he's beautiful so i had to make two

yesterday i went to a gay bar for the first time, and I met two people. The first was a man well into his 70′s, who had only come out since his wife died. Even though he could barely walk, he knew every single person at the bar, and each one came over for a hug and to chat. The second was a transgender woman who, after two children and three grandchildren, had finally decided to live as herself. She was wearing heels and leather pants and makeup, and she was absolutely beautiful. she knew she was as well, and she was so proud and excited when people walked by and said “hey girl” without even thinking about it. point i’m trying to make is, it’s never too late to come out

batb things i liked (spoilers, sorry)


-i wanted to scream the moment i saw the castle in the beginning

-that prologue??? i like how they kept adam’s real face a mystery, as he was hidden behind the layers of make up. 

-’belle’ ahhhhh 

-i was expecting that emma would have auto-tuned her voice because of the audio they had released months before the premiere, but boy did it surprise me.

-’belle’ was so nostalgic i had to refrain myself from singing along in the cinema.

-maurice wasn’t only an inventor, he was also an artist. and belle wasn’t only a bibliophile, she was also an inventor (witty belle, creating probably the first washing machine)

-emma’s grunt after the line ‘madame gaston, his little wife’

-philippe was loyal af, esp in the scene where maurice was almost trapped by the wolves and philippe had waited for him to jump. if you were to get a horse, pick one that is as loyal as philippe.

-i love how the beast couldnt care less if maurice had used his stuff, had eaten, had heated up by the fire, had trespassed in his castle but lost all his temper the moment maurice had cut a rose from his rose garden. 

-im not sure if its me, or the village felt small and congested, i was hoping for a more field-like village, the one i got used to in the animated version.

-BE OUR GUEST, BE OUR GUEST AHHHHHH and was disney telling us that Aladdin will be the next film to have a live action movie???

-adam’s ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me’ eye roll at the mention of romeo and juliet being belle’s favorite book.


-’some of them in greek’. ADAM IS A BIBLIOPHILE AND HE GAVE BELLE THE LIBRARY !!!!!!

-belle’s laughter adam gave her the library.

-my poor baby lefou

-i ship gafou im sorry

-ewan mcgregor’s french accent is en pointe???


-i love how adam still dresses like a prince even in his beast form, ummm that waistcoat in something there and the scene where they had walked into the bridge was fine man. 

-that paris scene, thank you so much for giving us so much more than the animated film has given. also, prince adam’s back story about how he has grown to be a spoiled prince. thank you, thankyou, disney.


-gaston definitely wins asshole of the year, although i like how they put more depth into gaston’s character

-lmao when maurice talked to the driver as if nothing happened, that was hilarious.

-the cursed furniture wouldn’t have been hurt if they had stayed silent and dead, but they had fought to protect adam while he’s lamenting over his loss. his servants loved him albeit his attitude towards them. 

-when gaston showed up with a gun, adam literally did nothing, and you can just see his heart breaking by looking into his eyes

-umm agathe? what are you doing? whose side are you on? is this kind of a test or something?

-’MR. POTTS!’ 

-how old is adam? why is his age not mentioned in the movie? i know he should have someone love him by the age of 21, as from the animated film, but they did not mention it? and why hadnt they mentioned his name???

-’come back, i love you’


-le fou dancin with stanley made me so happy 

-the growl™

You’re My Superhero

Title: You’re My Superhero

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 989

Warning: I teared up writing this one….so it’s hella fluffy with LOTS of fuzzy feels

Request by @secretlittledelights said: Idk if you take requests but I would love a Sam story where he is explaining to his son AU about showing his mama her body is beautiful When she’s feeling insecure about her body and the son making her breakfast in bed cuz Sam knows she can’t turn down anything from ether son?

A/N: I’m not a mom, I’ve never had a child, so this is written based on what I have seen in my personal life and in my OB rotation in nursing school, so I hope this is accurate and I hope you all like it. Enjoy!!!


Celebrities fucking suck. They pop out a kid, or two, or four, and within months they are fit as all hell. Do they not keep the kids after they have them?! Between the baby, a household, work, your man child of a husband that bless his heart is sometimes a bigger trouble than a help, how the hell do they do it?!

Shutting the magazine, you got off the couch to start on the ever endless to-do list for the day, hoping to get some before the baby woke back up.

“Hey beautiful,” Sam wrapped his arms around your waist as he came in. Stiffening up and pulling away you shrugged him off.

“Can you just not today? Sorry. I just, I don’t want to be touched right now.” Giving Sam a weak smile you headed upstairs to put away the laundry as your little man came running through wearing one of your shirts he’d swiped earlier.

“Mommy mommy mommy!!! Look! Your shirt, it’s a dress on me!!”

Normally you would have laughed, said he was adorable, something along those lines but all you could focus on was how big the shirt was. Am I seriously that big? God I could practically fill that top out now and that’s a maternity shirt.

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I love it when jisoo doesn’t have his makeup on and had his natural healthy sun kissed bare-face on. He does look amazing with makeup. But his bare-face man………. Its a whole new level of beauty. Its feels so raw….. Its just so attractive aNd hot. I dont know how to but it into words but it cleansed my soul. Its almost feels like for the first time in a very very long time i can breathe fresh air……………… what a blessing.

Beauty - Arkham Knight Jason x Reader

So I had this great idea to write a fic based on If I Can’t Love Her from the Beauty and the Beast musical, and it was supposed to be this, but the background story got long, so I decided to make it into two parts. This will be featuring Arkham Knight Jason, so game spoilers are a thing. I imagine this fic happening after the boss fight where Arkham Knight reveals that he’s Jason Todd. So imagine daddy issues angst. Then this happens.

Words: 732

He’d been trying to protect you. He knew about Scarecrow’s plans, and he was determined to keep you safe. Whether you wanted it or not. He found you earlier in the evening, using the chaos of the evacuation as a cover. He could see the terror behind your brave mask as the Arkham Knight abducted you, and it tore him apart that he couldn’t let you know that it was him. At least not yet.

He hid you underground, assigning some of his men to guard and protect you while he did his job for Scarecrow. His confrontation with Bruce had left him shaken. Now that all of his big plans had been foiled, Jason wanted nothing more than to escape the city with you. He’d retrieved a backup helmet so that he could face his men, and he returned to your hideout. Bruce knew his true identity now. It was past time you found out.

“What am I doing here? What do you want with me?” you demanded as soon as he walked in the room. Instead of answering, he dismissed your guards. Once you two were alone, he stared at you for a few minutes, trying to permanently press everything about you into his mind. It had been too long, and the pain of missing you was comparable to Joker’s torture. You sat on the small cot in the room, staring back at him. But soon enough you couldn’t take the uncomfortable silence any more. “If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with.”

That grabbed Jason’s attention, and his heart ached at the fact that you thought he wanted to kill you. “Y/N, I don’t want to kill you.” Jason said, his voice distorted by the synthesizer in the helmet. “I want to protect you.”

“Well you’re not doing a very good job of showing that.” Jason smiles a bit at how bold you’re acting in the face of danger.

“That’s because you couldn’t know… You couldn’t know who I am.”

“I know who you are.” You hiss. “You are the Arkham Knight. Partner to Scarecrow. Militia training.”

“And,” he takes his helmet off to reveal his identity to you. “Jason Todd.”

You stare at him, trying to process the fact that your ex-boyfriend, the love of your life who died, is now standing in front of you. “Jason? But… I thought you were dead.”

“You’re not the first one to say that tonight.” Jason smirks and kneels in front of you, cupping your cheek in his hand. “But I’m not dead, Y/N. I am very much alive. And I want to take you away from here. To protect you. I still love you, Y/N. I never stopped loving you.”

