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Lion Man

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Summary: You’re about to get married to Fili, but your nerves start kicking in.

Pairings: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 770

Warnings: None

Requested by: Anon

A/n: The request was kind of confusing because they lyrics that I translated were nothing like the one I was provided but I did my best. This is my last Drabble for the weekend because I already wrote like six of them and I need to focus on my series. Also writing this, I did some research and I realized that I severely fucked up in Little Brat because it’s Hobbits that have their coming of age at 33, not dwarves, but I can’t fix it now because I’m already too far in and we’re going to pretend that I’m right. Lol bye.

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Mr Hood!

Words: 2.2K

Warning: Swearing and Smut with a teacher

Summary: Mr Hood is your schools new Sports teacher, you really have been trying to get into the football squad for a few years but you were never good enough, now that Mr hood is here you might finally get a chance. You always thought it was because of your weight but Mr Hood makes you feel beautiful. 

Its teacher appreciation week so I’m appreciating all your fantasies of Calum as a teacher! (I’m from the UK so here we say football but its soccer over in the USA)


Being picked for the girl’s football team was actually rarer then you thought. I guess mens football is more appreciated then female football, but it shouldn’t be that way and our school had both male and female teams. Every year for the past 3 years you had tried out for the team, but every time there was always one person just a bit better. But this year you knew you were ready. You had been practising as hard as you could and you knew you were now one of the best. 

One of the main reasons though was because of our coach, Mr Hood. He was one of our sports teachers and he happened to coach the football team. Mr Hood was the definition of handsome, he was tall, dark and had a sexy Australian accent. It also helped that he was incredible at football, the way he would glide the ball down the field and his legs muscles would tense. he was also the only person who’s ever taken any notice of me and my skills, he was good like that and I may have a massive crush on him. At this very moment though I was watching the boys football team play against each other, I was taking notes. 

“Having fun?” a raspy voice said behind me, I turned my head around and Mr Hood was stood there looking like a god with sweat dripping down his forehead. He was wearing sports short and a white top with red stripes down the side.

“Just taking notes” I mumbled

“Why?” he asked, taking a seat down next to me on the bleachers. 

“So that I know the best moves when tackling, then maybe this year I’ll make the team” I muttered, He sighed and rubbed the towel over his head collecting the sweat. 

“I’m sure you’ll make it”

“I haven’t for 3 years, I would have given up if it wasn’t for you though. You’re amazing at football and inspired me to tryout one more time. If I don’t get in this year I know its not the way my life will be heading and pick something boring like being a lawyer” I laughed

“I inspire you?” he questioned

“Yeah, you’re pretty cool Mr Hood. I mean I hated our old sports teacher he was mean and just because I’m not as skinny as the other girls he would leave me till last and then just say no. He was a dick”

“Sounds like one, you may not be as skinny but I think all body shapes are beautiful and can do anything if you put your heart into it” I blushed slightly and closed my note pad. The team were packing up and heading into the locker room, I stood up smiling at Mr Hood as he grabbed his football. 

“Join me” he said standing up and walking down the stairs onto the field. I skipped down the stairs and placing my notepad on the front bench running over to where Mr Hood was standing. 

“Right lets practise tackling” He said winking at me and dropping the ball to the floor running towards me. I laughed chasing after him. I tackled him twice and the third time I went to tackle him he picked me up instead and swung me around. 

“Put me down, oh my god” I shrieked. He did as I said and grabbed the ball passing it over to me. 

“Why are you doing this?” I asked rolling the ball in-between my hands. 

“I think you’re one of the best players and I want you on the team, I was kind off surprised that you weren’t if I’m being honest, so I have authorisation on who’s on the team, the girls can pick but I have to give them the final notice, I’ve already put you on it”

“You mean I’m on the team?” I squealed

“Yeah, you deserve it, I’m also assigning you captain if you can handle it” He smiled

“Thank you so much” I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him, I didn’t care that this was inappropriate I had been wanting to get onto this team for so long and Mr Hood had picked me and as captain. I nuzzled my head into his neck and hugged him close, his arms wrapped around me as he pecked the top of my head. I lifted my head up resting my chin on his chest and smiling at him.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough Mr Hood” I said fluttering my eyelashes at him and giving him a massive grin. 

