he's an actual golden retriever you see

ACOMAF Patronuses
  • feyre: a majestic ass wolf
  • rhysand: a bat, but like... a hot bat. or maybe a black kitten.
  • cassian: a mighty stallion
  • morrigan: a golden retriever
  • azriel: a sneezing panda cub
  • lucien: you think im gonna say a fox!! well i am yeah bc he's a fox totes magotes
  • amren: mothafukin!!dragon!!
  • elain: cute lil bunny wabbit
  • nesta: incredibly agitated owl
  • tarquin: the most beautiful ass dolphin you eVEr did see
  • ianthe: snake bitch (bitch snake)
  • king of hybern: cockroach?? do i look like i give a motherfuck??
  • tamlin: turkey. no wait, rat. no wait, a lion, but like a badly animated lion. like a really fucked up simba. no actually this asshole is scar. that's right, scar the evil ass lion. you know what fuck you tamlin you piece of shit you don't get a patronus fuck off m8

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RFA+V+Saeran with a passionate MC who keeps making them all flustered, like complimenting them about their little quirks, always snuggling up to them... Bonus : MC is a looooves tickling them

Okay, so I think this just turned into random, cheesy, cute fluff,,, Sorry if it’s not what you wanted ^^;


  • It’s the worst when you compliment his eyes.
  • Sometimes in the middle of a make out session, you’ll look into his eyes and just tell him how pretty they are and how you can see the whole universe in them
    • “It might just be my love for you talking, but I can see so many stars… entire galaxies… It’s beautiful. I think you’re beautiful…”
  • When that happens, he starts blushing like crazy
    • your fave is when his whole face turns pink and he just keeps trying to look away from you
  • “Yoosung, you’re so cute! You’re even cuter when your cheeks are all pink like that!”
  • You like to play with his hair a lot and shower him with completely random compliments. He tries to overpower your compliments with his own, which usually leaves him a stuttering mess when you one-up him again
  • Also, this boy’s sides are veeeeeery ticklish
  • He likes to hold your waist while cuddling or dancing or whatever, but as soon as your hands go above his hips, he freaks out
    • “MC I’m just trying to have a nicE TIME WITH Y- MC STOP.”
  • He likes payback though


  • Honestly, just telling him you love him makes him blush a little
  • Whenever you do something nice for him, he thanks you profusely
  • You really like just doing nice things for him, but you reeeeeeaaaaally like the way he acts when you do
  • When you cook him dinner, he just looses it
  • The entire dinner, he showers you and your food with compliments
  • Towards the end, when he tones it down a bit, it’s your turn.
  • Jumin, your skin is so pretty. Like, you have such a nice complexion.”
  • When you bring that one out, you typically come over and touch his face.
  • He absolutely adores feeling your hands on his face in a calm, loving way, and he loves the little kisses that come with it
  • His weakness tho
  • When you two are cuddling, you’ll run your hands through his hair and tell him how much he means to you
  • the man practically melts in your hands at that one


  • Okay, it is so damn hard to fluster this kid
  • He knows all your weaknesses, but you’ve never succeeded in making him more than blush
  • Whenever he winks at you or flirts with you, you’re a babbling mess
  • You just want to make him feel all warm and bubbly like he makes you feel
    • also revenge
  • You two cuddle a lot, but it’s always just peaceful
  • One day while you were getting up, you accidentally brushed your hand against the back of his leg and he freaked out
  • He brought his leg in so that you wouldn’t touch it again and his face turned red
    • “Zen, are you ticklish??”
    • “N-No! That was just-!”
  • That turned into a tickle war, only ending when you almost got kneed in the face
  • To this day, its the only innocent thing you know to do to make him blush, so you’ll sometimes brush the back of his knee in public and just laugh at him
  • He gets sorta pissed, but he thinks it’s cute that you’re having so much fun, so he doesn’t really mind.


  • Every single compliment you give her makes her blush and you love it
  • You compliment her every chance you get because not only are they all true and always relevant, but you think she’s so cute when she’s flustered
  • Like, always-put-together-Jaehee crumbling at your compliments is your weakness
  • You’ll often compliment her on her outfit or how that lipstick you bought her compliments her eyes, but it’s the deeper ones that really get her
  • “You’re the kindest, smartest person I know. You mean the world to me.”
  • When you guys cuddle, sometimes you’ll tell her that you never want to let her go. You want to spend the rest of your life with her and you hope that she’ll never leave you.
    • She cried at that one once
  • Sometimes she’ll go to push her glasses up, but realize that she doesn’t wear them anymore and you laugh.
  • This girl loves scented candles
  • Like, 
  • Loves them
  • So sometimes if you run out to the grocery store or something, you’ll buy her a candle then cuddle on the couch with her 
    • Honestly, it’s like one of those holiday commercials where everything’s perfect and the whole world smells nice
  • When you guys cuddle, you like to tell her how beautiful she is, how much you love her, and compliment the cute little things she’s done in the past week
  • Her face gets hot and it makes for warmer cuddles


  • You laugh at all his jokes, even when they’re not funny
  • “Luciel, you have the nicest ass.”
    • he says shit like that to you all the time, so you figured it’d be okay if you said it to him too
  • He concealed it well, but it made him feel super nice
  • “Seven, how come you never use caps lock?”
  • “Because my fingers are polite.”
  • He doesn’t know why, but he really likes when you pick up on little things like that.
  • Sometimes you like to take his glasses off so that you can stare into his eyes. When he asks you why you do that, you tell him that you love the color yellow.
    • “Yellow is a happy color. I’m always happy when I see you, and I hope you’re happy when you see me. Your eyes are like…. I dunno.. flowers. The sun. Golden retrievers…………….. Minions.”
  • When you keep going on about how happy he makes you, he gets really happy too because, ‘Oh my god, they love me so much. How the hell did I luck out like this???’
  • His cheeks turn a super light shade of pink. When you start giving him little kisses, he smiles into every single one. His blush gets a little darker when you compliment him more.
  • Sometimes you start to ramble after the kisses, but he never actually stops you. It makes him feel really good.
    • “Have I ever told you that you’re like, the funniest person I know? And you’re so smart! Funny and smart?? How did you get both? That’s not fair! Also, you’re so kind! God, you’re so lucky!!! I’m so lucky!!!!!! WHERE DID I FIND YOU I NEVER WANNA LET YOU GO”
  • By the end of it, he’s blushing like mad and things get deep
  • Also, his feet are hella ticklish, but you only use that when you’re desperate, because it usually ends with you getting kicked in the face and him feeling really bad


  • When he’s doing literally anything, you get super close to him and weasel your way into his space
    • Cooking? Hold me.
    • Reading? Let me hold you.
    • Texting? Lets cuddle.
    • Doing something important? Idc, please give me all your love and attention.
  • “Jihyun, I love your laugh! It’s so cute and it makes me so happy! And your smile! You’re just so handsome….”
  • He thinks its so cute that you pick out little things about him, and he thinks about how much you love him a lot.
  • Whenever he gets sad, he thinks about the compliments you’ve given him and everything is okay again
  • a i g h t, his laugh though
  • His laugh is like the most beautiful music to you
  • When you find out that his neck is ticklish,,,,,,HOOOOOOOH BOII
  • Not only do you get to hear his laugh, but you also get to see his smile and compliment him on both
  • plus a new thing that you absolutely love;
  • “When you try to protect yourself, it just makes you look cuter, y’know!”
  • His entire face turns red when you call him adorable, and you do it a lot when he’s trying to protect his neck from your tickles


  • Everything makes this poor boy flustered
  • “Babe, your bedhead is adorable.”
  • “The pasta sauce on your nose is a good look, really. It’s so cute.”
  • “Saeran, you’re so cute!”
  • Every single nice thing you say or do to him makes him blush and deny everything you say
  • He usually ends up trying to turn it all around and compliment you, but it never really works
  • “I’m adorable?? N-no way! You’re adorable….er.”
  • Cuddling with him is a fucking mess
  • He gets super flustered whenever you touch him, so having your bodies pressed together is ridiculous
  • When he’s super tired, he mellows out though. He falls a sleep when you’re the big spoon and it’s just so cute
  • He’s so cute when he sleeps oh man oh man

Hey everybody! It’s time for everyone’s favorite post on their favorite day of the week on their favorite Scooby-Doo blog! (I’m sorry it’s a couple minutes after midnight!) Doo Central’s Fun Fact Fridays is always a fun post about some of the more interesting characteristics of the Scooby-Doo franchise and today we’re going to explore five facts about EACH member of the Mystery Inc. gang totaling to 25 fun facts! 

