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arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

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Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
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Classic Rock Fandom Problem #1359:

1. They’re all old

2. Some have sons but who wants the knockoff when the originals still alive.

3. Some are dead in this case we’ll prob settle for the knockoff or go for another band member who happens to conveniently be alive

4. They sin. We sin. Shit happens.

5. They can die any minute now and when we find out we’ll feel lifeless for a year or two…or forever who knows

6. We need help

7. Asap


To me, who was lowly born, she was the sun….” - Guren about Mahiru Maria -
Happy birthday to my sweetest Maria! ♥ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧


Who needs footwork when you’re Hercule Poirot? ;)

rollerskatinglizard  asked:

Pick a Burner, any Burner; shirtless and distracted, maybe working on something? Like their car?

the first rule of fight club is that Texas is the best at fight club


Fellas, especially black men: imma break down how the importance of your womans emotional, physical & financial needs contributes to your success in this post..

He doesn’t come from the best, barely knows his dad, & the relationship they do have is rude & disrespectful on his fathers part. His mom was just living with his aunt, working multiple jobs with a 9yr old, smokes & drinks but she’s awesome.

He’s out here alone, learning for himself, doing for himself & in the 8 years i’ve been back & forth with him, today, November 21st, 2016 i’ve seen so much growth. So much more of a sense of responsibility. Went from being a homeless dropout to having his own spot, & saving $3000 for a new one & to get back in school all while paying rent & spoiling me. Went from not being able to find a job because of his record of being falsely accused of crimes, Selling drugs, etc to serving bringing home no less than $100 a day. I used to give him bus money to look for jobs, now he gives me any & everything I ask for, including random gifts.

He respects my space & alone time. & In these pictures above I went all out for his birthday & he wouldn’t even let me pay for everything. Just recently a ‘just because’ surprise dinner, & 2K17 gold edition because he’s saved 3k all on his own while tending to his responsibilities. With me or not, that’s a huge accomplishment & I wanted him to feel as appreciated as he makes me feel.

Me & him do not come from a good place. But I love this, still learning, generous, intelligent black man. It’s almost been 10 years & i’m not more excited to see anyone else. & i’m gonna love him, make him feel like a part of my family if he feels like he doesn’t have his own, & continue to celebrate these successes as long as my needs are met. Fellas, we want to do these things. Just listen, be there for us & give us a reason..

87% of Facebook/Twitter right now: I’m not against gay rights, but you can’t just give Captain America a boyfriend. He is a heterosexual™, has had nothing but female love interests, and giving a straight man a boyfriend makes him homosexual. Stop twisting existing characters to fit your gay agenda and make your own!

Me, a bisexual: 


Title: “Jay”

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Summary: Jensen meets the reader at a coffee shop

Word Count: 700

Warnings: None

A/N: Written for Kari’s 5 K Celebration. Aesthetic made by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing … hope you guys like it

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I’m Cole. I came to warn you. To help. People are coming to hurt you. You probably already know.


Sketches! Sugawara, Kuroo and Nekoma   (^= ˃ᆺ˂)

I guess Kuroo received the lollipop from the nurse >w<

Ok but think about Ahsoka picking up a snake on a certain planet, knowing that it was harmless and she shows it to Cody like, ‘Look at this lil cutie!’ and Cody just, ‘That is very fascinating, Commander Tano.’ and smirks under his helmet because Ahsoka is a cute lil scamp and the snake is pretty cute too just chillin on her arm like :3 

Then Rex comes up behind Ahsoka, preoccupied with something, Ahsoka turns around and it basically goes like this:

“Commander, General SkywalkaaaAAAAAAHHH WHAT IS THAT??!?!” 

and Ahsoka absolutely doesn’t get why Rex is so freaked and Cody is very thankful that their helmets are soundproof with the comms turned off because hes just laughing as he watches Rex beat a hasty retreat and Ahsoka chase him like, ‘Rex, come back , you hurt its feelings!’

Tranquil Mini PMV

My entry for @knittinggiantbeanies and @chongoblog ‘s #JoinTheMasquerade contest! This was super fun to make, and I love this song!! I can’t wait to hear the full album!!

