he's back :')


My spirit animal, Shinichiro Watanabe (creator of Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Champloo/Space Dandy) cleansing me with his great, careful lighting & art direction of his lead, African American protagonist from his brilliant and dark anime short : “Blade Runner - Black Out 2022.” A bit shocked no one is talking about this. Then again, Watanabe has always showcased a social imagination with the diverse casting/cultures in his Japanese productions✨💯👌🏾


Can we just for a second realise that we could be seeing pennywise much quicker than 2019? This is a new show that J.J Abrams and Stephen King are collaborating on that will include characters from a the majority of his books. Not only is Bill confirmed to be in the series, pennywise is a character mentioned in the trailer. I don’t know about you guys but I’m super stoked for this! Maybe they’ll have the losers club in an episode too!