he's been through it a few times

stonathan hcs

  • jonathan and steve started to date at about sixteen or fifteen, but they dated secretly
  • jonathan wants to keep their relationship a secret since he’s afraid because of the existing homophobia (plus the verbal abuse he received from lonnie) and it causes himself to get anxious whenever he thinks about ever wanting to come out
  • steve although wanting to be open with loving his boyfriend, understands and comforts jonathan
  • whenever jonathan would call saying if he had a bad day, steve will often clumsily climb through jonathan’s window and bring a couple of records to make him feel better or just a few movies
  • joyce does hear steve and jonathan but she lets them have their little time together, it’s been awhile since jonathan has had a genuine smile besides hanging out with will
  • she does confront jonathan about it and he just cries
  • she tells him ‘it’s okay, i love and support you no matter what, being gay doesn’t make you any less human’ and they hug it out
  • jonathan likes lying his head down on steve’s shoulder and holding his hands him with him
  • steve likes seeing jonathan smile or even better, being the reason why he smiles
  • whenever someone makes fun of jonathan or even just looks at him weirdly, steve will literally fight them, resulting into jonathan patching him up because he got really hurt but steve tells him ‘for you babe, it was worth it’
  • steve plays baseball and jonathan goes to all his games even though he hates sports
  • steve compliments jonathan’s pictures a lot, he loves whenever jonathan rambles about the pictures like when he took them, why he took them, etc.
  • when they’re alone, steve isn’t shy about pda, he leaves a lot of hickeys on jonathan, specifically on his shoulders and collarbone, causing jonathan to scold him a lot
  • steve co babysits with jonathan, steve likes to call themselves ‘the babysitting boyfriends’

I want to write fic for the new episode so badly, but I’m so very tired.

So here’s some theories for possible ways it could go:

  • Ramses uses Juno’s eye to track him and sends someone to pick him up
  • Rita, still too traumatized by the last time Juno vanished, attached some kind of tracker to his clothes or something, and she gets in a car and drives to him the moment he emerges through those doors
  • Alessandra manages to get the doors open and get to Juno, pulling him back down into the relative safety of the Freedomer compound
  • Nureyev still has the Ruby 7, and he uses its super-advanced AI to track Juno down and rescue him
  • Sasha Wire sends a Dark Matters transport to pick up Juno
  • Juno manages to walk on foot to one of the very few bits of habitable land on Mars, probably one of the outposts. He’s badly sunburnt and sandblasted, but he’ll be okay.
  • The person who’s been following Juno around all this time has been working for someone we’re not familiar with yet, and that person comes to kidnap/capture/rescue Juno. 
Fostered Love Chapter 1

Summary: After talking to her teacher and crush, Fueguchi Hinami decides to take up the extra credit suggestion he had presented. Through it she gets to know :re orphanage and it’s associates - as well as Kirishima Ayato, that from now on shall be her partner in babysitting.

Notes: Hello everyone! 🙏 So this is an au I’ve been cooking up ever since dadyato ™ showed up last chapter. I’m really excited for it and I have tons of ideas for it, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This will mainly be a drama/fluff fic, so please keep that in your minds. I’m also very sorry ahead of time because I think I mislead a few people and exaggrated how fluffy it will be, because this chapter is one of the less fluffy ones. Also please note none of the kids are OC’s, they’re the Aogiri + Underground children! I only gave them names because they’re unnamed as of this moment 💛 

Chapter Summary:  
Hinami is introduced to the extra credit option and takes it up while she’s in daze over her homeroom teacher, Kaneki Ken. Following what he suggested her, she goes an orphanage by the name of :re, and discovers how nice it is to work with kids - while how bad it is to work with adults. (4.7k)

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Proposals five ways

4. After sex

Zane had barely gotten through the door before Heath was on him.

It had been the longest five months of their entire lives. Zane had been on tour with David and the guys all over the country- all over the world- and they had only managed to see each other three times total in that period.

Heath had a good time filming with Dom and Kam, and he’d gained a ton of new subscribers in the past few months. But towards the end of month four, he had become totally miserable. Calls and FaceTime weren’t enough. Neither of them were cut out for a long distance relationship, and Heath was never, ever going to let Zane do this again.

Heath had almost cried when he’d gotten Zane’s text that he’d landed at LAX. Liza was picking them all up and she’d drop him off, soon.

And now he was here.

Zane dropped his bag on the floor and grabbed Heath by the hips. 

“Missed you,” he breathed in between kisses, and God, he had even missed Zane’s smell

Zane walked them back towards the bedroom, and Heath was nearly hanging off of Zane’s neck. The taste of his tongue and the scratch of his beard and his hands on his ass- he had been dying for it, had thought about it every night the past month as he tried to get himself off. But there was nothing like the real thing.

Heath slid his hands under Zane’s t-shirt and Zane raised his arms so he could pull it off. Heath started in on the belt buckle next, and Zane tugged down Heath’s sweatpants- the only thing he had on.

“I can’t believe you’re real,” Zane said, latching onto Heath’s neck. It was a strange thing to say, but Heath knew exactly what he meant.

Heath finally got Zane’s button and zipper undone, and he pushed down his jeans and underwear. He was becoming less and less coordinated, and he was relieved when Zane pushed him onto the bed and rid himself of the rest of his clothing.

Zane pressed himself against Heath’s body so there was no space in between them. 

“I love you,” Zane said breathlessly. He kissed Heath like he was trying to devour him whole, and Heath wanted nothing more than for him to do it.

Zane broke their kiss when they were both about to explode with need, reaching towards the nightstand.

“No,” Heath said, digging his nails into Zane’s bicep. “I did it already. Just fuck me.”

Zane’s eyes widened and he sat back. He pulled Heath’s thighs apart and saw that Heath’s hole was dripping with lube, ready to be fucked.

“Fuck, you’re perfect,” Zane groaned. How the fuck had he gotten so lucky?

In seconds Zane was buried to the hilt, and it was hard not to come right then and there.

“C’mon, make me feel it,” Heath urged. “Need you.”

Zane grabbed Heath’s thighs and pulled them to his chest, setting a brutal pace. 

Heath was usually pretty vocal during sex, but he was so overwhelmed with the feeling of having Zane home and inside him that he could barely breathe, let alone make any noise.

“You feel so good, like you were made for me,” Zane babbled, and if Heath could have formed words he still couldn’t have even made fun of him for the cheesiness, because he felt the exact same way.

It didn’t last long, but they had both expected that. They had cleared their schedules for the next two days and planned on doing nothing but fucking and eating.

For the first time, they came at exactly the same moment. And when they could think again, they didn’t think at all, but stayed pressed together, Heath’s head on Zane’s chest.

“You’re never going on tour again,” Heath finally said. “I am never, ever doing this again.”

“Agreed,” Zane replied, running his fingers up and down Heath’s arm. “Never again.”


After a few minutes Zane slid out from under Heath and off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Heath asked. He sounded pathetic but he definitely wasn’t done cuddling yet.

“Just getting your coming home present out of my bag,” Zane answered.

“Now? Can’t it wait until morning?” But Zane was already out the room. Heath sighed and sat up. Zane was very particular about these things.

When Zane came back he crawled onto the bed and sat facing Heath. Something was in Zane’s fist and Heath wondered what Zane could have possibly gotten him that was that small.

“So, uh…going along with the never going on tour again thing,” Zane began. He looked nervous as hell, and Heath was totally confused.

“I pretty much decided the same thing after the first two weeks. Being with the guys was fun and everything, but more than anything I wanted to be home with you. And…and that made me decide something else, too.”

Zane swallowed roughly, like he was trying not to cry. Now Heath was even more confused.

“When we were in New Orleans, I went into this antique shop after our show…and I saw this, and I knew I had to get it for you.”

Zane opened his hand, and inside was a thick gold band. 

“I thought when I asked you to marry me, I’d have something way more extravagant for you. But all I have is this. And…and I hope you’ll take it.”

Zane was totally wrecked, and Heath was frozen in shock.

“Are…are you asking me to marry you?” Heath asked, making sure he had heard correctly. His heart was racing and he knew that this moment would be burned into his brain for the rest of his life.

“Yeah,” Zane answered shakily. “Will you?”

“Yes.” Heath didn’t even have to think about it. He’d never been so sure about anything in his life.

Heath leaned forward and kissed Zane softly. “And it’s a nice ring, Zane. It’s perfect.”

