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voltron crew and twitter
  • Shiro: Rarely tweets. If ever he does, he keeps it really short. Always greets his friends on their birthdays. Always ends tweets with "- Shiro" Once tweeted about stupid politics, but quickly deleted it.
  • Keith: Rarely tweets but ALWAYS replies to mentions. Bitches about Twitter character limits. Posts doodles of space and stars, tagged Shiro in it once and beamed when he got a like and a retweet. He posted more after that.
  • Lance: Twitter Famous. Very noisy and likes to chat way too much. Gets into twitter wars and LOVES it. He mentions Hunk way too much, causing Hunk to use twitter more. Uses way too many hearts and kisses. Retweets a lot.
  • Hunk: Only ever replies to Lance tbh. Posts a lot of what he cooks and bakes. Gives baking advices to people who ask and is always happy to give away his secret recipe. Once had to teach someone maths over tweets.
  • Pidge: Emoji master. People hardly get what she's trying to say, except Keith. Keith always knows, even if they're just a series of emojis. Accidentally posted codes she was supposed to use for hacking. Got reprimanded by Shiro.
Neighbours (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I love your writing! You’re so talented. Also can I request a Spider-Man where when they where young and peter had a crush on the reader, but they moved away, now they are back and like cute fluffy stuff? Please and thank you // by @littlesistersalvatore

A/N: I’m going to do a part 2(might even turn this into a series, I don’t really know, but I think this can be a nice start to something), so that’s why the ending is so open. Hope you enjoy nonetheless! I’m imagining Peter being 20-21, more or less, by the way!!

When Peter had been told by his aunt to introduce himself to the new neighbours, he had expected them to be an elderly couple. They had just moved into the house in front of his and his aunt had baked cookies for them, although she couldn’t introduce herself to them because she had to work and as she always said, ‘’cookies are supposed to be eaten when they have just been baked.’’
He didn’t know why he had expected them to be old -probably because everyone in his building was older than forty and the only person who was younger than that was a seven year old who hated him.
Now Peter was standing in front of the door, a plate full of cookies in one of his hands and ready to knock with the other. He knocked softly, not really eager to meet the people whom he would have to see everyday from thereon. Peter imagined the many scenarios that could happen -they could be rude and tell him to leave, they could be mad that Peter was bothering them, or they could simply not open the door to a stranger.
Just as Peter was about to leave, he heard footsteps walking around the apartment and tripping over things.
‘’I’m coming!’’ a voice yelled.
Peter was surprised -the person sounded like a girl, probably his age. He started growing more nervous by that fact -if he was already a mess with old people, he was even more of a mess with girls his age.
He didn’t know what to do -should he quickly turn around and leave the cookies at the doorstep, or should he man up and introduce himself properly?
He didn’t have time to decide(although he would most likely have chosen the first option, and he knew that). The door finally opened and it revealed a young girl, her hair up in a pony tail and an old oversized t-shirt covering most of her body.
‘’Peter?’’ the girl asked, her eyes wide open. ‘’Oh my God, I can’t believe it’s you!’’
Peter didn’t understand at first -why did that girl know him and why did she look so familiar. It was then when he realized -she was the girl he had been madly in love with for most of his life and who had moved away the day after he had finally built up the courage to kiss her.
‘’[Y/N]?’’ he softly asked.
The girl nodded and smiled, taking the cookies and putting them on an unpacked box, taking Peter’s hand as well and pulling him into the apartment.
‘’It’s been so long!’’ she exclaimed. ‘’Four years, right? Oh my God, this is so exciting. What are you doing with your life?’’
Peter didn’t know what to do. All the feelings he had took so long to bury four years ago had awoken and his heart was jumping in his chest.
‘’Uh, nothing exciting, I guess’’ he said.
‘’I can’t believe it’s you’’ she continued. ‘’I’ve missed you so much.’’
He laughed softly and looked at her, trying to decide his next move. She realized and walked to the kitchen, looking back at Peter for a moment.
‘’Do you want something to drink?’’ she asked him. ‘’I think we have lots to talk about.’’

