he's creepy yet cute

Ukitake appreciation post

As requested by anon. :)

It is now time for everyone to say what they most appreciate about Ukitake!

Kaien: He’s really supportive of what his subordinates want to do.

Ichigo: He’s always watching…out for you.

Rukia: He doesn’t rush into important personnel decisions.

Starrk: I like how he doesn’t murder children.

Byakuya: He has truly glorious hair.





Byakuya: I’m sorry, are we not doing sincerity in this list?

Unohana: He does not allow his incurable, debilitating illness stop him.

Unohana: That is incredibly metal.

Yamamoto: Yes, he has always been my most adorable yet simultaneously badass pupil.

Hitsugaya: He’s generous.

Hitsugaya: Creepily so.

Hitsugaya: But still generous.

Yachiru: He always has candy!

Yachiru: Which is why I reward him with fish!

Yachiru: Obviously.

Hanataro: He really cares for his subordinates, and for everyone.

Hanataro: I remember he once helped me, just ‘cause I had tried to help Rukia.

Hanataro: He didn’t have to do that.

Lilinette: He’s a great target for ceros. 

Ishida: He may have been spying on Kurosaki through the substitute shinigami badge.

Ishida: But at least he, you know, dropped hints.

Orihime: He once gave Rukia and me a training ground! Which was super nice!

Orihime: And then sat there and watched us. For some reason.

Chad: He’s such a mix of cute and yet somehow creepy, isn’t he?

Gin: Well he does have white hair.

Kyoraku: Ukitake is my best friend!

Kyoraku: And I always know that when I need him, he’ll be by my side.

Kyoraku: Even if I don’t realize I need him, 'cause that’s the type of guy Ukitake is.

Kyoraku: Plus, he’s just, super adorable.

Kyoraku: And handsome.

Kyoraku: Good with kids.

Kyoraku: All around perfect, I guess.


Kyoraku: I’m really lucky to know him.


Once again, Padraig found himself being forcefully taken from one world to the other. This time, he first found himself in a clean yet dark looking bedroom filled with various creepy yet cute plushies. He was not sure why but began to feel weak and noxious. Before he could find out why, he heard a female voice coming to the door or past it. He panicked and hid under the bed. He knew this would look bad if he was caught.