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Plot Twist ritsu and teru end up together

“Hey Dad, how did you and Dad meet?”

“Well son, when I was 13 your father showed up at my school and beat the ever loving shit out of me. I’ve been determined to kill him ever since. Marrying him seemed like the best way to get his guard down.”

“Did it work?”

“No. Turns out his guard is up 24/7. He punches back in his sleep.”

Just a Secretary Tommy x Reader

Here’s my Tommy fic that I’ve made all of you wonderful people wait too long for.

Request: OK so here it is: Tommy being in love with a younger reader and being like super protective/jealous of her around Finn and Michael and smut happening cause she’s a teaser

Hope this is OK anon. I changed it a bit unknowingly.

Warnings: Cursing, terribly written smut

Walking into Shelby Brother Limited, I took off my hat, shaking the drops of rain off my shoulders before hanging my coat up on the hook.

“Good morning boys.” Finn was sitting on Michaels desk, talking in hushed whispers. They both turned towards me, smiles stretching across their faces.

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Boyfriend Vernon

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

  • “kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege”
  • intense teasing that would go both ways
  • rap battles ft. judge seungkwan
  • who always declared u the winner, just to annoy hansol
  • vernon switching to english to sweet talk you if the boys are around
  • “eww, hansol, that’s gross”
  • “oh, joshua, didn’t realize you were here. sorry, dude”
  • sharing beanies/jackets/hoodies
  • all of which smell like him
  • he tries to be artsy & send you pics of the places he’s touring or doing a fan sign at
  • but it’s usually photobombed by the guys
  • so you ring him like “why did you send me a blurry photo of minghao flexing next to a tree?”
  • “it’s called art, babe, look it up”
  • he calls you “babe”
  • and melts when you call him “babe” back
  • he’s too shy to do skinship around the boys so only when you’re in private, in his bedroom, will he brave a quick peck to your lips
  • only to hear seungkwan over dramatically make puke noises by the door
  • and see jun wink obnoxiously behind him
  • jeonghan makes you both keep the door open when u visit & go to his bedroom
  • “for safety reasons” he says
  • whenever you’re in his room tho it’s 99% of the time just for video game sessions
  • that end in one of you being bitter & giving the other silent treatment
  • sending each other memes
  • texting at 2 am became you’re still up, binge watching some show, & he’s just getting back to the dorm after practice;
  • “hey, wanna get ice cream?”
  • “sure?”
  • so in sweats & bare faced, the both of you wander around looking for 24 hour shops. you buy the worst kind of food, which is mainly just junk. but you force him to get something substantial too since he’s been dancing for hours. so he picks up a soggy sandwhich, & if you’re happy w that, he also gets ice cream, crisps & fizzy drinks
  • the healthiest of diets
  • being that couple that show up to christmas parties in matching shitty sweaters & santa hats
  • for ironic purposes, of course
  • not just bc you both feel festive as hell in that outfit
  • getting into group photos & refusing to smile
  • papa coups hates this very much :)
  • “why can’t you both just smile? why do you have to ruin every family photo ever?”
  • doing the “hotline bling” dance whenever you’re in the club, & the song is not even playing. you both wait for something like “anaconda” to come on then hotline bling dance in the middle of the dance floor
  • he’s picked up alcohol occasionally & you both hide out in his room, feeling bad ass & getitng more drunk off of each other than the can you’re sharing
  • better hope the others don’t find out though
  • you gonna be in big trouble if they do
  • makeout sessions that are mostly you two giggling or bumping noses
  • tumblr deep conversations while cuddling at 3 am;
  • “do you think the ugly duckling still felt ugly, even when he became a beautiful swan?”
  • “go to sleep, hansol, it’s too early for this shit”
  • he’s young & spent his youth as a trainee, so I don’t think that the relationship would be all that mature or experienced. it’s your typical puppy love. with awkward moments and shy kisses and the occasional petty fight. but it’s wonderful. for all his dumb moments, vernon cares so much for you & works very hard to show that, in his own, awkward way

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Bughead soulmate au please? :)

Here you go, anon!

Title: The Girl From the Journal

Soulmate AU: Jughead Jones has been writing about a girl he has never met before, but when he leaves his journal at his favorite coffee shop one day, an unsuspecting young woman finds it without knowing that the stranger who wrote it was actually writing about her

She wears her hair held high in an off-the-face-neat-and-tidy sort of way that shows the world she’s ready to concur it. Her mind drifts from one idea to the next without stopping to take a breath. And although she doesn’t know it, she impacts every single person she meets just by being exactly who she is.

24-year-old, Jughead Jones III looked up from the beat-up journal that his father had given him for his sixteenth birthday eight years ago, turning in his seat to thank the waitress for the cup of coffee she had just set on the table in front of him. He had been writing an entry a day since he had found it sitting on his bed with a big red bow tied around the front cover when he got home from school, and he hadn’t missed a day since.

“Can I get you anything else?” the waitress, all fluttery eyelashes and puckered lips, asked in the sweetest voice she could possibly muster as she smoothed out her apron and turned to smile sweetly at him.

“No, that’ll be all, thanks,” Jughead dismissed her without a second glance, taking a small sip of his coffee and immediately picking up his fountain pen to continue writing.

“Well, if you need anything else, my name is Naomi,” the waitress informed him, taking a step back from the table and gesturing towards the front of the coffee shop. “I’ll be behind the counter for a while, so just let me know if-”

“Got it,” Jughead cut her off before she could finish, and Naomi sunk back behind the counter without another word.

Jughead focused his attention back to his journal entry for the day, furrowing his brow as he waited for more words about his mystery girl to flow from pen to page like they’d always done so naturally. He had been writing about this girl for years, and although she was nameless, she had distinct features that made her almost impossible to miss if he were ever to meet her in real life. She had become somewhat of an obsession of his over the past few months, distracting him from work and relationships to the point where he was beginning to believe that this girl he created in his mind, was actually out there somewhere waiting to be found.

Just as he was about to tackle his next paragraph, his phone began buzzing frantically on the table, causing the cup of coffee to shake and shimmy all across the table in the process.

“Mr. Dawson,” Jughead answered, his voice rising an octave the way it always did whenever he spoke to his boss. “Yes, I understand that there’s a deadline and I’m - no sir, I wasn’t aware that I took you for granted - yes, sir - yes, and I’ll be there in an hour - now I’ll be there right now, I’m on my way. Okay, see you soon - in ten minutes, I’ll see you in ten minutes, goodbye!”

Jughead clicked off his phone and scooped up his messenger bag from beside him in the booth before sliding out of his seat. Taking one last gulp of his coffee, he carelessly tossed his journal into his bag before hurrying to the front of the shop to pay his bill.

