he's close enough


background Bucky (ft. Sam’s left arm)


“Know this before you give any weight to their suspicions, Natalie Renee Shields Walker: I don’t fuck women.”
“And I don’t kiss heathens,” she said, in as cheeky a tone as she could manage, and Andrew wheeled back to look at her. She smiled and said, “So it’s not going to be a problem for either of us, right? We’ll have to settle for being friends.”


He [Adam] is an introvert and he’s almost on screen for the entire film. Tell me about the challenge of playing an introvert of that level in a compelling extroverted way.


Alec 100% notices how Magnus rubs his fingers together when he’s nervous or unsure so whenever he sees him do it, he reaches out and intertwines their fingers and gently squeezes his hand and Magnus just instantly relaxes and pulls Alec a little closer to him


As much as I love Jensen, If anybody deserves this award it’s Misha! Going against Jensen is making this round extremely close, and Misha is currently losing.

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“But why?”

  • Cooking Fast And Fresh With West
  • Youtube videos in general
  • Constantly tweeting
  • Facebook cover photos
  • He’s an actual angel
  • He’s been on social media longer than Jensen
  • Gishwhes
  • Random Acts
  • His Face
  • His Body
  • Because he actually deserves this fucking award and uses his time on social media to actually talk to us and knows exactly what’s going on in the fandom. 

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