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Unlucky Nine: A list of antis you may or may not have encountered in the vld fandom

Start Note: When I mention [Ship Name] Anti, it means a shipper of that ship who is also anti of another ship mentioned depending on the context as opposed to Anti-[Ship Name] which is someone who is an anti of the ship mentioned.

I. “Ship K/ance or Sha//ura or my ship instead” anti

These antis are just assholes. They insult other ships that contend to their own. These antis are prevalent in Sheith, Kallura and sometimes Shidge tags.

You get K/ance antis calling Sheith yaoi culture but then they totally change Keith and Lance’s character to fit the same trope. I was so pissed the other day because someone took Lance and just shoved Uke™ on him to fit an AU where he crushes on Keith.

You got K/ance & Sha//ura antis calling Kallura heteronormative but we aren’t the ones who’re forcing a mom troupe on her despite her not being really motherly. (Hunk is the mom friend but let us forget the fat character for aesthetics) You get them saying they love Allura but her story line, which focuses on her duty and willingness to sacrifice anything for it, is shoved for some romance. (Allura, although possibly having some romantic take to it, did not save Shiro because she had a fucking crush on him. She saved him because he needed saving and she viewed his role to Voltron as more important than hers.Stop acting like it is a canon romantic scene. No real scene in Voltron is really inherently romantic.)

You got K/ance shouting if Kallura happens, there won’t be any representation (m/m) but we still got Shiro, Lance and Hunk. Yes, we still got Shunk, Shance and Hance. if we go poly, there is Shunce. And if we dig deeper and you are willing, add Coran into the mix(I’m shoran trash undeniably).

You got them saying Shidge is wrong but the most official thing we got is actually the OFFICIAL Voltron site (whose content probably was made known to the entire crew and was advertised to the general public) saying ‘5 teens.’ But let us dwell on a half-baked video where a person throws numbers into some of the crew’s mouths. Let us not dwell on how Allura has no one bit of an age meter. For all we know, she could be a centuries old Alien. But sure why not, dwell on Shidge.

They put their ships on high pedestals to trample on other ships but you are probably a hateful bitch when you call them out on their shit.

II. “Shiro is spacedad” anti (bonus points for Allura as space mom)

These antis believe Shiro is a grandpa. They seem him as a father figure which would have been okay because let us admit that at some point the space dad joke were funny UNTIL PEOPLE TOOK THEM SERIOUSLY. Unlike the typical fan who laugh at the jab, these people take things to far and actually think it is canon. Shiro is actually a dad. “How dare you hc Shiro as a young and vulnerable character instead of my perfect space dad™?” All that crap.

But if you remember Prisoner Shiro, Kerberos Shiro, he looks pretty young. If you change back his hair before the frosty tips, remove the scar and the buff bara bod (he probably got from fighting in the ring), you wouldn’t find him looking wise beyond his years.

Coupled with Canon™ Space Mom Allura, it just pisses me off. Allura is enigmatic, a bit impulsive but her impulses are mostly practical, not afraid to jump into action, a bit bossy and domineering at times, yes, but deep down inside Allura is just a princess who wants her life back, who wants to live in peace with pretty things like her Altean flowers, who wants to go shopping for sparkly things, and maybe experiment with cute hairstyles.

This is why it kinda pisses me off. The idea was cute. Heck, I made an entire Sha//ura au once with my friend with the whole vld family thing but when they just pushed for it on discourse and acted like it was some holy canon grail, I was just really seven levels of salt.

III. “Pidge is like 4 months old” anti

These antis just infatalize Pidge. “Pidge is a kid. She can’t make romance decision. Pidge is practically a baby. How dare u” and all that shit. But it is totally fine for someone you see as a ‘kid’ to be flying an alien warship and engaging in an intergalactic war? Same goes for those who infantalize other Paladins. The logic is flawed enough but something else really pissed me off in this one.

My main concern with this is that the blatant forcefulness that Pidge is young because she has all the stereotypical looks of younger people. It undermines short girls who never grow up to be tall and developed upfront. Some people never get hit with puberty right. I was thirteen and 5′1 and now I’m  nineteen and guess what? 5′1.5. Where is the justice puberty? You didn’t hit me up. You just poked me with a stick once and left.

And just the other day, guess what? I was again assumed to be like fourteen, especially since I was standing right next to my tree of a younger brother who is like sixteen. I probably would be rich right now if i had a dollar for every single person who thought I was fourteen. Pidge may look young by stereotypical standards, sure. But that doesn’t mean she is. She could just be a short 19 year old.

The concept of child-coded is bullshit. I mean look, I look, by stereotypical anti standard, like a fourteen year old therefore when tall people my age or older (who coincidentally also fit the stereotypical adult look standard) theoretically like me, we are perpetuating pedophilia. If we start dating, since they are adult-coded and I’m child-coded, it’s almost as if it is already pedophilia.

If anything, the infantalization of Pidge showed me that people, yes I repeat, people will continue to be misogynistic to women who do not fit the stereotype of what a woman should be. I mean, when did height and cupsize amount to a woman’s age and maturity as a person? It just says you have to fit this shitty standard to be something and to be recognized and that is fucking bullshit.

Oh well, to the antis, I guess I’ll be a minor forever. And to end this segment with another one of your fave defenses, “I”M MINOR-CODED AND CHILD-CODED SO YOU CAN’T ATTACK ME UWU”

IV. “Shiro’s trauma is an issue” anti

This is by far the one of the things I’ve seen. These people say that because Shiro experienced some traumatizing shit, he is not eligible for a relationship with any of the Paladins. It basically says that because Shiro has ptsd, he can’t date anyone who is potentially(meaning they see this character as young or immature and they aren’t actually as such) less mature™ or younger than he is. It basically says that since Shiro has ptsd, he must be toxic by default. It thrives upon the logic that anyone with mental health issues is gonna be toxic in relationships. (except Sha//ura cuz apparently Shiro who they call toxic in all other relationships isn’t toxic there)

V. “go fucking kill yourself” anti

No explanations needed. Assholes with no regard for human life. Suicide baiting, Gas lighting, you name it. Best thing to do is just block these. No arguing with them.

