he's been chewing on my arm a lot lately but then he licks the parts he bit me

Love Yourself

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, sexual frustration, smutarific, masturbation

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-versary Celebration Fic TWENTY. The line requested was,  “You’re like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness.” It was requested by  @docharleythegeekqueen. It will be highlighted in the fic. I am also including my line for @avasmommy224 Dirty Thirty challenge which is  “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.” Let’s see if I can’t make this good for everyone. ;) Happy Birthday, Jenn! :D

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Imagine doctor Dean Winchester flirting with you while coming to check up on you on the hospital.

A/N: I was in need of the doctor!Dean cuteness that someone suggested and here it is! It’s a LOT like the “drunk Dean flirting with reader” mini series I wrote a while ago, so if you liked those flirty (and dirty ;)) remarks you’re gonna enjoy this one too!

“And I fucking told you I don’t want anybody just checking up on her other than me!” your eyes almost widened as you heard the rough voice. You could recognize it anywhere and although it usually made your heart warm up and your entire body relax this time it actually made you jump in your place.

“This is no a job for newbies, and I have made it clear that nobody interferes with my patients. Especially miss (Y/l/n).” you heard his voice become louder as he approached your room and this time you realized he wasn’t just angry or frustrated, but he sounded tired as well. Of course they wouldn’t notice, nobody did but you’d like to admit you knew your doctor more than you should.

“Y-yes doctor, we’ll let them know.” you heard a nurse stutter and footstep hurry away as another pair approached your room.

“Bunch of amateurs.” you heard him let out a frustrated sigh, running a hand down his face as he wanted into your room. The moment his eyes fell on you, you saw his expression soften and a definitely more calm one take over.

“Morning, sweetheart.” he breathed out as he closed the door behind him.

“Morning, doc.” you grinned “What’s with all the fuss today?” you asked although you had a slight suspicion.

“Because nobody seems to be able to do their fucking job right.” he said with a small growl and you raised an eyebrow “I told them I didn’t want anyone checking up on you but Mer and it seems like I was talking to a fucking wall.”

“So it is about Doctor Evans?” you asked with a small smirk, leaning back in your comfy pillows as he looked down at the papers he had concerning you.

Dean let another growl at the mention, his hands clenching in fists “I told him in specific that you were my patient, and mine only. But he had to come and take you for your regular check up because apparently he didn’t have any more patients to take care of!” he huffed and you bit your lips to keep yourself from giggling, but obviously failed.

His head moved up and his eyes locked with yours as a frown set on his face. You placed a hand over your mouth “Sorry” you breathed out, still smiling “I just- I find it cute how you get all over-protective and possessive with me.” you shrugged, looking down at your hands and feeling your cheeks heat up as you realized what you had actually said.

“Do you do that with all the patients, doctor?” you asked again, looking at him through your eyelashes. You felt better, despite your blush that at least you could make him smile. Gosh how you loved that smile. It felt as if it could lit up an entire room and you hated when things like this happened and he was all moody or, even worse, burdened, like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He was a wonderful man, he didn’t deserve this. He lived for saving people and he had actually done so numerous times. But it wasn’t just how much of an amazing doctor he was, more like how much he liked his job past the prescriptions part. He always made sure to talk with all of the patients in the hospital, doing his best they felt at home and of course they all knew and respected him deeply. You never really thought that after your car accident finding yourself in a hospital with him as your personal doctor would be the best thing to happen to you. The first few months had been the hardest but your injures had been taken good care of thanks to him, and the emotional part helped a lot. He was great to you, kind and funny, sweet and soft when needed and never forget flirty. It didn’t harm that he was so good-looking. Your self-confidence needed a boost and with a man like him it was so much more than that.

“Only for the pretty ones.” he said with a smirk, winking at you as he flipped a page and focused back on the numbers in front of him.

“Right, and are there… a lot of pretty ones lately?” you asked shyly, chewing on your lower lip.

His eyes didn’t leave the papers but the smile remained on his face “Nah not really. So far only one, and she really is the most damn beautiful of all. Honestly-” he set them down at the end of your bed “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he said as he approached you.

“Is that so?” your eyebrows shot up “She must be something really special for you to say this.”

