he's an adult who makes the wrong choices

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okay but he was a kid in that photo with ana, so? He was a teenager when he joined?

I can’t believe I actually have to write this

Like I get it the “Reyes adopts Mccree” headcanons are fun but!! they aren’t!! real!!

SO if you go on playOverwatch you get this for mccree’s bio

“McCree had already made a name for himself as a member of the notorious Deadlock Gang, which trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the American Southwest, when he and his associates were busted in an Overwatch sting operation. With his expert marksmanship and resourcefulness, he was given the choice between rotting in a maximum-security lockup and joining Blackwatch, Overwatch’s covert ops division. He chose the latter.Although he was initially cynical, he came to believe that he could make amends for his past sins by righting the injustices of the world. McCree appreciated the flexibility afforded to the clandestine Blackwatch, unhindered by bureaucracy and red tape.”

now I know it doesn’t tell his age, but there are some very important parts that people are missing??

“…which trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the American Southwest “

specifically that. Ya’ll treat Deadlock as some little biker gang, but it was a weapons trafficking group. it was a TERRORIST GROUP. it was organized, and dangerous. it blew up a train for pete’s sake have ya’ll never been to the route 66 map??

Mccree was a young man, sure. but a terrorist organization wouldn’t have a fifteen year old as their star. Mccree was a man that killed a shit ton of innocent people and stole a LOT of weapons from overwatch personally.

“.. he was given the choice between rotting in a maximum-security lockup and joining Blackwatch, Overwatch’s covert ops division. “

this is self explanatory, a child that was raised by a gang wouldn’t be sent to a maximum security prison. they also wouldn’t be offered a place in a covert operations organization. against the law, friends.


like I headcanon him to be around 20-25 when he joins blackwatch. Remember he joined AFTER it was formed. he likely wasn’t around for nearly as long as the founding members? 

anyways mcreyes isn’t pedophilia can we move on now or. or am I just gonna keep getting anons I mean. 


OBITO SUCKS like i have a lot of sympathy for obito as a child and its super fucked up that he had to go thru all of that but hes,,,, an adult now and honestly isnt sympathetic enough for me to give a shit bc hes an asshole. 

i understand that he was abused and manipulated as a teenager, but my ability to feel bad for him has a limit because as an adult (a 30 yo man!!) he is continuing that abuse and manipulation on to other teenagers. like he fucked sasuke up. real bad. he literally drove sasuke into a super intense panic attack and dissociation episode until he passed out and then proceeded to tie him up and force him to listen to him anyways. he then continued that abuse by manipulating sasuke into taking part of his own weird fucked up and dumb ass plan which caused sasuke to act recklessly in trying to kidnap killer bee and then the kage summit (which was basically a suicide attempt lol) like he just really hurt this 16 year old kid and madara did the same to him but hes grown now and there arent excuses for that shit hes THIRTY.

along with that most of his motivations are literally based around him being friendzoned by rin as a kid. like he hates kakashi bc rin had a crush on him. he wants to do all this weird fuck shit bc he got friendzoned like thats boring thats weird thats so straight who cares. 

he kills his teacher, his teachers pregnant wife, and tries to kill their baby. like! YIKES. thats so extra and dumb why would i like someone who does all that? and then he goes on to help kill his entire clan? writing wise that barely makes sense but thats awful and dumb lol. 

NOT TO MENTION THE WAY HE TREATS KAKASHI. hes awful to kakashi he makes it known that he blames him for rins death and insults and hurts him and its terrible. i honestly cant believe ppl actually srsly ship the two of them bc 

like honest THIS is fucking heartbreaking. its horrible watching obito call kakashi trash. watch him beat the shit out of kakashi wo him even try to defend himself. watch kakashi agree over and over again thats hes an awful person. its terrible it hurts i dont wanna watch kakashi hurt like that at all. fuck obito he can die again for all i care. 

and im p sure thats the primary reason most people hate obito. hes a piece of shit that made kakashi feel like shit and were all defensive and thats fine! thats valid! fuck people who hurt kakashi! kishi made a writing choice to have him fuck up kakashi and now everyone hates obito! GOOD

and its so weird seeing people compare him to madara and sasuke bc thats the main thing i see when ppl talk abt “why does everyone hate obito” (bc i think its fine to like him but like….. ofc ppl hate him) and it just?? doesnt work that way??? 

i like madara bc hes a villain. flat out hes the bad guy with a dumbass plan and when he dies ill miss him bc hes hot but im not gonna ask for a madara redemption arc. i think madaras backstory is engaging and heart breaking and interesting. i think madaras motivations are valid and make sense altho the end results r bad writing. i dont feel the same for obito. hes boring and kishi kept pussyfooting around him being a villain or not and im not interested in him all like that. 

i like sasuke bc sasuke did nothing wrong. like theres more to it but sasuke is a 16 year old boy who repeatedly makes bad choices but ones that are born from oppression, trauma, manipulation, and vulnerability. hes only 16 and most of the super dumb shit he does can be attributed to the abuse he faces at the hands of adults (obito! being! one of them!) if sasuke grew up to be 30 and abuse and manipulate a teen then id probably hate him too lmfao. but that doesnt happen. obito does tho! bc obito is a grown fucking man!

