he's called the red hood

So, Bats is out of town for a couple of days and Dami is benched for some crazy mess he did right before Bruce left.

Let it never be said Robins take well to being benched.

So, Damian suits up and goes on patrol.

I know what you’re thinking: this is going to end badly.

Well, you’re wrong.

Because Damian’s first stop is Crime Alley. He kicks a couple of muggers in the face, gives little old ladies their purses back, walks a prostitute home after shattering her pimps collarbone - the usual.

And then, when he’s getting ready to move out of the area, he hears a sound:

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anonymous asked:

Have any thoughts on the batboys cleaning habits?

Actually, I have thought about this- 


  • Is the cleanest of the Robins. I think that growing up his homes were probably dirty (even with his best efforts as a little kid) and then he ended up living on the streets and slept on cardboard in substitute for a bed. 
  • And in effect, I think Jason wouldn’t take having a place of his own for granted. I always pictured Jason cleaning up after himself and taking care of his apartment(s) because he would take pride in it
  • I also imagine Jason making fun of the other boys because he is the only ‘self-officiant one and he does Alfie proud.’ 
  • Though, I do think there are some random safe-houses that Jason doesn’t give a crap about, and those are probably really gross, and I picture him only going to those safe-houses, when he is punishing himself, or when he needs to be allowed to break furniture and throw stuff into the walls without repercussions. 
  • Jason however, does not have any problem messing up other people’s homes. He will get mud on the carpet, leave dishes on the floor, and pretty much be the definition of a rude houseguest if he feels the desire to be so. 
  • He is usually clean when in Tim’s apartment though…


  • I think Damian would be pretty clean. It’s illogical to not put things back in their rightful place after you are done using them. That was how it was when he lived with the al Ghul’s, and that is how Damian was trained to be, self-sufficient and out of the way.
  • So dishes go in the sink, books in the bookshelf, shoes in the closet, and clothes in the hamper. That is the system, and it works. Damian sees no reason to change it.  
  • So Damian’s messes wouldn’t be the normal ones, I think his messes would be bigger dirtier ones. Like getting mud everywhere after going out to the stables to feed Batcow, or letting himself bleed all over his clothes to prove a point. 
  • Damian’s messes would be far and few in-between, but when he does make them, they are large and give Bruce migraines, and Alfred a lot of cleaning up to do. 
  • (though Dick forces Damian to help Alfred clean up) 


  • Dick is an overgrown toddler, and I think that shows in his apartment. 
  • I think Dick has similar cleaning habits to my own. Where he is tired and stressed so the last thing on his mind is cleaning up. So the laundry builds up and the dishes pile higher until finally, it is too much and then he goes on a crazy cleaning spree
  • And then he spends the next week or so trying to keep the place clean because ‘cleaning up little messes is so much easier than cleaning one big mess’
  • But in the end, he loses the battle and the circle repeats itself over and over again. But Dick can’t seem to break the habit. 
  • Though, I think Dick would be a very considerate houseguest when it comes to cleaning. He may get in your personal space and force you to watch Disney movies until 2:00am, but he’ll make sure to fold the blankets and wash the dishes before he makes his leave.
  • But while Dick’s apartment might be the messiest out of the four boys, I think he is probably the most well groomed and put together, clothes and hair wise.


  • Growing up in a spotless and pristine home has left Tim’s cleaning habits a bit scattered. 
  • Tim’s house is usually pretty messy, but not with actual dirt, but more like random paperwork strewn about, and piles of ‘clean’, ‘kinda clean’, and ‘dirty’ laundry sitting around. 
  • Tim is almost the opposite when it comes to Jason, where Jason takes pride in having a clean home, Tim takes pride in being able to have a messy home.
  • He likes that it looks lived in, and he takes pleasure in being able to throw his clothes on the floor or being allowed to leave his suit slung over a kitchen chair. Tim’s not really sure why, but it gives him a bit of pleasure being allowed to be a bit of a slob. 
  • Tim is, however, weirdly organized when it comes to any of his Red Robin stuff. His flies and bunker are always very tidy and pristine. In Tim’s mind (though he probably hasn’t acknowledged it) for him to be taken seriously as a hero and to work effortlessly he should have everything in its place and know where that place is. 
  • So Tim Drake is a bit of a mess, crooked tie, and messy hair, but Red Robin is clean, crisp, and effortlessly without a trace. 
  • me: wow what a good day
  • brain: remember that bruce carried a picture of jason with him everywhere after he died
  • me: this day can get fucked
He (Batman) goes into the desert on a quest, and as he goes deeper and deeper down the river, Apocalypse Now-style, his friends try to rescue him. All the Robins are in this story. I started as a Robin writer. I started as a Dick Grayson, Robin War writer. This is a story about Jason, about Tim, about Dick, about Damian, and their reaction to what their father’s going through. Damian’s seeing him propose to someone who’s not his mother. It’s about them reacting to their father, and saying, ‘Is he going crazy, or is he finally finding peace?’ Of course, because it’s comics, the way they try to determine that is to punch him in the face.

Tom King (Batman’s writer)

So, I stumbled upon this and apparently Jason is going to appear in the next arc of Batman called “Dream A Dream of Me” which will start on October.

Jason will also appear in Trinity next month where he will be part of arc called “Dark Destiny”.

BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 3

You work for Wayne Industries when you are asked to see Bruce Wayne with your boss Mr. Fox. On your way up to meet wit him, you meet someone else.

Authors note: This is dedicated to my biggest fan Abdullaah. Thank you for being so supportive.

Part 1

Part 2


You weren’t sure but that creepy feeling that you were being followed wouldn’t go away and it was nagging at your very soul. It felt like having butterflies in your stomach and that anticipation that you are watching a scary movie and you don’t know when that thing that you know is going to jump out on the screen will. Yeah that is how you felt. That gut feeling was never wrong when it came to this. It just wasn’t. So as you stepped out the front doors of Wayne Industries you glanced behind you to see a security guard. Something about him looked familiar… You store this information in the back of your mind and continue on your way home. By the time that you make it two blocks the feeling comes back to you.

At this time you need to make a decision either evade or lead the shadow. Evading would shake him off your trail, but if this guy had been following you as long as you thought he had then he would just wait for you at home. So the last option was the best bet.

As you continue the way home, but instead of making a right you take a left. Without back tracking it would now take an extra five minutes home. As you continue down the sidewalk more and more of the stores turn to be abandoned. A closed down Barkery. Unbeknownst to the public this bakery wasn’t closed down or a bakery. This is the place were you lay your trap.

