he's an observer

Do you wanna be a Serpent?

She was beautiful. The kind of beautiful you have to look twice at just to make sure it’s real, the kind of beautiful you see plastered in teen magazines. But she was also the kind of beautiful that was kept hidden away, locked up behind ponytails and pastels.

She had absolutely no idea how beautiful she was and it was clear in the way she looked down while she walked, the way her shoulders would slump every time she was around another girl, the way her nose would scrunch up when her raven haired best friend would tell her she looked pretty.

But she was beautiful, there was no denying it. Everyone could see it, especially heir to the Serpent throne, Jughead Jones.

It had been three weeks since Southside High had merged with Riverdale High and the divide was still as clear as ever, the scantily clad Southsiders had taken over half of the cafeteria while the townies kept ground outside by the picnic benches. Some NorthSiders however, chose to stay in the middle, constantly floating between acceptance and the uncomfortable twist of the unknown. Betty Cooper and her group of friends were definitely part of that floating section.

He had been taken with her right away, from her perfectly tightened ponytail to the sunshine yellow cardigan she had been wearing when she welcomed them to Riverdale High, a smile so big he was afraid her cheeks might split. Everything about her screamed fake, she was too put together, too perfect, but.. she wasn’t, she wasn’t fake at all, she genuinely accepted the Southside, she wanted to help, make it better. After only a few minutes he could tell that there was so much more to the cheerleader in front of him then Prom committee and ribbons in her hair.

He thought about her, her tiny shoulders wrapped in his leather jacket, her arms wrapped around his waist as she rode onthe back of his motorcycle. She could be the serpent queen, no one would disrespect her, not if they knew what was good for them. He had imagined it so clearly, it was in his head now, always there and burned into his thoughts.

He shared nearly every class with her and she was by far the brightest student he had ever seen, determined, ambitious, dedicated. And she was handy, he had seen the way she worked in shop class, hands buried deep in the engine of some beat up camaro as her partner Reggie handed her parts and peered over her shoulder. She was an anomaly, a challenge in the sense that he never knew what to expect, and he loved it, thrived on it. Maybe it was creepy, strange that he was constantly watching her, observing, but that wasn’t going to make him stop. He wasn’t bothering her, he never planned on saying a word to her, blissful ignorance, but that didn’t last very long at all.

He had been minding his own business, trying to figure out how to open the high tech locker that wasn’t busted and didn’t have a collection of safety pins as it’s lock when he saw it. Saw her… saw him.

Malachi, Leader of the ghoulies, leaning up against the locker next to none other than Betty Cooper, the longer haired boy leering at the beautiful blonde in her tiny cheerleading uniform. She was looking up at him under her eyelashes as the leopard wearing boy grinned. Jughead was there in seconds flat standing just a few lockers away.

“I figure you’d like a taste of the wild side, I could give you a ride. You like taking rides?” His eyes trailed up and down her body as she took a step back.

“No, no I don’t. Thank you for the offer though.” She went to walk away but was stopped by his hand on her arm, a collection of expensive rings digging into the soft skin of her forearm.

Jughead slammed his hand on the locker behind him causing both the students to snap their attention towards the beanie wearing boy making his way towards them.

“She said no.” He growled, gently pushing Betty behind him as he stood between the two, his eyes locked on his rivals, an intense stare down taking place.

“She ain’t your bitch to speak for.” Malachi smirked, his fists clenched.

Jughead opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off when the tiny blonde shoved him aside

“excuse me? Did you just call me a bitch? Have you lost your mind?! In what planet does that work? Have you ever gotten a respectable partner by calling them a bitch? You’re a disgrace, a disappointment to the entire male race. I don’t know what school you think you’re in but this is Riverdale High, this is my school and if you call me a bitch again I will send a swarm of angry football players and hormonal cheerleaders right in your direction. Learn how to speak to humans before trying to strike up a conversation.” Betty flipped her ponytail, grabbing a shocked and grinning Jughead by the hand and tugging him down the hallway, she turned around one final time “and by the way? I would much rather be a Serpents girl than a Ghoulies girl, what kind of a gang name is that?”

Jughead held it in as long as possible finally releasing the laugh he had been holding in when Betty locked the door to some small office with old computers and books strewn everywhere. He gripped the corner of a desk as tears gathered in the corner of his eyes

“A disgrace to the male population” he choked out over a laugh, his eyes finding Betty as she smiled proudly from her space perched against her work desk.