VI. “I’m a minor/survivor/minority group so I am allowed to be an asshole to anyone” anti

These are the people who go and attack others but when you call them out on their shit, they go like “but we are a minor/survivor/part of a minority.”

I’m only gonna say this once so listen well. (Who am I kidding? I’ve stressed this so much.) Being a minor/survivor/minority does not excuse you from being an asshole. You can experience terrible things and be like fourteen but you can still be an asshole. It does not give you a free pass to ruin other people’s lives. Get that inside your head. Someone can be depressed and still be an asshole. Someone can be autistic and still be an asshole. Someone can be gay and still be an asshole. Someone can be part of a general minority group and still be an asshole. Their status as a minor/minority/survivor DOES NOT make them an asshole but this specific person, who coincidentally fits in a certain group, is just an asshole. Their status is merely circumstantial and not the root of their being an asshole therefor it must not be used as an excuse for them to be one.

VII. “Shaladin is okay except for Shidge ft. Ship Sh/att instead” anti

I’m like WHY? These antis act like they are allies and they are good™ but they throw Shidge under the bus and vilify it to somehow make other shaladin ships appeal to the anti standards. You draw the line in Shidge? Well, I draw the line in vilifying ships to put yours on a pedestal. I would’ve understood if it was just basic ‘I don’t like Shidge’ but no, it has to rhyme with the anti logic of infantalizing her and all those things.

And don’t let me get started on Sh/att. Cuz it just shattered all the hope of me getting into this ship. This was good, old friends trope, I couldn’t save you trope. You name it. It has all the layers of angst that normally i would dive into. But the shippers use the same rhetoric shaladin antis use on Shidge. “It’s shidge but gay” Do you know how misogynistic you sound? And how dare you think I ship my ship because ‘aesthetics uwu’.

The idea of throwing Shidge out to appeal to the antis like some sacrificial lamb is just anti rhetoric itself. “It’s okay if one ships takes the fall for us.” It’s just pointing fingers at someone, in this case some ship. And honestly, that sucks.

VIII. “I’m gonna misuse social justice to call you all these names and not appreciate social justice when it is working against me” anti

These antis are those who try to shit on ships by appealing to twisted social justice but the moment actual social justice works against them, they try to ignore it and you just know, it was never a social issue to begin with.

A perfect example of this are the “Bi Lance for K/ance” antis. They shout and tell the world,”we got Bi Lance, we got a bi character in our ship. Whoop Whoop representation” but moment someone goes “oh nice, I ship Lance with Allura/Pidge/Nyma/Plaxum/any girl in existence.” They jump at you and call you cis het scum or whatever. But Lance is Bi right? Don’t Bi people like umm girls too???? Yes??? Do you know what a bi is?????

You see, they actually don’t care about bi representational at all unless it is used to put their ships up. And don’t get me started on the hate for ‘Bi Keith.’ I know the idea of Gay Keith is a fan fave but Bi Keith is a possibility. Like Bi Lance is everything to the universe but you are suddenly Zarkon if you as much think about Bi Keith. You love bi representation so much don’t you?

Oh and the antis who go like “we are protecting survivors and minors” just as they attack survivors and minors. Good job on the protecting.

Everything these antis do is just plain crap. When you untangle their twisted social justice and see the ulterior motives, you see their actions for what they are, personal vendettas against shippers, attacks so that whatever shitty ship they have gets to trample on other ships.

IX. “fiction is reality” anti

These are just antis who thrive on the idea that fictitious content is actually reality and therefore every dark-themed content is evil.

Tell me why I’m not marking Priests with hot iron stamps fresh from flames and killing them? I read Angels and Demons. Tell me why I’m not suddenly killing humans and eating them? I watched Hannibal. Tell me how I haven’t butchered the person I like? I watched School Days + Higurashi and I was like thirteen, a minor yes, at the time. Tell me how I’m not suddenly taking people in strange boats and making them go through hell, I was eight, a fucking kid, I watched Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). They are unanswerable because fiction is in fact not reality.

The idea that fiction is reality is just the same as how way back four or so years ago, there was a backlash in gaming like with fighting and guns because it supposedly perpetuates violence and supposedly hypnotizes people. And you know how stupid that idea is? That is how stupid the idea that ‘fiction’ is reality’ in fandom is.

And if you actually do think fiction is reality, I suggest you seek medical help.

End Note: Antis may appeal to other forms of attacks or a mix of these but you guys stay strong and safe.


Who is Neil Dovestone?

On a bleak wintry day, a cyclist journeying through Saddleworth Moor made an unusual discovery. Down the embankment lay the corpse of a man who looked like he could be asleep. “At first, I thought he might have been lying down enjoying the view.” His eyes were open and his arms were lying across his chest in a relaxed manner. However, it was the cold weather and torrential rain that struck Stuart Crowther as unusual. It wasn’t until he got closer, that he realised that the man was dead.

Pathologists who worked on the case have taken to calling him “Neil Dovestone” after the name of the reservoir on Saddleworth Moor near to where he was found. He had no personal possessions on his body when he was found, apart from £130 in his pocket. This suggests that, if he committed suicide, he didn't want anybody knowing his identity. He has certainly succeeded in that, as nobody can work out where he came from, or who he is. It has been determined that Neil caught a train from London to Manchester and then travelled to the Moors from there. The last person who spoke to him was the landlord of a local pub. Neil had asked him for directions to the top of the mountain: “I told him there’s not enough daylight for him to get there and back today. He just thanked me and asked me again for the directions, which I repeated to him. And he just set off.” 21 hours later, his body was found. But why did he travel 200 miles to die in this particular spot?

Recently, high traces of Strychnine (A pretty rare poison) have been found in his body following a third autopsy. Police had previously found a bottle of this substance by his body, so they traced the batch. It was made in Pakistan, as it’s no longer legal in the UK. Now this is where it gets interesting: Neil also had a plate fitted in his leg, probably following an injury. The plate was manufactured and fitted in Pakistan. It seemed unusual that he would have connections to the country, but he had evidently travelled there to have the operation. Someone suggested that he had lived there and had travelled over to the UK, but demographically, this is highly unlikely as Neil was a Caucasian man in his mid-sixties to early seventies:

Police have been appealing for information since December, but have no strong leads. Those desperate to solve the case live in hope that even people who wish never to be found will always leave clues behind. But for now, all the answers stay hidden with the body called Neil Dovestone, still lying in the Oldham hospital morgue.