Just as he reached the counter, a woman carrying an overflowing box of what looked to be gardening tools came barreling into the coffee shop without any control of her feet or the box she held in front of her.

“Sorry, excuse me, if you’d just - oops - sorry, sir, are you okay?” With the box partly obstructing her view, the woman nearly slammed straight into an older man carrying a to-go cup, dodging him by only just a hair and knocking her elbow into the counter as a result. “Ow!”

Still in a hurry, Jughead tried to block out the woman’s incessant apologies and turned to the employee behind the counter. “Hi, I’m ready to pay, if that’s alright.”

“Sure, just one moment,” she smiled at Jughead, but then turned to the crazed woman with the box, her eyes going wide as she took in the scene that was unfolding before her.

“I actually don’t have a moment, I’m-” Jughead tried to protest, but the woman behind the counter was already heading over to inspect what was happening near the front door.

“Betty, what on earth are you carrying?”

“Hey, Polly, I’m just… Hold on a second,” the crazed woman, now known as Betty, dropped her box onto one end of the counter and quickly dusted her hands off. “Ah, that’s better.”

“Okay, start explaining,” Polly instructed, nodding to the box of gardening tools and raising a curious eyebrow. “What is all this?”

“My third graders are learning about rocks and minerals this week,” Betty explained. “So I’ve been going around the neighborhood looking for different kinds of stones and varieties of soil to-”

“Sorry,” Jughead interrupted, pulling on his messenger bag impatiently and flapping his check in the air. “I don’t mean to be that guy, but if I don’t get back to my office in seven and a half minutes, my boss has threatened to strap a rocket to my back and send me flying to some unknown universe so if I could just-”

“Yes, sorry,” Polly hurried back over the the cash register and took Jughead’s credit card, quickly ringing him up and tearing off a piece of paper from the machine next to her and handing it to him. “Here’s your receipt, enjoy the rest of your day!”

“Thank you,” Jughead nodded at Polly and turned to head out the door, but before pushing it open to brave the cold morning air, Jughead stopped suddenly and turned back to Betty. “Good luck with the rock thing by the way. There’s some good ones by the lake just off Kingston Drive, if you’re still looking. It’s a gold mine down there trust me!”

With that, Jughead left the coffee shop, leaving Betty to turn back to Polly with a surprised smile on her face.

“Well, that was unexpectedly kind of him. Most guys in suits like that aren’t usually so friendly,” Betty pointed out, thinking back to all the guys she knew in college who were crazed, wannabe business tycoons with a bad attitude.

“He comes in here every morning. Sometimes in the evening too if he’s trying to meet a deadline,” Polly informed her, wiping the counter down with a cloth and leaning forward on the surface with her elbows. “Yet I still have no idea what his name is.”

“He’s a writer?” Betty guessed, trying her best to conceal the interest that had seemed to pop up in her voice.

“Yeah, some kind of hotshot news editor by the looks of it,” Polly explained, pushing off the counter and bending down to fix an out-of-place pastry in the display case.

“Interesting,” Betty muttered, turning back to the door and looking out the window intently. “I wonder if - uh oh.”

An object on the floor in front of the welcome mat caught Betty’s attention, and she hurried over to investigate.

“What is it?” Polly asked, her brows furrowing together as she took in the old journal that her sister was gently holding in her hands.

“Looks like Cinder-editor left his notebook behind,” Betty concluded, holding up the journal for Polly to see.  

“Well, hurry, go track him down before he turns into a pumpkin!” Polly joked, gesturing to the door and ushering for her to leave.

Betty knew that there was no way he would still be around, but she also knew that she had to take a chance. Pushing through the front door, Betty hurried out onto the streets, searching both ways for any sign of the journal’s owner. Spotting the same old beanie that she remembered seeing the man wearing at the end of the sidewalk one street over, Betty moved quickly to catch up to him.

“Wait!” she called out to him, but he was already joining the crowd of people in front of him and crossing the street. “Wait, you forgot you’re-”

With all the chaos happening around her, Betty got swept up into a group of school kids heading to their bus stop and ran straight into a woman walking her poodle in the opposite direction.

“Watch where you’re going!” the woman snapped, glancing back at Betty to glare at her before heading into the apartment building behind them.  

“Ow, why does that keep happening to me?” Betty rubbed her shoulder, standing on her tiptoes to see if she could spot the beanie again, but it was nowhere to be found.

Glancing down at the journal in her hands, a thought crossed her mind that she knew was unethical, but kept popping back up to the forefront the longer she stared at its worn cover.

“Betty, don’t read it, that would be an invasion of privacy,” she muttered to herself, quickly shaking the thought from her mind and tucking the journal safely under her arm. “But then again, maybe he has his name written somewhere in the front cover. I mean, how else am I going to get this back to him if I don’t know his name?”

Betty slowly slipped the journal back into her hands, glancing behind her shoulder in case anyone passing her on the street could tell how much of a snoop she was being.

“Oh, what the heck,” she conceded, flipping open the book to check for a name. Written in thick letters were the words: Property of Forsythe Pendleton Jones III and scribbled underneath it in tinier, childlike handwriting was the name Jughead.

“Odd,” Betty mumbled, thinking about how strange the name Jughead sounded in her mind. Yet, there was a familiarity to it that made it seem ordinary somehow. Like it was the most common, natural-sounding name she had ever heard.

Having found the name she was hoping to find, Betty prepared her hands to close the journal and head back to her sister’s coffee shop. But before she could follow through, and even though she could never explain it, something stopped her. It was as if there was a pull in the universe causing her eyes to wander over to the next page and read the story that was scribbled carelessly onto the white paper.

“No way,” Betty breathed, letting the words sink in as she flipped to the next page. After reading several entries all about the same girl, Betty slammed the journal and sprinted back to the coffee shop.

“Polly!” she exclaimed as she threw open the door, dodging several customers as she made her way back to the counter.

“What?” Polly’s eyes went wide as she took in her sister, all wild eyes and heavy breathing. “Did you give that guy his journal back?”

“Not yet,” Betty admitted, her breath coming in heavy spurts as she tried to slow her heart rate. “But I was looking through it and-”

“You read it?” Polly gasped. “Elizabeth Cooper, you should be ashamed.”

“I know, I know, but listen to this,” Betty opened to a random page in the journal and started to read the man’s words that had made her heart lurch in her throat.

“’She wanted to shape young minds. To show them that there was a place for them in the world that was better than what they might have seen in the past. And while she was never quite sure of her ability to succeed, she was positive in her ability to teach them that they could.’”