“Well it’s true! He’s a pompous ass and we already have enough of those in Riverdale.” She defended, waiting for his laughter to die down. After a few seconds Jughead straightened himself out, the smile still a ghost on his lips

“I’m Jughead Jones and that was impressive, I’ve never seen a girl talk to Malachi like that, I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl turn down Malachi.” The leather clad teen stuck his hand out, jumping back a bit when her soft palm connecting with his rough calloused one sent jolts down his spine.

“I’m Betty Cooper and I’m not afraid of him. Besides he’s not quite my type.” By the way she was staring down at their joined Jughead could tell she must have felt the electricity too.

“Good. You don’t have to be.” He continued “I’m not letting him near you again, that guys a creep.”

Betty giggled

“Is this some Serpent versus Ghoulie thing? Are you trying to see how many north side girls you can get on your side?” The cheerleader teased, a hint of sincerity in her tone.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Jughead spoke

“Nah, not Northside girls. Just one girl.” His eyes found hers and for a moment blue met green and the clash of colors seemed to blend so perfectly.

A knock on the door broke them out of their moment, it was a redheaded boy who was waving his hand at Betty.

“That’s Archie.” She giggled “I’m fixing his car for the third time this week and he has a hot date with Veronica tonight, I shouldn’t keep him waiting, he’s insufferable when he’s impatient.” She rolled her eyes playfully, her hand was on the door handle when Jughead spoke

“You meant what you said about rather being a Serpents girl?” He questioned boldly, his eyes locking on hers, it wasn’t a question it seemed to be a…….


Betty grinned, dimples poking through her cheeks

“Anytime, anywhere.”

serirei au where Seri is a nurse in the hospital where Reigen had been admitted because he just had the most ridiculous accident you could think about


Introducing…  Nile Vodnik

@socialbunnies‘s creation!

Aspiration: Soulmate 
Traits: Alluring, Squeamish, Gloomy, Music Lover 

Nile hasn’t really figured out how to connect to other sims. Like Scarlett observed, he’s better with plants. Nile moved to the island with Jasper, and has lived there in solace for a few years. When Jasper is away, Nile enjoy his time in the garden, wood working, and painting. He’s not 100% sure what to make of Scarlett- but there’s something about her that he admires and enjoys.

Thank you, Kit! He is a sweetie, and I’m really excited to see how this generation progresses :)

More to come later ;)


*Warning: morbid*

He observed the woman in the tub. She was wearing an exquisite, pink gown that floated up around her like rose petals.The water was dark with blood. Crimson drops splattered the wall, and more dripped down her procelain skin. He smiled. Her last gift to him was such a pretty death scene. She always had been quite the artist.

My Unicorn Baby

“you’re really pale” “why aren’t you eating” “when was the last time you slept” and “you look like shit”

“Amelia, you okay?” Owen asked as he ran up from behind her. “Yeah, I’m good. Are you?” Amelia rhetorically asked. Owen ignored her question and let his face crumple in concern. “You’re really pale,” he observed.

“I’m always really pale, Owen,” she replied. Owen knew that, however this time her face was really pale. “When was the last time you slept?” He asked, noticing the dark circles under her eyes. “Last night?” She answered, but it came out as a question. 

Owen studied her face for a few more minutes, then decided to let it go. “Okay,” he smiled, “Let me know if you need anything.”

Amelia gave a soft smile in return and began to walk towards the cafeteria. There, she found Maggie, Meredith, and April sitting at a table. Amelia sat in the only empty chair, falling into her seat and letting go of the breath she had been holding. “Hey,” Maggie said, “You okay?”

“Yes! I’m fine. Why the hell is everyone asking me that?” Amelia asked, sitting up. “Because you look like shit,” Meredith said. “Meredith!” Maggie scolded.

“Wow. Okay,” Amelia laughed. “Why aren’t you eating?” Meredith observed. “I’m not hungry,” Amelia replied. Meredith studied Amelia for a few seconds, then looked back to Maggie.

April and Amelia sat at the table and watched as Maggie and Meredith started a conversation amongst themselves. 

“Are you really okay?” April whispered. Amelia felt as if her head was going to explode if she had to hear that question one more time. “It’s my son’s sixth birthday,” she whispered back. “Your son?” April asked. 

“My unicorn baby,” Amelia said. She could feel the tears begin to form in her eyes.