“Yeah, she’s unique.” he breathed out, giving you that boyish grin that always made you thankful you were sitting or else your knees would have given away.

“I’m sure.” you mumbled “For doctor Winchester to take a liking to her.” you shrugged subtly and he shook his head with a chuckle.

“You really want to hear it, don’t you?” he asked, resting his weight on his arm on the head of your bed.

You looked up at him, biting your lip “Maybe a little?” you asked shyly and he laughed at you.

“You’re one of a kind.” he muttered as he pushed some strands out your face “Do you even have any idea what you do to me?” he asked, almost as if accusing you but still with a playful smile on.

“Probably just as much as you don’t.” you shrugged, eyes still locked with his as he flashed you a big smile.

“I would probably lose my job to this but: careful there sweetheart, cause I already got you in a bed for me.” he winked as you couldn’t help yourself but giggle at his remark.

“Gimme your hand for a second.” he said as you extended your hand.

“Here” you whispered and he gave you a soft smile.

He held your wrist for only a minute to check your heartbeat. He smiled as if to tell you you were alright as he ran his fingers up your arm, creating goosebumps in the meantime. You knew very well he was aware of it because there was no need to check on your scratches and bruises practically every day and he still did it, fucking tease. It had become a routine but if you were entirely honest you did enjoy the feeling of his rough calloused hands holding your smaller ones, they way they fitted together almost surprised you at first. But again it made you feel at home, at peace and relaxed and you didn’t care about anything else. You let him pull out that small flashlight you sometimes enjoyed fidgeting with, even if he’d give you a warning look most of the time. He brought his finger in front of your eyes, and you followed it with your eyes just like every time. Soon followed his stethoscope and this time it was impossible not to shiver when he ran his hand up your spine. He took his sweet time placing the end of it on your back, according to him it was just about checking your injures but you always knew better. And you would never complain.

“You know, Dean I never asked you but judging by its looks it seems old. How come you haven’t changed it? Considering you have plenty of them laying around here.” you asked looking at the old stethoscope.

“Nah it’s my brother’s gift, when I first decided I wanted to be a doctor. Back when we were kids.” he said with a fond smile “It’s more for the memories and emotions and… all that stuff you girls know better.” he shrugged, trying to play it of as nothing.

You scoffed “Sure thing, doc.”

He grinned as he looked up at you “Besies, this one really helps me listen better to your heart. I’ve got to learn most of your secrets this way.” he said casually.

“Oh really? Like?” you asked back with a smile.

“You know, how it aches for a certain smile or how it is tired of you only listening to your mind and not letting him close or even more how it beats a little faster when a certainly doctor is around.” he said with a shrug.

“Oh really? And was she out of breath when she told you that?”

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed with a wide grin and you laughed, looking down at your hands.

“I can’t believe you sometimes. If flirting was a job you’d be the best at it, Winchester.” you shook your head.

“Thank you, I’ll take it as a compliment. But it really depends on the person, you just inspire me.” he winked “Although I know there are some good ones out there like-” he licked his lips and you almost got distracted a little too distracted “Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of you.” he said with a grin and you actually smiled as well.

“Oh wow, I’m impressed doc. Did you also learn this in med school?”

“No, but I remember I was bad in one lesson in specific. Hey (Y/n), wanna go study some anatomy?” he said suggestively and you giggled.


“I mean when I finished med school I didn’t plan on specializing but to be honest- you seem pretty special to me.” he continued with a cheeky grin.

“Ok!” you felt your face heat up “I get it, you’re good at this!”

“I mean-” and oh of course he continued “I am thinking about being an ophthalmologist now, ‘cause I really can’t stop looking into your eyes.” he winked and you bit hard on your lower lip.

“Are we gonna play 'Doctor’ now, doctor?” you asked, and he shrugged.

“Maybe? I’m up for any suggestion from you, sweetheart.” he chuckled “But on another note- You seem a whole lot better today.” he said with a pleased smile, mostly a relaxed one and you could swear you heard a sigh of relief leave his lips.

“Yeah, my doc’s taking good care of me. And I’m being a good girl too, I take all of my meds.” you said with a chuckle and he grinned at you.