Because I couldn’t get a Fun Fact Friday post out last week, I’m going to make another post tomorrow to make up for it called Doo Central’s Super Stellar Subject Saturdays! Anyway, lets get started!


Fact #01: Everyone knows that Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane. That’s not news. However, what people may not know is that Scooby-Doo also has some Bloodhound in him as well! Scooby claims this in one of the Marvel Scooby-Doo comic books from the late 1970′s. 

Fact #02: Scooby is of course known for his love for food but he is actually known to not like clams. Check out “Foul Play in Funland” from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! to see this yourself. 

Fact #03: Not once but twice has Scooby-Doo fallen in love with an alien. The first being Amber, the alien in disguise as a Golden Retriever in Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders. The second alien was Nova, an Annunakian alien from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. In fact, Nova helped Scooby realize that he is a descendant of an alien!

Fact #04: Scooby-Doo has three full names that we know of. We’ve heard Scoobert Doo, but the other two full names revealed throughout the Scooby-Doo franchise are Scooby Doobus (”Homeward Hound” from Season 2 of What’s New Scooby-Doo?) and Scoobert von Dooenheimer (”Scooby-Doo! and the Beach Beastie”). 

Fact #05: Scooby used to have another owner before Shaggy. In Shaggy and Scooby-Doo! Get A Clue, it’s revealed that Scooby used to belong to a man named Groovy Don. Of course, there’s many different explanations on how Scooby came to be a member of Mystery Inc. but this one isn’t well known!


Fact #01: It should be well-known that Shaggy’s real first name is Norville. He used to go by a different name than Shaggy when he was a child however. Also being based on how his hair was cut, Shaggy used to go by the nickname Buzz. 

Fact #02: Shaggy has been shown to not have any real career aspirations. Aside from his extra-curricular activities shown in the new Crystal Cove timeline of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Shaggy didn’t really participate in anything in high school. He’s been shown to have jobs like airport security and dog training but he’s never explicitly stated following any specific career path. 

Fact #03: Shaggy has many talents and hobbies. He collects belt buckles, is a talented gymnast, plays tournament-level mini-golf, and can play guitar. He’s a skilled ventriloquist and voice impersonator. 

Fact #04: As a child, Shaggy used to be a newspaper boy. This didn’t last after he discovered his boss was the villain in one of Mystery Inc’s early mysteries. 

Fact #05: Out of the four human members of Mystery Inc, Shaggy has had the most relationships/girlfriends! 


Fact #01: Velma is of course the genius of the group. She’s been shown to have careers after school such as a bookstore owner, archaeologist, and a researcher at NASA. 

Fact #02: As a child, Velma knew martial arts. She also had a very big fear of clowns as a child. 

Fact #03: Velma has been shown twice in the entire franchise to be fascinated with the monsters/ghosts she’s faced. In Issue #9 of the Scooby-Doo! DC comics, it’s revealed Velma has a Monster Museum in her own home. Her family also runs a Monster Museum in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated TV series. 

Fact #04: Velma has a variety of interests including studying other languages, ice hockey, graphic novels, chess, and of course, the Hex Girls. (She really loves the Hex Girls). 

Fact #05: It’s a rather new fact that has been learned about Velma in the new Scooby Apocalypse comic book series but Velma actually has an eidetic memory!


Fact #01: Daphne may not be Velma when it comes to genius-intelligence but she is a smart girl. She’s also very talented. Daphne is capable of flying helicopters, driving motorcycles, surfing, and also does karate. She can sing and play piano. 

Fact #02: Daphne’s family is very wealthy. This is revealed to be because of Blake’s Bubble Bath, a company that was started by Daphne’s father. It is unknown why the Blake family is so wealthy in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated series, however the Blake’s Bubbles is a reason for her being wealthy in the Scooby Apocalypse comic book series. Interesting how that carried over!

Fact #03: The Blake family has some very cool blood-backgrounds. Daphne is Irish, French, and Scottish (yay Scotland!). 

Fact #04: In high school, Daphne was a cheerleader and an aspiring thespian, and also developed an interest in journalism after school. This is shown in both Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island and Scooby Apocalypse. 

Fact #05: Did you know that in the first issue of the Scooby-Doo DC comics, there was a story about Daphne’s aunt putting her in an asylum because she claimed that Scooby could talk? 


Fact #01: Fred has always been known to be athletic. He lifts weights and used to play both soccer and football in high school. 

Fact #02: Fred’s full name is Frederick Herman Jones. He goes by Freddie, Fred, and it is questionable if his name should technically be Frederick Herman Chiles. 

Fact #03: Similar to Daphne’s journalism interests, Fred has always aspired to be a novelist. This is expressed in both the Behind the Scenes Scooby-Doo specials and in the live action 2002 Scooby-Doo movie.

Fact #04:  A fun fact about him (and Daphne) is that they’ve been considered “engaged” twice in the franchise. The first time this happened was in the Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed novel. The first chapter introduced the two stating that they were newly engaged. The second time the two were stated to be engaged was after Fred proposed to her towards the end of Season 1 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

Fact #05: Fred used to spend a lot of his time as a child at camps. He used to go to Camp Little Moose every summer (Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare) and would also attend trapping camps (which explains his absence in The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo series). 


I hope you guys enjoyed these fun facts about the Mystery Inc. gang! Check back here tomorrow for another post with more fun facts about the Scooby-Doo franchise! And of course, send me ideas that you may have and would love to see further researched!



Lesson number one:
Don’t believe every thing you see on the internet.

Hey did you know that there’s only an estimated 120 West Estonian Shepherds left on the planet?

*reblog - omfg guys how sad we need to bring this beautiful breed back!*
*gets 23,837 notes*

NOPE. That’s a regular old German Shepherd. Long haired. Sable coat. BUT, since someone has stated a breed that literally does not even exist and posted a cute photo next to it everyone with an eye for anything cute and maybe 3 braincells has bought it. GUYS PLS.

~actual real example time~

What the internet says: Siberian Husky X Pomeranian! Looks like a husky puppy but never gets bigger! how perfect! omg just so cute! totez need one!!1 Pomskies are my absolute new fave breed. LOVez it!~

What it actually is: A Finnish Lapphund puppy. OK?!

Internet says: Siberian Husky X Golden Retriever. Cutie!! I neED ONE!

What it actually is: Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. once again a breed not even remotely close to what’s being advertised.


Lesson number two:
Designer breeds.

Obviously there are tons of cross breeds around the world; considering that most pedigree dogs now have come from the cross breeding of many earlier breeds, it should be to no surprise that the world will continue to create new breeds. The Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Puggle, Maltese Shih Tzu etc. Are all well known and loved “designer” breeds. These have been proven to work through time and numbers. The Labradoodle was originally created as a hypoallergenic breed to help the blind who were allergic to fur. 