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i know! i actually was talking to someone about that last week when we started getting a lot of the solo harry stuff, like how /bizarre/ it was that louis did zero uk promo, especially considering him and his entire team are british? steve did promo on his own on some days, so it wouldn't be weird to have louis call in to some morning shows on his own. but radio 1 gave a fuckshit about jho so maybe that's why.

It just makes no sense whatsoever for his team to not arrange ANYTHING. I don’t even count TXF because that was something he did for his mom, not for promotional purposes. And BBCR1 definitely treated Louis’ single unfairly considering how well it was doing on the charts, but maybe they would have treated it better if he’d done an interview for them. It’s just really frustrating and I know that it was Steve’s song and he’s American, but they could have done even better in the UK if they’d done some promo there. It’s absurd to me that the singer on the song is from the UK and has a UK-based team, yet they didn’t do any UK interviews.

My bizarre job interview to work for Prince
Alan Edwards flew to Paisley Park after being asked whether he wanted to be Prince's UK PR man. But there was no way to prepare for the interview that followed
By Ashleigh Rainbird

From PR guru Alan Edwards landed his dream job to represent Prince – after the weirdest job interview ever.

The Outside Organisation boss tells the Mirror about his trip to Paisley Park, where he expected to meet the superstar himself.

Alan tells the Mirror: “I got a call from someone in LA who asked if I’d consider being Prince’s UK PR. I said: ‘Of course, yes.’

“I was flown out to Minneapolis – it was winter, pretty bleak – and there’s a driver waiting there. He takes me, and it feels like the middle of nowhere, there’s endless fir trees, then suddenly, out of the snowy landscape, up pops an extraordinary white, space age building – Paisley Park.

“It was like something out of E.T. or Star Wars. This was the 1980s, I’d never seen anything like it.

“I knocked on the door, someone answered and sent me up to a room upstairs where I sat down. But when I say a room, it wasn’t a normal room. It was sort of suspended, and it had a glass floor. It was like being in a see through cage.

“Nobody had said anything to me yet. It wasn’t even as if anyone brought me a cup of tea.

“Then a button was pushed and music starts coming out – and it’s fantastic. It’s Prince’s album Diamonds and Pearls, which hadn’t been released yet. So I’m just sitting there, completely on my own, in this see through room, listening to this album.”

But despite being in an clear, empty room, Alan wondered if he was being watched.

“I had a sensation that I was being observed,” he continues. “You get that feeling. I couldn’t work out what it was, but I thought I better really put some energy into listening to the record.

“I was tapping my feet, moving my head, but I think I stopped short of getting up and playing air guitar.

“I was really getting into it, which wasn’t hard because it was truly a lovely album and I still think one of his greatest and slightly overlooked albums.”

The entire album – all 65 minutes – were played without interruption as Alan sat by himself.

“Nobody had come in, nobody had said anything,” he continues. “Then it finished and someone says: 'Your car’s outside.’ And I leave.”

Returning to the airport, he wondered if his Prince experience had come to an end, but was startled when his stretch limo driver struck up an unusual conversation.

“We’re driving back through the pine trees and snowy landscape and he said: 'Well, what did you think of this song?’ And: 'What did you think of the vocals there?’ He really peppered me with questions – it was like a school exam.

“It dawned on me quickly that this was maybe not casual conversation. The driver was cross questioning me like a music journalist, forensically, about the album.

“It occurred to me very fast that in one way or another, maybe this was being relayed back to someone. For a minute I wondered who was under that cap!

“I was questioned all the way to the airport. It was a lot easier than my O Levels because I had a passion for it, and I’d just heard a great record. I didn’t have to ham it up too much.”

Returning to London, Alan heard nothing from Paisley Park. He began to think he might not have got the job.

But, he says: “Then in the office three days later, and the phone rings and a voice says: 'You’re hired.’ And that was that.”

For the next few years, Alan would represent one of the most iconic performers of our time. Of course, the role came with its quirks.

Alan continues: “My partner at the time, Chris Poole and I were in a very small office in Charlotte Street, and even though we had some great clients the entire operation was in one room.

“Prince was very shy, he was not a very chatty person. And one of his prerequisites was that he insisted that we had a phone installed for his use.

“It was pre-mobiles, so it was a bigger deal to go to Telecom and get a phone installed, and you paid for the line. It just sat there for weeks.

“We were never allowed to use it, and nobody else was given the number. Only Prince had the number. Whenever he wanted to call, he knew he could get straight through, and wouldn’t have to talk to anybody else.”

Press events were equally as unusual – and Alan’s first face-to-face encounter with the singer wasn’t as direct as his usual interactions with new clients.

“I was given the task to take 10 journalists to Rotterdam, where we were told Prince was going to appear at a club,” he says.

“He was the biggest thing in the universe at that moment. I stood there in this half empty club with journalists including the Mirror’s 3am team for one hour, then two hours, and I had to keep saying: 'He’ll be along in a minute.’

“I had Fleet Street’s finest – the most powerful columnists in the UK – what’s going to happen? It was pre-mobile, so there was no texts from management - we were just stuck there.

“It got to 4/5 o'clock in the morning, then there was a kerfuffle, and Prince comes upstairs with his manager and I was taken over to have a conversation with him about whether or not he’s going to perform, and whether the club is good enough for him, and who this mob is with me at the bar.

“He was a few feet away from me. The manager was on my left, one foot away from me. Prince addressed all the questions to the manager, who then asked them to me. I answered the manager, who then told Prince what I’d said.

“This thing went on for about 10/15 minutes – the whole conversation. The manager was just repeating it: 'Alan says there are 10 journalists here, and they want to review the concert.'”

Alan has nothing but fond memories of the superstar, and heralds his former client as a “genius”.

“Prince was a very gentle, soft spoken, and a nice person to deal with. He’s just shy, he really was shy. It was really extraordinary for someone so flamboyant, such an amazing performer to be so quiet one-on-one. You could hardly hear his voice at times.

