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Shy(ish) (Draco x Reader)

hello! if you’re not too busy with requests could you do a Draco x reader where reader is extremely shy and Draco thinks it’s adorable

I had no Idea how to end this… Whoops!

“Draco Malfoy and (Y/N) (L/N)”

Draco glanced around for his potions partner for this class, he didn’t recognize the name Snape had called.

He watched a timid looking girl hesitantly stepped towards him, now that he saw her he realized he knew who she was. She was that girl who always sat alone in classes, in the dining hall, and never really talked to anyone. If he remembered correctly, she always seemed to have her nose in a book, just like Granger.

She pulled out the seat next to him and sat down, placing the book she had been reading earlier on the desk, while avoiding all eye contact with Draco.

He tossed a few sideways glances at the girl, (Y/N), as Professor Snape explained the assignment.

“Get to work.” Snape commanded, and suddenly the classroom filled with the noises of students chatting, pages flipping, and cauldrons bubbling.

Draco turned, once again, to (Y/N) who seemed much more interested in her desk than anything going on around her.

“Well?” He snapped expectantly.

“Sorry.” She muttered as she grabbed her potions book and flipped it open to the page they were on. Draco did the same.

The class was mainly uneventful as the girl seemed too shy to talk to Draco. It wasn’t like he wanted to talk to her either, though, he had to admit, there was something about the timid girl that intrigued him.

When she finally spoke it surprised him, but what surprised him even more is what she said.

“Erm… you’re doing that wrong.” Draco, who was at first startled, fixed his gaze back into his regular glare.

“What?” He asked harshly which made the girl recoil.

She just pointed at the instructions in the book. He glanced down and looked back up to finally see that she had followed the book exactly how had asked. He wanted to hate her for proving him wrong, but for some reason he couldn’t.

“Well done Mr. Malfoy and Ms. (L/N).” Snape congratulated them once they had finished. “At least some people in this class respect the true art of position making.“

As class ended Draco noticed that (Y/N) had already finished packing her things, and she had already begun heading out the door. He looked back down at the table and noticed she had left her book. He picked it up and studied the cover, it wasn’t anything he recognized.

He quickly turned around and yelled, “Wait!” but she was already gone.

You forgot your book.


It had only been four days since (Y/N) had left her book in potions and Draco had already read it twice.

Once he got back from the class he only had to glance at it to realize it was a muggle book, and once he did, he shoved it onto his bedside table and glared at it in disgust.

The next day once he got back to his room, he was feeling a little bored so he picked it up again, read the back and flipped through a couple pages. He almost found the plot interesting before he remembered who exactly he was and tossed it back, hoping to forget about it.

The next day he couldn’t stop thinking about it so he decided that when he got back to his room he would read the first page, and it would be horrible so he wouldn’t have to be bothered anymore. That’s what he though what happened, it started with one page, and then became one chapter, and before he knew it he had finished the whole thing, and he wasn’t even ashamed to say he loved it. So he read it again.


The library was almost silent, and smelled of old books.

Draco was there, picking up a book, when he saw (Y/N) sitting at a table reading ‘advanced transfiguration’, probably for the upcoming test.

He made his way over to (Y/N)’s table and sat down across from her. He could tell she noticed because she stiffened a little, and brought her book closer to her face.

He grabbed her book from his bag, and set it down next to her.

“Here, you left this in potions.”

Her eyes widened as she glanced up, quickly grabbed the book, and put it into her own bag, before meekly smiling at him. Which, he assumed, was her way of saying thank you. She turned back to her transfiguration book, and it seemed like she was expecting him to leave, and honestly he was expecting it too, but what he wasn’t expecting was the fact that he didn’t want too.

“It was really good.”

She smiled lightly again and nodded and looked back down at her book, but then she frowned and glanced back up at him.

“Really?” She asked skeptically.

“What? You didn’t think it was?”

“Well… no, never mind.”

It was too late for her too back out, Draco was already interested in what she had to say. Which was rare, as usually he didn’t care about anyone’s opinion except his own.

“No! What is it?”

She glanced back up at him. “Well, it was kind of boring and predictable.”

Draco frowned.

“I mean I’ve read better,” she continued, “but it’s good that you liked it.”

She looked back down, and the conversation seemed to have ended, but Draco desperately didn’t want it too.