“Okay, that’s beautiful and all, but I’m not really sure I’m getting your point,” Polly told her, tossing a rag over her shoulder and leaning against the counter.

“This entry, and every entry after that, they’re all describing this girl,” Betty explained, holding out the journal for her sister to see. “But the way he writes about her - it never seems like she’s someone that he knows. She’s just this person that exists in this journal but not in real life except-”


“Except I think that she does,” Betty concluded. “And I think that I’m her.”

“Betty, you realize you sound psychotic correct?” Polly threw the rag at her sister, who lunged forward to catch it at the exact wrong moment and let the piece of cloth fall to the floor.

“I know how it sounds, but do you remember that story I wrote for English class in the tenth grade?” Betty asked, bending down to scoop up the rag and set it on the counter. “The one that mom hated?

“Yeah, it was that piece about the boy who’s father was never around because he was some sort of drug dealer or something. And then he gave the boy a present for his birthday that changed his life before he left town for good and never came back,” Polly recounted the story and looked up to raise her eyebrows at Betty as if to say, ‘so what?’ “Yeah, I remember. Why?”

“Read this,” Betty shoved the journal in Polly’s direction and pointed to the description on the back cover. Rolling her eyes, Polly quickly read about how the owner of the journal got that very book from his father on his sixteenth birthday and then never saw him again after that day.

“It has to be some sort of coincidence,” Polly concluded, shutting the journal and handing it back to Betty.

“I don’t believe in coincidences,” Betty whispered, running her fingers along the etchings on the front cover. “I think that I was writing about this man - Jughead - and I think that he was writing about me.”

“That’s insane, Betty, you don’t even know each other,” Polly reminded her.

“I know that,” Betty sighed. “But I think that this is a sign - finding this journal, meeting him today - I think that I was meant to know him.”

“Okay, let’s say that’s true,” Polly cautiously gave in, folding her arms over her chest as she narrowed her eyes at Betty. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to find him,” Betty declared, grabbing her purse from the stool she had left it on and shoved the journal safely inside. “And then he’s going to explain to me how he’s been writing about me for eight years when I only just met him this morning.”

Before her sister could protest, Betty headed out the door and made her way to the only newsroom in town, determined to find the man who owned the journal. The man who, she knew in her heart, she was meant to know. And the man who was about to change her entire world.

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Were Mila and Danny a thing??? I mean I had ~a feeling~ that they may have been at some point but...what's the tea 👀

They weren’t, as said by them plenty of times and the facts one can add.

I’m not much of a RPF fan, so I’m going to try and make this response as clear and informative as I can. But,

  • She was underage for most part of the show. He being 7 years older than her would had been a little bit crazy and honest to god disgusting if they were a thing. Which I don’t believe they were because
  • Both were on relationships by the time the rumor of them being a thing was spread. He has always present as a very monogamous man, liking and having serious and long-term relationships, which he had during the show and after, before marrying Bijou Philips. While Mila was also in a long-term serious relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin.
  • Another thing to add is the fact that both had refer to the other as their brother/sister, which makes sense since he seemed to have bonded with her pretty early during filming.
  • After the show ended, and their relationships too, they didn’t had a reason to hide if they had been together, but to this day they keep saying the same: they never dated, they see each other as brother/sister, it was only a rumor.

IMPORTANT, 24/06/2017: This post is constantly updated. It has gotten to long, so the rest is now under the cut. You can ask me whatever you want about it.

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[Felt really bad after seeing all the egg nonsense in your asks so I wrote a fic for you. My first Voltron anything so sorry if it’s bad. Note: Everything in here is purely platonic~]

“Pidge? Pidge, you okay? How long has it been since you slept?”

The room was dark, save the soft light from the computer screen Pidge was slumped over, as usual. Her eyes were dark, she’d spent most of her time in her room for the past week since Shiro disappeared.

“Sleep is for the weak, Lance.”

He smirked, not showing his concern as he slumped down beside her, hands still in his jacket pockets. “Pfft. You always say that. Besides, in my opinion, sleep is for the strong. And, you know, the better looking.”

She frowned. “Seriously.”

“Look…Pidge, I know you-”

“Stop, okay? I’m fine.”

Lance was quiet. He knew better. The dark circles beneath her glasses betrayed that it had probably been over 24 hours since she last slept, meaning she was cranky. The girl was strong, but no one should really have to go that long without sleep. When he thought of it, no one should really have to go through what she already had been through. She had already lost her father, brother, and now they’d all lost another loved one. Crossing his legs on the floor, he exhaled, choosing to change the subject, planning to bring it around to his original question eventually.

“So, what have you been working on then?”

She scowled, adjusted the screen in front of her, looked at the ceiling in annoyance, like she was visibly contemplating explaining it to him.

“It-it doesn’t matter, okay? Go find someone else to bother.”

“Pidge, look, I get it. It’s…” He trailed off, knowing he was treading on eggshells. It must be like Matt all over again. “We’ll find him. You’ll find him. All of them. Everyone. We’re the legendary defenders, right? We’ll-”

“I said stop! You- you don’t know what’s like, okay? I know-I know. We’re Voltron. We got taken out. We’ll probably find another way to fix it. Things will probably work out.” There was a tinge of mocking in her tone, and he couldn’t tell if it was targeted at him or herself, as if these were things she’d been saying and hearing over and over. She had.

“I’m not giving up, Lance. They’re all out there. My brother, Shiro, my father. I’m not stopping until we find them. You think something like this is going to stop me? Not when I’ve come this far.”

He grinned. “I know.”

She stopped staring at the screen, looked at him in pain, eyes fluttering from lack of sleep. “I won’t give up. I won’t. I won’t sleep until they’re home.” She slammed her laptop shut, too tired to cry. The last word struck a chord in his being, like a small hammer coming down on a painful bruise.

He shifted, choosing to keep up the friendly smile. “Hey. You’re not alone this time. Got it?”

The look she gave him, something like understanding finally passed between them.

“My brother had this really huge set for his birthday,” he started, “and he tried like, I dunno, eight times over a whole week before he got me and our other siblings. We finished it in an hour. So, you know, we’re a team for a reason.”

“Wait.” She squinted at him. “Set of what?”

“A set. You know.” He made motions that she couldn’t make out. “A set?”

“Set of what Lance that doesn’t help me!”

“A set! It’s a building set! It’s- augh what’s it called, those los estupidos bloques de construcción plásticos… LEGO’s!”

She frowned at him, eyebrows drawn together. “When’s the last time you slept?”

“It’s been a while since we were on earth, okay!”

She smirked. He stood. “Sheesh I’m just trying to say…”

“Yeah. Thanks, Lance. It…means a lot to have friends this time.”