“Good, before you realize it you will be in no need of your doc.” he said a little bitterly and your own smile fell. Before he could pull away completely you took hold of his hand, maybe you were testing your limits here but the boundaries between you were always blurry.

“I’ll always need you, Dean.” you whispered “You didn’t just save my life in a physical way, you know that.”

“Sweetheart-” he brought his other hand up and brushed a few strands of hair out of your face “If anything, you are the one that saved me.” he smiled softly at you as he brought your hand up anc kissed your wrist, all playfulness gone. He was serious about this, about you… and about you and him.

You felt your heart swell inside your chest at his words but somehow you felt something hold you back, because maybe it was holding him back. You tilted your head as you looked him deeply in the eyes and he let out a heavy sigh, eyes casting down.

“It wasn’t just about Evans, was it?” you asked in a low voice.

“No, although I have to admit that when I found out he even dared to come in here I saw red.” he breathed out a low chuckle “I blame it on your pretty eyes and breath-taking smile.” he looked at you with a half smile and you shook yourhead.

“Nice, but sweet-talking me won’t get you out of this, Dean.” you squeezed his hand.

“Shame, cause I was only saying the truth. What?” he shrugged “Can’t I be jealous if someone else wants to get close to my favorite patient?”

“Dean” you said a little more sternly this time “As fllattered as I am about all of this- You’re doing it again, but whether you like it or not I am a persistent one. Tell me about everything… how many did you lose?”

“I know, and that’s why I am going to tell you. At some point, but not today and not now.” he said and before you could protest he continued “I’ll tell you everything, tomorrow.”

“But tomorrow you… have a day off.” you frowned, blinking.

“Exactly, and I plan on spending it with my most favorite girl on the world.” he smirked, winking at you “What did you think? There’s nothing else I would rather do, sweetheart. I already planned on taking you out for a few hours too.”

Well, this was something you never thought you’d hear.

a niall horan oneshot

Summer Camp

pairing: Niall/OFC

word count: 22,554 

warnings: sexually explicit content

Niall Horan was what one would call a cocky asshole. A loud, brash, outspoken and unapologetic cocky asshole who could either make your life a living hell or, in my case, give you the best summer of your life.

The first time I saw him was at Camp Counselor arrival day, about three days before the four week camp actually began. Being as this was my first time ever being a camp counselor, I really had no idea what to expect, but I eagerly unloaded my bags and puffed the fallen hair out of my face. I could see a crowd of people gathered over by a huge flagpole and I struggled a bit as I lugged my belongings over to join the big group of counselors. Everyone else had already arrived it seemed, the camp director shouting out a few instructions from his stance at the front, and I stopped at the very back of the group, dropping my bags at my feet with a sigh. My head twisted as two other people that had walked up caught my attention and I watched as they went around to the opposite side of the huddle, immediately engaging in conversation with some of the other counselors standing there.

Knitting my brows, I took a timid glance around and quickly realized that I knew not a single soul but everyone else seemed to already be friends, the thought making me gulp back a deep breath. This was going to be a long four weeks for sure.

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Rose Colored Boy

Description: winwin is too precious and pure for this world.

Genre: fluffy fluff

Pairing: Dong Sicheng x reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Originally posted by nakamotens


“Two ice cream cones please.” Sicheng smiled at the old lady. His smile made you feel warm inside despite standing in front of an ice cream truck. “Coming right up!” She said,  returning a bright smile of her own. Sicheng wrapped his arm around you and you rested your head-on his shoulder while you waited. “I still can’t believe it.” He said, ending the once peaceful quiet. “Believe what babe? ” You asked. “That someone as beautiful as you could have ever fallen for me.” You felt your cheeks heat up at the comment. Sicheng had a habit of being incredibly sweet at any given moment even though you guys had almost been dating a year. “I think the same thing everyday.“ You said, smiling a cheeky smile and planting a quick kiss on his cheek.  