“What would you recommend instead?” He asked, almost desperately.

She hesitated, wondering if he was serious or if it was all just some weird joke.

She reached into her bag. “I like this one a lot.” She hesitated as she pulled it out before shyly glancing back at him.

“What is it?” He asked.

She glanced back down at the table. “I just… didn’t think you were like this, I didn’t think you liked muggle things.”

He hesitated before deciding to be honest. “I usually don’t, well not that I’ve ever really tried muggle things before, other than that book of course.” She glanced up at him, “I guess I’ve been trying new things lately.” She blushed awkwardly.

(Y/N) quickly passed him her book and muttered something about having to be somewhere before she scooted out of her seat and walked away

As she left Draco thought something that he had never remembered thinking before. Something about her shyness and awkwardness, something about just her in general, Draco found… Cute.


“Brilliant.” Draco said as he slammed (Y/N)’s book down next to her on the the dining hall table. The loud noise made (Y/N) jump and look up from her dinner.

Once Draco had finished reading, he had ran down to the dining room, and spotted her eating alone, like always.

“You were definitely right, this one is so much better than the last.” He said as he slid into the empty spot next to her, and tried desperately to ignore her look of general discomfort that he had caused her just by sitting next to her.

“Well I’m glad you like it.” She said while sliding it it into her bag.

“I just have one question… what’s a telephone?”


Ever since the shared book the two would talk occasionally, though (Y/N) would never initiate the conversations.

Quidditch season had picked up, and Draco and his team were busy preparing for the match against Gryffindor. He had brought it up to (Y/N), but tried not to too much as, whenever he did, she seemed uninterested.

As for his friends, they had started to notice the strange girl he had begun to talk to, and were extremely put off by it. All of his friends, especially Pansy, would incessantly tease her behind her back and to her face. And the worst part was, Draco never defended her.


Draco could feel himself start to lose contact with (Y/N) especially with his big quidditch match fast approaching. His training took up most of his time which left him with hardly any time to himself.

In fact, he had been training so much that most of the practices had blended together, but there was one in particular that stuck out to him.

Halfway through a particularly draining practice his teammate flew right next to him and said; “You’re weird friend is watching you.”

Immediately confused Draco turned around to see (Y/N) sitting in the stands, watching him. Her book tucked away in her ever present bag, and her chin rested in her palms.

Once she realized he had caught her, she quickly picked up her bag and darted away, her cheeks practically glowing red.

Draco couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the practice. That was when he realized how much he liked her.


Right after practice Draco quickly got changed the ran out the doors, searching for the shy girl, in hopes of telling her his feelings. He wanted to do it right now, because he knew if he didn’t do it right away his pride would get the best of him and he wouldn’t end up doing it at all.

He spotted her out on the grounds, sitting down and reading a book. He couldn’t tell if she noticed him or not, but once he got closer, she stood up, and started walking away.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled as he started to chase her down. “(Y/N)!”

He finally caught up to her, though he was gasping for air, and slowed down his pace so that he was waking by her side.

“Hi Draco…” she muttered.

“Hey.” He replied.

He decided not to mention her surprise visit earlier today, deciding it would only make her uncomfortable.

The two walked and found a comfortable silence settle around them, and Draco couldn’t help but notice every time their hands brushed.

“This is my stop.” She said after abruptly pausing next to the entrance to the library.


She waved slight and turned away, before Draco reached out and grabbed her hand.

She quickly turned around and stared at him with wide eyes and red cheeks.

“Erm… (Y/N)?” She nodded, “I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmede with me?”

She blinked, processing the question, before softly smiling.

“Yes, yes I would.”

Liam: [about Theo] I hate him so much. I hate all of him. I hate his brilliant mind, that cute face he has, oh and that’s smile. And his body is the worst, his ass is so big i just wanna grab it and…
Liam? Do you like Theo?

Liam: No Mason! Are you even listening? I hate him, i just told you


“I am sorry Tony please don’t cry QAQQQQQQ”
“So… I can have coffee and donuts for breakfast from now on?”

