he's better now. i will always support him. he is the first youtuber i ever watched

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Hey! Do you mind doing the RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a YouTuber? Thank you and I love your blog!!

sure thing! and i’ll just drop my channel so that y’all check out my like.. 3 videos lmao


i’m doing this with the prospect of being a normal youtuber. like, not a big one, just a chill small channel with a decent following lol.


  • He’s actually so amazed!
  • You had yet to tell him because you weren’t sure if you were ready to do so.
  • You were a bit self-conscious about it.
  • But one fateful day, he came across one of your videos because they appeared in the suggestions.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • His s/o’s a YouTuber!? That’s so awesome!
  • He burst into the living room, where you were casually watching a movie while eating some snacks.
  • You shot up the couch, cheeks all red, and looked away bashfully.
  • I wasn’t sure you were going to like them…”
  • “Are you kidding!? I love them!!! Let’s make a video together one day! Let’s make a channel together!”
  • He was so supportive of you and your hobby/job.


  • He was pretty impressed because he’s a big personality in showbiz and tbh he would be pretty excited.
  • Waits for you to tell him, but you just… don’t. 
  • Eventually you guys are having take out (a miracle bcs that rarely happened) and he asks you about your channel.
  • You almost choke on your soup.
  • I-I… W-Well you see.. it’s just a hobby! Nothing serious. Not that good, to be hone-”
  • He cuts you off by pressing a kiss to your forehead and grinning. 
  • Will you include me in one of your videos?”
  • You were about to reply before he, once again, interrupted you.
  • Because I bet you’d love it if your channel had even more beauty on it, since it already has a delicious babe in every video.”
  • You grab the nearest throw pillow and chuck it at his head, your blush spreading like mad across your face.
  • I’ll think about it.”
  • But obviously you would let him.
  • You’d let him do your hair and he would let you do his, you’d actually been planning it after the first party ended. 


  • Tbh, she wouldn’t so impressed. 
  • She just thought it was unexpected, since she never even saw you with your cameras around. 
  • And she rarely had time to browse YouTube. 
  • But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t supportive of your dream/hobby/job.
  • When you told her, she asked you if you could please show her all of your videos.
  • Every time you turned around, there was a cute little smile on her face.
  • And a blush.
  • And she just looked so cute that you wrapped your arms around her and gave her a quick kiss.
  • So, do you like it?”
  • She pulled back from the embrace, a pink hue visible all over her cheeks, before fixing her glasses.
  • Of course I do. You look adorable in all of them, I even read the comments. And I think some people are a little bit too friendly for my liking.”
  • S’cute.


  • You had to show him your channel as well because he was such a klutz with technology.
  • When he noticed the quality of your videos and the size of your audience, he immediately offered to sponsor your videos.
  • He also noticed how good you were at what you did, he was surprised.
  • You knew better than outright refusing his offer.
  • To him business was something serious, and this was obviously business related. 
  • So, you knew that if you refused right away, without thinking it through, he would go and lecture you about the importance of rare business opportunities.
  • You were quiet for too long though. 
  • So? (Y/n), what do you think? Yes, no? I honestly think that it’s a great opportunity for both your channel and the company. YouTube is a great way of doing publicity and you would obviously benefit from C&R’s publicity.”
  • You noticed the fierce gleam in his eye.
  • He was serious.
  • He also looked very cute when talking about business. 
  • You couldn’t help but offer him one of the smiles that always and without fail made him melt.
  • You also felt guilty, because you felt like you were just taking advantage of him.
  • How about this, baby? You sponsor some of my videos? I just… I honestly don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of you. I hate the prospect. And I know this is business and that I should think logically, but I don’t care. I have a moral code I must follow and that’s that. What do you think?”
  • You were blushing. 
  • It always made you flustered, talking business with him.
  • It was overwhelming and also slightly hot.
  • He just smiled at you and grabbed your hand, his thumb brushing along your knuckles. 
  • We have a deal, my love.”
  • “And I have one more condition?” you continued.
  • He raised a single eyebrow, smile still present on his lips. 
  • He knew that tone of voice, you wanted to get away with something.
  • I… I want you to be in one of my videos!”
  • He was taken aback. 
  • Take it or leave, Mr. Han.”
  • Mr. Han… 
  • You were pinned against the couch in an instant, his lips hovering over yours.
  • Deal.”


  • Obviously, he already knew about your videos.
  • He thought you were adorable and sexy and perfect. 
  • And he constantly created bots that left loving and supporting comments on your videos. 
  • Once Saeran settled in his house and was used to you, he decided to bring it up.
  • Why?
  • Because you had stop uploading videos ever since you joined the RFA.
  • He knew the reason. You were too busy with the organization and helping him. 
  • He loved you so much.
  • Huh? Oh…” you rubbed the back of your neck, a sheepish smile on your face, “Yeah… Um, I guess I do have a decent following and I’ve been reading the comments asking me to upload but… I’m pretty busy.”
  • “I’ll help you.”
  • You looked at him dead in the eye.
  • A video with Seven. Now that would be something.
  • A creative spark lit inside of you and a grin started spreading on your face.
  • Would be willing to wear a paper mask and be in one of my videos?”
  • That was easy.
  • A devilish smirk appeared on his face before nodding once, already plotting the weirdest most random video, fitting for your comeback. 
  • He’d help you blow up, just like he helped Zen. 
  • Of course, he’d ask you first. 
  • And you know… Along the way… we can make some other type of video.. In which we do thinks like fuc-”
  • You threw your slipper and it landed right on his face.


  • He also knew you were one.
  • He chose you after all.
  • (This is after Mint Eye btw, he’s on the road to recovery)
  • And I think that this baby would binge watch the videos he didn’t already while helping himself to some ice cream.
  • But he wouldn’t create supportive bots.
  • Instead, he’d look up at the negative comments, trace them, and suddenly the owner’s laptop would have a strange virus. 
  • No one messes with his angel.
  • He’d low key be your fan.


  • This nugget underwent surgery and when he watched your videos he was astonished. 
  • The way you handled the camera and edited your videos as A+++++.
  • He’d offer to help you with the filming process. 
  • And offer to pay him.
  • But he REFUSED. 
  • Why would you even offer that? 
  • “I’m doing this because I genuinely want to help and want to make you happy.”
  • Bless this sweet baby. 

I lost inspiration at Saeran and V aslfja sigh. sorry this was shitty.