“No way! ” he said,  dismissing your statement with a small, bubbly laugh.  “Yes way.” you grabbed the cones from the short woman when she returned with them. Sicheng pulled out a couple dollars from his pocket and paid the small fee. He wrapped his arm around you once again and you picked up the conversation right where you had left off. “You’re easily the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.” Sicheng chuckled. “I beg to differ.”He said,  leading the way into town. You handed him his cone and took a lick off your own. “You can’t disagree with me on this one. I’m fortunate enough to have the luxury of staring at your gorgeous face all day on. It’s quite a sight.” Sicheng was somehow already half way down. His face was buried within the ice cream as if it was the best thing he’d ever ever had. When he finally came up for air, there was a strip of ice cream on his nose. You giggled as he continued I’ve it wasn’t even there. “Well,  I’m blessed enough to the sight of you in the early mornings before even the birds are awake. You always look so soft and gentle, oh and peaceful,  while you sleep. Now that is a sight to see.”He said. You let out a fake gasp and dramatically held a hand to your heart,  “Dong Sicheng, you watch me while I sleep?” “For like ten minutes in the morning, not throughout the night.”

You side stepped away from him, creating a space between your bodies that hadn’t been there before. “Creepy.” You said in a playful singsong voice. “Shut up, you’re the creepy one.” He accused. You’d just now finished the top part of your cone. “How am I the creepy one?” “You sneak into my house and into my bed in the middle of the night. Every night.” You sighed. “You got me there, but in my defense I get lonely in my bed alone. Not to mention I don’t want to sleep without you.” a blush spread across your cheeks as you spoke. Sicheng only smiled and closed the gap once again. “Y/n?” When you looked at him the collection of ice cream had spread from his nose to around his mouth. “Hmm?” You hummed curiously. “I love you.” “I love you too.  Also you got a little something right here… and here.”You proceeded to lick the ice cream off his face. “AH!“ Sicheng swatted at his face with his sleeves. “You’re special gross!” He whimpered, not dropping his hands back to his sides until he was sure there wasn’t a trace of your saliva left. You walked on, passing a few stores and eating your ice cream as if nothing had even happened although behind you all you could hear was Sicheng’s whines. “Licking my face is sooooo weird, but you still do it.”

“We make out all the time and you seem to enjoy that, it’s basically the same thing.” You shrugged casually.  This wasn’t the first time you guys have had this conversation. “Totally not the same thing. That involves lips and tongues, this involves your tongue and my face. So not the same thing.” “I mean you like it when my tongue is involved with yo-,” Sicheng interrupted you before you could finish. “Hey, we are in public where there are children,” He cut himself off with a gasp. You carried on the way to the movie theater while finishing off the last bit of your cone. That was until Sicheng ran over to you and pulled you back to whatever had grabbed his attention. “BABE! PET STORE! CAN WE PRETTY PLEASE LOOK AROUND??” He screamed excitedly. He was already bouncing up and down even though you hadn’t given him an answer yet. “But we’ll be late for the movie.” You reminded him of your original plans for the rest of the evening. “I know, but pleaseeee?” He begged, tugging at your arms trying to bring you closer to the pet store. “Fine, five minutes. That’s all we’re staying.”

Sicheng squealed happily and made a mad dash inside before you could even blink. He’s so cute. You reached for the door handle and entered, acknowledging the fact that you’d already lost your boyfriend without two minutes even passing.You walked past cages upon cages of animals. Some were short and fluffy. Others were long and scaly. There were all types of animals in the shop that you saw on a daily basis, and a few others you didn’t. Eventually you found Sicheng in the very back, sitting in a puppy pen. “Y/n! Look at them! They’re all so adorable! This white one is Cherry blossom, he was found under a cherry blossom tree, the spotted one is Daisy, the black and white one is Panda, and the brown one is Mudball. Whenever they find a new puppy they hold a competition between the local children which decides who gets to name it. Isn’t that cool?!” He beamed, relaying to you all the information of the signs hung up around the pen while trying to cuddle and pet all the puppies at once. You checked the time on your phone. “Yes, they’re all adorable now come on so we don’t miss the movie.” “Babygirl.” He whinned. “Look the store close soon anyway, so come on.” You attempted to to drag him up off the floor. “Y/n.” He hurriedly stood up, brushing himself off with all playfulness gone from his face. “Let’s get a puppy.” He deadpanned.