It was dark and musty. Though the outside wasn’t what you were really interested in it was what was inside that mattered.

Going around to the back the door was there. Once inside you start looking for Mack.

“Mack?” You yell. “Its Y/N.”

“Y/N, what in tar-nation are ye doing here?” said a man with an Irish accent. He is short fat man with patches of white hair all around his head. Wearing a hideous sweater and jeans that are obviously to big for him. Though the ensemble would not be complete without his climbing harness and goggles that look like they might have been part of a steampunk costume.

“Hey Mack. I just needed to use your security cameras.”

“Really? Whose after ye?”

“I don’t know Mack, but can I use them.”

“Sure they’re in dah closet.”

“Thanks.” you say as you walk towards the hallway closet.

The closet obviously must has been a cleaning supplies closet because it still smelled of cleaning product. On wall was the computer and on the other were ten screens. Each one projected a live feed of the inside and the outside of the bakery. As you scan the screens you notice a figure on the rooftop on the building across the street.

“Yer think that him?”

You scream and before you know it you have your hands wrapped securely around Macks throat. “God sorry Mack I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.”

“Its not yer fault deary. I forgot before you were a techy you were part of the-”

“Don’t say their name out loud!”

Mack raises a bushy white eyebrow and says “If yer say so deary.”

You smile at his reassuringly and look out a the screen at the figure on the roof. You zoom closer to get a better look. Red mask covers his entire face and it looks like he is wearing a brown jacket.

“Its one of the Bat’s.” Mack exclaims.

“One of the bat’s?” You ask.

“Yes Y/N one of Bat’s.” You look at him blankly. “You know Batman? That is one of his guys. I think he calls himself deh Red Hood.”

“How original.” You say sarcastically.

“Has dis guy been following yer?”

“I think so. I am going to talk to him.”

“Talk to him?! Why…” Mack cuts off his own sentence and says instead. “If yer goin to talk to him you better watch your back. He ain’t like the others; he kills.”

“Mack you don’t think that he knows about me do you?”

“Nah deary, I wiped your past away. Your new identity is secure.”

You nod as you get out of the chair and leave the Bakery.


Jason was sure that this was not what Bruce ment when he said ”I want you to become her friend and get her to come onto our side.” by stalking her. He truly didn’t know how to become her friend, she really isolated herself from everyone. He had tried to talk to her and find excuses to see her, but whenever he tried she wouldn’t pay attention.

“Y/N was one of those who stayed in her own world.” Jason thought to himself.

He had been hoping to find a way to run into her on her way to work or on her way home and that is why he had been following her… for a week. So it had taken him off guard when she changed her route and had stopped at a closed down bakery.

Still looking through his binoculars he waits for you to come out.

Some pressure is felt at the back of his jacket. Jason freezes. He has been made. Your voice confidently whisper next to his ear. “Why are you following me?”

“Tell Me This isn't You” - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N : Sorry for not posting in trillions, I have been in the middle of moving and quite honestly I have really not been happy with anything I have written, including this which is really no fun because I loved this request and had it all set out but I have just not had the time, the only thing I did have was terrible writers block and just nothing was flowing. Anyway I hope this is a least somewhat okay and not totally brain rotting-ly terrible.  ( I also changed it slightly to fit the context I hope it’s okay !! ) 

Wordcount : 1958

Tagging : @melli-world
You had heard about him.

How could you not have ?.

The new kid on the block had made a name for himself in the last couple weeks. Stealing shipment, killing mob bosses and threatening batman had kind of become his thing. He was called Red Hood…or so you had been told. You would not normally care for these things but there was something that drove you off the wall about him.

Which side was he on ?.

You thought he was a bat at first, But when the news of the rapidly changing Gotham underground came into play, you weren’t so sure. Bruce would never condone that amount of killing, not that you had been keeping up with that crowd as of late.

Still, you lurked in dank alleyways and perched on buildings taking in the view of a night still young. A night that still held so much potential.

potential it intended to fulfil.


In good time you received a message that one of your shipments was to arrive at the docks in the south-east region of Gotham in 10 minutes.

You passed one of your safehouses grabbing a dark trench coat,  spending no time faffing about, you had places to be and people to see.

As the door slammed behind you the sound of the city engulfed you once again, the glowing signs of conveniences stores beat with the sound of sirens in the distance, but you remained unfazed even when the rough air brushed against your neck and goosebumps began to form.

It seemed like any other evening, but the air whispered secrets and city seemed all too alive.

You hailed down a taxi and open the door to the backseat closing it aggressively.

“south-east docks” you announced before turning your attention to the glowing bat signal in the sky.

You hated how even one glance at that signal would give you an overwhelming sense of nostalgia you could never shake off. It haunted your thoughts, your every decision.

Working with Bruce Wayne was a curse and you were almost sure he was not the hero or the anti-virus that the city needed. Gotham does not work like that. You can’t grant it immunity to the disease if it is the disease.

Though, you know what they say “if you can’t beat them join them” and after everything that happened with Jason there wasn’t anywhere else to go.

You dropped out of school and making Batman’s life a little harder became your full-time job.

You created a small empire in the city, peaceful ties with other mobs and cartels were made and you managed to decrease the price of drugs whilst simultaneously increasing crime rates, they typically go hand in hand.  

All you had to do was pull some plugs, revive a couple old ones and create some newbies. How easy it was to manipulate the city when you knew the right people.

The docks seemed empty aside from your normal troupe who beckoned to you, their faces were blank and emotionless, they always were, You can’t be happy about selling drugs, but you can’t be sorry about making money and anything in between was too complicated for anyone else to care about.

One shorter girl walked up to you, dressed in a similar trench coat to yours and her hair slicked back into a ponytail. Her deep brown eyes surveying you, wide with fear…maybe excitement?…or both.

Either that or she did a test run of the new inventory before you arrived.

“You’re not worried about you know who ?” She whispered curling her ponytail around her hand.

“Not at all, he is too caught up with black mask as far as I am concerned, I doubt we are even high enough on the food chain for him to realise we exist” You took off your coat and threw it over your shoulder strutting toward the rest of the party

“They did not even make it past the west docks” you overheard someone before making yourself known. You stomped your heel on the sidewalk and the attention of now mortified traders was directed at you.

“What did not make it passed the west docks ?” You asked raising an eyebrow, their eyes darting around.

“Your shipment” A deep voice from behind you answered. You did not even need to turn around to know who it was.