“Jason,” you lean into his hand and reach out to touch his face. “I love you, too. But I can’t,” you take his hand off your face and hold it with both of your own. “That doesn’t change everything you’ve done.”


“Jason, listen to me,” you stare in his eyes. “I know what you’ve done tonight. Killing Bruce? Destroying Gotham? It’s too much. You’ve changed, Jason. You’re not the man you used to be. The man I fell in love with. You’ve turned into a monster, Jason. And it’s not because of this,” you trace the J on his cheek. “It’s because of this.” You press your palm against his chest, over his heart. “And until you kill that monster, I can’t be with you. I’m sorry.”

“Y/N, please.”

“Jason, if you ever loved me at all, you will let me go.”

“Fine,” Jason hangs his head in defeat. He stands up and walks to the door, barking a few short commands to someone outside. “I’ll have someone escort you out of the city.” When he finally looks at you, the broken look in his eyes causes a heavy weight in your chest. He holds the door open and gestures for you to leave. There’s so much you want to say before you leave, but your words are caught in your throat.

Instead you walk toward the door. You try to meet his eyes, but he keeps looking at the floor. You pause when you get to the door. You reach out and touch his arm with as much love as the touch can portray. “Thank you.”

And with that, you walk out the door.

Fetish [Pt. 5]

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Fetish Part 5

Pt. 1  Pt. 2  Pt. 3  Pt. 4

“No!” you yelled, enraged by his demand. “You’re doing it again. I just told you I was in love with him and you didn’t want to hear it. You’re asking me to do something because that’s what YOU want and what I want is for YOU to leave, Jinyoung”.

Jinyoung looked at you helplessly, perplexed at how his girlfriend could so quickly turn on him. Had he really lost you? He thought what the two of you shared was a forever kind of love.

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Before you go.

Hey guys!

This oneshot is for Kayla´s ( @one-shots-supernatural ) 10k Follower celebration Challenge. 
I had the prompt “First Night Spent together” and the Pairing Dean x Reader

I actually grew really fond of this oneshot and even though I´m writing about teen!dean and teen!reader and it includes smut, I tried to make it super innocent and beautiful and I think I achieved that!

Pairing: Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader

Length: 2200 ish

Warnings: smut (but cute smut)

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“So what are you saying?”, you asked, a deep frown of your face, your hands clutching your purse tightly.
He sighed: “I´m saying, that my Dad´s Job in town is done and that we leave tomorrow night to move on.”
He had said it several times now, in many different variations, but it still didn´t make sense to you. How could he do this?
“But… Prom is in two weeks and you promised…”
“I know what I promised and believe me, I hate it not to keep promises, but there´s just nothing I can do just now”, he interrupted you and ran a hand trough his hair.
During the two months that you and Dean had been dating, you had learned that this gesture meant that he didn´t know what to say anymore.
And honestly neither did you.
You looked down at your feet, feeling tears welling behind your eyes.
“I´m so awfully sorry (Y/N). I tried to get Dad to change his plans, but in our line of work … you can´t just show up whenever your like. It´s mostly very … urgent”, he apologized and your first impulse was to try and ask him what exactly it was that his father did but you knew it would be in vain so you didn´t.
“I already bought the dress”, you mumbled.
“And I wish I could´ve seen you in it, I bet you look amazing”, he responded and when you finally looked up at him again, he was smiling.
You knew that he was really sorry and that it wasn´t his fault but you just liked him so damn much and you weren´t so stupid to think that after he was gone, there was going to be some kind of long-distance type relationship.
Neither of you were the type for that.
And suddenly you felt like you had to make those last few hours you had with him count.
“Well, you could still see it, I guess”, you suggested and smiled a bit yourself.
Confusion crossed his face but his hand continued to caress your cheek: “What do you mean?”
“Well, as you know, my parents aren´t home this weekend and the dress is upstairs, sitting in a box under my bed. If you would come inside, I would maybe, if you ask nicely, try it on and show it to you”, you elaborated your spontaneous plan.
His smile grew wider but he asked: “You sure you want me to come in? I mean, aren´t you mad at me?”
You shrugged and took his hand away from your cheek to hold it in yours: “I´m mad that I´m going to loose you. But I get that it´s something that was bound to happen. You told me right from the beginning after all, didn´t you?”
It was the truth. Right when the two of you had started dating, he had informed you that he was always on the move, never stayed long in one place.
It was just that back then, you hadn´t expected to get so attached to him or that he would leave again so soon.
“I guess so”, he agreed and you quickly kissed his lips: “Then what are you waiting for, let´s go!”
You let go of his hand and turned around to unlock your front door and let the two of you in before kicking off your shoes and leading him up the stairs.
Of course he had been to your house before, but it had always been in bright day light, with your parents just downstairs and you had never been completely alone with him at night.
But you knew that Dean wasn´t going to try anything you didn´t want and so you weren´t worried at all when you entered your bedroom, turning on the lights and immediately getting your dress from under the bed before motioning for him to sit on it: “I´ll be back in a minute.”
You hurried into your bathroom and closed the door behind you before turning on the lights and opening the box.
Seeing the black dress you had bought over a month ago when Dean had asked you to go to prom with you, you felt sad again, but you pushed these thoughts aside and took it out of the box.
He was going to see it after all and it didn´t matter if it was in your room or a dimly lit Gym.
Thinking about locking but then deciding that it wasn´t necessary, you shed your clothes and stepped into the dress.
It wasn´t super fancy, but it had a lot of rhinestones on it that made it sparkle beautifully and it ended right over your knees. With a smile you looked at yourself in the mirror and thanks to the zipper being on the side, you even managed to close it yourself.
Simply because you wanted to look your best, you brushed your hair and then took a deep breath, before opening the door and stepping out of the bathroom.
He was still sitting on the bed and when his eyes fell on you, his mouth fell open: “Wow! You´re stunning!”, he exclaimed and then stood up to come over to you.
You smiled at his words and wanted to thank him, but he silenced you with a short kiss before he held you had arm´s length to look at you again: “You´re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”
Now it was time to blush and you quickly went in to embrace him to hide your red face: “Dean, stop it!”
He hugged you back and the two of you stayed like this for at least a few minutes, before he gently pushed you away: “I should go”, he whispered.
You felt like your heart was pierced with ice: “No! Don´t go! Stay the night.”
Realizing what you had just offered, you had almost blushed again, but kept it together, while he took a deep breath: “(Y/N), I…”
“No”, you interrupted him vehemently, “I want you to stay. Don´t you think I deserve to spent at least one night with you before you disappear?”
He smiled and kissed you sweetly before pulling away again: “You deserve everything, baby, it´s just … if we do that now, I still will leave tomorrow and … I don´t want you to regret anything.”
You knew that he was right, knew that it probably would be better if he just left and you nursed a broken heart without the knowledge that you had given the guy who had caused it your most precious gift.
But you also knew that you were going to regret not giving it to Dean for the rest of your life because even if he would leave tomorrow, he was still the right guy.
“I won´t”, you promised.
You were the one who kissed him this time, but you did so passionately, tried to convert your frustration into lust.
He kissed you back, put his hands on your back, stroked you and finally lifted you up while you put your legs around his waist.
Your skirt was immediately around your waist and you realized this with another blush but tried to ignore it.
He put you down on your bed and continued kissing you but not doing anything else. You knew that he was waiting for you to make the first move and you appreciated this fact because it made your decision more right.
Because you suddenly wanted to move this along, you pulled at his shirt and he paused the kiss to take it off.
You expected him to be grinning when you opened your eyes to look at him, but he was dead serious, obviously still afraid that you would regret being with him.
“Take off my dress”, you whispered shyly and even though that was far from being dirty talk, it was a blunt thing to say for your shy self.
Now he actually smiled a bit: “Are you sure?”
You nodded and he quickly found the zipper but it turned out to be impossible to get this thing off while laying on the bed, so you got up and let it drop to the ground.
Suddenly getting highly aware that you were standing in front of him in just your underwear, you had the urge to cover yourself but because you were afraid he was going to take that as a sign that you didn´t want this, you forced yourself to just walk back to the bed.
This time you got on top of him and when you sat down, you could feel his excitement in his pants. Somehow that made every last drop of self-consciousness in you fade away and suddenly you couldn´t get his belt unbuckled fast enough.
He laughed at your attempt and then helped you and before you knew it only the thin layers of underwear were separating you.
“May I?”, he asked as his hands traveled to the hook of your bra and happy that he got a little bolder, you nodded.
When your bra was off and you saw his eyes drop to your chest, you got even more confident and took his hands to place them on top of your breasts.
You realized that the position was a little bit awkward, but he immediately fixed it by caressing your flesh and doing just the right things.
You could feel yourself get wet and excited and when he took his hands off you to turn the two of you around again, you immediately missed his touch.
He smiled down at you, his green eyes shining, then he leaned down to kiss you again before rolling off you to lay beside you and propping himself up on one elbow, looking down on you: “I´m sorry if that´s in any way offensive to you, but I take it that you´re … a virgin?”
This time you really blushed again: “Uhm… Yeah, kind of.”
He raised an eyebrow: “Kind of?”
Your blush deepened: “I mean, I´ve done … stuff … before, but I never went all the way.”
You expected him to laugh, make fun of your insecurity or something, but he just smiled: “Alright, then I´ll be extra careful. But it´ll still probably hurt.”
“I know”, you said and nodded and he kissed you once again before getting between your legs and pulling off your panties.
This time he didn´t ask, but you were glad because you wanted him to stop worrying. Still it was awkward, as it always was when someone saw you naked for the first time.
He then let his eyes travel all over your body and then rested them on yours: “You are so beautiful.”
Incapable of saying anything, you just attempted to smile and then watched as he got up and took off his own boxers.
Seeing him completely naked, made you realize once again how super handsome he was and how lucky you had gotten to get a guy that was not only this good looking but also the nicest person ever.
You couldn´t stare at him long though, because he was quickly getting back on the bed, taking his position between your legs again, before looking at you: “Do you trust me?”
“Yes”, you said without hesitation and he smiled, before lowering his head and starting to work magic on you with his tongue.
It was the most amazing sensation you had ever felt and you couldn´t help but moan and grab his hair, while he quickly worked you towards your orgasm.
When it was done he kissed you and you didn´t even care that you could taste yourself on him, just enjoyed the beautiful feeling after your recent climax.
He then grabbed his jeans and pulled a condom out of his wallet. It was obvious, that he planned on putting it on by himself, but you felt brave and took it from him.
“I need to learn, don´t I?”, you joked, not knowing where your courage came from, but enjoying the grin on his face, before ripping the wrapper open and putting the condom on him surprisingly smooth.
“I´m a natural”, you said and he laughed before giving you a small kiss.
After that it got more serious again and you laid back down while he got in position. “Tell me when I need to stop”, he advised you and you nodded.
He then entered you and as he had told you and as you had known, it stung, but not as bad as you had imagined it to.
It took some time, but soon he was able to move a little quicker and then you got really into it and even urged him on a bit.
It didn´t took him long after that and when he pulled out of you, you felt happier than you had in years.
He quickly tossed the condom away in the bathroom and then came back to bed, where you had already gotten under the covers.
He turned off the light before joining you and then your naked bodies were cuddled up to each other and nothing had ever felt more right.
You were super tired and you could already feel yourself drift off to sleep, when he said: “I´m gonna find a way.”
“What?”, you mumbled, opening one eye.
“I´m gonna find a way to make this work, I´ll come back as often as possible, we will speak on the phone. Maybe I can get a cell phone and we can text and I…”
“Dean”, you interrupted him and he closed his mouth to look at you: “What?”
“I love you”, you said and then actually fell asleep.