Recently, however, with the growing fascination for Huskies, an alarming amount of Husky cross breeds are appearing. These are creating an appeal for the dimwitted who see something *omfg just so cute1* (even though the picture wasn’t even of the cross breed stated!) and create a rise in consumer wants. With this, puppy mills jump into action and churn out this new fan fave. (puppy mills are a whole other can of worms i’ll open for another time)

Dumb designer husky breeds that you should not buy:
(generally because of false advertising)

Chusky - Chow Chow cross Sib Husky.

What they actually usually look like:

(not that he isn’t still beautiful!)

The Goberian - Golden Retriever X Sib Husky
(actually a merled aussie as well)

What they actually usually look like:
She’s a cutie too tho :*

Pomsky - Pomeranian X Sib Husky.
(actually an Alaskan Malamute puppy)

What they actually usually look like:

That said…

never hesitate to adopt.
any dog.

But don’t be fooled by idiots on the net and always do your research. 
Don’t be a sheep. Figure it out. jfc.

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Bering and Wells prompt: “She was a rose in the hands of a blind man who could only feel her thorns.” If you wouldn't mind.

Hi anon, thank you for the prompt ♥ 
You can see this as another take at Instinct, but it’s still not a happy one alas … Also, go check this amazing gifset @pagets made, it inspired me a lot X

The smile on Helena’s face is strained and doesn’t reach her eyes, Myka notices absentmindedly.

There is a man, playing in the garden with a young girl while Helena is restlessly pacing the living-room. Everything is beige around them, the fabric of the couches, the rug under the clear pinewood coffee table and the walls even, are of a cleared shade of creme.
Nothing stands out and everything looks in order, in this house located at the very end of a residential area so conformist it makes Myka’s skin crawl.

“I only called you to inform you of a curiosity,” Helena states and her voice, rich with those British accents Myka had missed so much, is clipped and a little caustic. She looks annoyed and the corners of her mouths are turned downward, there is no sparkle of humor or interest in her eyes. “Not for you to barge into this house with your badge and your glorified golden retriever.”

Myka doesn’t have to look to feel the heat in Pete’s glare. He stays silent though and Myka is grateful for it.

“You know how it works, Helena. Emily. Whatever your name is lately,” Myka answers, struggling to stay professional at the very least. “We need to ask a few questions and you’re our first lead.”

“Fine. Fine,” Helena relents but she’s clearly unhappy and she shoots an exasperated glare to Pete when he almost knocks out a statuette from its rightful place. “I urge you to be quick however, I have to take Adelaide to her Kenpo class in fifteen minutes.”

Myka stays silent but her mind is reeling with everything she is helplessly witnessing.
H.G Wells, living the life of a banal soccer mom in some random town in Wisconsin, with the house, the man and the kid to go with it. Years ago, she would have laughed at the very idea of someone as adventurous as Helena beginning to even think to settle and yet, here she was.

“I’m surprised you don’t have an actual golden retriever or a faithful border collie to go with this idyllic painting,” Myka quietly says and she juts her chin towards the window, where she can see Nate and Adelaide, since it is their names, are playing together. Pete snickers behind her but she only stares at how Helena softly smiles when her eyes fall upon the two people that are now her new family.

“We talked about it actually.”

Myka grits her teeth but shows nothing of the hurt she felt. Instead, she tilts her head to the side and wonders out loud “So, does he know who you truly are? Does he understand you?”

Like I do, Myka doesn’t say. The words are heavy on her tongue but she keeps them to herself because it is not her place to say. Not anymore at least, because she still remembers.

She remembers a scene in the wood when Pete was about to destroy the better part of H.G Wells, the one stuck in the Janus coin. She remembers the deep and soulful brown eyes that had been full with something she didn’t dare put a name on, at the time.
She can still hear the accent of that sulky, British voice asking how could one say goodbye to the person who knew them better than anyone else.

“I can’t very well tell him, I’m H.G. Wells.”

The smile is as insincere as it could be, floating across sad lips like the pathetic ghost of an old memory, and the tone is clipped again but there is a longing beneath the low accents and the flowing vowels.

It’s subtle but Myka is attuned to Helena in a way she can’t begin to comprehend and she isn’t sure she wants to. She doesn’t know what to make of the strange edge in Helena’s voice and so she chooses to ignore it.

“Does he make you happy?” She asks and it burns her throat to ask, the words are rasping against her tongue as if they didn’t want to be set free.

“Yes,” comes the simple answer and Myka sighs.

It comes from the abysses of her broken soul, that sound, loaded with shattered hopes and painful resignation. It hangs in the air like a statement and then it’s gone.

Helena is watching Nate and Adelaide again and Myka stands up.

Pete is looking at her, concern etched all over his usually goofy features and she manages a soft smile, trying as best as she could to reassure him. It doesn’t work, she can see he is upset in the way he frowns but she shakes her head and he lets it slide. For now.

They are outside now and Helena goes to put an arm around the young girl’s shoulders while Nate is leaning in to kiss her.

Myka looks down and her eyes fall upon a bunch of roses, bordering the parking alley.
The garden is like the house, perfectly well maintained, the flowers all around are bright and fully blossomed, the grass is as green as it can be and even the trees look perfectly aligned with the general layout.

It’s sickening and Myka stares at the thorns that climb along the roses stems.
She used to hate roses, the cliché lines and the utterly boring comparisons all the authors and wanna be poets would make about that all too ordinary flower. She used to hate the smell of roses, too faint and yet too intoxicating to be ignored, the bright but bland colors, everything about roses made her cringe.

Until she met Helena, who in a way, was like the rarest of them all.
The black rose, so unnatural and incredibly precious it had become some kind of a monster amongst the specialists. Helena, with the weight of her years and the power of her ancient knowledge, her glossy dark hair and soulful brown eyes, her flirtatious smile and her perfectly arched brows, was something of an anomaly in Myka’s world, a rarity and even a curiosity, one might say.

She was clever, cunning, uncompromising, complex, unique and yet she had flaws, so many of them, scattered like thorns along her strange and hard to get personality.

Helena was a black rose to Myka and she had hated it for a long time.

Today, the perfectly tailored roses are a blunt and prickly reminder of why she didn’t like the flowers in the first place.
When she looks up, Nate is pulling away and Helena is already walking towards the street with Adelaide, to take her to her Kenpo class. Their move easily together but somehow, Myka can see the cracks, the flaws in that relationship that shouldn’t even exist.

Myka stares at Nate and she sees a man who has no idea of how rare the woman he lives with is.
He calls her Emily and he probably thinks she is just a forensic working for the police, a woman with a past he doesn’t know about and a good mother for his daughter. He doesn’t know, the endless wonders Helena’s heart and mind harbor. He is blind to it.

“Are you okay Mykes?” Pete softly asks next to her and she sighs again.

“No, but I will be, eventually,” She answers and he nods but she can tell he doesn’t believe her.

She isn’t sure she does either.

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Uh. You know you have to write that blind otp prompt post thingie right?

Oh, I do, huh? Well, I guess if I have to… :p 

(Here’s the prompt)


It’s your voice I hear drivin’ me wild
Whispering in my ear
It’s your voice I hear dangerous child
You’re sayin’ what I wanna hear
If I had my choice I’d run for cover
But I think It’ll be OK
‘Cause all I needed to hear
Was the sound of your voice 
[“It’s Your Voice” - 38 Special]

“Bailey! Come here, boy!”

Gail looked up from her notepad, pausing mid-ticket. She noticed a tall brunette woman shouting and clapping her hands at… nothing. She quickly finished issuing the jackass driver a speeding ticket and told him, in a saccharine sweet voice, to have a nice day and to try not to kill anyone. She just ignored him as he sped away and flipped her off. All in a day’s work, she thought to herself as she returned to the driver’s seat of the squad car.

The brunette woman was still yelling out for 'Bailey’ and clapping her hands against her denim-clad upper thighs. And… whistling?