“It really is though,” Zane replied. He was still trying not to cry and failing miserably, but he was also beaming. “Before I put it on you, look at the engraving on the inside. Baby, I…I swear to God that was there when I bought it. It…it was like, fate.”

Heath took the ring out of Zane’s hand and turned it in his hand. He held it up to his face and squinted until the words on the inside of the band came into focus.

From Louise, With Love.

Heath couldn’t speak. He gave the ring back to Zane, and Zane slid it onto his ring finger. It was a little tight, but it was the most beautiful thing Heath had ever seen.

“I love you, Zane Hijazi,” Heath finally said. Fuck, now he was crying.

“Love you too, baby.”

s4 keith and the marmora suit

there’s something interesting about keith’s blade of marmora suit and how it ties into his actions in s4 

here in season 2, episode 8, kolivan says to shiro “his suit has the ability to create a virtual mindscape reflecting its wearer’s greatest hopes and fears”. however, we don’t know how the marinade suit does this, whether it’s technology or some strange magical property like haggar and the druids use 

kolivan also says “at this moment, your friend desperately wants to see you”. at a time when keith was vulnerable and emotional, and at his lowest point, he wanted to see his brother-figure and the margarine suit reflected that in the form of hologram shiro who offered him comfort- a hope of his

however, holo-shiro also became one of keith’s greatest fears- abandoning him. if you turn the brightness up, you can see a white glow around this shiro proving he isn’t real

but what if the majorca suit’s ability also extends to season 4? a time when keith wears the suit almost the entire season?

what if the reason keith leaves his team is because the marmalade suit has amplified his feelings of insecurity and not belonging on the team? what if his thoughts are amplified into a virtual mindscape, inside his head, that tells him he has to distance himself?

this is the face of someone in pain and it repeats a few more times throughout the episodes

just like in episode 8 of s2, keith is going through a struggle, and i don’t think he wants to separate himself from the team. especially after that significant moment where he said goodbye to his dad and walked out the door, symbolically choosing voltron over his heritage, it doesn’t make sense that 1 season later he’s reverting to choosing his galra side over his paladin duty 

keith has always been ride or die but i think in s4 it’s becoming worse because the mustard suit amplifies his thoughts of ‘voltron is complete, they don’t need you’. what starts as a fleeting thought is becoming, thanks to the suit, a huge internal struggle that keith can see in his mind

he even said it himself in episode 1 of s4 “my absence allowed shiro to re-establish his bond with the black lion. he can finally be the leader i was unable to be”, and it’s becoming worse and worse, to the point that keith was ready to sacrifice himself 

the keith we’ve seen over the course of 4 seasons wouldn’t be so willing to surrender himself. but here he’s resolved, you can see on his face the determination and the understanding that this is what he thinks he has to do

but not having a place on the team isn’t a catalyst for sacrifice. keith is distanced from the team but it isn’t a reason to trade his life, especially in such a futile attempt that he must’ve known wouldn’t work, because his ship wouldn’t have been powerful enough to break the planet’s barrier. there must be another factor at play

the mullet suit is amplifying keith’s fears, like kolivan said it did, but it might also be amplifying his hopes. what if one of keith’s hopes is to ensure his new-found family’s success and happiness? the suit created an image in keith’s mind- if he sacrificed himself, it would give the paladins a chance to win, and for keith that’s all that matters. his hope is to not only save the universe, but to save his rag-tag group who have become his family even at the cost of his life

we’ve seen hints of keith’s insecurities before, especially in s3, but now it’s escalated. who else has deep insecurities we’ve seen, who has been called keith’s ‘stability’, who has been his mutual comfort and who does he listen to when he’s emotional and vulnerable? especially now that kuron-shiro and keith will grow apart

i think keith will bond with lance over their shared fears, worries, and insecurities and they’ll grow closer as a result, but also- i don’t think it’s out of the question that keith might end up seeing a hologram of lance while wearing the mozzarella suit, because that reflects his ‘greatest hopes and fears’ 

TL;DR the mango suit is messing with keith’s mind 

Risking it all in a glance

“Draco… Draco.” 

His father’s voice sounded strained, almost like a scared whisper. He hesitantly stretched out his arm, his hand balled into a fist. Draco swallowed hard as several heads turned towards him, watched him. He was sure they all expected him to walk across the courtyard without hesitation. It was where he belonged after all.

All these years he had done as his father had said. He hadn’t defied him once. But now, everything in him screamed to stay where he was, not to go to his father. It came too late. What was the point in defying him now?

Harry Potter was dead. There was no hope left.


Draco’s eyes darted to his mother. Her voice rang through him and immediately found its way to his heart, squeezing it violently. She took a step forward, smiling at him almost sadly.


Hesitating only a second longer, Draco started moving, his head bowed. He didn’t dare to look anyone in the eye.

Harry Potter was dead. What was the point in fighting?

Draco’s body went rigid when the Dark Lord enveloped him in his arms.

“Well done, Draco,” he whispered into his ear. Draco thought he was going to be sick. Silently, he made his way to his parents, avoiding his father’s waiting arms and grasping his mother’s hand instead.

He tried to suppress a sob when his eyes fell on Potter’s lifeless body, held tight by the half-giant. It made him want to scream, to sink to his knees and beg the heavens to return him. What were they supposed to do without Potter now? What was Draco supposed to do without him?

For the rest of his life, he would be haunted by the knowledge that the last time he had seen Harry Potter alive, the Gryffindor had saved his life, had saved him from the Fiendfyre. And what had Draco done? He had simply grabbed his wand when it had fallen out of Potter’s hand and had made a run for it.

His hand tightened around the wood, making his knuckles go white. It didn’t even feel like his wand anymore. It only reminded him of what he had done. It disgusted him.

He could barely listen as Longbottom stepped forward and told them it didn’t matter that Potter was dead. His heart gave another violent squeeze. He wished he could go back in time. Draco doubted it was in his power to save Potter, but he should have at least told him that he… that he…

Draco saw something sparkly out of the corner of his eyes when suddenly chaos erupted. Longbottom was holding something; it looked like a sword. Draco looked around, taking in the shocked faces of the Death Eaters. That’s when he finally saw it; Potter, jumping out of the half-giant’s arms. In this mere second, Draco’s whole world shifted. It was as if time was standing still. Potter was crouching on the ground, his face full of determination.

Draco’s mind was completely blank. He didn’t think, he didn’t question it when his feet started moving of their own accord.

“Potter!” His voice was choked, desperate. The feeling only intensified when their eyes met. Draco hadn’t thought he’d ever see those eyes again. It made him shiver. He didn’t think about repercussions, about what his parents would say, what the Dark Lord might do to him. How could he, when Harry Potter was alive?

Without a moment’s hesitation, he lifted his arm above his head and threw his wand with all his might. His heart hammered wildly against his chest as he watched Potter catch it mid-air.

They were saved. He was saved.

Even though relief flooded through him, at this point, Draco really didn’t care what happened to him anymore. He had experienced what it meant to lose  nearly everything.

Harry Potter was alive and that was all that mattered.

So, quick intermission because there’s this song you could listen to real quick. Yes, this was indeed inspired by a song originally sung by the Backstreet Boys lol. BUT can you honestly listen to it and tell me this is not one of the most drarry songs you’ve ever heard? I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed before! So, with that in mind, the story continues…

It was quick, fleeting, but it made Harry stop dead, the air completely knocked out of his lungs. Grey eyes, hesitant, sad, locked with his.

Someone bumped into him, breaking the eye contact. Harry whirled around, the shopping bag in his hand hitting the wizard beside him in the back.

“Sorry,” Harry mumbled. He quickly turned his head back down Diagon Alley, searching for grey eyes but there were just too many people.

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Some things about Kravitz, who hasn’t lived in the world (or in general) for a little while:

Kravitz has a really strange perception of time, because he’s gotten used to ignoring the overall passage of time as much as possible. If it’s an appointment, with a scheduled time and place that he can write down on a calendar (say, a date), Kravitz is always prompt. If it’s a more general timeframe (say, meeting his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s favorite child at the zoo in two hours), he might be several hours or days either late or early. It’s impossible to predict in what specific way he will misunderstand the timing next.

