightly, moving the drink in front of him.  The others laugh, and you take a moment to cut your gaze toward Papyrus’s booth.  He’s staring at you directly, another empty shot glass in front of him, his expression blank and unreadable.  It’s difficult to even see his eyelights within his sockets at this point.  

This is taking too long.

“And you must have the Magic Night,” you guess randomly, sliding one of the cocktails with magic liquor in front of another human.  It crackles and fizzles, swirling with purples and reds.  

“So what’re you doing after work?  I can show you a real magic night,” the human states with a smirk and a brow wag, while his buddies laugh and shout exaggerated ’Oooohhh!’s

Your smile tightens.  "I doubt that,“ you shoot back before you can stop yourself, which wipes the smirk right off his face and causes the others to shove him with more exaggerated shouts.  They’re obviously already drunk.  

"Ouch.  Well, I could at least buy you one,” the man offers, holding up his magic cocktail for emphasis.  

“I’m sorry, but I–”  you glance back toward Papyrus… only to spot him walking out of the bar.  Your heart sinks, and you start unloading the rest of the drinks randomly onto the table.  "I have to go.“

You rush toward the front doors, calling out to the bouncer (a hamster monster in a leather, studded jacket), "I’m taking my break!”

You burst through the doors and spot Papyrus leaning against the building, a lit dog treat between his teeth.  Purple smoke curls around his face, and your steps begin to slow as you approach.  "Rus, I thought you wanted to talk.“  Your voice is slightly shaky.

"ya seemed busy tonight,” he replies with a shrug, holding the dog treat between his index and middle phalanges.  “’sides, it’s nothin’ really.”

Your chest clenches; you hate seeing him like this, so unlike the grinning pun-master you’ve come to befriend… and have a huge crush on.  Tentatively, you reach out and place your hand on his arm, gripping the thick fabric of his jacket.  His eyelights shift down to your fingers, staring at them, and you begin to feel self-conscious.  Usually, he’s all about physical contact and casual touches.  

“It doesn’t look like nothing to me, Rus.”

He flicks ashes on the sidewalk.  Standing outside, this close, you could smell just how heavily the alcohol is clinging to him.  It’s obvious now that he had been drinking before he even came to Muffet’s.  “jus’ somethin’ m’lord said to me today that’s been on my mind.”

You relax slightly.  You’re getting somewhere now.  “What did Sans say?”

Papyrus shrugs the opposite shoulder.  “it’s busy in there.  you should be gettin’ back.”

“No,” you blurt, hard enough that his gaze immediately flies to your face.  You know that your expression has hardened, your grip on his jacket tightening with your resolve.  “They can wait.  I don’t care.”

There’s an instant where his gaze searches yours for something, but you’re not sure what he’s hoping to find.  Then, he rather abruptly snags your waist with his arm and twists around the corner of the building, reversing your positions so that your back’s against the brick and he’s got one arm above your head, supporting his weight as he looms over you.  The alley is dark enough that you can see his orange eyelights clearly glowing in their dark sockets, and you can smell a mixture of alcohol and smoky barbecue permeating from his breath.  

Instantly, your breath catches in your throat.  His arm is still around your waist, trapped between your back and the wall, and now both of your hands are fisted in the front of his jacket.  

“but you care about me?”  

The query catches you by surprise enough that you forgot the last sentence that you had said, instead wondering if he’d somehow picked up on your crush.  Your face flushes hot, but you hold his gaze, taking in the sight of his sardonic smirk.  It wasn’t his usual flirtatious one–no, this one looked off, almost cruel.  Was he mocking your feelings?

Or mocking the possibility?

“Of course I do, Rus,” you evenly reply, lifting your chin ever-so-slightly.  A challenge.  “If something’s bothering you, then it’s bothering me, too.”

That seems to catch him off-guard; the smirk fades around the edges, the sides of his teeth twitching.  “heh, you sure ya wanna know?”

“Papyrus.”  Your hand moves up to cup his cheekbone as you say his full name, and his eyelights seem to glow even brighter.  His face tilts into your palm.  “Just talk to me.  Please.”