“Call me Calum” he whispered edging his face close to mine. My breath hitched as he crashed his lips on mine. I was stood shocked for a second before I kissed him back, moving my arms to around his neck. I ran my fingers through his hair as he slid his tongue into my mouth. I felt his arms come round to my ass bringing my body closer to his. I moaned into his mouth as he disconnected our lips. 

“Shit” he whined, running his fingers through his hair. He looked around the field making sure nobody was here and interlaced our fingers. 

“Not here” he breathed, he pulled me towards the locker rooms and Calum took a quick look in. He turned round and smirked, pulling me into it, he shut the door and locked it with his key. He leant down placing small kisses over my jawline and kissed over my neck. He found my sweet spot and licked over it, his plump lips sucked down onto it. I bucked my hips into his as he grabbed my hips pushing me into the door. He ducked his head further and sucked harder, I rested my head on his as it felt so good and I couldn’t control it. I ran my fingers though his hair and lifted my leg around his waist.

“Calum” I whimpered, he grinded his crotch into mine and kissed back up my neck. I felt my wetness begin to grow in my panties as I ran my fingers over his broad chest. His hands were soothing over my curves and he stroked down my thigh that was hitch over his waist. I stroked my fingers over his his jaw and moved my thumb over his lips. 

“You’re so beautfiul” he moaned leaning forward and reconnecting our lips, I had only kissed him once prior but I knew I was going to be addicted to his kiss. His hands came under my shirt pulling it up, I let out a short breath and looked down, separating our lips and hiding my stomach from him.

“No, don’t cover up Y/N” he said looking deeply into his big brown eyes. I moved my hands pushing them up against the wall as he lifted my top all the way off. He stroked over my stomach and smiled at me, pulling the straps of my bra down my arms sensually. He slowly kissed over my shoulders and unclipped my bra throwing it to the side. He kissed over my chest and down to my right boob kissing over my nipple, he sucked onto it and I arched my back. His hands came round to my back as he sucked harder onto my nipple and kissed across to my left nipple leaving little wet splotches. He latched his lips onto my left nipple sucking onto it and giving it a small tugg. His face came back up and pecked my lips. He stood back taking off his shirt and placing both his hands either side of my head. 

“You are breathtaking, you know that right?” he smiled, I reached up covering my boobs and I closed my eyes.

“Look at me Y/N” he said leaning his forehead on mine. “I’m going to make you feel beautiful, do you want that?” I nodded smiling at him

“I need words baby girl”

“Yes, I want you” 

“Jump” He said holding onto my hips and pulling my close, I shook my head no and he raised an eyebrow

“Too heavy” I whispered stroking up his golden skin, which was covered in beautiful black tattoo’s.

“Bullshit” He groaned picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. I squealed and held onto him as he walked us over to the bench laying me down on it as he hovered over me. He kissed my lips and down my body to my trousers. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down kissing over my thighs and tugged them off the ends of my feet. He stroked up my thighs and his index finger ran over my covered slit. I reached down tugging on Calum’s sports short as he pulled them down.

“Please touch me” I whimpered his eyes shot up to mine as he smiled leaning down and removing my panties. He brushed over my pussy and his finger slid between my folds. He thumb came to my clit and rubbed over it causing a wave of pleasure to shoot through my body. He sat down on the floor bringing my body towards him and his lips came in contact with my clit.

“Fuck Sir” I felt him smirk as his tongue flicked over my sensitive bud and he kissed over my entrance, licking around the hole. He brought his finger to my entrance as it sunk in. He stroked his tongue over my clit as his finger started to ploy into me. I looked down at the beautiful maori man and ran my hands through his hair, his brown eyes were spiralling with lust as he sucked onto my clit and wiggled it between his folds. He added another finger into my hole and I felt both fingers rub against my walls. He swirled his tongue around lapping at my juices and his fingers moved at a faster pace fucking into me, he curled his fingers and I pulled on his hair. I felt my thighs start to clench as he was building the pit in my stomach. I sat up clenching my walls around his fingers as he reached up and kissed my lips sliding his fingers abruptly out of me. I let out a whine as he he just breathily laughed. 