You shook your head, taken back by his bluntness. “Taking care of a puppy requires a lot work. It’s like baby with fur. I think we should wait a while. Now come on.” You motioned for him to follow you, but obviously he wasn’t going to listen. Sicheng reached down and picked up the black and white puppy, it was smallest of the four. “Look Panda in her eyes and tell her she’s not getting a safe and loving home tonight and she’ll probably be stuck here for a few more months.” Sicheng said, guilt tripping you. “Fine! Get the dog some toys, food, and a bed, I’ll go talk to someone who works here.” You huffed, giving into his wishes. “Yay!” He ran off to find everything you’d told him, dog in hand and all.

A few hours later, you, Sicheng, and Panda were settling in for the night. Once you’d gotten home, you and Sicheng had spent about an hour puppy-proofing his apartment, putting everything away that you guys didn’t want Panda to chew and destroy. This also meant you were moving things out of Panda’s reach while Sicheng played with her. However right now she was curled up between you two. “See isn’t having a puppy better than going to some movie?” Sicheng whispered. You nodded. “Yeah but when Panda poops in the floor you’re the one that has to clean it up.” “Alright fine.” He sighed, voice reigning fake sadness.

“Goodnight Y/n.”

“Goodnight baby.”


Facebook Live

Pairing: Jared x Reader, Tom, Shep
Word count: 1,327
Warnings: Angry!Jared, rude people, a swear
Request: Anonymous. Could you please write an imagine where Jared is dating a much younger woman (like 20-22) and they both get a ton of hate because of it. And then at a convention someone asks her a really rude question about their relationship during her panel and Tom and Shep hear or they see her getting hate online and they get super upset because they love her. And then Jared gets SUPER pissed off because someone made his kids and gf upset

It never bothered you that there was an age difference between you and Jared. You were almost 22, and he was 34. That was nothing in your mind. It wasn’t uncommon for you to hear of age differences in older couples, so why should yours be an issue?

Not everyone felt that way, however. You did your best to avoid reading comments and hate blogs. It didn’t always work, but you tried not to let it get to you. Some people were just hateful, or needed an outlet.

Jared and the boys loved you, and that’s all that mattered. Now and then, the three of you would join him at cons. It was fun getting to see him interact with fans, and it warmed your heart when you saw some of them truly touched by meeting him. He’d done a lot of good with his fame, something that made you love him more.

Currently, you were on your way down to watch one of the panels, loving how goofy they got. They were not afraid to have fun, that was for sure.

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021. 5SOS Preferences: Play

This is smut. Got a lot of requests for smut. Going to do my life stuff, clean my soul a little, and write another preference. Either something new or I Hate You part 2. 

Enjoy the smut


It was all Michael’s fault. He brought this upon himself.

If he wanted to go out and party all night, that was totally fine, but when he said, twice, that he wouldn’t be late and he wanted to spend time with you, too, that was where he made his fatal mistake. If he dragged his drunk ass back into the master suite at four in the morning having never promised you that he would only stay out at the bar for a little while, you wouldn’t have minded in the slightest. You would have welcomed the sound of keys jiggling in the door, curses leaving his mouth in imperfect lines, and his feet clunking up the stairs. Michael had said that he would not be late though. He kissed you when you said to have fun and told you that he wanted to come home and spend time with you. It was four in the morning now and you hadn’t slept because when it hurt one in the morning, you thought, I’ll give him a half hour more. One thirty arrives and you started to worry as his phone kept going straight to voicemail and your texts weren’t delivering. By the time, it hit two thirty, your mind was on fire. You let yourself think about all the things that you never wanted to happen. He was hit by a car. He was stabbed on the dance floor. He was fucking that twat who had been DMing him pictures of herself in the shower. Your worry subsided by three in the morning and you were on a mission. Your previously washed and moisturized face was done up again and you ran Aragon oil through your hair as you styled it in the bathroom mirror.

Lying under the covers, angry and awake, you stayed still as Michael climbed into bed beside you, clunky in his movements. He checked over you, his face close to yours that you were asleep, and frowned through the darkness when he spotted your eyes dilated.