He fired a couple warning shots and the rest of your entourage scattered, but you were not scared of him, you had seen worse in your days, after Jason’s death you had been worse. Whatever this ‘Red Hood’ wanted meant nothing to you and as of now, he is just a bump in the road.

You slowly walked around yourself with your hands up sarcastically. At least you know whos side he’s on now…not yours.

“Well damn” You fake pouted your lip and crossed your arms. “Little red riding hood has chopped up the big bad wolfs inventory” you continued.

He lifted his gun and placed his hands on the trigger, just enough for it to be a threat.

“you know it’s really cute you think you’re the big bad wolf, you don’t scare me” He titled his red helmet to the side, you could’ve pictured the smug look on his face underneath.

“The feelings mutual” You reached for your gun but not in time to stop him from pinning you against the ground, all it took was one glance away.

You could see your reflection in his helmet, not that your face really needed to be any redder. This was a huge nuisance and you needed to get this over and done with.

He continued to throw punches at you, you could see as you tried to fight back but once you realised there was no hope you stared at your changing reflection in his helmet, each punch leaving a new marking on your face.

It took you long enough, but you soon began to realise that this was more serious than you thought. He was stronger, less predictable and seemed to know every move you were going to make.

This was it, this was life or death.

You tried to keep it together like you had before, but now cries escaped your lips, shrieks ringing through the ports, all being completely ignored by Red Hood until a single tear left your eye.

You don’t know why you had been so weak, it’s not like crying was going to save your life now but you began to whimper and your eye began to fog and he began to stop.

In fact, he froze. His whole demeanour dropped and he mumbled slightly, nothing that you could make out, all before your mind went completely blank and you drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


You woke up, Your throat dried as heavy breaths invaded your mind. Pants and cries echoed throughout the room, even before you realised they were your own.

Your neck cracked and your chin dropped just enough for you to get a look at your wrists and ankles, all tied up in the same rugged rope. You knew it would worsen if you continued to wriggle and you knew even if you tried to get the knots lose it was not worth it.

The click of the door alerting all of your attention, anything that was floating through your mind was long gone, making room for bigger problems.

The door opened to reveal a man with a cherry red helmet on, but there was no way that was Red Hood. If you weren’t scared of him before you defiantly weren’t scared of him now.

It was like he had shrunk in size. He was shaking and his breaths were nearly as heavy as yours.  

Your eyes widened as you took notice of him, should you be scared? , worried ?.

You gawked up at him, tension radiating off your waves, waiting for him to make his next move.

It never came.

He just stood, studying you intensely,

“You’re different from what I remember,” He said, softly.

You stiffened at the sound of his voice, that voice, you knew it.

It was Jason.

Your moment of realisation almost cued him. He took off his helmet revealing flooded blue eyes that could only be Jason’s, his dark hair was now messy and invaded with a thick white stripe.

Jason was Red Hood ?, It was like you didn’t even know him anymore. What had he become…what had you become?

Your hands clenched into fists, before a moment of silence fell over the room. You watched as the wells in Jason’s eyes spilt out and a small drop fell down his cheek.

“I grew up” You stated.

The sheer lack of emotion in your voice was terrifying. Jason continued to look at you, but you were now confronted with his face, his emotions, you could ignore all that when he had the helmet on, you both could.

“You’re just like the rest of them (y/n), But you’re worse!” He growled, taking you back.

“Not only did you leave me to suffer!…but you became one of them! you’re not even fighting for the right side anymore! I have all reason to put this bullet right through your head” He spoke to you through gritted teeth, you grimaced at the thought.

“I doubt I would even regret it!” He continued, the anger now mixing in with the same tears from before.

You broke, that was when it all fell apart. A single tear rolled down past your cheek and dropped onto your lap.

“Don’t say that Jason” You rubbed your eyes, opening them to a spinning room, the only thing in focus was Jason holding a gun directly at you.

“Don’t say what !?…don’t say that I would kill you…what you are?…a criminal” He spat at you, each word hitting you worse than a bullet ever could.

“Do it then Jason…kill me” You dropped your chin, still keeping full eye contact with him.

He flinched when you said his name, he had not heard anyone else who could say it like you could, maybe he was thankful for that. Though that’s not what mattered now, it struck a chord with him and more tears began to fall.

“I missed you (y/n), I still miss you…this is not you…please tell me this is not you” He begged you, dropping to his knees.

He was a mess and it was your fault, you would have to spend years trying to forgive yourself for what you had done.

“I missed you too Jason,” You said, your voice cracking and tears falling.

“Please tell me this isn’t you, please tell me this is the wrong person” He pleaded.

“It’s not me Jason, it’s not (y/n)” You couldn’t bare to break him even more, you wouldn’t force him to come to terms with who you were now.

He untied the rope on your limbs, before daring to look at you one more time.

“You can go,” He said, he hand gesturing to the door.

You lifted yourself out of the seat reluctantly.

Walking out the door just before letting out a small “I love you”.

You knew it was useless, you knew he would never hear it, you knew you did not deserve him hearing it, but you left without objection.

“I love you too,” He said too quiet for you to hear, but just enough for him to hope.

Runnin’ From my Heart

AN: I just wanted to try my hand at writing a small little series so please let me know if you like it and I’ll do more in the future. This is a plus size reader fic since there’s not that many on here.

You had loved Jason Todd, there was no denying that fact, even after five years after his death you still found yourself in love with him. He was your everything, the two of you just made sense to each other. He was your soulmate, though your dad tried to insist that it was just a high-school sweetheart phase. But you knew, and Jason had known, you two were meant to rule the world hand in hand.

But then he was taken from you. Bruce Wayne said that it was a bombing, Batman told you it was the Joker.

Yes, you had known about Jason being the ever famous Robin. You knew and you didn’t care, even if he snuck into your room after patrols all black and blue. You were actually proud of him for doing the job, it was a big turn around from his previous life of crime.

In the five years since Jason’s death, you found yourself joining the fight against crime. No, not as a vigilante, but as an psychiatrist for Arkham Asylum. Sure it was a dangerous job, you knew what happened with Harley Quinnzel. But you were determined to bring some of the villains back into society as new people. You had some luck, you’d rehabilitated five men back into the world and only had one come back. Which was more than most of the psychiatrists had been able to do.

But still, you found yourself stuck in the middle of the vigilant life whether you liked it or not. First it was your sister, Barbara, who had dragged you in it after Jason. The famous Batgirl, though you affectionately called her big sister. She would constantly be knocking on your small apartment window after every patrol to get patched up or just to gossip about her night. And if she didn’t come it would be Nightwing, or Dick as you came to find out when he and Barbara came together one night. Soon you had found yourself being the nurse for multiple vigilantes, and that was fine so long as they didn’t bring their enemies to your home.

