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honestly seokjin is one of the most perfect men ever .... like he can sing, he knows how to improve, hes humorous, hes tall, he has wide shoulders, great features and proportions, hes social, hes really silly and down to earth, knows how to appreciate his fans, ... on top of all that hes a gentlemen like .... jin is so perfect why tho

You’re going to be brilliant.” He said smiling; as his gaze held the light of the moon that was tucked between the valleys of the trees.
“You’re going to be too brilliant for me when I am willing to love again. I won’t be deserving of you, your kind heart, gentle soul, soft eyes. I don’t deserve you, any of you. Not that I do now, it’s just that; you’re going to outgrow me, and I’ll still be- here.”
His eyes found the cracks in the concrete step that sat below them.
She started softly speaking, “well. If you believe that to be true, then that’s what will become of us- nothing. I may not know much about you or understand how you feel; but one thing in certainty sure of is the fact that I’m falling hopelessly inlove with you, and it takes a while for those things to just fall apart. I want you now, and when you’re ready, I’ll still want you more than ever.”
Her hands fiddled with the sleeve of her shirt before he took her fingers and kissed them one by one, before resting them on his cheek as closed his eyes, and took a sharp inhale of breath. “One thing I know for certain, is that you are brighter than any of the stars the sky holds tonight, and that I am also falling hopelessly in love with you, and I’m scared, and you’re brilliant, and I hope that one day I will be ready for you.”

// the beginnings of a sad romance that I am living.


Arthur was nervous.

It was such an odd feeling for him, feeling nervous. Honestly though, it sorta felt, well, brilliant, really. 

He was going out on a date. A date with someone he didn’t even know.

He really had only dated pony club girls since he was young. They were brilliant, of course, but never really lasted terribly long.

This person; Skipper had actually set up the date. A blind date, which is completely different than what Arthur originally thought. 
They were a friend of Skip’s, one who had kept in touch after they moved out of Skipper’s shared housing a few years ago. 
It came about when Arthur recently went out on a failed date, telling the tale to both Douglas and Skip…

“Were, were they that special, Arthur?” Skip had asked, Arthur being honest in saying,

“Not really. We met not very long ago, so I don’t even really know them.”

“Oh. Well, you. You just seem really down about it.”

“More down than when they changed the shape of Toblerone.” Douglas chipped in, Martin nodding in seeming agreement.

“Oh. Maybe I am more down about it than I thought,” Arthur had said, ruffling up his hair in thought, “I guess it’s just been such a long time since I went out on a good date and really just made friends with someone.”

“You know,” Martin had started after a long pause, “I-I may know someone. If, if you’re interested in trying out another date.”

“Really?!” Arthur had cheered, immediately interested.

“Yes. A friend of mine.”

“You have friends?” Douglas teased, Martin have given him a glare.

“Yes, I have friends, thank you very much. I can give them a call this evening, Arthur, see if they’re interested?”

“Oh, that’d be brilliant, Skipper! Thank you!”

And so here he was, excitedly shuffling from one foot to the other in front of their door, wondering in the back of his mind if dark jeans and a button up was a good choice for the date.

With a few more deep breaths and a little hop of encouragement; he gently knocks, waiting with bated breath for them to greet Arthur.

The distinct sound of footsteps make their way toward Arthur, he hearing the click and clatter of them unlocking the door.

They soon answer with a kind smile and a shy ‘hello’.

Right after Arthur thinking they have a brilliant smile; he immediately notices their dress: Polar bears… Polar. Bears… Polar bears!

In that very moment; he was smitten already.

* * *

Fluff for Arthur, yay! UwU ❤

I’ve been going through my drafts on the tumblrs, and saw this and thought I’d finish it. :) The idea came about when I saw the dress, of course (this is from so long ago, they don’t even have that dress anymore ((I really kinda wanted it >.>;;;)) ).

Um… But yah. And I thought I’d go with a gender neutral figure, using them and they and such, so you can imagine whom you’d like for our lovely Arthur. ❤

I have a few drafts on here that I need to finish, so expect them at some point. :P

Hope you enjoy, m’dears!


Carla ❤❤❤

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haha ok true true a game of Monopoly, Dave Clark or Alan Price

Dave Clark is brilliant bc he could invest the money to the point of keeping it away from those willing to rip him off however people will be unable to discover him and his talents while Price will steal from rightful owners of rights so he can keep all of the money to his greedy ass. Both are shady af douchenozzles 

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Maybe I'm in the minority but I find it annoying to constantly read from other fans that Cait wouldn't be praised by critics and showered with all these well deserved awards and nominations if not for Sam. She's been a phenomenal supermodel and is an amazing actress. She's where she is because of herself not anyone else. They're also pushing the idea that Sam should also be at her Oscar Wilde ceremony. It's bizarre! He has no business being there. This event is for Cait to be honored and shine.

I agree anon!  Although of course actors in an ensemble contribute to each other’s performances, Cait earned her awards and nominations. She is a brilliant actor and I am so happy she hung in there with her “calling” and gave it a try even though she was not considered a “young woman” when she began to audition for shows.

Sam also does a wonderful job and he was brilliant in episode 116. It is too bad he did not win an award for that performance. But this is Cait’s time to shine. I have no doubt that Sam will have his time in the future but can’t we just let Cait have her moment now?

What gets to me every damn time is Magnus’s face till the moment their lips touch. Look at how unsure he is, you can tell how he still doesn’t know if Alec is going to reject him. Look at how his pupils shift a little when they are finally face to face. His eyes are searching for Alec’s, he is trying to find the answer in them, trying to see what’s the upcoming conversation going to hold. Look at how his eyebrows shoot a tiny inch up just a breath before the kiss, utterly taken aback. This is why the kiss startles him so much his head jerks back by the sheer force of it; he wasn’t expecting it at all. He was expecting Alec to stop and talk to him.

The details are mindblowing. A fucking+ acting, Harry. 

dan howell is a very good person who has come very, very far over the years. it’s refreshing to see somebody be open-minded and educate themselves on important things such as feminism, sexuality stereotyping and gender roles and other things that really matter.

he’s using his platform to send wonderful messages, especially to his newer, younger viewers who might not know as much just yet about that sort of thing.

i will always admire and have respect for any youtuber or famous person in general who can do that and still retain a good humour and eloquence.


“Maybe that’s why it went for her. Think about it. That knocking, it went all the way round the bus ‘till it found her. And she was the most scared, out of all of us. Maybe that’s what it needed. That’s how it got in.”

can we just. take a moment to appreciate how amazing yuuri katsuki is? like truly. he is. amazing. can we please talk about how hard he works at maintaining a peak physique for skating? can we please talk about how endearing his love for food is? can we please talk about how amazing and brilliant he is for skating to the victor nikiforov’s free program in his off season to near perfection when he isn’t at what’s considered the ideal physique for figure skating? can we please talk about how he’s the top men’s skater in japan and most likely owned japanese nationals and like. every competition in the junior division? 

and not only that, but yuuri katsuki made it to the grand prix while getting his college degree and studied in america for five years while ranking high enough in competitions and making it to the grand prix final. and the only reason he flubbed was because he went through a lot? his dog died, he binge ate and just… he wasn’t at his best and oh he’s just so scared and anxious of letting people down and blames himself for things he just can’t control and honestly like?? give him?? a hug?? the biggest hug??

and despite all that, he still got back up again, still got himself out of his slump. he trained his ass off, got to work, made the most of his time with victor and is still! making the most! of his time with victor! he’s just so good! amazing! iconic! everything i aspire to be! i love him! i love yuuri katsuki!