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Norrell being cute →requested by @nefertiti22002blog

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HC sportacus's favorite thing about robbie is his tics, every night he tells robbie how much he loves him, everything about him, even when they make love he worships his body!!


Sportacus is basically Supportacus when it comes to Robbie and his self confidence issues. Growing up, he’s been made fun of, either because of his tics or his behaviour. He’s a nervous beanpole when they eventually got together because he’s worried that Sport would leave him when he gets annoyed by it all. It’s an irrational fear, he knows that but he still feels it and once Sport finds out, he tells him that he’s validated to feel that way and he won’t judge him for having doubts. He’ll prove them wrong!

When Sport zeroes in on him nursing his bottom lip after he’s caught with his nose twitching in deep thought, he drops whatever he’s doing at the moment, goes up to Robbie and gives a big ol’ smooch on that cute nose. He gives one more for good measure and then goes back to his previous task. 

Once those hero eyes notices the hesitant body language when Robbie realizes he saw him fiddling with his fingers, Sport would tenderly grab both hands, bring them up to press a soft kiss on each of his fingers, ending with one on the knuckles. Of course, he’d be saying that he loves everything about him, from his brilliant inventions to his cute goober self, all the while peppering his face with soft kisses.

Whenever Sport takes note of the way he seems to hug himself when he’s wearing clothes that shows off his stature, he makes sure to give his body extra love the following night. Just. Fingers running through ungelled hair, light touches on a bare, make-up free face. Smooches all around, saying that he adores his the soft chub on his belly, lays on it and just nuzzles and purrs. Of course he knows his boundaries but he’ll definitely make up for it with positive assurances! 

Robbie always feels like crying when Sport showers him with so much love. What did he do to deserve such a wonderful partner??? When tears does slip through, Sport would just gingerly wipe them away and kisses his eyelids, saying that he’s the lucky one for having such a beautiful mate.

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Can you do a one shot on that idea about Alexy giving Armin hell when they get home? I would love that!

The idea in question

Your wish is my command~!

// // // // // // // // // // // //

Armin had seen Candy home and had just arrived at his house. His parents were asleep and Alexy still hadn’t made it home. Strange, he thought his brother would have beat him.

He sent a quick text to his brother before falling into bed. Grabbing his vita off the desk, he lazily shot at some zombies. 

Not even ten minutes later footsteps sounded up the stairs, followed by his brother bursting into his room, banging the door open. 
 “Ever heard of knocking?” Armin asked bored, continuing his assault on the undead.

“You!!” Alexy whispered harshly at his brother, pointer finger out like a weapon.

Armin paused his game and threw a questioning look at his twin, eyebrow raised. “Me..?”  

The blue haired boy narrowed his eyes at him. “You don’t even know what you’ve done wrong.” He paused, inhaling a deep breath. “How are we related?” He grumbled. “How could you do that to Candy?! Idiot! You tried to kiss another girl in front of her! What is wrong with you? Did you not even think about how that made her feel?!”

“It was a dare Alexy, chill. Plus Candy and I already talked about it.”

His brother threw his hands in the air, exasperated. “I can’t chill! Candy’s an amazing girl so she probably forgave you easily. But she shouldn’t have! You’re so stupid!” Alexy sighed, “God, you don’t deserve her…”

“You’re right.” Armin sat up fully to face his brother. “I don’t deserve her.”

“Damn right you don’t!” Alexy hissed.

Armin sighed. “She’s pretty and funny, enjoys gaming almost as much as I do.” He laughed. “She’s considerate and kind and is always nice to everyone. You can talk to her about anything and she won’t judge you, she’ll just listen.” He paused. “I know I don’t deserve her. I don’t think there’s anyone that does.”

Alexy crossed his arms. “Well… As long as you know it!” He opened the door, pausing before he made his exit. “But I’m warning you,” he pointed at him. “If you try and pull this crap again, you won’t get off so easy!” He declared, slamming the door. It’s a wonder their parents hadn’t woken up yet.