But, as you knew since your father became the Commissioner, enemies found you.

So you weren’t really surprised when you got grabbed walking home from the bar one night.

When the strong hands wrapped around your arm, your first instinct had been to scream but that had been dashed when the second hand cupped around your mouth. As you were dragged into the dirty alley, your eyes darted around the darkness trying to figure out how many men there were and what they wanted from you.

A man stepped in front of you, and waved a knife in front of your eyes. “Now, lets just calm down and do what we say and no one gets hurt,” he said with a smirk.

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes at the almost cliched words. Why did every thug in town say the exact same thing? But still, you nodded your head regardless.

“Good. Now, give us all of your money and jewelry,” the man demanded.

With semi shaking hands, you reached for your wallet in your back pocket just as someone dropped down from the rooftop behind the men. You stopped and watched with wide eyes as the man stood up to his full height. He was tall, probable six foot if not more. He wore black cargo pants, and a leather jacket that tied his whole look together. But what really caught your attention was the helmet he wore. It was red and it covered his whole face aside from two holes where his eyes were.

All three men in front of you turned to face him, their guns and knives drawn at the ready. Your masked savior turned to look at you, almost as if he was ignoring the men in front of him. “Close your eyes, sweetheart,” he said. And you did because you knew that when someone in Gotham says to close your eyes, you close them.

Over the course of three minutes, there was nothing but the sounds of grunts, cries and bodies hitting pavement. You kept your eyes closed until the man spoke again. “It’s all good,” he said cheerfully despite having just disarmed and beaten four men unconscious. Which you supposed must be a normal night for him if he was that comfortable with it.

When you opened your eyes you were greeted with the sight of the man in front of you, trying to block the sight of the bloodied men behind him. As you stared up at him trying to come to terms with what just happened, he held his hand out for you to take. “Come on, I won’t bite. I just wanna walk you out the alley before leaving to catch my appointment.”

So you took his hand, almost blushing as his thumb stroked the top of it as he lead you out onto the empty side walk. Almost too soon for your liking, he dropped your hand, “Get home safe, and stay away from the alleys.” He said in a tone that implied he was smirking. Giving you a small salute, he turned and began to walk away.

“W-wait!” You called out after him as you finally found your voice again. “Who are you?”

“Red Hood,” he called back as he turned and walked backwards. “But you can call me Red.”

“I’m Y/N Gordon,” you called back to him.

“I know,” he said again in the tone of a smirk before jumping into an alley and out of sight.

You stared after him for a minute before shaking your head and turning to walk home. All the while your mind kept replaying the way he’d spoke, and moved. You hadn’t been interested in someone in over three years, but here you were crushing on a man who you didn’t even know.

Flower Path (pt.7)

title : Flower Path

with : Jaehyun (NCT)

sum : A popular boy and a quiet girl, what will happen between the two when their paths cross?

(ch0 x | ch1 x | ch2 x | ch3 x | ch4 x | ch5 x | ch6 x | xxx | ch8 x | ch9 x | ch10 x | ch11 x)

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Son of Gotham

The day is cold, and dark, and dreary;

It rains, and the wind is never weary;

The vine still clings to the mouldering wall,

But at every gust the dead leaves fall,

And the day is dark and dreary.

Wet cobblestones.

Wet nose.

Jason swiped his dripping nose.

Damn, wet hand too.

Wet everything.

Wet eyes as well, but that was no matter. Don’t look at the pain, that was his motto. At least, that’s what helped in the street.

He shook raindrops from his leather jacket, wishing dreadfully for a cigarette. Anything to take the edge off (that was also his motto). He lit one, hands numb and chapped.

The city breathed like a sleeping monster. He could feel it, Gotham’s life seeping under his finger nails.

Lots of people thought him crazy, but he knew–KNEW–Gotham was alive. She was thought a cruel mistress, and perhaps was. Gotham never let go. But Jason felt in his bones, like rust and decay, how Gotham ached. Her children worked, fought, died like infernal hands atop a clock. Claws of time.

Jason kicked a loose stone. They were all susceptible to time. They were all susceptible to loss. They were all susceptible to pain.

Gotham most of all.

Sometimes he could hear her crying in the night. A wail in the wind. A frozen sob.

He could hear Gotham.

And shit this car has been following him for a while. Can’t a man in a leather jacket walk in the rain alone without suspicion?

Wait, that mental image was creepy.

Even so, Jason’s hand crept into his holster as he flicked cigarette ash into the night. The car’s lights were out. The only distinction of sound was the roll of tires in puddles. The street vigilante stopped and faced an abandoned shop, miming the action of lighting a cigarette. Jason clenched his jaw, gritting his teeth in hopes of removing the chill. He rubbed the cigarette between his fingers. The old window reflected the red tip.

The car braked about two feet back.

Jason took a puff. His hand slid down and cocked his gun.

One mississppi.

Two mississppi.


He spun around and pointed the firearm into his stalker’s face.

Lightning flashed.

Batman looked back at him.

Thunder rumbled.

They stood for a long moment.

The rain trickled in the background.

Finally Jason blinked and lowered his gun, shifting on the safety and placing it back in his holster. “Nice night,” he greeted hollowly.

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Baby Tim - Part 2

Part two of baby Tim!

This part is written in the reader point of view


“Alright Mr. Todd, this is everything. These are the background checks for everyone in the building, my personal qualifications, and a layout of everything” You say, walking into the office where Jason and Tim are waiting. You had asked them to come back before the daycare opened in order to get and give information about the care center.

You sit behind a desk a Jason goes over all of the information about Owl Care. Tim wiggles to the floor and toddles over to you, trying to climb into your lap.

“You know, I haven’t seen him be so taken with someone so soon. Not even his older brothers.”

You chuckle, allowing the child to curl into you, just watching his father read, “Well he likes me now, just wait until you try to leave and them we will see how he does” you clear your throat awkwardly, “So Mr. Todd …”

“Just Jason please, or Jay, I’m fine with either”

“Alight, Jason, do you mind me asking why you require our services?”

“I work nights, and I can’t take Timmy to work with me, so I just need someone to be with him while he sleeps, just in case he needs someone” the corner of Jason’s eye twitches, a barely there tell. You believe that he works nights, but you also don’t think that he is telling the whole truth about what he will be doing.

“Of course, does his mother also work nights then?”