“He broke the rules racially, sexually, musically and business wise. This word 'genius’ is overused, but it definitely applied to this man.

“All his approach was a few hundred years ahead. You had the record industry dispute and him painting slave on his face.

“He was a business pioneer, and now all artists expect to own their catalogue and have a control over their careers. To a degree, they need to thank Prince.”

Office Crush

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff and light angst

Word Count: 4385

CW: Alcohol

Summary: Baz has been pining after his boss’ son for ages. Office crushes are just the worst, huh?
Based on “a kiss given to the wrong person” request.

Read on AO3

AN: Sorry this took so long! I’ve had some bad writer’s block but I think I’ve kicked it. Hope you all enjoy some pining angsty Baz :D


Most people despise their jobs. I count myself lucky that I mostly enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s… disadvantages. One particular disadvantage actually. And he eats far too many cherry scones.

Mage & Associates is a very recent financial firm. It was started by David Mage (definitely not his real last name) and practically exploded. Now they manage the money of companies across the UK. I feel lucky to work here, despite my mother and father’s personal dislike of Mr. Mage. (Some old feud I really don’t care about.) What I didn’t expect was for Mr. Mage to have a loud, obnoxious, devastatingly handsome son.

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U of YT AU- Web Design

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request:  What about a fanfiction where Ethan and the reader (and the rest of the gang) go to a university or college made for youtubers? And Ethan and the reader like each other or are dating? Sorry I’m horrible with coming up with ideas! If you do my idea can there be some fluff tho? I would write this on my own but I’m not fully sure I know how to tell it, but if I come up with more I can write my own version too, of that’s ok! And btw I love your writing! Oh and sorry that I ramble.

Summary: Fem!Reader goes to University of Youtube with the gang. Heres a glimpse into what a typical day with the gang is like in class.

A/N: Behold, the literal only gif I could find of the entire gang. This was a cool request! I saw a fic in the markiplier x reader tag similar to this about a youtube university with markiplier and jacksepticeye so if you want to read some more youtube college stuff I’d definitely recommend checking that out! The fic is by @septiceyesweetheart and it’s really good! I love it a lot (may or may not be because I’m also latina and can relate to Bella)! Anyway, back to the fic. No Amy and Kathryn in this one :( because I haven’t gotten the hang of writing them well just yet and the fic was getting waaaaaay too long with them. It’s already pretty long as it is. I really like this idea though and if anyone wants me to make this into an AU sorta thing, feel free to request some more! Hope you enjoy!

Wordcount: 1462

Warnings: I cursed a couple times I think

Thanks for the awesome request! Request some more please!

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Gavin never lived in the US. He did plenty of jobs for Roosterteeth, the Fake AH crew and all the others, but his skill at hacking and coding meant that he never had to leave the UK.

Gavin had to work once with Jack and Geoff before the FAHC was formed and he really liked them and kinda started acting like their cyber stalker/friend. No one knows how he does the things he does. He even had the number to Griffons new burner phone, just a few minutes after she bought it. Still, hes harmless and useful and they can tell from the start he would stay on his side of the pond.

Gavin just messages Geoff sometimes at first, asking “would you rather” or “you get a million dollars but….” questions. Then he starts helping on jobs, disabling security and telling them where the police are. Geoff hired him on for a little less than he’s worth but Gavin didn’t even hesitate to accept. As soon as the crew takes over Achievement City, he bumps up his pay.

Gavin follows Jack as well. Gavin always connects to whatever car Jack is driving and tells bad jokes or plays the songs Jack has been humming all day. Jack rarely gets a red light, and cops always get called away on alarm calls before the crew hits an area. Gavin leaves little notes on Jack’s devices to say how awesome the driver is.

Geoff gets Microsoft paint doodles of dicks set as his background sometimes. To Geoff that’s just as nice as the compliment notes.

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Oml I loved those accent headcanons!!! As another Brit, could I have the same for Kakashi, Shisui and some more for Itachi? Thank you so much! - anon mishy

I’m so glad people liked them! Here’s a few more, I hope I didn’t disappoint you!

Originally posted by sh1nob1


  • Kakashi would find your accent extremely sexy. He thinks that the words sound so much better coming out with your accent.
  • I can imagine Kakashi finding your accent rather soothing, and he’d enjoy sitting with you and listening to you talk.
  • Sometimes he gets confused with certain words or phrases that you use. He’d be too shy to ask you what certain things mean so he’d try and work out exactly what you meant.
  • Kakashi jokingly introducing you to other people by saying “Don’t mind her, she’s British.” or something along those lines.
  • Him finding it completely amusing that you fit certain British stereotypes. Like you’re completely obsessed with the shade of your tea and the milk to water ratio.

Originally posted by fullchakra


  • Shisui thinks you sound adorable and he loves your accent. He’s constantly saying things to you because he wants you to repeat them in your accent. Also he’ll pretend that he hasn’t heard what you said, just to make you say it again.
  • He adores the pet names that you give him, or even just hearing his name come from your lips in your accent. “You sound so posh, Y/N.” “I’m not posh.”
  • Shisui would try and mimic your accent so much. He’d look up different cockney rhyming slang and try and use it in conversation with you. “Blimey, Y/N. You wouldn’t Adam and eve it.” “Shisui. No one says that in the UK” *Sweatdrops*
  • Shisui always makes Harry Potter references. Always. (God, I hope someone gets that.)
  • Jokingly calling Shisui different British slang words, and watching his face turn pink in confusion because he doesn’t know whether you’re insulting him or not.

Originally posted by unfamiliarworld


  • Itachi might have to ask you to repeat yourself when you speak too quickly, or use slang that he hasn’t heard or doesn’t understand.
  • Itachi would ask you to explain to him the different words and phrases you use. He loves you and wants to understand the words.
  • As I mentioned in the previous headcanons, Itachi would write down some of the words you use to try and remember what they mean. He’d try and incorporate them into conversation. If you heard Itachi use some British slang or sentences it would be too adorable for words. 
  • Itachi might research different terms you use and still not understand them, so might ask you to explain them better for him.

