he's been stalking us

I just watched Megamind.

Considering that the villain was a Nice Guy*TM, the girl wasn’t dating the “official” Hero in the first place and when she did get involved it was with the guy she was having adventures with as equals, not a dashing rescuer…

I’m REALLY confused as to how fucking Frozen is the animated film that got declared “feminist.”

Some dudes been following me around my school and I thought I was being paranoid but I just found out he’s been doing this to some girls for years and he even followed one home, so that about sums up how my weeks been going.

Beyond Memory
[The follow-up I meant to write for this and this.] ————— When Sam showed up at the door he was out of breath, “I’m sorry… should have waited ‘till morning… couldn’t quite tell on the phone … did you find Bucky or not?”

Steve just stepped aside and let him see the man sitting placidly at the kitchen table.  “He was here when I got home.”

Sam walked up and cautiously sized up the Winter Soldier – dressed in a stolen hoodie and t-shirt, hair tied up in an awkward ponytail and a sporting a ratty beard, he didn’t look like the same man who’d almost killed everyone 6 months ago.  “So *this* is why you’ve been taking on all those crazy missions and ignoring us?  Because this guy only shows up when you’re in danger?"  The Winter Soldier looked at Sam, and he felt a chill.  Same blank eyes, though.  They both turned to Steve.

"Yes.  It started with Philadelphia, the time with the robots."  Steve seemed surprisingly calm for someone whose long-lost and brainwashed best friend just showed up in his kitchen.  "He’s been getting me out of dangerous missions ever since.  I haven’t been able to track him down, until tonight."  Steve paused, then said drily, "He’s here to report that he hasn’t been able to find Bucky.”

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Rock Your Bodyguard [AO3]

Pairing: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric; also feat. Ling Yao, Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc, and Barry the Chopper

Rating: PG-13 (Ed swears a lot; Roy is… Roy)

Summary: Edward Elric wasn’t expecting an especially pleasant job after his last assignment as a bodyguard went pear-shaped, but—

A pop star?

And as if the degrading position weren’t enough, world-famous pop idol Roy Mustang seems to have a complete and utter disregard for his safety as long as he gets to have fun.

(Or, the AU in which Ed is a cranky bodyguard, Roy is a loud exhibitionist power bottom, and Ed will never get the glitter out of his suits.)

Notes: Happy Birthday to @obersten!  Have chapter one of a fic inspired by your Manboy AU like you didn’t know it was coming.  Like Roy will be.  Loudly.  Thank you for being awesome!

Massive shout out to @grandadmiral for being the Roy to my Ed and being my go-to for his dialogue, as well as @verbosewordsmith for her infinite bandom nerdass knowledge <3  (And I am frantically praying that Backstreet Boys are still relevant enough to be referenced.)

Ed stared down at the file in his hand, doing his best to keep his expression neutral as he read through the assignment.  He wasn’t very good at it.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he gritted out.  Ling just smiled pleasantly.

“I would never kid with you, Edward.  I think this will be a good fit—“

Ed closed the folder with a snap.  “A fuckin’ pop star?”

“Not just any pop star,” Ling chided gently, though there was a tiny bit of a smirk on his lips.  “Manboy Mustang.

“Pop garbage.”

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Imagine if Sam never found out about Dean’s deal and one year after Cold Oak Dean makes sure they are on a werewolf hunt when the Hellhounds come to get him. And while running from the “werewolf” Dean “trips” and gets ripped to shreds. 

Sam gets out of the Family Business and goes back to school never knowing that Dean sold his soul and is burning in Hell. And when Cas pulls Dean out of Hell, Dean makes sure that that Sam is never pulled back in. He captures Ruby who’s been stalking Sam and tortures her using the skills he learned in the Pit. From Ruby Dean finds out that Sam killing Lilith is key. So Dean goes after Lilith and kills her before even half the seals are broken and stops Lucifer from rising.

Dean goes back to hunting and occasionally checks up on Sam. Sam will sometimes look out his window and swear he sees a Chevy Impala rolling slowly down his street, but he thinks nothing of it and goes back to playing with his two kids Mary and Dean. 

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Recently, the ex-boyfriend of my mother has been stalking our family. He has started to harass us, to threaten us, to manipulate our family in not send him away by pretending to have been diagnosed which prostate cancer, which we have acknowledged being a false information thanks to his doctor. He has also been trying to hit my mother in these last days, succeeding only one time.

After have forcefully entered in our apartment, and of course refused to go away, he has took advantage on a moment in which my mother (who was close to collapse due to the stress he has brought to her, which has been giving her bigger issues than it should since she is cardiopathic) in order to steal the money we use to save in order to pay bills.

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