Marichat May Day 27:Baking

I wasn’t really inspired :/

Marinette thought it was a cute idea to teach Chat how to bake. And he seemed eager to learn, so Marinette took advantage of her parents’ date night and took over the kitchen. As she came to realize, it wasn’t such an inspired idea. Saying the kitchen was a mess was a misunderstanding. It looked like a drunk tornado rolled around looking for food. There was flour, butter, whipped cream dirty plates, bowls and cooking tools broken eggs and so on. She will need a lucky charm to clean this mess. But the look on Chat’s face when he finished decorating the mini cakes was worth it. He looked so happy and proud that Marinette’s heart was making a happy dance because she managed to bring that huge smile on his face.

“I want you to be the one who tastes my first mini cakes, Princess!” Chat shoved the plate of strawberry and vanilla mini cakes in her face once he finished decorating them.

“Aright, Chaton.” she reached for the plate and grabbed one of them. They were messily decorated, but it wasn’t that bad for the first time. She took a bite.

And stopped mid chew. It was….. interesting. There was way too much cinnamon in it and the bottom tasted like it was slightly burned. And.. was it salty? Oh God, did Chat mix the sugar with salt b mistake? Yes, apparently he did. She looked at him, seeing how his smile was slowly vanishing and his ears fell. She started chewing fastly, swallowing it while trying to ignore the salty taste. She smiled at Chat.

“It was pretty damn good for a first try!” she announced and his smile reappeared immediately and he gasped in delight.

“You really think so?”

“Yes! Of course, there is always a place for better, but it is a solid beginning.”

The next thing Marinette knew was that she was pulled into a tight hug and spun in the air.

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to bake, Princess.“ he said once he put her back down and kissed her forehead.

“Anytime, mon minou.”

Got7 headcanons on their S/O being a good baker

Requested by; @mikapeanut

BTS version; x

Hello❤🌼 can I ask for Got7 or BTS headcanons when their s/o is a really good baker?:3


  • LOVES it when you bake for him
  • will join you from time to time
  • “this is so good; you should start a bakery”
  • surprises you with baking stuff
  • enjoys just watching you bake


  • always joins you whenever he’s around
  • “you’re the best baker I’ve ever met”
  • wipes flour off your face
  • lets you decorate
  • feels proud when you’re happily baking


  • wants to do the decorating
  • brings the baked things to practice
  • backhugging you while you’re baking
  • “look at you, absolutely making the best things every”
  • eats the batter; even while knowing it’s bad for you


  • “I’m the taste-approver, let me taste!”
  • eye-whiskers when he watches you bake
  • runs off with one of the baked goods
  • ‘accidentally’ spills flour on you
  • ends up actually spilling things


  • LOVES baking with you
  • always singing while baking
  • giggling and laughing the entire time through
  • extremely happy to spend time with you
  • “I bet even Coco would so want to eat this!”


  • wants to decorate all the time
  • messing around!!
  • “though I already opened a food business; you should open one!”
  • can never wait to eat the goods
  • doesn’t know how but always ends up dirty


  • dancing around whenever he can
  • gets told off because he’ll do something wrong
  • sits on the counter to watch you bake
  • “you’re amazing and cute while you bake; baking pro!”
  • tastes the decoration before you put it on

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Can we do the boy's reactions to noodle coming out as gay?

(I love this. I’m so excited)

2D- he’d immediately go online to amazon or something and order SO MUCH PRIDE STUFF. A couple days after Noodle comes out he surprises her with it and seeing her reaction would make him so warm and bubbly inside.

MURDOC- I know it’s kind of boring but I strongly believe he’d smile, get up, put out his cigarette, and say “we’re in the same boat honey,” (because he’s bi cough) then walk away. Later before she goes to bed he pulls her aside and tells her how much it means to him that she decided to come out. He had never been that brave before.