Kravitz has fallen out of the habit of eating by the time he meets Taako. It’s not necessary, and he has better things to do with his time than indulge in sentimental habits from life, he thinks. He has no idea what to order on that first dinner date; he doesn’t even remember what foods he used to like. When Taako finds out, he pushes himself to cook more because he wants to see the look on Kravitz’ face when he tastes Taako’s cooking (Taako doesn’t always manage it, but he tries more than he used to). Kravitz can’t handle spicy food but he eats it anyway (it’s familiar and like home and if he could eat it in his first life he wants to have it again in his second) and discovers that he has a deep and obsessive love of sweets. Taako experiments with a recipe for a spiced cake, and Kravitz eats almost the whole thing while simultaneously smiling and crying. (It tastes so much like something he can’t name.)

Kravitz isn’t very good at small talk. He doesn’t know what to talk about besides work, and when he talks about work people start to look at him strangely. He falls into the habit of just following Taako around at whatever party they attend and letting his boyfriend do most of the talking. He prefers the smaller family gatherings; Taako’s family is a busy, loud, chaotic group, and they draw Kravitz into their conversations and activities like he’s meant to be there. (Of course you’re meant to be there, people keep telling him. You’re part of the family, wouldn’t be the same without you.) Kravitz doesn’t know when he starts depending on all of them, just that one day he realizes that he trusts them in a way he never expected to. His trust isn’t misplaced - he’s at a party and people are asking uncomfortable questions, and Lup interrupts with a loud and gleeful recounting of the way she decapitated a necromancer to the suddenly-horrified onlookers. Barry helps Kravitz make his escape during the distraction. 

Kravitz likes to be warm. He realizes how much he enjoys the feeling when he’s cuddling with Taako one night; it feels like home, like something he hasn’t felt in a long time. Once he’s mostly living in the Prime Material Plane, he gravitates towards warmth whenever possible. The house he and Taako eventually share has a big fireplace with an armchair right next to it, and Kravitz acquires an enormous collection of sweaters. He likes to sit out in the sun. He frequently invades Taako’s personal space to leech warmth from him; Taako gets used to the sudden and freezing (and loving) embrace of death.

Kravitz sometimes forgets to put on his face in the morning before he answers the door for people. It’s fine when it’s friends or family, but they’ve been through a few mail couriers and scouts selling cookies. Taako cackles with delight every time; Kravitz is always embarrassed. 

Kravitz gets unreasonably excited when he discovers “new things.” His family patiently indulges his enthusiasm about such up-and-coming trends as fantasy slap bracelets, fantasy glow sticks, and fantasy snuggies. 

Kravitz never gets tired of finding new music, and there is so much new music to find, with so much time now to listen. He’s obsessed with another song every week, and it’s not unusual to hear music trickling from the window day or night. Sometimes, when Kravitz unexpectedly finds a familiar piece of music that he didn’t know he’d forgotten, he’ll dance with Taako around the kitchen or living room like he hasn’t since that first life that he can barely remember.

Y’all I love making jokes abt Lotor doing that fucked up thing with his arms as much as the next person but,,

it was made pretty obvious that he has had to do that before

So just how many times did Lotor get shoved into cuffs or treated as a prisoner for that ‘trick’ to become natural? We are all well aware that Zarkon thinks incredibly lowly of Lotor and that it has been implied that Lotor fought in the gladiatorial ring and honestly guys I don’t think anything that happened to Lotor while he was under his parents control was voluntary. We barely know any of his history and I’m sure through these next few arcs we’ll be able to see more of what he went through but for now just god how many times did he do that to himself and barely manage the pain? How many times did he feel so trapped that hurting himself was the only way out?

How many times was Lotor forced into breaking himself?

It Ain’t Me: Part 7

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Genre: Angst

Words: 2.4 K

Part 6 | Part 8

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We’ve been talking a lot in church these last few weeks about the word blessed and how it isn’t just having good things happen to you. Being blessed isn’t having a nice house or being able to afford eating out several times a week or having things feel relatively easy

No. Blessed is a joy that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

So when Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn…” He meant that even in the darkness, there is light. He meant that even if you’re in the thick of it, or even if it’s something that’s in the past but still feels fresh, you can find joy. You can find peace. He meant that no matter the hurt, the sorrow, the wound, joy comes in the morning. He meant that the mourning is temporary, but His love is eternal

Through brokenness comes blessing.

It’s one thing to hear this or read it when you are in a place of comfort, though, and another to try and remind yourself of it when you’re hurting. Another to live it

Living it is hard, y’all.

But we’ve got to try. 

Blessed are the poor in spirit
Blessed are those who mourn
Blessed are the meek
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness 
Blessed are the merciful
Blessed are the pure in heart
Blessed are the peacemakers
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake
Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account
Blessed are you
Blessed are you
Blessed are you

Sleep tight

“This is ridiculous!”

For once in his life, Harry heartily agreed with Malfoy. This really was ridiculous. What was Dumbledore thinking? True, things had gone a bit out of hand after the last Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin but that didn’t justify… this!

“How am I supposed to concentrate on my O.W.L.s when I have to put up with a bunch of pillocks?!”

“Stop complaining, Malfoy. It won’t change anything,” Terry Boot called from across the dorm. Their newly shared dorm. One student from each house, that was the new rule. Dumbledore had announced it two weeks ago and Harry’s only consolation was that he was still in Gryffindor tower, in his own bed, while the other Gryffindors had moved into other dorms.

Harry still wasn’t convinced this would do anything for house unity. So far, Malfoy had picked a fight with Terry every time they were in the same room and he had even tried to hex Justin Finch-Fletchley once. As much as it annoyed Harry, at least it diverted Malfoy’s attention away from him. He really wasn’t in the mood to fight. He missed Ron. Seeing him in classes but not sharing a dorm just wasn’t the same.

“Potter! Get your filthy Quidditch robes away from my bed,” Malfoy growled, nudging the red and gold robes on the floor with his foot. Harry rolled his eyes.

“Will you relax? They’re nowhere near your bed,” Harry said exasperatedly.

“They are on my side of the room. Have you forgotten everything I told you about boundaries?” Malfoy fumed, drawing an invisible line between their beds with his hand, as he had done on their first day as dormmates.

Harry heard Terry snort.

“You’re one to talk,” he muttered under his breath.

“What was that”? Malfoy whirled around and gave Terry a dangerous look. Harry expected them to have another shouting match but Terry just shook his head and waved a dismissive hand in the air.

“If you have something to say, just say it!” Malfoy approached Terry, his hands on his hips.

“You of all people do not want me to say this out loud, believe me,” Terry said unblinking. Malfoy scrutinised him and Harry noticed a strange expression flicker across his face. “Unless you want to explain why these boundaries don’t seem to apply to you. Especially-”

“Are you trying to blackmail me? With something that you clearly imagined?” Malfoy interrupted him. His body was rigid and his face was inches away from Terry’s. The Ravenclaw smirked, his eyes darting over to Harry and then back to Malfoy.

“You know, Malfoy,” Terry said, crossing his arms in front of his chest, a smug expression on his face. “I always suspected you’d feel right at home in the Gryffindor dorms but I had no idea you’d get that cosy.”

Harry reacted on instinct when he saw Malfoy draw his wand. He grabbed his own from the nightstand and pointed it at Malfoy.

“Expelliarmus,” he yelled. Malfoy’s wand flew across the room and Harry caught it with his free hand. “Seriously, Malfoy? What is wrong with you?” Harry watched as Malfoy’s shoulders slightly slumped. Without another word he stormed out of the dorm, slamming the door behind him.

“What was that all about?” Harry murmured. He gave Terry a puzzled look. The Ravenclaw just sighed.

“Honestly, I don’t want to get in the middle of this, but Malfoy just… ugh!” Terry stomped his foot once and shook his head. “It’s really between the two of you.”

“The two of us?” Harry couldn’t imagine a scenario in which he and Malfoy could be referred to as ‘the two of you’. All he and Malfoy ever did was fight. Or ignore each other. Well, pretend to ignore each other would probably be more accurate.

“I really don’t want to be hexed in my sleep,” Terry groaned. “But… maybe try to be a bit more alert tonight, Harry. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Harry scratched the back of his neck, completely at loss.

“Okay,” he mumbled, wondering what on earth Terry was on about.

Draco sighed as he leaned his head against Harry’s nightstand. It really wasn’t fair. He watched as Harry’s chest rose and fell steadily, his face looking softer than ever in the moonlight. Why did he have to be so beautiful? Slowly, his fingers rose to Harry’s forehead to brush his bangs out of his face. He looked so peaceful.