“ok.”  He sucks in a breath.  His fingers have wiggled beneath the hem of your shirt to trace idle patterns across your skin.  It’s not the first time he’s done this during your flirtatious moments, but it feels so much more intimate in this moment.  “humans and monsters really don’t mix in the long run, ya’know?”  You blink, sucking in a breath to refute him, but Papyrus shakes your hand off his cheek and continues.  “’specially skeleton monsters.  we’re a buncha bones, like a zombie or some kinda halloween decoration.  so why would a human want to be with a spooky skeleton when they could have their pick of any normal human out there?”  He shrugs, his fingers pressing into your skin, feeling the spinous processes of your spine.  “it jus’ sucks.”

His gaze focuses on yours, and he leans in closer, his face only a few inches from yours.  

“‘specially since there’s a human i’m really attached to.  i could probably get ‘em to jump my bones if i tried hard enough, sure, but… they’re not that kinda person.  they deserve better than that.”

His smirk has completely faded, and you feel your heart bottom-out into your stomach.  You’re looking at him with wide eyes, slowly processing the implications.  Your hand’s even still hovering near his face.  He starts to shake his head slightly and pull back, but you grip onto the front of his jacket again and stop him from moving away.  


He freezes, his hand at your back stilling.  You’ve never been the one to make the first move, but dammit, you can’t let this opportunity go to waste.  You tug sharply on the front of his jacket and lean away from the wall at the same time, pressing your lips to his teeth.  He’s completely caught off-guard and stumbles back a step (okay, maybe you put a little too much momentum into the kiss when you pushed away from the wall–whoops), but his arm immediately tightens around your waist, pulling you close against his chest.  You try to put all of your reassurances, all of your feelings for him, into that kiss.  

And then you pull away, your face burning and your lips numb from the tingle of his teeth.  He smirks suddenly, and it’s finally a smirk you recognize on his features–teasing and confident.  “hey, ya’know what they say ‘bout assumin’, dont’cha?”

Oh shit.

Your heart drops.  You begin to backpedal.  “Shit, shit, sorry, I–”

Papyrus starts to chuckle, backing you against the wall again.  His forehead touches yours.  “darlin’, you’re adorable when you’re flustered, ya know that?  ‘course i was talkin’ about you.”

You groan.  Your heart’s hammering in your chest.  “Ha, ha.  Why don’t you stop talking and put your money where your mouth is.”

“ah, so you’re jus’ tryin’ to get tips from your best customer.  i see what that kiss was about now.”

Your arm winds around his neck, and you kiss him straight on the smirk.  He holds onto you tighter, forcing your back to arch away from the wall, pulling your body flush with his.  The sweater he always wears is too thick for you to feel his bones, but your fingers play with the ridges of his neck, and you feel his teeth part your lips.  Something slips into your mouth, warm and crackling with electric magic, and you realize it’s his tongue.  It’s not the first time you’ve seen it, but you never knew it would feel that amazing.  Your body feels hot and tingly, and your heart is pounding so forcefully against your sternum that you’re certain he can feel it, too.  

You’re drunk off his kiss–or maybe just the lingering taste of whiskey in his mouth.  You suddenly remember just how drunk he is and pull back.  His mouth immediately moves to your neck, his orange tongue sliding down your skin, sending delightful tingles straight to your chest.  Your fingernails involuntarily scrape his vertebrae, and he groans.  

“Rus.  Rus, wait.  Were you drinking because Sans said something about me not wanting a monster?”

He pauses, his tongue receding so that only his teeth rested against the juncture of your shoulder and neck.  “eh–somethin’ like that.”  He shrugged, but didn’t move away from you.  “not like it isn’t the truth, i jus’…”  He trails off, obviously trying to censor himself despite his filter being partially down from the booze.  

“It’s not true.  What, you think I just want a quickie in the alley?”

“heh, ya mean this isn’t you just throwin’ me a bone?”  He lifts his head enough to smirk again.  

“Nope.  I like you, Rus.  I’d like to give the whole dating thing a try, if that’s something you’d want.”  