(Also everyone should go check out the full song!!)

I love how flippin’ cool my starbound character looks

LOL. Sweden is socially akward and has problems to communicate. But he is not controlling at all. He has the right to feel bad if Finland says something like that.

I went to that page and i found this:

It makes me so angry tbh.

a) Finland hates Russia so i don’t think he was happier with Russia.

b) Sweden has never shown to be controlling. Everything he has done while Finland was still living with him was trying to make him happy. Yeah, maybe there were stuff that are little bit off, but again. Sweden is socially incompetent and really struggles when he is around with other people.

d) He doesn’t intimidate other people on purpose. He doesn’t even realizes that he does.

e) He is an awesome dad. Here’s a proof:

Sealand looks so happy. If Sweden was so terrifying, Sealand wouldn’t be laughing.

Sweden is a cinnamon roll and not a control freak. He deserves love and comprehension.


Sorry for ranting, lol.


#i’ve lived a good life #but sorry friends this was it (part 2)



He doesn’t know what he is.

His powers didn’t come with any instructions or any answers. It had been an accident. A mistake. And now he is here but…

He has spent years not knowing what he is.

All this time and he still doesn’t even know if he’s dead or alive. Or both. Or neither.

He is still a teenager, he thinks. With classes and chores. With nagging parents and bullies waiting for him in the hallway between periods.

But can he really believe that when he blasts ghosts with ectoplasmic energy built up around his hands and destroys city blocks with the ensuing chaos?

When he flies around Amity Park, he doesn’t need to breathe and no matter how desperately he looks for one, he cannot find a pulse.

His rings transform him back to a living breathing boy again, blood pumping gently, insistently, from his chest. But if he lets the light wash over him again, he is cold and powerful, with energy thrumming in his core.


… the other.

Human. Ghost.

Dead? Alive?

He doesn’t know anymore, what this makes him. He bleeds both red and green.

He is a ghost with a curfew. A student who can walk through walls.

Spectra asked him once what he was and he didn’t have an answer. A ghost trying to fit in with humans? Or a creepy little boy with creepy little powers?

Both, he had said then. Neither, he corrected. Then, I don’t know.

He still doesn’t know. Half of one thing and half of another but not really anything himself. Frostbite had called him a child of two worlds, but he wonders if he belongs to either, really. If he can ever belong to one again.

It’s hard to believe it when on one hand he is hunted down by his own parents and an overzealous ex-girlfriend, and on the other, half of the ghosts in the Ghost Zone seemed to make it their personal mission to escape out into the human world just to make his life a living nightmare.

He fights ghosts. But he is one. He protects humans, but they hate him for it.

There are only three people in the world who accept both of his halves, like him for… whatever it is he is.

Jazz covers for him when she can, eases his life at home, and stops to tell him how proud she is of what he is doing. Sam patches him up, stitching wounds in his side as she is always quick to assure him that his powers are good and make him unique. Tucker keeps him sane, keeps him grounded, and says not to worry because whatever Danny is, he’s still Danny, and that’s enough.

He tries to believe that. Really, he does. But it’s just so hard. Jazz would have a field day with the things that went through his brain, because even now, years later, he still waffles between both sides, staring at his hands with glowing green eyes as he tries to understand who he is.

What he is.

He is tired and hungry, bruised and upset. He is bleeding and he is exhausted and he cries when it gets to be too much.

He keeps getting knocked down, driven into the pavement. But he gets back up on his feet every time.

After he fails his math tests, he watches movies with his friends, and stares at the stars that he will never have a chance to study. When his parents shoot him, he escapes back to his room and spends dinner complimenting his mom’s cooking (if it isn’t trying to eat him) and laughs at his dad’s lame jokes.

Dash beats him up, Paulina calls him a loser, and Valerie avoids his eyes. But he saves them all, time and time again.

He’s terrified of still turning evil and destroying the world with the awful rage he knows is inside him. But he blushes when he brushes up against Sam’s hand as they walk home.

And maybe that means that Tucker is right. Because it just proves that there’s still some part of him that’s human.

Even if it doesn’t beat, he still has a heart.