part two

“You’re an artist, you think everything is beautiful.” She pointed out, grabbing a slip as her coffee was placed in front of her.

“Though you make a valid point, I just think love in particular is beautiful. It’s mysterious and makes us feel alive, it’s one of the best things about life.” Harry’s words flowed so effortlessly, like he had no problem speaking his mind at all. It was quite interesting yet so frustrating on so many levels.

read on 1dff (soon) | read on tumblr | story page

single parents au

Damen knew, objectively, that he was hot. People were attracted to him, and though having a kid made him take advantage of this significantly less, he knew that the “single dad” aspect of him drew attention on its own.

Since he’d started counting, he’d had four numbers slipped into his pocket on parent-teacher night, received eight email addresses disguised as a ‘homework help contact’, three advances from Jamie Cooper’s married mother and one eerily simultaneous come-hither look from Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs.

So, of course the only time he’d ever deigned to make an advance of his own, when the most beautiful man he’d ever seen walked into the school - it was in this context.

Mrs. Fortaine had her arms crossed like the very disappointed teacher she was. “Do you know why I asked the two of you to come here today?”

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Keep the Hitter Honest

Rating: T

Relationships: Anders/Male Hawke

Warnings: none!

Summary: Garrett - ever the holiday lover - is looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with his boyfriend…or he would be, if Anders hadn’t forgotten about it. 

Part of my Caught Looking world. Takes place 3 years after the main story. 

I promised Valentine’s fluff for these two, so here it is!

Edit: Read on AO3

“Please don’t make me go to work,” Garrett moaned, burying his face in Anders’ hair.

“Hand me your phone, I’ll quit for you.”

Anders couldn’t see him, but he could feel Garrett grinning against his head. No matter how many times they had this discussion and Anders assured him he didn’t need to work, Garrett refused to quit.

“I can’t deprive the world of my beautiful buns,” Garrett sighed dramatically, rolling onto his stomach. Anders took the opportunity to reach out and squeeze his now prominently displayed bare ass.

“No one should taste them but me.”

Garrett had the nerve to look scandalized, swatting Anders’ hand away.

“I meant my cinnamon buns, thank you,” he scoffed. “But I’ll let Bodahn know you think we should use my ass as an advertising tool.”

Anders snorted, giving his boyfriend a small shove.

“You need to get up, Mr. Advertising Tool, or you’re going to be late.”

“But I don’t wanna,” Garrett groaned again, hiding his face in his pillow. When he didn’t move after a few moments Anders yawned and made himself more comfortable, assuming the conversation was done.

“Did you have any plans for tomorrow?”

Anders peeked a sleepy eye open to see Garrett now looking at him expectantly.

“No?” Anders replied, frowning. “Should I?”

Hurt briefly flickered across Garrett’s face but then he shrugged, trying to look nonchalant.

“I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t know…”

Anders sighed as he rolled onto his back, covering his face with his arm.


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Got7 react to you wearing a onesie with your dog

There you go @finasmind13! I’ll uploead the BTS one soon!

(I had so much fun making this ahh~)


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“You’re so cute!”


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“Stop being so adorable.”


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“Amazing. Beautiful. Cute. 10/10.”


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“You two looks so much alike it’s almost creepy!”


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“Wait, Coco and I will dress the same too!” *unless Jaebum eats Coco first*


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*his face when he saw you*


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“You two look really cute!”

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My Girl - Pentagon E'Dawn Scenario

“I can’t leave her alone for five minutes,” E'Dawn grumbled. All he’d done was go to the restroom, and by the time he came back, two random guys had decided to make themselves comfortable in the booth with you.