One last smile before he turned to walk out. “Sleep is for the strong, okay?”

He could have sworn he heard a soft ‘fine’ as the door slid shut. 

The stinging in his heart didn’t stop. He’d checked on Hunk already. Big guy was buried in kitchen utensils. “Comfort food,” as he’d called it. Allura and Coran steadfastly at the helm, as usual. Didn’t bother to try to say anything stupid, not while Coran was around captain of always-knows-what-to-say. Keith was…well, being Keith. He’d talk to Keith later if no one else did.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

The door to his quarters slid shut. He’d forgotten to ask Pidge to borrow her headphones, though, he assumed she needed them more. Face first, he let himself fall on his bed.

Lego’s. His siblings. Birthday’s. Home.

He felt numb.

When was the last time he slept?

It seemed like everyone else was coping in their own way. It felt like he should be feeling more. Did he have the right? Maybe not, considering he still had family to go home to.


That’s what Shiro was, right? Shouldn’t that matter more? Shouldn’t he be feeling more?

And what did he have to offer to this small makeshift family, nothing more than moral support.

With his arms he scrunched his pillow underneath his chin, nestling his head over it.

Music filled his head, not something Pidge had in her database, something his brother played over and over to annoy him, some catchy animated show opening.

It was too upbeat.

 He really wanted to hear it again.

The music turned to ringing, images of the last attack, the last time he heard Shiro’s voice.

Now, everyone was grieving, acting, moving forward.

He felt…numb. There was a certain anxiety within him of being asked how he was. It would be difficult to explain how he felt–that it was nothing and everything all together. Of course, his first answer would be to play it off. Of course, no one would care to go deeper. No one ever did. That was fine.

The song came back to mind. It sounded different. Clearer.

Lance, if I die, you play this at my funeral, and I’ll play it at yours! Okay?”

“No way!”

He hummed himself to sleep.



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8,24,25,31,45,46,47 with badboy calum where you act like you can't stand him because he's always teasing you publicly saying how gorgeous you are and that you are his but you do low key like him and he gets jealous about some guy and you have to talk to him and your kinda mad but in the end he confesses his love and you guys end in him showing you off

8. “Why are you so jealous?”
24. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”
25. “You’re mine. I don’t share.”
31. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”
45. “Sometimes I really don’t like you.”
46. “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids?”
47. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

“Y/N!” you heard someone call out as you were walking down the hallway toward the parking lot after school. You looked behind you to find the boy who had been paired with you for your English assignment jogging to catch up to you. You stopped walking, smiling at him.

“Hey, Jake,” you greeted him, “What’s up?”

“I know I got your number after class, but I just wanted to ask if you’re free tomorrow to meet up at the park or something,” he said, “I don’t wanna wake up before 3 on a Saturday unless I have to.” You laughed loudly at the comment, nodding your head.

“As much as I don’t want you to wake up so early just for me, I would like to get this project done as soon as possible,” you told him, “I know how you are with waiting until the last minute to do things and I don’t wanna have to do all of it the night before.” Jake scoffed teasingly, shoving your shoulder.

“Alright, no need for being accurately rude,” he stated, making you laugh again, “So tomorrow? I’ll meet you at the shelter by the lake at noon?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” you nodded again.

“Cool!” he smiled, “See you tomorrow! Don’t forget anything!”

“Shut up, Jacob!” you giggled, knowing it annoyed him when you called him by his full name. You noticed him smile as he jogged back in the other direction, heading back toward the parking lot yourself.

“Why are you seeing Jake tomorrow?” you jumped the moment you turned around and ran into someone, looking up at the school’s bad boy as he cocked an eyebrow at you. You sighed under your breath, really not wanting to deal with this right now.

You had known Calum Hood since the first day of sixth grade when he sat behind you in homeroom and wouldn’t stop pestering you. It started off innocently enough – he would only bother you about what classes you were in and what time you had lunch – but it gradually escalated into loudly flirting with you in the hallways every single time he saw you to always seeming to show up right after you’d been talking to another guy. You didn’t know why he was so possessive over you – especially not when literally every other girl was head over heels for him – but it was just another thing you had to deal with in life.

“If you must know, we have an English project due next week and he’s my partner,” you stated bluntly, “Why are you so jealous?” The response surprised Calum, but he answered nonetheless.

You’re mine,” he shook his head, “I don’t share.

“I don’t belong to anybody but myself, Hood,” you reminded him dryly, “So you can either stop acting like a man-child or you can deal with it, because I’m sick of you acting like you own me.”

The rant only made Calum smirk, “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad at me.”

“Fuck off, Calum,” you rolled your eyes, stepping past him and continuing to walk, “Sometimes, I really don’t like you.

“What about the times you do?” he followed you out of the school. He hurried out in front of you, spinning around so you would stop walking.

You let out an exasperated sigh, “Calum, I-”

What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids?” he cut you off.

You didn’t know what it was, but something told you that Calum wasn’t just being an ass this time – that he really did mean what he was saying. And that made your heart race. You started chewing on your bottom lip, but that only made him frown.

Stop biting that fucking lip!” he whined.

“You’re just upset I’m not biting yours,” you shot back without hesitation.

“Well, we could fix that if you’d like,” the famous smirk returned as he grabbed your hips and pulled you into him.

“I really don’t like you,” you shook your head, but wrapped your arms around his neck anyway.

“Only sometimes,” he grinned, leaning in and pressing his lips to yours.

❝ I never regretted confessing to you. ❞

Plot: BTS is on weekly idol and you are the girlfriend of RAP MONSTER. You come to surprise them. He shows skinship and the members make jokes about their leader and tell funny story about them two.

Rap Monster xReader

Words count: 1,3k+

For anon, I hope you like it! Kyu^^.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by sugmon

‘BTS imnida.’ The seven boys bowed before the camera.

They all took their seats but there was a seat extra, ‘Defconn Hyung?’

‘Yes Rap Mon-ssi?’ Said male asked

‘Why is their eight chairs?’ The leader asked, ‘There is only seven of us?’

‘Ahhh that is a surprise.’ He smiled, ‘We have an eighth guest.’

‘Eighth guest?’ The boys all repeated.

BTS had been taking over the music world by storm. With amazing albums, beautiful vocals and handsome visuals, they were not used to having others with them when they were together on a variety show. Looking around they waited in anticipation to who it may be. They were never informed about another guest. Hyeongdon smiled as he announced the person and everybody grinned with pleasure as they saw their leader shocked.

‘Come on out, Y/N’ He called out as you appeared in a pair of black jeans,a white t-shirt which was tucked in the front and checked shirt tied around your waist. Your hair was flowing naturally as you smiled while walking in with a pair of black sneakers on your feet.

