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My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

“Oh”, Magnus thought. That lips seemed so good and soft that he could forget his name, that he could leave his breath between them. He wanted to touch them, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. He know it could confuse and fear that little innocent young boy, and that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to kiss them. Same story.

In that moment he promised himself that he would always give him another option, a choice, and that he would have always respected it.

“Just for him” he thought again “Just for this stupid, amazing, brilliant, cute, innocent, lovely Nephilim.”

Alec smiled bashfully and slightly as Magnus’ finger passed in front of his mouth shutting up him. Magnus trembled faintly, his heart was beating fast as he never thought it could do again. A simple smirk has been enough to blur him as a chick at his first crush. And he wasn’t. It wasn’t his first crush. Nor it was his crush, was it?
Maybe, he thought, he could became it. With time. Maybe he could fell in love with him. But… Did he want to fell in love with another Nephilim? Even after Will?

Those blue amazing eyes watched at him and gave him the answer.

“Blue eyes and dark hair are my perfect combination” he thought smirking.


Torchwood Fest: Day 2 Favourite Secondary Character. (Okay, so I wanted to post this sooner, but I had forgotten that Tumblr had a limit with the gif sizes etc… So I had to re-do all of them (while petting my cat, I apologize.) so the quality is not as good as previously) (Because Martha Jones is probably my favourite companion in Doctor Who and was amazing in Torchwood as well!)

“Suddenly, in an underground mortuary, on a wet night in Cardiff, I hear the song of a nightingale.”

// Seriously, when people will stop kicking H.R. and showing him that he’s not a part of the original Flash team / not a friend / not real Wells / not Jesse’s father yadda yadda??? Because it’s not fair and not funny anymore. He’s weird, yes, but his weirdness is mostly a coping mechanism. He wants to help and he helps! I want them all to stop being so unnecessarily rude to H.R.!

  • EXO in front of Junmyeon: Ha that joke was so lame don't do it again grandpa...also wtf are you so messy?!We don't want to share a room with you
  • EXO behind Junmyeon's back: That joke was brilliant!! Seriously he is so funny and cute! Best leader ever 10/10 would recommend~ There is no EXO without Kim Junmyeon!
  • "I want to be his roommate just to see him sleep like a baby ;;"
Bleach characters, Ichigo has been transformed into an orange kitten! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

Renji: Ichigo’s final form….is a small, fat, orange kitten?

Rukia: That’s….that’s….


Rukia: Now he’s way too cute to fight! His enemies will be rendered helpless!

As Nodt: Incorrect, Kuchiki Rukia.

As Nodt: Haschwalth killed me. He was impervious to how adorable I am.

Rukia: Uh…


Grimmjow: I can’t believe you turned into a freakin’ cat, Kurosaki! You’re such a loser!

Ulquiorra: Grimmjow there is something you should know about yourself.


Yoruichi (in cat form): Ichigo, come pose with me!

Yoruichi: This picture will be so adorable we will be able to rule the world!

Urahara: Awww, I don’t even WANT to send Kurosaki to his probable death for the sake of the universe anymore!

Orihime: K-Kurosaki-Kun?

Orihime: [cautiously scratches kitten Ichigo’s head]

Kitten Ichigo: [immediate and loud purring]


Chad: Ichigo, plus tell me that snuggling is part of our friendship.

Ishida: For Quincy’s sake, Kurosaki, I am TRYING not to kill you while still maintaining my cover, but you sure are making it difficult!

 His little paws are so fuzzy!

Matsumoto: Look at how fuzzy his paws are, Kira!

Kira: They are certainly fuzzy.

Matsumoto: SO FUZZY

T-that kitten…


Kurosaki Ichigo, ever since I came face to face with your inner hollow, I knew you were steeped in evil.

Byakuya: But I never imagined you were THIS evil.

Rukia: N-Nii-sama, how can you say that about this fat little kitten?

Byakuya: Do not be fooled by its fluffy and chubby exterior, Rukia.

Byakuya: All cats…..are evil.

Kitten Ichigo: [yawns and blinks sleepily]

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: I will be strong.

anonymous asked:

Which classic English author do you think would be best for an orgy? I mean, Lord Byron was pretty kinky, but maybe Oscar Wilde?

Lord Byron DEFINITELY would be a lot of fun in bed and he was cute too. I’d be all up in that brilliant bi ass. Oscar Wilde I feel would just get all handsy on the pretty young twinks jizz all over himself then write about it like it was poetic. Like he’s the sugar daddy you have while you’re travelling and you’re young and can’t afford to keep going but Byron is the one you want in an orgy.

 That or maybe some of the Ancient Greek gay writers because I feel if you were still into buttfucking in a time before lube and still managed to make it sound beautiful and passionate then you must REALLy want it


I love Flowey, he’s my favorite character in undertale, why ? because he’s cute, charismatic, manipulative and freakin’ brilliant. (SPOILER) Just look at his reaction at the end of the neutral pacifist run, when you beat him he figures out he needs mode power and how does he plan on obtaining them ? by tricking you to make all your friends come at the same place so not only you can watch them suffer but also obtaining EVERY MONSTER SOUL IN THE UNDERGROUND ! If it isn’t diabolical what is it ? 

Well let’s get back to the comic, it’s based on @genothecreeper‘s lyrics to @skelebros-covers-nobody-wanted‘s cover of “I can’t decide” (which is here if you wanna hear it)

 Do you know how much fun I had doing this mini comic ? 

TOO MUCH IN MY OPINION ! It’s 00:34 and I’m still awake because I wanted to finish this ! Gosh ! 

Well, have a good day !  

The trouble with marking Mason

pairing: Brason

word count: 1742

summary: Brett has trouble making sure other boys know that Mason is off limits

A/N: Prompt stolen from a request for wailingwerewolf because I apparently can’t stop myself. Even when the prompt isn’t for me. I hope yasssssss-x-men enjoys what I’ve done. 

Mason was cute.

Brett was pretty sure that was just a fact of life. He got that.

Mason was cute, adorable, bottled sunshine, with a brilliant smile and a svelte frame that Brett really rather liked.

Mason also smelled too strongly of himself, which sure smelled great, like cedar and warm nights and affection, the problem was that he didn’t seem to be the only person that understood this.

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