April’s face instantly turned blank, remembering when Amelia talked about her baby in the bathroom a year ago. April didn’t say anything, because she knew there was nothing to say. She just simply placed her hand on top of Amelia’s as the two watched Maggie and Meredith talk about their day.

Coeur du soleil 

by messofgorgeouschaos (47k)

Published : 2017-09-17

After assuming the throne when the Cardinal dies, Louis becomes King of France in 1661. He thinks he has everything under control and is determined to prove himself the leader he knows France needs, but his plans are quickly thrown aside once he meets a curly haired English Ambassador.

Harry’s only job was to observe the King, and he ends up observing a little closer than expected. Featuring Captain Payne of the Royal Musketeers, Ambassador Malik from the Ottoman Empire, and Lord Horan from Ireland.

Explicit, Chaptered

bnha date headcannons 

I’ve gotten back into BNHA and into writing in general so here are some cute lil date ideas that were floating in my noggin for a while.

midoriya izuku 

  • he’s not the best at initiating romance and entertaining on his own but this guy is determined to put your enjoyment first. you couldn’t care less but seeing the passion in his eyes makes you glad he doesn’t/ 
  • but deku is resourceful and uses the environment around him to his advantage, even in his affectionate escapades. so having any distractions for both of you to enjoy together is the best option. 
  • Plus he loves observing your face light up with happiness or a blush. It gives him all the reasons why he would do anything for you in the first place. 

final verdict: having fun at an amusement park / examining exhibits in an museum 

bakugou katsuki 

  • he only asks you on a date if it is completely definite. he hates being stood up and abandoned, so it would take a long time to accept your apology. 
  • baku has the need to have an arm around you most of time. he reasons that he doesn’t want you to get lost or to show the everybody that you’re his, but he really just enjoys your comfort. 
  • he wants to be with you in a private setting. no one is allowed to see him lovey dovey except you. 
  • while spending time with his beloved, his angry demeanor cracks a bit under emotion, letting out a small genuine smile every once in a while. 

final verdict: competing against each other in laser tag / going to the cinema

todoroki shouto 

  • he won’t argue with whatever destination, you pick but he would much prefer somewhere tranquil and away from large crowds. todoroki wants them to be meaningful in some sense, so no distractions. 
  • he doesn’t expect long conversations in lapses of silence. just enjoying the solitude between you two while holding hands is enough. 
  • todoroki occasionally gets you a little something at the end of each date to commemorate it. 
  • overall, he’s a pretty simple guy to please, as long all of its from the heart. 

final verdict: bookstore / cafe / walk in the park 

if you guys want more, my inbox is open for the time being :)))

shivermepickles  asked:

The Bridge by TheDyingSun was so amazing I am reccing the SHIT outta it

This one is really beautiful. Thanks for the rec - Christie

The Bridge by TheDyingSun (1/1 | 1,687 | Teen)

“Nothing ever changes,” Tyler observes. He asks again: “why do we keep going back?”

“To learn,” Josh recites.

an unexpected surprise

[ college!jungkook x female!roommate ]

How could he have missed out on the fact that his new roommate was a girl? 

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Rating: fluff, pg stuff

Word count: 555 words


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*Was he aware of it?, the hand? It mirrored Sherlock’s pause, a moment hidden within the spiralling smoke so that he could observe unattended - but ‘this man’ …..attended. He was small yet strong and distractingly handsome; silver and gold peppered the hair, just a bit too neat to be civilian. His physicality was a paradox of relaxation and intent - his body 'still’ in a way that pushed outward against its own borders - energy literally vibrated off this man….a threat then? It was possible. Interesting…

Casually Sherlock let his gaze slide across….millimetre by millimetre ….to the neck, to the sharp collar, the newness of the jacket, the face, lingering on the faint growth of hair across his cheeks ….smiling cheeks…? Flicking instantly to the eyes Sherlock froze…..all oxygen vaporised…a heartbeat thumped into the silence screaming in his head.

Eyes…predatory, lascivious eyes reached across the table like a lick of heat. He was utterly seen, unmasked by the audacious grin sitting opposite sending shockwaves of hot, dark pleasure between his legs. Sherlock tried to breathe but exhaled instead, his face buzzing like coals, like ice. He wanted….but didn’t ….how..but, oh god fb#bfkzzzz!….he wanted to kneel for this man, naked, right here, right now, midst the dinner plates and chandeliers - and worse still, the man knew it. Christ! he was in trouble..*




Wufei’s voice was low and gentle as he spoke, starting from his earliest memories, his studies and his training. It had been a cold childhood, but Wufei had found pride and solace in becoming proficient in both. He talked about the sparky girl who had become his wife, how much she hated him, and how he took no little pleasure in making her hate him more. It made him feel less powerless, less trapped. How he didn’t regret it now, because he realised that being able to rage at him had given her the same relief.