Thanks for not having dumped me yet (Tom Holland x Reader)

Request: Hello,Can I request a Tom Holland imagine where reader is his long time girlfriend and he has been filming Spider Man Homecoming and one day reader goes to Disneyland with her family and Tom’s family too,and he surprise her and propose her in front of the castle and there’s a music on the background and it’s “I Do” by Drew Selley,I’m sorry if this is a little confused,Thank you❤️ / tagging @joannaasilva and @akiiiiiiiiiii

A/N: I haven’t added the song in the background, which I’m extremely sorry for, because I’m in my village and the wifi is not working well so I can’t watch youtube videos, and also, I’m extremely bad at song imagines. I hope you don’t mind and enjoy it nonetheless xx

Looking around you, you smile in awe at how beautiful everything is. You had never been to Disneyland before, and now you realize all you had been missing out. You look at Tom, talking to his brothers a few feet from you. He is smiling and seems to be happy about the fact of being with his family after so long.
After dating for four years, you can admit you have never been happier. You have an amazing boyfriend and an amazing family, and you can picture yourself having a future with Tom. You know you are young -you are only twenty, but you can’t wait until the day you are happily married and have a family of your own.
You walk up to Tom and take his hand, smiling at his parents.
‘’Do you wanna stay here until the fireworks are thrown?’’ you ask, hoping they’ll say yes. You want to live the whole Disneyland experience and stay until the park closes.
Tom looks at his parents before nodding. His parents smile suspiciously and nod as well, looking happily at Tom. You don’t really understand what’s going on, and when Sam and Harry laugh, it makes you suspicious. ‘Is there anything no one is telling me?’ you wonder as you look at Tom. He simply smiles at you, giving your hand a little squeeze. You let it pass and smile back, tugging at his hand.
‘’What ride do you want to go on next?’’ you say excitedly as you walk away from his parents.
You approach your parents to tell them you’ll see them in that exact spot in thirty minutes, and they smile and send you off.
‘’Everyone is acting weirdly today. This is the first time in twenty years in which my parents haven’t asked a thousand questions about where we’re going’’ you say, laughing a little.
Two hours later, the night has already set in, the lights illuminating the castle. You stand next to your parents, looking at it in awe. Tom has gone to the toilet, his family standing on the other side of you.
Just as you are about to call him, worried about him not coming back, you feel a tap on your shoulder, and turning around, you see Tom, slowly kneeling on one knee and pulling something out of his coat. You open your mouth slightly, putting a hand over it, a smile making its way onto your lips.
‘’[Y/N], we have known each other since we were in kindergarten. For some reason, you didn’t kill me when I cut your ponytail -which I still don’t understand, and you decided to be my friend. You have put up with me for so many years -me not going to school because of filming; me having to ditch you, again, because of filming; me leaving the country and not telling you until the day before, once again, because of filming -you have been there for me through all of that, and the only times we argue, it’s because I eat your fries. You have always supported me, both as a friend and as a girlfriend, and I know I can always count on you. You agreed to dating me after ten years of friendship, and you made me the happiest boy alive. I have put you through so much crap since then -false rumors, late night calls, jealous moments, ditching you up repeatedly… And you haven’t dumped me yet, which I’m really thankful for, just so you know. Having been through all of this and managing to still love each other as much as the first day we kissed, I want to ask you something’’ he says, pulling out a little box, and opening it to only show a ring inside. ‘’[Y/N], will you put up with my problems for many more years and marry me?’’ he asked, a huge grin on his face.
You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes, both your hands covering your mouth as you nodded your head furiously.
‘’Yes, Tom. A thousand times yes’’ you whispered, crying.
He put the ring softly on your finger and got up, hugging you, your head resting on his shoulder.
‘’I love you so much’’ he whispered on your ear.
‘’I love you even more’’ you said, a strangled sob escaping your mouth. ‘’You better not ditch me on the wedding, understand?’’ you asked, loud enough so your parents and Tom’s family would hear, making you all laugh. He nodded and pulled you closer, giving you a soft kiss.
‘’I would never’’ he said, laughing a little. He was yours, you were his, and that was all you ever wanted.

The Worst Joke Ever


Here’s the song

*Dan Howell-centric


March 31

Dan stared at his camera, feeling as empty as the lens staring at him. The camera had already been rolling for a good five minutes without him saying anything; there would be a lot of editing needed for this video.

‘But maybe I shouldn’t edit it,’ Dan thought. ‘Maybe this needs to be as real as possible.’

‘Or maybe,’ another voice in his head said. ‘You shouldn’t do this at all.’

‘No,’ the first voice said. ‘It has to be done.’

Dan took a deep breath. “Hello, Internet,” he said, trying to put on a happy face. But he knew that the thousands of people who would watch this soon would be able to see through his façade. He’d been in drama, sure, but no amount of acting would be able to hide this pain.

“So. As most of you know, I’ve been dating Y/N for a while now. And she’s great. Really. She’s… well, she’s basically the best thing in my life…”

Damn, this was going to be harder than Dan had thought.

“We have a lot of fun and she’s always there for me and… and I wasn’t there for her.” Dan bit the inside of his lip, the words hurting more than he’d expected. “Most people don’t understand how much time YouTube actually takes. It’s more than just turning on the camera and telling a stupid story for five minutes. There’s…” Dan shook his head. “I’m not going to go into everything but there’s a reason that this is considered my job. It’s work.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, I love working for YouTube. I love making these videos for you guys, I love making stuff that you guys like. And Y/N always supports me. She sits here and watches me edit, which is probably about as exciting as having a tooth pulled. She’s my sounding board for ideas. She celebrates the milestones with me. She’s actually physically pulled me away from the computer a few times, especially when I’m freaking out because YouTube or the internet has decided to go down right when I’m trying to upload.

“The problem is… I’ve missed a lot. Yes, I have free time and yes, I spend as much of it as I can with Y/N, but I’ve still missed some important things in her life. She says she doesn’t mind, that she understands, but I can tell that she really hates it.”

Dan sighed. This was the first time he’d said some of this out loud—usually, it was just in his head.

“Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking: ‘oh, no, this is a breakup video. Dan’s going to tell us that he and Y/N are broken up and it’s all terrible’. Well, you’re half-right. This is, for lack of a better term, a breakup video. But it’s not about Y/N and I. It’s between me and… well, everything else.

“‘But Dan, what does that mean?’ It means that I’m taking a break from YouTube and Twitter and everything that all the old people call ‘distractions’. I’m not quitting, exactly—I have a few videos that I’ve already made that I can post every so often. But my presence here and in social media won’t be as prominent.

“Please understand that this is not because I’m mad at anybody. This is just for the betterment of my relationship with Y/N. I love her and I want to make sure that she’s going to stay with me.”

Dan sighed. “So. This isn’t goodbye; it’s just… farewell.”


April 1


You couldn’t contain your giggles, which was making Dan start to crack as well.

“Yes, hello, internet,” Dan said. “I just want to take a moment to apologize for yesterday’s video. When you hear the explanation, some of you might be a little mad, but believe me when I say that it’s all Y/N’s fault.”

“Is not!”