“His mother? Oh, no, she um, she isn’t with us anymore”

“I’m very sorry. I didn’t realize …”

“It’s alright, I didn’t know his mother anyway, Timmy is adopted”

Your eyes widened slightly, “Oh! That makes sense” You glance down at Tim and he is looking up at you with wide eyes.

He glances away when you look down at him, but after a minute he glances up at you shyly, “Juice?”

“Manners Timmy”

Tim glances over at Jason and giggles, quickly looking back u at you, “Juice, please?”

“Of course, pumpkin!”

You set Tim down on the floor and go to retrieve a box of juice. By the time you get back Jason has already put down all of the papers and is looking at you expectantly. “Done already?”

“Yes. This is a damn nice place, I think that Timmy will like it here”

“Do you want him to start tonight?”

“Is that possible?” Jason looks genuinely surprised

“Of course! I just need your information and the information of an emergency contact in case we can’t get ahold of you”

Jason nods and quickly jots down his information and Alfred’s information. If everyone is out on patrol then Alfred will be the only one available to get to Tim if something happens.

“Well it is now 7! So you can leave him here whenever” You crouch down and look Tim in the eye, “Are we gonna play tonight while daddy goes to work?”

Tim looks away from you and up at Jason, “Daddy?”

Jason slides out of the chair and gathers Tim up into his arms, nuzzle Tim’s downy soft hair, “Yeah buddy, daddy”

Tim throws his arms around Jason’s neck and squeezes gently, and then looks back at you. “Daddy come back?”

You smile, “Yeah, daddy will come get you after work”

Tim nods and takes your hand, waving at Jason, “Bye bye, daddy!”

You can see Jason’s eyes soften every time Tim calls him daddy, like he really didn’t expect to have earned that title, but you can see how much Jason adores this little boy. “Bye, Jason. I will see you tomorrow”


The first thing that you notice about Tim is that he is very smart, almost too smart for his own good. He doesn’t really like the pretend games that a lot of the children his age enjoy, but he does like to build things. He sticks close to you, preferring your company more than the other children, but when a little girl comes over and asks him to play superhero he finally begins to open up.

You watch as the children continue to play until about 9:00 PM, and then you gather them up and bring them to the sleeping room. Each child gets their own bed, and they each get tucked in by you. Tim is the last one to get tucked in, “’m not sleepy Y/N” he mumbles, his eyes already drooping

“That’s okay, sweetheart. Why don’t you lay here quietly then, you can just rest your eyes a little bit”

Tim nods quietly, and cuddles under the blankets. You smile fondly and lean down to gently give him a kiss on his forehead. “Goodnight, Timmy”


The first thing you notice when you walk back out into the play room is that there is a person shaped shadow in the corner. The shadow is small, most likely that of a child, but still it is not less shocking.


It is the newest Robin who steps out of the shadow, “Hello, Y/N. It has been awhile”

You grin and walk over to the fridge, tossing Robin a grape juice box, “I was wondering when the Big Bad Bat would let you visit again”

Robin chuckles, sitting in the armchair beside yours and watching as you turn up the volume on the security feed for the sleeping room.

“He might stop by as well. It seems that you are in the care of a child that I consider a brother”

“Let me guess, Tim?”

“How did you …”

“You act like I haven’t known all of your secret identities for years now, little bird. I knew when Red Robin was changed into a toddler” you chuckle, “Although I was very surprised when Jason Todd, the Red Hood, came here looking for a daycare!”

Damian chuckled and removed his mask “I was quite pleased when Todd informed us of his choice in care facilities. Father was quite angry when he believed that Timothy was left alone in an apartment”

“Your father needs to learn to trust your brother more. He has become Timmy’s father, you should have seen the way he looked at Tim when he was called daddy for the first time”

“Your infatuation with the Red Hood is disgusting. You could do so much better than Todd” Damian sneered

You grin at Damian “You know that you love your brother, Dami. I also know that you would never approve of anyone that I chose, but that you would rather have me with someone you know, than a complete stranger”

Damian sighed, “Unfortunately you are correct in your assumption”

“You have a crush on the Red Hood?”

You whipped around, coming face to face with Jason Todd sans helmet, but he still had on his domino mask. “Umm …”

Jason grinned, “That’s really fucking convenient that you already know about everything”

You look suspiciously at the vigilante, “Why do you say that?”

“Because I was going to ask you on a date when I came to get Timmy I the morning” Jason scratches the back of his head nervously, “So, would you like to go on a date with me?”

You stare at him with wide eyes for a minute, “Y-yes, oh my God, yes!”

Jason grinned, “Awesome!”

At that moment Tim stumbled out of the sleeping room, rubbing one tiny fist against his eye, “Daddy?”

Jason walked over and scooped Tim into his arms, “Hey Timmy”

Tim nuzzled into Jason’s shoulder, “Missed you daddy”

“I missed you too, sweetheart” He tuned Tim so he could see more of the room, “Look, Dami came to visit you too”


“Yes, Timothy, I came to check on your progress”

Tim just grinned excitedly, “Dami!” he squealed and lunged at the current Robin

Damian quickly stepped forward and scooped up the excited toddler. He began to bounce Tim gently, talking about how his father was still trying to find a cure for the de-aging spell that was cast over him.

Jason walked over so he was standing next to you, “In all honesty, I’m kind of hoping that they can’t find a cure. I mean if anyone deserves a second chance at growing up, it’s that kid”

You reach out and take Jason’s hand in yours, “You and me both, Jay, you and me both”

You continue to watch as Damian keeps talking to Tim, and Tim slowly relaxes and falls back asleep. Once he does Damian goes and puts the two year old back to bed, he is putting his domino back into place when he comes back out.

“Goodbye, Y/N, Todd”

“Bye Dami!”

Jason leans down and places a gently kiss to your forehead, “I’ll see you tomorrow. Make sure you take care of my little boy”

You close your eyes and when you open them again they are gone.

How I’d Ruin It: Batman

(thanks to The Lego Batman Movie for making my brain keep coming back to this, and also for making such awesome goddamn toys for my retail therapy needs)

While I write my own stories nowadays, the old fanfic writer in me resurfaces every now and then in the form of idle thoughts about how I’d handle certain stories I love.  Sometimes these musings lead me to one horrible conclusion: that no matter how much I may love the story in question, I’d be absolutely fuck awful at writing it.  This is because the scope of things I’m interested in writing is significantly smaller than the scope of things I’m interested in reading/watching - my muse is a pickier eater than I am.

Still, no matter how awful and off message my bastardized mental versions of these stories may be, they keep popping up now and then, demanding to manifest as stories are wont to do.  So today I’m going to exorcise one of them by summarizing it to you.