Calum stuck his fingers in his mouth sucking on them and standing up, pulling down his boxers. His dick slapped against his abdomen and a drop of pre-cum was rolling down his length. I leant forward taking it in my hand and licking over the small dribble. He moved my hair to one side and stroked over my cheek. I sucked on his tip but he shook his head pulling me off. 

“I’m going to make you feel good, beautiful” I leant back on the bench as Calum rolled a condom onto his length. He sat on the bench and pulled me onto his lap, he rotated his cock around my entrance slowly edging in. I let out a gasp as I had never had a dick this big and pushed him all the way inside so our hips were connected. Calum’s hand stroked over our my hips and his left went to my as and his right hand rested on my cheek as he kissed me smiling. 

“I’ve never met such a sexy curvy woman” he moaned as his hips started to roll into mine. I blushed pecking his lips and bouncing on his dick. I looked down watching where our bodies were connecting and I kissed his sharp jawline, down to his neck. Both his hands were resting on my ass as I grinded into him. I sucked onto his neck and he let out a raspy moan. I licked over the spot watching the cherry red colour turn a deep purple, I sucked back onto it digging my teeth into his tender skin. 

He stood up pushing me onto the bench and held onto my hips grinding into me. I leant back as he separated my thighs, watching his dick slide into me. He moved his fingers to my clit and simutainously rubbed it whilst thrusting into me. My high was approaching and I felt my pussy clench around him. I came around him squeezing my eyes shut and covering my face, which were soon torn away from my face as Calum came inside the condom. He slid out of me and I scooted up watching him take off the condom and tie it up, putting it in the metal locker bin. He sat at the end of the bench and pulled me close to him so my legs were dangling over his, our crotches were touching and he pecked my nose. “Y/N your curves are so beautiful never let anyone bring you down, don’t cover yourself from anyone be proud to have these beautiful curves.”

“Thank you for everything Calum” I whispered stroking over his face. He just smiled contently, kissing me passionately and stroking over my thick thighs which now didn’t seem like such a bad thing. 

mmmm his sos eseyx. he has beautfiul bee stung lips and a beautiful skin copmlexion. I like his thick hair and sweet face. I want to lick his eyebrows. I do not like his nose. I like his beard and I want to kiss him as son as possible 

Dating Viktor Nikiforov includes...

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  • Tons of selfies any moment,any where and anytime. Including when his s/o is sleeping which he finds it cute. ✨
  • He is a cuddling mosnter, he is like a koala cuddling to his s/o since he wants to spend more affectionate time with his s/o.
  • Going to Russia mostly on December, and there him and his s/o would go to his favorite places,restaurants, etc. Also, mostly on the time being there always the two of you would have sex. 😏😏😏
  • If his s/o doesn’t know how to skate, he will teach them, and he always have a couple routine.
  • In every tournament, if his s/o is there he skates ten times better than anyone else, plus while skating he would look at her and send her a wink an: “I love you” 
  • If his s/o has a dog, he would have a date along with his dog and his s/o dog too. 
  • Viktor dates with his s/o is very simple, like skating of course abd also in fancy restaurants, going to the beach in the sunsets and enjoying their time. Even if it’s a movie date in the house, he would enjoy the small things with his s/o since he has a lot things to do.
  • If his s/o had a bad day he would tickle them to death until he sees their beautfiul smile of theirs and afterwards he would attack them with kisses.
  • In every anniversary, he would make it special like for example: One time he brings his s/o to Russia and go to Moscow and have a fancy dinner time at  a restaurant, afterwards go for a walk at The Apothecary Garden in Moscow. Then when they get to the apartment he will surprise them with fireworks, and finish it with making love. 7u7r