“Shush. Now… the things in yesterday’s video that were true were the things I said about YouTube being work and the things I said about loving Y/N. Everything else was a lie—I’m not quitting YouTube, I haven’t missed any important things in Y/N’s life…”

“Dan doesn’t have any videos that he’s saved because he’s a procrastinator…”

“No need to chime in, thank you,” Dan said with a laugh. He turned back to the camera. “The reason Y/N decided I should make that video is because she–”


“We wanted to make this video more impactful in a twisted April Fool’s joke kind of way. Y/N and I are not on the verge of breaking up, our relationship isn’t in danger; it’s the best it’s ever been.” Dan picked up your hand and brought it up in front of the camera, the light shining off of the engagement ring on your finger. “A few weeks ago, I asked Y/N to marry me. And she said yes!”

“After many days of painful, elaborate consideration.”

“Oh, shut up,” Dan said with a laugh. “God, is this what marriage is going to be like?”

“You got yourself into this mess, Mr. Howell.”

“And you love it, future Mrs. Howell.”

Let’s make a baby part 11 D|H  {first part}

A/N : Look who is uploading on a Thursday. It’s me ! You have noticed the ‘first part’ in the title. It’s because I will upload another chapter tomorrow (8pm GMT) !! previous parts

Life is funny. One day you are living your dream life as happy as ever and the next day you can’t go a minute without crying your eyes out.

It’s been 3 weeks since my fight with Dan. I’m currently starting month 8 of my pregnancy. When I think about going into labour soon, I get excited but also really scared. In about 2 months I’m going to be a mum. I was still staying with Phil. Although I had planned to move back to my parents, I still didn’t have enough strength to actually do it. I let something about a fight slip through to my mother but didn’t mention that it was actually this bad.

I guess I didn’t want to face reality, leave London and Dan behind. I was still stuck to my old life.

Whenever I’m wide awake during the night I convince myself that it’s actually because travelling up to the North to my home town was to exhausting for somebody who is heavily pregnant. Dan still hadn’t stopped to call and text me 24/7. It’s pretty much all he does now. There were no new Youtube videos, he stopped tweeting and Phil had to do the radio show on his own. It was like danisnotonfire was gone. Completely vanished from the public life. Phil told concerned Fans that he was alright and just taking a break or something. But after all this time I wasn’t sure if he was alright at all. I, for my part, wasn’t. Although I haven’t talked to him since our last confrontation the day after the fight, I still see him everyday. He literally camps outside of Phil’s flat. He just sits on the stairs in front of the entrance and waits for me or Phil to come out. I only exit the flat when I can be sure that he has gone home. But Phil had some meetings to go to so he 'bumped’ into him quite often. I knew because I watched him from the big window in the lounge. He looked horrible.

His lips always form the sentence 'How is Y/N doing ?’

Phil always has three answers to choose from a) She is fine. b) Horrible, what did you expect ? or  c) Just go home, Dan !  

Sometimes I feel like he knows that I’m watching him because his eyes glimpsed at my window ever so often. Whenever I felt his eyes dart up I hide behind the curtains with a racing heart.

Although spring had arrived it was still pretty cold outside, especially during the nights.

“He is still out there.” I said my voice drenched with concern.

Phil’s eyes narrowed. It was around 12 pm right now and Dan was still sitting on the stairs, not moving.

“Don’t worry Y/N, he will leave soon.

He didn’t. At 1am it started raining heavily, there was a huge storm waging outside. Thunder was crackling and litres of rainwater ran down the windows and roof. He stayed. After only a few minutes he was completely soaked. I couldn’t help but stare out of the window, while nervously chewing my fingernails. His dark hair was stuck to his forehead, water dripped down his nose. I could only tell that he was crying because his shoulders shook and his eyes became red, that’s how heavy the rain has gotten. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the sad scenery in front of me. My heart sunk and there were lightnings shooting across the sky.

“Phil, please make him go away.” I cried desperately, close to tears once again. He gave me a warm bear hug before he stumbled down the stairs towards the front door.

“Dan, leave !” I heard him shout through the rain.  

“I can’t !” my ex boyfriend answered between sobs.  

“I just can’t go back to an empty house. An empty house where everything reminds me of the beautiful girl, the beautiful family I’ve lost. I’d rather just stay here, knowing she is in there.” he explained to his best friend, his voice hoarse and shaking.

I took a deep breath. It was now Phil’s turn to speak again.

“I’m sorry, I really am, but it’s better for you to go home now.”

“Don’t you understand. She is home to me. There is no such thing as home without her”

“I do understand but you just can’t stay here, Da-” Phil once again tried to talk sense into his friend, who was already protesting. But I interrupted both of them as I carefully waddled down the stairs, towards the opened front door. Dan’s tired eyes grew wide as he saw me. I put my arm around Phil’s shoulder for support since my balance was the worst with a belly this big.

“I wouldn’t mind him staying for the night, Phil.” I spoke.

My friend next to me wrapped his arm around my waist and nodded, but his eyes were filled with concern. I just couldn’t watch Dan stay there for the whole night. As he stepped I saw his face close up. His eyes were red and bloodshot and his soft skin had an unhealthy looking teint. He looked like 3 weeks ago, but worse. There was only one little detail that was different. For the first time in 3 weeks the corners of Dan’s mouth pointed skywards again. 

My Little Baby Llama

I just thought this would be a different, kinda cool, new story. 

Prompt: Dan has a 4 years old daughter, Elizabeth, that only his family and Phil knows about. She lives with her mom, Clary, in a house next to Dan’s parents, and she grew up having Dan’s family, her mom, Dan and Phil supporting her. Lizzie is the happiness in Dan’s live, but to protect her he only sees her when he goes to his parents, and he talks to her every week on facetime. When an accident happens to Clary, and leaves her in a coma, everything that Lizzie wants is her Daddy, and Dan will do anything to make his baby girl happy again. Even if it means to take her back with him to London to live with him and Phil.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone, just the story behind it! I hope you guys are ready for real fluff parent!Dan and Uncle!Phil

I don’t know how many parts will be there, but enjoy this one!


PART 1: The Accident 

Dan’s P.OV

“Are you coming to Brazil? “ I read out loud from the chat. “I’d love to come to Brazil one day. Its a cool country that I’ve never been to.” I answer, trying to ignore my phone calling for the third time. My mom has this thing that she always forget that my live shows are on Tuesday’s nights, and since Tuesday is the day that Lizzie leaves school earlier and stays the whole afternoon with her, she always calls me to let me talk to my baby girl.

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Summary: 2012!Phan are having a heated argument when Phil says something that really hurts Dan.

Genre: Angst & a lil bit of fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing, fighting

Word Count: 1597

read on ao3!

The flat shared between Dan Howell and Phil Lester was quiet, as it usually was these days. There was no Buffy episode playing on their shared TV, no sounds of laughter echoing from the kitchen. Thankfully, there was also no shouting at the moment. The sounds of heated arguments were the only ones that were ever heard in their flat these days.