RUSSEL- HED CRY. Then he’d bake her a funfetti cake and take her to pride with all of the pride stuff 2D got her and they’d have so much fun. He’d treat all of her girlfriends the same as any dude she’s ever dated, with a glare and a pull aside with the classic “if you ever hurt her I’ll make your life hell”

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can Alex bake?

Only French desserts and shit.
He learned how to at a young age because his mom did a LOT of baking.
He has a whole little box of index cards with his moms recipes on em.
Erin sometimes asks if she can make them, and he’s all “yES PLEASE”

lil usnavi is a very good helper 

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Do u think bitty goes all out for pie day?

all i’m thinking of is bitty seeing that it’s pie day on twitter and being like “oh did y’all know it’s pie day?” and resident nerds dex, rans, chowder, and holster all being like “uh well yeah it’s 3-14,” and bitty just being like “you all memorized the date of pie day?” and all of them collectively slamming their heads in their math books bc “HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT PI IS BITS?”

Well, I didn’t see anyone else doing it, so I had to make a GIF of my favorite part of that rehearsal video. All these burly pirates dancing around with swords and then we have this:

Colin “Causing Very Orderly Disorder Over Here” O’Donoghue, everybody.

Y’know, I’ve been wanting the show to have Lars be a baker ever since I saw his voice actor on Cupcake Wars! I’m so glad they ended up doing it, too, ‘cause it’s a very endearing quality for him. Something he’s passionate about and good at, but shy and embarrassed about (I think it could be a good outlet for him if he could let himself enjoy it)

It’s sweet that Sadie already knows about his baking, and apparently convinced him to have Steven try out his cake. Means he baked for Sadie before. It’s also cute that he keeps a book of recipes under his mattress.

Also! Really really cool that this kind of confirms that Lars is Filipino! Since ube rolls are from the Philippine’s and Lars refers to it as his family’s cake. I remember a lot of folks theorized about that before so it’s really cool that they’ve confirmed it.

The Cool Kids are so sweet? Like, the set up this potluck for fun, then invite Steven, Lars, and Sadie. And they really don’t even know Sadie at all, but they weren’t going to leave her out. And they didn’t judge Lars for acting like a nervous dork, they thought his whole “Bingo, Bongo” thing was really cool. And they were very excited Sadie brought plates. And then have an impromptu jam session with someone they only just officially met that day. Just, very sweet and cute kids.

It’s hilarious to me that Buck brought assorted fruit but it’s just whole fruit, not cut up or anything, that can’t be eaten whole like that. It’s like he just got fancy fruit and was like “I don’t know what to do with this.”

Also, Buck was wearing the Guitar Dad shirt!

Anyways! Very cute episode.

what the pd101 maknae line looks like

Jinyoung - looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you

Daehwi - looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll

Samuel - looks like he can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll

Euiwoong - looks like a shiny cinnamon roll

Seonho - looks like he could kill himself by eating too many cinnamon rolls

Justin - looks like he could bake cinnamon rolls and burn them

Woojin - looks like he could kill daniel by feeding him too many cinnamon rolls

Guanlin - doesn’t look like anything

Gift AU Idea

The thing about the Gift, is that you never quite know what you are going to get, and what it’s going to cost. 

It sometimes cost a lot, and early - for such little payback that it hardly seemed worth it. It sometimes cost nothing anyone could ever know - and changed a whole life. Sometimes it was a gift at birth, and sometimes a curse before death, but it always happened. 

When Jack Zimmerman was born, his parents were beyond thrilled. He was a weird looking baby, but my god, they loved him more than they ever thought would be possible. That first night, at midnight, a light filled up the dark room and formed a fae shape, indistinct but instantly recognisable. 

“I will take his first last breath.” The solid light said, before fading completely. Bob, who had his ability to grow a beard taken as payment for his ability to always land a solid punch, and Alicia (who lost all her memories before she was 4 so that her smile could light up a room) looked at each other and blinked. 

Because what the hell did that mean? 