He was a little proud (okay, really proud) that he had such a beautiful girlfriend as you, who could make the whole town jealous that you were dating E'Dawn. But apparently these two dumbos weren’t aware of that fact.

“Hey babe, is our food here yet?” He asked, a little extra swagger in his step as he walked over and slid into the seat next to you.

“So what do you say? I’ll pick you up Friday at 7?” One of the guys asked, ignoring E'Dawn completely. Rude.

“Sorry, but my boyfriend and I already have plans,” you replied.

The guys eyed E'Dawn critically. “Come on gorgeous, you can do better than him,” one of them laughed.

E'Dawn abruptly grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the booth. “Why don’t you wait for me in the car, babe? I’ll go see if they can make our order takeout,” he said.

You agreed, although you were fuming at how they’d insulted your boyfriend. “At least he’s a gentleman, unlike you,” you told the two guys angrily before you walked out.

Five minutes later, the guys who’d been bothering you came running full speed out of the restaurant. E'Dawn walked out after them, nonchalant, with the takeout boxes.

“What did you do to them?” You asked when E'Dawn got in the drivers seat of the car.

“Just reminded them not to mess with my girl,” he replied, eyes twinkling mischievously. You felt heat rising to your cheeks and broke eye contact with him.

“You’re my girl, and that means I protect you,” E'Dawn said firmly, pulling you towards him for a quick, passionate kiss. “No monkeys are gonna steal you away while I’m around.”

“Now let’s go home and watch a movie while we eat,” he suggested, handing you the takeout boxes and then starting the car. You couldn’t help chuckling a bit as the car passed the two idiots from earlier, panting and looking around nervously several blocks from the restaurant. It was nice to feel so loved and protected.

(I hope you liked it, I’m really nervous about it.) ••• Ari

anonymous asked:

I'm so happy you mentioned A Little Chaos. It was something Alan Rickman poured so much effort into as Director before his illness, it was so many years in the making, and then it just sank without trace. Makes me sad. So yeah. :)

I love that he also used his film as an opportunity to nurture young talent! I looked up the composer after being blown away by the score and figured it must be some old person but no, it’s some cellist younger than me (lolsob what have I done with my life? Certainly not scoring a lush beautiful film for ALAN RICKMAN.) who only had one or two small credits to his name at the time.

Given the themes of the story in loss and aging and legacy it’s just SO tender and bittersweet and touching to know it was one of his final, beloved pieces of work. Yes, bits of it are melodramatic and the storyline isn’t perfect but damn I’ve never yet come out of a theatre thinking a movie had nothing to improve. And, I mean, looking over some of the reviews, the worst anybody can come up with beyond that is calling it an “anachronistic feminist fantasy about an 18th-century female landscape designer” and I’m like YOU HAD ME AT ANACHRONISTIC FEMINIST FANTASY. “Everyone’s playing dress-up”, well, shit, isn’t that living the dream?

If I want to watch a documentary I know where to find one, and as long as a film is faithful in general to the confines of its era, character-driven deviations from historical stereotypes in the name of narrative impact are fine by me.

Found this on FB, with this quote

“I watched the video of Obama 8 years waiting for Michelle to get out of the car so she could walk ahead of him to meet President Bush and Barbara. Friday, I watched Donald Trump get out of the car and leave Melania in the dust. This strikingly beautiful woman that he does not deserve. I can imagine the nerves she must have been feeling and the emotional support from her significant other that she lacks. And here are the two people that had every reason to be bitter and petty, guiding her and placing a comforting hand on her back.”

If you go and watch this video, Barack says “don’t worry about protocol today…we will take care of protocol”. They did their best to make the Trumps feel comfortable. Look at Melania’s hands, sort of nervously at her sides. She must have been so overwhelmed. 

We did not deserve the Obama family. 

Trouble (Chapter 3)

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Trouble (Chapter Three)

Chapter One / Chapter Two

Summary: Kai Parker is on the run from Damon and Stefan Salvatore and he finds his way to New Orleans, Louisiana hoping that the large supernatural population will hide him in plain sight; When he sees you, a beautiful witch that just so happens to be friends with the Original Family. What are the chances he can make his move before Kol Mikaelson can?

You and Kai were having a movie night. It was raining outside and your roof had a leak so while the workers worked through the night (Kol compelled them) Kai was letting you stay over his apartment.

“Why aren’t you staying at the history buff’s place tonight?” Kai asks as you scroll on your phone, almost completely ignoring the movie.

“Kol? We had fight. He’s such a- such a child sometimes.” You respond angrily as you type. You put the phone down to talk to him.

“What happened?” Kai shuffles a little closer after he talks, you pull your feet back to give him more room.

“His family- well, his brother, really- he’s really paranoid. He keeps thinking that I’m out to get him, out to get his daughter. I know I’ve done some really messed up thing but I would never hurt a kid, never.” Kai nods, wanting you to continue. You sigh and run a hand over your face.

“And the thing is- Kol isn’t even going against it- and if he is he won’t tell me so. He’s being so immature and stubborn. It’s such bullshit, he’s an asshole.” You tilt your head back and sigh loudly. Kai raise his hand to hold yours and you lift your head to look at him.

“I’m here to listen, you know. I’m not going to turn into an asshole.” You snicker as you move to place your head on his shoulder, still holding his hand.

“Thanks.” He leans his head on yours as you watch the movie.


In the morning you wake up on the couch of Kai’s apartment. He was nice enough to put a blanket on you but now that the rain had stopped and the sun had started to shine again New Orleans suddenly felt like a sauna. You throw the blanket off our body and sit up, stretching your arms and groaning. You check your phone as you gather your stuff into the grocery bag you brought it over in.

“Leaving so soon?” You look up and then promptly go speechless. There he was, Kai, with no shirt and low hanging sweatpants. Did every attractive man in this town have a six pack, or were you under a delusion?

“T-The work men stopped so my apart-ment is done and I should go see w-what they did to it. Uhm, bye.” You rush out of the apartment leaving behind a smirking and snickering Kai. But it didn’t matter, because right now your heartbeat was going a million miles a second and you could practically hear Kai laughing from his apartment.

You look up at the ceiling once your heart calms down and sigh. The ceiling looks great, fixed, better than when you first bought the apartment but now dust covered your whole living room. You run a hand through our hair as you curse the workers under your breathe. You brush away all the dust before collapsing onto your couch.

Someone knocks on your doorway. You stand up and march towards the door.

“What the hell do you want?!” You rip open the door to find Kol standing there holding flowers.

“To apologize.” He offers you the flowers and you stare at them incredulously.

“Flowers? Flowers?! You wouldn’t even stand up for me and now you think that a bouquet of roses can make it all better?! How could you think that I could hurt a kid, Kol, a kid!” You swipe the flowers out of his hands as you yell. They fall apart on the floor as you point at him.

“I was trying to convince Klaus not to kill you. I brought you them because they’re your favorite.” Kol walks into your house behind you and shuts the door.

“And you couldn’t tell me anything? You couldn’t compel someone to tell me? To bring a letter? Kol you have a phone, you could have called me!” You turn around to face him, to yell at him more, when he grabs your face and kisses you. You barely have time to react before you kiss him back.

“What- the fuck- was that?” You say, panting after he pulls away from the surprise of it.

That, was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” You don’t say anything, truly and utterly speechless as you stare up at him.

“Fuck you, get out! You can’t just fix everything with a kiss and a love confession! Get out!” You push him out of the door and slam it loudly. You can hear Kol walk down the stairs. You put your head in your hands when you sit down, hands still shaking from the anger and now the rush of kissing someone.

What the hell were you going to do now?

