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Mad Love

Originally posted by diamentowe

He was fearless, unpredictable, crazy, insane. 

But his heart was made of stone, an armour that made him unable to love. 

Until she came. 

Her heart made of diamond. Shining, beautiful, but impenetrable. An armour to cover up the scars. Just like his.

She came with a pretty face, defiant eyes and a baseball bat. She tried every way, every means to get into his head. To cure him. To make him love again. 

But it went the wrong way, she cracked that armour of his instead. The stone wall fell and it showed her something no one had ever seen. His vulnerable heart, covered in scars and forgotten memories, covered up by insanity. 

She entered his heart and removed that wall she’d built up. it was their time. 

The King and Queen together as one. 

She’d changed him and he’d changed her. 

Their hearts together as one, they built their kingdom once again. One heart with an armour of shining gold. 

They wanted each other, like a insatiable craving. He had someone who would die and live for him and she had someone would would kill the world for her.

She’d tried to take away his insanity and he’d tried to take her sanity away. But what they didn’t know was that it couldn’t be done. Theres was no insanity, there was no sanity. 

Between the King and Queen? There was only mad love.”