Good lord, you’ve never been this direct before–but after his admissions, you feel like it’s necessary to spell it out.  

“ok.  i’ll be your bonefriend,” he agrees, his smirk turning shit-eating.  You shake your head, laughing.  It always comes so easy when you’re around him.  

“Great.  Now that this is settled, wanna come back inside?  My break’s been over for a while now.”

“sure, i could go for another drink or two.”  He finally steps away, letting you step out of the alley on wobbly legs.  Just like that, everything between you both had changed.  It felt different, putting a label on the mutual feelings you shared, as if everyone could see the charge between both of you now.  

Your face is still blood-red when you re-enter Muffet’s, and you feel the eyes of the booth-ful of humans land on you again.  Papyrus instantly slips his arm around your shoulders, narrowing his gaze on them.  You remember the way he had looked through you while they flirted with you, the way he had obviously been thinking about what his brother said earlier, that you would end up with another human.  

And you turn and rock up on the balls of your feet to press a kiss to his cheekbone.  It actually lights up a soft orange, his eyesockets widening at the brazen display of affection.  

“I’m all yours,” you reassure him, before you step out of his possessive hold so that you can continue your shift.  

He chuckles, his usual lazy smirk more tender than usual.  

“darlin’, that’s my line.” 

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Okay but Dark's S/O always giving him attention and kisses and cuddles and constantly telling him how much they love him because they have really bad abandonment issues (as in, they nearly start crying at the thought of someone they love leaving) Dark would probably definitely enjoy the attention but I hope he wouldn't use the S/O's abandonment issues against them,,

(Ayyy I’m here for abandonment issues, can relate)

Dark may be the absolute worse but when it comes to his s/o? He becomes reasonable. He’s very possessive, so he’d probably not only appreciate the attention but appreciate how loyal his s/o is to him. He isn’t one to be as open in public, not wanting to give away any possible way to get to him, but he’d show them with the little things, gripping their hand tight, always being helpful, staying close. When at home he’d also assure them that he won’t leave, they’re his and that isn’t going to change, he loves them and he always will. If they ever had a breakdown or got upset over the thought of him leaving them he’d drop what he was doing (unless it was ridiculously important, he’s still worried about keeping up his image, in which case he’d finish as soon as possible) and have a day for just the two of them, to remind them he’s there, he’s not leaving anytime soon.

Alone (b1)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one

The worst thing about working the night shift was not getting to wake up next to Chanyeol. All you wanted to do was be at home in your warm soft bed, buried under a mountain of blankets, wrapped up in the strong arms of your fiancé and his gentle touch. The moments you got to share with him in your bed, in the mornings when you woke up and in the evenings when you went to sleep - they were your favourites. It was just you and him, wrapped up in each other’s heads without a care in the world.

“But that’s not the case anymore,” you murmured softly to yourself, grabbing your bag out of your locker and slamming it shut. With a quick check on Chanyeol in the back of your head, you bit your lip to fight your smile. He was still asleep. If you raced home, you could make it home before he woke up.

Talia closed her locker beside you, combing her fingers through her blonde hair. “So where do you want to go for breakfast?” she asked, throwing an arm around your shoulders and leading you out of the locker room.

You winced a little, immediately feeling bad. “Can we raincheck? Maybe do lunch instead?” As selfish as it sounded, the thought of getting home to Chanyeol was monopolising your attention.

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Hc for when the gang is drunk and you're sober

requested by anonymous

- it’s takes alot for him to get drunk
- will totally *try* to make food for the both of you
- doesn’t go too well
- “accidentally” buys a unicorn mask on Amazon

- will admit any feelings he has towards anyone to you
- giggles over anything you say
- will try to have a deep conversation with you
- ends up falling asleep half way through

- calls you “bro” every five minutes
- wants to do your makeup so you let him
- is actually really good and has many helpful tips
- randomly starts ranting to you about the kool aid man

- even more touchy now
- tells you alot of puns *horrible ones*
- really enjoys playing with your hair

- this boy is alot more touchy feely/ sexual when hes drunk around you
- definitely tries to ask you out
- multiple times
- he goes for a kiss but accidentally bangs his head into yours
- I don’t even know how?!