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Die Kleine Blume (Germancest Week: 8th November “Life And Death”)

This story was inspired by a headcanon that says “When a country dies, wherever thay fell of faded, one of their national flower will grow in their place. No matter how many times it is trempled or has wilted, it will always grow back.”

Thanks to @sleepingbeautyino for giving awesome ideas and listening mine, even if she was busy or had plenty of work to do :D
And @germancestweek for making this possible. I have so much love for this fandom and my happiness increase when I see people drawing and writing for my two favourite Germans :)

Ludwig loved walking in the forest since his childhood.

Now, he was a grown man and many things have changed since then, but he still loved forests.

Because, in the middle of the Black Forest, lay a single, beautiful blue cornflower.

When a nation dies, their body becomes the national flower of their own, single, untouchable, immortal ones. Prussia’s flower was one of them.
His flower was right next to Germania’s, Brandenburg’s, Holy Roman Empire’s and the other deceased German nations. Ludwig never saw theirs since his beloved brother joined them.

It was when the Allies dissolved and executed him.

Ludwig was in his cell, nervous, alone and scared. His Reich had fallen. His boss was dead. He had lost his land, he had lost his brother. He was filled with so much regret, and heaven knows what on earth could happen to him.
Outside he heard a familiar voice, telling the guards that he came to see the prisoner with the Allies’ permission.
When the door opened, Ludwig ran to his brother, crying and seeking comfort. Gilbert didn’t say a word. His expression was blank and Ludwig couldn’t understand what was happening.
Then the slap came.
Ludwig drew back in pain and cupped his own cheek, tears falling from his eyes. This time, Gilbert’s expression wasn’t blank. He was crying.
“You idiot…”
Suddenly Ludwig felt wetness and warmness on his lips. And the salty taste of tears too.
Gilbert was kissing him with all his heart and for a moment he pulled away.
“But I loved you anyway. You were our hope, you were my dream. You
were a miracle. My miracle…”
“Gilbert, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I love you…”
“I am sorry. I couldn’t stop you, I couldn’t…”
Ludwig silenced him with a kiss. They began to cry again.
“Am I gonna die, Gilbert?”
“No, no you won’t. You’ll stay alive, and proud. Germany will be a world power. You learned your lesson. You’ll never let it happen again, will you?”
“What will the Allies do?”
“They’ll listen to me. They let me to say–see you.”
“What if…”
“Be quiet…”
When Gilbert kissed his brother again, life and death melted into each other.

Years later, when Ludwig finally set free, Roderich came and took him to Gilbert’s flower, told him that he’s gone. He told him that the Allies took Gilbert to the spot where his father and brothers’ flowers grew, when he left Ludwig’s cell.
He wanted Francis to kill him, but Francis couldn’t bring himself to do that. Ivan accepted but when he pulled the trigger, his eyes were filled with tears too.
They buried him there and a blue cornflower grew. Ludwig never knew that, he just thought Russia had taken him. It was Gilbert’s death wish.
“Don’t let Ludwig know that I’m no more while he is imprisoned.”

Since then, Ludwig spent his free days beside the flower, talking about their friends, his dogs and his country’s development. He told him how he loved him and couldn’t tell him enough when he is alive.

Gilbird was still alive in Ludwig’s care, he loved to visit his former owner and mostly didn’t want to leave. He never chirped or sang at home.

And in a usual day, Ludwig came and sat in front of the flower with Gilbird on his shoulder.
A cold sensation brushed against his cheeks and lips, greeted him.
“Hello, brother.”

First Time

a/n: i put these two together because they’re kind of similar, i hope that’s okay ((-: also, i literally just got home, i’m so sorry. i jumped right onto my computer as soon as i opened the door and made sure to get this imagine done. thank you so much for requesting! xoxxx


newt and your’s first time after dating for a bit? fluffy too please? xxx

can you please write a newt smut were you two have been ration about a year and still haven’t had sex yet, and the gladers keep teasing you and meet about it, then it just well… happens later? make sure to include fluff to! haha but it’s totally okay if you don’t write it, I understand.

warnings: smut


  Newt. He was all you could think about since you came up to the Glade a year ago. He was just so perfect; his hair, his smile, his attitude and absolutely beautiful accent. You couldn’t help but fall madly in love with him. And by some miracle, he felt the same way about you. It was after your first two and a half months in the Glade that Newt finally asked you out and you’ve been dating ever since.

  Your relationship with Newt was everything you could have asked for. Holding hands, kissing, snuggling together at night – it was perfect. But it was missing something. There was never anything sexual. Sure you didn’t really need to do anything like that with him, but you wanted some new excitement in the relationship. All the other Gladers would tease you two about it, too; snickering and threatening that if Newt didn’t “get it” soon, they’d sneak in and take the chance.

  “Hey Newt?” you tapped your boyfriend, who was talking to a few other Gladers, on the shoulder.

  “Hello, my darling,” Newt took you into his arms and swayed you back and forth.

  “Uh, can we talk?” you spoke into his chest.

  He pulled away and smiled at you, “Sure.”

  You grabbed Newt’s hand in yours and lead him to the Homestead, leaving the roar of wolf whistles and cheering behind you. You walked him over to the bed in one of the Med Jack rooms, where you sat the both of you down.

  “What’s up, gorgeous?” Newt asked cheekily.

  “Newt, I want to try something new. It’s-It’s totally fine if you don’t want to, just tell me,” you nodded at the boy. He had a confused look on his face, unsure of what you meant by “something new.”

  “Well what is it that you want to tr-?” he was cut off when you moved your hand to palm him over his pants. He groaned slightly as you continued rubbing over his covered cock. You kept palming him until he was fully hardened. There was an obvious bulge in his pants and you felt yourself becoming wet.You then crawled onto his lap, straddling him and pushing him down, flush against the bed. You took his hands in yours as you leaned down to kiss him passionately, allowing his tongue to slip into your mouth. Wanting some friction, you started grinding your hips down onto his. Newt moaned into the kiss, and your wetness grew as he squirmed under you.

  You pulled your lips away, leaning back to carefully slipping off your top. Newt sat up and pulled his shirt off, too. He then flipped you over so that he was now hovering over you.

  “Is this what you wanted to try?” Newt asked, slowly tugging your pants down your legs. You nodded and wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing him in for another kiss as he pulled his own pants down. He pulled back, kissing a line down your body from the base of your neck to the top of your panties. He bit down onto your panties and pulled them down to your knees before using his hand to take them off the rest of the way. You could feel the warmth of his breath against your heat.

  “Newt,” you breathed out. Newt’s eyes met yours before you averted your eyes to the erection contained by only his underwear. He pulled them off of his legs, allowing his cock to spring up and hit his stomach.

  You couldn’t take your eyes off of his length. He was so big, the thought of something that huge inside of you was slightly intimidating. Your fear was short-lasted, though, as his lips crashed down onto yours. He kissed you hard, cupping your face with one hand while bracing himself up with the other.

  Newt separated your lips and moved back down, bringing your hips up to his. He looked into your eyes, saying nothing for a moment. You couldn’t believe this was happening, you’d never done something like this with Newt before. “Are you sure you want this, Y/N?” Newt asked sincerely, he didn’t want to hurt you. You simply nodded and closed your eyes as you felt him push into you slowly.

  There’s no other way to put it – it hurt. Almost as soon as he entered you, you could feel how much he was stretching you. There was no denying he felt huge inside you, but it would only make the future times feel a lot better.

  “I know it hurts, baby. Just a little more, okay?” Newt grabs your hand and tries to soothe you. You bite down hard onto your lip as he enters you completely. He waits for a moment, allowing you time to adjust to his size.