Today, my wonderful readers, I’m going to tell you how I’d utterly fuck up at writing Batman.

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Now when I read the red hiding hood story to my little sister and there will be the part in which the hunter kills the wolf, the imagine of JJ getting fucked by Otabek will never leave my mind.. Fuck

Try not to mix up which version you’re telling because that would be terrible

“And then he called him a bad puppy… WAIT NO”

Name Withheld Part 4

I stared wide eyed as I felt the cold metal of the gun press against my temple. My whole body trembled in fear because I knew that my father wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger if he needed too. I saw Red Hood stop in his tracks when he made eye contact with me and I could have sworn that he growled slightly.
“Why do you insist on fucking with my business Red Hood?” I heard my dad ask from behind me.
“Why? Because what you’re doing is illegal and now I’ve got you down for a hostage situation.” Red Hood said as he shook his head.
“Ha! What I am doing is none of your concern!” Black Mask snapped at him, pushing the gun a little harder against my temple.
“Oh god…” I choked out as my body trembled from the fear that was coursing through me.
“Just let the girl go Black Mask. This is between you and me.” Red Hood said as he stepped forward slightly.
My father yanked me back against his chest as he walked towards the now open window. “I don’t think that’s possible Red, you see, I don’t feel like dealing with you today so I’m just going to let you deal with her. What do you say Angel Face?” He asked as he peered around at me.
“Please don’t do this…” I whimpered. “Oh, god please…” I could feel the tears beginning to build in my eyes. I knew what my father was planning but I didn’t think he would follow through with it.
“Oh sweetheart you know that I have too. I promise it’s nothing personal. Say hello to your mother for me.” Black Mask said as he pushed my body towards the open window.
I let out a scream as my body fall backward and through the opening of the window. I felt a hand grab my wrist and hold me in place before my body could go full force out the broken window. I turned to see my father holding onto me just tight enough to where I was suspended in the air. I turned and grabbed his hand to give myself some extra assurance.
“Make your choice Red! I don’t have all day here. You can either save the girl or let her die, the choice is yours.” He called out to Red Hood.
I looked over at Red Hood with wide and terrified eyes. “Please help me!” I called out to him, my tone shaking from fear.
Red Hood was visibly strained over the decision but he slowly lowered his guns and held his hand out to my father. “Give me the girl and I’ll leave you alone for the night.” He stated as he stepped forward slightly, making sure to keep his eye on Black Mask.
Black Mask chuckled and looked towards me with an unsympathetic look. “Like I said, nothing personal Angel Face.” He stated as he let go of my wrist and shook his arm free.
I stared at my father with wide eyes as my body fell backwards and my head turned to look at Red Hood. Everything was going in slow motion as I saw him move into a running position and took off running towards me in a full sprint with his guns placed back in their holsters. My father had taken off in a sprint towards the front door, the fucking coward, and didn’t look back as I continued to fall to my demise.
As I felt the air begin to speed past my face I heard someone hitting the ground and sliding towards me as a hand reached out quickly taking hold of the hand that I still had outstretched from when I was being held by my father. My legs dropped to where they were underneath me and my body swung to where it was pressed up against the building, nearly knocking the wind out of me, and I quickly looked up at Red Hood with wide eyes.
“Please don’t let go!” I cried out as I grabbed onto his arm with my other hand.
“I won’t let go, I promise, but I need you to do as I say so I can get you back inside.” He grunted as his grip on my wrist tightened.
I nodded my head as I felt one of my shoes slip from my foot and plummet to the street below. “Okay! Just, get me back inside!” I said as my voice cracked from the terror that was coursing through me.
“I need you to put your feet against the wall and act as if you’re rock climbing, then use your other hand to grab on that little ledge above you and pull up.” Red Hood said, grunting as he reached down and grabbed my arm with his other hand. “Ready?” He grunted.
I nodded my head as I placed my feet against the wall and looked up at him. “I’m ready!” I called out.
Red Hood nodded his head as he began to pull on my arm. “Start walking up the wall!” He called out to me.
I did as I was told and moved my feet in a walking motion as Red Hood began to pull me back into the office. I was back inside the office within a matter of seconds and I was sitting on the floor trying to catch my breath.
“Th-Thank you…” I said as I looked over at him.
“No problem, saving damsels in distress is one of my specialties.” He said as he stood up from his spot on the ground. “Now, why are you here?” He asked.
I froze slightly as I looked down at my hands. “I… I don’t know… I was out running some errands when I blacked out and ended up here…” I said in what I was hoping to sound terrified.
Red Hood studied my face for a few moments before sighing and nodding his head as he held his hand out to me. “Well, I’m glad I got here in time when I did. Let’s get you home.” He said as he gently helped me up and into his arms.
I gasped and wrapped my arms around his neck when he picked me up suddenly. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“Well I can’t really walk out the front door with you so I was going to utilize the open window in front of me.” He stated as he began to walk forward.
“What?!” I nearly screeched as I hugged onto him tightly. “I am not going out that window again!” I snapped at him.
“Well sorry doll, but it’s kind of my, our, only option right now.” He hummed as he pulled his grappling gun from his side pocket and pointed it towards the building that was across from us. “Better hold on tight sugar, grappling tends to be a little rough for first timers.” He said and shot the hook out to the building.
“Fuck!” I screamed as I clung to Red Hood for dear life.
We sped through the air at an alarming rate, the wind rushing past us quickly, and the breath leaving my lungs from the thrill. We landed on the rooftop with ease and he set me down on my feet gently.
“You’re safe here. Now try not to get caught by anyone again because I might be around to save your sweet ass again. Although, I’m pretty sure I will be.” He said as he smacked my ass and gripped it.
I squeaked and quickly reached up to slap him but stopped when I remembered his helmet. “You’re lucky you have that helmet on buddy otherwise you would have a nice hand sized print on your face for that.” I hissed at him.
Red Hood chuckled and shook his head as he stepped back from me with his hands held up in a defensive manner. “Alright, alright, you should get home though. Being out this late is never a good idea.” He stated and with that he grappled away from the building and out of my sight.
I ran to the edge of the roof top and looked over to where I saw his figure disappearing into the night. I blinked a few times before feeling the adrenaline still coursing through my body at full force. I felt my heart begin to skip and the edges of my vision began to blur. I felt my heart begin to constrict in one of the most painful ways, a way that I was all too familiar with, and I dropped down to my knees as I tried to control my breathing with my eyes shut tight.
After a few moments everything calmed down and my breathing became even once more. I let out a sigh as I leaned my head back against the ledge of the rooftop and ran a hand through my hair. I reached into the top of my dress and pulled out my phone and dialing Jason’s number.
Hey doll how was your little errand?” I heard him answer.
“Jason…” I said in a pained tone.
“Sarah, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” His voice was filled with concern.
“I… I need you to come get me… M-My heart… It hurts again…” I groaned as I clutched at my chest in pain.
“Where are you?” He asked and I could hear him shuffling around.
“I’m on the… Rooftop across from…” I let out a groan of pain, “Across from Tiffany’s on… Oh fuck… On 38th street!” I gasped as I felt my heart clench again.
I’m on my way right now Sarah! Hold on!” He called out.
“God this fucking sucks.” I groaned as I tried to control my breathing once again.
I know it does but you need to steady your breathing okay? I’m almost there.” He said to me and I couldn’t help but smile.
“Looks like I’ll have to heroes coming to my rescue today.” I snickered but winced from the action.
Two heroes? You must have had a fun night huh doll?” He said with a chuckle.
“You could say that again. Although after what happened tonight seeing you is probably going to make up for the window incident.” I stated.
Window incident? What the hell do you do in your spare time? Other than me that is.” He said.
“Apparently getting saved by Gotham vigilantes. How far away are you?” I asked with a groan.
I’m coming up the stairs to the rooftop right now.” He said.
When I heard the door to the rooftop open I raised an eyebrow with a smile. “You’re fast Todd.” I said.
“Yeah well, when it comes to you I’ll be as fast as you need me to be. Plus, you sounded like you were in a lot of pain so I knew you needed me to hurry.” He stated as he walked towards me.
“Oh my hero!” I said in a dramatic tone, but winced when my heart clenched in pain again. “Get me off this damn roof.” I said as I held my arms out to him.
Jason chuckled as he nodded his head and gently picked me up from off the ground. “So, your place or mine?” He asked.
“Yours, you know this. And when we get there we are totally going to have the best sex of my life because my adrenaline is going strong and you look hot as hell right now.” I said with a roll of my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck for support.
“Ha! You don’t need to ride this bull until we make sure your heart is stable enough to handle me.” He said in a teasing voice as he carried me down and out of the building.