The Apothecary Garden in Moscow,Russia

  • When he feels that his s/o is the one he truly loves, he would protect them to death, and making them feel the happiest person a live, and loving them, supporting them in the good and bad times, and being royal to them, and being a good boyfriend to his s/o.

why the signs are dead inside
  • aries: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • taurus: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • gemini: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • cancer: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • leo: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • virgo: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • libra: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • scorpio: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • sagittarius: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • capricorn: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • aquarius: how cute suga was in the prologue video
  • pisces: how cute suga was in the prologue video
Imagine Request - Insecurities

can you do like an imagine where y/n is insecure (always has been from the past) and she doesn’t want to tell Justin because she doesn’t want to bother him and Justin knows she gets insecure from time to time so he assures her she’s beautfiul no matter what and just make it very cute (ps: sorry if you did this before idk if you did) love your imagines btw! :)

You felt your heart pang in your chest as you stared at yet another Instagram photo of Justin with a gorgeous model as you sat at home scrolling through your phone.

You trusted Justin with everything in you, but seeing what else was out there and seeing Justin with it, just proved that it would be so easy for him to up and leave you for something better.

You put your phone down on the table and sat in silence, feeling tears prick at your eyes for no reason. You knew Justin loved you, and you loved him. But seeing him with beautiful girls all fe time made your whole body go numb and fear run through you.

Hearing the front door open, you quickly wiped your eyes with your hands and sniffed a few times, not wanting Justin to be aware of anything.

“Hey, babe!” Justin shouted through the house before entering the living room.

“Hi.” You smiled at him as he sat down next to you, although, he didn’t return it. A concerned look took over his face.

“What’s wrong?” He caressed your thigh, running his hand up and down it softly.

“What? Nothing.” You chuckled at him, your heart beating in your chest.

“[Y/N].” He sighed, looking down, making you deflate. “Does this have anything to do with the Instagram photos?” He stared into you, waiting for an answer.

A few weeks ago, he caught you looking through the photos of him and a few different models on Instagram with tears in your eyes. Obviously, you brushed it off and he respected your persistence to let it go.

You nodded shamefully, looking down as you fumbled with your hands. “I’m sorry, but they’re just so beautiful and thin and I can’t compare to that, Justin.” You breathed out, feeling the tears come back.

“Are you serious?” He spoke sternly as he looked at you. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

“You can’t honestly tell me you don’t look at them and think of being with them.” You mumbled.

“No, [Y/N], I don’t. I could, I could leave you and go to them, I could walk out right now and not look back. But I don’t, you wanna know why? Because I wouldn’t be happy, that isn’t what I want.” He sighed, pulling his hand into yours.

“I want to be with you, not them. I want to be happy with you, not them. I think you’re so fucking perfect, they don’t compare to you. Your whole being is beautiful in itself, and don’t get me started on your body. You might be thick, but I love that. I love that you eat whatever you want, whenever you want. I love that you eat crap, yet your body doesn’t show it. You’re body is perfect.” He kissed your hand as he looked at you, almost looking as though he was pleading for you to believe him.

“Justin..” You sniffed as your heart melted.

“No, let me finish. You need to know. I think you’re so much more beautiful than those girls, you’re kindness and your heart are beautiful. You’re not just beautiful physically but mentally, you’re such a kindhearted person, [Y/N]. I love you for everything you are, not just for your looks. I want to be with you, not them.” He pulled you into him even more.

“Justin, I get it. I was being stupid.” You chuckled as you cried.

He wiped your eyes as his frown didn’t leave. “No, because I know you’ve been insecure for a while and I know a part of you is still going to get insecure. You don’t have to worry, princess. I don’t want anyone else, just you. Yeah, sometimes your ass can be annoying,” He chuckled while you blushed. “But I love you for it.”

“It’s you and me, and it’ll be you and me for years to come. I promise."He leaned over and pecked your cheek sweetly.

"I love you.” You whispered, not knowing what else to say.