When the light filled the hospital room where one Eric Richard Bittle lay sleeping, both his parents were wide awake and trembling. Susan lost her ability to read at 19, and Coach lost his own name three weeks after his 4th birthday, and both knew the sting of a ‘gift’ that never really lived up to the price they paid. Neither of them wanted their darling baby to suffer - to lose anything. They wanted to give him the world. Coach glared at the light while Susan hid her face in her hands. 

“That’s my son and I swear to all that is good in this world if you hurt him, if you hurt my boy-” his voice broke at the end. He’d paid a high price for his gift, lost his name and gained only the ability to write with both hands. Susan had it worse - she remembered words, her love of books, the simple skill of reading labels or instructions - gone now… all for the knowledge of when it was best to pick the ripest fruit. 

And god, he feared for his boy. 

“I will take his joyous childhood.”

And Coach found out that it was impossible to punch a living light.


Sometimes you met people who had the same gift, or paid the same price. Shitty lost his name, just like Coach, and Bitty was pretty sure thats why he trusted the mustachioed man so much. His gift was never feeling cold. Ransom lost his birthmark and Holster lost his first love - and gained each other, a soul bond so strong that sometimes it was difficult for them to tell who was feeling what. Lardo swapped her appendix for the ability to see in the dark, Nursey lost his spatial awareness for his love of words and Dex lost his calm. Dex wasn’t quite sure what he got, which wasn’t all that uncommon because really… in a world where your sense of smell can be traded for the ability to flip a pancake… sometimes it just wasn’t easy to work out what your gift was. 

Chowder lost his baby teeth for his joy of life, Johnson his ability to tell the time for some weird alternative universe only he could see. 

Jack lost his first last breath on the bathroom floor of a nondescript hotel room for a second chance - Bitty lost his carefree childhood with every taunt and shove as he grew up. 

Bitty figured that the price was okay. He could make the best pies anyone had ever tasted. 

Sometimes Jack wondered if it was worth it. 

And of course, sometimes… you got it wrong. 


Bitty always knew his childhood was going to suck. His mamma and Coach did their level best to make sure that home was safe and secure, but it didn’t stop the nightmares at night, the fear of monsters under the bed or the sheer god-awful time at school. The only time he was ever at ease was in the kitchen, where his mamma taught him to bake using her own way of things, never needing to measure, never relying on a recipe she couldn’t read. So, Bitty, and his parents, always just assumed that he was going through hell as a kid, so he could bake. 

Coach hated it. Coach hated a lot of things, but seeing his son scared and frightened one too many times had taken its toll on the man. They moved three weeks after the supply closet incident. 

All for the sake of some stupid pies, his son suffered. 

He never did eat a single one. 


It wasn’t until Bitty got to Samwell that his actual gift turned up…

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So like it's pretty cool how humans figured out how to bake. Like we made edible chemistry, we like mixed all of theese reactions together to make a delicious cake. Imagine an alien seeing this for the first time.

Oh my goodness!! My first prompt! Thank you!

Hruk’ib didn’t understand why everyone was so concerned about the humans. For the most part, they were polite and friendly, they followed the orders of their superiors, and they didn’t hesitate when it came to tossing protocol out the airlock in dire times. Hruk’ib respected them and had known from Day One that these members of their crew were not just allies but assets.

So it was that when Hruk’ib smelled strange smells coming from the food preparation bay, he wasn’t too upset; a couple of the humans - Konani and Frederik - loved to work with food and did so regularly. Still, curiosity drove him to enter the bay, and it was when he entered, the doors’ hydraulics hissing open and then closed, that he sensed the excess heat.


He froze where he stood, every instinct of his species urging him to flee yet conflicting with the ingrained training of the fleet to make sure his crewmates were safe and away and not near fire! He couldn’t see it, there was no smoke, but he felt it – hot enough to reduce flesh to nothing more than charred ashes.

“Oh, hey, Hruk’ib!”

Hruk’ib’s head snapped around to find the two humans hovering around one of the many stovetops. In his peripherals, however (and it was a miracle in the first place that he noticed at all), he spotted the most unholy mess: white dust coating a prep table, glob-like splatters of what looked like sticky excrement in bowls and dripping onto the tabletop, and at least four or five of what looked like some kind of metal mesh trays on various nearby counters. The trays bore small, round objects that appeared solid and gave off a most enticing scent.