I just don’t know why Pepper, Peter and Steve can say no to Tony. LOOK AT TONY LOOK AT HIM HE IS SO CUTE AND BRILLIANT AND GREAT I WOULD NEVER SAY NO TO HIM NEVER

But anyways, I think Steeb would still say Tony No but he would definitely give a big hug and lots of kissesssssss to comfort his cute boyfriend ;D

Hope you don’t mind, this is just a little cheer up for myself for surviving a busy week lol Have a wonderful day ;D


Norrell being cute →requested by @nefertiti22002blog

This isn't happening

(Part 9 of Insomnia)

Black Hat leans back in his seat and takes a deep breath.

How? How could this happen? He was BLACK HAT. He could destroy all of humanity in an instant, but has now fallen for a part of it himself.

He was disgusted. Disgusted in both Flug and himself.

Why would he fall for a human. Humans are pathetic and worthless and emotional. What could he possibly find appealing in one? And of all the humans why Flug? He was just so cowardly and nervous and… and… cute.

Dear hats he hates cute things. Kittens, puppies… bleh. He hated all of it. But Flug… he was different. He had more to him than just cute. He was smart. No, he was brilliant. The way he moved and the way he worked was absolutely mesmerizing. And that made the fact that he was cute… tolerable. And even desirable.

Wait, what is he thinking?! Why is he thinking about this nonsense! This is not happening. He does not have feelings for that clumsy piece of flesh. That is absolutely revolting!

Black Hat stands and paces the floor. He mutters profanities under his breath before walking to his desk and slamming his fist forcefully onto the wood. He hears the desk crack and looks down at the damage.

He just cracked his own desk. Why did he just crack his own desk?

He stands there looking at it for a moment thinking to himself.

With a loud sigh he snaps his fingers and the desk is fixed. He decides to go outside for some fresh air, hoping that maybe it will help clear his mind.

He walks down the hallways and looks at the paintings and photos along the walls. Most of them are of himself, a few include others. Not many, though.

He reaches the front door and steps out, breathing in deeply and letting out a sigh. He closes the door and stands there, watching the town as people minded their own business.

Leaning against the door he shuts his eye for a moment. God his head hurt, when did this headache start?

Furrowing his eyebrows together he tried to focus on nothing. He wanted to clear his mind.

But he couldn’t. All he could think about was the realization that he had feelings for that miserable human.

With a groan he looked around, watching. He couldn’t stand this, he needed to do something. Anything.

He walks back inside and stands there, unsure of where to go. He sees 5.0.5 cleaning some paintings and watches him for a moment before someone walks around the corner.


Black Hat tenses, not wanting to accept or acknowledge his feelings but he can’t help the leap in his chest as soon as he sees Flug.

“Oh, hi Jefe! I- sir are you okay?”

Noticing how tense his boss is, Flug grows concerned and walks over to him. “Why are you so tense? Did something happen?”

Black Hat shifted, trying to compose himself. He did not want to let his feelings known to Flug. Flug was a human, he would never share feelings like this for someone like himself. Humans mate with humans, he had never heard of a case otherwise.

“I am fine, mind you’re own business you idiot! Don’t you have work to do? I’m not forcing you to sleep early just for you to lounge around all day!”

Flug grows nervous and gulps. “O-oh, I was having trouble focusing so I w-was taking a small w-walk around to try to clear my th-thoughts…" 

Black Hat chuckles, knowing exactly how he feels before speaking up with a calmer tone, “Get back to work.”

“Yes s-sir.” Flug backs away before scuttling off, speedwalking down the hall and tripping over his feet, falling to the floor briefly before scrambling up and running to the lab, hoping he wasn’t noticed.

His fall was noticed, however, by Black Hat. He groaned to himself before walking to his office, mentally slapping himself in the face for finding it so cute. 

He sits in his chair and buries his face in his hands.

“I can’t believe this…” He mumbles, “I can’t believe… I won’t. This isn’t happening.” He sits up and slams a fist on the table. “This isn’t happening and I will prove it to myself.”

He stands up and straightens his coat before stomping out the door, swiftly trudging down the halls as he focuses on the hallways in front of him. Marching down to Flug’s lab he bursts open the door and steps in triumphantly.

Flug jumps and grabs his chest, “Jefecito, you scared me! What are you doing in here?” He looks at Black Hat and tilts his head, looking like a confused puppy.

Black Hat’s insides immediately melt to goo and the sound of Flug’s voice pounds into his skull, sending waves through his spine that shoog straight into his legs and makes his knees feel like jelly. His stomach ties into knots and his chest feels like it’s about to burst.

