he's christopher columbus

The Chase is Ian's most adorkable serial.

Seriously though. He dances like this to the Beatles but that’s not all:

He reads a book called ‘monsters from outer space’ and calls it far fetched. 

His voice goes all squeaky and fanboy when he sees Lincoln, Elizabeth the 1st, and the Beatles on the time space visualiser. 

“Styles change Barbara, styles change” in posh Ian voice. 

He calls Vicki 'Christopher Columbus’ and gets all squeaky again over the Doctor’s weird gadget thing 'It really works!' 

He’s scared of bats.

He’s scared of Frankenstein’s monster but doesn’t want to admit it.

He gets seasick. And then gets accidentally hit over the head by Vicki and pulls this face:

He calls Barbara’s jumper and leggings her 'Battle dress’

He nicknames a Dalek 'Fred’ and disables it using Barbara’s cardigan as a trap.

He says 'Poo, what an awful smell,’ after touching some weird stuff.

And squints his eyes and says dorkily 'look at those suns.’

he teases Vicki who sees a trail of red.

He shouts 'Excalibur’ like a knight with the ring in the sand.

He falls on his arse whilst trying to move said ring.

He nearly falls of a building because he wasn’t looking

He tries to save Barbara from falling by pulling her up by her underwear.

He impersonates a Dalek by holding his nose and saying exterminate.

He pulls fish faces when they get home.

And trolls the bus driver about living on the moon.

Basically he’s just one giant dork and we love him for it.


It was the first day back at work - a new school year. Barrett was tired, still adjusting to the common school day schedule. But, he’d done the same as he had the past first day of school, and kept a welcoming attitude for every class. He’d even written in funny comments by every topic on the semester syllabus’ he’d passed out, like Weeks 1-3: Christopher Columbus - He sailed the ocean blue. I wish I had been there to throw him overboard. Thrilled that it was lunchtime, he made his way to the teacher’s lounge, and got in line to make a plate. Immediately noticing that he was beside the new English teacher, he smirked. He’d seen her at Freshman orientation, and meetings. But, they’d never talked. Leaning over, he spoke. “The coleslaw is slimy. I wouldn’t recommend it. Ms. Barnes, right?”


This is what happened when a group of wealthy, white tech workers in San Francisco attempted to kick a group of local kids off their playing field — they got a life lesson they’ll never forget.

The Mission Playing Field, enjoyed for decades as a shared public space, is being privatized by San Francisco Parks & Recreation in collusion with the private City Fields Foundation. Without community approval, the private foundation decided to issue costly permits to use the small traditional pick-up soccer field.

So, the inevitable happens and the entitled show up and try to kick the neighborhood kids off of the field at prime time without even showing their “permit.” They don’t want to wait their turn and play with everyone else.

One of them is even heard off-camera crying:

“Who cares about the community?!”

The kids hold their ground and explain that they’ve been playing this field for years and the rules are: you take your turn or you do not get one. Despite the waving of permits and threats to call the police, the kids hold their ground and their tempers. Eventually, the guys are forced to sit down and join the game with the community like everyone else.

Valleywag, spotting the logo on the player’s shirts, was able to link these entitled guys to the IT company Dropbox and establish they were part of a corporate league. As the story went viral, chief offender among the interlopers, Jean-Denis Greze, issued a humble apology via twitter.

In fact, even Dropbox issued an apology over the matter to SFGate:

We love San Francisco and are grateful to call it home. That’s why we were disappointed to learn that a couple of our employees weren’t respectful to this community. The employees involved are embarrassed and have apologized. We’re sorry, and we promise to do better.

It calls to mind Spike Lee’s awesome rant about the gentrification of Brooklyn, where wealthy and largely white groups have bought up parks, residential and commercial space — and exodused the poor and largely non-white communities by hiking rents and housing prices beyond their grasp. He called it Christopher Columbus Syndrome:

“Then comes the motherfuckin’ Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart.”

San Francisco is Ground Zero in the gentrification issue right now.

Evictions have risen a whopping 115 percent over the past 12 months.

Rents are soaring year on year, rising 7 percent in San Francisco last year alone, pricing out many low and middle earners, as well as seniors from the area, while apartments are now 18 percent smaller than they were a decade ago.

With Landlords using the Ellis Act to rid themselves of middle and working class tenants in order to score exorbitant rent incomes from the incoming, wealthy tech workers, the local community has had to switch to direct action.

Residents are literally forced to mass occupy homes and apartment buildings in efforts to stop landlords conducting mass evictions in order to clear the way for higher rents from wealthy tech workers moving to the area.

The fight is on to save Mission Playing Field, too.

The San Francisco Latino Democratic Club is holding a protest at City Hall at 9a.m. on Thursday, 16th October, to reject Rec & Parks’ soccer-field reservation system. They say simply:

“The youth of our city should not have to pay to use our public parks.”