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Another Top 10 Destiel things that are far too obvious and beutiful.

Because only one post wasn’t enough.

10. The fact that I’m doing another post because there is so much material to work with when it comes to Destiel.

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Look at them, this little shits.

9. Morning, sunshine.

This is important, some people want us to believe it was a joke but no one in that kitchen was laughing. Dean just said it like he was calling Castiel by his name, Sam didn’t say anything and Cas didn’t react, like nothing not even his glorious eye-squint thing. I want to hear it again, like one thousand times more.

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Domestic Destiel is the reason I wake up in the mornings.

8. You just give up an entery army for one guy.

This is magic, true love guys. Metatron had all planed and we all know it. Castiel cares about heaven, about his brothers, but Dean is always first, what a surprise. Maybe Dean is just a simple human, not important in the grand- scheme of things but when it comes to Cas he is the thing that most matters.

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He knows.

7. And Cas…, Cas is my best friend.

Dean has very clear who Mary and Sam are for him, but when it’s Cas’ turn he pauses, he doubts before saying the words ‘’ best friend’’, why? Is he trying to say something else? Are we in front of an emotional crisis?. What is really Cas for Dean? We will never know. We’ll always have ‘’You are my best friend’’ by Queen:

You’re the best friend
That I ever had.
I’ve been with you such a long time.
You’re my sunshine,
And I want you to know
That my feelings are true,
I really love you
You’re my best friend.

6. The difference between Sam and Cas’ relationship and Dean and Cas’ one.

I think this is something we all have seen in 12x10, but it’s very easy to see it in other episodes.

Cas and Sam are very good friends they are there for each other of course but their relationship is clearly less irrational that the relationship between Dean and Cas. This is something that comes with the personality of the characters, Sam is the logical one while Dean is more impulsive. Their chemistry isn’t obviously the same either I would have believed that whole ‘ Cas you are a brother to me’ speech in Alpha and Omega  from Sam that from Dean. The hunter and the angel share a more profound bond that makes their relationship more complicated that the friendly one between Cas and Sam.

 And I have never seen Sam saying: ‘’Personal space Cas’’.

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5. “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind…. or forgotten.”

I don’t care if you ship or not Destiel we all can agree in this:

Dean really cares about Cas, he is his family. And I’m not buying any of that ‘’ Dean only needs Cas to use him’’ shit. Dean has said it, I think that by now is very clear that Cas is part of the Winchester family.

Another thing is if his part as Dean’s husband or as a brother. (I vote for the husband one)

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I think Cas thinks the same about the brothers, I’m sorry but is very clear that Heaven doesn’t want him back but he has a home, a palce to return, people who care about him and really apreciate him and what he has done this far.

4. Protective boyfriends.

Yesterday when I was watching ‘’Lily Sunder has some regrets’’ I was thinking all the time about this, Dean and Cas caring and worrying about each other is nothing new but the way Dean storms in the restaurant after like five minutes is amazing. He knows that the relationship between Castiel and the other angels isn’t the best right now and he cares, a lot. Like I said before Sam was going to wait but Dean is not so rational as his brother.

 It’s the same we saw in season 11, Sam was worried about Cas being Lucifer vessel but he was able to control himself, and think rationally, and take care of Dean that was completly going nuts.

The point here is that they will never let anyone hurt the other, even if they are the ones who got hurt.

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3. I won’t let you die or I don’t care if I die as long as you live.

This is related to number 4 of course, and is one of the main reasons I love this ship and believe so hard in it.

 This is one of the most important romantic tropes we usually see in films, tv and literature. You don’t give your life for a person at least that person is the only one you can’t see dying, the only one you can’t live without. We have seen Dean and Cas putting their lifes in danger a lot of times to save the other. 

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They won’t let the other die alone, never.

2. Parallels that are just magic.

Well apart from Cain and Colette, there are other pairs in the series that reminds us of Destiel. For example:

In season 9 we have this couple, the monster version of Romeo and Juliet. I’m not still over the fact they use the sames lines with Dean and Cas and that couple who was so clearly in love.

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I was there, where were you?

Sam seeing Jess after her death and Dean seeing Cas after Purgatory, I know why this was okay but I really love this parallel. 

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The two hunters in season 11. They are not a parallel maybe but I like the reaction Dean has when he meets them, he is curious about them and well they are one of the best examples of a couple who lives hunting, the contrary of what we see with Dean and Lisa.

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Helping the other to bury his past, being there for him until the end.