It really wasn’t Draco’s fault he stayed up night after night to watch Harry sleep like a total creep. The first time it had happened, Draco had been wakened by a soft whimper. Investigating it further, he had seen Harry all sweaty and thrashing in his bed. Draco had intended to wake him, but as soon as he had leaned down, Harry had grabbed him and had pulled him down.

At first, Draco hadn’t been sure if Harry was awake or still asleep. He had gone very still when Harry had clutched at him until he had finally wrapped him in his arms and had almost strangled Draco. His face had been pressed against Harry’s chest, the Gryffindor’s heartbeat drumming against his cheek. It had been the most amazing thing Draco had ever felt.

He hadn’t dared to fall asleep that night. Seeing as Harry had finally calmed down with Draco in his arms, Draco had supposed it would be better to stay there until dawn. With Harry being restless in the bed beside him, he wouldn’t have gotten much sleep anyway.

After that, Draco had made a habit of watching Harry sleep. His touch seemed to calm the Gryffindor whenever he seemed to have a bad dream. But he hadn’t pulled Draco into his bed again. Draco didn’t want to admit to himself that he was secretly waiting for it to happen once more but he found himself leaning closer to his so-called enemy with every passing night.

As his fingers continued to stroke the soft curls, he frowned. No, Harry wasn’t his enemy at night. During the day, Draco kept up his snarky attitude and his animosity. But at night, there was no need for that. At night, he could simply stare at the boy who made his heart beat faster, who made his scalp prickle and who was responsible for the smile Draco had to hide once dawn was breaking.

Sometimes, Draco wished he didn’t have to hide it, could show it openly and let the stupid git know.

It really wasn’t fair.

Harry held his breath when he felt Malfoy’s fingers brush his ear. His heartbeat picked up instantly and he was pretty sure he was blushing. His cheeks suddenly felt really hot, as did the rest of his body.

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[ARTICLE] MONSTA X Tearfully Thanks Fans For 1st Win + Wonho Explains Why He Was Scared Of Their Nomination

MONSTA X recently held an emotional Naver V Live broadcast to thank their fans on November 14. The group had won first place on a music show for the first time since their debut in 2015 with their latest title track “Dramarama” on the November 14 broadcast of SBS MTV’s “The Show.” As most of the members had been too overwhelmed by their emotions to give an acceptance speech during “The Show,” the group tried to articulate their feelings more clearly during the broadcast, but still struggled to speak through their tears.
Earlier, we were so surprised and caught off-guard that we couldn’t say anything. But thank you so much,” said leader Shownu. Trying to find the right words, he finally turned to Minhyuk for help instead, asking, “Please say something, Minhyuk. You’re the one who’s good at talking.” Minhyuk, however, was still too emotional to speak. Shownu later asked Hyungwon to say a few words, adding, “Stop crying now,” to which Jooheon responded, “Hyungwon has been crying from the beginning.” While attempting to speak, Hyungwon quickly choked up again and said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to say anything.” Fortunately, Wonho managed to express their thoughts instead. “Thank you so much for giving us the chance to experience what it’s like to win first place. We’re so grateful,” he said, before suddenly commenting, “Wait, I have to call my mom.
Jooheon explained that he could not remember what he’d said earlier during his acceptance speech, and shared, “Thanks to Monbebes, we were not only able to receive this award and win first place, but also received so much energy from our fans that we will be able to work harder during our promotions.” Kihyun expressed his gratitude as well, promising, “We’ll work harder in the future. He added, “I tried to say something earlier, but I had just barely managed to stop crying and was about to speak when I saw Wonho sobbing next to me. So, the tears started flowing again.” I.M chimed in, “I didn’t think that we would actually receive the award. So when we won, I couldn’t think of an acceptance speech. The only thing that kept coming to mind was all the hardships that our members had been through.
Wonho and Kihyun agreed that they hadn’t expected to receive the award, with Wonho revealing that he was originally unhappy to see that MONSTA X was up for first place. He choked up as he explained, “We were contenders for No. 1 on a music show a few times in the past, and based on those experiences, I didn’t exactly welcome being a contender again. I thought, ‘We aren’t going to win anyway,’ and worried that our Monbebes will feel disappointed and sad after working hard to vote. I felt sorry and didn’t want them to go through that again. So when we arrived today [at “The Show”], I was hoping that we weren’t contenders for first place.” The members’ sniffling could be heard in the background throughout the video as MONSTA X repeatedly thanked their fans, and later kneeled and bowed in order to express their gratitude. I.M finally said, “Let’s stop crying, since this is a happy day. We’re going to continue to improve and grow as a group.” Kihyun added, “Although we cried, we want Monbebes to keep smiling.” Congratulations again to MONSTA X!

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Pairing; Park Jimin  x Reader

Words; 3.1k

Genre; Smut | Light angst

Summary;  ❝Love is blind, greed is insatiable❞

Aka; You’re Jimin’s side hoe and he’s too fucking greedy to choose between what he loves and his greed for money.

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God is with us in every season of our lives, and He remains faithful. Lately my prayers have been full of tears, when just a few weeks ago, my prayers were full of laughter and praise. God knows our hearts, friends. He sees you in what ever season you’re in. If you’re feeling at the end of your rope like I am right now, pray for Him to get you through—moment by moment. “God, help me get through the morning and make it until lunch time.” Or, “Lord, just get me through the night.” Baby steps. Let His grace guide you, and His strength provide you with what you need to make it through. He’s got you. Amen.

It Wasn’t Real (part two)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) and slight Eddie x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, pennywise.

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When you’d woken up that morning, the house was yet again filled with silence.

The weekend, in your opinion had gone by too quickly as you woke up that Monday morning. You had the house to yourself, as your mother hadn’t come home all weekend, but that in itself wasn’t odd. Your mother could not come home for days on end, weeks, depending on what man she’d found and set herself up with for a while.

Your mother would rather spend her time with randoms strangers that could hurt her for all she knew, than see her own daughter.

But of course, you weren’t shocked and it most definitely wasn’t anything out of the norm. And on the plus side, it meant you got to be by yourself for a while, which never seemed to happen anymore. You liked to believe that’s why the weekend had gone by quickly, and not because you dreaded the faces you were going to see when you walked through the school halls.

You sighed heavily as you sat up in your bed, groaning as you felt the muscles in your back pop. You tried to ignore the creaking your bed made as you moved, a constant annoyance as you tried to sleep at night. Letting your eyes fall on the alarm clock, you read the time seven in the morning, the time you usually woke up. Which also meant you had about thirty minutes to get ready.

You paused for a moment, letting your eyes wander around you. Something felt off, you weren’t sure just what yet. But there was an unsettling feeling in your stomach. Shrugging it off, you got up off your bed and begin getting ready for school.

It seemed though, that that morning you’d gotten a bit lost in your mind. You were suppose to leave at seven thirty, since it was a fifteen minute walk to school and classes began at eight-fifty in the morning. When you’d finally finished getting dressed, and throwing your hair up in some kind of look, the clock read seven-thirty-nine. You had about eleven minutes to get to school, which wouldn’t be bad, if you hurried.

Grabbing your bag off the kitchen table, where it’d been all weekend, you rushed out the door, slamming it behind you. You nearly tripped over your own feet as you ran down your steps, stumbling forward ungracefully. As you turned the corner to begin your walk on the road, you felt yourself slam against another. 

The force of the hit made you stumble back slightly, only for you to loose your footing and slam onto your butt. You huffed in annoyance, moaning in pain as you landed unnaturally on the concrete beneath you. 

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Though your mind drifted from your own pain when you’d heard the voice, a voice that you’d never forget. It was a lot deeper than you remembered, but that was to be expected. Your thoughts were only confirmed when you peered up above you, and saw the familiar dark brown eyes above you.

“Mike?!” You asked, your voice cracking besides yourself. Mike looked away from his bike, the same bike he’d ridden as a child you’d noticed, and the packages packed within the basket to you. You watched his face fall, and his eyes flitter up above you to your house. “I’d forgotten this was your house…”

While it was an innocent enough statement, you felt your heart burn. He’d forgotten where you’d lived but you hadn’t forgotten the bike he used to ride as a child. 

Snapping out of your thoughts, you looked at your wrist watch; seven-forty-three. You didn’t accept Mike’s hand as you crawled up yourself, dusting off your jeans in a haste before turning and running the other direction. 


“School!” You called back, looking over your shoulder. “I’m gonna be late!”

“You’re late… Ms. Y/L/N.” You paused in the doorway, you’d barely walked through the door before your science teacher had alerted everyone else of your presence. Clenching your fists, you nodded your head, already knowing if you were to say anything else it’d back fire on you.