“I thought you’d be asleep.” He mumbled and laid down beside you, kicking off his jeans and letting them fall of the bed’s edge loudly. Michael unbuttoned his loose plaid shirt and let it join his denim on the floor before turning over and sliding his arm over you. “Mmm. Naked [Y/N], my favorite…” He felt your docile skin under his rough fingers, the curve of your breast all of the comfort he needed. Snuggling close, he pulled you into him and let his fingers glide over your perimeters.

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Can you make an imagine were jack g finds out your pregnant and have it skip to a few years when the baby is born???

“Ethan! Get over here now!” You yelled as your 3 year old son tried to run out into the parking lot of the play ground you were at. You were visiting your parents who lived in Omaha, where you once lived until you split your relationship up with the father of Ethan. You could still remember the day clearly. *almost four years ago* “Oh my god” you whispered quietly as a single tear fell. You stared in silence at the pregnancy test that showed two pink lines, indicating that you were in fact, pregnant with Jack Gilinsky’s baby. After a good twenty minutes of crying you picked up your phone and called Jack. After four rings you got his voicemail, making you cry even harder. You and jack had only been together for ten months. A baby would ruin everything. His career, your chance of college, and even your relationship with Jack, his family, and your friends. You decided to call Jack Johnson, praying he’d be with Gilinsky. To your surprise, your boyfriend answered instead. “Hello?” He asked into the phone. You suddenly froze. Why couldn’t you tell him? No words came out as you stared wide eyed at the wall in front of you as you held in your breath. “Hello?” He asked again with more annoyed tone. “Jack..” You whispered in the phone. “Y/n? ” he questioned with confusion as to why you were calling jack Johnson. “Y/n are you okay?” He asked with a worried tone considering you weren’t speaking. “I’m… ” you stuttered before freezing again, suddenly becoming anxious. “Y/n what’s wrong? No I’m coming over I’ll see you on a few” he said before he hung up. “No no no! ” you panicked as you stood from your bed, a huge knot growing in your stomach. ‘How am I going to tell him!?’ You thought to yourself as you paced the room. Quicker than you hoped, both Jack’s showed up to your house, Gilinsky letting himself in. “Y/n ? ” Gilinsky yelled as he ran up the stairs to your room. You jumped slightly as your bedroom door slung open, a breathless Jack running in, Johnson not far behind. “Y/n ! Oh my god you had me worried sick” he exclaimed as he put you in a tight squeeze. “Why’d you call like that? I thought you were hurt! I didn’t - have you been crying?” He questioned as he stared at your red puffy eyes. “Jack I’m pregnant” you cried out. Now it was Jack’s turn to be frozen and at a lost of words. He stumbled back as he let go of you, his hand slowly finding its way to his mouth. “No… No its not possible…” He said more to himself, but he knew it was true. You guys were inseparable, he was your first. He knew it was his child. “Jack what am I going to do!? I’m scared” you cried out stepping towards him but he took another step back. “You’re scared? If the public find out, my career is ruined!” He yelled. “Jack calm down ” Johnson said placing a hand on Gilinsky’s shoulder but Gilinsky just shoved him off. “What am I suppose to do Jack? She’s having MY child. Everything we’ve worked so hard for is going to be ruined. It will have been for nothing!” Gilinsky argued. You sobbed loudly, knowing where he was going with this. Johnson shook his head as he looks at your boyfriend with disbelief. “Jack we have true friends who will stick by our side no matter what, you can’t leave her! You helped make that child!” He tried to reason but it obviously wasn’t working. “I’m not ready to be a father!!” He yelled loudly. Shutting both you and Johnson up. Gilinsky then turned around looking at you. “I’m sorry Y/N… But I can’t be a father just yet.” And with that he let himself out of your room, down the stairs and out of your house. *present time* You hadn’t spoken to Jack since that day. They rest of the guys checked up on you here and there but by the time the baby was born they had forgotten about you. Fans eventually moved on, not knowing you were pregnant. No one knew except for the guys and your parents. You weren’t even sure if Jacks parents knew. But you had moved on, somewhat. Ethan had a lot of resemblance of Jack. He had the dark brown ryes and the crazy eyebrows, he even had that goofy yet lovable personality. Ethan asked about his father a lot lately. You didn’t blame him, all he’s ever known was your parents and a couple of friends. You raised him by yourself with the little bit of help from your parents. Jack was your last boyfriend as well so he never got to have that fatherly figure. You had worked your ass off to make him a good child, and your proud of it because ethan came to be a very handsome smart boy. “How many times have I told you to stay off of roads!” You said to the pouting boy as you brushed the dirt off of his pants. “But mommy I’m bored!” He whined. You sighed heavily. You had been so out of it considering you hadn’t been in Omaha since Ethan was born, memories had flooded back since then. “I know I know. How about we go to burger king and then we’ll go see Nana and Paps?” You suggest as you picked him up, placing him on your hips. “Do I get the crown?” He asked as you walked towards the car. You just nodded before placing him in the back seat. “Only if you’re good ” you replied back as you buckled him up. You played some music on your way to burger king while Ethan played with his toy dinosaurs. “We here?” He asked with his baby voice. “Yeah baby we are” you replied as you parked the car. As you struggled to get Ethan out of the car seat, you heard