he's beautiful ok


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”

i forgot to post this back when i got it but honestly… it’s still the most ridiculous photo prompto has taken in my game


he’s trying ok? </3

(I wanted to add two more things, but I’ll just save them for another gifset)

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥


i have many witty captions for this:

“noses are important”

“family portrait”

“not fit to scale”

and of course “how many people combined do you think they’ve seen die?”


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Seven: Free Day
↳ In Regards to Love ~Agape~ [insp.]



honestly my only real complaint with the live action beauty and the beast is that they cut my two favorite cogsworth moments:

  • “if it’s not baroque don’t fix it!”
  • when he slides down the bannister to rescue lumiere from being melted, cackling madly, brandishing a sword, and wearing a big hat

other than the lack of those moments, i am completely satisfied

i live for kaidan distracting security during the citadel dlc

kaidan: i lost a lot of money. who can i talk to about getting it back?
security: i’m sorry, you can’t get it back. no please, sir. please don’t cry–

kaidan: uh, i accidentally used biotics on the roulette wheel. (laughs) sorry.

kaidan: mike hazer? hazer the laser? i almost didn’t recognize you! … you owe me money.

kaidan: kaidan alenko, special tactics and reconnaissance. you look like you would be an excellent candidate.

kaidan: i’m with the varren anti-cruelty association and i cannot believe what i’m seeing up there.

like… you little shit. take me to bed or lose me forever.