Ok. I need to get this off my chest. Kim Himchan is NOT fat. He was NEVER fat. No idol is fat. If Himchan is your definition of fat I hope we never meet cuz then I would as well be called a sumo wrestler. I know the standards in Asia for “fat” is different. Like I can wear a small in the UK but back in Asia I’d probably we wearing like a large.
But even in Asian standards I wouldn’t call Himchan fat. He just wouldn’t be labeled as fat.
But thats not even it. Who the fuck gave you the right to call someone else fat? I have never understood this concept of shaming someone else for their body. Why does it matter to you? Don’t you have anything better to do with your life? And I will say this, Daehyun or any other member of B.A.P making fun of Himchan is different compared to random “fans” or a hater calling him fat. Himchan can joke with his members cuz they are friends, he understands its only a joke. But if a random stranger calls him fat even as a joke it would hurt his feelings. Even though again, Himchan is NOT fat.
Like, I would love to see these “fans” and haters calling skinny ass idols “fat”. Just to see how depressing their lives must be or even just to see how “fit and skinny” these keyboard warriors are. Just leave idols alone and let then eat you rude ass bitches and fucking companies who only think they will make money if idols are stick skinny.
I want to watch them all eat as they please. So maybe I will start a protest and call it #letidolseat

I Want You To Want Me~ Tyler Bates Imagine

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Note : This imagine kinda reminds me that he went clubbing in his snaps. Like he was singing to Sia. 

@laochbaineann @imaginingwwesuperstars @alexahood21 @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @randyortonstattoos @thatimaginewriter @ambootyos @meaganottiz02 @wrestlingnoob @theelitevillian


“ Hey Y/N!” someone called out you as you were heading to the parking lot. Stopping in your tracks, waiting for the person to come over. They came into the light, it was Tyler. You’re best friend from the UK, where you kept Pete, Trent and Tyler in check. They were your boys. 

“ Where are you headed?” He asks seeing you dressed up nicely, with your hair and make up done. Tyler has seen you in a dress before, but the way this dress just shaped your figure made him hold the groan he wanted to let out. 

“ For some drinks, maybe dancing” you respond. 

“ Like that?” 

“ Like what?” looking down at your outfit, you had a blue dress on that shaped out your curves. It look nice, from what you thought. Glancing up at him, his eyes looked a bit darker than usual. But that changed, he cleared his throat. 

“ You know what? Come with me. Let’s go out, bring your friends Ty” he bit on his bottom lip debating weather he should go out or not. He didn’t want to see all the guys gawking at you or you end up going home with a stranger.

“ I’ll save you a dance Bates” this got him to agree.

“ Okay” He nodded, “ let me go change and get the guys” he adds. 

“ I’ll wait here” 

“ Hey,” you greet his friends, “ Glad you guys could make it.” 

“ Yeah, we’re glad too” one of his friends say, “ You know-” Tyler send him a glare making him shut up. You looked from his friend to Tyler, what just happened?

“ Let’s dance” you tugged on Tyler’s arm, his friends following. As the songs picks up, you sway your hips throwing your hands up in the air. After awhile, you feel someone rub up against you from behind, you turned around pushing at his chest. 

“ No, thanks” you yell over the music. 

” But baby, we’re having so much fun.” the strange guy tell you. “ Look at you princess, all dolled up like that. You came here looking like that for attention.”

He tries to put his hands on your hips when Tyler notices what’s wrong, seeing the bothered look on your face to the creepy guy that came onto you. Before the strange creepy guy touched you further, he was on the floor in an instant.

“ You do not touch her” Tyler grabbed him, shaking him. “ She didn’t want your unwanted hands on her”  

Tyler is pulled up by his friends, they don’t want to cause a scene and get kicked out of the club.  The other man, shrugs off his jacket he was wearing or whatever he was wearing before leaving. Once he was gone, you turned to Tyler getting his attention. 

“ I’m sorry about that,” He mumbles.

“ Thank you for the save though.” you respond. “ Forget about it, let’s have fun” you grab onto his hands, electricity rushes through you from his touch.

One of Sia’s song comes on, Tyler is singing the words along with his friends who are dancing by him. You mouth the words, moving your body. His eyes are only on you. You could feel a pool of heat in your lower belly as you look at him.

Swaying your hips, eyes peeking over to him, teasing him. He stopped mouthing the words but his eyes stayed on you, preferably on your hips and your ass that he wanted to touch. You got closer to him, turning around grinding your ass into his crotch. Tyler’s hands grip your hips bringing you so your back was to his chest, he leaned down. His mustache tickling your ear, a giggle escapes your mouth but stops once feeling his hot breath against your ear. 

“ What are you doing?” 

“ Dancing” you mouth to him, looking over your shoulder. His grip on your hips tightened as you continue to rub your ass into his crotch. You could feel his bulge.

“ Let’s go” He says turning you around in his arms, you nodded following him. He tells one of his friends that he’s off for the night, dragging you along. One of his friends motioning towards you and Tyler with wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed, following Tyler outside. 

As, you and Tyler took a cab back to the hotel, you kept stroking his thigh. He was gritting his teeth and trying to hold in his moans. 

Once at the hotel, you ran to the hotel with Tyler chasing you to the door of your room. When you unlocked your door, you pushed Tyler against the door kissing him roughly. Your hands start to unbutton/ take off his shirt. Your lips attached to the exposed skin ; you needed him. Tyler worked on the zipper on the back of your dress, pulling it down.

You pushed him to the bed, pushing him down on it. Stripping yourself of your dress before working on your panties. Tyler groaned at the sight of you, all for him. Straddling his hips you go back to kissing the exposed skin, down his chest and up to his neck, biting down on his collarbones. A growl escapes the back of his throat, you loved the feeling of his mustache brushing against you as he kissed down your body all the way to your core. One of his fingers slips inside you making you gasp and squirm. His tongue flicks against your clit as he thrust his finger inside you, adding another one.

Your fingers go to his hair as you buck your hips against him, using his other hand he hold you down, maintaining your squirming. He holds you to your orgasm screaming his name. 

He lifts up his head, your juice dropping from his chin. He licks his lips, wiping your juice from his chin. 

Tyler glances down at you, “ You look so beautiful right now. I mean, you always do but-”

“ You’re gorgeous too Tyler” He smiles before clearing his throat. “ There is something I need to tell you” 

“ What is it?” 