“Dov, why don’t you go see what’s up with that one,” Gail said, indicating the yelling brunette across the street.

“You may be a Peck, but you are not my boss,” Dov said, not even looking up from his phone.

Gail tried the Gail special glare, but the skinny twerp wasn’t looking at her. She heaved a dramatic sigh. “Fine,” she ground out, pushing her door open again before exiting the car and slamming the door. She quickly checked to make sure no cars were coming, then jogged across the road. It was warm for a Toronto April day, causing Gail to curse mentally. This woman better not be trouble. They had ten minutes left before they planned to return to the station for the end of their shift. 

“Bailey, come on!” the woman yelled, excessively loud this time, voice laced with something Gail could only describe as panic.

“Ma’am, is everything okay?” Gail asked, already annoyed from the heat and unexpected delay.

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Heyy.. Idk why, but Jimin has been messing me up and because it’s time for me to post something again.. I thought I’d publish this! It’s something I just wrote in the spur of the moment and it’s pretty long. Please excuse the typos and enjoy! Summary: Cruise. Jimin is there and shit goes downnnnn. Jimin x you smut


« Look honey! This is the cruise liner!» you mom was trying to get you excited for the cruise to the Caribbean islands, she and your father had booked.
Your eyes scanned over the humongous, white cruise ship in front of you.
It looked pretty amazing and there were apparently even large water slides on deck, but you just weren’t feeling it.
Actually, you didn’t even really want to go on a cruise, you wanted to go on the trip to Australia your parents had promised you last year, but of course they said it still had time and that you were still young.
Excuses, that’s what they were giving you and now you ended up with a suitcase dragging behind you while you were following your parents on the dock, boarding the liner called “La Luna”, with a large number of people behind you.
After your parents checked into the hotel, you rode the spacious elevator, that easily fit 3 suitcases and 3 people in it, to the fifth floor.
« This is going to be great.» your dad smiled and kissed your mother, making you roll your eyes.
« Y/N, did you just roll your eyes?» your mother was a little annoyed from your behavior.
« No.» you lied, not wanting to start a discussion and only wanting to get into your hotel room as quickly as possible.
« Here is your key, darling.» your father handed you your room key and you noticed the red shirt with white hibiscus flowers printed all over, he was wearing.
You shook your head at the sight, your father needed a makeover.
The elevator doors opened after what seemed like forever and you made your way towards the number that was printed onto your key card.
« 701.» you mumbled to yourself as your eyes skimmed the numbers on the different room doors, your parents chit chatting behind you.
You stopped as soon as your saw ‘701’ and unlocked the door by scanning your key card.
« We are right beside you.» your mom smiled and opened the suite room door left of yours.
« If anything is wrong don’t hesitate to knock.» your father walked in with his brown sandals.
« Don’t worry, we will check on you soon.» your mom smiled gently and you noticed a tad of her pink lipstick on one of her teeth.
« Mom, I’m 19 don’t worry about me too much. Oh and you have lipstick on your teeth.» you decided to inform her about her pink stain on her white teeth and marched into the suite room, closing the door and leaving your limited Luis Vuitton suitcase beside it.
A flatscreen tv, a large king-size bed, a large, white, marble bathroom, a balcony and a welcoming gift on the table greeting you.
You let yourself drop onto the bed and pulled your IPhone 6s in rose gold out of your purse.
Over 100 Instagram likes and about 10 comments on your last post, a picture of you and your rich friends.
Your eyelids started to feel heavy and a yawn escaped your pink lips.
Not long after you fell asleep with a pillow under your head and your phone on the night stand beside the bed.
An your later, something woke you up and you groaned.
There was a knock on the door and you sighed, your mother’s voice echoing from the other side «Honey! We are going to explore the ship, if anything happens call me!»
You were relieved, finally some piece and quiet.
It would be probably be forever until your parents came back to their room and then eventually would come to check on you, so you decided to switch on the tv.
News channel.
Your finger pressed on the > button to switch to the next channel.
“ Mom I love you-” switch.
The next channel caught your interest.
“ Welcome to La Luna, please visit our large pools and beach bar. We serve-” you turned off the tv, already having made up your mind about going to the pool.
Since you were stuck on this ship you had to try to make the best of it.
You trotted over to your suitcase and unzipped the large container.
After opening it, you searches through your expensive, name-brand summer clothes, accessories, bags and shoes, until you found the bikini you were looking for.
A black sexy bikini with a strapless bikini top.
You immediately changed into it, admiring your slim, tan figure with curves at the perfect spots and how it complimented your dark brown, medium length hair. You draped your short black, see-through kimono with red roses printed onto it over your head.
You reached into your suitcase to grab your black and pink VS towel and slipped into your white flip-flops.
You made sure to grab your beach bag and threw your towel, your wallet with your card key, and your sun-screen into it before slipping it onto your left shoulder.
You threw your sunglasses into the bag as well and took a quick look at your reflection in the big bathroom mirror.
A hand ran through your brown hair as you decided to take a selfie to capture your “sexy” look.
Then you casually walked out of the suite and made your way to the elevator.
You were too busy editing the selfie you just made on your phone, you didn’t realize that someone who was also on the phone, was walking towards you.
Of course the two of you collided and you lost your balance, falling onto him while holding your phone tightly in your hand.
A strong pair of arms wrapped around you as you fell into a naked chest, his whole body steady and strong.
You gulped at the sight of his muscular chest and quickly chocked out, moving out of his strong hold.
« Thank you and I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention-» you scratched the back of your head and when your eyes flickered up to meet his face, your heart skipped a beat.
« No big deal.» he answered.
A bright, toothy smile was beaming from his perfect face and his nice hand was running through orange faded hair.
Your eyes raked over his muscular, defined chest and moved down towards his swimming trunks that were black and muscular legs.
You licked your lips at the thought of him and what he could do to you.
« I’m (Y/N).» you just said out of the blue while extending your hand, wanting to continue the conversation with that hottie somehow.
« (Y/N)..» he raised his right eyebrow while smirking. You were so happy that you had some self-control or else drool would be dripping from your mouth.
« I’m Jimin.» he grabbed onto your extended hand and you somehow got really nervous, your heart pounding even faster in your chest.
« Nice to meet you, Jimin.» you grinned and tucked a strand of hair behind your left ear.
« So.. You heading to the pool?» he took notice of the towel in your bag.
« Actually, yes.» you confirmed his suspicion and he laughed.
« That’s actually where I’m headed too.» he ran a hand through his hair, his arm flexing a little, showing off his muscle.
« If I’m not mistaken.. The elevator is the way your coming from.» you pointed out.
« O-oh I know that.» he stuttered a little, but played it off coolly by saying « I just forgot my towel and I have to go to my room and grab it!»
You chuckled, twisting a finger in your brown hair « Okay I’ll believe that.»
« You could wait here really quick and then we could go to the pool together after I get my towel.» he offered, his smile mesmerizing you.
« I guess I could..» you didn’t want to come over to available or anything so you added « Since I’m not busy or in a rush.»
« Cool. Then wait here real quick.» he gestured with his hands for you to stay out as he ran down the hallway into a room that seemed fairly close to yours.
You directed your attention back to your phone, going on your photos and scrolling though them, trying to distract yourself from your thoughts that were coursing around Jimin.
You were a little nervous, fidgeting around with your phone, but also excited, because maybe you would be able to have some fun on this vacation.
« Wow, nice picture.» a familiar voice beside you stated and your head immediately snapped in the direction of the voice.
There he was again, the boy with the beautiful orange hair and the body of a Greek god.
You glanced at your phone so you could actually see which picture he was talking about.
It was a picture of you, with your golden retriever, Milo.
« Thanks.» you replied and tossed your phone into your bag.
« Ready to get wet and wild?» he raised one of his eyebrows.
« As ready as ever!» you answered, already heading towards the elevator while giggling.
He was right behind you, chasing you with his towel under his arm.
Both of you got into the elevator and rode it down to the floor the pool was on.
The doors opened, interrupting the conversation you two were having about movies.
You found out that his favorite movie was Deadpool which was your favorite movie as well!
You two stepped out of the pool and made your way to the pool.
Since both of you were already wearing your swim wear, you didn’t have to change in the crowded changing rooms and walked straight to one of the chairs around the pool.
Jimin took the one beside you and flexed his muscles.
You didn’t see him do so, because you were to busy scanning the area for your parents who were nowhere to be seen and that was great.
« You ready?» he smiled.
« For what?» you looked over at him and he was just staring at the pool with a smile on his face.
« For this.» he suddenly turned to you, picked you up out of the chair.
« No, no!» you caught on to what was happening and jumped into the pool with you, splashing water everywhere.
He pulled you back up towards the surface of the water and you inhaled a huge portion of air as soon as you arrived.
Damn, was the thought that crossed your mind when you saw the manliness beside you.
Jimin’s wet orange hair and his wet toned body, you rubbed your legs together, he was too damn sexy.
« Let’s go slide.» Jimin was staring at one of the huge waterslides.
« Okay.» you were a little scared, but had no choice as he grabbed you again and pulled you to the slide with him, forcing you to go on it.
In the end it was fun and your day at the pool was one of the best days ever.
You guys swam a few laps, went down the slides a couple of hundred times and laughed a whole lot.
You two were totally flirting, smiling and laughing the whole time.
Now you two were drying yourselves off and you noticed that Jimin couldn’t stop stealing glances at you.
« I’m going to head back to my room and change.» you informed him, grabbing your bag and stuffing your wet towel into it.
« Hey, if you want, you can come over to my room later and we can watch Deadpool?» he offered, drying his hair with his towel, a goofy smile on his face.
« Yeah sure.» your body answered, before your brain could even catch on.
« Cool. 8:00pm, room 705.» he cocked up his right eyebrow and ran a and through his damp hair.
This dude goes from 0 to 100 real quick, was your thoughts of him going from cute to sexy in literally 1 second.
You nodded and headed straight for your room, your body going wild with excitement for tonight.
Oh wait, there was only one problem, your parents.
How were you going to get rid of them? They probably wanted to eat dinner with you and some other crap.
You trotted into the elevator, trying to think of some way to get rid of them for tonight.
Ding, the elevator arrived and you started to pray that there would be something your parents could do, so they wouldn’t be hanging around you.
The elevator doors opened and there your parents were.
« There you are!» your mother smiled.
« I see you went to the pool.» your dad’s eyes were on your beach bag.
« Mhm.» you nodded, still praying in your head.
« Oh darling, you remember how I was talking about eating dinner earlier?» your mom started to talk « We will be going to this 80s party down in the lobby, so you could order room service. We’ll give you some money.»
You started to laugh, happily.
« Ordering room service sounds great!» you skipped past them out of the elevator, now there was nothing standing in your way.
« Don’t you need money?» your dad called.
« I have some.» you opened your room, before waving at them one last time and then walking inside, closing the door behind you.
« Since when has she not taken our money.» your mom seemed a little suspicious.
« Agh, don’t worry about that too much, let’s go do something.» your dad didn’t care and was ready to go around the ship some more.

