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Do you ever get emo because Liam Payne’s real life character development is so fucking good? That the skinny little artificially straightened haired X Factor auditionee who self-proclaimed that he’d never be able to sell out stadiums now has two top 10 solo songs and is now confident enough to perform shirtless? Because Liam Payne has personal growth so goddamn good that television show writers better be taking notes and hope they get character development half as good.

Ok it was already a fact but this sets it in stone @ziegelzeig is a absoulute awesome human being!!!! He just sent me this over as a gift 😆 it’s the Star surgeon of Savannah Central Hospital Dr Luna Elise Wilde (Age 22) as she appears in the Take a Stand sequel; Star of Ceartas. Again a huge THANK YOU 😄 to @ziegelzeig for this thoughtful and beautiful gift, you really are a amazing friend 😉 please check out his tumblr and his deviantart page ziegelzeig.deviantart.com he is a massive talent

I’m all choked up my little oc kit has grown up so fast 😭

So today was THE DAY!!! Went to CollectiveCon and met the absolutely AMAZING Graham McTavish!!! He is the nicest, sweetest, and sexiest man EVER!!!! These are just a few of the pics from today! May be more when I come down from the Graham McHotty high that I am on right now!!!! I am just…..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OMG DO YOU SEE WHO I AM STANDING NEXT AND TOUCHING?!?!?!?!?!? LOL! But, seriously, he really is just an awesome, warm, funny, kind, talented human being and I cannot wait to see him again!!!


Monster Falls has captured my heart and run away with it. Have some Deer!Dippers.

Also I should note because I am a biology nerd: Deer!Dip would probably be based off of mule deer colors/antlers, if he was ever a deer long enough to have full-grown antlers. No White-tails live in CA/OR, but Mule deer are abundant.

Also, fun fact: Mule deer “stot” to show off fitness or prowess or to just show off to a predator that they’re to weak to catch them. I like to think that Deer!Dipper probably enjoys stotting a lot once he grows accustomed to it and  sees that being half-deer is pretty badass actually.

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when is the bullshit coming not seeing much change ps. harry Thank you? remember us

Really, anon? You see no change?

- Louis’ level of participation in BG is significantly lower than it was in the first half of 2016
- He is literally one stunt down..Danielle is gone
- He’s made HUGE and AMAZING career moves in the last few months and is seeing so much success
- He’s working with Steve, a fucking awesome human being and talent

I’m probably missing stuff too. Just because improvement is gradual doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And just because you choose to focus on the negative doesn’t mean the positive doesn’t exist and isn’t important. I’m sure it’s real fucking important to Louis, the only one who matters when we’re talking about HIS life. Everything I listed is so significant.

Also, fuck off, Harry doesn’t owe you shit.

can we talk for a moment about geoff ramsey?? this heavily tattooed man, who is commonly summed up as the alcoholic co-owner of rooster teeth, is an amazing father?? he got really upset on the podcast after he learned his daughter, millie, trusted her mom more than him?? and he also cried over titanic??? he refuses to watch movies or games where a daughter character dies because he will cry over that due to the idea of losing millie?? and he’s working on becoming more healthy and being just a generally awesome human being??? and he’s stopped drinking to focus on that goal?? god he deserves so much more credit than he gets??? he loves his friends??? and his family??? but they’re all the same to him??? his friends are his family??? and you can tell how much they all mean to him so easily??


“Randy Orton is, in my eyes and in my heart, the best wrestler in that company. I’m not talking about high flying, I’m not taking about the fast-paced acrobatic style. To me, he’s the best in WWE right now. I don’t think there is ever going to be a guy that works the style he does. The way he carries himself in the ring means a lot to me,” he said.

“Randy has a great presence and style that can’t be compared to anyone, and nobody can imitate his style. I actually use Randy Orton as an example to my son because he wants to start training in January.”

“My son is a big kid—he’s 6'1”, 205lbs —and I insist that he must watch and learn from Randy’s style. Not to imitate, but just to learn from what he has done over the years and see his evolution into who he is now. I have tremendous respect for that man. He’s an awesome human being, and he’s a general in the ring,“- Rey Mysterio 

Gerard Way is somewhere out there in Cali, waking up next to his wife every morning, saying good morning to his daughter, wishing us all good morning on twitter, drinking his morning coffee and probably eating pancakes and wow he really exists, can you imagine that, Gerard Way exists.

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your yoonkook au is amazing. it makes me want to run and hug yoongi and pet his head because he's such an awesome human being and i really love him. i ship yoonkook with all my heart and your au is making me ship them even more (like that's even possible, cause i freakin ship yoonkook to the bone). i can't wait to see more from kookie's side though, like did he start to gave this weird feelings for his yoongi hyung? ahhh can't wait!! ps: namjin and jihope are such relationship goals, i love them

This made me so so happy!! Can’t believe my au is making you ship yoonkook harderrrr!!! They’re so cute, i love their ship, so i work really hard to do them justice <3 And my next post in the au will show a little more of Jungkook’s feelings towards Yoongi… I hope you’ll like it!! I’m so nervousssss!! And about Namjin and Jihope: I LOVE THEM! I want to show a little bit more of their relationship, because they’re so cute!! Thank you for taking your time to look into my au, sweetie <3

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Teach me, O Infinite Spirit! that whether I am awake or asleep, alert or daydreaming, living or dying, Thine all-protecting presence encircles me.

The Liberated Devotee Remembers All Past Lives

God never forgets anything: as soon as a devotee is fully liberated, he too can remember all the various forms he had displayed in birth and lost in death - forms enshrouded in their various achievements as well as their careless lapses into the ignorance of evils. When the liberated being is awake in God and understands the mystery of this dream of life, only then is he ready for this awesome review.

Every human being is assured that someday, after his liberation, he will know all about his rebirths as individualized manifestations of Spirit, whether on this earth or in other planes of existence. The liberated Yogi transfers his consciousness from one soul wave to the Spiritual Ocean with all Its many waves of incarnated beings. The fully freed devotee realizes that it is the Spirit which has taken the various forms of all his rebirths. Then, he does not say: “I took so many forms,” but, “The Spirit appeared in all the forms that encased my soul until final liberation.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda, God Speaks With Arjuna, p 436; Affirmation, Whispers from Eternity, p 40.


@Regrann from @halloweentattoos - Phone meetings / sleep / horror films & reflection- some images past & present- of new & old friends & family! Left @andyblack above R) @krash_doll killing it- middle- WT2014-below @isisqueendesigns @barbwiredolls in full effect. Up next- 6th year as Director of the Buffalo Chip Tattoo Cafe w/ many more to go! This year Ozzy & @blasko1313 & @zakkwyldebls in the house. Also Blink 182- @matttskiba looking forward to meeting this Kat. @andyblack said he was an awesome human being & a real talent. @famousmonsters interviews coming down the road- looking forward to building up this new family affair. Stay Tuned! In Oct @carla_kama & I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary that weekend & officially on Halloween 2017 that Tuesday in Monterey CA w/ #smokeywolfmankama & #pumpkinivykama 🌹🐶🐶🖤🎃🦇⚰️ #halloweentattoos @samantha_m_osborn #halloweentattoossummertour—2017 #warpedtour2017 #ruemorgue @marcdraven #screamhorrormagazine #fangoriamagazine #motorheadforlife #motorhead #barbwiredolls @blasko1313 @zakkwyldebls @metalfent @ozzyosbourne - #regrann

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