he's been with this show since he was 24

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Carded a man when he bought cigarettes and he starts ranting that 'he's been buying cigarettes since before I was born he shouldn't have to show ID'. He was born in '92. He's 24. ONE year older than me. Dude when I was born you were still shitting in diapers, sit down and stop making a damn fool of yourself.

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Can you explain why you don't like Moffat? Because i mostly liked all his episodes and i feel like i am missing some shit Moffat has been doing.

I could do that, but => Aja Romano does a much better job of it here <= (With receipts!), it goes way beyond ‘omg get over the fact your fave char isn’t on the show anymore.’, especially for me, bc I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was five. That’s 24 years. If I was going to skip out over a character bowing out, I would have peaced out on this show decades ago.

My problem is with the writer, with the writing, with what he’s done to the Doctor, with his representation of women, his representation of wlws, poc, etc. – and that’s before his fucked up comments. People can disagree with me as they like, but to me he’s made the show unrecognizeable. 

It’s a really deep hole in my life, not being able to look forward to it, or to be able to watch a large chunk of seasons bc of him. I miss when the show was campy, but about something. At least that’s how I feel. Again, you enjoy what you like, it’s the time you spend. If you get something good out of it, then by all means <3

A little information on Carl Grimes and Tag Dump!!

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CS + Night

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When we’ve seen the sneak peek of Captain Cobra, maybe one of my first thoughts was that it was daytime and that means that Killian probably didn’t get any sleep at all the night before.

That night he has lost Emma physically, but on the other night 6 weeks later, he lost her once more to the darkness. For him it’s only been 24 hours since that other horrible night he couldn’t sleep.

We watch the show from scene to scene, episode to episode, but as fans we imagine what our favorite characters has been through in the nights in between the days. I imagine Emma couldn’t get to sleep because she’s too emotional after they date. Remembering different little details and finds herself smiling again.

I imagine Killian after that night walk at Storybrook feeling completely happy after his love reassured him that she’s not going anywhere no matter what. 

For us these characters are alive and go through things as real people do. I imagine both Emma and Killian after that dark gathering at Granny’s not being able to close their eyes all night (regardless or not on the ability of the DO to sleep). I really feel like both of them are in a lot of pain there. And the truth is that no night will be a good one for them, as long as they are apart.

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C for Chic

Ravi has been pointed out as ‘the member who wears clothes well the most among VIXX members’ by the members themselves. They all agreed on that. He wore neat black T-shirt, slacks, and jumper during the interview. He added to it by wearing a fedora.
He said: “I have a great interest in fashion usually. Since I’m a rapper, I like street or hip hop outfits. I wear dandy shirts when I like to show a unique fashion. I like shoes and hats for fashion item. Especially, I pay a lot of attention to hats. It gives a big change on the overall mood whether I wear it or not even by what kind of hat I wear.” (cr.)

Last time I ever mention this, I promise.

Can we at least agree that whether Emma and Killian have been banging each others’ brains out for months or haven’t yet, that we are getting in 6x01 is them actually starting their future together as a couple that is getting a second chance at that?

Let’s not forget that this is basically day 3 since Killian was sent back to Emma by Zeus. 

Less than 24 hours after he came back, he went through a portal where a freakishly strong psychopath tried to strangle the life out of him.

The way I’ve been looking at it is that this is a clean slate. Maybe they fucked before he died, maybe they didn’t, but at least we can all agree that whatever is taking place from now on is happening in his second chance at life?

Killian is back from the dead as a full fledged hero and starting the life he and Emma wanted and getting the future they fought so hard for. I think it’s kind of beautiful.

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Hey Taylor! My costume hasn’t quite gotten here yet but my ears and tail came just the other day! If you already couldn’t tell, I’m going as a fox! I’m so excited! When my stuff does come than I will post it! But until then I wanted to tell about all this now. So I’m going to the Atlanta show on 10/24/15. This is going to be my second time seeing you live and I’m very excited! I’ve been waiting since last November when my dad said he got tickets. I’ve been planning my costume forever now and I’ve finally found something I liked! I’m going to wear those ears, an orange tutu, brown leggings, and a shirt that my mom said she was going to make. I don’t really know where my seats are because my dad hasn’t looked them up yet but he said they were somewhere in the 300 section. So yes I will be in the nosebleeds but I’m still going to dance and scream and have the best time ever! Like I said when I find out I will add this on here 😂. My triplet sister, 7 year old sister, and my mom are going and we are so excited!! We can’t wait to see you! I have been a fan of yours for 8 years now. You have helped me through everything. I can’t thank you enough for that :). So with that being said, I can’t wait to hang out with you next Saturday! I can’t wait to party like its 1989! (Your joke not mine) I love you, and I can’t wait to see you! ❤️ Molly @taylorswift

I love the friendship between Eric and Hyde,  especially since they’re more like brothers. They’ve been friends for so long, and that’s why, even though no one else thinks twice about it, Eric is the one to get Hyde the help he doesn’t think he needs when his mom leaves with a trucker in the episode Hyde Moves In (1.24). There is so much about Eric and Hyde in this episode that I love. First, because of Eric’s persistence, Hyde admits that his mom isn’t coming back, and when he says it, you can hear the fear in his voice, even if he won’t admit it. And although he says he doesn’t need help, when Eric offers him a sandwich, Hyde takes it. And as the show fades to commercial, we see Eric sadly watching his friend and its completely silent; they don’t even play any music. Then Eric turns to his parents when he can’t figure out what to do, and the Forman’s take Hyde in. And Eric is so happy to have his friend safe, and despite all his tough talk, Hyde asks if Eric is going to eat his cookies. And of course, Eric gives them to him.

I just don’t understand how characters from a sitcom about growing up in a decade in which I wasn’t even alive yet can make me feel so much?!?!?!