he's an actual rockstar

MUSE A and B were teenage sweethearts. it was love at first sight except that they avoided their feelings until they finally made it official in eleventh grade and continued up to senior year. MUSE A decided that this small town wasn’t enough for him and decided to move to a big city where he could make something of himself. he didn’t really consider MUSE B, who didn’t want to leave, and they had a devastating break-up. fast forward to four years later and he actually did it!!! he became something!! (rockstar, a-list actor, model, w/e) as a mini vacation/(a reason we could make discuss) he decides to come back home for a while and it’s all very lowkey and kept secret so no one will know. he finally comes home, and on the first day while he’s out getting coffee who does he run into? MUSE B, who still lives there and is just as lovely as ever except…she’s got a four year old latched onto her leg. of course he automatically assumes the child is hers, and of course he’s right. and of course it goes right over his head that it’s actually his kid before asking; ‘who’s the father?’ and of course she can’t tell him because it would ruin everything and she’s still heartbroken and in love so she lies and says it’s MUSE C (unplayable) and before you know it MUSE A actually finds out that the child is his and oh man he’s gonna have to step up but she doesn’t want him to and someone please give me this.

my friends r nerds who make me play D&D

my character (i still need to fill out the sheet) is a dragonborn bard who thinks hes a cool rockstar but is actually a garbage drama queen. he wears battle armor not bc he fights but bc he just wants to look punk rock

Lima Beans

An AU based on this post by arkhams (et al). Cross-posted to ao3.

Summary: Dean and Castiel first met in the health-food aisle of the local grocery store. The sparks (and soup cans) flew instantly.

Rating: T

Warnings: Hella cute

Four months; four goddamn months, Castiel cursed to himself. More specifically, it had been four months, eleven days and a handful of hours since he’d first seen Dean Winchester scowling at vacuum-packed lima beans in the health-food aisle of the local grocery store. Obviously, he hadn’t known the man’s name, or anything about him at all then, and until Castiel had knocked over the stacked display of soup, behind which he’d been hiding, and drawn attention to himself, all he’d known of the stranger was that he had dull blond hair, unrealistically green eyes, annoyingly pink lips set in a frown, and was perfect.

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anonymous asked:

Out of all the kids who would be the one to be mopping the floors or something and singing to shitty pop music with a bunch of extravagance like using the mop as a microphone and spinning it around then when someone walks in they just scream

replace pop music with rock music and this is 120% something Asriel does on a regular basis and he somehow always manages to get caught in the middle of a sick broom guitar solo

he never, ever sings in front of other people, but he actually likes singing and daydreams about being a rockstar because of course he does, the little edge baby

Chara probably does the pop music thing though, except they have no shame, if someone walks in on them while the broom concert is taking place, they just aggressively keep singing at the person until they either join in or get freaked out and leave

everyone knows that when it’s Chara’s turn to do cleaning chores, you better grab everything you need from the kitchen + living room before they start or you’re gonna get musical’d at, those are just the terms and conditions of making Chara do anything


for @donghyuckstudies hope you like it!! it was a challenge writing for haechan but i hope i did the cheeky lil donghyuck justice! enjoy :-) was inspired by ur username for the prompt LMAO

-the schoolbell rings and u rush to ur desk at the very back of the classroom

-class is about to start when the teacher says HEY GUYS STOP TALKING look we have a new student, dong-

-HAECHAN!!! this guy holding bunny ears up and the cringiest most forced smiley face uve ever seen corrects the teacher

-without further adue this annoying kid rushes to sit next to u at the back of the class

-u chuckle a little cause wtf just happened and get back to ur work

-but this kid taps u with a twinkle in his eye and just says HI

-and ur like uh hi and hes just winking at u nonstop like a meme or something

-u get back to ur work

-hey do u have a pencil

-hey do u have paper

-hey do u have an eraser

-ur just like omg here take my whole bag

-the next day this boy has the nerve to forget everything again so u give him everything bc hes harassing u and hes like thanks!!!