He talked for a long time, and eventually Duo’s tears dried, and he just lay there, drained but calm.

“She’d say you’ve gone soft,” he observed, afterwards. Wufei let out a rueful chuckle.

“She’d be right,” he agreed.

“Fuck you,” she muttered, but her voice was quiet, and sulky, and affectionate, and emotional. “Fuck you.”

Spirits by @chronicwhimsy


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


i’m not sure why, but the scene where lup and barry become liches always gave me like, a wedding vibe. an extremely quiet and small wedding, like they eloped and taako was the only one they wanted to bring along. 

it’d be funny if that’s actually how they got married too. Griffin says they probably don’t tell the rest of the crew about the lich thing for a few cycles even, so what if that’s like, a reoccurring thing with them. Lup and Barry making these monumental life choices off on their own and just not telling anyone until years later. 
It’s just 

Davenport: wait, what do you mean you became liches? Back on the magic world? That was three cycles ago! 

Lup: guys, has anyone seen my wedding ring, I took it off to cook and I can’t find it
Magnus: Lup, why do you have a wedding ring?
Lup: uh, me and barry got married like, six cycles ago, that’s why? Did we forget to tell you guys? 
Magnus: yes you forgot to tell us!

Lucretia: Taako, you’re not bothered at all that lup and barry go off and do these things on their own?
Taako: What do you mean on their own? You think I wasn’t there for my sister’s and best friend’s wedding? Or when they ripped their souls out of their still living bodies? what kind of person do you think i am?

Jack: He really likes cowboys.
Cas: Yes, he does.

I know that everyone’s excited about how Cas & Dean will interact in the next episode but, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about how Jack will react to 1. not only seeing Cas but mainly to 2. Seeing how Dean’s demeanor has changed since Cas came back.

Think about it: Up until now, Jack has only seen the dark, sad, angry, and generally scarier sides of Dean. In 13x06 he will see the happier and fluffier side of Dean that stands as a complete contrast to the side of Dean that Jack has been exposed to. On top of that, this episode will showcase one of Dean’s likes: Cowboys, so he’s also more excited than he normally would be.

The thing is, Jack isn’t stupid. He’s very observant and he uses his observations to learn how to understand the world he lives in. Then he asks questions in response to those observations. Essentially, he will probably reason that Dean is so excited because the case deals with cowboys but also,

He’s gonna notice that Dean’s happy because Cas is back.

I mean it’s pretty clear that he’s happy because Cas is back. Depressed, suicidal Dean who didn’t care if he lived or died just yesterday probably wouldn’t have gotten that excited over cowboys today. Jack’s used to the reactions Dean has been giving after having lost the people he loved, meaning, that

Jack has never seen Dean when he isn’t depressed.

I mean, it’s no coincidence that the moment Cas comes back Dean’s demeanor suddenly drastically changes. (It may be a bit more subtle than that at first but I believe that the general vibe coming off of Dean when they first return to the bunker will be much happier than Jack’s normally used to seeing)

Another thing I am curious to see is how Jack will respond to Cas’s knowledge about Dean. I mean, that scene from the promo trailer that I copy-and-pasted above just serves to show Jack that Cas, a friendly, warm, protective, trustworthy father figure, knows Dean far better than he does. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack, who, in Sam’s words “wants [Dean] to like him,” would try to understand Dean better through Cas now too.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if:

1. Jack & Dean had small, subtle rivalries over who got to hang out with Cas throughout the case. (ex. Jack saying he’ll go with Cas and Dean saying no, he is going with Cas and Jack can go with Sam [cough, cough graveyard scene])

1.a. Jack, noticing Dean wanting to hang out with his dad and, when Sam & he go to the graveyard in the promo pics, Jack asks about Dean & his love of cowboys, or why Dean’s happy, or if Dean & Cas are close or something in order to understand why Dean is acting strangely happier than usual.

In summation, Pay attention to Jack in the next episode. He’s probably going to watch Cas & Dean closely to understand Dean & his demeanor better. Also, he totally knows that Dean is happy because Cas is back.