he's an army ranger in his first appearance

T.J. Johnson dreamed of becoming a Power Ranger when he was a young boy. Little did he know, his dream would one day become reality. After T.J. bravely assisted in rescuing Power Ranger veteran, Tommy Oliver, from the clutches of Divatox, Tommy chose T.J. to succeed him as the Red Turbo Ranger. T.J. led the Turbo rangers in their battle against Divatox’s army of space monsters. Even after the loss of their Turbo Powers and Zords, T.J. continued to fight as a Ranger and assist in the search for Zordon as the Blue Space Ranger.

T.J. first appeared in an episode of Power Rangers Turbo that first aired on September 10th of 1997. As the Red Turbo Ranger, he piloted the Red Lightning Turbozord and the Lightning Fire Tamer Rescurezord. As the Blue Space Ranger, his personal Zord was the rocket ship, Mega V3. T.J. also appeared in a special episode of Power Rangers Wild Force titled, Forever Red, which assembled a team of Red Rangers past and present to defeat the remnants of the evil Machine Empire.