“ I love you Y/N, you’re one of the girls.. I mean women that put up with me. I mean when Pete, Trent and I were in the UK, you took care of us. You always put us first no matter what. You’re an amazing women Y/N, any guy would be luck to have you by his sides as his. I don’t want any guy to be yours, I want to be yours. I want you to be my sunshine, my moon, my happiness, my everything.”

“ Yes” 

“ Really?” 

“ I feel the same way Tyler, I always have” He leans down, kissing you softly. You could taste yourself on his lips. 

“ Are you ready for me love?” he asks, you nodded telling him your on a pill. He slowly pushes into you. Tyler goes slow, rocking his hips against your making you get used to his size before picking up his pace. The room is filled with moans. Rolling him onto his back, riding him. He lets you dominate for a bit. 

“ Beautiful,” he says as he thrusts his hips ups, thrusting himself, all of him into you.

“ speak for yourself Bates,” you dig your nails into his chest. Tyler sits up a bit, but you continue to bounce on him. His chest against yours, nipples rubbing against his chest making you moan louder.

Your lips brush against his as you feel your orgasm coming again, when it does, you bite down on his bottom lips and digging your nails into his shoulder and his back. He continues to thrust, until he becomes sloppy finding his own release as he falls onto the bed. You slide yourself off of him, moving down besides him. 

He turns to you, as you do as well looking at him. 

“ Was I great?” He asks, you laughed nodding your head. 

“ Yes, you were. More than great” 

“ Really?” He hovers over you, kissing your shoulder before pecking your lips. 

“ You need proof?” 

“ I think so” 

You giggled as he slipped back inside of you, leaning down capturing your lips with his. 

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i know this is kind of ridiculous but in the uk a tv show has just started airing called "the autistic gardener". the host is autistic, has pink hair, and paints his nails pink!! he really likes plants too ofc. Im just so happy because plants are one of my special interests and it's so cool to see a show with an autistic host. Sorry I just wanted to share my excitement with someone who likes plants too!🌱

That sounds so cool!!!

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Hi, I would like your opinion about something. I have just learnt harry will go on tour and I am so happy that things are going so well for him. But I can't help thinking about zayn's sabotaged solo career. I mean doesn't media said he left to go solo and yet in two years has done few interviews and most of them printed and twisted. Ofc he did well too but its bc he's talented and thanks to his fans. I don't like comparing. I love them both. They're great and talented.

Yeah, it’s upsetting me even more that Still Got Time is getting 0 promo since we can directly compare it to the promo Harry is doing.  I’m glad Harry is getting the promo he is because he deserves it.  I just wish Zayn could get the promo he deserves too.

Harry obviously isn’t clear and free of the old team since The Sun got several exclusives Harry’s team would have had to cooperate with and his Rolling Stone article had some clear OT style BS.  Despite that, there’s no denying he’s getting a hell of a lot more promo than Zayn has.

Part of it might have to do with his status as the face of 1D and the one everyone has always said would go solo.  A few other bloggers, like @that-regular-chick, have already pointed out that since the old team was the one that pushed the idea of solo Harry throughout the entirety of 1D’s career, they’d want him to succeed if only to say that they were right.  That might be why he’s getting better promo out of all this.

I also saw someone speculate that Zayn is getting treated worse by his team because he refused to stick to their image for him.  He wouldn’t badmouth or pretend to hate the other boys during interviews even though print!Zayn was much harsher and more bitter.  I don’t think his new team ever had his interests first in mind, but it’s possible that they screwed over his promo even more as punishment for refusing to play along.  Harry simply isn’t in that position because his official image is more neutral in relation to the other boys.

I don’t know what happened with PartyNextDoor.  I thought it was a bit odd that he wasn’t in the video, but I figured he must not have wanted to be in it.  Now all the UK press is reporting about him unfollowing Zayn, so I feel like Zayn’s team has once again screwed him over.  

The whole “Zayn wanted to shoot the video at his house so he called someone at the last minute and told them to catch a plane to London to direct” didn’t sit well with me even before this.  Now I’m thinking the purpose of that story was to put all the responsibility for the video on Zayn so that it looks like his rudeness/carelessness was why PartyNextDoor wasn’t in the video.  It’s another set up feud like 1D vs. Naughty Boy, 1D vs. Bieber, and Zayn vs. Calvin Harris.

It’s hard to say for sure what’s going on right now.  All I know is that 1DHQ is still involved in the boys’ business somehow even though it really should have been over by now.  All we can do is hunker down and wait since trying to speculate about what’s going on BTS is nearly pure guesswork.

You’re right that the way things have turned out make all the reasoning given for Zayn “quitting” look even shadier, though.  The only way you can look at what’s happened and think it makes sense is if you think Zayn is a lazy, rude idiot and that his team is the same.  Zayn used to sleep in a bit and he doesn’t suffer fools or haters lightly, but otherwise he’s always put in effort, been professional, and shown that he’s very intelligent and passionate about music. It doesn’t match up.  

The anxiety thing may be partially true, but 1) why would Zayn go solo and think his anxiety would be better performing solo rather than with the buffer of a group?, 2) there are ways to handle anxiety, exactly none of which his team has employed, and 3) there are ways to promo Zayn’s stuff without him making appearances, none of which are being used.

We’ve got a lot of solo releases coming up, so I plan to enjoy those to the fullest and not deal with the BS more than I absolutely have to.

"Te iubesc" - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Prompt: Please could you write a Sebastian Stan imagine where his girlfriend had a miscarriage a few days ago and he can’t be there to support her as he is still on the press tour but he flys her two best friends over (names like Mel and Brooke) to cheer her up and he talks about it in interviews.
A/N: I know you really wanted this doing quickly but I’m not one for half arsing things, I like to do my research, especially when it involves a sensitive subject such as this - I hope it was worth the wait.
Just a little side note, I’m sure everywhere has a different word for a GP (General Practitioner) so for those people, a GP is what we in the UK call someone who is usually a medical student working out of a Doctors Surgery (or walk-in clinic).
Warnings: Talk of a miscarriage and emotional distress, swearing
Word count: 1144

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

“Argh!” Your left hand rushed over to the right side of your body, your entire arm ever so slightly putting pressure across your body. “Fuck that hurts!” You were in so much pain and there was no one around. Your boyfriend was out of town on the press tour for his new film and your two best friends in the whole world, Mel and Brooke, lived out of state. You knew what you were leaving behind when you uprooted your life to move in with Sebastian but he was worth it.
You called up your GP and explained your symptoms. “You need to come in and see me right now” the doctors words were ringing in your ears, you could only think the worst. After putting everything in your bag and deciding it was best not to call Sebastian until you knew what was happening, you grabbed your car keys and headed out of the door.

