he's christopher columbus


It was the first day back at work - a new school year. Barrett was tired, still adjusting to the common school day schedule. But, he’d done the same as he had the past first day of school, and kept a welcoming attitude for every class. He’d even written in funny comments by every topic on the semester syllabus’ he’d passed out, like Weeks 1-3: Christopher Columbus - He sailed the ocean blue. I wish I had been there to throw him overboard. Thrilled that it was lunchtime, he made his way to the teacher’s lounge, and got in line to make a plate. Immediately noticing that he was beside the new English teacher, he smirked. He’d seen her at Freshman orientation, and meetings. But, they’d never talked. Leaning over, he spoke. “The coleslaw is slimy. I wouldn’t recommend it. Ms. Barnes, right?”