‘Surprise.’ You greeted the seven boys, making an extra effort towards Rap Monster.

‘Y-Y/N’ He stuttered, ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I am a guest.’ You spoke up, ‘Why, are you not happy to see me?’

‘Nonsense.’ He stood up and grabbed your hand, placing a kiss on your knuckles, ‘My beautiful girlfriend is welcomed on any show.’

You and the infamous Rap Monster had been together since they debuted. You were an actress in the company and had been in the training program the same time as them. The two of you became close as you debuted and Rap Monster cheered you on your first drama. Few months later he debuted and the two of you were a couple.

‘This is going to be fun.’ A naughty smile spread on J-Hope’s face as you took a seat next to his leader.

‘So am I correct in saying you two have been dating since 2013?’ Defconn asked.

‘Yes,’ He place an arm around you, ‘She has been mine since June 2013.’

You lowered your head in a shy smile as you felt his hand travel down your back and settle on the lower part, ‘And he has been mine.’

‘I love you.’ Rap Monster leaned in and placed a kiss on your cheek.

‘Ahhhh they are so cute!’ Hyeongdon cringed as he looked at the skinship that the all mighty Rap Monster was showing.

‘It’s rather gross when you witness it 24/7’ Suga pitched in, ‘But it’s entertaining at the same time.’

‘Sug, don’t.’ You pleaded as you see the rapper smirk.

‘Oooo do share Suga-ssi.’ Defconn moved to the edge of his seat.

‘Hyung had taken noona out on their first date.’ Jungkook began.

‘I regret telling you this.’ Their leader rolled his eyes.

‘It was their first date ever, and she had a slight cold. They went to a nice restaurant, and while they were eating their meal, Y/N noona sneezed.’ The youngest continued as you bit your lower lip and the others tried to suppress their laughter

‘Hey it’s okay,’ Your boyfriend leaned in and whispered in your ear, using his thumb to push your lower lip away from your teeth, ‘I am never embarrassed of you, and you know what that lip biting does to me, baby.’

The others ignored what was happening as Jungkook continued, ‘A huge booger bubble came out of her nose! It was awful, and it wouldn’t go away. She jumped up as fast as she could and ran to the bathroom with her hands over her face.It was so horrible!’

The two hosts where in a fit of laughter, clutching their stomachs as they laughed, ‘But she was adorable during the whole embarrassment.’

‘You must really treasure your lover, Rap Mon-ssi.’ Hyeongdon admired as your boyfriend rubbed your back gently.

‘He loves her so much that he acts like such a baby on the phone,’ Jimin exposed, ‘He isn’t as might and badass as he puts out to be.’

‘WHAT!?’ Defconn and Hyeongdon gasped at the same time.

‘You don’t believe us?’ Jimin asked pulling out his phone, ‘We have proof.’

‘You recorded our conversations?’ You asked, looking at him with amusement.

Rap Monster had this bad boy persona out in public, but he was nothing but a big old softie. You didn’t mind the teasing. It was what came with having boys around you all the time. You yourself found this exposure very entertaining. Not once did you think that this show would be revolving around you and your love life. Jimin played the recording as it was from a conversation the couple had a few nights ago. Members fell to the floor in broken laughter as you balled your fists on your thighs.

‘You are so cute when you are embarrassed.’ Rap Monster kissed your neck.

‘Yah, Rap Moster-ssi,’ Defconn wiped a tear off his cheek, ‘I never pictured you being this way.’

‘Well little do you know that this celebrity couple has matching onesies.’ Another picture arose with you and your boyfriend in kakao character onesies.

‘You two are so cute!’ Hyeongdon looked at the picture before looking up at the two of you.

‘Wait, there is more!’ Jin tired to catch his breath, ‘They were having a date at the dorms. It was a movie one and they were sitting on the couch. Rap Mon had never experienced skinship comfortably as he is showing off now,’ He pointed at the rapper who was now holding your hand, ‘He was so awkward that he used the lame yawn-and-put-hand-around-shoulder-trick.’

‘It was so painful to watch him do such a cheesy move,’ Suga backed the story up, ‘Like we all ran to the closest room and burst into laughter.’

Story after story, the members teased the two of you. It was nothing but light fun and you could see that your boyfriend was enjoying it as well. He was enjoying the fact that the others were showing the world how normal he is. He is also goes through all the struggles of dating and being an average boy. But also showing off how dorky and adorable the two of you were. You weren’t many peoples favourite human since the two of you came out with the statement, but you didn’t care. You loved him and he sure loved you.

‘Wait their is one more!’ V chuckled.

‘I think that is enough.’ Rap Monster sighed.

‘Nonsense,’ You placed a hand on his thigh, ‘Let them get it out of their systems now.’

‘So this was before he confessed that he loved her,’ V began as Rap Monster lost all colour in his face, ‘He had written an amazing and beautiful song. He snuck out the dorm one night and went to her house. Y/N hadn’t had her own apartment at the time.’

‘Oh god,’ Rap Monster dropped his head with a shy smile, ‘Lord take me now!’

Holding his laughter, V continued, ‘He had chucked a small stone at what he thought was her window. The bedroom light came on and he began singing and rapping his emotions straight away, not even waiting for her to appear. After a few minutes he stopped and the bedroom window opened. A shoe came fly out and hit him in the head.’ V admitted as he burst out laughing, ‘He had been serenading Y/N father the entire time.’

‘WOAH!!!’ The entire studio erupted in laughter.

‘Yah, it was a mistake!’ He admitted before turning and facing you, tucking a hair behind your ear, ‘But I never regretted confessing to you eventually, Y/N, I love you…’


Requested by Anon - March prompts 24 & 9 Steve McGarrett?
Prompts – 9 – ‘You’re a nerd.’
                 24 – ‘Oh god go to sleep! It’s 3am.’

