he's beautiful with his derp face

tbh one of my fav things about steve rogers is the faces he makes during fights like

could u imagine fighting this tough 200 pound brick house of dude and all u see is that 

or that

or ??? this??? he literally looks like a turtle???? an actual ninja turtle of freedom???

and his “OH SHIT” face is so iconic™????

ok here he honestly looks like he smelled a bad fart & can’t escape it im so????



Damen is like… 2 seconds away from getting punched in the face.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AU BECAUSE IT’S PERFECT. Except I guess Damen is more like Gaston rather than Belle lmao. Shows up to a the castle to slay the beast, but didn’t expect the beast to start talking (or be wearing clothes tbh). Meanwhile, Nicaise and Co. (who have been turned into various furniture/objects) are like LAURENT THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BREAK THE CURSE GO WOO THIS MAN.

I was gonna write fic of this, but I am le laze.

Dating Hanbin means

• Awkward hanbinnie bc he still is inexperienced
• Still awkward
• But is slowly becoming more and more comfortable.

• Holding hands, back hugging

• He’ll be busy so you guys wont be able to meet up as often
• But you guys will be skyping a lot
• And snapchat too.
• But it’ll be full of derps like his downward double chin x789432 chins.

• Him being overly worried for you when things happens
• But doesn’t know what to do sometimes

• When you wake up in the morning his arms will always be wrapped around your waist
• And you see his perfect morning face

• He’ll be staring at how beautiful you look even though you’re just doing something normal


• couple snapbacks ehehehe

• Bobby starts jokingly hitting on you
• And hanbin being a cute little protective boyfriend

• You hear him screaming out of the blue but it was only a tiny insect


• His stupid faces EVERYWHERE

• Eating out a lot bc food hehehe

Monsta X Reaction To Their Girlfriend Staring At Them From Afar With A Weird Derp Face


*He’d just laugh at you cutely*


*Plays along with you, keeping the eye contact*


*Mouths to you*
“Your face is still cute”


“What are you doing?”


*Confusion 2.0*


*You get his beautiful aegyo in return*


*Amused Changkyun is amused*

I hope you liked it~

Things to Love about Jung Hoseok 2/18/1994
  • His bright smile (brighter than my future) 
  • His eyes *-* (with or without contacts)
  • His glowing skin oh yeahhhh
  • No makeup Hope
  • Hope on the Street <333
  • His dancing/popping skills
  • HE CAN SING <3
  • 1 Verse!!! (literally my religion)
  • Forehead Hoseok
  • Judgmental Hoseok
  • Happy Hoseok 
  • His laugh
  • He makes everyone laugh/happy
  • Takes care of his members
  • He’s our Hope, our Angel, He’s J-Hope
  • “Dirty watereu”
  • Helps with the music/lyrics
  • Hands (^:
  • Derp faces
  • Eye smile
  • His personality (he would be such a good bf)
  • ALL
  • THE 
  • TIME
  • “I hate snakeu”
  • He’s scared of everything 
  • He helps his members practice on their dancing skills
  • Makes choreographs with his choreographer 
  • An actual angel 
  • predebut Jung Hoseok
  • swiggity swaggity Hoseok (AHL) 
  • His love for Jimin <333
  • AHL Dance off
  • Slayed MAMA awards 
  • That one time he went on a roller coaster and bighit blocked out his face lmao
  • “His bad luck” smh Hoseok
  • Squishy cheeks/lips
  • Not only by his looks, raps, etc. But he is VERY loving, sweet, caring, funny, genuine, and a great extraordinary person
  • He can pull off any hair and any clothing
  • So sweet
  • When he wears snapbacks/beanies SHIT
  • Loving to ARMYs
  • Sweaty Hoseok ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Sexy Hoseok ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Serious Hoseok
  • Funny Hoseok
  • Hoseok 
  • Puns
  • When he wanted to cry because his members made a video for him on his birthday… THEN he drowned in tears because his parents sent a video message for him too (always get me)
  • with glasses
  • No More era with that mask though
  • Interactions with fans/other kpop idols
  • 2nd Hand embarrassment moments (oh mai gawd)
  • When he speaks English (I love it when he speaks English omggg)
  • You HAVE to love him, no choice
  • Without him, BTS will never be the same 
  • I love youuuuu
  • He’s….. Jung Hoseok.