  “You can move now,” you tell him after at least a minute. He nods and moves his hips back until nothing but the tip of his length is inside of you before pushing back inside, always going slowly. The pain fades soon as he keeps pushing in and out of you, and you let out a soft moan. Newt takes it as an invitation to increase the speed of his hips slightly, and he does so.

  “Newt,” you whimper when you hear grunts falling from Newt’s lips. He moves a little faster inside of you, and you felt your high nearing. By instinct you started rolling your own hips up to meet his. Moans and small whimpers seem to roll off of your tongue uncontrollably as Newt continues his thrusts.

  You feel your walls beginning to clench around him, and he twitches inside of you. He fastens the pace of his thrusts one more time before you cum onto his cock. You let out a moan as he helps you ride out your high. A deep groan escapes his lips as you feel him release his liquids inside of you.

  Newt flops down beside you, pulling out,  and you both lay there, saying nothing. Your chests move up and down heavily, and he wraps his arm around you.

  “Was that what you wanted, love?” he asked, planting a kiss on your cheek.

  “Everything I wanted and more,” you whisper before snuggling into his chest. You drift off to sleep as he runs his fingers through your hair, soothing you.



Genre: smut, fluff, childhood friends turned fuck buddies

Word Count: 4k

You and Jungkook had drifted apart since childhood. But now he’s back and sexier than ever.

A/N: Thank you @onerandomkpop for making this beautiful, sexy vine that inspired me to write this! I am so thirsty for Jungkook.


Thank you @chimchims for the love and support <3

Jungkook and Y/N. You two were inseparable. For as long as you remember, he had been your first friend. The friend that learned how to ride bikes with you, the friend that would push you while you were on the swings, the friend that you would religiously watch Disney movies with. Over time, things changed, you drifted apart. 

Maybe it was the fact that you both went through puberty, Jungkook becoming an attractive, wild, ladies man, and you retreating into your bookworm, introverted shell. After middle school, you hardly ever spoke to him. It was like you never knew each other, passing by in the halls without even a glance. In college, it became worse.

2 years ago

“Chug, chug, chug, FUCK YEAH!” hordes of frat guys cheered as a tall, toned boy chugged an entire bottle of God-knows-what mix of alcohol. It was rare that you would find yourself at these parties, always dragged along by a friend, and you admired the boy’s daring nature. He was daring to the point of being stupid. Must be nice to live without a care like that.

“Oh my god, Jungkook! That was so hot, baby, you’re the best,” a shrill voice shrieked as a living Barbie knocked you out of the way to throw herself on the drunk guy.

Jungkook. Fuck. Of course he would do something like this.

You were just about to leave before he could see you, even though he wouldn’t have given a fuck anyway, but curiosity got the best of you. You turned to look at Jungkook and the girl draped on him, lips firmly locked. You didn’t know why you did this to yourself. You had always tried to suppress your feelings for Jungkook, knowing that he would never like you like that. He wanted nothing to do with you. You were like the outgrown, worn-out clothes he had thrown away along with his cute, bubbly childhood personality. 

Just as turned around to leave you caught the flash of his eyes, intense, staring directly at you as he made out with that girl. A shiver went down your spine and you felt like you were on fire. Quickly dropping his gaze, you left, your feet not moving fast enough to get you out of that hellhole of a party. Even as you closed your eyes to sleep, you couldn’t get that stare out of your mind.

The sound of your phone ringing startled you from your vegetating state of watching TV on the couch and eating. No one ever called you. This was weird.

“Hello?” you answered the unknown number.

“Y/N,” a deep voice replied. You knew that voice.

“Jungkook?” you questioned although you were certain it was him.

“Long time no speak huh? How have you been?” Jungkook asked, a hint of humor in his voice.

“Good…how about you? Is everything ok?” you asked hesitantly. The only reason Jungkook would call you was if it was a life or death emergency.

“Yeah…I mean, no, not really. My parents are in town,” Jungkook started off slowly, “They’ve been bugging me to stop fucking around and settle down. You know, get a real job that’s not bartending, have some stability,” he trailed off. You heard him exhale deeply.

“Would you be my fake date to dinner tonight with my parents?”

You almost choked on your food, coughing embarrassingly in response.

“Y/N, are you alright? Damn, I didn’t think I was that unattractive,” Jungkook chuckled at your apparent shock.

“Why me? Jungkook, we haven’t spoken to each other in years. I don’t feel comfortable interfering in your personal life,” you answered, recovering from your initial disbelief.

“My parents like you. And I miss you,” Jungkook said, voice so saccharine you could picture his shit-eating grin.

“More like, none of your fuck buddies are presentable enough to meet your parents, right?” you shot back. You were almost offended. He was only asking you out to look good in front of his parents?

“Damn, still got that sharp tongue, I see.,” Jungkook feigned hurt, “Look, Y/N, you’re the only girl I trust. I need you, pleaseeee,” he begged in an attempted cute voice. “You’re probably sitting on your couch and watching TV right now, aren’t you?” Jungkook said knowingly.

You looked down at your baggy clothes and up at the TV in embarrassment. Well, you didn’t have anything to lose.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Whatever, I’ll do it,” you sighed. You didn’t know what you were signing up for or why you were even helping him, but a part of you missed being with Jungkook. Even the five minute phone call had put you in a better mood.

“Awww. I knew I could count on you in a crisis. I’ll pick you up at 8, Y/N,” Jungkook thanked you excitedly. Well, looks like you would fall even deeper into the friend zone tonight.

“Whoa you look good,” Jungkook’s jaw dropped as he walked you to his car, obviously ogling you.

“Your parents aren’t here yet, you don’t need to do this right now. This is embarrassing as it is,” you muttered, rolling your eyes. The last thing you needed was Jungkook mocking you for helping him.

“Fine, fine, excuse me for trying to be a gentleman,” Jungkook defended himself, bringing one hand from the steering wheel to his heart, in mock-offense. What did you expect, he never took anything seriously.

“What are you looking at?” you asked, finally turning to him in frustration. It had been 15 minutes in the car, the light music of the radio filling the car, and Jungkook had stolen about 50 glances at you.

“Stop staring at me!” you persisted, crossing your arms over your chest and determinedly looking out the window. You thought you noticed a faint flush on his cheeks.

“I can never win with you,” he mumbled, parking the car before getting out to open your door. Since when did Jungkook learn manners?

“Get ready to be bored out of your mind by the Jeons,” he groaned, holding his hand out for you as you got out of the car. Making a point to refuse his hand, you got out of the car yourself and walked past him.

“Let’s get this fake date over with,” you sighed, questioning your life decisions.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe how drunk your dad got. I think he downed two bottles of wine himself,” you laughed, stumbling out of the restaurant slightly tipsy.

“I know, if we had stayed there any longer he would’ve started making moves on you,” Jungkook shuddered before looking at you, bent over in laughter. His eyes lit up and he started laughing with you, briefly forgetting that it had been a fake date.

“I love your parents, they’re great. Always have been. Now I know where your wild side comes from,” you chuckled, a smile lingering on your face. The two of you walked along the street, parallel to the beach. The cold breeze nipped at your shoulders, a shiver running down your spine.

“Here, take my jacket,” Jungkook noticed your discomfort, removing his blazer and placing it over your shoulders.

“Jungkook, this isn’t senior prom, what are you doing,” you half-joked, but on the inside, you welcomed the warmth his blazer offered. You were wrapped up in a cocoon that smelt of Jungkook’s delectable cologne and you didn’t want to admit you enjoyed it.

“Wanna walk along the beach? Like old times?” Jungkook nudged your shoulder, looking at you with the same boyish, bunny smile he had when he was younger. That smile had always been your weakness and before you knew it you were nodding yes.