- admits he would totally bang soda
- pats your head alot
- somehow makes a ship out of toothpicks for you
- in like 40 minutes

- will text you and end up starting a conversation with himself instead , over messaging
- full conversations
- gets a little aggressive towards you
- but doesn’t cause any harm
- cracking up jokes with you every second


He took lessons! * 0 *


I didn’t think he’d manage to get a girlfriend (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can you do one with 41 and 28 where Tom Peter x female reader are having dinner with all the avengers (and it’s her first time meeting them) and they ask her personal/really mom and dad questions and he just keeps teasing her?? You can change it up if you want.

‘How long have you been friends for?’ Natasha asked, looking directly at you. You were extremely nervous -it was your first time meeting The Avengers, and Peter was just smirking next to you.
‘Uh, for, like, 7 or 8 years, I guess’ you mutter. ‘We didn’t really get along at first -Peter was super shy and I thought he was just rude’ you said, with a small smile. You could hear Peter snickering beside you, but you tried to let that pass.
‘And for how long have you known he is Spiderman? He told us he didn’t want to tell you’ Wanda said, a small frown on her forehead.
‘Well, I kind of always supposed, but I didn’t want to say anything in case I sounded stupid. But one day, Peter came to my window at 3am dressed up as Spiderman, and he used the silly excuse that he ‘needed somewhere to go and he had seen a pretty girl who looked like she would know how to heal wounds’ and, even if he tried to keep his voice low, you could tell it was him. That was around two months ago, I think’ you said, laughing a little. This makes everyone on the team laugh, and you see Peter turning red.
‘Are you dating? I never thought Spiderling would manage to get a girlfriend’ Tony asked, making Peter furrow. You suddenly felt his hand on your thigh, and you tensed up, trying not to look tense.
‘Uh, yes. We have been for four months. I had to ask him out, if I’m being honest. He definitely tried, but he was a mess and I ended asking him on a date. He didn’t show up and I almost killed him, but then he showed up at my window at 1am and made a stupid excuse that I definitely did not believe, but I let it slip for that one time’ you said laughing. You knew what Peter was trying to do, moving his hand up and down your thigh. You took his hand, trying to stop him, but he just let go of it and continued. You looked at him with a deadly look, but he just smirked at you. ‘Don’t you dare’ you whispered to him. He just kept smirking and moving his hand, even upper your thigh, making you feel something you did not want to feel at a dinner with The Avengers.
When you thought everybody was talking and not paying attention to you, you just looked at Peter, and taking his hand, you whispered, ‘stop making me horny’. Suddenly everyone turned silent and looked directly at you, and you felt your face getting red, as well as Peter’s.
‘Oh, so I guess I do not have to ask if you have already done anything’ Tony asked, which made all The Avengers laugh out loud, and you couldn’t help but smack Peter, who was even redder than you.
When the evening was finally over and he was leaving you at your doorstep, he smirked again.
‘I would say I’m sorry, but I’m actually not’ he said, taking your hand.
‘Well, I’m not the one that’s gonna be teased for God knows how long’ you whispered softly, laughing. You saw him turning red again, and kissed him, which turned into a make out session. ‘I’m gonna call you Spiderling forever, just so you know’ you said as you pulled apart to breathe. He just laughed and kissed you again, his arms around your waist.
‘See you tomorrow at school, [Y/N]’ he said, and in a moment, he was gone, swinging around the streets of Queens.


In which Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes meet at the bar every week for happy hour… and I address something in the New 52 that has been bothering me since I started reading it a few years ago.


This sweety would be shocked but he`d low key find it cute. He had heard from minhyuk that you felt this way and he wouldn`t waste time sending you a message asking if you could meet up and talk. He`d then confess telling you that he doesn`t care if you can`t sing or dance because you have your own charms that made him fall for you.