and thats the thing that i keep saying over and over again: obito is an adult. everyone in this series has faced trauma and abuse and manipulation. theyre ninjas for fucks sake. but obito is continuing that on as an adult who should know better. i have no sympathy for grown men that rely on their childhood abuse to justify the ways they continue that on. i dont care about a 30 yo being hurt as a kid if hes also hurting kids. like. i dont care. just die already or at least try and look hotter when killing 200 men like madara does. 

i literally cried over bobby briggs becauses he has grown so much, he is the adult his father knew he could be. he used to be a brat, someone who kept getting involved with the wrong folk and made mistakes but he found his way through it and learnt from those mistakes. he chose to make good choices when he joined the police. his character development is one of my favourite’s of twin peaks because i now find myself liking him. he is more emotional and open. if you had asked me a year ago if i liked him i would have said no but now i’ve changed my mind, i would die for chief bobby briggs. 

Why’d it take five seasons for Steven to legitimately get called out on his bullshit like do y'all not see the inherent problem in having the main essentially be the moral compass and be the person who always does the “right” thing? Steven is what, 14 and yet is treated like he has the ethical and moral capacity of a grown adult. Why else do you think he’s the one who calls the shots or determines who’s wrong and who’s right. And there’s really no reason for this when they scrapped it in the end and pretended like four seasons of consistent “Steven is right no matter what” didn’t happen. Like, when was the last time Connie was actually upset over something Steven did? Never, even after Steven endangered her life multiple times, that never prompted any serious discussion over if Steven is making the right choices. Fact of the matter is, after all the mistakes he’s made, he’s only now getting called out.

Sebaciel WotD

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Umbra (noun) {uhm-bruh}

A shadow, the invariable or characteristic accompaniment or companion of a person or a thing.

It’s dark, dark and cold, like London always is in mid December. Clouds gathering in the sky and promising another shower for the city. It could’ve been easily the worst thing about his work at Scotland yard; being summoned to investigate a murder at the wee of dawn. Not his first choice, as hard as it maybe to believe.

If Sir Arthur would have to choose the one thing that he wouldn’t mind ever dealing with again, it wouldn’t be murder.

It’s earl Ciel Phantomhive.

Arthur recognizes himself as level head, composed adult, who shouldn’t, by any means, make it his life job to hate a thirteen years old lad. But, God, does he loath that infuriating, smug demon. He seethes alone as his eyes follow the little, haughty creature. His butler, the ever present guardian, walking after him, something is wrong about them.

It’s then he sees it. When it finally clicks.

It’s not that they didn’t stand close before, they had always had that magnetism between them, but today it’s different. It feels different, as if they’re sharing the same space instead of two. There’s an intimacy to their glances, dark promises in their smiles. An umbra of something unholy surrounding them. And it feels like he was wearing a blindfold and he’s just now able to see. This is what struck him as wrong from the very first time he saw them walking together, this air of familiarity, of unnatural proximity a respectable gentleman would never have with his butler.

It should upset him, or maybe he should feel concern for the little earl- or the butler, he’s not clear about who deserves concern in this scenario- but it calms something in him. He’d always thought that the Phantomhive brat belongs in hell.

Now he can lay his mind to rest. The lad is headed there.

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I get your point, but maybe becuase I'm old that I still say Akechi's choices were limited, and I will judge a character with limited choices, who is 14 and a literal outcast, much harder than I will an adult like Adachi who literally did what he did out of boredom and anger that a teenage girl wouldn't fuck him. This is not saying Akechi did nothing wrong, it is just frustrating to have to repeat that all the time and say that in some contexts some charas literally had less options -cont

other charas. Its just frustrating to make these disclaimers every time because people are itching to say all fans think he did nothing wrong, when what people are trying to explain is why he feels more redeemable than villains like Shido or Adachi. I get your opinion, its just draining to have to do so much work to get people to not jump all over Akechi posts and paint all fans in the worst light. I know you didn’t do that, just that talking about him is more of a chore compared to the others

Nah dude, I feel you. It’s not like I haven’t gotten my own share of flak for liking Akechi. I just don’t think placing so much emphasis on his “trauma” (which is still largely fanon since we get very little actual backstory in-game) is the way to go about things. Akechi is more than whatever atrocities his father and other adults perpetrated against him, and honestly? The people that hate him are going to hate him. Trying to paint him as more sympathetic by woobifying him will only cause his detractors to sneer at us harder.

Regardless, the “abused minor” card isn’t something that should ever have to be played: if you like Akechi, you like Akechi. Plain and simple. If somebody wants you to justify why, you’re not obligated to give them anything but a stiff and decisive middle finger.

Hannibal is one of TV’s most subversive portrayals of disability

“Your speech is bent and pruned by disabilities real and imagined, but your words are…startling.”