Arriving at your GP’s office, the receptionist asked you out fill out a form detailing your symptoms. While you were filling out the form another young woman approached you.
“Hey, are you alright?” The woman asked. “You look like you’re in agony.”
“I am” you replied, straightening your back and looking up at the woman, revealing your tiny baby bump. Her eye caught your bump, “oh that’s so cute! Is this your first? How far along are you?” She was full of questions.
“Yeah, it’s my first” you replied with a smile, placing a hand on the bump “just coming up to week twelve” you added. She made a face that suggested she had a million more questions, but after looking at you she could see you didn’t want to answer them.
“Well good luck!”
“Thanks” you replied as she bounced out of the building.
“Y/N Y/L/N?” the receptionist announced. You stood up and headed over towards her. “Room three, make sure you give that form to your doctor” she smiled.
“Thank you.” you replied in a low voice.

You walked into the doctor’s office, handed her the form you had just filled in and took a seat while she read it. “Okay Y/N, I’m just going to run a few tests and then we will know what is going on.”You nodded. The doctor ran her tests and you waited patiently for the results. 

When she returned, she held her head low, you could tell by the look on her face that it was serious. She sat across from you behind her desk. “Y/N, I’m so sorry, it’s not good,” you could tell she hated this part of her job. Bad news is never easy to deliver.
“What is it? Is everything going to be okay?” your voice broke. The doctor shook her head, “I truly am sorry, your baby…” it was as if she couldn’t even finish her sentence.
“No,” you whispered “no please, don’t tell me I’ve lost my baby” you were in tears. The doctor simply dropped her head for a moment before looking back up at you and confirming that you had indeed has a miscarriage. All you could do was sob. Composing yourself just long enough to make the short drive home before you broke down again.
“Fuck” you whispered to yourself, falling to the ground realising that you now had to call Sebastian and tell him the news.
You pulled out your phone and dialled his number.

“Hey sweetheart" he sounded so happy, it broke your heart to have to tell him. “Hi baby” you whispered. “Are you okay?” He replied, “what is it? What’s wrong?”
“I’m so sorry baby.” You started to cry down the phone.
“Talk to me, Y/N, what’s wrong?”
“The baby” you whispered, “I lost the baby”
“No, oh god, are you okay?” He was so obviously heartbroken.
You snivelled, “no, no I’m not. I know you’re in the middle of a press tour but can you come home? I really need you right now.”
“I know, I know sweetie but I can’t, not right now, I’ll be home in a week I promise.”
“Okay” you whispered. “I love you”
“I love you too, see you soon”

You hung up the phone, changed into one of Sebastian’s t-shirts and a pair of joggers and curled up in bed. You fell asleep instantly, awoken a few hours later by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Sleepily, you dragged yourself out of the bed and opened the door. Standing in front of you was your two best friends in the whole world, Mel and Brooke.
“Oh my god, what are you guys doing here!” You squealed
“Sebastian called us and flew us over, we’re so sorry Y/N” Mel said as she pulled you into a hug.
“Don’t worry, we’re here for you and we will be here for as long a you need us.” Brooke added, joining in the hug.
“Come on then, give me some of your bags and we’ll get the guest rooms set up” you smiled, glad to have your best friends by your side.

A few days passed, spending time with Mel and Brooke took your mind off the terrible thing that had happened. One day, the three of you were sat on the sofa – mid day – each curled up with a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits, constantly changing the TV channel trying to find something to watch.
“Ooh go back, go back!” Mel shouted, frightening both you and Brooke.
“What, what did you see?” You asked.
“I saw Sebastian!”
“Oh shit yeah, he’s on Ellen today!” You squealed, going back to the channel.

“So you and your lovely girlfriend Y/N are expecting a baby, aren’t you Sebastian!” Ellen spoke, the whole audience cheered. Sebastian’s face dropped and he went white.
“Oh no” you whispered.
“Erm, well actually…” Sebastian couldn’t speak. He started to tear up. Ellen looked at him quizzically. “Actually she rang me the other day with some bad news, we erm, we lost the baby” he said heavy heartedly, holding back his tears.
“Oh god, Sebastian I’m so sorry” Ellen spoke softly.
“It’s alright,” he whispered with a slight smile.
“So you’re here today to talk about your new film, Captain America: Civil War.” Ellen quickly changed the subject.
“That’s right!” He said slapping his thigh.
“Well that’s what we’re going to do! Promote the hell out of it! It’s a great film, congratulations”
“Thank you very much, we are so proud of it”
“Well we are going to go to a quick ad break before we start but before that, is there anything you want to say to Y/N?”
Sebastian thought for a moment before saying “Te iubesc, vom trece prin asta. O să te văd în curând dragostea mea.”

I love you, we will get through this. I’ll see you soon my love.