Word Count – 426

Characters – Steve x Reader

You were sitting in the living room watching your favourite TV show. You had been watching it since Steve phoned 3 hours saying he wasn’t going to be home until the early hours of the morning, he told you not to stay up too late. You however where taking this time to catch up on the show, you had managed to watch 4 episodes and you were going onto your fifth when the door opened. You knew it was Steve as he walked in kicked his shoes off and placed a kiss on your cheek.
‘Hey baby.’ He said after he gave you kiss.
‘Hey.’ You said still keeping your focus on the TV.
‘I thought I told you not to stay up too late?’ He asked.
‘Yeah, but I was watching and then there was a major twist.’ You said once you had paused the show.
‘A twist?’ He asked as he got a bottle of water. He stretched and scratched the back of his head.
‘Yeah.’ You said getting up onto your knees and watching him over the back of the couch.
‘the main character, he had been dead for a while. The team just found out and now they can’t find the main character.’ You said excitedly and Steve nodded.
‘You’re a nerd.’ You nodded.
‘But you love me.’ You got up off the couch and walked over to him. You grabbed his hand and gentle pulled him towards the bedroom.
‘That I do.’ He said with a chuckle as he followed you. As you lead him to the bedroom, he removed his shirt and climbed into bed. You climbed in after him and he pulled you close to him.
‘How was work?’ You asked him
‘It was good, we got the man.’ He said and you nodded into his chest. There was silence between the both of you for a while.
‘I wonder if the guy was betraying the team.’ You said aimlessly, thinking over the show.
‘What?’ Steve asked.
‘The main character, I wonder why no one knew he was dead? Maybe he has a doubleganger?’ You said tracing your finger over his tattoos. Steve just grunted in agreeance, him slowly falling asleep.
‘Maybe he’s was a shapeshifter and had took on his shape!’ You said.
‘Oh god, go to sleep! It’s 3am.’ Steve said and you jumped slightly since you thought he has fallen asleep.
‘Sorry.’ You said as you pressed a kiss to his chest. He pulled you in close and it wasn’t long until you both feel asleep.

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Our Understanding

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Request:  hi! I might be requesting another after this if that’s okay, just a heads up. But anyhoo could you please write with Bucky Barnes where he and the reader are in hiding and Bucky was held up in a fight and the reader patches him up in the middle of the night + prompts: 55. “You’re a nerd” (the reader makes a Harry potter reference to his injury) 67. You’re bleeding all over my carpet.” 72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” (LORD PLEASE DONT MAKE HIM DIE) okay thank you love

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You and your roommate help heal the scars left by each others past

Words Count: 1300 exactly:)

Genre: kinda sad but its cute

Notes: Okay, prepare you pitchforks bc your girl doesn’t know much about HP. I’ve watched all the movies and read the first book but that’s as far as I’ve gone so if this isn’t exactly right I’m sorry!

(UPDATE: Dude I’m so sorry to the first 9 people who liked/reblogged this, ya girl totally forgot to write a summary. Thanks for having blind faith in my creativity!!)


    Bucky had been your roommate for almost half a year now. You never expected a wanted criminal to answer your add, but you’re glad he did. You were a medic for the military fresh off of your deployment and you couldn’t keep paying your rent without a little help so you put up an add looking for a roommate. Less than 24 hours later, you had a bite on the room and you met up with Bucky to show him the apartment.You knew who he was and what he was when you met him but you didn’t really care as long as he could pay rent and keep the noise down past 10 pm. he accepted the offer and you two have been living with each other ever since.

   The man was a pretty respectful roommate and you soon became friends.You noticed the bags under his eyes and the screams emanating from his room some nights but you never pried into it, figuring it had to do with his past. If there was one thing you learned from the military, it’s the signs of PTSD and that dredging up the past potentially could make it worse. So on the nights where it gets bad, he will get up and leave the apartment and you would get up and sit in the living room waiting for his return, a gesture that meant that you were there for him whenever he needed you. When he comes back on those nights you normally don’t speak, you just put on a movie and  sit with him on the couch. Bucky was glad you didn’t force him to speak, he took comfort in the fact that every time he would come home after a long night you would be waiting in the living room with a movie in hand. Sometimes he just needed to distract himself and you understood that better than anyone.

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anonymous asked:

can u write a niall blurb of a sort where ur really nice and hardly ever get mad or mean to anyone, even him and u yell at him and he's shocked cause you're never this mad .. ever but u just feel like he's been using you for granted too much?? thankyou!

Nadine and Niall.  Niall and Nadine.  It had been a joke since grade school that if you saw one, the other wasn’t too far behind.  And just because Niall was now a member of one of the biggest boy bands in history that hadn’t changed.  Nadine accompanied Niall on tour at his behest.

Nadine was Niall’s constant.  The one thing in his life that hadn’t changed since the X Factor.  She was always there, without reservation and she did the best she could to help him out in every aspect.  Regardless of what it was he asked for.

“Hey, can ya grab this for me?”

“Nady, I need ya t’make a run to the drug store for me…yeah?”

“Willie needs some shirts…here’s some cash.”

That’s how conversations usually started between them.  And after six years, Nadine was getting tired.  Tired of always being Niall’s gopher.  She’d spent the last year trying to convince herself she was being selfish with that attitude.  Because of Niall she’d gotten to see the world.  She’d been a part of things most people only dream about.  

But she’d had no life of her own.  She was usually awakened every morning by her phone blaring Niall’s ring tone.  And the rest of her day was spent running around for him.  It wasn’t really his fault.  Niall was forgetful and being that he was who he was a quick trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some toothpaste or deodorant could easily turn into a nightmare when word got out he was there.  So Nadine went to get it for him most of the time.  Along with any food he wanted.  Or clothing.  Or flowers for his mother on Mother’s Day.  Or tickets to a game for his father on Father’s Day.  And on and on and on.

Pretty soon Nadine’s entire day had turned into nothing more than running around for things Niall needed.

As usual she heard Niall before she saw him,

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Chen’s vocal appreciation post Part 1

“Because he fucking needs hundreds of them. Exo’s Chen is one of the best vocalists in kpop, but he is so freaking slept on. Let’s go through just a few times we were blessed with his voice

Most recently we were blessed on knowing brothers with him singing “Tears” by So Chan Whee:

like wow. in female key too

A while back, he and Baekhyun were legends together on Immortal Song 2, singing “Really I didn’t know”:

honestly. like. wow. speechless

On King of Masked Singer he absolutely ruled. Like hit those notes boy. Kill everyone with them vocals:

“Drunken Truth”:


fuckin beautiful. give him a damn solo album right now. his voice is angelic

I’m not sure which show this was on, but I think it was in 2013. Singing “Hug”:

low quality video, but high quality man. been talented since birth.

Couldn’t fit more videos in one post, so I’ll make another one for this incredible, underrated, extremely talented and handsome man. This is just like a little snippet of his talent. Please love him 24/7, cause he deserves everything in this world.

Ava’s Demon Discourse: Het Ships vs Gay Ships

People are still complaining so here we go again.

Despite the fact that I already addressed this in my previous post, I’ll say it again; Ava and Odin’s three year age gap doesn’t make their non canon relationship applicable to be classed as paedophilic. No matter how much you guys scream that shipping them is paedophilic and tag any hate against the ship with ‘paedophilia’, it still doesn’t make you right. If anything, it just makes you annoying.