-during break he gets up bc everyones like OMG HAECHAN and you realize that hes become friends w everyone and they’re all snickering in the corner but when lunch comes he ditches everyone and comes over and begs you! to eat w him

-so he breaks you down bc hes attacking u with paper planes and making sound effects until you fly one up his nose and hes falls off his chair laughing w the plane in his nose…

-you two arrive and he pays for ur meal and you two sit down on a bench in the courtyard. ofc he grabs half of ur sandwich for himself and hes like u know i paid for it lol pay u back when im a rich beautiful kpop star!!! and starts belting fcking random operatic notes

-u ofc put the rest of ur sandwich into his mouth to shush him

-instead hes like omg chagi~ thanks for feeding me and stares at u lovingly

-u cringe too hard and turn away and this kid is ofc like OMG DONT BLUSH!!! and then u kill him

-one day he takes u to sm bc in his words hes a VIP and you should feel honored that hes letting u into his rockstar life

-donghyuck is actually serious and singing like an angel and dancing and sweating and repeating it again and again and you just watch bc you’ve never seen him be like this

-you see him troll his hyungs in between and chase them/randomly scream lyrics but as soon as the music drops hes immersed in the music and he actually looks… cool

-he’s so focused and after the hyungs leave he’s ofc like OMG BYEEE DREAM OF ME to them but you stay with him till ten pm and he just is practicing the same moves over and over again

-when he’s finally done you wait for him since you guys live in the same direction and he  bursts out I WAS COOL WASN’T I but it comes out like a croak bc he strained his voice from the constant practicing + trolling the members and you just laugh so hard but you also wonder how he manages to stay so carefree amidst all the work

-ofc you dont say this but instead ur like NOW IT CAN FINALLY BE QUIET and he smiles to himself

-suddenly you feel this weird rush of concern because you’re not used to seeing haechan differently. and now that he’s finally shut up it’s awkward and when he’s not making ugly ass faces he actually has the cutest smile?

-but you two just walk in silence and say bye but he mimes it bc he cant talk LOL and his mimes suddenly become charades??? so you push the idiot towards the direction of his dorm bc he needs to rest

-the next day he doesn’t come to school and ur wondering if he faked being sick or something. either way, the whole day is super quiet and u cant believe you miss his voice and bothersome presence..but u do

-so ofc after school you run as fast as you can to his dorm w a ton of shitty junk food (his fave ofc) and check to see if he’s actually sick

-you ring the doorbell and the other rookies are laughing so hard bc they see you holding a pizza and burgers and fries

-they go like LOL ONLY DONGHYUCK’S GIRLFRIEND WOULD bc ur literally carrying a feast with you and yuta and jaemin are just eating fries that are falling lol

-donghyuck comes out and he looks so shocked and his eyes widen and he just bursts out laughing and comes over to help you with all the crap you brought him

-ur so happy to see him and his laugh is all high and randomly ur heart just starts pounding like no other. YO WHAT KIND OF FATASS DO YOU THINK I- you cut him off and just hug him bc he’s okay

-except he’s not bc u feel that his face is super warm so maybe he’s actually sick? You let go and his whole face is red and this idiot is suddenly speechless

-UH STOP WITH THE GERMS—-but you hold on bc you would die if anything ever happened to him

-LISTEN IDIOT-just SHUT UP JEEZ-and you guys continue insulting each other while hugging… and the other members keep laughing bc u guys look so dumb

-you pull away after like what felt like an hour LOL and then you’re like.. eat all the food its cold now bc you dont know what to say and u feel all shy???

-so he just starts eating mindlessly and stuffing his face with pizza and burger

-suddenly he spits it out and is like. dude…. this is all cold

-and you guys just both stare at each other for like five minutes

-both u idiots start laughing bc WTF is this situation LOL


-and ur just done with his shit so ur just like YEAH I REALLY DID

-he wasn’t expecting that so he just reverts to this shocked face and he turns red and you just go up to him and squish his face and ur face is red too

-he inches a lil closer and gives u a lil kiss on the cheek before he cant take it anymore and yells UR WELCOME LOSER!!!!!! but u can tell hes dying inside and then he suddenly starts running around the dorm bc hes SO embarrassed and cant cope