Your stupid science teacher didn’t even spare you a glance, didn’t look up from his desk. But the many students sitting in their desks did, anything to get them away from the boring text book work they’d had to start. You checked your watch briefly, you were four minutes late. That’s it. You could still feel your heart pumping against your chest sporadically, and your breathing coming out unevenly.

You waited impatiently at the door, practically begging to be allowed in. “Please step out.” He ordered you, and you felt your mouth fall open in shock. “B-But i’m only four minutes lat-”

“Four minutes too late, Ms. Y/L/N.” Your science teacher interrupted you. Finally he looked up at you, but only halfway. You sputtered for a response, you were never late. Not once. You arrived five minutes early even if you could, but this one day. One day! And he was acting as if you’d committed a crime. “You know the rules. If you are late, you do not to come to class.”

It wasn’t normal that you got angry. Hell, half of the time it looked as if you didn’t even know what emotions were. But you could feel your chest burning, as if you’d been shot and the anger run through your body. So, you did the first thing that flew to your mind. “Fuck you.” And stormed out the door.

“Ms-Ms. Y/L/N! Get- You get back here right now!”

You stomped through the hallways, passing by a few skippers who gave you odd looks. But no part of you cared. You were stressed, tired and exhausted. None of you wanted to deal with any of this today, but you knew that you’d later regret that. When it came to tomorrow and you had to walk through the doors, but all of that slipped through your usual rationale mind.

You slammed the school doors behind you, walking around the steps up that you’d just descended down and fell against the school wall. You stood there for a moment, huffing in anger as you leaned your head against the brick wall behind you. What a dick…

Sighing, you reached into your bag, searching through until your hands fell on the intended object. Pulling out the box, you flipped the lip open, taking out the lighter and one cigarette stick. You stared at the cancer stick for a moment, you hadn’t smoked in a while, mainly because your mind had been on so many other things. It’d been Henry who’d gotten you into the habit but in a sick sort of way, you only did it because you distinctly remember Beverly had.

In it’s own twisted way, it felt like you were keeping a part of her to yourself. Even if it was a decease stick.

You don’t know how long you stood there, leaning against the wall and pumping your lungs with toxicity. It felt like a good while, just you and your thoughts. But the moment was ruined when you heard yelling and a bunch of words being mumbled and stumbled over together. You furrowed your brows, sighing as the peace and quiet was ripped from your ears before dropping the cigarette stick and squishing it with your shoe.

When you walked around the ledge of the staircase, which you’d been hiding behind, you found the one and only Henry Bowers. Of course Victor and Belch were with him, along with two other people you didn’t bother to remember. You’d been wondering where your boyfriend was, seeing as he liked to skip you’d thought you’d see him walk by.

But it seemed he’d had his hands busy if the struggling boy in the middle was anything to go by.

You would’ve walked off, like usual until you realized who they held in their arms. It seemed Eddie Kaspbrak was still a popular target for your boyfriend… You wondered why you’d never noticed that.

Nonetheless, you continued walking, making your way over to the five boys. “Hey, Henry.” You smiled lightly, bringing his attention on you. Whatever he’d been whisper to Eddie immediately feel silent on his lips as he found you. “Y/N, just who i’ve been looking for.” He grinned, and you refused the urge to cringe. “Come, it’s time to play.”

His words made you freeze, forgetting everything you’d been about to do as you stayed still. Henry noticed your sudden change in attitude and raised an eyebrow your way.

“What did you say?” You asked, fear etching your voice.

“What?” Henry asked, not amused. Blinking, you shook your head. You were overthinking it; “n-nothing.”

You did your best not to make eye contact with Eddie, who’d quieted his sobs but you could still hear him breath heavily in fear. You only hoped this worked…

Leaning up against Henry’s side, you peered up at him, smiling lustfully. You went up onto your tip-toes, breathing into his neck while you whispered; “why don’t we go somewhere?” When you leaned back, you watched his eyes widen and a disgusting smile fall on his lips.

A hand wound around your waist, and you felt yourself press against Henry. You looked over at Eddie who was still being held in Victor’s and Belch’s hands. Henry nodded and the two of them let Eddie go, but not without kicking him to the ground. You refused to flinch as you heard the thud and Eddie’s moan of pain, instead deciding to smile over at Henry who’d let go of you.

He walked over to Victor and Belch, whispering so you couldn’t hear but you could imagine what they were saying. And it made you disgusted.

Taking his distraction as a chance, you leaned down, grabbing Eddie who flinched from your grasp. He looked up in fear only to find you and nodding at him, you leaned down to grab him, helping him up. Eddie stumbled but nonetheless found his feet again and went to say something to you, but your mind was on something else.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Henry turn towards you, so you shoved Eddie away. He nearly tripped over his own two feet, but caught himself and peered back at you. Henry stepped up to you and you saw his face falter, for even just a second, he’d saw…

“I heard you told a teacher to fuck off today, Y/N.” Henry grounded out; “that’s my girl.” You closed your eyes at his words, hating when he objectified you like that. You hated it even more know that Eddie was there to witness it. Reaching a hand out, Henry grabbed ahold of your wrist much like yesterday, but this time his grip was much more hard. Almost bruising.

You winced, but didn’t fight as he started walking off.

Eddie stayed behind, watching the encounter before him in shock before he felt two shadows fall over him. “Enjoying the show, freak?” Victor sneered and Eddie took a step back in habit.

“Run off, Eds.”

The next day went much like you expected, you got detention. Of course you didn’t much care, it gave you an excuse not to have to see Henry after school. 

Though first half of the day was hell, boring. Not to mention having to explain the bruise on your wrist to your mother when you’d gotten home that night. She didn’t much care for you as long as you looked pretty. A bruise on an underage kid could be un-beneficial for her, so it was important you looked untouched.

Slamming your locker door shut, you pounced your knee, wanting to get outside as quick as you could for lunch. You need a cigarette and bad, no matter how bad it was for you. But as you turned around, something made you freeze. 

IT. IT. It- It stood there, through the midst of a crowded hallway. IT. You felt your eyes go wide and your heart beat grow rapid as IT raise it’s hand and waved slowly at you, teasingly slow and a sickening smile grew on it’s lip. But- but how? How? You and the rest- you’d defeated him. At least for another twenty-seven years when you were long and gone.

It’d only been four.

And for the first time that number seemed small, when for you those four years had been agonizingly long.

“Wha- what?” You whispered out.

“I’m back!” Pennywise cheered, aloud but not one of the other kids noticed anything. How? “I’m back. I’m back! Back! Back, back, back, back.”

“Come back, Y/N!” Blinking, IT was gone. As if he’d vanished, and when you looked in the place he’d stood, nothing. Furrowing your brows, you stepped back only for your eyes to fall before you on another figure. “Eddie?!”

“I’ve been calling you for two whole minutes, Y/N.” Eddie frowned, “are you okay?” It felt odd for him to ask that question. To seem as if he cared.

“I-I-” You looked past Eddie’s head, IT wasn’t there. “I’m fine… Eddie, why are you here?”

“I wanted to thank you for yesterday…” Eddie mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck in shame. His words made you pause, and you to finally focus on him completely. 

“For what?”

Eddie seemed genuinely surprised you didn’t know what he was referring to; “for helping me with Henry and his friends…” You didn’t miss the way his eyes flew to your wrist where the purple and blue mark was growing darker. You grabbed it with your other hand, hiding it from view and cursing yourself for not wearing a longer sleeved sweater. “If you hadn’t come when you had… well, i’m not sure what would’ve happened.”

The experience of speaking to Eddie was so foreign to you, and you felt great discomfort grow within you. Now, you really needed a puff. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” You rambled on, looking past him; “look, Eddie I need to go-”


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I Walk The Line - Reddie [ 01 ]

Summary: Eddie Kaspbrak is finally enrolled into the Boarding School that he had been fighting for years just to get in. However, not all is what it seems between these walls, full of shadows and unsolved mysteries that dangle on loose threads. Derry Academy has a dark secret that is yet to be revealed and the more Eddie finds out about the unknown, more grains of sand fall to the depths of the hourglass.

Warning(s) For the Whole Series: Rape, self harm, sexual assault, depression and death.

A/N: Please ask in my inbox to be tagged in a taglist for this series if you wish :)

Playlist ( X )

Part 1 | 2 (Soon)

“And this is your room, Edward.”