« Oh my god.» you let yourself fall into the bed face first.
Jimin still the one thing crossing your mind.
You glanced at the clock and noticed it was 5:30, so you still had some time, before you had to go over to Jimin’s place.
You decided to change into your pair of VS black cotton shorts, a plain white top and put on a pair of Galaxy socks that you found in your suitcase, after showering off the chlorine.
You threw yourself on the bed and decided to pass the time by surfing the web.

Slowly you started to get an appetite and decided to look at the clock on the wall.
« 7:55!» your eyes opened wide and you were thankful that your stomach growled so you realized what time it was.
You jumped up off the bed and ran into the bathroom, brushing your teeth quickly, putting on some deodorant and spraying on some perfume.
You winked at yourself in the mirror before grabbing your phone and your keycard.
Next thing you knew you were nervously standing in front of room 705, waiting for Jimin to open the door.
You were biting your lip and playing around with your phone case that’s how nervous you were.
The door opened and you looked up at the manly figure, wearing a pair of dark blue gym shorts, with orange hair who was shooting you a bright, toothy smile, but something else distracted you.
It was the fact that he still wasn’t wearing a shirt and was flashing his wonderful abs at you.
« Are you going to come in?» he stepped aside, allowing you entrance into his man-cave.
You stepped inside before stealing another glance at his abs you just couldn’t seem to get enough of.
He closed the door right behind you and you noticed there was food on the kitchen counter.
Fries, coconut shrimp, salad, cake, chips and two marguerites.
« I didn’t know if you’d be hungry, so I prepared just in case. Thank you room service. » he walked past you into the kitchen area, grabbing a clean plate and handing it to you.
« Just grab whatever you want.» he was so kind and cute.
« Thanks.» you smiled back and took the plate, filling it with coconut shrimp and some salad. You grabbed a margarita that looked like it could be mango.
Jimin did the same, except his plate was followed with fries and chips instead of salad and he took a margarita that was red, probably strawberry or raspberry.
You stood there, waiting for him to finish scooping fries on his plate. You used the time by admiring his outer appearance, if this guy wasn’t a candidate for sexiest man alive, you didn’t know who was.
Your thoughts were interrupted by his manly, sexy voice.
« You can just take a seat. No need to stand.» he gestured at the couch in the living room area, in front of the huge flat-screen TV.
You walked over with your plate and drink in hand and took a seat and Jimin took a seat right beside you. Both of you placed your drinks on the table.
« I hope this is good.» he mumbled as you took a bite and smiled.
« Yep. It’s good.» you nodded.
« That’s a relief.» he laughed and put his plate down in the table in front of you two.
« I should probably start the movie now.» he leaned forward, grabbing the black remote off of the table and turned on the movie.
« Do you want to play a game?» he looked over at you with a smirk on his face.
« A game?» you were a little surprised m, but nodded because you didn’t want to seem uptight or anything.
His smirk grew larger and then he let you in on the game you two were about to play.
« The game is a drinking game.» he got up and placed a bottle of tequila from the cabinet onto the table in front of you.
« Every time someone says ‘Fuck’ » he placed two shot glasses beside the bottle.
« We have to take a shot.» he added.
You nodded, showing him you understood what he was telling you.
Not even five minutes into the movie and the word ‘fuck’ was mentioned at least 4 times.. Which means you two had to take four shots.
You were good at drinking and taking alcohol, plus the food you were eating helped.
You tried your best to pay attention to the movie, but the sexy boy beside you was just too distracting. Dirty thoughts of what he could do to you crossed your mind again and again.
In the end.. The word ‘fuck’ was said over 20 times… and the alcohol was slowly starting to get to you and Jimin seemed affected by it as well.
« Hey, (Y/N). You know what» Jimin said, catching your attention.
« What?» you looked over at him and realized he was 100 times hotter when you were intoxicated.
« This.» escaped his lips before he moved his face close to you and his lips crashed into yours.
As mentioned before, Jimin goes 0 to 100 real quick.
You were surprised at first, but this is exactly what you have been longing for the whole day and being under the influence of alcohol, you wanted it even more.
Your lips perfectly molded together as he pushed he down on the couch.
He interrupted the kiss, only to start to kiss your jaw, earning a squirm from you. His cherry lips met the sensitive skin of your neck next, sucking and nibbling on the skin there.
Your teeth sunk down onto your bottom lip, holding back the squirms when he slowly moved down to your chest, his hands sliding under your t-shirt.
You sat up, allowing him to slip the shirt off of you and toss it on the ground.
« Wow.» he eyed the lacy, black bra you were wearing.
He cocked one of his eyebrows up and smirked « We’re you expecting this?»
« Maybe.» you returned the smirk.
« Let’s take this to the bed.» he bit his bottom lip and got up.
You jumped up as well and ran a hand through your hair, biting your lip as well, causing him to release a growl.
He moved closer to you and his very lips met your peachy ones yet again, his hands snakes behind your back and have you ass a squeeze.
You squeaked into the kiss and he showed his tongue into your mouth.
He managed to lift you up by your butt and your legs instinctively wrapped around his hips for support, making it easy for you to feel the arousal in his soft shorts and grind yourself against him.
Without breaking the kiss, he carried you into the bedroom and gently placed you on the bed.
He was supporting himself with his two hands that were placed on either side of your head while your small hands were on the back of his neck, pulling him in closer.
A bit later, he separated his lips from yours and directed his focus on removing your bra.
Your face heated up when he unclasping it and managed to slide the material off of you, with your cooperation of course.
« Beautiful.» he said before attacking your boobs, his lips enveloping your right nipple, eating another squirm from you.
The other nipple was not forgotten as he rolled it between his thumb and index finger.
Your hands met the back of his head, tangling your fingers in his wonderful hair and by now the area between your legs must have been flooding or at least that’s the feeling you had.
He moved down further to the area that was yearning for his touch, leaving a trail of kisses behind.
He kneeled down on the floor in front of the bed, running hands up and down your thighs.