Oh my god he`d be so excited when Kihyun had told him that you liked him but were too scared to confess. He`d completely gloss over the reason behind it in that moment as he`d be too happy. He`d be at your place in no time confessing and taking away any insecurity in a matter of minutes. 


As Hyungwon told him about your confession and your insecurity as the reason for why you aren`t confessing he`d first think hyungwon is joking. No way you like him back….right? But if it`s true? Either way I think after spending some time thinking about it he`d be on his way to you to confess. He doesn`t think that something like not being good at dancing or singing is stopping him from liking you.


Changkyun would be amused by this because to him you`re perfect just the way you are and he had thought you`re more confident than that. He`d overhear your conversation with a friend of yours and wouldn`t be able to stop his smile. He`d casually walk over, take your hand and bring you somewhere more private before confessing himself.


Wonho`s initial reaction would be confused. In his eyes you weren`t anything less than an angel. He had always seen you as amazing at everything you do and so he was the one having insecurities. He wouldn`t let I.M finish his sentence as he was already on his way to buy you flowers and confess.


His initinal reaction to this information would be: “no.. wait… she likes me too?” He wouldn`t understand your fear, I mean how could anyone reject you? He`d probably question himself if he ever did or said anything to make you think this way and Wonho would have to pull him out of his thoughts. He`d be asking you on a date in no time. However he`d do it through text because he`d still not really believe it.


Would be a bit like jooheon in the sense that he`d be wondering if he ever did or said anything that made it seem like he was only interested in dancers and singers as well as he`d wonder how you didn`t notice him trying to flirt with you. He`d be very straight forward with his feelings so he`d definitely tried to hint that he likes you. Now it seems he has to make it as obvious as he can by confessing to you. 

Note: This request was really cute. If you`d like one that goes a bit in depths of how they confess then don`t hesitate to send me an ask!

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In the recent episode of Spn, there were posters of a ship and a lost dog shown. Lots of people have been pointing out that it's hinting towards Destiel. I know there were other posters, but can't remember them off the top of my head. But, those two posters in particular made me nervous. Ship lost? Could that be referring to Destiel being lost? Just curious of your thoughts.

Hi, dear! I don’t think that the poster you’re talking about refers to our ship being lost. 

I’d say that the dog is lost in our ship right now, which is why Dean was so worried at the beginning of the episode. Cas is still absent, he’s still lost, he’s still AWOL. Remember that thanks to Rowena, Cas has been associated with both a dog and a fish since season 10. In 10x22, Rowena said this: 

“I’m sorry, you’re just fascinating, an angel that rejected Heaven. That’s like a fish that wants to fly or a dog that thinks it’s people.”

The same “dog thinks it’s people” was used in 11x06 when Cas was just pointlessly watching TV to try to deal with his PTSD. So, if we see the poster of a lost dog when we know Cas is missing, I think there’s just one way to understand that. 

And as @postmodernmulticoloredcloak said int his awesome post Dean settled for the omelette when what he wanted was pancakes, so he settled for Ca…rmen when what he wanted was Ca…stiel. No matter if Carmen was wearing a brown jacket, the truth about our ship is still that “the dog is missing”. The dog that thinks it’s people hasn’t been found yet (despite how much Deas has tried to find him). He hasn’t put up posters, but he has definitely tried to find him as we were told at the beginning of the episode.  

I hope this helps to calm your nerves, dear. :) 

The Tide

Here’s my latest fic! It’s very long but screw it, might as well post it here too.

Cross-posted from AO3.

Summary: Lance doesn’t know whether or not he can trust Keith to have his back. But now that he’s stuck under a tree, with broken bones, and on the verge of drowning, it seems he might not have a choice.

4k+ under the cut!

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Snivellus Snape and the Potions Shop from Hell

Anonymous Asked: Could you write something where Snape is Lily’s boss and she is always worried about losing her job because he wants more* of her but she loves James.

Lily had to admit, not only was her boss socially useless and awkward, but she also hated that she literally owed him for giving her a job in his shop because she was newly graduated from Hogwarts.