“It’s uh, Eddie. My friends call me Eddie.”

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You, thinking that Mom is gone and that Cas is gone and that Jack can’t be saved…

Dean, after everything we’ve gone through, we just lost people we love, people who have been in our lives for a long time, everything’s upside down, I get it. But we’ve been down before, I mean rock bottom. 

And we find a way. We fix it, because that’s what we do. 

And Jack wants to do the right thing. He’s scared to death of who he is, and he’s scared of you. 

Anyone else got the tiny feeling that Dean didn’t really believe in what Sam said? He even put on his black mourning jacket just in time for this conversation… and he just didn’t react, at all. Before, when they talked about Jack - that he could do. He had a few snide remarks about that. But as soon as Sam talks about Mom and Cas (note that Sam talks about his Mom first, naturally, and for him this is “just” another thing that they’ve been through, not the loss of everything) Dean shuts down completely (like, his mouth visibly clicks) and just… sits there, letting the speech wash over him. 

The knocking from Donatello was very convenient there, just saying. Because Dean certainly had nothing to reply to this… how could he, when he’s sure that there’s nothing to save and he’s just done with everything?

anonymous asked:


i don’t want to get into which scenes were obviously whedon touched and which ones had snyder’s magic touch all over them, so do not expect me to differentiate them. i’m going to review the film as an experience, a whole experience, because that’s the mindset i watched the movie with

  • we open with the best way they could’ve gone with to turn heads: superman’s still alive. not only is superman still alive, we see him from a bunch of kids’ eyes literally looking up to him. he stops to answer their questions because he cares, because he was a kid once, because he’s human above all else. remember, this is MoS and BvS-era superman, a superman that has all too many things on his mind, a superman who’s still trying to find his footing in this world, and yet he smiles. we’ve never seen him smile this genuinely in the DCEU before which immediately bridges gaps of information we didn’t have before: people love him. people have started bonding with him, with the sense of security he provides. people on their roofs drawing his symbol as a call for help, the way they reverently touched him every chance they got, the nation (if not world?) wide mourning after doomsday… we never got to see the start of it. the reason for it. of course it’s so obvious now that it’s silly to have even questioned it before: BvS was from the eyes of a batman who hated. in reality, in the… i don’t know, actuality of the universe, people had experienced superman mostly positively and we never saw that because we were supposed to go through BvS alongside bruce’s point of view. which honestly? worked like clockwork
  • the music, especially in the opening montage, was so heartbreaking to sit through simply because you have to admit this world is missing a savior. the guilt bruce holds throughout the entire movie isn’t obvious because you’re forced to experience it by watching the result of a could’ve been: this, all of it, is what batman being succesful barely a few movies ago would’ve ended up meaning
  • everyone is amazing. from barry and victor and their friendship being developed throughout the movie, to diana being established in the universe in a way not even bruce is: she’s here. she’s been here. arthur… he went above and beyond my expectations and i was already betting on him big time. people who’ve read aquaman comics can easily tell his characterization was pretty on point, from the loner stance to the subtle jokes. bruce… my god, the roasting he got in the movie… i almost started feeling sorry for him but i’m highkey taking revenge for all the years he’s been an onion in the comics
  • the cgi was breathtaking. i’ve seen people complain it wasn’t good enough, that it felt rushed, but i honest to god have never experienced this smooth and realistic inside the universe’s established rules special effects. the green lantern sequence was unbelievably in accordance to comics which means they can pull off the GL movie spectacularly, steppenwolf? wanted to slap him and his hyperrealistic skin texture then dance capoeira on his stupid face
  • clark after his resurrection is obviously different, he’s finally… superman. he doesn’t stop to think his moves the way he did before, he doesn’t question himself. he’s bonding with everyone, he’s making jokes, and above all else, he’s quick to let bruce know that it’s okay, that he understands. that bruce is still invited to his tea party which he’ll pay for because he’s the rich bitch of the group and also he tried to kill him a year ago so fuck you
  • i’m victor’s cybernetic arm cannon ready to blast off anyone who annoys him

i’ve mentioned superman a lot in this and that’s because, make no mistake, this is a superman movie. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League, they’re a superman trilogy akin to a comic arc with three volumes, some of them featuring clark more prominently, some featuring the world without him but in relation to him, yet still remaining a superman title

did the film feel too short? it was. plenty of things were cut that would’ve made it into an even better experience and it was already borderline orgasmic for me, but what we got made me tear up. my childhood heroes that i love were succesfully portrayed and translated into the big screen. so many things that could happen from this point onwards, so much room for hal to barge in and make bruce rethink his new no-murdering-your-teammates stance

Eight Months (part III).

A few hours had passed since you had been cruelly snatched away from Harry. He remained in the corridor, pacing the floors and running a hand over his face and through his hair. His mind was plagued by the image of you so broken, as he contemplated what he could have done differently to prevent you from being this hurt and mistreated. Each time a door swung open, it distracted him from his thoughts as he’d look up, in the hope that a doctor was bringing him some more news. Nobody was coming, not yet.

He tries to calm himself, sitting on the grey plastic chairs. His knee bounces and he drums his fingers on his exposed knee, the rips in the jeans more prominent with the joint protruding out of the clothing. Resting his head back on the wall, he closes his eyes, his mind wandering to earlier that evening.


He was torn. He wanted to embrace you for as long as possible and keep you safe, allowing no harm to come to you, but he needed to know the extent of your injuries. Stumbling backwards through the door of his apartment, he keeps an arm firmly wrapped around your waist as he guides you to the sofa.

“There you go, darling” he murmurs softly, sitting you down onto the fabric gently. He kneels in front of you, gently caressing your cheek. He notes your injuries; a split lip, and a few bruises around your neck and whilst they absolutely sicken him, he involuntarily wants to hurl when he sees the bruises and cuts travelling up your thighs, indicating a serious assault. Your stifled sobs bring him back to reality and his sad eyes meet yours. “You’re safe, baby, you’re safe here with me” he tells you as he takes your hands in his own.

‘Baby.’ It rolls off of his tongue as if the last eight months never happened. He said it as he always did throughout your relationship, and with so much love to give you.

“Who did this to you? Who hurt you?” he asks, and a part of him isn’t sure he wants to know the answer because nothing will tear at him more knowing that this disgusting, careless human being is roaming the streets of London as a free man, and Harry hasn’t done anything to protect his girl. Even now, you’re his girl. You always will be. Your sobs win out and he knows he won’t be leaving you to look for the predator; you need him here and that’s enough for him to decide that he won’t go anywhere else.

You shake your head vigorously because you know that if you speak, you’ll completely break down, and Harry has already seen you at your weakest, you can’t expect him to pick up the pieces from your new nasty relationship.

“Tell me, (Y/N), tell me who’s done this to you” he murmurs again, caressing your cheek once more. “Was it him? That new guy, Tom?” he questions, spitting out the name. In normal circumstances, you’d laugh at him for appearing jealous as you piece together that Harry would only know the name through stalking your social media. But this was not a normal circumstance. Your silence answers his question before you sob again, covering your face with your hands. You were ashamed, confused, and you felt dirty and violated. You wanted nothing more than to wake up and for it to all just be one huge nightmare. It was a nightmare, but you were living it.

Harry disturbs you from your trailing thoughts as he slams his fist into the coffee table beside him. You know his anger isn’t aimed at you, but instead, towards the perpetrator. Tom was your boyfriend and he should have done everything in his power to keep you safe, instead, he was the one causing the hurt and pain. Harry would never hurt you, he would always care for you and protect you, whether that was from the monsters under the bed, the monsters in your head, or monsters like Tom. But Harry hadn’t been there to protect you. Scenarios plague his mind as he closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. The sight isn’t pretty as he tries to quickly dismiss the image of Tom violently forcing himself on you. The bruises around your neck indicated you being held down, and the cuts on your thighs implied the roughness of the vicious assault and the idea of you going through that repulsed him.

“Hey hey hey, you’re ok, you’re safe with me, darling” he quickly hushes you, returning to reality and cupping your face in his hands once again. “Look at me, (Y/N)” he whispers softly. He knows how you’re feeling; ashamed, embarrassed. “This is not your fault, ok? It’s him, all him, and he’s committed a crime. He needs to be punished, darling. We need to contact the police.”

You want to protest but you haven’t got the strength. You just want everything to be over. You want nothing more than to shower and have Harry hold you in his embrace all night, protecting you from the world. Harry chews his lip softly, awaiting your reply, but your silence gives him all the confirmation he needs.