« Do you want me to take these of princess?» his hands played with you short shorts and then the rim of your thong.
« Mhm.» you nodded at him.
« I can’t hear you, baby.» he wanted you to say what you wanted aloud, you caught on to that.
« Please take them off.» you said in a shaky and need my voice.
« Good girl.» he let out a satisfied grunt. You knew he was smirking when he slowly slid the only two things separating your nether regions from his view.
Your breath hitched and your cheeks flushed when Jimin blew air onto your core after discarding of the shorts and panties on the carpeted floor.
He licked a stripe up your slit, surprising you and your threw your head back onto the bed.
He began to tease you by licking kittenish licks onto your slit or teasing your clit, building up the pleasure, but never giving you enough to send you over the edge.
The effect was you getting even needier and frustrated.
« Jimin.» you whined, wanting him to finally give you what you wanted.
« Hm?» he hummed, the vibrations making you bite your lip.
« Stop teasing.» you demanded in a frustrated and desperate tone of voice.
« Is that how you ask for something?» he questioned you and you felt him distance himself from your throbbing core.
« Please, please don’t stop and give me more.» you wanted him so bad.
« Tell me, princess. Do you want my tongue or my dick?» he asked, easing and eyebrow, making eye contact with you as he slowly undressed himself in a teasing manner.
« You-ur dick, please.» you wanted to get up off the bed and pull him down onto you, but before you could even move his voice echoed through the room.
« (Y/N), be a good girl and stay put or else you won’t get my.» he grabbed his cock, not needing to say the last word since you already knew what he was talking about.
« Spread your legs.» glanced at you and you knew that if you wanted to get anymore pleasure, you would have to listen to his commands, not that you minded, you actually found his dominant side quite sexy.
« Yes.» you immediately obeyed, spreading your legs as far as possible that’s how desperate you were.
He slowly moved onto the bed and in between your legs.
He teased your slit a little more with his dick, making you beg for him.
« Jimin, please. I want your dick so bad.» you bucked your hips.
« Since you want me that bad, I guess I’ll give it to you.» he plunged into you, filling you up completely.
« Damn, your so tight.» he groaned.
You let out a loud moan and Jimin smirked at you, his hands on either side of your head.
« Fuck.» you cried when he pulled back and thruster right back into you, repeating this action many times, increasing his speed every time.
« You like that baby?» his lips were on your neck, giving you even more pleasure.
« Yes.» you managed to choke out, eyes closed , before moaning again.
The please slowly started to become overwhelming and you came closer and closer to the edge.
« I’m close.» you yelped and Jimin’s pace started to slow down.
Your eyebrows furrowed and he had a smirk plastered on his face.
« Jimin, please!» you let out a frustrated whine.
« You want to come?» he whispered into your ear, nibbling on it while waiting for your answer that came almost immediately after he posed it.
« Yes please.» you begged, hands on his back.
« Okay then.» he bit his bottom lip and started to increase his thrusting speed.
« Ah~.» you moaned and he knew you were really close, so he decided to add even more pleasure by moving his hand down and rubbing fast, small circles onto your clit, earning a cry from you.
The pleasure was too much and you were thrown over the edge into euphoria and a state of hypersensitivity.
Jimin moaned, your walls clenching around him, sending over the edge as well, shooting his hot seed inside of you.
You pulled out of you, semen dripping out of you, and collapsed beside you, panting.
Both of your bodies were sweaty and he mumbled « Please tell me you’re on birth control.»
« Luckily, I am.» you replied, still out of breath.
« Damn, I’m glad I met you today.» he scooted close to you, pulling you into his embrace by wrapping his arms around your stomach.
« I feel the same way.» you chuckled, completely satisfied at the moment.
« What happens now?» you asked, unsure of what would occur after this.
« Well.» he explained « The cruise has literally just begun and I mean… If you want to we can hang out some more, if you know what I mean?»
« True and I would love to hang out with your sexy self some more.» you said boldly, evoking a loud laugh from him.
Your phone interrupted the beautiful moment the two of you were having by ringing.
« I’ve got to answer.» you mumbled, already annoyed by whoever was calling you.
You groaned, forcing yourself to move out of Jimin’s warm, strong embrace and got up moving back to where you had left your phone which was on the table.
'Mom’ was what the caller ID said and you sighed, answering it and holding it up to your right ear.
« Yes?» you sounded annoyed.
« Ah, darling. Is everything alright?» she asked.
« Yes…» you kept your answers short.
While she was blabbering about stuff you really didn’t care about, your eyes canned the room and you noticed Jimin was leaning against the wall with his briefs on.
He smiled at you and you returned the smile.
« -We’re almost at the elevator and then we’ll come check on you okay?» that sentence immediately caught your attention.
« Your coming up? Right now?» you weren’t quite sure if you understood what she had said and you really didn’t want to believe what she said.
« Yes, is something going on?» your mom was suspicious.
« No.» you lied and rolled your eyes.
« (Y/N)?» she said your name in that tone of disbelief every mom makes.
« I’m about to step into the shower!» you made up a plausible excuse.
« I’ll see you in a few.» you tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible.
« Okay darling.» was the last thing you heard her say before hanging up your phone.
« Who was that?» Jimin asked, interested.
« My mom. I’ve got to go.» you speed walked past him into the bedroom after putting your bra and shirt back on.
He followed you and found you slipping on your thong and shorts.
« Ah, okay.»
Somehow, it seemed like he didn’t want you to leave yet and you actually didn’t want to leave.
« Well…» you started to make your way towards the door.
« Wait, give me your phone number.» he demanded and so you did.
« I’ll text you.» he shot you a have you smack on the ass as you were about to walk out of the door.
Your head snapped in his direction and he had a cute smile tugging at the ends of his mouth.
He winked at you before closing the door when he heard voices in the hallway.
Your parents!
You sprinted to your room and quickly unlocked it with the key card you stored in your phone case.
Immediately, you jumped inside, quietly closing the door.
Your phone vibrated and you checked to see who it was.
« (Y/N), honey.» there were a few knocks on the door, but you were too focused on the text message on whatsapp you had just received to care.

Jimin: Hey, it’s me Jimin. Let’s meet tomorrow. I’ll tell you when and where later.