I think it is important we all recognize that Hannibal Lecter is almost to the word pulling the “at least you’re not retarded” thing! And he is doing it because it’s what Dolarhyde wants to hear. Francis’s narrative of Becoming the Great Red Dragon is, in essence, about magically overcoming his disabilities. Through murder. Reba is a deterrent, not only because she is honest and he loves her, but because she encourages him to speak. “I understand you because you speak very well, and because I listen.” she says. She is another disabled person who strongly believes that accommodations are what allow communication, not disabled people changing themselves.

This parallels Will’s arc, where post-institutionalization his affect becomes elegant and muted and less obviously disabled as he becomes closer to Hannibal. Through murder. He Patroclused it, donning Hannibal’s NT-cred psychiatrist armor, but at the moment of becoming Achilles, he chose to fall on the knife and have it cut out of him. And then he woke up and immediately went chasing after it.

This is one of the great contradictions of Will’s attraction to Hannibal. Francis’s overcoming-disability-through-violence path and accepting-disability-through-love path are opposed to each other in a way that makes sense, that makes him savable. Will’s choices aren’t. For all Jack and Alana wanted to believe him, they never treated him like an adult with dignity of risk. And for all Hannibal leveraged his position as a psychiatrist to manipulate people into not believing Will, he has never believed that anything at all is wrong with Will. It is true love, and disability violence, all together. Things don’t cancel. Disability is not simple. 

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Why you like Severus Snape, that is to say character? Obviously :)

ahhhh… [cracks knuckles and pulls out a long list that keeps on unravelling across the floor] where do i start?? 

but no seriously, this is such a hard question for me to answer simply. he’s snarky, sarcastic, reserved(for the most part) and can butcher your arse with his tongue if he feels so inclined. 😏idk i just find him so fucking interesting, he’s so complex and unpredictable throughout the series and that’s always fascinated me. i identify a lot with him too, i haven’t had that sort of connection with any other character and i think that’s why i get so annoyed when i see hate about him or snape fans. i read a lot of fanfiction about him too which i throw myself into if i’m having a bad time, so whether it’s fanfic or reading his parts in the books or seeing him in the films it helps me cope with shit and just makes me feel a hell of a lot better most of the time. 

he isn’t a good person, nor is he a bad person, he’s a human being with flaws like all of us who made some bad choices when he was young and stupid and spent the rest of his adult life trying to make up for those wrongs. he got dragged deep into the into the dark side of the wizarding world because he felt insecure and inadequate and joining the death eaters meant being a part of something powerful and impressive that gave him a sense of belonging that he’d never really had in his life. and tbh i’m pretty sure he didn’t really know what becoming a death eater would entail at the time either. yet through all the shit he had to go through he still kept hold of his humanity and his love for lily and was willing to sacrifice the rest of his life to do good, not just for lily, but for the good of the wizarding world without complaining or giving up and i find that an extremely courageous thing to do. he didn’t have to do it, but he did. 

and imo people give him way more shit than is needed and it pisses me off. yes he’s a twat and he’s not a nice man but most of the hate spewed about him is fanon shit or little instances that just get blown out of proportion and frankly all this hate that gets shoved down our throats just makes me all the more stubborn in my opinion about him.

You know what I want to talk about more? Specifically in a fandom that has spent more time than is possible to quantify analyzing certain characters and their viability as gay or bi representation?

How about let’s talk about Scott in Season Two as an allegory for coming out. Yeah yeah, Teen Wolf takes place in a world without homophobia and the gay characters’ sexuality is never really focused on because Davis doesn’t want to do an issues show, but put all of that aside, and look at Scott in the first two seasons leading up to the finale.

You have a teenage boy desperately trying to hide his true nature from people, SPECIFICALLY from his mother, who he loves, who he knows loves him….but is afraid couldn’t love him like this. Who is told consistently over and over by adults, by society, by allies and enemies alike that there is something wrong with the way he is, that its unnatural, that he’s BAD, just for being what he is.

And when she does discover the truth about him, it happens against his will, not by his choice, and garners exactly the reaction he’s afraid of. She avoids him for over a week, she can’t face him, he’s desperately trying to act like everything’s normal, to make her see that HE hasn’t changed, but she doesn’t handle it well and what should be about him, and comforting him and reassuring him that she still loves him and always will, that her love, his family, is unconditional, instead becomes about her and her worries and fears and inability to adjust to what he had no choice in adjusting to.

I mean, as someone who was once a teenager desperate to hide his true nature from his family and friends out of fear that they wouldn’t understand, that they’d think there’s something wrong or unnatural about what he is and whose fears were born out in more than one case and faced rejection from certain family and friends because his coming out became more about them……the themes of Scott’s storyline in the first two seasons resonated with me a lot on that front, specifically.

But we never talk about that, never acknowledge it, and ‘Scott can’t be bi because reasons x, y, z’ while throwaway lines from characters like Stiles and Derek and even Jackson are analyzed under an electron microscope for the slightest indication of Teh Gay.