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There’s a lot more to say about this beautiful human being. I also wanted to say that he’s been through a lot and I hope you guys will support him for everything he does. He deserves a lot of love, so send him happy birthday messages to make his day <3 LET’S MAKE #HOPEDAY TRENDING #1 ON HIS BIRTHDAY WORLDWIDE! I’m deeply in love with Jung Hoseok 2/18/1994.

After 10 Years (Taewoon Scenario)

In which you two celebrate 10 years of friendship.

“Ten years after and my heart is still the same,” you mumble, smiling as you turn the pages of the scrapbook he gave you on your birthday. A compilation of your craziest pictures with nasty coded messages so that only you could laugh at the jokes written in his ugly handwriting. A compilation of just few of the most beautiful moments of your life, moments in which he was always there, Woo Taewoon, the boy who cried when he was shipped off to Japan during middle school, leaving you, his desk mate, bravely holding in your tears.

“How is he?” Your mom peaks in, smiling at the crazy derp face he was pulling in one of the photos.

“Tae? He’s living bravely after those idiots kicked him out. I mean, who in their right mind would do that?! Now he has nothing but composing. And apparently that isn’t going too well either,” you sigh, checking your phone for the nth time that day, hoping for a message from him. After all, it was the day you always celebrated your friendship. “Can you believe we’re turning ten?”

“You talk as if you’re celebrating your relationship anniversary,” your mom eyes you above the fruit bowl.

“It’s not like that,” you whisper, your thoughts drifting away. He is the best of your best friends. He knows everything about you, just like you know everything about him. If he was down, you could feel something was wrong and immediately call and if you were having a bad day, he always came to your house, luring you out with beer and the promise of the baddest swearing towards those who ruined your day. He is your best friend… and yet he doesn’t know quite everything. For example, how you have been crushing on him ever since you entered middle school and got paired up with him as desk mates. “Really now,” you clear your throat, stuffing your mouth with watermelon.

“But you wish that was it. Look, there’s no need to lie to me. I’m your mother. I’m supposed to know things like this,” she smiles, handing you a napkin after you choke. “Do you plan to ever tell him?”

“No, definitely not! Never ever will I open my mouth to tell him those words,” you frown at the piece of watermelon between your fingers.

“Why? Don’t you think he has the right to know?”

“No,” you insist, not allowing yourself to be tempted with the thought that has been crossing your mind not just once. “What if he doesn’t feel the same towards me, mom? I mean, it’s impossible! We spent together so much time and he knows the grossest details about me that it would be impossible for him to even see me as a girl. And let’s put it another way,” you continue, absorbed into convincing yourself rather than your mother, “if he doesn’t feel the same, wouldn’t I be ruining this wonderful friendship we have? And for what? For some words of love? No, I don’t want to risk, thank you. Oh OH OH! It’s him, it’s him!” You jump up and down, holding on your phone as his name gets displayed on the screen. “I thought you forgot,” you answer the call, stepping outside on the balcony only to see him waving like a madman from below.

“C’mon down,” he says before hanging up and waving a black bag in the air.

Your socks are mismatched because you hurried down the stairs like a storm. And that’s the first thing he sees, making him laugh as you stand in front of him confused.

“Your socks,” Taewoon points at them, “are mismatched. Were you that eager to see me?” His arm hangs over your shoulders, pulling you along and making your heart skip a beat.

“You wish!” You bite his hand. “I just happen to be in the mood for red and black today,” you run away as he chases you down the street, no one witnessing your childish game but the barking dogs of your neighbours. “Stop, stop, I give up!” You stop, catching your breath. “You seriously want me to die, don’t you?”