Jimin: Nice profile pic by the way.😏


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@kisusnacktime/@cunningtype and I have been discussing the headcanon of oikawa and kise having a golden retriever together so consider these

  • Kise comes home late one night and Oikawa is cuddling with the dog in their bed. "Oikawacchi you replaced me!“ "He actually looks like you.” “I’m going to cry.
  • Oikawa studying at the kitchen table and puppy comes and just sits beside him and puts his head on his thigh and just sits there content as Oikawa scratches his head and ears 
  • Oikawa secretly names him Ryo-chan but he never calls him like that in front of Kise until one day he blurts it out. Kise turns to look at him with a surprise look and sees the dog running happy towards Oikawa
  • Kise bringing Ryo-chan to GOM meetups
  • Ryo-chan climbs all over big!nigou and pulls on his ears to play 
  • Nigou taking care of the puppy, teaching him things, letting him play around him, nibbling him and jumping on him and ryo-chan follows him everywhere
  • Oikawa and Kise going for runs together every morning with him
  • Puppy drags Oikawa’s and Kise’s sports bags around the house if theyre left out where he can get them
  • He sneaks in the bed every night when he is big enough to jump on it. Before that he just kept crying until one of them picked him up

so basically what i got from the pet post

Franks got this big ass excitable golden retriever that gives Dave AnXiEty but he learns to be okay with it even if the dog isn’t his favorite

Hal’s pet is a cat for that rad super villain aesthetic. probably either a tortious shell cat or a tuxedo cat. he can’t actually pet at them or play with them but he likes to talk to them and watch their lil ears flick

Dave’s pet is a big ass aquarium, like the ones you see at the dentist with smudges on them from where 5 year olds smush their faces against the glass all MOTHER LOOK ITS DORY AND NEMO. he likes the soft bubbly noises of the filter and watching them swim around is oddly soothing. sometimes it makes him think of his brother which is sad, or sometimes it reminds him of the discovery, trapped in their own little world so far from home. but that’s when Hal’s there to be like “Dave, *insert distracting phrase like are you hungry or would you please read to me etc etc”

Chandra probably has a cool ass tarantula or snake or something i dunno

Winchester’s Garage and Salvage

Imagine applying to work for Dean at his garage, and him giving you three days to prove you’re worth hiring. 

Author’s Note: This Dean x reader is a couple different requests put together! For working with Dean at his garage, fighting with Dean but him having a soft spot for you, and reader and Dean getting along only because they’re both stubborn. 

Dean is callous and rude in the beginning. The story is based off of him running the garage/salvage by himself, so presumably Sam has left him and Bobby is gone. Dean has a dog. Dean doesn’t really like the dog, but he keeps it around because it’s Sam’s. There was SO much more I wanted to do with this but I didn’t have time. Oh well! I tried to fit a lot in there. Dean and reader are both stubborn and fight but cute fluff in the end! It’s comical/light. Oh and there’s probably a ton of typos… it’s really early in the morning.  

Warnings: Dean being a jerk, drinking, language, 

I wiped my palms off on the front of my jean shorts and scooped my hair up into a messy pony tail. Three different jobs in the last week, and each left me high and dry. I needed this, bad. The rusted carcasses of vehicles surrounded me on every side. I was fairly familiar with most of the models, drawing on what my father had taught me as a child. I used to resent him for the hours we spent sitting in the garage together, but his captive education might come in handy now. The long dirt road lined with scrapped cars eventually ended in front of a small building. The windows were thick with dust and the door was wide open to the summer air. I sighed and silently prayed this wouldn’t be an unfortunate end to an unsuccessful day. When I crossed the threshold my feet creaked across the aged floor, alerting a sleeping dog not far away. He immediately rose and scampered towards me, floppy ears shaking with each step. I dropped to his level and rubbed the scruff around his collar. 

“Hey, boy. Yeah, you’re a cutie. What’s your name?” The dog lapped at my hand in wordless approval. 

 "Bones! Come!“ A gruff voice startled both of us and the dog retreated behind a pair of jean clad legs not far away. I slowly followed their bowed length upwards till I met piercing eyes and a stubble framed scowl. The man had his arms crossed over his chest and a blackened bandanna jutted from his front pocket. I’m not sure what was more startling, the rumble of his words or the intensity of his sharp, dirt smudged features. "Can I help you?” His impatient tone suggested he had little intention of carrying on the conversation longer than necessary. I quickly tried to recover my chance at making a good impression. 

 "You’ve got a nice dog.“ He narrowed his eyes and looked me up and down repeatedly. When he finally did speak it was perfectly disinterested. 

"He’s not mine. Look, are you lost, hon?” Great, he was a total hard ass. “I’ve got an long driveway for reason. You’re a little old to be selling Girl Scout cookies, aren’t you?" 

"I’m here about the help wanted sign out by the road. I was hoping-” Before I could repeat my well practiced request for employment, the man erupted with callous laughter. 

“Is something funny?” He stopped all too abruptly and cocked his head. 

“Oh wait, you’re serious? You really think you can work here? You might chip a nail.”  By now I had indignantly placed my hands on my hips. I scoffed and imitated his prideful stance. 

Don’t patronize me, Winchester. I may look like just another girl, but give me a chance… That’s a nice Impala you’ve got out there. 327, 4-barrel, V-8 engine, automatic, 4-dr, hardtop… How’s she handle?” The man’s jade eyes widened, suddenly appearing like gems amidst the grime on his face. He swallowed back surprise and gave a little shrug. 

“Like a champ; I see you’ve done your reading… Tell you what, if you can last a three days here, the job’s yours. Six tomorrow, don’t be late.” I smirked and nodded quickly. At the first sign of my excitement he grimaced. “And please, just call me Dean.”


The first day of working for Dean was brutal. I arrived at six in the morning and sat outside for thirty minutes before he showed up at the door in boxers and a T-shirt. He squinted at me for a long time before finally allowing me inside. He didn’t offer me any of the coffee I could smell brewing, or any friendly conversation. His first job for me was organizing the paperwork in the office. I muttered a few frustrated remarks about "administrative punctuality” and “sexist assignments.” But he wasn’t phased by it in the least. I sat, sorting various piled receipts and bills for three hours in that 99 degrees Fahrenheit hell-hole. 

 "Dean, how come some of these bills aren’t even in your name? In fact, they’re in a bunch of different names…“ I studied the few photo frames on his desk. There was one of him and a man with long hair, the slight family resemblance suggested a brother or cousin. Another showed a graying man in a wheel chair in front of the salvage yard. Probably his father. A clatter from the adjacent room sent the dog running to lie under my feet. 

 "Dammit, Bones! I buy you toys and all you want is my clothes!” The golden retriever dropped a wrinkled plaid shirt by my shoe. I grinned and patted his head softly. 

 "Good boy, Bones. Is he always so grumpy?“ The sound of Dean clearing his throat nearly sent me out of my chair. He was standing there, bare chested and just as unimpressed as ever. He must have just gotten out of the shower because I could actually see his facial features for the lack of grime. I was surprised how handsome he was, despite the stern brow. 

 "May I have my shirt?” Honestly I had no interest in giving him the plaid button down. The view I had was already perfect. His time working in the garage left his upper body bulky and toned. The curved of his shoulders seemed to be carved of marble. 

“I asked nicely. Now quit gawking and give me the shirt.” He crossed his arms, which just brought further accent to the muscles there. Even while he was glaring I had to laugh as I tossed the material in his direction. His wet hair was dripping slightly when he began to button up the shirt, eyes still on me and jaw set firmly. 

“Now if you’re done playing secretary. Let’s go do some work." 