-u tug him by the hood of his jacket to get him to stop but instead he pulls u with him and u both fall onto the floor (moral of story: u guys are both idiots)

-since then u guys are as per usual always together and constantly sending each other ugly selfies and making fun of each other

-when he does hold ur hand u he holds u so hard so that u cant escape and he just goes like MUAHAHAHAHA bc…. dumb

-and then u run and then bc hes holding ur hand he just… has to run with u and then u guys collide into each other LOL

-ur always there when hes practicing bc even though he’s sarcastic and cocky he’s the most hardworking boy you’ve ever met and u know he loves having u there

-when u sit there watching u just wonder how the hell u got so lucky to end up with this idiotic perfect weirdo

you know what?? it’s not like i can’t belive that Chris Cornell died, because everybody dies. it’s a kind of thing we have to get used to at a young age…

the point is, that this man is a real icon.
i mean he raised a generation of people who love rock and grunge music. he has made many theme songs for movies, tv shows.
even if you didn’t know who he was, you had to recognize the voice.
voice of the geneartion.
all of the young musicians nowadays should take him as an example of adult rockstar life because he actually lived it.
and i thought he will never leave.

but death takes us all.
rest in peace Chris Cornell 🖤

muirin007  asked:

You may have been asked this before, but who are your ideal VC cast members, face claim-wise? Have you ever seen anyone and though, "THAT's exactly how I picture Lestat/Louis/Armand etc.?"

First of all, omg you are one of my fave VC fanartists *appreciative flailing* thank u so much for asking my opinion on this!

You guys, this is one of @muirin007’s fanarts [X] and still one of my absolute faves, from when I began this blog:

Yes, I have been asked this before but my opinions do change over time, and it’s always worth taking a fresh stab at it *,….,*

Some of this is a dreamcast for obvious reasons, and I’m limiting it to The Vampire Lestat, since it looks like that’s the focus of the new adaptation (And I’m also giving myself the difficulty of not recasting anyone from movie!IWTV bc u all know how attached I am to all of those actors by now). And I tried to pick ppl that would mesh well together as a set. Some characters get alot of commentary and some get none. These are the ppl that give me that “THAT’s exactly how I picture Lestat/Louis/Armand etc.?” feeling.

There are alot more options in the #VC casting tag, if you have some time to kill!  

Lestat de Lioncourt: Brett Scallions from Fuel, circa the 90′s.

^screencaps from the Bad Day video

He’s already an actual rockstar. He can play guitar. His singing voice is close to my headcanon of Lestat’s. Yes, somewhat nasal, vocal growl, some range. IMO, he has the perfect build, and yeah, he’s attractive, but what makes him so magnetic and not just another slab of manflesh are his huge soulful eyes and that generous mouth, which really can look cruel at times. He just needs a little dental work and a quality hairstylist. [Some more of my fave pics of him here]

Runner ups: Taylor Hanson circa the 90′s (VERY CLOSE SECOND CHOICE), Gaspard Ulliel, Charlie Hunnam, Travis Fimmel, Cary Elwes circa the 90′s, and Martin Rolinski.

Nicolas de Lenfent: Benedict Samuel, 2016

I’ve only seen him recently in The Walking Dead, and you have to see him in that, bc he’s as sweet and tender and intense and depressive as Nicolas needs to be. Physically, these full lips and dark brooding eyes, the wide smile that’s almost manic and the frown that speaks to a deeper well of misery that no one can hope to touch. Am I praising him too much? PROBABLY BUT I DO WHAT I WANT. [I wax on poetic about him a little more here]

Runner ups: David Garrett (ACTUAL violinist), Anthony Misiano (that high quality Joker cosplayer!), Sebastian StanJonas Kesseler (model), Ezra Miller

Louis de Pointe du Lac: Miles McMillan

Actually I haven’t found my perfect headcanon of Louis yet, but for now, he’s a placeholder. While Louis isn’t a ~starring~ character in TVL, he is mentioned, and what with being compared to Nicolas, I have to include him. 