“I love you too.” He wiped the tears from your face once again. “Promise you’ll talk to me when you feel this way, babe. I want to be here for you when you’re doubting things.” He pouted cutely.

“I will, thank you, Justin.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into you gratefully.

Roman, pls come assist your children. 

SERIOUSLY. Seriously. You know what, fuck you for being able to pull off a suit and still look like a grungy, hot mess of a man, YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME DEANFORD. 

… Okay so I have a little bit of a thing for bloody Dean, sue me. He seems content, therefore I am as well.

Look at this little cutie golfing, aw. I cannot honestly imagine this dork golfing, but instead driving the golf carts into random places. 

So soft, so cute, so yes.

*pew pew* 


Okay, but if this isn’t the cutest picture you have ever seen, then really, what is? Becuase okay, let’s just start with how sweet and pure and FUCKING BLUE HIS EYES ARE BECAUSE WOW OKAY, WHY DON’T WE JUST INSTALL LASERS IN THEM SO YOU CAN FINISH KILLING ME WITH THEM???? And okay, the little tongue sticking out? Wow, 12/10, please. AND HIS LITTLE THUMBS UP? WOW. And it’s raining, like imagine this giant dork in the rain??? HIS HAIR IS ALL WET AND LIKE KINDA CURLY AND HE’S GOT THE SCRUFFY AND I’M SORRY I’LL STOP NOW, I AM SORRY I AM, not really lmao.

…. Those black shorts are gonna kill me, wtf.


*me all the time, 24/7, about everything* 


Blurry but still WOW?????? 

Okay, I love wrapping hands and wrists, it’s so sexy??? 


>.> I mean, or I can just keep you? No? Okay. 



Back again with the black shorts

This just reminds me of Bugs Bunny saying “Put ‘em up, put ‘em up.” 

Renee took this photo, and I honestly LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH, WOW THEY ARE SO CUTE???? I know they aren’t together in the picture BUT WOW I SHIP THEM THEY ARE ADORABLE AND I HOPE THEY NEVER CHANGE. 

… Sweaty, shirtless Dean. Mama likely. 

Fluffy Dean

“Hey Shannon, why do you have so many pictures of Dean working out?” “I mean, I-” *FUCKING RUNS AWAY* 

I am trying to lip read here, and all I see is ‘What the table?’ 


This is like one of the Office moments.

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NOW SISSY THAT WALK. I’m sorry I have no control, I’ll make a real comment, hot dang like a summer choir, walk a little slower why don’t ya Deano? 

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I know I shouldn’t be attracted to him smoking, I’M SORRY MOM, I KNOW I’M A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT BUT THIS IS SO ATTRACTIVE TO ME, I DON’T????

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Okay wow, this wins. This wins everything. My heart. My life. Everything, I literally am speechless, I CANNOT THINK OF A PROPER SECNTENCE THIS IS TAKING SO MUCH CONCENTRATION BECAUSE HE IS ASO BEAUTFIUL???? 

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Look at these happy little goobers, I love them so much. Are they giggling over going over a speed bump? They’re literally the ccutest and will be the death of me

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More evidence that this is a huge dork, I REPEAT DEAN AMBROSE IS A HUGE DORK WHO DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD (and the WWE World Championship, amiright) 

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Listen, this is me about 98% of the time. Sometimes, they’re not drunken. 

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Any questions? No?? This post is made possible by the floofy Dean Ambrose fic my fav wrote @hardcorewwetrash (I suggest you all follow her 5ever, because everything she writes is the bomb.com) ALSO IT’S THIRST PARTY SATURDAY AND GUESS WHO I’M THIRSTY FOR, HAHAHAHAHA, everyone, the answer is everyone. 

Vampire! Michael

Words: 1.7k

Warning: Smut!

Summary: Y/N is a young Vampire and sister to Luke Hemmings who’s next in line for the vampire throne, Michael is one of Luke’s best friends and Y/N thinks she might liked Michael a bit more then she thought, recently you’d been more then just friends, you’d been fuck buddies.