Taking your hand in his, you strolled along the beach, the soothing sound of crashing waves filling the silence.

“Y/N, it was really nice seeing you again. Thank you for doing this. You were the model child, and still are. My parents probably love you more than me,” Jungkook spoke, breaking the peaceful reverie you had fallen into.

“Don’t mention it. It was nice seeing you too. You’ve…changed. You’re like a more mature version of the Jungkook who used to do keg stands every other week,” you said, pausing to deliberate your words.

“Those were the days. I’m so done with that shit, the same old parties, the same whores,” he groaned, throwing his head back in regret, eyes closing as he ran a hand through his hair. You winced at his word choice but gazed at how he had become so handsome, become such a man.

“Being with you tonight was really refreshing. I liked it,” he opened his eyes, stopping to hold both of your hands in his. You instinctively intertwined your fingers in his as he drew you close, so close you could feel his breath hitting your forehead. You stayed like that, getting lost in each other’s eyes. 

Before you knew it he pulled you against his firm chest, lips gliding across yours. You parted your lips with a gasp, his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. The warmth from his mouth spread across your entire body and you savored the taste of his lips. The sound of waves and the wet sounds of your kiss filled the air and Jungkook moaned lowly. That brought you back to reality.

“Shit, I should go home,” you panted, pushing yourself away from him. You refused to make eye contact with him, especially when he was panting just like you.

Suddenly the atmosphere filled with awkwardness as the memory that this was just a fake date came flooding into your mind.

“It looks like your parents believed the act. You don’t have to keep pretending, Jungkook,” you said as you playfully punched his toned bicep. “Also, I didn’t believe the whole ‘I’m done with partying bit’ at all. You almost had me there,” you teased, trying to joke to diffuse the tension. He still hadn’t said a word.

“Is this a prank you play on all your girls? Good one, I must say it was very believable. I mean, practice makes perfect right,” you continued, the words spilling from your mouth without a filter. You just wanted to fill the uncomfortable silence.

“It’s not a prank,” Jungkook said in a deep voice, eyes piercing yours.

“Whatever, just take me home. Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy, am I right?” you joked, walking to the car in quick strides. Jungkook was still glued firmly to the spot you had kissed, looking at you with a mixture of regret and hurt, before a practiced smirk appeared on his face.

“What can I say, this charm works every time. Ladies just can’t resist it,” he shrugged smugly as he drove you home, his eyes still holding a hint of sadness.

Why was Jungkook calling you again? It was September 1st. His birthday. You would never forget, but you stopped wishing him as you drifted apart.

“What do you want Jungkook?” you answered unceremoniously. It was probably some other favor. That was all he needed you for anyway.

“Wow, hello to you too. Can’t I call because I miss you?” Jungkook retorted sarcastically, not missing a beat.

“No, you can’t. Ok goodby-“ you were just about to hang up on when he began protesting.

“Wait, don’t hang up! It’s my birthday,” he told you, but you already knew. Not like you would tell him that.

“Happy birthday. Now bye Jungk-“

“Wait! Shit, hear me out. Drinks at my place tonight? There’s going to be a couple friends over. Just something super casual,” he proposed confidently. Was he asking you out? Properly?

“Is that code for a wild rager circa 2012?” you retorted. You knew Jungkook too well to know he would never throw a small, casual party.

“Maybe, see you then babe,” he said with a low chuckle, hanging up abruptly. Did he just call you babe? And did you like it? What the hell was going on?

Against your better judgment, you showed up to the party and were unsurprisingly greeted by a horde of wasted people. You weaved past a cluster of people before you met eyes with Jungkook, his gaze instantly lighting up.

“Y/N!” He hollered from across the room, clambering past a horny group of people playing spin the bottle to meet you. “Ayy you came! Meet my friends, Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon!” He yelled, his voice octaves louder as he handed you a red cup of something strong. His friends barely acknowledged you, all of them buzzed. The dull bass of loud rap music boomed throughout the apartment. You were on his turf now. These parties brought you back to college times. Like you ever wanted to go back to those times. You gulped down the contents of the cup, welcoming the burn. You were going to need it to survive this party. Amongst all the drunken people grinding, Jungkook seemed tipsy, but not shitfaced, thankfully. You were upset that he hadn’t come back to talk to you, his attention fully occupied with a group of girls in the corner. You watched him lean against the wall, cornering one of them as he told a joke, all of them laughing in unison. Rolling your eyes, you felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around.

“Hey, I’m Jimin. You’re really hot,” he said with a high pitch laugh, his eyes crinkling in the corners. His cute demeanor didn’t exactly match his sinfully toned body, but you were intrigued nonetheless.

“Wanna dance?” he leaned close to your ear to ask, his warm breath and the smell of tequila hitting your face.

“Sure,” you accepted. It wasn’t like he was going to remember any of this anyway. You glanced back at Jungkook, now mixing drinks for the girls and watching them do body shots on each other. You wondered why he called you in the first place. To taunt you? Hell, Jimin seemed friendly and this liquid courage made you grind your hips against his as you threw your hands back around his neck. You felt him let out a breathy laugh at your sudden enthusiasm and he parted your legs with his thighs, rucking up your skirt. The way he moved his body was so sexy, you almost moaned right there on the dance floor.

“I see you’ve met Jimin,” Jungkook’s voice cut through the tipsy haze that clouded your mind. Suddenly you were aware of how loud the music was, how hot your body felt, and how Jimin was basically fucking you with clothes on. You didn’t know why but you felt guilty. It’s not like you owed anything to Jungkook, but the way he was possessively staring at you caused you to draw back from Jimin.

“Hell yeah I met her. She’s sexy as fuck,” Jimin grinned, shamelessly looking at you up and down. “Where have you been all my life?” he groaned, grabbing your body against his once more. Immediately, Jungkook’s eyes narrowed, lips pursed in a straight line.

OK EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT. PARTY’S OVER,” Jungkook yelled as he stood on top of a table. His announcement was met with a chorus of slurred boos and curses, but eventually people made their way out the door, including you.

“Y/N, stay right here,” Jungkook commanded you, his voice deeper and his eyes dark.

“Why? Didn’t you just kick everyone out of your own party? Honestly, who does that,” you argued back in annoyance.

“I need your help…cleaning up,” Jungkook said, pausing to come up with a reason for you to stay.

“What kind of bullshit excuse is th-“ you began to dispute him before he cut you off with a kiss. Pulling you flush against his chest, he kissed you hard, rough, nothing like that day on the beach. His lips were forceful and passionate and you felt weak at the knees.

“Jungkook, what are you doing, this isn’t funny,” you breathed as your swollen lips left his. You met his steely, serious gaze and averted your eyes, his stare too intense to hold.

“I thought you were supposed to be the smart one. This is all real. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last week. It’s like I’m addicted,” he said, his hand coming to cup your chin so that you were looking at him. “I could’ve fucked you right there on the beach,” he said as he bit his lip, eyes cloudy as if he was imagining it right now. Your breath hitched and you felt your heart beating faster at his confession. “Who would’ve thought we would find our way back to each other, the nerd and the frat boy?” he mused, rubbing small circles with his thumb on your cheekbone.

“Don’t you mean the successful girl and the guy that’s still stuck in college?” you shot back, your eyes still dreamily staring into his. He was attractive, but he wasn’t getting away with calling you a nerd.

“Hm, I guess you could say that,” he muttered before bringing your face in for another kiss. This time slow, sweet, and sensual. He sucked on your lower lip, swiping his tongue across it alternately.

“So where’s my birthday gift?” he questioned, eyebrow cocked in a smug smirk as his hands glided down your hips to cup your ass. You stumbled even closer to him in surprise. At this point, any hope of being just friends was out the window. You couldn’t resist Jungkook and you felt like there was a trace of genuineness behind his words. Fuck it.