I feel like Miles has the slender build, the soulfulness to his expression, and he looks great dressed up w/ disheveled hair. [X]

[Moar pics of Miles and reasons here]

Runner ups: Florian Pessenteiner, Henry Cavil circa 2002, Trent Reznor circa the 90′s, Peter Steele of Type O Negative (Steele is a little too masculine but his eyes are perfection).

Gabrielle de Lioncourt: Grace Kelly, The Swan, 1956

SHE’S JUST SO PERF. She looks like she’s about to say, “BTW I do not hold back in combat so you better come at me with 110% bitch.”

Runner ups: Michelle PfeifferCate Blanchett, Nicole KidmanCatherine Deneuve circa the 80’s, Charlize Theron, Connie Nielsen.

Marquis Valère de Lioncourt: Timothy Omundson, 2016

I can’t explain. JUST WANT. He is a very likable bully in Galavant and tbh I imagine Lestat’s Dad would have a sense of humor, and that’s partially where Lestat got it from. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all he got from his father. [Moar gifs and pics I’ve gathered of him here]

Marius de Romanus: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 2016

I can’t explain. JUST WANT. A better father-figure for Lestat, one he would have given just about anything to stay with for awhile.

Also, David Bowie bc of reasons:

Runner ups: Michael Fassbender (CLOSE SECOND CHOICE), Lee Pace as Thranduil

The vampire Armand: Björn Andrésen, 70′s

^He’s a fandom fave.[Moar of him here].

But okay, or, 

The vampire Armand: Matthew Clavane, 2016

I can’t explain rn. JUST WANT. [Reasons and more pics here

the vampire Magnus - Alice Cooper circa Suck, 2009

^Reasons should be pretty obvious.

Akasha, Queen of the Damned: Nicki Minaj or Rihanna

^[fanart source X, pic source X] BC OF REASONS. Women empowerment. Beauty. Mystery. All dat and a bag of chips. [Moar Nicki, Moar Rihanna]

Runner up: Tyra Banks.


3 De Lioncourts:

And that’s just my opinion, you guys are free to disagree, but please do so w/ respect bc this took alot of guts and alot of time and ALOT of effort to put together!


#Your Headcanon May Vary

Macaroni // Luke Hemmings

Requested; Yes
Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.


“Is this your mum and dad?” You asked the tiny brunette named Jude Meier.

“Mhmm!” She hummed happily as she began to color the misshapen figures that represented her parents. This was your favorite part of your job, letting the little ones express themselves and interacting with them. They never cease to surprise you.

“Hmm and what are you drawing Toby?” You peered over to find the fair haired boy feverishly doodling.

“That’s my dad.” Toby Hemmings placed his stubby little finger on a stick figure with ridiculously long legs and spiky blonde hair with (what seemed like) a guitar body. “And this is me.” He explained, showing you a miniature version of his dad with guitar and all. By the looks of it, it seemed like the little boy had a lot of admiration for his freakishly tall father and that made you wonder what kinda of father Mr. Hemmings was.

“I see and who are those guys?” You wondered as you saw 3 other strange figures, trying to find some sort of explanation for why there were 4 men holding hands with Toby in the picture. One of the figures in the picture had super long hair and had a stick in his hand, the other had black scrawly hair with some mixed colors  along with a body  shaped like (what seemed) some sort of guitar, and the last one had spiky brown hair with a body shaped like a bass guitar.

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Life With(out) You

Happy birthday (and happy new year in a couple of hours) to the only actual fairy I know @the-reason-to-sail-home. I have written you a fic, Tessa. Surprise! I told you it was sad that I was too busy to write something and I was really sad about it, so sad that I decided to ignore my business and wrote a fic for my #1 fan. Here’s a hurriedly written, fragmentary, probably crappy and unrealistic, way too long, one shot, inspired by the AU lyrics I wrote and you’re somehow turning into an actual song

Summary: He was Killian Jones. He was a rockstar. He was a dashing rapscallion. But after aggravating journalist Emma Swan, he was in trouble too. Now he needed to prevent her career threatening exposé about him from being printed. As he attempted to convince her, suddenly something changed. He became himself again.