Armin leaned back in bed. He thought of his cute girlfriend and her brilliant smile. “Good. I shouldn’t get off easy.”

// // // // // // // // // // // //

I hope that was okay :) I adore Alexy and how much he loves Candy, but I also love Armin and I think the dummy realized he screwed up haha

“Oh”, Magnus thought. That lips seemed so good and soft that he could forget his name, that he could leave his breath between them. He wanted to touch them, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. He know it could confuse and fear that little innocent young boy, and that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to kiss them. Same story.

In that moment he promised himself that he would always give him another option, a choice, and that he would have always respected it.

“Just for him” he thought again “Just for this stupid, amazing, brilliant, cute, innocent, lovely Nephilim.”

Alec smiled bashfully and slightly as Magnus’ finger passed in front of his mouth shutting up him. Magnus trembled faintly, his heart was beating fast as he never thought it could do again. A simple smirk has been enough to blur him as a chick at his first crush. And he wasn’t. It wasn’t his first crush. Nor it was his crush, was it?
Maybe, he thought, he could became it. With time. Maybe he could fell in love with him. But… Did he want to fell in love with another Nephilim? Even after Will?

Those blue amazing eyes watched at him and gave him the answer.

“Blue eyes and dark hair are my perfect combination” he thought smirking.

Shut Up And Kiss Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Lin-Manuel Miranda [13:06 EST]
“Mommy is smarter then Daddy. Congratulations on the AAFP award @Y/N - Love you!”

“Why is Mommy smarter then Daddy?” Seb asked Lin, looking up at him with big chestnut eyes.
Lin glanced around, making sure his wife wasn’t in earshot.
“Well, she’s a Doctor. She saves people. She also is super pretty.” He smirked as Seb looked at him in wonder.

You stopped gliding around the kitchen and stood still for just a moment, listening to your husband speak to you in such a kind manner to your son. You could swear your heart swelled up to twice its size, absolutely adorable.

“Dinner!” You called out to them, as your two favourite men walked out of the living room, Lin holding Seb’s hand.
You scanned the table, making sure everything was in order, and let them help themselves to what you were serving.
You grinned throughout dinner, straining to keep your voice pitch and not have it skyrocket in happiness.

“Lin?” You asked quietly, attempting not to wake up your sleeping son, speaking to the man brushing his teeth next to you.
“Yes (Y/N).” He replied, pressing a kiss to your cheek and crawling under the covers with you.
“I heard you talking to Seb.” You laughed softly. He hid his face in the crook of your neck to keep from blushing. Putting an arm around him, you stroked his hair and smiled.
“I love you too.” He looked up at you.
“You’re….really intelligent.” You laughed.
“Intelligent! What about beautiful, nice, car-”
“All that stuff too, just got super smart and you aren’t dumb like me.” He exclaimed, shyly.
“You surely aren’t dumb. You’re cute, funny, nice, brilliant..” you looked at him and saw him smirking.

“Wow Lin, you just wanted me to say that.” You laughed.
“Nope! It came out of your mouth.” He said defiantly, putting an arm to the other side of the bed, pinning you down.

“Kiss me.” You sighed, satisfied.

BH6 Appreciation Week: Day 1

Hey, I get to wax rhapsodic on my all-time favourite movie! I don’t have anything fancy prepared for today, just some brief descriptions on my favourite characters, but I should be able to think of something during the rest of the week. Anyway, yes! Day 1, favourite character… it’s a four-way tie!

Favourite Characters: Baymax, Hiro Hamada, Tadashi Hamada, Honey Lemon

First of all, the frontrunner, Baymax. Tadashi went for a non-threatening, huggable look, and he wasn’t kidding: you could nuzzle him all day, AND he has the expertise stored in that little memory card of how to save your life in most all medical and superhero-related incidents. That alone opens up a lot of potential for the character, I think (remember Data’s emotion chip?). In fact, Baymax, I believe, was the first winner of the Most Huggable Character award handed out by the people who founded National Hugging Day - and for good reason!