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The DUFF part 3 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

3 chapters in 3 days?? I’m on a roll lmao. Hope you like it!  I’ll edit the mistakes tomorrow, it’s almost 3 am and I’m rly tired lol

Words: 820 

Warnings: swearing? insecurities 

part 1 , part 2 , part 3 

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

You couldn’t stop thinking about Bucky’s words for the rest of the night. He had really got under your skin and hit your weak spot; you always felt ugly with Nat and Wanda, and just the thought of other people thinking the same made you just want to throw up. 

Nat and Wanda had said that Bucky was just trying to mess with your head and that no one else saw you that way, but no matter what you just didn’t believe them. In fact you started seeing people as DUFF’s. Every group had a DUFF, the emo’s had it, the popular kids had it,  jocks had it, even the ones that are always alone had DUFF’s, they were their own DUFF’s. And then there was you.  In some deep way you had always know you were one too, all thought today was the first time you ever heard this ridiculous term. 

It was 8 PM, you were doing your next days homework on your front porch, when Bucky’s car drove to his driveway. He usually had practice on Monday nights, so thats probably where he came from. He turned his engine off and got out of his car noticing you. Your houses were so close to each other that you could basically climb to Bucky’s bedroom from your room if you wanted. You actually did do that as children, but not anymore for a long time. He waved at you and came over.

“Hey” he said as he sat next to you. You tried your best not to give him any attention, still being hurt from his words. He definitely noticed this and tried taking to you again. 

“Y/N okay I know that I was supposed to drive you home, but Sharon and I went to get milkshakes so I’m sorry you had to walk home. I really am”  Oh yeah, first he basically called you ugly and fat and then he ditched you. Such a gentleman. 

“You think I’m mad about that? Try again” 

He lifted brows and looked geniously surprised, like he didn’t know what you were talking about. “ Ookay.. If you ain’t mad because of that, then why are you mad at me ? “ 

“ Because you called me fat and ugly!!” You shouted to his face and slammed your books close. You were so close hitting him in the head, the jerk would deserve it. 

“ You mean the DUFF thing?” 

“ Yes James the goddamn stupid DUFF thing, that’s not cool man” you tried to calm down by playing with the hem of your shirt. Didn’t really help that much but meh. 

“ You’re mad because of that shit? Y/N everybody knows it but don’t really care that much to be honest so what’s the problem?” 

“ The problem is that people can’t just go and label humans like that! Of course you, the popular James Buchanan Barnes, wouldn’t understand what it feels like when people talk shit behind your back and call you some stupid names like DUFF.” 

For a second you could swear that you saw pain behind his eyes but it was gone as fast as it came. He took a deep breath and stood up in front of you. He opened his mouth couple times, like he wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say., while you were just staring at your feet, holding tears in. Never ever would you cry in front of him, never. After a couple moment he spoke up. 

“ Look you are good at chemistry, right?” he asked. You turned your gaze from your feet to his face. You were really confused and surprised by his sudden question. “ What does that have to do with anything?” 

“ I think that we could help each other” he paused for a minute, you gave him a nod so he would continue his story. “ Coach said that if I don’t pass chemistry I can’t be on the team, and I can’t quit football you know that. So what I’m suggesting is that if you help me pass chemistry, I’ll help you get  of of the “DUFF” zone. “ 

You thought about his offer for a minute, feeling his stare on you the whole time.  “ Fine” You stood up and offered your hand for a shake, but he just looked at your hand and laughed, embracing you in a big hug. God how you have missed his hugs, they were and will always be the best. 

“ We’ll start tomorrow after school, okay?” you nodded and gathered your school stuff, he got the message and took his bag. “ Get some rest Y/N/N,  you need it” you smiled at him and mouthed a thanks and went inside. 

“I think I’m gonna throw up” you said to yourself after closing the from door. Something told you that tomorrow would going to be really interesting. 

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The boys meeting s/o's twin.

Noctis is shocked at the resemblance. He knew his s/o had a twin but the there is hardly a difference in their appearance. He really can’t spot the difference between the two.  His s/o will definitely try to pull a prank on him where they make their twin pretend they are them just to throw Noctis off. 