Calum Ashton Luke

You were the sister of soon to be king, vampire Luke Hemmings. Being in the hemming’s family was stressful, you weren’t hunter family pursue you were rulers. You were surrounded by hunter vampires though. Lukes friends Calum and Michael were hunter’s, most of the time Michael would bring me the food, he treated me like a flower when he was around Luke, like I was to delicate to touch. But under the sheets he was more rough with me, you see for a while me and Michael have had a friends with benefits relationship. We both needed some fun and well, me and Michael has always gotten along so we thought it would be for the best.

Luke, his fiancee and there daughter, my niece, Ruby were talking to Ashton and his new girlfriend that I had briefly met earlier. Calum looked almost lost as he made his way into the dark forest. That left Michael and he was staring directly at me, he gave me a small smile and made his way over to me. 

“Hey beautiful” he smirked, I looked up at him and shook my head smiling. He always had this effect on me that makes me smile whenever he’s around. I looked over to where Luke was standing but he was no longer there. No other vampires were around they all seemed to have gone inside. 

“Hey” I said leaning up and kissing his lips. We both smiled into the kiss as his hands wrapped around my waist. He grabbed my hand, interlacing our fingers and detaching our lips running with me towards his bedroom in the castle. 

“Michael” I screamed laughing at his wild behaviour. We walked through the small castle and into Michael’s room. He lived in the castle with us and so did the Hood family, the Irwin’s lived in there own cottage as they wanted to be independent Vampires, not that I’m complaining, Michael was my favourite. Me and Michael were close, before this whole arrangement we were like best friends, recently we had gotten really close. Sneaking behind my brothers back was a regular thing to do as we did it most days, whether it be Michael taking me in the kitchen or him fucking me in the gardens. 

We made our way into Michael’s room, I expected him to push me up against the door, or even slam me against his dresser. But he didn’t he was looking into my eyes as he pushed my hair our of my face, his thumb trailed over my lips as he leant forward. His red lips, swiped against mine and he kissed my lips, trailing back over my jaw making sure to kiss every inch of it. He got to the end of my jaw and sucked over my sweet spot, making me moan and grab a hold of his shirt.

Usually he would have had all my clothes off by now and fucking me senseless. This was different he was taking his time with me, lightly kissing over my neck and his breathing was ever so heavy.

“Michael fuck me” I said, he just shook his head kissing over my ear.

“No” he whispered, I looked up at him as his lips trembled, grabbing the sides of my face. He pushed his lips to mine passionately, walking us back to his bed, I sat on the bed and shuffled up to the pillows, looking at him strangely. I took off my shirt as Michael did the same, we both threw them across the room. As Michael climbed over me. He sucked on my collar bones and over my boobs. He grinded into me his fangs slightly dug into my chest as he grinded. He reached his hands around my back, un-doing my bra. He slid it down my arms and threw my bra, he kissed around my nipple and flicking his tongue over it. His other hand came to my other nipple, pulling onto it and rolling it between his fingers.

“So perky” he moaned. He kissed down my body pulling off my leggings and stroking up my thighs. Michael licked over my covered pussy, making my panties see through. He latched his fangs onto the lace pulling them down. he licked a strip to my pussy but soon sat up.

“So breathtaking” he whispered, almost to himself.

Michael just sat there, looking at me at the end of the bed. His fingers were resting on my shins as his soft thumbs rubbed circles into them, he smiled to himself his eyes scanning over my body, he moved one of his hands over my stretch lines which he always called beautiful. I suddenly felt myself get agitated  at his staring.  “Michael” I said, he snapped out of his trance and smiled at me, climbing back over me. He kissed me as I stroked over his face. He grinded into me but turning me over so I was laying on him. I kissed down his pale chest, kissing over some of the scars and down to his lower abdomen. I undid his trouser’s, popping the button and zipping down the zip. I tugged them down revelling his pale white legs and grey boxers. I scratched my nails under his boxers and tugged them down, kissing over his dick. 