Taking out his phone, he punches in the emergency number with his right hand, his left intertwining his fingers with yours for as much support as possible. Once he was put through to the operator, he began to speak. “Uh, yeah, hi” he begins nervously on the phone. “My … uh, my” he starts, and he realises that doesn’t know how to address you. Girlfriend? Friend? “I’d like to report a crime” he murmurs down the phone, choosing his words wisely. Whilst you can’t hear the words being spoken by the operator, you can only assume the conversation and you know the question asked when Harry replies with “a rape.”

Rape. The word being spoken aloud puts the scenario into perspective once more for both you and Harry. It’s a vicious word and a vicious attack. Something nobody should ever have to go through. Harry had always empowered girls and women throughout his life, and this became more obvious when his fame reached new heights and he expressed his positive opinions on women; he had the utmost respect for them. Those girls and women after all, will become our future mothers, doctors, nurses, carers and so much more. How can anyone hurt another human being like this? How can a man do such a thing? It’s a word that strikes anger in Harry. He just doesn’t understand it. In his opinion, it’s a very black and white scenario. No means no and any other actions, whether it be struggling or screaming or crying, that indicates a girl is not a hundred percent willing, also means no.

Ending the call, he looks at you apologetically. “They’re on their way. They want to take a statement from you” he murmurs softly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “They’ve asked that you don’t shower or eat or drink anything, and after the statement, they’ll take you to a rape crisis centre” he tells you gently.

He knows this information must be so difficult to process, hell, he’s struggling to understand some of this himself. The only thing he can be certain of is that he’ll be staying with you throughout everything. He’s never leaving you again.


“Mr Styles? Mr Styles?” a female voice calls him. Reality hits and Harry opens his eyes. Looking around the room, he sees a young woman holding a clipboard heading towards him. She gives him a small and supportive, yet, apologetic smile as she heads towards him.

“How is she?” Harry asks, standing up instantly, but remaining rooted to the spot.

The nurse nods and purses her lips. “She’s doing well considering the ordeal she’s experienced. We have completed the rape kit and we’ve made her as comfortable as possible. Right now, she needs rest and her loved ones around her. She can go home whenever she’s ready, I just need to grab the discharge papers. You can see her though” she tells him.

Harry nods, swallowing the lump forming in his throat. Relief washes over him. You hadn’t requested that he didn’t see you, so you must have wanted him in there. He had given you the privacy you deserve during the rape kit but now you needed him.

Grabbing the bag from the floor, he heads towards your room. He’s not too sure why he knocks on the door; he wonders if he was just being polite or if it was to make sure he didn’t startle you. “Only me” he murmurs softly as he enters the room. He sits on the end of the bed, resting a hand cautiously on your leg. “I didn’t go far, I just sat outside for a little while” he tells you, in an attempt to reassure you that he has no intention of leaving you, ever again. “I brought some clean clothes for you, just something casual” he quickly gestures to the bag he carried in.

You nod. “Thank you, Harry” you whisper.

“What for?” he asks, burrowing his brows together.

You shrugged. “Everything. Just being here, really” you tell him.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else, darling” he replies with the utmost honesty, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Pulling away from the tender moment, he reaches into the bag, grabbing the bottle of water he purchased prior to entering the room. “Their vending machines aren’t too great, it’s not that cold” he apologises.

“It’s okay” you manage to whisper, your throat dry and scratched from the lack of liquid. You pick up the pot filled with two small capsules on your bedside table and without hesitation, you empty it into your mouth before downing a couple of mouthfuls of the bottled water. “They’re to prevent pregnancy” you murmur, avoiding eye contact with Harry after he frowns at your actions.

He quickly averts his eyes to the floor, realising that this really wasn’t any of his business. He lost the right to know everything about you the day he walked out of your life.

“You’re coming back to mine” he whispers softly.

“Oh Harry, you’ve already done enough for me, I can’t” you begin, but he quickly shushes you.

“I wasn’t offering you. I’m telling you. I want to look after you. Your clothes are here” he murmurs as he takes your clean things out of the bag. “Do you need a hand or?” he asks. He doesn’t want to be intrusive or invade your privacy but the scratchy nightgown provided for you doesn’t seem like it would be easy to unbutton from the back.

You nod hesitantly. Right now, you needed all the help you could get. But you felt like your body had been exposed to everyone. First, Tom had taken advantage of your half naked body sprawled across his kitchen floor and abused you in every way you thought was possible. The next intrusion was having to tell the police everything that happened, explaining to them in detail exactly what Tom did to you. Harry sat through that statement to give you as much support as possible but he now knew everything and there was no hiding away from that. How could he ever look at you the same way again? And finally, the rape kit had been intrusive. Whilst the nurse had been kind and caring and treated you with the utmost respect, it didn’t allow you to forget the horrific assault you had been through which resulted in you having various swabs to identify the perpetrators DNA.

Harry leans forward, cautiously unbuttoning the gown from behind you. With your bare back exposed to him, he held his breath in an attempt to contain his anger. Your back was red and scratched, an indication of a struggle during the attack. The bruising around your neck became more prominent from where Tom had wrapped his fingers around you so tightly. He helps you to pull the cosy jumper over your head, something he chose for comfort more than practicality. He helps you to pull on the sweats over your legs. Even with the medical treatment received at the clinic, the cuts and bruises are still of a horrific sight for him. He carefully but quickly covers you, avoiding staring at your injuries in fear of alarming you.

Once you were dressed, you gave a small smile, almost a thank you but it was in support of Harry too. You knew it must have been hard for Harry to hear your statement to the police following your assault, knowing that Tom was out there with no remorse of what he did, and you knew how difficult Harry would find it to not go out there and track him down and beat him half to death. But in Harry’s eyes, no punishment would ever be good enough for Tom, so he knew to let the police deal with the reported crime themselves, whilst Harry took good care of you.

Sighing softly, he picks up the bag from the floor and takes your hand in his, skimming it gently with his thumb. He raises your hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to it. “Ready to go?” he asks. You nod. Were you? You really weren’t sure if you were ready for anything anymore. Tom was still walking the streets of London, you weren’t safe, not yet. You weren’t sure if you’d ever feel safe again. But as you looked up into Harry’s piercing stare, his eyes studying your expression, you knew that as long as Harry was around, you were safe.

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Six- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Six

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,317
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

Something more.

The words rattled you to your soul and you swallowed thickly.  It wasn’t like you could come up with a reply.  Every time you went to say something, your voice died in your throat.  The air didn’t seem to want to push its way out of your lungs and the only thing that came out was a strangled choke.

Dean had gone quiet too.  His eyes staring straight ahead, but his hand never left yours.  You looked down and you felt your heart stop when you noticed how perfect they seemed to fit together.  It was an odd idea to you.  That you could feel so much for someone but still want to hide yourself from him.  

Dean was never meant to be yours and it was going to be hard to let go of  something that never could be.  Chewing on your bottom lip, you gave his hand a squeeze.  You didn’t want to hurt him, but your heart was already dying inside.  There was something broken in you and there was no fixing it.

 Dean didn’t know that and you wouldn’t let him find out.  You would simply let him see that you weren’t meant for him.

Ten minutes later, you and Dean had arrived back to the motel.  You stopped in front of the door to your room and watched as he disappeared into his.  You allowed yourself to finally let the tears you had held back to fall.  Shaking in relief as you did.   

What the hell were you going to do with yourself?

You reached up and wiped away the tears as you stood in the cool night air.  It made your skin prickle and you reached up to rub your arms.  You had momentarily forgotten that your outfit was so suggestive until someone drove by in the parking lot to scream lewd things your direction.  You jumped and let out a surprised screamed when they honked loudly.

The door to Dean’s room came flying open as he came barreling out.  

“Y/N?” He asked as his peered around the corner at you.  You had pressed yourself to the adjoining wall as you tried to calm down.  You were overwhelmed by everything that had gone on that night. You desperately tried to regain your composure as you breathed in deeply.  Dean had rounded the corner and had you in his arms.  

You leaned into his touch and wrapped your arms around his waist.  Your heart thudded in your  chest as you tried to ignore the growing desire.  A desire to be that girl he called his own.

“What the hell are you doing out here sweetheart?”  He asked softly.  His hands coming up to stroke the top of your head.  You shook your head and clung closer to him.