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Wait for Me - Jason Todd x Reader Part 3

(Part 1: x) (Part 2: x)

Watching the man with the red helmet, you couldn’t help but feel that you knew him. So naturally, you decided to tail him for a while. Moving silently behind him, you heard him mutter more about Nightwing. So he was a hero, then. And he knew Dick.

“He’s enjoying his goddamn dinner, and I’m out here, in the cold, doing his patrol. I have better things to do. I could be looking for her, but no, I’m stuck in this hellhole doing his job…” It was kind of amusing, actually, listening to the man’s frustrated venting. It reminded you of Jason’s rants whenever he had to do an extra patrol back in Gotham. You decided to talk to him, maybe you could learn about this friend of Nightwing.     

“Who are you looking for?” you asked. He froze, whipping around, pistols aimed at your chest. You put your hands up.     

“Easy there. Not going to hurt you, just an interested party. The name’s Ace,” you offered, eyes gleaming behind your mask. The man slowly put his guns back.     

“Red Hood, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Just don’t try to make a move, you’ll be dead before you hit the ground. If you were still wondering, I’m trying to find a friend I lost a long time ago. Anyways, Nightwing never mentioned an Ace. Have you ever met him?” You shook your head.     

“No. I keep to myself, and there’s plenty of crime to go around. I tend to stick to the shadows,” you state. The man nods.    

“Understandable. Anyways, I have places to be. Nice meeting you, Ace,” he said. You watched him walk away, hearing a police scanner play through your earpiece.     

“32nd and Kingston,” you called after Red Hood. He turned to face you.     “What?” he called back.    

“Bank robbery at 32nd and Kingston. Do what you will with that information,” you told him, stepping into the shadows. 

“Not gonna lie, we make a pretty kick-ass team, Ace,” Red Hood said, glancing down at the robbers who lay on the floor. You nod.    

“Hell yeah we do. Anyways, it’s almost three, which means Nightwing’s patrol time is almost done. You’re off the clock.”    

“If you’ve never met Nightwing, how do you know his schedule?” he questioned. You shrug.    

“Staying under someone’s radar requires knowing where not to be at certain times. Besides, no harm comes from letting him do his thing while I do mine somewhere else,” you answer.     

“Fair enough. Though sometimes he could use the help of someone who can fight like you,” Red Hood comments. “Do you have a number you wouldn’t mind sharing, Ace? If I ever need a teammate, I know who to call.” You contemplated it. If he’s covering on Dick’s date night, there’s a good chance he would know Bruce. Getting a call from Dick sometime in the future wouldn’t be unlikely either. Eventually, you came to the conclusion that you had stayed in the dark for too long anyways and wrote your number on the back of a business card in your pocket. You handed it to the Red Hood, who froze as he read it.    

“I know this handwriting,” he muttered. You internally swore. Red Hood turned to look at you, taking off his helmet. A red domino mask covered his eyes.     

“It’s you. You’re alive. You’re alive!” he mused, pulling you into his muscular arms. You didn’t resist, noticing that the hug you had been pulled into was one you had felt many times.     

“Wait. Jason?” you asked in disbelief. He nods, and you hug him back. “Oh, god. Jason… You were dead, and so was I, and…” Jason cut off your rambling.

“I love you too, Y/N. So damn much.” You suddenly remembered the letter you had written. You grinned.    

“It was me you were trying to find, wasn’t it?” you ask him. He nods again. Your smile widens, and Jason rests his forehead against yours.     

“I was waiting for you,” he whispers before your lips meet his in a kiss.

You’re Cute

Jason Todd x chubby! Reader

(Jason is 20 in this)

Being the girlfriend of the Red Hood had its perks of course. You were always “protected” in a sense, some people were just afraid to attack you and others worked for him and wouldn’t dare. That wasn’t to say you were well known you were still just any other civilian, no special powers and no vigilante personality. Just a 20 year old college student, taking your basic classes until you started the ones you needed for the field you wanted to study.

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62. “You shouldn’t have said that.” batfam!!!

Dick’s on the ground, and he only realizes that after staring at the sky for a few minutes, Tim hovering over him, asking him questions. The questions don’t quite make it to Dick’s foggy brain, though, so he just lets Tim fuss over him.

Eventually, the fog recedes enough for Dick to hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh, not masked by Tim’s constant murmuring.