~9000 words (someone should seriously control me)


He strummed down, the movement and eliciting a growing anticipation among the dark space. The notes quivered through the room and the crowd became silent. Their ears listened to every sound, their eyes followed his every movement. The spot turned brighter and there was a slight yelping as he stepped into the light. The bass surged, the drums joined.

“We love you, Killian!” A woman’s voice yelled.

“And I love you too,” he said as seductively as possible, wrapping his accent over every syllable and causing more shrieking.

Start with a more famous single to hook them, then play some lesser known songs to please the seasoned fans, perform a medley of old material, follow it by a recent song and another one. Talk about the opening act and how great they were even though nobody actually cared. Small break to make them even more desperate for that one song and then surprise everyone by returning.

The sweat trickled down his forehead, he took a sip of water to shower his dry throat before reading the next scheduled song off the setlist and starting a new melody.

He kept the interludes to a minimum, choosing music over talking, but his audience didn’t seem bothered by that. A pause to let them sing the words they clearly knew by heart and then he took over again. One hour and forty minutes flew by, entranced by the music and clapping.

“This has been my favorite concert ever,” his voice spread through the arena as he told the generic lie he used in every venue, every city he performed. Going by the screaming and applause that followed, they bought it yet again. “Hope to see you soon and don’t forget to buy my album ‘Crash’”

It was time for the bang.

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Rockstar (CH)

since i remade my account, i’m reposting some of my old writing as well as new!!

Originally posted by chanelhood

With the rain pouring heavy on the roof of your house, you sat contently in bed with the sound of the rain keeping you company. You sat and thought for a while about nothing in particular. Days like this were always your favorite. Completely engulfed in your quiet thoughts, a movement from the side of your bed snapped you out of it. Looking over, you gazed lovingly at your boyfriend of three years. You reached out and traced his upper arm, hoping to wake him.

“Hey, rockstar, wake up,” you whispered sweetly. The only response you got was a wrinkle of his nose and him shuffling deeper into the duvet.

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Working and singing (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1366

Story line: Although you love to sing, you’ve never thought that you could live of that. But one day, some boy come into the shop you’re working and hears you singing.

I loved my job and although I knew I didn’t want to make a life of it, it helped me to pay my things and to eat cupcakes for free. I was working on a cake shop, the best in town, and I loved in there. I was usually alone all day, except the first two hours in the morning and the last two in the afternoon. My boss trusted me and she let me run the business alone while she took care of other things. So that meant I was on my own and I could do whatever I want. By saying that, I mean that I could take care of the shop while doing another thing I really loved: sing. The singing accompanied me everywhere. I sang in the shower, I sang while I cooked and I sang while I worked (as long as there wasn’t any client in front of me, which in that case I hummed). People had said me that I sang nice but I didn’t listen to them. I mean, I knew I wasn’t the worst of the singers but I there were better singers out there.

I heard the tinkling of the bell when the door opened and when I raised my head to look, I saw the same boy I had been seeing the past few days. At first I thought he was a little bit strange because while I was working, I noticed that he looked at me a lot. Then I realized I was singing a little bit louder than usual so I bit my bottom lip, embarrassed and I shut up. I saw his smile appearing in his lips and then, when he came to the counter to order a coffee, he grinned but he didn’t say anything. I thought he was making fun of me but I actually didn’t care. I couldn’t deny it, he was a good-looking boy and well, he had made my day, more or less. After that encounter, the boy came to the store daily. He always caught me humming and I, ashamed, remained silence until he left the store. The same things happened that day but when I closed my mouth, he said: “Please, don’t stop. I love hearing your voice”. That surprised me because although I didn’t think he was there because he loved our coffee or cupcakes, I never thought he was there because of my singing. “Well, that didn’t sound creepy at all” he murmured while his cheeks flushed.

“I always shut up when you enter to the store, how could you hear me?” I asked, a little bit surprised but at the same time happy and proud because someone I didn’t know at all liked my voice.

“I have a good ear” he said, smiling. Jeez, he was gorgeous. His blond hair was a little bit messy that day but his blue eyes were shining and his smile didn’t leave his lips in any moment.

