he's an adult who makes the wrong choices

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okay but he was a kid in that photo with ana, so? He was a teenager when he joined?

I can’t believe I actually have to write this

Like I get it the “Reyes adopts Mccree” headcanons are fun but!! they aren’t!! real!!

SO if you go on playOverwatch you get this for mccree’s bio

“McCree had already made a name for himself as a member of the notorious Deadlock Gang, which trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the American Southwest, when he and his associates were busted in an Overwatch sting operation. With his expert marksmanship and resourcefulness, he was given the choice between rotting in a maximum-security lockup and joining Blackwatch, Overwatch’s covert ops division. He chose the latter.Although he was initially cynical, he came to believe that he could make amends for his past sins by righting the injustices of the world. McCree appreciated the flexibility afforded to the clandestine Blackwatch, unhindered by bureaucracy and red tape.”

now I know it doesn’t tell his age, but there are some very important parts that people are missing??

“…which trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the American Southwest “

specifically that. Ya’ll treat Deadlock as some little biker gang, but it was a weapons trafficking group. it was a TERRORIST GROUP. it was organized, and dangerous. it blew up a train for pete’s sake have ya’ll never been to the route 66 map??

Mccree was a young man, sure. but a terrorist organization wouldn’t have a fifteen year old as their star. Mccree was a man that killed a shit ton of innocent people and stole a LOT of weapons from overwatch personally.

“.. he was given the choice between rotting in a maximum-security lockup and joining Blackwatch, Overwatch’s covert ops division. “

this is self explanatory, a child that was raised by a gang wouldn’t be sent to a maximum security prison. they also wouldn’t be offered a place in a covert operations organization. against the law, friends.


like I headcanon him to be around 20-25 when he joins blackwatch. Remember he joined AFTER it was formed. he likely wasn’t around for nearly as long as the founding members? 

anyways mcreyes isn’t pedophilia can we move on now or. or am I just gonna keep getting anons I mean. 

Sebaciel WotD

2nd of Feb.  Day one of the challenge held by the lovely @rabid-bunny

Umbra (noun) {uhm-bruh}

A shadow, the invariable or characteristic accompaniment or companion of a person or a thing.

It’s dark, dark and cold, like London always is in mid December. Clouds gathering in the sky and promising another shower for the city. It could’ve been easily the worst thing about his work at Scotland yard; being summoned to investigate a murder at the wee of dawn. Not his first choice, as hard as it maybe to believe.

If Sir Arthur would have to choose the one thing that he wouldn’t mind ever dealing with again, it wouldn’t be murder.

It’s earl Ciel Phantomhive.

Arthur recognizes himself as level head, composed adult, who shouldn’t, by any means, make it his life job to hate a thirteen years old lad. But, God, does he loath that infuriating, smug demon. He seethes alone as his eyes follow the little, haughty creature. His butler, the ever present guardian, walking after him, something is wrong about them.

It’s then he sees it. When it finally clicks.

It’s not that they didn’t stand close before, they had always had that magnetism between them, but today it’s different. It feels different, as if they’re sharing the same space instead of two. There’s an intimacy to their glances, dark promises in their smiles. An umbra of something unholy surrounding them. And it feels like he was wearing a blindfold and he’s just now able to see. This is what struck him as wrong from the very first time he saw them walking together, this air of familiarity, of unnatural proximity a respectable gentleman would never have with his butler.

It should upset him, or maybe he should feel concern for the little earl- or the butler, he’s not clear about who deserves concern in this scenario- but it calms something in him. He’d always thought that the Phantomhive brat belongs in hell.

Now he can lay his mind to rest. The lad is headed there.

Need to get it off my chest

Can people stop blaming Cersei for Jaime’s wrongs? She has a big impact on his decisions. So do most characters to other characters on this show. Yet some people tend to forget that:

× He is an adult man who is making his own decisions.

× He is obsessed with his sister.

I Fell in Love With the Hunter’s Daughter- Date with Crowley

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Pairing: CrowleyxReader
Word count: 849
Author: Brittiny
I Fell in Love with the Hunter’s Daughter masterlist

Convincing your father to agree to letting them loose was something else entirely. When you’d told him about the deal, he’d understandably flipped out. You promised him that you would take full responsibility while out with them.

You’d picked Crowley to go first, simply to allow Lucifer time to think of something to say. That wasn’t snarky and aimed at Crowley. Crowley had smirked, making you roll your eyes.

That lead you to now.

“So, love, what shall we do for our first date?” He asked smoothly.

You were walking around your yard until your plans were solid. “Most people go to dinner and a movie. Then again, most aren’t going on a date with the King of Hell.”

He chuckled. “You’ve got a point.” He agreed. “How about we go to dinner, and see what we feel like doing after?” Crowley suggested.

“I think that sounds fair.” You gave him a small smile. It was very easy to talk to him, which was strange. You’d never really spoken to him about anything personal. “I have one condition, though.”


“We drive. No snapping anywhere.” You chuckled at the face he made. “The drive is part of the usual date.” His face softened when he realized that you were actually looking forward to it. “Come on. My car’s over here.” You took his hand and led him to where you had parked. Your father was watching out the window, not at all pleased. However, you were an adult and could make your own choices. Even if he thought they were wrong.

At first, the drive was silent, save for the music that you’d turned down. “What topics are usually discussed on a ‘first date’?” Crowley asked, looking at you.

You couldn’t help but grin. He was so far out of his element. “Hobbies, what you do for a living, things like that. However, we already know that about each other.” You shrugged. “Was there anything you wanted to know?”

“Who do you predict will woo you?” He smirked.

“Is that a trick question?” Your eyes shot to him for a moment. “I mean, if I say you, you’ll go back and gloat, pissing him off. If I say Lucifer, you’ll get all grumpy and not have a good time.”