I turned my body around, placing my pussy above Michael’s face and my face was above his dick, which was slapped up against his tummy and leaking out pre-cum. I sucked on his tip, swallowing the small amount of pre-cum. Michael went straight to sucking on my clit flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud.

His tongue slid between my folds and sucked on my entrance. I bobbed my head on his dick jerking off the base of it, he however started to thrust his tongue into my hole swirling it around my walls. I moaned around his dick gagging as he hit the back of my throat. I hollowed my cheeks, placing my hands on my thighs and swallowing him. He sunk his fingers into me as I grinded on his face, he licked over my clit as his fingers pounded into me.

“You taste so good, Y/N” Michael moaned curling his fingers in me. I squeezed the base of his dick, tang my lips off him and smothering him with my pussy. I ran my finger over his visible vein and trailed behind with my tongue pressing down onto it. I jerked his dick, it being well and truly wet. I sat up and flung my leg over the side looking at Michael. I wiped his chin and kissed his lips climbing on him, I slid his dick in-between my wet folds and slid him deep inside my pussy.

“Fuck” I moaned as I felt him inside me, full to the brim. He pushed his hips up into mine as his dick moved in and out of me. I pushed my hands on his shoulders and started to bounce on him. He tried thrusting into me at the same time I was bouncing on his dick but just ended up pulling his legs up so his knees were keeping me upright and touching my back. I placed my elbows on his knees rolling my hips on his, I shut my eyes whilst doing so and tilting my head back in pleasure.

“Hey” Michael said grabbing my hips, I looked down at him, his eyes were a bright red and I knew mine were red too. He puckered up his lips and I laughed leaning down and laughing into his neck. I grinded not him smiling into his neck, I leant up and he was already looking at me, I kissed him slowly as his dick was thrusting into me. 

“God damn” I whispered against his lips. He laughed entering his tongue into my mouth and licking over my tongue and my fangs. I ran my fingers through his hair and he moved dick into me pounding at a rapid speed, his tip grazing against my g-spot making my legs tremble above him. To how we usually were, this was slow even though he was roughly pounding into me. 

“Mikey I’m going to cum” I said as he hit my g-spot over and over again. 

“Cum for me beautfiul” he smiled, I rolled my eyes at him reaching my high clamping my legs around his was it and squeezing my hand on his shoulders fuming all over his cock. I opened my eyes to see Michael yet again admiring me, I bounced cautiously on his dick as I was sensitive but I wanted Michael to come inside me. I rotated my hips watching Michael bite his lip, his grip was getting tighter as his hips were slowing down, I bounced faster on his dick watching Michaels mouth wide open. 

“C’mon Michael, come for me baby boy”

“Shit, fuck” He said throwing his head back.

I slowed down my bouncing as Michael came inside me. I let him breath for a second before I climbed off him, some of his cum running back down his dick. I climbed off the bed putting on one of his shirts and gathering up my clothes. This is how it always was, even know today felt different, I knew this is what had to happen. I turned round facing Michael and smiled, walking over to his door.

“Stay” he said standing up and walking over to me slowly, pulling on my wrist, making me drop all my clothes.

“I’m just your best friends sister, who occasionally likes a good fuck why would I stay?” I said, leaning down and garbing my clothes, but before I did Michael was already pushing them to one side and tilting my chin up.

“Because I love you Y/N, theres no denying that, you mean a lot to me” My heart fluttered as I smiled at him wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders. I interlaced my fingers through his hair and leant my face on his. 

“You mean it?” I whispered, slightly tearing up. He was so amazing, so passionate and I’d be lucky for him to love me even a little bit. 

“I love you so much Y/N” 

“I love you too Michael Clifford” He kissed me lightly, his smile going wide as he laughed hugging me closer to him. 

“How are we going to tell your brother?” He laughed

“Tell your brother what?” I head a voice say behind us. I grabbed a hold of Michaels hips shielding his nude body from Luke and looked up at Michael was was smiling down at me.

“That I’m completely in love with your sister” Michael said, with no shame whatsoever.

“You’re what?” He yelled.

This will be carried on in the Luke Vampire Smut ;)