You kissed him back with a new fervor and passion, feeling him smile beneath your lips at your sudden enthusiasm. He bent slightly to hoist you up as you jumped into his embrace, his strong arms carrying you to his bed. Legs still locked around him, you sat on his lap, feeling the evident bulge in his pants.

“Consider me your birthday gift. This is just a one time thing, ok?” you spoke, not believing the words that were coming out of your mouth. You were too far gone to care. Jungkook parted his lips in protest to fact that this was just going to be a one-night stand, but you began grinding down on his thighs, making him forget all of his qualms.

“You like that don’t you? Don’t even need my cock to get off,” he said lowly, biting his lip in a low groan. The sight of you rocking your already wet core against his muscular thigh was sinful. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your head falling against his as you rocked yourself against the pleasant friction of his jeans. You moaned as he flexed his thighs, the muscle contractions amplifying the pressure against your aching clit.

“Strip,” Jungkook ordered, looking at you expectantly before you shyly undressed. Jungkook removed his clothes, revealing the body of a Greek god. As you lay back on the bed he straddled you, thick thighs trapping your body between his legs.

“I bet you’ve thought about us together haven’t you?” Jungkook asked with a low growl, his eyes raking over your exposed body, vulnerable under him. You whimpered at his accusation, knowing it was true. He smirked at your discomfort, taking it as a sign that you had thought about him. “You don’t know how many times I’ve jacked off to the memory of you fucking your douche, prep-school boyfriend in the back of his car at prom,” he grunted, eyes half shut as he pumped his cock in slow, firm strokes.

“Wait, how do you know about that?” you exclaimed. You suddenly felt transparent, like Jungkook could see everything you were thinking.

“You know, that was the most badass thing I’ve ever seen you do. Fuck, I wish that was me,” Jungkook replied, coming forward to close his warm mouth around your nipple, twisting the other in his hand. You arched your back into his touch, the pool of wetness growing between your legs.

“It could’ve been you, if you didn’t spend all your time smoking weed in the parking lot with your friends,” you panted, the words punctuating your moans. You felt a sheen of sweat cover your forehead as he began stroking your dripping slit in long, teasing movements.

“Hey you should try it some time,” Jungkook said with a wink before lowering his mouth over your heat. Never breaking eye contact, he latched his mouth around your swollen clit, drawing figure eights around it with his tongue. Your mouth fell open in pleasure, your hand coming to press his head down as he moaned around your clit, the vibrations causing you to buck your hips up against him. Holding your hips down with one hand, he brought two fingers to slide easily past your slick folds, easing them in and out as his tongue laved over your clit. You felt a fire growing in the pit of your stomach and you knew you were close. “Wait, it’s your birthday,” you gasped, heavy breaths leaving your body as you pushed his head off you, to your disappointment. Wordlessly, you pushed him back against the bed and crawled on your hands and knees over him. Lowering yourself down to his erect cock, the tip covered in pre cum, you placed feather kisses along his inner thigh and finally on the head of his cock.

“Fuck, don’t be a tease,” he growled threateningly before you took him in your mouth, as far as you could go, and began bobbing up and down. You sucked his length, tears welling up in the corner of your eyes.

“Shit, yes baby. Just like that, you were fucking made for this,” he moaned as you swirled your tongue around his cock, dipping your tongue into his slit. “Holy fuck, I need you to stop right now,” Jungkook said in heavy pants, bringing your head up by your hair to kiss you, exchanging the salty taste of his pre cum between your lips.

“Fuck me Jungkook,” you moaned with swollen lips, cheeks flushed, and wetness dripping down your thighs shamelessly. Without warning, Jungkook thrust into your wet heat, fucking in fast, aggressive thrusts. Holding your hips with one hand, he fucked you into the mattress, fucking so deep you saw stars.

“Look at you, such a dirty girl. Who would’ve thought you’d be such a slut for my cock,” Jungkook grunted as he fucked you with all the force he had. He brought a hand to your clit, rubbing quick, tight circles against it until you were putty in his hands.

“That’s right, fucking lose it. Come with me,” he whispered harshly as his lips hovered over yours, his hot breath hitting your lips. You moaned into his mouth as you locked his lips with yours, feeling your release wash over you and his warm seed seep out of your core onto your thighs. Jungkook collapsed on top of you, breathing heavily before rolling off and pulling you in to spoon you.

“Shit that was amazing,” he breathed onto the back of your neck. You were still basking in the afterglow and you curled into his touch.

“I like being with you Jungkook, it feels like the old days,” you admitted quietly before turning to him, “Except now we fuck,” you stated before you both burst into laughter. You felt warm, fuzzy, and fucked out.

“We have history. You’re not just one of those fuck buddies, you’re special and deserve to be treated that way,” he mused as he held your hand in his, placing a light kiss on it.

“Of course I do, Jeon,” you agreed as you kissed his hand back. “What if your parents knew we fucked?” you gaped at him in mortification.

“They probably already think that,” Jungkook smirked back. “Oh my god, I’m supposed to be the good child!” you whined, hiding your face in shame into the pillow.

“Not when you’re with me you’re not. You’re not going anywhere,” Jungkook said with an easy smile, bringing your body close to his in a warm embrace.


“Welcome, beauties!”

So here’s a cool project I did. Saw a design a while back for 3D Mettaton and wanted to try my own version of it. Haven’t made a 3D thing in a while, so I had some hiccups, and his design still isn’t perfect, but I’m happy with him for now.

I’ll have this one at Super Megafest. He’s probably going to become a regular convention item, maybe one or two per convention. I’m also thinking about making the Floweypot I made a while back. He won’t be on the shop, though. But he’ll probably end up on the commission-only list.

I Lied - Carl Grimes Imagine

「 Can I get an imagine with an adult Carl on the beach? You’re with everyone but you two go off on your own for a romantic stroll and skinny dip, even though you are insecure about your body. He makes you feel beautiful. Beth lives and is your bff? :) 」

AN: Thank you so much for the cute request anon!<3 Hope you enjoy it :) 

Part One

Now that the mass hysteria about the whole “end of the world” thing was over, the new world was actually kind of…nice. Things were so much simpler than they had been before, and even though it was an entirely different life, that didn’t mean it was a bad life. It had been a few years since life as we know it had changed, and now (Y/N) was enjoying her new life with the friends she’d made along the way—More specifically, Rick’s crew. Though it felt strange to be doing something so “normal,” the whole group had taken a trip to the beautiful beaches of Virginia for Carl’s 20th birthday.

“Hey, scoot over!” Beth’s familiar voice chimed. (Y/N) looked up at her best friend and smiled as the blonde girl took a seat next to her. Glenn had started a bonfire and everyone was enjoying sitting around and cooking a couple of fish that the group had managed to catch. The girl scooted over and let Beth sit beside her, resting her elbows on her knees.

“Isn’t he gorgeous?” (Y/N) sighed, watching as Carl Grimes splashed his way back out of the ocean water and slicked his hair back with his hands. Carl was just so perfect, and he always had been. As always, (Y/N) found herself watching Carl and day dreaming about him, which was easy to do considering he was currently walking around shirtless and his hair was a wet mess. The girl sighed once again.

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say.” Beth replied with a laugh while rolling her eyes at her friend. “I can’t believe you two have been together for six months now.” She commented, letting her hair down and brushing it over her shoulder.

“I know.” (Y/N) responded. Even after all this time, watching Carl smile still made her heart skip a beat. She really couldn’t believe he was all hers. The girl perked up when Carl’s eyes met hers and he started towards the two young women, grinning.

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