Dan and Phil were in their separate, adjacent rooms, both silently, mindlessly browsing the internet and trying not to think about each other. It was late 2012 and their year had not been going to plan. Sure, their work lives had been fantastic; they were both coming dangerously close to reaching a million subscribers on YouTube, they’d just moved to London to start hosting a weekly radio show for the BBC and they’d spent the year interviewing celebrities and generally just gaining all-round success.

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30-Day OTP Challenge Phan Edition // Day 19: Formal Wear

Genre: sad fluff

Words: 1.3k

Warnings: fam probs

Summary: Dan and Phil are visiting Dan’s parents because one of Dan’s cousins is getting married. Dan decides to go monochrome for his attire, and his mother doesn’t approve. Cue Phan sentimental talk about fam probs.

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Lost Stars (Jungkook, You) Part 6 "The Finale"

Author’s Note:
This is the final chapter to Lost Stars and i jsut wanted to say thank you to everybody who read and went through this journey with me. it’s been a beautiful and emotional ride for all of us with this fanfiction and I hope you all find the ending to be satisfying. To be honest, this wasn’t the first ending I had in mind and was a last minute thing but well, change is the only thing constant in this world, right? keke~ Have fun reading and thank you once again.
To sassy-rabbit, I hope you liked your request. :) 

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

2 weeks later - October

California, USA

You sighed in amusement as you watched your band mates fooling around in the studio. Your guitarist, Jackson was currently being bullied by Kenny, your drummer, teasing him about chickening out in asking out the girl he liked.

“Come on man!” Jackson whined. “I totally panicked, alright?!”

Kenny ruffled his hair then gave you a face, which made you chuckle. “That’s what you said last month!”

You shook your head as you went back to your notebook, writing the current song you were working on. Since returning back from Korea, you had been writing nonstop; in the car, in your room, over dinner, and even in the middle of the night. You were so inspired that you had written about five songs within the week.

“Yo, Y/N.” Kenny called, interrupting your silence. “We’re taking a break for dinner. Coming?”

You waved a hand at him, “You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

“Okay.” He said and everyone moved out of the room, leaving you in quietness. Once everyone was out, you sighed and ran a hand over your face. You looked at the piano at the corner of the room and a sudden though hit you. 

It’s been two weeks. 

Two weeks since you cleared everything with Jungkook.

Two weeks since you ended your relationship with him, had some proper closure which you knew was the one thing that has kept you up at night for the past five years. 

Looking away, you grabbed your clear book from underneath the desk, in search for a scratch paper you can use. As you flipped it open, you found yourself staring at a page with a familiar handwriting.

The handwriting was evidently not yours. 

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I feel like it takes a while to notice the little things, you know?

Dan and Phil are just so, I don’t really like using this word, but they’re just perfect together.

Perfection is a false tale. No one can be perfect. I believe that perfection is not to be without flaws, but to have flaws that bring individuals together as an entire picture in order to create this ideal.

You can see it in their physical structure and their personalities and everything they do. These two could be considered complete opposites, but they just fit together so nicely.

Honestly, I cannot see myself looking at Dan or Phil being happier than they are now with each other. And the person you’re in love with should make you happier than ever.

I’m not forcing this upon them, but sometimes I scroll through Tumblr and find a GIF of the two and I really can’t picture them being more happy with anyone else.

Maybe it’s just because they’ve made it so far. They have successful channels, a radio show, a book, another upcoming tour. But they also have the small things in between.

When you look at Dan, you see this tall, soft-featured man that has this round face having dimples as deep as an ocean with details that just blend well. When you look at Phil, you see this slightly shorter,  sharp-featured man that has cheekbones that stick out and every detail just sticks out to you.

They clash. They don’t look alike. Dan is the epitome of a dark abyss, while Phil makes you look towards the idea of a rainbow.

But that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

You can see that Dan has this sarcastic personality, and that Phil is rather more bubbly. But Dan is the person that you can talk to and understand better, while Phil is the person you go to when you want to hear strange stories.

They aren’t perfect puzzle pieces. They’re a perfect portrait.

After just taking a moment to look into the two, you can see that Dan has a light color of brown eyes that you don’t notice at first, but makes you feel warm with the specks of gold that shine through them when he talks about the things he love. and that Phil’s eyes can turn icy blue or morph into a sea green depending on the way his words are spoken and how he feels about what he’s talking about.

Phil is really sassy and scoffs at the little things and he seems to always have something to say, and Dan is actually really careful with how he words things so he doesn’t offend anyone.

Dan talks a lot more, and he’s more loud, but it’s when he’s quiet when you notice what’s really on his mind. Phil tends to be labeled as more hesitant, but once he speaks, it always makes sense, even if it doesn’t.

I can’t see them being without the other.

And all those hypotheticals about that happening? They’ll both lose. There is no win-win situation.

Dan’s known Phil since the age of eighteen, and they’ve been best friends and living together since. I’m not saying he doesn’t know how to take care of himself or he can’t be independent, but losing Phil would ruin him. He lost the one guy that supported him throughout his adult life when others couldn’t and he was there for his university breakdown. He helped him go through the first experience of the real, adult world. He helped him become a YouTuber and watched him succeed even further than he did, and Phil still never thought anything more or less of him.

And Phil. He lost a best friend before. He knows how it feels. But it’s not like the second time will be easier. Because Dan was there after he lost his best friend, and he was there to very slowly fill that hole in his heart. Phil would lose the lid that saved him. He’d lose the kid he watched grow up, and will always consider him as a best friend that never decided he was too weird or creepy. He was there to see Dan nervous while he went to the first ever show. He was there to see him get to a hundred subscribers. He was there and put his hopes into him because he had so much left to spare.

There’s also the small things like how they act.

The two are a pair of individuals.

It’s a bit harder for Dan to hold conversation unless you come up with something to say. Phil will always reassure you that things will be fine, and he’ll tell you the truth.

Sometimes you can see that they have their own routine.

When Phil puts cards down, Dan straightens them to make it look neater. When Dan zones off the conversation, Phil always catches his attention right in time so he’s able to hear the question.

When Phil accidentally hurts himself, Dan will just shake his head, comlain, and laugh, but he’ll take out the first aid kit anyways. When Dan forgets his phone, Phil slides it over to him because he grabbed it for him.

When Phil is rewatching episodes of an anime or Buffy until 3 am too loudly, Dan just grumbles and walks into the room and starts to watch it with him because oh well. When Dan’s pacing in his room and Phil can hear it, the sound of boiling water runs through the flat and he knocks on Dan’s door, ready with a cup of tea.

It’s the tiny things that connect the dots that seem to never be complete.

You see the big things at first, and these two best friends, but they could also be making out behind the camera.

You see the little things after staring for too long, and these two are best friends that have lived their life with each other for over six years, and they’re the happiest they’ve ever been.

Well, those are my thoughts. But what do you think?
Moments of Truth: Oliver's S1 & S2 Queen Mansion Love Confessions

It was recently brought to my attention that the S1 finale scene between Laurel & Oliver and the S2 finale scene between Felicity & Oliver both took place at the Queen mansion.  Not just the same place - they were the exact same spot, the entryway of the Queen mansion. Coincidence? Sure, absolutely it could be.  Is it probable? No. Mostly because that’s just less fun.