“If that was it, I wouldn’t have brought these!” He pulls out two cupcakes, a pink one and a blue one. “Happy anniversary, dear friend,” his lips linger on your cheek for a second longer than usually, making you cover the spot as soon as he retreats. “Pink for you and blue for me. These better be good… oh my god,” he comments as he bites from his cupcake. “This is heaven, gosh!”

“Taewoon?” You call out, staring at your cupcake, your mother’s question lingering in your mind.


“If I end up alone and in a nursing home, will you come by to spend time with me?”

“You won’t end up alone. What kind of words are those?!” He flicks your shoulder.

“Hypothetically. Tell me,” you insist, staring at him.

“Hypothetically I’m telling you that you won’t end up alone,” he stubbornly refuses to turn to you. “Ah, by the way, do you want to hear the song I composed in case I got to the solo stages?” He places the cupcake on the bench next to you, standing up from his place and taking out his phone to use it instead of a mic. He doesn’t wait for you to answer because you are the only one to listen to his tracks before their public reveal.

“you and I

Do you remember our promise to be friends?

But I can’t help it, I keep feeling differently


Have you heard the saying, girls and boys can’t be friends?

I didn’t believe in that

But I keep feeling differently


We used to play around when we were young

We were best friends

I thought you were just a friend

But now I’m worrying about you

I think I’ve changed

I wanna go to you not as a friend, I want you


In my dream last night

It was like a lie, we were holding hands like a couple

I was so happy, I didn’t wanna get up

Will you appear in my dream again tonight?


My hopes are higher because you’re my friend

I try pretending nothing’s wrong

But now I regret treating you so normally

I keep thinking back to those times

I’m drawing you out and what I’ll say to you next

It’s time for us to become one


cause you are a girl I’m a boy

you are a girl I’m a boy”


You stare at him and suddenly realize. “She’s very lucky,” you look away, placing your intact cupcake on the bench. “Look, I have to go. I have a presentation at work tomorrow and I –”

But he grabs your hand and spins you around so that you find yourself face to face with him, your tears exposed just like your foolish heart. To your surprise he looks angry and hurt and something more that you can’t put your finger on.

“I always took pride in the fact that you were the smart one between us despite the teasing.” His voice, like a whisper makes you tremble in his grasp. “So why are you behaving like a complete idiot right now?!”

“Excuse me?!”

“Do you really think I would go out there, on the stage, stand in front of the crowd and rap such a song about a hypothetical girlfriend or crush? Do you really think I would say such words to any girl other than you, you who have been my friend for the past ten years?! Do you really think I would do that? Tell me!”

“I… like you,” the words just fly out your mouth before you can stop them, filling the night air like a firework explosion. “I’ve liked you ever since we became desk mates and you let me sit on the window seat. I’ve liked you all these years and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I –”

“You’re truly an idiot,” Taewoon laughs at your surprised face after flicking your forehead. “And you’re blind as well apparently,” he lets go, his hands now on your cheeks, holding you still in front of him. And in those nanoseconds before his lips sweetly lock with yours you realize that all you thought was untold between you two had actually been said so many times during the past ten years that it took an actual idiot and a blind one nonetheless not to see the signs as big as a sky on fire.

“Since when?” You ask later that night as you walk down the street, holding hands.

“Since you came to our school to check the entrance lists with your parents,” he reveals with a smile. “You were wearing a white dress with flower print and your ponytail was bouncing on your back. Man, you looked so pretty that day that I forgot how to breathe for a couple of seconds!”

“And now?” You smile, expecting.

“And now you’re so ugly that I feel like I need to take you or otherwise you’ll hypothetically be forever alone,” he sticks out his tongue as you punch him.

“You’re so hateful, Woo Taewoon, that I think I need to punch you in the face to remind you just how ugly you are,” you yell at him as you chase him, threateningly. “Come here, you brat!”

“Got you,” Taewoon dodges your fists, trapping you in between his arms. “You’ve always been beautiful,” he rests his forehead against yours. “Since that day onwards, there wasn’t anyone that could have compared to you. And you’re mine.”

“No,” you encircle his neck, “you are mine.”

lyrics by b1a4 | gif cr.