To reiterate on another point I previously made, if a ship makes you uncomfortable, that is fine; I’m not here to dictate how you feel about any pairings within this fandom.

Having said that, just as you guys are entitled to your opinions, I am also entitled to mine, and if you lot won’t keep your opinions to yourself then I won’t either.

I saw a post recently spouting the usual anti avaodin spiel, but what really caught my eye was the line, “if you’re so desperate to ship het, ship Wrathia and Pedri!

Now, for starters, I’ll ship whatever I fucking want, so don’t give me that “ship x/y instead!” nonsense. I’m not shouting at you telling you what to like and who to ship because really, I couldn’t care, and it’s not my place to govern your interests.  

Secondly, I have shipped more gay couples in my life than there are canon gay couples in the media. I don’t ship Ava and Odin because they’re a het couple, I ship them because I like the characters and I like them together.

Never in my life would I have thought I’d actually say this, but having someone say “if you’re so desperate to ship het” has made me question if anyone would give as much of a shit about Ava and Odin’s three year age gap if they were a gay couple instead.

Here’s an example; in the tv show Teen Wolf, Stiles is canonically 16 and, at the time I was watching the show, Derek, a character people shipped Stiles with, didn’t even have a canon age. Everyone in the fandom made guesses as to how old he could be, trying to use what little information we had about his past to determine how old he would currently be in the show. Everyone in the fandom guessed him to be in his early to mid 20’s, aiming at around 21-24 years old.

Out of curiosity to see if his age had ever been confirmed (since I had stopped watching the show after season 4), I went to look it up and the first thing I found was this;

So if Derek’s 15 in 2001, by 2011, he was 25 by the beginning of the series. So by now (Season 6, in 2014), Derek is 28 years old.

Need I remind you that Stiles’ age from season 1 through to 3A was 16 while Derek was 25. There is a nine year age gap between them.

But it’s funny how no one seemed to care about any nsfw art or explicit rated fics that were created for a gay ship with a nine year age gap but everyone gets their knickers in a twist about a het ship with a three year age gap.

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Good morning! 😍 Kuba made more powidła so I swirled it into my oatmeal. Powidła is plum jam made from śliwki. These plums are small and oblong as opposed to roundish. This jam is nice and sweet without any added sugar. So good!

Maybe he can show you how he makes it in a video. 😏 It’s easy!

Also for breakfast: my vitamin sprays. 😝 I have one for B12 and one for Vitamin D.

I didn’t take VitD while in Spain since it was super sunny 24/7, but we’ve been in Zagreb for two weeks now and we both felt a difference in our mood and energy levels. We just picked up this spray the other day and I feel better already.

Don’t neglect your vitamins, my friends!

upholstered furniture

pairing: pansy parkinson x harry potter

setting: modern, non-magical, reality/film star au; based on this

word count: 4,654 words

(7:22 am) Did you see the casting news yet? For Boy Who Lived?

(8:15 am) fuck off its sunday

(8:16 am) Ronald.

(8:17 am) unless they chose to go with an actual fucking cgi flamingo i dont give a shit right now and it can wait until tomorrow

(8:19 am) It really can’t. Harry’s going to fire you when he finds out.

(8:19 am) ??????? get ur blasphemous ass back to church no he’s not

(8:20 am) Yes, he is. It was YOUR idea to scrap the chemistry test.

(8:23 am) omg what is ur DAMAGE chemistry tests r dumb af harry hates them

(8:24 am) And sometimes you have to act as his AGENT, not his best friend, and advise him to do the things he hates, Ronald. Like chemistry tests.

(8:25 am) thx for the fortune cookie fun fact i’ll pass it on to harry’s latest oscar nom ok

(8:29 am) Check Variety. They reported on the casting this morning. There was a “leak” at the studio. Naturally.

(8:32 am) harrys gonna fucking fire me ur right

BREAKING: Hurricane Hollywood star tapped for female lead in Paramount’s Boy Who Lived

October 11, 2016. Los Angeles.

Well, it’s official.

Seemingly permanent tabloid staple Pansy Parkinson (Hurricane Hollywood; The Hottie and the Nottie), better known for her outrageous late-night party antics than she is for her acting prowess, has been cast as Harry Potter’s (Under the Stairs) on-screen love interest for the futuristic dystopian thriller, Boy Who Lived, slated for release by Paramount sometime in Summer 2018. While Parkinson has been persistently vocal about her desire to make the transition from her Cristal throne in Vegas to the slightly more respectable silver screen, this will be her first role in a major motion picture.

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Show Me

Monday, July 24: Sky / Sea

“Show me in the stars, show me where you’ll be.”

Keith knew.

Keith knew that Shiro knew that he knew.

But Keith also knew that Shiro hadn’t taken him to the middle of the barren land surrounding the Garrison just to talk about when he’d be leaving for the edge of the solar system.

In truth, Keith wasn’t sure if Shiro wanted to talk at all.

The older boy had been unusually quiet since grabbing Keith’s hand and driving them away from the tan building.

Maybe he was waiting for Keith to speak. Maybe he was waiting for Keith to blow up in anger.

Keith would be a liar if he said he hadn’t felt upset upon seeing the news of the Kerberos crew, he’d be a liar if he said he hadn’t wanted to run up to Shiro and scream in his face and ask if their relationship was that insignificant to him. But Keith would also be a liar if he said he hadn’t felt an overwhelming swell of pride in his boyfriend after yelling into his pillow for a full five minutes.

So here they stood, Keith at a loss of what to say, unable to form his emotions into sentences. He had never been good with words of encouragement, had never been able to explicitly say how he felt without an undertone of vexation to his voice. Still, he wanted to try. Wanted to show Shiro that he would have nothing but Keith’s full support on the situation.

Then he noticed the slight formation of constellations in the mauve sky and had a small kick of revelation: Shiro didn’t care about the now. Shiro knew they still had time before he would be getting onto a ship taking him billions of miles away. No, Shiro didn’t care about the present. He cared about the future and was most likely worried if they would last.

Taking a breath, Keith opted for something he could only hope would soothe the what-ifs going through the other’s head:

“Show me.”He whispered softly, leaning against Shiro’s right arm.

He felt as the other’s shoulders stiffened, watched from the side as Shiro’s eyebrows drew together in confusion.

“Show me in the stars,” Keith spoke coolly, stepping towards the edge of the cliff they had made it to “show me where you’ll be.”

Keith looked behind himself and was met with a look of surprise amongst Shiro’s features. He could only smile gently before exhaling a small huff of amusement through his nose.