Why were these two romantic scenes filmed in the exact same spot? What were the writers trying to say?  A LOT….so let’s dig in. I’m breaking down two major scenes, so this may get long but hang in there with me. I do have a point.  Thanks to the Anon who asked me to analyze the two scenes, I’ll do my very best.

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anonymous asked:

Hellooo theree! I was wondering if you could write a Jaspar fic where Joe doesn't have his own youtube channel but Caspar does and Caspar's viewers knew he had a boyfriend but has never been seen and Caspar makes a 'Meet my boyfriend' video introducing Joe. Hope this made sense:-). Thank youuss x

Title: The Boyfriend Tag

Summary: Caspar is dating non!youtuber Joe and the viewers don’t know anything about him but are always asking about him. Caspar finally convinces Joe to make a video with him and he introduces him to the viewers.

Pairing: Jaspar

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,458


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anonymous asked:

Imagine where your an actress (IN THE GUCKING 100 because DAMN THATS MY GUILTY PLEASURE) and he gets nervous to go to the teen choice awards because he does YouTube videos and (you end up winning a award) and he ends up having fun?? Sorry if it's so long 😅💓

Hey!! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you like it x

‘Shit, Y/n. I don’t know if I should come.’ He said, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.
‘What?’ You asked, surprised. ‘Why not?’
You were sitting in the lounge awaiting the car that was picking you both up, and everything was ready to go. You had on a brand new outfit and you actually thought you looked really good in it - as did Calvin. He had told you enough times since you’d put it on a mere half an hour ago.
He looked just as good though, in black jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer overtop - he looked amazing. Your heart fluttered just looking at him; it made it all the more special because he hardly ever made an effort or dressed up for anything, and you were so grateful that he had wanted to support you.
Until now.

‘I dunno…’ He said, wringing his hands. 'I shouldn’t really be there, should I? I’m a YouTuber… ’
You just stood there staring at him for a solid 10 seconds.
You didn’t even know what to say. He didn’t want to go because he didn’t feel like his content was professional enough to even be there?
'Shut up.’ You said, shaking your head.
'Your content is better and funnier than half of the people that are nominated for an award.’ You said, and he just kept his head down. He got awkward when people complimented him, especially when you did; though you could see a small smile tugging at his lips, and that was all you needed.
'Please come,’ you begged.
'We won’t stay long if you really don’t like it when we get there,’ you promised, watching his face as you heard a car horn from outside.
He still looked unconvinced and very nervous and you decided that you weren’t going to go without him.
'Hey, if you really don’t wanna go then we don’t have to. It’s completely up to you,’ you told him, knowing how it feels to be pressured into something that you don’t really want to do.
'Nah, let’s go. It’s about time your brilliance was officially recognised.’ He joked, wiggling his eyebrows like an idiot to make you laugh.
So you left and got into the car that was waiting to take you to the Teen Choice Awards.

When you got there you looked at Calvin, whose eyes were scanning the sea of photographers and people with microphones that were trying to wave everyone down for interviews.
You laid your hand over his on the leather seat and he intertwined your fingers, squeezing gently as he said under his breath, 'I still don’t think I should be here..’
Before you could silence him once again the door was opened by a rather large man dressed in black and Calvin exited the vehicle first, helping you out after him.
His hand remained in yours as you did the obligatory posing for cameras and tried to avoid all of the people shouting your name.
One grabbed for Calvin’s arm as he walked passed but you discreetly pulled him out of their reach, eager to get away from the cameras and into where the awards were given so you could sit down and relax, away from the noise.
This plan wasn’t destined to work however and an attractive blonde lady jumped in front of you, her hair as irritatingly bouncy as her attitude.
'Hey Y/n!! It great to see you here! Especially with this one,’ she said, getting a little too close to Calvin for your liking.
'How does it feel to be nominated for such an amazing award?’
It took you a second to comprehend what she’d said as she’d said the whole thing in the space of three seconds and you had to almost translate it to make any sense of it whatsoever.
'Yeah, I’m so grateful. Can’t believe I’m here, really.’ You said, hoping that answered the question to her satisfaction.
'And how does it feel to have such a talented parter?’ She asked, turning to Calvin. You were grateful to have the spotlight off of you but hoped that he wouldn’t make any bad jokes or say anything embarrassing.

'I’m so incredibly proud of Y/n and I’m so honoured that she wanted me here to support her. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does, whether that be making me happy or acting on TV. My only question is why she wasn’t given one of these things earlier.’ He said and you stared at him in awe before the irritating woman snapped you out of your daze.
'Aw! How cute are you?!’ She gushed and you raised an eyebrow before thanking her for the interview and wished her well before whisking Calvin into where the awards were going to be given.
You took your seats at an empty table and you immediately turned and pressed a kiss to his lips, which he happily returned.
He squeezed your hand once you parted and said quietly with a smile, 'What was that for?’
'Thanks.’ You said simply, blushing a little.
You didn’t get a chance to say anything else as the table filled up with people and you edged your seat closer to Calvin’s. You watched him make an awkward face and you worried that he really would hate being there, but within ten minutes he had everyone at the table in hysterics.

The awards started and when your name was called in the nominations you felt a familiar hand on your thigh.
He looked more nervous than you did in the tense thirty seconds before the winner was announced and you couldn’t help but chuckle as he eased your thumping heart even when he wasn’t aware of it.
You completely froze when your name was called, your face a mask of shock. You were only snapped out of it when Calvin picked you up and twirled you around, laughing like a maniac.
When he put you back down you made your way up to the stage, glowing with happiness.
'Oh my god. Thank you so much!’ You began your thank you speech, shaking with nerves the whole time. They only slightly subsided when it got to the end of the spiel and you looked at Calvin in his seat who was pulling funny faces to make you laugh.
'And last but certainly not least, the man who has kept me sane throughout this whole thing. Through not seeing him for days on end and hardly being able to function due to lack of sleep, he’s always managed to make me laugh despite it all. I can never thank you enough for that, babe. I certainly owe you one, Cal.’
You smiled and bowed your head a little in gratitude before making your way off stage and taking your seat next to Calvin again.
You sat through the rest of the awards and collapsed into bed when you made it home.

Your heavy eyes closed and the next thing you knew Calvin was taking your shoes off and climbing into bed next to you before wrapping you up in his arms and draping the blankets over you.
'I’m so proud of you,’ he whispered into your ear, kissing your neck gently.
'It wasn’t that bad after all, huh?’ You asked, smiling smugly as his hair tickled your neck. No award will ever feel as good as lying peacefully in his strong arms as you fall asleep.

Sorry it was so long!!! 