Then his eyes drifted back to the humans who stood uncertainly. Konani had heavy, cloth gloves on her hands and held a long, thin tray. Her brown eyes flicked from him to Frederik beside her and back again. “Um, this batch has to cool but if you want a cookie, there are some fresh ones, uh, everywhere.” She gestured with her elbow to the counters.

The humans were calm. Why were they calm in the face of fire? They weren’t that stupid. They were determinedly foolhardy at times, especially when ethanol was involved, but even humans got worried when fire threatened.

Hruk’ib forced himself to take a deep breath. The heat rushed down his throat and into his lungs – no ash, no smoke, just heat. It was a different heat, similar to when they passed too close to a star and the very ship felt like an… an oven.

The oven was not designed to give off this much heat!

“What is it that you are doing?” he asked, trying to calm down.

Konani busied herself with the…cookies, leaving Frederik to explain. “Ve are baking,” he said. “Ve asked Yensen to tveak ze oven settings because zey vere too low for baking cookies.”

“We asked permission first,” Konani added. “Captain K’alo said we could but only if we did it to one. We made a notice and everything so other crew won’t accidentally set fire to their food.”

Frederik stepped out of the way and Hruk’ib spotted the massive note tacked to the wall above the stove in question. The bright red sign was impossible to miss and the white letters were clear in both Earth’s English, as well as Hruk’ib’s native language of Jubri.

Hruk’ib nodded his head in the humans’ agreement signal. “Very well. I was afraid you had set the room on fire. We usually do not encounter this kind of heat outside of the engine cores,” he explained.

“Ah,” said Konani. “That makes sense.”

“Ve apologise for startling you, Hruk’ib,” Frederik added, pressing his palms together.

Hruk’ib smiled at the human displaying the sign for formal apology among his species. He lifted his left hand, palm turning inward and then upward to accept it, and Frederik smiled in turn.

With her hands still full, Konani simply inclined her head to him, also apologising.

“What is baking?” Hruk’ib asked.

“In a word, chemistry.” Shedding the gloves, Konani faced him fully, leaning against the counter. “It’s different from cooking because the ingredients in baking react to the heat and, if you get the recipe right, work together to create something else. It’s not like we’re roasting meat where we have to cook it to eat it safely. You can eat an unbaked cookie without much threat.”

“Alzough, zere are many people who zink you can get salmonella - zat is food poisoning - from eating ze dough because of ze raw eggs,” Frederik put in.

“Oh,” said Hruk’ib. “Then, you are conducting a chemical experiment.”

“In essence, yes. Want one?” Konani held a mesh tray out to him.

Now Hruk’ib drifted forward, purposefully ignoring the mess, and bee-lined for the tantalising aroma wafting from these strange, dark-brown discs.

“They’re a friend’s recipe,” Konani explained. “She made sure I had enough cocoa powder to last me ten solar cycles, though I’m not sure I’ll use it all.”

Hruk’ib chuckled, sensing the humour, and picked up a cookie. It was still warm between his appendages. It was solid yet somehow soft, almost moist… He flicked his tongue out, sampling, and was rewarded with a burst of flavour. He took a bite. Barely hard on the outside, it was luxuriously soft on the inside. He had never eaten one of these things in his entire life and yet something about eating it and the smell of it reminded him of home, of blankets and coziness and something that was better than camaraderie: family.

Science. This rapturous product was one of science. May the humans and their ingenuity never die out.

Hruk’ib licked his fingers before turning to the two humans who watched him with mixed expressions of humour and curiosity. “May I have another, please?” he asked.

Konani grinned while Frederik laughed.

“Of course!” she answered while Frederik continued to chortle. “But it is a universally acknowledged truth that a glass of cold milk always accompanies the eating of cookies.”

Hruk’ib took the glass Frederik gave him, interchangeably eating and drinking. Milk and cookies, together: a universally acknowledged truth, indeed.