Raph x reader Raphs Nurse

It was nighttime, you were in your room reading one of your favorite books. When all of a sudden you heard loud noises coming from your roof. Armed with a baseball bat, you climbed onto the roof. The first thing you saw were metal science-fiction looking robots and leaning against a wall was… a giant turtle. He was hurt!
He was sitting up against the wall when you knelt down next to him. ‘Are you okay! What happened!’
He opened his half closed eyes to look at you, they were emerald green. ‘How are you not freaked out and running yet?’
Because you’re hurt, I can’t leave you like this.’ His eyes widened at that. ‘What’s your name?’
‘I’m Raphael, or Raph. And you?’ he mumbled. ‘I’m (Y/N).’ ‘Beautiful name.’ You blushed a little. ‘Come on, let’s get you inside.’ You pulled him to his feet, put his arm around your shoulder and yours around his waist. Once inside, you placed him on your bed. ‘Stay here, I’ll get the first aid kit.’ And so you began cleaning and taking care of the many wounds Raph had.
‘Why are you helping me?’ he asked tiredly.
‘Well I couldn’t let you die now could I?’
‘Most people would…’ he said sadly.
‘Most people are idiots.’
Both of you burst out laughing. When you were done you stood up from the side of the bed. ‘There, the wounds are cleaned but you need to rest for a while, your ankle and shoulder are sprained pretty badly.’ With that you sat at the desk and started some random homework. ‘Wait’, you heard from behind you, ‘if this is your bed, then where are you going to sleep?’
‘Don’t worry about it, I don’t sleep that much anyways.’ You were an insomniac but you didn’t mention that.
Eventually he fell asleep. The next morning you stood up from your desk to get breakfast for both you and Raphael, a couple of slices of leftover pizza. You carefully shook Raphs good shoulder to wake him up. You gave him his slices and went back to your desk.
‘Did you even sleep last night?’ ‘No.’ ‘But…’ ‘Do you have family?’ ‘Euh, why do you ask?’ ‘If you do, maybe they should know where you are and that you’re not dead.’ ‘That’s a good point.’
He took out a phone with a shell-like phone case and called a number.

Raph didn’t come home from patrol last night and we’re all starting to get worried. All of a sudden my phone went of. Raph! I answered the phone.
‘Hey where are you? Are you okay?’
‘Calm down, Leo, I’m okay. Well kinda…’
‘I got beat up pretty bad but I’m at a friends house, she helped me.’
‘She? Are you at April’s?’
‘No, I’m not. I met someone else, she found me. I gotta go, I’m gonna eat.’
And the phone call ended.
I called Don to track Raphs phone, he didn’t say anything about where he was or with who…

Your POV
It’s been 2 days since you found Raph, he was doing better but still wasn’t healthy enough. And in those 2 days you hadn’t slept at all and it reallt started to bother him.
‘(Y/N) where are your parents?’
‘They are on a business trip to the UK for a few weeks, and before you ask, they left me some money for food and stuff.’
‘And why don’t you sleep.’
‘Well… I have insomnia, I can’t sleep.’ you said, letting your head hang.
You felt his hands take yours and pull. You ended up tripping and falling on top of his plastron. He wrapped his arms around you, rolled over to his side and pulled the blankets over you. ‘Time for bed.’ ‘Raph, I can’t…’ ‘shhh…’ He pulled you close and layed his chin on your head. And for the first in a long time, you fell asleep. Raph kissed your forehead and fell asleep soon after that. Little did you know three brothers were looking through the window, deciding not to come in.
‘Come on, guys.’ said Leo, ‘We’ll leave Raph with his Nurse a little longer, he is in good hands.

Mary Cattermole’s Backstory

So I can’t possibly be the first one to come up with this, but I’ve been thinking about this theory for literal years.

Mary was literally the most popular name for girls in the UK from 1860 to 1960. It’s likely that dozens of girls named Mary passed through Hogwarts over the years.

But I can’t help thinking how awesome it would be if the character of muggleborn Mary Cattermole introduced in DH was the same Mary MacDonald that Lily mentions in Snape’s memories.

Given her children’s age, Mary Cattermole could be anywhere from 25 to 45, which means that she could have been born anytime between 1952 and 1972.

Meanwhile, Lily twice references someone called Mary when speaking to Snape. The first time is when she asks Snape if he saw what Mulciber tried to do to Mary MacDonald the other day. The second is when she tells him that she only came to speak to him because Mary told her he was planning to sleep outside the common room. The first suggests that Mary MacDonald is a muggleborn, the second suggests that Mary is an actual friend of Lily’s rather than just a fellow housemate. This Mary MacDonald would probably be born sometime between 1959 and 1961.

And while it’s totally possible if not probable that JKR just needed a generic friend for Lily in that scene, it’s also possible that the muggleborn Mary Cattermole is the same Mary MacDonald that Lily mentions.

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hey sorry if this is a bad question but i was wondering what that 'jeremy sea' song was that dan and phil keep talking about? i'm probably misspelling it horribly but every time someone mentions it they say not to look it up if you don't already know but they've been making me really curious lol

hi anon! the song they’re talking about is this thing dan made use an app called ditty. Idk exactly how it worked (I never downloaded the app) but pretty much it created songs to a specific beat or whatever, which I believe is what phil keeps saying he gets stuck in his head. the jeremy c one specifically was one dan made after (?) the recent uk election which sand “jeremy c is one thicc bih, he got young people to vote.” (it’s nothing bad, really, just annoying and can get stuck in your head, which is why they’re saying don’t look it up, but if you do want to see it because my explanation is shit, you can find it here.)

Hello! My name is Quincey William, but you can just call me Quincey! I’m 17, from the UK, and I’m a self dx autistic, type one diabetic, OCD non binary trans boy! He/Him pronouns thank you! I am poly grayace? I prefer to just say queer. I cosplay Will Solace sometimes, and have a lot of wide ranging interests, particularly in queer literature, classical civilisations and cosplay! I like making gentle friends - friends who I can message sometimes just to have a cheery conversation! 

Hopefully I’ll get a message from someone, even just to say hello! 

‘the singer and current boyfriend of cheryl cole’ like…who the fuck cares??? call him a singer and that’s it, that’s what he is, that’s what is relevant as if someone outside UK knows who cheryl cole is

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Joe A. is a good candidate for a beard. He's in the UK, so they won't have to meet everyday for a "date". He's a Z list actor, no one know him and will get the benefit of being TS "boyfriend". And he's younger than her, so she'll have more time to postpone the so called wedding. He's quite handsome and cute, someone that her fans will like. If Tay doesn't want to come out until the end of her career, I just hope that she stick to this one for a long time. It'll be less damaging in the end.

oh Anon, don’t be naive, she isn’t gonna keep him under contract for long, the contract is gonna end soon, in a few months, so that she can be single/beard free for a while, before Kar & her go public, probably at the end of this era…

he’ll be ok, he gained popularity, and a few roles in movies…