I was wondering - what do you guys prefer in regards to fluffiness? Do you like this level of fluffiness? Like would you prefer more, less or keep it at the same level? Let me know cause I’m really clueless at this whole thing lmao.
Luv you guys and keep the requests coming 💗 x

You made me forget.

SUMMARY: Joe’s the bad boy of the school and most people wouldn’t think he’d be dating Caspar Lee, the schools ‘cupcake’ but he is. Read to find out how they came to be. :) 

 Warning: sexual innuendoes and strong language. Follow this blog for more Jaspar fics and only Jaspar fics.

“HAHAHA! You owe me Sivian and Lester.”

“Tilly shut the fuck up, you’re ruining the moment.”

“Just give him the money Troye.”

“Phil! You bet on our friend?!”

“Don’t be sour Dan, we all knew that something like this was going to happen.”

“You know what Tyler, listen to troye and shut the fuck up.”

“I’m sorry bear.”


“How long you guys think it’ll be until they jump into bed?”

“TYLER!” All three friends shouted. Making the entire hallway except two people stare at them.


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Starter guide to Person of Interest

[Update: The episodes Guide is now complete and cleaner. Don’t hesitate to reblog I don’t have any followers^^]

Hi everyone.
I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to start Poi for Root and Shaw but having no idea what’s it’s about or where to start so i made a starter guide for you. It contains a little characters and story description, a few words about the fandom and at the end you’ll find an episodes guide to help you through.

I’m french and my english is not perfect so i apologize in advance for every mistakes made, hope your eyes won’t bleed ^^
Everything here is my personal opinion that may not be shared by everyone, no intention to offend anyone .

First of all, why watch Person of Interest?

Because it’s one of the best shows you’ll ever going to watch.
It’s not nearly as popular as it should be, and it’s a shame really,it deserve all the awards and it got everything you can ask for.
A good and complicated story with continuity, multidimensional characters that you’re all gonna end up loving, great performances from the actors and nice guest stars, a lot of OITNB cast, Bridget Regan, Katheryn Winnick, just to name a few and there’s a dog too !
It’s action packed with a little dose of humor, great evolution of characters as well as the relationships between them.
That’s a show that’s gonna make you think, make you cry, make you smile and make you swoon forever :)
And there’s Root and Shaw, probably two of the most bad ass women on tv right now. You’ll love them on their own and you’ll love them together. Their relationship is CANON even if it start with subtext and is supported by the writers and the actresses. Actually, Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi are the captains of this ship, search youtube, they’re the cutest.

But little warning, Shaw is a character with an Axis II personality disorder, she’s a sociopath and can’t feel things the way most people do and it’s extremely important to me and other people to respect that. So don’t expect great declaration of love, hugs and kisses, it’s not them, it’s not her and it’s way more subtle than that. So if that’s what you’re looking for go read fan fictions.

What’s the story is about?

Grosso modo, Harold Finch build a computer program, called The Machine, that analyses all our datas to detect terrorist activities. But the machine also detect people who want to hurt others or are about to get hurt and send their social security number to Finch. He team up with John Reese in order to stop what’s about to happened.
It’s start as a procedural with the number of the week but involves a lot of flashback on the origin of The Machine and the characters background. In season 2, there’s a lot more stories arc involving stuff like corrupt cops, government agencies, mafia and The Machine become a character on it’s own. At that point the story become a lot more complicated and interesting and it gets better and better from there with the addition of Root and Shaw.

What about the characters?

Harrold Finch (Michael Emerson ): He’s a computer genius,billionaire and creator of The Machine. He live in secret, changing his name so many times we still don’t know his real one. He’s a little bit paranoid and awkward with people sometimes. He’s the voice of reason, the moral compass of Team Machine and most of the  philosophical aspect of the show come from him. He’s a true gentleman and wouldn’t hurt a bird ;)

John Reese (Jim Caviezel): Former CIA agent who lost everything, even his will to live until Finch comes looking for him. Extremely loyal friend, he would do anything to protect you or rescue you. John loves shooting people in the kneecaps but John doesn’t like to talk about himself or bother people with his problems. John may be a straight white male but he’s not a whinny bitch and even if he doesn’t appeal to you at first, you’re going to love him sooner than you expected.

Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson ): Police detective. Carter is the one arresting John in the pilot and release him before knowing who he really is. She then try for a time to capture the “man in the suit” mostly because he keeps shooting people everywhere he goes but kinda start helping him along the way. She is fierce, smart and you don’t bullshit her, if she has in mind to get you, she will.

Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman): Former dirty cop working with the organization called HR. In the pilot Fusco get in trouble with Reese who later blackmail him into feeding him info on people and the NYPD. Fusco is the comic relief of the show who always have a nickname for everyone. In reality, he’s a good guy who got caught up in shady business. Official Team back up, he’s going to save the day more than once. Somehow he’s still clueless about the truth surrounding The Machine.

Root (Amy Acker): Former Assassin/Hacker for hire, Root start as an antagonist. She is obsessed with the Machine and consider her a God. Root will spend most of the show doing stuff on her side and popping up to help Team Machine when required. Root love The Machine, wielding two guns at the same time, tase and kidnap people but her favorite activity is to flirt with Shaw as well as tie her up.

Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi): Compact Persian Sociopath. Shaw work for the government on the relevant numbers, stopping terrorist all over the world until she’s betrayed by her boss. She has an Axis II personality disorder that makes her a sociopath, in her own words, she can’t feel sad or happy or lonely but do angry okay.
Shaw like food, dogs, guns and in her own way Team Machine, don’t ask her more than that. Gets annoyed all the time by Root attempts at flirting with her but you’re not fooling anyone Sameen.

Bear: The Team mascot. Bear is a former military dog that Reese meet in the first episode of season 2 and take him back with him. Bear is the cutest dog and everybody’s best friend but can rip you apart if ordered to. He give a paw to the team in various situation. Likes to eat Finch’s books and shoes.

There is some nice recurring characters that are important to the show. Mainly Zoe Morgan played by Paige Turco (Abby in the 100) and Carl Elias played by Enrico Colantoni.

What about the ships?

Well, Poi first focus is not romantic relationship but team dynamic.
Most of the relationships are hinted at rather than shown and for once, it’s true for straight and gay pairings. There’s not that much kissing in that show, let alone sex. There’s a few straight relationship that are popular, mainly Finch x Grace and Reese x Zoé but the most popular one are Root x Shaw (Shoot) and Reese x Finch (Rinch). There’s even more m/m fiction on Ao3 than f/f.

