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How would ut, uf sans and us +sf papyrus react if their s/o was a green mage? (possesses magic to sprout plant at will or depending on their mood) although one day the skeletons aren't at their post and is taking a walk and they hear singing (pretty much up to par with shyren) and when searching for the source they spot their s/o and they're surrounded by a large landscape of colorful flowers and beautiful bushes.

Undertale Sans

When you first mention it to him, he thinks it’s really neat. That’s some pretty powerful magic. When he’s outside and he follows the melodic sound of your voice, he is astonished at what he finds. Vegetation as far as the eye can see, and you sitting right in the middle of it. Everything’s so beautiful. You’re so beautiful. He decides to hide somewhere so he can hear the rest of your song without disruption. He might not mention it to you for a little while because he’s afraid that you might become self-conscious and decide not to do it anymore. But sooner or later he just can’t stay away.

I accidentally read UF Sans as US Sans so here’s a bonus.

Underswap Sans

His eyelights transform into tiny stars. He wants to see an immediate demonstration of your talents! The first time he heard you sing, he was patrolling the outskirts of Snowdin. It was such a beautiful voice, he had to know where it was coming from, and who it was coming from. When he realizes it’s you and sees you surrounded by all those plants, he looks at you in awe and admiration. He waits until your song is finished before approaching you. When he does, he hugs you and tells you how amazing you are.

Underfell Sans

“Guess I never need to buy ya a bouquet, huh?” He thinks it’s pretty cool and a rare gift, especially in a place as dark and desolate as the underground. When he hears your voice and tracks you down, his jaw goes slack. There you were, in a field with more plants than he’s ever seen in his life. He’s amazed. More than amazed. There isn’t a word in the English language to describe the way he feels. But he’s also looking around for potential threats. If he sees someone so much as look at you the wrong way he’s going to have to cut you short, but if he’s the only one around, he’ll continue to listen in a sort of euphoric haze. He’ll compliment you on how beautiful you look and sound, but he’ll ask you to take him with you in the future so he can keep an eye out for potential attackers.

Underswap Papyrus

Plant puns. Plant puns for days. “Flower you doing, my dear? You look berry pretty today. I’m really lichen your style. If you grow a tree in your hand, does that make it a palm tree?” You’ll just have to accept it. When he sees you in your own little garden, his heart just melts. He wishes the moment could last forever. When your song is over he picks you up in a hug and peppers you in kisses. Why didn’t you tell him you could sing like that?

Swapfell Papyrus

He thinks it’s really amazing that you can just generate flowers at will. He’s only ever seen golden flowers and echo flowers, so seeing such variety and so many colors is mind-blowing to him. When he catches you singing, he’s floored. The flowers, the voice, you: Everything’s so perfect and wonderful and he couldn’t be happier. He makes sure to keep others away until you finish your song. When you’re done, he walks up to you, speechless, and pulls you into a hug. Then he takes you home and cuddles you for the rest of the day. There are still so many spectacular things about you that he has yet to learn.