Okay, that wasn’t normal. Maybe he does have feelings for the human.

“I just came in to see how much you had done today. What are you working on?” Black Hat shakes his head slightly and walks up to Flug, coming up with and excuse to change the subject.

Flug raises an eyebrow. “That was quite an entrance for a check up.” He shrugs, “but I’ve gotten 2 blueprints finished and have been tinkering with a few other devices.”

“Ah. Good. Carry on, then.” Black Hat turns to leave before he is interrupted.

“Uh, sir? Are you feeling well? You have been acting strange today.”

Black Hat could feel heat in his face and was glad he wasn’t facing Flug. Flug cares for his wellbeing, that adorable little idiot…

“Yes, I am fine. Don’t worry about it, I can handle it myself. No need for your concern.” Black Hat stated, looking down at the floor.

“Handle what?”

Black Hat flinched. He slipped up, how can he get out of this? He didn’t want to lie, but he definitely didn’t want to tell the truth.

“Well… I have a lot on my mind.”

“Like what? If you need help with something I can be of assistance. N-Not that I don’t t-think you can’t handle it yourself…” Flug trails off, getting nervous.

Black Hat feels like his chest has been hit with a bullet. Why did he have so many emotions!?

“Personal… things. You wouldn’t be interested.”

“Well I am.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Tell me.”

“Why?” Black Hat whips around, glaring at him. Flug can see a light blush dusted across his face.

“Boss, are you… blushing?” Flug squints, trying to look closer before it clicks in his head.

Oh. He figured it out.

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You can’t just ask for Edd in cute pink clothing and not expect me to draw it, @tord-larssin. Let him be cute, you cowards.

… because I can’t stop thinking about the one and only turtle-cat ;3

“Oh”, Magnus thought. That lips seemed so good and soft that he could forget his name, that he could leave his breath between them. He wanted to touch them, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. He know it could confuse and fear that little innocent young boy, and that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to kiss them. Same story.

In that moment he promised himself that he would always give him another option, a choice, and that he would have always respected it.

“Just for him” he thought again “Just for this stupid, amazing, brilliant, cute, innocent, lovely Nephilim.”

Alec smiled bashfully and slightly as Magnus’ finger passed in front of his mouth shutting up him. Magnus trembled faintly, his heart was beating fast as he never thought it could do again. A simple smirk has been enough to blur him as a chick at his first crush. And he wasn’t. It wasn’t his first crush. Nor it was his crush, was it?
Maybe, he thought, he could became it. With time. Maybe he could fell in love with him. But… Did he want to fell in love with another Nephilim? Even after Will?

Those blue amazing eyes watched at him and gave him the answer.

“Blue eyes and dark hair are my perfect combination” he thought smirking.

alysshatter  asked:

Can you do a one shot on that idea about Alexy giving Armin hell when they get home? I would love that!

The idea in question

Your wish is my command~!

// // // // // // // // // // // //

Armin had seen Candy home and had just arrived at his house. His parents were asleep and Alexy still hadn’t made it home. Strange, he thought his brother would have beat him.

He sent a quick text to his brother before falling into bed. Grabbing his vita off the desk, he lazily shot at some zombies. 

Not even ten minutes later footsteps sounded up the stairs, followed by his brother bursting into his room, banging the door open. 
 “Ever heard of knocking?” Armin asked bored, continuing his assault on the undead.

“You!!” Alexy whispered harshly at his brother, pointer finger out like a weapon.

Armin paused his game and threw a questioning look at his twin, eyebrow raised. “Me..?”  

The blue haired boy narrowed his eyes at him. “You don’t even know what you’ve done wrong.” He paused, inhaling a deep breath. “How are we related?” He grumbled. “How could you do that to Candy?! Idiot! You tried to kiss another girl in front of her! What is wrong with you? Did you not even think about how that made her feel?!”

“It was a dare Alexy, chill. Plus Candy and I already talked about it.”

His brother threw his hands in the air, exasperated. “I can’t chill! Candy’s an amazing girl so she probably forgave you easily. But she shouldn’t have! You’re so stupid!” Alexy sighed, “God, you don’t deserve her…”

“You’re right.” Armin sat up fully to face his brother. “I don’t deserve her.”

“Damn right you don’t!” Alexy hissed.