Root x Shaw: I’m crazy about them and by the end of season 4 you’ll have become a shoot trash like everyone else. It’s start with a taser, an iron and Shaw tied up to a chair, they’re into kinky shit and that’s CANON too.
Root flirt shamelessly with Shaw every time she sees her and Shaw pretend to be annoyed in order to keep her cool. But they care for each other, really, and the more time pass, the more it become obvious, even to their entourage. That’s a relationship that is treated with a lot of respect, by the characters, by the actors and the writers. You won’t find anywhere else a bi racial same sex couple with one of them having a personality disorder and stay true all along to themselves.
But as i said before, no fluff here, they ain’t gonna end up married with a house, a kid and a dog in the garden. There’s hope for a dog, Shaw would totally steal Bear from Finch lol

Reese x Finch: The original duo of the show, can be seen as a friendship but to me they’re totally MARRIED. Honestly, it would be great if they went for it too. They take care of their dog together, have a baby for a few days, bring each other tea and food, help dress each other, stay beside the bed when one’s hurt, shield each other with their bodies you know, what couples do. There’s is ton of fanart out there and it’s worth a look, super fluffy.

Team Machine: That’s not a ship but it’s probably the most important relationship in the show. The link between each member is really strong, they got each other backs.
But it takes time to build trust between strangers and I’m really glad it doesn’t take 3 episodes like in other shows to become friends. It takes entire season sometimes and it’s an evolution during 4 seasons, each new member has to prove themselves trustworthy and accept to give their trust to others too. It’s a beautiful journey in terms of characters development, they’ve grown so much since the first times we saw them. And without realizing it, every members becomes precious to you. There’s so many BroTP in that show !!

And let’s talk fandom a little bit.

I’m not active member of the fandom, but i notice things, on tumblr, on twitter, on youtube. And frankly, it’s probably one of the least toxic fandom ever. There is no ship wars here, no drama between actors and production, no negativity.
The biggest debate is who’s top and who’s bottom. Answer: Root is top and Shaw is power bottom. Don’t argue with me, i could write a thesis on it ;)
The entire fandom is just pissed because we don’t know when season 5 will air and because CBS treats this show like crap.

Episodes Guide

For Season 1 and 2, everything in black is relevant to Root or Shaw.
For Season 3 and 4, everything in black is relevant to big Root And Shaw episode/scene but they still appear in almost all the other episodes, so don’t skip them unless you’re really here only for Shoot moments. (If that the case, just go Youtube)

For all the episodes, I divided them into 4 categories to help you find what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s difficult to class them because there’s too much going on, I’ve done my best.
Fillers: Just the number of the day, do not contain any major plot development or characters backstory.
Character Focus: Relevant to one or several characters story, important for their personal development.
Character Flashback: Contain information on the character past, he/she is often the focus of the episode.
General Story: Episode relevant to the major story arc of the show, can concern The Machine, the government, HR, the mafia, Vigilance, Samaritan…. Sometimes 2 or 3 at the same time.

I still advise you to watch the entire show, but this way you know if you need to pay more attention to an episode or play video games while it runs in the background ;)

Season 1: Lots of flashback and fillers in that season.

1.01 Pilot
1.02 Ghosts (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.03 Mission Creep (Reese Flashback)
1.04 Cura Te Ipsum (Fillers)
1.05 Judgment (Fillers)
1.06 The Fix (Zoé introduction)
1.07 Witness (Elias Introduction - General Story)
1.08 Foe (Reese Flashback)
1.09 Get Carter (Carter Flashback)
1.10 Number Crunch (Reese Focus)
1.11 Super (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.12 Legacy (Finch Focus)
1.13 Root Cause (Root Introduction)
1.14 Wolf and Cub (Finch Focus)
1.15 Blue Code (Reese Flashback - Fusco Focus)
1.16 Risk (Fillers)
1.17 Baby Blue (Elias Focus)
1.18 Identity Crisis (Fillers)
1.19 Flesh and Blood (Elias Flashback)
1.20 Matsya Nyaya (Reese Flashback)
1.21 Many Happy Returns (Reese Flashback)
1.22 No Good Deed (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.23 Firewall (Season Final)

Season 2: At this point, all the episode are relevant to the story or a character, even if it’s just a scene.

2.01 The contingency (Finch/Machine Flashback - Bear - Leon Introduction)
2.02 Bad Code (Root Flashback)

2.03 Masquerade ( General Story)
2.04 Triggerman (Mostly Fillers - Elias)
2.05 Bury the Lede (General Story - Zoé)
2.06 The High Road (Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.07 Critical (General Story - Number of the day are lesbians YAY)
2.08 Til Death (Finch Flashback)
2.09 COD (General Story )
2.10 Shadow Box (Carter Focus - General Story)
2.11 2 Pi R (General Story)
2.12 Prisoner’s Dilemma (Reese Flashback - General Story)
2.13 Dead Reckoning (Reese Focus - General Story)
2.14 One Percent (Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.15 Booked Solid (General Story - Zoé)
2.16 Relevance (Shaw Introduction)

2.17 Proteus (Mostly Fillers)
2.18 All In (Mostly Fillers)
2.19 Trojan Horse (Shaw and Carter Focus - General Story)
2.20 In Extremis (Fusco Focus - General Story)
2.21 Zero Day (Final part 1 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.22 God Mode (Final part 2 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)

Season 3: At this point, Root and Shaw are regular. Shaw is in every episodes.

3.01 Liberty (Root Focus)
3.02 Nothing to Hide (General Story - Introduction Vigilance)
3.03 Lady Killer (Root Focus - General Story)
3.04 Reasonable Doubt (Fillers)
3.05 Razgavor (Shaw Flashback - General Story)
3.06 Mors Praematura (General Story)
3.07 The Perfect Mark (General Story)
3.08 Endgame (Carter Focus - General Story)
3.09 The Crossing (Carter Focus - General Story)
3.10 The Devil’s Share (Team Flashback - General Story)
3.11 Lethe (Finch Flashback - Introduction to Samaritan)
3.12 Aletheia (Finch Flashback - General Story)
3.13 4C (Reese Focus)
3.14 Provenance (Fillers)
3.15 Last Call (Fillers)
3.16 RAM (Team Flashback)
3.17 Root Path (Root Focus)
3.18 Allegiance (Mostly Fillers)
3.19 Most Likely To (General Story)
3.20 Death Benefit (General Story)
3.21 Beta ( Finch Flashback - General Story)
3.22 A House Divided (Final part 1 - Vigilance Flashback)
3.23 Deus Ex Machina (Final part 2)

Season 4: Honestly, all the episode are relevant to the general story since everything is connected now.

4.01 Panopticon (General Story)
4.02 Nautilus (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.03 Wingman (Mostly fillers)
4.04 Brotherhood (General Story - Introduction to the brotherhood)
4.05 Prophets (Finch/machine Flashback - General Story)
4.06 Pretenders (General Story)
4.07 Honor Among Thieves (Shaw Focus - General Story)
4.08 Point of Origin (General Story)
4.09 The Devil You Know (Elias Focus - General Story)
4.10 The Cold War (Greer Flashback - General Story)
4.11 If-Then-Else (Finch/Machine Flashback - General Story)

4.12 Control-Alt-Delete (Control Focus - General Story)
4.13 M.I.A.(Root Focus - General Story)
4.14 Guilty (Fillers)
4.15 Q&A (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.16 Blunt (General Story)
4.17 Karma (Finch Flashback)
4.18 Skip (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.19 Search and Destroy (Root Focus- General Story)
4.20 Terra Incognita (Reese Flashback)
4.21 Asylum (Final part 1 - Root Focus)
4.22 YHWH (Final part 2)

That’s it, i hope it will help some of you during your journey into Person Of Interest.