Now, Hiro - he’s just like me! Only he’s a robotics genius. Like his brother before him, he invented something which can change the world - only to have someone use it against him… I know how that feels. Also, his floofy hair and genial grin are ajoy to behold. Ah…

Tadashi: charming and urbane, creator of Baymax. The kind of brother I’d look up to if I had one. He also is adorable! He’s adorable and sweet and smart, he’s a hansey boy - then he gets incinerated. :( His death hit me pretty hard too; it brings up my own fear of familial loss. But he was brilliant while it lasted….

And, HHHHHHHoney. She’s cute too. She does incredible things with chemistry I didn’t even think were possible. And she normalized the word “selfie” in modern literature. I have the novelization in my hand and it says “selfie” at the bottom of page 16! …that’s tubular, man.

Alright, that’s the lot. I keep freezing when I type… anyway, gotta prepare my next prompt answer!


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

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Ok but like, I'm cis but my boyfriend is trans and he's so cute. I feel like everyone needs to know how god damn brilliant he is. He has adorable little freckles and stretch marks on his manly little hips and he's so damn hot! Also he makes really good home made cakes... Man. My boyfriend is amazing. Thank you for your time.

this anon just cured my depression


Torchwood Fest: Day 2 Favourite Secondary Character. (Okay, so I wanted to post this sooner, but I had forgotten that Tumblr had a limit with the gif sizes etc… So I had to re-do all of them (while petting my cat, I apologize.) so the quality is not as good as previously) (Because Martha Jones is probably my favourite companion in Doctor Who and was amazing in Torchwood as well!)

“Suddenly, in an underground mortuary, on a wet night in Cardiff, I hear the song of a nightingale.”

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Andy Davidson :)

Ahh thank you!!!

  • First impression: I immediately thought that he was absolutely adorable and very funny. Great comedic timing and very down to earth in a lovely way
  • Impression now: …..it really hasn’t changed that much? Lol. He reminds me a lot of a golden retriever puppy: not always the brightest, but very sweet, loyal, and brave as he follows Gwen around (more than he should tbh; Andy deserves someone great and loving like he is, and Gwen can’t give him that obviously with Rhys around). Knowing that he was originally supposed to dance with Ianto at Gwen’s wedding rocks my world
  • Favorite moment: hmmm….everything about him in Adrift is brilliant. His expression is so cute when he asks Gwen if he can join torchwood. I also really love in CoE when he points out that Gwen shot the tires, so obviously she’s not a terrorist lol
  • Idea for a story: going back to the deleted scene idea, I’d really love seeing him and Ianto team up for a story. They’ve both got a similar sense of humor and are very kind, sensitive people. I bet Ianto would suit the investigative part of police work very well, and having him on a case would be great for Andy.
  • Unpopular opinion: Andy should be talked about more in the fandom than he currently is? I’m not sure if that’s considered unpopular but I don’t see him around often so it’s at least unpopular enough for that to happen
  • Favorite relationship: Uh…I don’t ship Andy with anyone. And as far as platonic goes, he’s only ever really interacted with Gwen, Jack, and Owen from what I’ve been exposed to, and none of those are great options for a platonic relationship with him imo. Again, I hope he finds someone nice in the future, though.
  • Favorite headcanon: whenever him and Ianto are around each other, they kind of have a competition to see who can make a good, suitable reference first.

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i have this huge crush n hes rly cute n brilliant but im constantly scared that i annoy him bc ill send him messages on snapchat a lot (that for the most part he responds to !) when in reality i send him messages bc i hope we can become friends n i like talking to him

Aw this is cute!! If he responds he probably isn’t annoyed. I hope you can be with him one day 😊