And the last one is from the last episode: ‘ Your human weakness’ I still can’t believe that scene, it is so clear that Isham thinks Dean is the same to Cas that Lily was for him, he really thinks this two are in love.

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And he is not the only one.

Before we reached number 1 an honorable mention:

The church scene in season 10:

I have talked about it here, but it deserves to be in this post too. Dean’ s confession is just so beutiful. He just wants someone with him, someone to settle with and someone to love. He is no ttalking about Lisa, because that life wasn’t for him. Maybe he is talking about Cas, or maybe not. But is very clear he needs a person who understands him and he deserves someone who loves him as much as Cas does.

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And finally:

1. This old married couple or did I fucking miss a wedding?

Since the very star of season 12 we were all saying how married Dean and Cas look and the last episode was just the cherry at the top of this theory. Some people don’t like them being this way, so rude and angry but the thing is that love is like this.

Couples argue all the time, two persons can’t always agree and that’s okay because at the end love is stronger that all of that. I really laughed with this two at the beggining of the episode and we know they are mad at each other, mad because they care and they can’t cope with the idea of losing the other. These two are very impulsive but at the end they forgive and they understand the other.

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Just look at them.

Lucy and Natsu, or, Orpheus and Eurydice

Still crying over Natsu and Lucy almost happened romantic reunion? Still heartbroken over the fact that the two didn’t manage to say what they wanted to? Let me make it worse.

Orpheus and Eurydice is a myth in Greek-Roman literature. Virgil and Ovid wrote short poems about it. Variations aside, both narrate the story of Orpheus, a singer and lyre player, whose instruments was given to him by none other than Apollo, the god of music and arts. He was a cantor, a player who used his instruments to sing stories. Orpheus played divinely and he was also very beutiful. Many, men and women, humans and gods, fell in love with his heart rending voice.

But Orpheus refused them all. Honours, beautiful women - and men, these were anciet greeks -, riches … the one he loved dearly was his beautiful Eurydice, a nymph. Nymphs were minor deities, depicted as beautiful, young, who singed and danced in the Nature, sort of ethereal creatures, a form of life between men and gods - the most famous nymph would be Teti, a naiad, Achilles’ mother.

But Eurydice prematurely died - bitten by a viper or as she run from a suitor, versions differ. Orpheus was beyond distraught. He sang in mournful voice a song - and remember, song narrated stories  - so beautiful that it is said even inanimated objects such as trees and rocks started to weep. So did the gods, who, heartbroken, granted him a passage to the Underworld, the Hades. Here he passed many trials, including facing the three-headed monstrous dog Cerberus, and was finally granted an audience with Pluton, the god of the dead, and his wife Proserpine. As he sang another beautiful song to them, the two were moved, and granted him to lead his wife back with him to earth, on the condition though that he never turned back to her as they walked.

So they they started walking. Orpheus walked in the front and Eurydice was behind him. I imagine now he must’ve been, for a while, overjoyed: he had been robbed of happiness, but managed to overcome so many obstacles, and now was about the enjoy a life with his beloved again. 

But he was worried; he couldn’t hear her. She was a spirit, an ethereal being even more now than when she was alive,  so she made no sound as she walked. He as anxious, tried to shake the feeling off, but couldn’t. So he did the one thing he was told not to: He turned to her.

And just like that, he broke his promise. He had managed to overwrite the rule according to which the dead cannot be brought back to life.

… and broke it. The love of his life had now vanished into thin air.

The myth goes on as Orpheus, turned to madness by the now unsolvable grief, started wandering​ through woods and forests, and eventually met the Maenads, women followers of the wine god Dyonisus, who tried to have him join their maniacal dances and rituals; he refused and thet dismembered him, then threw the pieces of his body in a river. 

Now of course I don’t think this will be the case. As I was confident from day one that Makarov wouldn’t stay dead, I’d be as crazy as Maenad to think that Natsu won’t come back. Not to mention Mashima, SPOILERS, did the exact same thing in his previous manga, Rave Master. I just wanted to draw some little lovely parallels as Orpheus and Lucy are both narrators who go through an inhuman feat to save whom they love. 

How he will come back remains a mistery though. Lucy managed to rewrite him back to life, but Natsu’s exsistence was tied to Zeref’s, who stated it multiple times. However, Natsu is also partially a dragon and a human, and though the book of END and informations about him disappeared -, parts of him may have remained “somewhere”. And as long as that somewhere exists, there must a way to get there, and if that way happens to be a door, remember we have a girl who happens to have a bunch of keys.