Just some little Phanfiction I wrote... (At 5:05am like a true no-lifer)

 As the lights of London shone through the night sky, illuminating what parts of the sky bordered the cityscape. Neon lights, fast cars, the moon and the stars competed with the scene. The summer night was just recovering from the blustery, winter chill that had passed only a few weeks prior. In this calm chaos, this peaceful bustling city, two childish men sat in their flat, snuggled up on their couch watching a -to them - new anime. Dan Howell and Phil Lester were their names, they were also renowned on the internet as “danisnotonfire” and “AmazingPhil”, YouTubers, bloggers, and authors. They had known each other for six whole years and counting… In a span of six years talking to someone, and living with them for three, it is quite hard not to fall at least a little bit in love with someone you (at some point) idolized… Dan Howell had recently realized these facts.
     The first instance where it was brought to Dan’s attention that he may possibly be in love with his best friend was when he began to notice he found himself staring at Phil quite a lot. Staring at his face, counting the faint freckles, noticing each crinkle when he smiled or laughed; zoning out on the twinkle in his ever-so blue eyes, Dan often found himself drowning in the color blue when he saw Phil. The second was when he couldn’t resist looking into the “Phandom”, his and Phil’s fanbase. Quite a lot of the Phandom shipped them together… He had read so much “Phanfiction” of what their fans believed he and Phil did together. He made sure to keep “safe search” turned on, lest his mind be further dirtied. The brunet had read about how on dreary days he and Phil would snuggle up and share soft-spoken words only lovers would share. (Yes, he and Phil did snuggle from time to time - but it was always platonic and for warmth……. Yeah…. Warmth.) He also read how he and Phil would talk about the cosmos together. How Phil was always there when Dan was having an existential crisis. (That was true, as well, but Dan was also there when Phil was upset… It bothered him slightly knowing the some of the Phandom mainly saw Phil as this twenty-four/seven Dan Howell Support Team, when it was honestly so much more.) The point was that Dan had fallen head-over-heels in LOVE with his best friend in the whole galaxy. And he didn’t have the shred of an idea on how to tell him. 
     A few months had passed since Dan came to the realization that he loved Phil, he was stressing constantly, he needed to tell Phil. He needed to tell him how many times he had wanted to cuddle Phil to sleep and whisper quiet “I love you"s over and over until he himself fell asleep… He needed to tell Phil. He had to. He had decided that he would tell Phil that night…

Day 1

“Hey, Phil?” He called, waiting on the sofa for his companion to join him for another Netflix binge.
“Yes, Dan?”
“I was wondering if we should kiss-” Oh crap, his brain-to-mouth filter was malfunctioning once again, he lit up like a Christmas tree and awaited his fate.
“What? Dan I am basically deaf, what did you say??“ 
“I… Was wondering if… You could give me some editing tips!” Thank god Phil had terrible hearing.
“I gave you all the tips I can, you’re fairly amazing at editing, I think you’re set.” Phil smiled at Dan, who looked away with an increasing blush… Better luck tomorrow.

Day 2

“Hey Phil?” Dan called from the kitchen as he was pouring a bowl of cereal.
“Yes, Dan'yul?” Phil had laid his accent on thicker when he spoke, he had not had enough sleep and definitely not enough coffee.
“…” Oh no, he felt something stupid about to bubble out of his mou- “Do you want to hold hands?” There it goes. Goodbye dignity, hello darkness my old friend.
“…Danny, what are you saying?” Thank you, gods of Phil’s terrible hearing! 
“I saaaaiiiddd-” he thought quickly, “Do you want me to get a tan?” He looked down at his cereal guiltily. Staring at his reflection in the spoon, thinking ‘I am a sad, sad excuse for a human.’ He heard Phil shift from the sofa and walk into the kitchen, staring at Dan with a tired expression.
“Dan,  you look fine as is. No, I do not want you to get a tan.” Phil shook his head, then shuffled over to get coffee. Try again tomorrow.

Day 15

Fifteen tries. Dan had attempted to tell Phil he loved him /FIFTEEN TIMES/. He was beginning to doubt his ability.
“Hey Phiiiiil?” He whined from his bedroom. He heard a groan and snickered a little as he listened to the groggy footsteps shuffling toward his room, like an exhausted parent.
“Yes, Dan?” Phil rubbed his eyes, leaning in the doorway, “It is 2:30 in the morning, Daniel, why.”
“…” Dan thought a moment, “I love you.” He said at last. Phil seemed to not hear it.
“Hm? Dan, I’m tired and deaf, what?”
“… I said, I want to hug you.” He chickened out once again. But this time Phil just gave him a blank stare, walked over, and laid down beside him under the covers. Phil then pulled Dan close, much to Dan’s surprise, and placed a chaste kiss to Dan’s lips.
“I know what you said, I was trying to see if you would chicken out again like the last fifteen times you tried to tell me you loved me.” Phil said nonchalantly, yawning and tucking Dan’s head beneath his chin.
“You wh- Phiiiil!! Do you mean to tell me you bloody KNEW I was trying to- That I felt-”
“Dan, everyone knew. My mother knew. Your dog knew. I knew. Felix knew when we spent a few days with him. It was impossible to NOT know. I’m surprised you hadn’t noticed me complimenting and flirting with you each time you chickened out.” Phil chuckled, closing his eyes.
“Phiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllll….” Dan whined, Phil shushed him by peppering his face with little kisses.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhut up. Sleep. Now. I’m tired and you’re cranky, goodnight.” Phil just nestled Dan close.
After a few minutes, Dan mumbled against Phil’s chest.
“Technically it’s morning-”
“GOOD MORNING, DANYUL, GO TO SLEEP.” Phil said rather loudly and bossily. Dan grinned and nuzzled against Phil and slept.

- - End - -

If Lost, Return to Phil - Part 3

If Lost, Return to Phil (Part 3) by thatsmistertoyou

Pairing: Phan (danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil)

Genre: AU. Angst but increasingly less so.

Warnings: none

Words: 4850

Summary: [SPOILERS so read parts 1 and 2 first. okay you’ve been warned.] Dan grabs his new life by the titballs.

A/N: That exact phrasing of the summary was entirely necessary and you can’t convince me otherwise. As usual Sam is fabulous and I owe her everything.

Dan didn’t know how long he sat there. Could’ve been another seven fucking years for all he knew. He couldn’t think clearly enough to even analyze it logically and try to figure out what could have made him fuck up that badly. He just felt hollow. A strange, empty burning in his chest that he couldn’t fill.

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