familiar voices near the building. You quickly glanced behind you to see the one and only Jack Gilinsky. His arm was around a girl and jack Johnson, Sammy and his girlfriend, and Nate were following behind. You felt your heart ripping into shreds as you watched him flirting with the girl. Your eyes widened as Jack Johnson looked your way but before he could get a good glance at you, you looked back at Ethan before pulling him out of the car seat. You started to walk quickly, looking down hoping your hair would hide your face. You were almost inside until Ethan started screaming. “Mommy my dinosaur!!” He screamed loudly, pitching a fit. You mentally cursed as you turned around, hoping Ethan didn’t make to much if a scene and grab Jack’s attention. “Dammit Ethan” you said quietly as you picked up the toy. You glanced up to see Jack Johnson and Gilinsky looking your way this time. Your eyes widened before you almost ran into the building with Ethan’s arms and legs wrapped tightly around you. You sighed heavily with relief, a good feeling that they didn’t notice you ran through you. ” go play” you said as you sat Ethan down in the play pin part of burger Kind as you made your orders. After a good thrifty minutes of arguing with Ethan as he pitched a fit, not wanting to leave the slides, you finally made it to your parents house to see your parents cars and an unfamiliar black SUV in the driveway. “Grab your bag Ethan ” you said considering you were staying the weekend there. Ethan did as told before he ran up to you, grabbing your hand. You knocked on the door before letting yourself in. “Mom, Dad! We’re here” you yelled loudly as you set you bags down by the front door. You grinned slightly as you saw Ethan chewing on his French fries. “In the living room” your mom called. “You would not believe who I saw today mom” you exclaimed as you walked towards the living room. “I swear I saw-” you froze as you saw the person you were dreading to, sitting on the couch, looking at you. “Jack..” You whispered under your breath. “Hey Y/N” he said unsurely standing up. You looked around the room to see Sammy, Nate, Johnson, and the two girls staring at you. “What are you doing here” you spat. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously before licking his lips. “I… Well jack thought he saw you at burger king earlier so we decided to stop by and see how you were doing. ” he said, his voice shaking slightly. “You came to see how I was doing? Did it ever occur to you to stop by 3 years ago when I was carrying your child? Hell even Cameron and Nash came but you never came Jack. Ever. You left me to care for your child! You had all the money in the world but you didn’t send a dime! I had to work two jobs a night to help pay for a place, a car, and Ethan. So don’t expect me to be okay with you just ‘stopping by’. ” you yelled out, your anger finally getting out. By now your mom was shoving everyone out of the room to leave you two some privacy. “Look Y/N I know your mad, I don’t blame you. I hate myself for leaving you like that, and leaving our child to be without a father. It wasn’t fair on you or the baby. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try to reach out to you. Around the time you had the baby, your mom called me but I was across the world and management wouldn’t let me come visit. When I did come, friends of yours told me you had moved and they had lost touch with you. Your parents said they’d have to make sure it was okay with you before they told me anything as well. But I was stupid and gave up. I should have kept pushing to see you. I should have kept pushing my managers to let me come when the baby was born. I have no excuse for what I did. But I best myself up everyday. I… I still love you Y/N… And I want to be a part of yours, and our child’s life.. If you’d let me.” He said, tears now falling from both of your eyes. You looked down at your feet. Yes Jack had done wrong for leaving. But he was back, and you secretly had wanted him back. Not just for you, but for Ethan. Ethan needed his father. And you didn’t want to be the reason he couldn’t see his father. “Jack, maybe its too early for me and you. It’ll take me time. But you can be in Ethan’s life. He is your child. He deserves his father. And i-” before you could finish your sentence, Jack’s strong arms were wrapped tightly around you. “Thank you… Thank you so much.” He said into the crook of your neck. “Wait, but what about your girlfriend?” You asked, pulling away. Jacks eyebrows furrowed together with confusion. “What girlfriend?” He asked. “Y/n, I haven’t had a girlfriend since I left you. Yeah I flirted but.. I never really wanted anyone else she’s just a friend.” he said, his arms wrapping around your waist. You couldn’t help but to blush before placing your head against his chest. “ I’d be lying if I said I had a boyfriend since you’ve left. ” you replied, making him squeeze you even tighter. “Can I see him?” He asked. You nodded before grabbing his hand, leading him to the play room where your mom had led everyone. You grinned as you saw Ethan giggling while Johnson ran his fingers up and down Ethan’s sides. “Wow, he looks so much like me” jack said softly. “Yeah he acts just like you too. He’s a pain in my ass. ” you said making Gilinsky laugh. “Ethan I want you to meet somebody” you said walking over, picking ethan up from Johnson’s lap. “Ethan, this is daddy” you said pointing him towards Gilinsky. You almost cried as you watched Ethan’s little face brighten with joy as he gasped at the news. “Daddy!?” He yelled reaching out. “Hey buddy!” Jack said grabbing ahold of Ethan. You giggled to yourself as you watched Jack hug Ethan tightly. “I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I promise I’m never going to leave again” Jack said as he held on tightly to Ethan. “Its okay daddy I just missed you!” Ethan said with such joy and delight. Maybe this would work. You officially had your own family with Jack.