Prompto is amazed. “There’s like…. two of you! That’s freakin’ awesome!” He definitely can tell them apart easily. The set of twins don’t know how he can tell them apart. He just can. Definitely tries to be best of friends with his s/o’s twin.

Gladiolus is honestly, kind freaked out. His s/o told him they had a sibling. Never did they specify if that they had an identical twin. When he first sets eyes on the twin he forgets to breathe momentarily. He really has difficulty telling the two apart. 

Ignis is totally unfazed at the fact his s/o basically has a clone. He can tell them apart with ease. They could be wearing the same exact outfit, and Ignis would still be able to tell the difference. This man is on top of things. 

Aaron Lycan Headcanons

@wub–wub :D 

  • Don’t care what people say he definitely has tried to change his name.
  • Wants to be a Teacher! A music teacher to be exact!
  • Derek Lycan shot down the idea though, and that made Aaron think about fucking something up for the first time ever.
  • He’s thought of about five baby names for his and Aphmau’s future children (Fite. Meh.)
  • Loves Miraculous Ladybug so much, but he’s Ladybug and Aphmau’s Chat Noir for obvious reasons.
  • Once said a Tamaki line to Aphmau only to look up and find her half dead from swooning.
  • He likes RWBY his favourite character is Blake, because they have similar situations.
  • Does care about his parents, he’d care if they died. But does acknowledge that most of the stuff they did wasn’t ok.
  • He and Melissa are actually quite close, she’ll call him and gush about something out of nowhere.
  • Cry baby, shut up I will hold onto this headcanon with an iron grip.
  • When he got the voice recorder from Melissa he listened to the message over and over again.
  • Fell asleep listening to it, best night’s sleep he’s had since he woke up.
  • Has to steal his baby pictures off Aphmau after she simply states, “So is this what our son would look like?”
  • He has fangs when he’s transformed, and one  time they stick around while he’s human, he smirks with them and immediately has Aphmau at his side. (*Nudge nudge wink wink*)
  • I wholeheartedly believe the first time Aphmau left him in a room he stared after her with the “I just met the girl who’s going to fuck up my life and I’m going to love every fucking second of it.” face.
  • Dad Friend.
  • Just wants some time alone with his girlfriend, no interrupting phone calls, no children Ro’Meave brothers crashing in the door, no scheming shippers looking through the windows at him and Aph.
  • 100% Done with everything.
  • Has had ten hoodies stolen from Aphmau over the course of the years, he can never bring himself to ask for them back because she looks so freaking cute in them.
  • Thinks “I’m completely screwed.” At least once a day.
  • He likes having his head stroked by Aphmau when they go to sleep.
  • Doesn’t know how cute/deadly he is around others.
  • Asked his mum to stop wearing Emerald Jewelry pretty soon after waking up.
  • He’s got a wolf tattooed on his right leg, it’s done in red and black ink.
  • He can turn into an actual wolf shaped werewolf dammit.
  • His favourite musical is Waitress
  • Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll. 

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so in the roman au, what do you think would happen when annabeth officially introduces percy as her boyfriend to jason? also, does jason know that they're sleeping together?

Percy and Annabeth aren’t exactly subtle about the fact that there’s something going on between them, you know? They’re constantly being spotted around the city together and when they are in the same room, there’s all these little touches and looks, so it’s not hard to put two and two together. As much as he’d like to be blissfully unaware of the fact that Annabeth’s sleeping with a guy he despises, Jason’s not stupid. He’s not happy about it, because he sees Percy as another version of Luke as far as Annabeth is concerned, but he’s also convinced it won’t last more than a few months. (Piper laughs at his naivete.)

He definitely tries to give Percy a shovel talk when Annabeth finally admits that it’s more than a fling. Percy’s like, “LOL you can try,” which more or less finally leads to their first all out brawl. And then hey’re kind of cool with each other after that? Like, they don’t like each other, but there’s less outright hostility. They’ll never be buddies and Jason’d rather have Annabeth date anyone else but him, but they’re on the same page as far as she goes now.