He stared at you. “You’re refusing to answer?” You nodded. “Fine, then.” He sighed. That was his one line of conversation.

Smiling, you reached over and took his hand, trying to calm some of his nerves. “I’m surprised you want to go on a date with a hunter’s daughter. You and my father aren’t exactly on good terms.” You chuckled. “Or are you trying to piss him off?”

Please, love. All I have to do to piss him off is walk into a room.” He chuckled. “Man is so easily riled up.”

“Yes, yes he is. You should have seen him when I was in high school.” You laughed. “My first date was when I was sixteen, a really nice guy named Devin. He was on the soccer team, got good grades, was polite…well. Dad decided that he had to make sure I wasn’t going out with a monster. Gave him a glass of holy water, had him hand him something silver, the usual. I’m sure Devin thought he was just batty. We finally get to leave, and Dad watches us the whole time we leave. I was back five minutes late to curfew, and he came out with one of his shot guns.”

Crowley’s eyebrows went up. “Five minutes?”

You nodded. “Yeah. As if we could have really done anything in five minutes!” You laughed. “He was always so worried about when I went on dates.”

“Did he have reason to be?”

Smirking, you looked at him. “Nope. Not on dates, at least. I’m not stupid. I knew that there was a chance that Dad would just happen to show up where we said we’d be. So, I’d sleep over a friends house and sneak out for a couple hours. He still doesn’t know that half the time I was having a sleep over at a friends I was out with a boy.”

Crowley laughed. “Well, you’re even more interesting the more I learn about you.”

You smiled at him before you turned into the parking lot for a small diner. “I hope you don’t mind. They have the best chicken parm.”

He held your hand as you went in, which was a nice gesture. As the night wore on, it felt less and less like a date with the King of Hell, and more and more like a date with a very intelligent man. Once you passed the awkward part of the date, conversation came easily to you. As the meal was about over, you smiled at him. “You have a lovely smile.” He told you.

“I have a good reason to smile.”

“Well, I hope for many more chances to make you so happy.”

Your cheeks turned a light pink at his words. “You do have the rest of the week, Crowley. Make the most of it.”

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Why you like Severus Snape, that is to say character? Obviously :)

ahhhh… [cracks knuckles and pulls out a long list that keeps on unravelling across the floor] where do i start?? 

but no seriously, this is such a hard question for me to answer simply. he’s snarky, sarcastic, reserved(for the most part) and can butcher your arse with his tongue if he feels so inclined. 😏idk i just find him so fucking interesting, he’s so complex and unpredictable throughout the series and that’s always fascinated me. i identify a lot with him too, i haven’t had that sort of connection with any other character and i think that’s why i get so annoyed when i see hate about him or snape fans. i read a lot of fanfiction about him too which i throw myself into if i’m having a bad time, so whether it’s fanfic or reading his parts in the books or seeing him in the films it helps me cope with shit and just makes me feel a hell of a lot better most of the time. 

he isn’t a good person, nor is he a bad person, he’s a human being with flaws like all of us who made some bad choices when he was young and stupid and spent the rest of his adult life trying to make up for those wrongs. he got dragged deep into the into the dark side of the wizarding world because he felt insecure and inadequate and joining the death eaters meant being a part of something powerful and impressive that gave him a sense of belonging that he’d never really had in his life. and tbh i’m pretty sure he didn’t really know what becoming a death eater would entail at the time either. yet through all the shit he had to go through he still kept hold of his humanity and his love for lily and was willing to sacrifice the rest of his life to do good, not just for lily, but for the good of the wizarding world without complaining or giving up and i find that an extremely courageous thing to do. he didn’t have to do it, but he did. 

and imo people give him way more shit than is needed and it pisses me off. yes he’s a twat and he’s not a nice man but most of the hate spewed about him is fanon shit or little instances that just get blown out of proportion and frankly all this hate that gets shoved down our throats just makes me all the more stubborn in my opinion about him.

You know what I want to talk about more? Specifically in a fandom that has spent more time than is possible to quantify analyzing certain characters and their viability as gay or bi representation?

How about let’s talk about Scott in Season Two as an allegory for coming out. Yeah yeah, Teen Wolf takes place in a world without homophobia and the gay characters’ sexuality is never really focused on because Davis doesn’t want to do an issues show, but put all of that aside, and look at Scott in the first two seasons leading up to the finale.

You have a teenage boy desperately trying to hide his true nature from people, SPECIFICALLY from his mother, who he loves, who he knows loves him….but is afraid couldn’t love him like this. Who is told consistently over and over by adults, by society, by allies and enemies alike that there is something wrong with the way he is, that its unnatural, that he’s BAD, just for being what he is.

And when she does discover the truth about him, it happens against his will, not by his choice, and garners exactly the reaction he’s afraid of. She avoids him for over a week, she can’t face him, he’s desperately trying to act like everything’s normal, to make her see that HE hasn’t changed, but she doesn’t handle it well and what should be about him, and comforting him and reassuring him that she still loves him and always will, that her love, his family, is unconditional, instead becomes about her and her worries and fears and inability to adjust to what he had no choice in adjusting to.

I mean, as someone who was once a teenager desperate to hide his true nature from his family and friends out of fear that they wouldn’t understand, that they’d think there’s something wrong or unnatural about what he is and whose fears were born out in more than one case and faced rejection from certain family and friends because his coming out became more about them……the themes of Scott’s storyline in the first two seasons resonated with me a lot on that front, specifically.

But we never talk about that, never acknowledge it, and ‘Scott can’t be bi because reasons x, y, z’ while throwaway lines from characters like Stiles and Derek and even Jackson are analyzed under an electron microscope for the slightest indication of Teh Gay.