(A/N: A little Dramione oneshot because I’m dying from lack of writing and I’ve been thinking about it all day)

Hermione shouldered through the crowded train station, grimacing a bit as she was forced to press between a heavy-set, sweaty man and a woman holding a toddler with a dripping popsicle. 

She managed to get through without anything moist or sticky getting on her, and heaved a sigh of relief as she toed the yellow caution strip. She didn’t normally like standing this close to the edge – something about it made her nervous, despite logically knowing that nothing was likely to happen – but it was worth it to be able to breathe what felt like moderately cleaner air.

A chime sounded, warning that the train was incoming, and she glanced down the line of waiting passengers.

Blinking in shock, her eyes landed on none other than Draco Malfoy. She was so surprised to see him in Muggle London, that it didn’t even register that he’d been looking at her until he guiltily looked away. He seemed to struggle with himself for a moment before he forced himself to glance at her again, offering her a tight (and slightly sheepish) nod.

Her eyebrows lifting, she returned it hesitantly, a slight frown touching her face. That seemed to be the extent of the interaction, though, because he turned and melted back into the crowd.

Apparently he had no intention on sharing even an entire train with her – even six years later.

Swallowing a soft huff of a laugh, she glanced into her messenger bag and began rooting through it, trying to find the book she’d brought for the ride. It would be a long thirty minutes to her parents’ neighborhood without one.


Jumping about a full meter, she whirled around, blinking at Draco. Stunned speechless, she glanced at where he’d been just a minute ago – he’d moved through this dense crowd awfully fast. “Malfoy,” she returned, too taken aback by his sudden reappearance to summon anything even resembling condescension or hostility.

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Snakeskins, Part 163 [English Sensibilities]

Cardiac Arrest, Set Fire to the Third Bar, Captain America  

–[Part 152] [Part 153] [Part 154] [Part 155] [Part 156] [Part 157] [Part 158] [Part 159] [Part 160] [Part 161] [Part 162]

Soren chewed on it all the way from the duelling hall to the safe room.

He sent a few e-mails from the tiny metal-coated room, feet bitterly kicked up on the desk in front of him, arms thrown over his own torso as he slouched and thumbed the glowing screen in front of him.

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