He turned on his heel, re-approaching the other until he was close enough to lay his forehead upon the centre of Shiro’s chest.

“I’ll need to know where to look.” He paused as he hesitantly looked up, but was relieved as he was met with a pair of grey irises. “I want to be sure I don’t lose you once you reach the sky.”

The Lies That Save Us

Pairing: KakaYama

Words: 5667

Prompt: Fake Dating!  @thetoxicstrawberry

Trigger warnings for drunk antics! 

Please excuse any typos! I did proof read myself but I don’t have a beta!

Disclaimer: I have no idea how relations work between the villages, just needed a plot. Also they probably don’t have elevators haha.

The Lies That Save Us

Kakashi shifted uneasily as he waited outside the large oak doorway that lead to the office of The Hokage. He exhaled nervously, careful not to show his anticipation too readily to the 2 ANBU officers guarding the door. Two of this previous subordinates he recognised. He knew them both by name, although he would never address them as so in this situation.

It had been a tense 24 hours for him since he reported in after yesterday’s mission. He had spoken briefly about the events of the mission with Tsunade in the presence of Team 7. But after they were dismissed he was asked to stay. She had told him she wished to speak with him again this morning. Her voice had been soft and laced with concern, but her face and posture was firm. He truly had no idea what to expect from her today. He was sure he was about to be reprimanded or perhaps given some bad news and it was making his stomach turn.

Swallowing quietly, he clenched his fists in his pockets making an extra effort to look nonchalant in front of his previous juniors.

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Gerald Way Smut - Sweet 16

*a/n lucky you, two smuts in under 24 hours ;)*

“Look at this one ‘y/n’ we ate so much play dough that day!” Gerard showed you, he was sat on your bedroom floor looking at old photos of the two of you.
You had been best friends since you were in nursery.
“Oh my god, yes I do, I don’t understand how I even liked the stuff” you replied. You were sat on his bed watching him. He looked so happy and cute of course. He looked cute, he hasn’t changed since those photos, apart from the new and improved hair cut and taste in music.
“Look. At. This.” Gerard said dramatically, waving a photo in you face. You sat upright trying to catch it from him.
“Look at you, with a bowl of mash potato on your head. You’re such a keeper” he said jokingly waking around still.
“Give it back and actually, I am a keeper. Look at me. I’m the cutest.” You said with a sassy tone, putting your hand on your hips.
“Yes, yes you are.” His eyes locked onto yours. Your heart starting thumping at a rate of knots. There was silence in the air.
“I mean, I’ve kept you as my best friend was over 10 years, so of course you’re a keeper” he stumbled over his words.
“Yeah, best friend” you mumbled to yourself, lying back on your bed.
“Look what I found!” Gerard shouted and jumped on your bed lying next to you.
“What is it?” You turned to him.
“That scrapbook we made, that summer both our families went away together, for your 10th birthday, look at this one, we put balloons up around the lake house and everything” he pointed out a photo.
“Oh yeah, I remember. It rained all week” you held the book, your hands touching the pages gently.
“Can you believe that was taken six years ago today” looking you in the eyes taking your hand.
“I can’t believe I’ve put up with you for this long” you said laughing. Gerard fake sulked and turned his head around, you squeezed his hand reassuringly.
“You know I’m joking. I don’t know where I’d be without you” you smiled at him.
He brushed a stray strand of hair from you face.
“I love you 'y/n’. And not in the way a mum loves her child. More than that, I am so stupidly in love with you. You are my soulmate. I never want to be away from you. I would do anything for you. I haven’t left your side in nearly 16 years and I can’t see myself ever leaving it.” He leaned over you and kissed your cheek.
You were slightly taken aback, making you move yourself away from him. But you realised, you loved him too.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything” he apologised and started to move away.
“No, you should’ve said something, because I feel the same. I love you Gerard.”
You pulled him back to you, on top of you and took the back of his head in your hand and kissed him. He tongue entered your mouth and swirled around yours. Your hands still entwined in his hair.
You opened your legs allowing him to move closer to you.
You exposed your neck for Gerard, allowing him to kiss it.
It sent a strange feeling down your body, making your underwear wet, turning you on.
You mumbled profanities under your breath.
“That feelings amazing” you stuttered out, as he was still attacking your neck with his lips and teeth. Your body wanted him, you were bucking your hips trying to get some friction between you and is now growing bulge.
“You’ve never done this before are you want this? now? With me?” He paused and asked you.
“Yes, I really do.” You looked him dead in the eye.
“Okay, I’ll be gently baby” he nibbled on your ear, sending shivers down your body.
He worked down your body. “I’m going to go down on you, okay?” You nodded and he took off your jeans and underwear. He kissed your inner thigh and worked his was over to your clit. A feeling of intense pleasure rode through you. You bit your pillow to muffle you moans and he tongue flicked around your clit. He slowly pushed one finger into you also, making you arch your back and push his head down.
All he could hear was your whimpering as you threw your head back whilst he licked you and pushed his fingers into you. Your body started to shake and your legs wrapped around him.
You moaned his name and he stopped.
“Are you okay baby? I’m not hurting you or anything?” He asked with a concerned look.
“No, please carry on, I just feel weird, like my stomach is in knots” you replied with staggered breath.
“That’s a good thing baby, just let it go, you’ll know what I mean when you get there. Okay.”
He took one of you hands and continued eating you out.
The knot got tighter in your stomach, and you felt your body tighten, you were shaking and you couldn’t control yourself and you let yourself go. The most intense wave of please flew through you, you bucked your hips and tried to muffle out your moans and screams of his name. Gerard’s hands were on the top of your thighs, moving with you as he continued to lick you throughout your orgasm. He let you ride it out then moved back up next to you.
“Thank you so much” you climbed on top “surely you deserve a treat now” you said with a new found confidence.
“Your welcome” he kissed your cheek “not today, you’re the birthday girl, next time baby, we have forever” he held you hands and moved you so he was spooning you.

“Come on guys let’s go!” Your mum shouted from downstairs.
“Shit, we better go” Gerard said.
“Can’t we just stay here? I look rubbish” you tried to fix you hair, whilst putting your jeans on.
“No, it’s your birthday meal, silly. And I think we may have some news for your parents. And besides you look beautiful and always will do, now come on.” He took your hand a ran you down the stairs.

Good enough to eat

A/N: Hey so this is my first time posting on tumblr! And this is my first one shot. It’s not too short and it’s not too long, so I hope you all enjoy it! If you have any requests let me know, I might make this a regular thing.

Summary: Based off of Bianca’s Instagram post in which Roy is filming Hurricane Bianca two and he is dressed like a teacher. When Danny sees this picture, it instantly turns him on.

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