“I don’t know what the hell I’m doing at all…” You mumbled into his shirt.  You were cold, tired, and confused.  You heard Dean let out a sigh before he pulled away and lead you to his door.   Your eyes snapped to him as he motioned for you to come inside.  
“Ummm….  Heh….  Ummmm…  I thought we’re gonna take things slow.”  You whimpered as you took a step backwards.  The pure nervousness that you had felt that first night in the bar was settling itself back into your stomach.  Dean let out that laugh of his and you turned to glare at him.

“What the fuck, Winchester!  Why are you always laughing at my expense? Not the best way to get in a girl’s pants!” You hissed.   Dean continued to laugh as he went inside his room.  You hovered in the doorway and stared into the darkness.  What the hell was he up to now?

First he confesses that he wants something more than sex from you.  Then he’s trying to get you into his motel room.  Was he trying to fuck with you?  You choked on your tongue  when the overhead light flickered on and Dean stood there in nothing but his boxer and t-shirt.  

You had never seen the man without his five layers of clothing except for the other morning.  Then it had only been brief and a lot less sexually driven.   Dean gave you a look as if to say, ‘You know you like it, sweetheart.’  You grunted and rolled your eyes.  

“Are you coming to bed or you just going to stand there all night?”  He asked with another chuckle.  You froze as you looked up at him with a questioning look.  

Was he just trying to get in your pants after all?  You glowered at him but took a step inside.  Dean approached you and closed the door behind you.  When it slammed shut, you couldn’t help but feel you were suddenly being locked in a dungeon of doom.   Dean, of course, being your own personal dungeon master.  You squinted as the idea of that being a dirty thought weaseled through you.  Your face twitched a bit at the thought of Dean spanking you while you called him Daddy flashed through your mind.  

You slow blinked at the thought and wondered what the hell you were even thinking.  The things this man made you think about.  No wonder woman’s panties seemed to literally drop at the sight of him.  You had never understood it until now.  Having Dean Winchester’s attention was the best high you had ever experienced.  It was also the most pissed off you had ever been.

Dean had been watching your facial expression with peaked interest.  He wished that he could just for a moment get inside that pretty head of yours, but mainly he wished he could get into those panties. 

 He snorted to himself and shook his head at that lie.  He knew damn well that what he was saying earlier was the truth.   What he wanted to get into was your heart and your panties.  Though he really didn’t care of the order that it happened.  He smirked at the thought and the way you had pressed your back against the door.

“Relax, sweetheart.  I just thought that maybe we could cuddle.  You know ease you into all this a little slower this time.”  He said with a toothy grin.   You eyed him for a moment and inspected him for any lies to be told.  All those years of hunting had given you a nose for sniffing out lies.    

“Alright… I’ll give it a try.”  You murmured.  “But any funny business Winchester and I’ll make you regret the day you were born.”  You warned as you eyed him with suspicion.  Dean just gave you that smirk of his in return before sprawling across the bed.  

“I’ll be right back.  I need to get out these clothes….  I smell like a bar threw up.”  You mumbled as you head towards the adjoining door.  Making your way quickly to your duffel bag, you rummaged around for your pajamas.   Yanking off your nuisance of an outfit, you sighed as the soft fabric of your favorite old band tee smoothed over your skin.  

Cringing when you noticed how wet your underwear still was, you slipped them down you legs in favor of a newer pair.  You blanched, when after searching for some time, realized that you didn’t have any more clean pairs.  You would have to do laundry soon.  Slipping on your sleep shorts, you grabbed your tooth brushed before sucking in a deep breath.  

You made your way through the door and stopped just short of the bed.  Dean was lying propped back on the pillows.  Shirtless.  A whimper got caught in the back of your throat and it made you sound like a mouse squeaking.  Dean smiled broadly at you and his fingers ghosted over his ab muscles.  Your eyes would have been come glue there if you hadn’t torn them away.

“Please tell me you have on boxers.”  You asked.  Your voice a little higher than normal from embrassessment.  You had never actually touched a naked man before and you couldn’t handle him if he was.   Dean laughed lowly and pulled the covers up to reveal his boxer.  You nodded before cautiously climbing into bed with him.  Crawling up to his side, you laid your head on his chest while he draped his arm around you.  

Dean sighed in contentment as he felt your warmth pressed against him.  His hand coming to rest just above your elbow as he gently ran his fingers over your skin.  You founded yourself snuggling closer into his warm chest.  Your whole body felt light as you allowed yourself to relax and enjoy the moment.  Dean was warm and smelt like mint.  Your hand began to trace circles into his right bicep as you hummed yourself to sleep.  

Dean noticed as you slowly began to fall asleep.  Your body stilled, your breathing became more even, and your eyes closed.  He smiled before placing a kiss on your forehead.  He gently ran his fingers through your hair and he couldn’t help thinking that this was how life was suppose to be.  He had a taste of this kind of life with Lisa, but that couldn’t have been.  You,though,were different.  He wouldn’t be dragging you into the life as you were already a part of it.  You understood him and he understood you.   

Dean spent the next few hours just watching you sleep.  He had chuckled when you had began to mumbled about him in your sleep.  You were frowning and you scolded him several times for being a pervert.   And then things got very interesting.   You had rolled away from him and seemed to moan his name.  He lifted himself so that he could try to make out your facial expressions in the dark.  From what he could tell, your face reflected what he thought was going on in that dream of yours.

“Dean please…  Touch me.”  You whispered.   A cocky smirk drew on Dean’s lips when his suspicions were confirmed.  You were having a sex dream about him.  

Dean could only watch completely transfixed as your hand roamed down your body.  It stopped at the waistband of your shorts and Dean had to swallow hard.  He sent out a little prayer to whomever the fuck would listen that you would go for gold.  Of course the opposite of that happen and Dean rolled his eyes.  Yours had popped open and were looking at him in horror.  He smiled knowingly down at you.  

That ever so cocky grin becoming wider as your eyes gave everything away.  Much to your protest, Dean leaned over and kissed you.  His lips lingering sweetly there.  It wasn’t raw and wild like the other you had shared.  It was soft and loving.  His lips moving against yours gently as his fingers slipped through your hair.  When he pulled back, you were a panting mess of a girl.  

You furrowed your eyebrows together at the action.  You had expected him to make some comment or lewd suggestion.  Not kiss you like you were his first love.  You reached up and scratched your head from nerves as he continued to smile at you.  Annoyance creeped up your spine as you glanced away from him.  You rolled over but could still feel those green orbs boring into your back.  The need to strangle him flashed through your mind and you sat up to glare at him.

“What Winchester?”  You snapped as your eyes narrowed into slits.

The smile was a not there anymore.  The smug grin on his face made you want to slap him or kiss him.  You just weren’t sure which one it was anymore.

“So…  How many of those dreams have you had about me?”  He asked in a cocky tone.  

You groaned and turned away from him.  Making sure to pull the covers over your head as you did.  

“Go to sleep, Dean.”  You mumbled from your blanket prison.  Dean snickered as his hand roamed under the blanket for you.  You yelped when his arms wrapped around you.  Pulling you into his chest as his fingers began to dance along your ribs.  You squealed loudly and tried to squirm away, but he locked you into his embrace. His fingers lingered in the place that he found you were the most ticklish.  You laughed until you were crying and he laughed with you as his heart swelled with joy.

“Dean stop!  STOP. Aahahahhahaha.” You well managed to shriek between rounds of laughter.   You hated being tickled and you wonder for a brief moment how he knew.  Then you remembered that you had confessed to him once.  Bastard, how did he remember that?

“Not until you tell me how many dreams you’ve had.”  He said with a laugh of his own.  You wailed harder as his fingers skimmed across your ribs again.  You jerked and wiggled but his grip was tight.  

“ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT!  I don’t know!  I’ve lost count!”  You cried in defeat as his fingers stop their torture.   

“Umm.  That’s the answer I wanted to hear.” Dean said as he kissed the top of your head.  Settling down behind you, he pressed himself into your back.  You stiffened when you could feel every muscle and smooth piece of skin.   Oh god damn it, the man was even built like a god.  You hadn’t allowed yourself to get a really good look at him.  You had always tried to avoid staring at him.  It had to be the same concept as staring at the sun.   If you stared to long you’d certainly go blind.

Dean, in the meantime, was taking advantage of your distracted state.  He leaned down and buried his face in your hair.  Sighing when you smelt sweet and light, he kissed the back of your neck.  A last fleeting thought flickered through his mind before sleep overtook him.

This was were you both belonged.

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