“Tim,” Dick says, and Tim stares at him, eyes red-rimmed. He looks so out of his element, and Dick’s big brother instincts tingle with the need to just get this kid in his arms. Tim looks like he’s about to cry, and Dick can’t have that. But the sound. He needs to deal with the sound first. “What’s—that noise?”

“Jason,” Tim whispers. Then he clears his throat, turns away from Dick, and calls out, “Red Hood. That’s enough. He’s already down, and I need help over here.”

The sound of fighting stops, and Dick watches as Jason kneels down next to Tim, his knuckles bloody. They’re both wearing masks—Tim’s cowl is down, though—so that makes Dick think that maybe he’s wearing a mask, too. Is that what happened? Had Dick gotten hurt during patrol or something? He can’t remember.

“Did you kill him?” Tim asks.

Jason scowls. “No, but the bastard deserved it for what he did.”

“You shouldn’t have said that,” Tim says, his face practically full of worry lines. Kid needs to take better care of himself. Dick should work on that. “B’s on the line.”

“Like I give a shit,” Jason says, and then they both turn to Dick, and Dick blinks to make sure he’s not seeing double. Jason leans closer, his mask scrunching up weirdly like he’s squinting. “You okay, Goldie?”

“Fine,” Dick says faintly. “I think. I’m a little—confused.”

Jason grunts and turns to Tim. “Get him to the Cave. I’ll call the Demon Brat and we’ll finish patrol.”

Tim nods, and Dick thinks that this must be a dream, or some weird delusion, because Jason and Tim are getting along, and Jason is willing working with Damian on patrol. It’s weird. It’s so weird. But then Jason’s gone, and Tim turns to Dick.

“Can you get up, ‘Wing?”

“Not by myself,” Dick says. “I think I’m dreaming.”

But Tim grins. “Nope. You’re fully conscious, and if I have anything to say about it, you’re going to stay that way.”

The Perfect Drug

“I come along but I don’t know where you’re taking me
I shouldn’t go but you’re wrenching dragging shaking me
Turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky
The more I give to you the more I die

And I want you…

You are the perfect drug
The perfect drug…

You make me hard when i’m all soft inside
I see the truth when i’m all stupid-eyed
The arrow goes straight through my heart
Without you everything just falls apart

My blood just wants to say hello to you
My fear is warm to get inside of you
My soul is so afraid to realize
How very little bit is left of me…”

~by Nine Inch Nails


And excuse me for rambling because this AU is like my “BABY.”

They call him “Red Robin” because of two reasons:
-He wears a scarlet hood that is seen as nothing but a streak of red through the night.
-They liken him to a Robin. Swift and the way he flutters about. Well, that’s what children who have “seen” him say.

He’s a very special kind of creature for two reasons:
-He has suppressed his ability to turn into a werewolf for the longest time due to being an experiment, a mere creation.
-He used to be part human and is able to withstand the bite of a vampire and not get killed. How? No one really knows.

I call this AU “Red Rain.” And yes, it’s based on the Red Rain Elseworlds. It’s a long and epic story and I can’t say everything about it.

But, one thing’s for sure… Kon is a weird kind of “Lycan” while Tim is a Slayer/ Hunter who hunts deadly, supernatural, or otherwordly creatures and he happens to be a vampire, too. Dick and Jason are both unsure who turned him into one. But, it’s either one of them.

They also call Tim “Little Red Riding Hood” because he was able to “tame” the wolf. Yes, Tim is Kon’s mate. And not a lot of underwordly, and supernatural creatures approve of it. at. all. But, their own family’s rules do not abide by such disapproval. No one can touch Bruce’s family and no one dares to. They have their own ways and they hold their laws with an iron grip.

Tim was the one who actually trained Kon on how to control his abilities, at least learn how to fight, and put all that power to good use. They’ve known each other WAY before Tim was turned and before Kon even knew what he really was.

It just so happens, things decided to mess a lot stuff up and these two have to get through it together.

SORRY FOR RAMBLING. I hope you guys like this! I can’t express how much I love and cherish this AU and this is the first time I drew something colored and not doodly for it.

_(:3 JL)_
I dedicate this to everyone who celebrated TimKon week with meeee! Actually, and to everyone who was patient enough with me and getting through all my TimKon stuff. XD *Kisses* waste-cat, st00pz, wisiaden, and ladymangoberry who I know celebrated with me in her heart. TEEHEE. <3
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Woahhhh your black steph hcs gave me life could you possibly do headcannons about a black girl dating one of the batboys cuz there's like none

O okay I’m answering this super late but hey ? Better late then never? I’m going with my main boi, Jtoddo B) sorry if this sucks bc I don’t usually write these types of things but it was fun writing outside of my comfort zone :0

♡ You probably meet Jason when moving into the apartment next to his. You don’t really talk to each other at first, it’s was more like Jason trying to introduce himself to you and you, speed walking into your apartment before he can get a word out. He seems really shady to you and you’re typical one to follow your gut. But after a while you see him around the apartment complex, helping old ladies up the stairs, babysitting little kids in building and help others with laundry. You both grew close and the rest was history.

♡ He loves your hair so much. If it’s out in a fro, he’ll touch it non-stop. He loves when it’s in twists, braids, or even relaxed. He just loves your hair

♡ Speaking of hair, he’ll help you wash your hair if you want. He’s really good at detangling too, he’s very gentle but still gets the job the down. He knows how tried your arms get from washing it, so If you teach him how to braid, he’ll do it.

♡ If someone calls you the n word on the streets, prepare for Jason to deck them. He goes to 0 to 100, he’s powered by his own anger bc how dare you call my s/o that??? How dare you call anyone that??? You have to pry Jason off the poor guy, Jason is a split second from throwing that fool into the dumpster. He gives the coward the side eye before taking your hand and walking home.

♡ You call him Boo.

♡ The way you found out that he was the Red Hood was pretty hilarious. He climbs through your window in the middle of patrol (He was checking on you, okay ?? The Joker was running and he got paranoid) and you, of course, thought he was burglar. So you pretty much try to deck Jason with a baseball bat at 2 in the morning while he tries to explain himself.

♡ You weren’t upset about him being the Red Hood, you were more upset that he woke you up at 2 am.

♡ Jason and You going to visit your grandma and your grandma loves him to bits.

♡ She sends you both back home with food up to your knees. Like she really likes this one.

♡ Asking Jason to teach you how to fight. At first he was pretty unsure about but after you almost decked him at 2 am, he was on board.

He thinks it’s cute when you wear your silk scarf to bed.