he's an amazing actor

Grant’s process was amazing. This kid is going to win an Oscar one day, certainly not for playing The Flash, because it’s a TV show, but they’re lucky to have him and he’s lucky to have them as well. I hope it goes on forever, but one day he’s going to be off this show and he’s easily going to win an award. The dude’s true grit, he’s an amazing actor…” – Kevin Smith (x)

Can I just give a quick shoutout to Lars’ voice actor, Matthew Moy? He had an amazing performance this episode, and did such a great job portraying Steven in Lars’ body. When Steven said certain things (one moment that stood out in particular was when Steven admitted to Sadie that he woke up with his mind in Lars’ body), it actually sounded like Steven. His emotion and delivery of the lines made it clear that it was Steven talking, which is really impressive!

I hope that during every panel and event from this day forward, Steven Yeun is bombarded with nothing but love and admiration from fans. I hope he gets tons of questions, people telling him how much of an amazing actor he is, how much they love and admire Glenn, bringing up all of his best moments, telling him how much of an asset he is to TWD, and how much of a fucking mistake it is that he’s (most likely) getting killed off.

I hope no one ever lets Scott Gimple & co forget how much they fucked up.