Armin sighed. “She’s pretty and funny, enjoys gaming almost as much as I do.” He laughed. “She’s considerate and kind and is always nice to everyone. You can talk to her about anything and she won’t judge you, she’ll just listen.” He paused. “I know I don’t deserve her. I don’t think there’s anyone that does.”

Alexy crossed his arms. “Well… As long as you know it!” He opened the door, pausing before he made his exit. “But I’m warning you,” he pointed at him. “If you try and pull this crap again, you won’t get off so easy!” He declared, slamming the door. It’s a wonder their parents hadn’t woken up yet.

Armin leaned back in bed. He thought of his cute girlfriend and her brilliant smile. “Good. I shouldn’t get off easy.”

// // // // // // // // // // // //

I hope that was okay :) I adore Alexy and how much he loves Candy, but I also love Armin and I think the dummy realized he screwed up haha

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HC sportacus's favorite thing about robbie is his tics, every night he tells robbie how much he loves him, everything about him, even when they make love he worships his body!!


Sportacus is basically Supportacus when it comes to Robbie and his self confidence issues. Growing up, he’s been made fun of, either because of his tics or his behaviour. He’s a nervous beanpole when they eventually got together because he’s worried that Sport would leave him when he gets annoyed by it all. It’s an irrational fear, he knows that but he still feels it and once Sport finds out, he tells him that he’s validated to feel that way and he won’t judge him for having doubts. He’ll prove them wrong!

When Sport zeroes in on him nursing his bottom lip after he’s caught with his nose twitching in deep thought, he drops whatever he’s doing at the moment, goes up to Robbie and gives a big ol’ smooch on that cute nose. He gives one more for good measure and then goes back to his previous task. 

Once those hero eyes notices the hesitant body language when Robbie realizes he saw him fiddling with his fingers, Sport would tenderly grab both hands, bring them up to press a soft kiss on each of his fingers, ending with one on the knuckles. Of course, he’d be saying that he loves everything about him, from his brilliant inventions to his cute goober self, all the while peppering his face with soft kisses.

Whenever Sport takes note of the way he seems to hug himself when he’s wearing clothes that shows off his stature, he makes sure to give his body extra love the following night. Just. Fingers running through ungelled hair, light touches on a bare, make-up free face. Smooches all around, saying that he adores his the soft chub on his belly, lays on it and just nuzzles and purrs. Of course he knows his boundaries but he’ll definitely make up for it with positive assurances! 

Robbie always feels like crying when Sport showers him with so much love. What did he do to deserve such a wonderful partner??? When tears does slip through, Sport would just gingerly wipe them away and kisses his eyelids, saying that he’s the lucky one for having such a beautiful mate.

BH6 Appreciation Week: Day 1

Hey, I get to wax rhapsodic on my all-time favourite movie! I don’t have anything fancy prepared for today, just some brief descriptions on my favourite characters, but I should be able to think of something during the rest of the week. Anyway, yes! Day 1, favourite character… it’s a four-way tie!

Favourite Characters: Baymax, Hiro Hamada, Tadashi Hamada, Honey Lemon

First of all, the frontrunner, Baymax. Tadashi went for a non-threatening, huggable look, and he wasn’t kidding: you could nuzzle him all day, AND he has the expertise stored in that little memory card of how to save your life in most all medical and superhero-related incidents. That alone opens up a lot of potential for the character, I think (remember Data’s emotion chip?). In fact, Baymax, I believe, was the first winner of the Most Huggable Character award handed out by the people who founded National Hugging Day - and for good reason!

Now, Hiro - he’s just like me! Only he’s a robotics genius. Like his brother before him, he invented something which can change the world - only to have someone use it against him… I know how that feels. Also, his floofy hair and genial grin are ajoy to behold. Ah…

Tadashi: charming and urbane, creator of Baymax. The kind of brother I’d look up to if I had one. He also is adorable! He’s adorable and sweet and smart, he’s a hansey boy - then he gets incinerated. :( His death hit me pretty hard too; it brings up my own fear of familial loss. But he was brilliant while it lasted….

And, HHHHHHHoney. She’s cute too. She does incredible things with chemistry I didn’t even think were possible. And she normalized the word “selfie” in modern literature. I have the novelization in my hand and it says “selfie” at the bottom of page 16! …that’s tubular, man.

Alright, that’s the lot. I keep freezing when I type… anyway, gotta prepare my next prompt answer!


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