“Is that so?” I said, raising my eyebrows. He laughed softly and approached to the counter.

“I’m Luke” he finally introduced himself. “I know I should have introduced myself before but I wanted to make sure that you were the one who sang that good”.

“Are you going to kidnap me?” I asked, making him laugh. “I’m Y/N, by the way”.

“I’m not but I’ll have to consider that option if you don’t accept my offer”. I frowned, confused. What offer? “So… Well, I’m in a band and we are here because we are recording our second album”. My eyes widened. That kid was famous? “It’s okay, we’re not that famous” he said, like he was reading my mind. “And I was thinking that… Well… Maybe… You would come to the studio and record a song with us? We are looking for a fresh voice and I really like yours. I think the boys would love it too. What do you say?”.

I didn’t know what to say. I was so overwhelmed by the situation that it took me some minutes to answer. “But I’m nobody”.

“You’re Y/N, the girl who works in a cake shop and sings wonderfully” he said, smiling. “Please? Give it a try? If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, I would let you go. I promise” he said, making a puppy face. That was a really big opportunity, right? And I didn’t have anything to lose so… Why not? It could be fun, right?

“Okay” I said, doubtfully. Luke seemed really happy by my decision so he gave me the direction and we agreed to meet that evening, when I close the shop. Meanwhile, I took advantage of my free time and I searched for more information about that boy. It wasn’t very difficult to find which band he was in because… famous? Famous my balls! He was kind of a rockstar! His band was called 5 Seconds Of Summer and they were about to go on tour around the whole world. Well, I wasn’t sure anymore I wanted to go to that studio. What if I did something wrong? What if his bandmates didn’t like me?

It was too much to take in and by the time I had to close the door, I was super nervous. I called one of my best friends and she told me that I should go because that was a huge opportunity I couldn’t miss. So I listened to her and I went there. Luke was already waiting for me and when he saw me, he grinned. “I’m so happy you’re here!” he said. “Walk with me”. I followed him into a room where there were three guys, the guys I had seen on the pictures before. They introduced themselves as Calum, Michael and Ashton and they all told me that Luke had been talking about me the whole week. I blushed and Luke rolled his eyes. “I know you’re the voice we’re looking for” he assured me.

“I hope so because I’m tired of looking” Michael admitted, sighing.

“Why don’t you sing something?” Ashton suggested.

“What?” I mumbled, embarrassed. “Here? With all of you?”.

“Yes?” Calum said doubtful. “Luke didn’t tell…?”.

“Yeah, yeah but… Jeez. He didn’t tell me that you were some kind of rockstars! He actually told me that you weren’t that famous” I repeated his words.

“We aren’t” Ashton said and I saw that they actually believed that. “We are just some normal kids that made music” and then, he smiled. “You don’t have to be afraid. We aren’t going to eat you”.

“We’ll eat Luke if something goes wrong” Calum joked, making me laugh.

“Take your time” Luke said, smiling. And that’s what I did. I took my time to gather my thoughts and when I was ready, I closed my eyes and began to sing. Soon, I got carried away and when I finished and opened my eyes, I saw them all staring at me. Except Luke, who was looking at his bandmates with a smile on his lips.

“See?” he said, excited. “I told you! She’s amazing”. They all nodded and they said to me that I had an incredible voice. I couldn’t believe it. How could I? It was like I was living a dream. “So Y/N… What do you think if we propose to sing a song with us?” Luke asked me. I could see in his eyes that he wanted me to say yes and let’s be honest, I didn’t want to say no. I actually wanted to jump and scream of happiness because that was too much.

“I think you won’t have the need to kidnap me” I said, smiling. Luke bit his bottom lip while he smiled and I covered my mouth, excited.

“We we’ll have to talk with our producer but I’m sure he will be thrilled” Michael assured me.

“Welcome to the team!” Luke said, opening his arms so he could give me a hug. I laughed and I hugged him. “Thank you”, he said when we separated.

“No, thank you!” I said, excited. “I never believe that something like this could happen”.

“It is happening, Y/N” Luke said, smiling.