 By the time the sun was setting I was covered in sweat and grease. Dean was merciless. We replaced tires, welded frames, hauled scrap, and painted bumpers, and that was just before lunch. My entire body ached and I was ready to take a nice long shower, even though going straight to sleep sounded just as inviting. Throughout the day Dean didn’t say much, but his lack of words wasn’t a lack of communication. I could tell from his behavior that he was growing more and more used to me being around. He stopped making rude remarks whenever I attempted to carry something, and refrained from calling me weak when I had to stop for a break. By the end of the day we were content to work side by side in silence, and that said more than any compliment could have. When I was getting ready to leave I leaned against the door frame to say goodbye to Bones. 

 "Looks like he’s going to try to follow you home.” Dean frowned at the dog’s affection towards me. “Damn traitor.” I laughed and swung my backpack up over my shoulder. 

 "Nah, he knows where home is. Speaking of home, I’d better get going. Have a good night, Dean.“ The man across from me nodded and waved me away with his hand. I smiled at his passive gesture and began the long trek down the road. 

Even at dusk the summer air felt hot and oppressive on my already damp skin. I was about a hundred yards down the road when I heard an engine roar to life and the crunch of tires over gravel. The creeping noise became louder and louder, till I looked behind and saw Dean driving up beside me in his Impala. He stuck his head out the window to get me to stop walking. 

"Where are you going?” I looked at him as if he was crazy, and at this point it seemed like a possibility. 

 "What do you mean, I’m going home.“ He rolled his eyes like I was the biggest idiot he’d spoken to in months. I was probably the only person he’d spoken to in months. 

 "There’s nothing within two miles of here. Where the hell is home?” His teeth were grinding when he asked, this time sure that I understood the question. I sighed heavily and continued walking. The impala stayed moving slowly beside me. When I was sure he wasn’t going to leave me alone I relented. 

 "… The motel on the corner of Cooper and Dodge Mill. It’s no big deal, I’m kinda in between places right now.“ My living conditions were embarrassing to say the least, but Dean isn’t seem too surprised. I wondered if maybe he was familiar with staying in motels. 

 "At least let me drive you.” The road felt especially long now that my legs were sore. I shook my head, but not before he recognized my consideration. “I know you can handle yourself, but climb in. You’ve earned it." 

 Our car ride was comfortably silent. I thumbed through the box of tapes under the seat and smiled at his taste in music. When I stuck an ACDC track into the player he didn’t object, and I sang along by myself through the short drive to the motel. When we pulled in I didn’t expect a goodbye, but Dean yelled after me. 

 "Hey!” I reluctantly spun on my heel, half anticipating a cruel joke. “You did good today kid, keep it up.” The man at the wheel gave a barely-there grin before burning out of the parking lot. 


The second day started well. Dean and I even talked for a bit, although about nothing in particular. But as the day dragged on we both became less inclined to speak and closer to snap at each other. One spat became two, and soon we were screaming at one another from across the junkyard. Dean called my work shitty, and I called his attitude shitty. He said I was a stupid girl who couldn’t keep a job, so I said he was a grumpy ‘old’ man who couldn’t keep any friends. Soon we were throwing insults with same force we had been putting into our scrap metal. As soon as the day was over I grabbed my things and began to throw down his

“I finished everything you asked. Here’s your wrench and your stupid shirt.” I unbuttoned the flannel I had been wearing over my tank top and tossed it into the floor for Bones. “Go to hell, Winchester. A day with you makes me feel like I’m already there.” Dean yelled at the dog to come back with his shirt, and then at me out the door.

“Good luck getting a job, you ungrateful wench!” I flipped him off and began my trek down the driveway. All I could think about was getting out of here, and maybe breaking something back at the motel… if everything in the damn room wasn’t broken already. It was getting dark quickly, and by the time I reached the main road I couldn’t see much besides the few vehicles passing by. Suddenly my world was enveloped in the bright glow of headlights as someone pulled up beside me. I hoped it was a cop. When my eyes readjusted I swore under my breath and pretended not to see. 

   “Get in the car.” Dean reached across to open the door to me, but I pushed it shut. 

“No, Dean! Go back to your shitty little garage." 

 "I’m not letting you walk home at night alone so you can get picked up by some lonely truck driver.” Now that he mentioned it, my situation was fairly unnerving. I had never walked this road at night before, and the only drivers I had seen so far were semis hauling freight to god knows where. Dean growled and pounded a fist on the steering wheel. 

 "Y/N, get in the frickin car or I will follow your stubborn ass all the way to White Pines.“ With a look that could kill I finally ripped open the door and threw my bag between us. “I hate you.” He just shrugged and turned the radio up too loudly for either of us to speak over. 


 The next morning I was still pissed off when I woke up. I debated gathering my things and spending my last dimes on a bus ticket to a neighboring town. At least somewhere else I wouldn’t have to be harassed by my "boss” and treated like an incompetent child. I stormed around my room for a while until the anger had mostly subsided, but in my pacing something in the window caught my eye. My attention was drawn to a shiny black vehicle parked outside, the sleek paint job reflecting the rising sun perfectly. I could recognize that ride anywhere. 

 I threw on my only set of clean clothes and slammed my door on the way out. Dean watched me march across the pavement till I was close enough to touch. My nostrils were flaring and my heart was pumping as I glared into his eyes with every bit of frustration that had kept me awake for most of the night. From the looks of his face, he didn’t sleep well either. 

 "Dean Winchester you are the biggest asshole I know.“ I snarled at him before walking around the the passenger side and throwing myself in the seat. Nothing I did before then surprised him, but now he sat dumbfounded, mouth slightly agape. I jammed a cassette into the radio and rolled my window down roughly. 

 "Well what the hell are you waiting for? We have work to do, don’t we?” He stared for a few more seconds, completely unsure of how to respond. The first change in his features was a sudden smile, one wider than I had ever seen on his face. He shook his head and revved the engine. 

 "And you, Y/N, are the craziest, most stubborn woman I know.“ 


 We had only worked half of the third day when Dean did something out of character. He motioned me to follow him inside to the fridge, brought out a pack of beer, and shoved one into my hand. I wrinkled my forehead at him. 

 "What do you want me to do with this?” He threw his head back in a loud laugh, one so unusually happy that even Bones lifted his chin off the floorboards. 

“Well generally people drink it, but do whatever you want I guess.” His soft green eyes were gleaming with mischief when he ripped the top of his own can open and poured it into his mouth like a desert man drinks water. I still wasn’t convinced this wasn’t some kind of test, so I drank very slowly, eyes on Dean for any clue as to what was going on. Finally, after polishing off his second can he leaned back on the counter and returned my gaze. 

 "I wanted to apologize, Y/N.“ I watched his 5 o'clock shadow shift with the clenching of his jaw. "For yesterday.” I found myself increasingly uncomfortable with this new openness. I wasn’t sure how to approach Dean when he wasn’t biting back insults. 

 "Do you usually apologize to people by bribing them with cheap beer?“ He gave me a familiar scowl and flicked a can tab at my face. 

"You’re ruining it again. This morning I didn’t even have time to speak before you went bat shit crazy and jumped in the Impala.” I blushed down at my drink and tried to hide behind several large gulps. Before I knew it the can was empty. 

 "You were going to apologize? That’s why you came?“ Dean nodded and smirked at the thought of my erratic behavior. I shifted from side to side awkwardly and wished I hadn’t been such a hot head. 

 "You’ve been really… Good, to put up with me. I know I can be difficult sometimes.” I nearly spat out my drink when he spoke. 

 "Sometimes? Dean you’re a regular pain in the ass, most of the time.“ He chuckled in surrender and tossed another beer my direction. "So…” I kicked at one of the crinkled cans on the floor and tried to keep my voice from breaking. Dean eyed me impatiently when I didn’t finish my question. 

“So what?” His regular disgust painted his tone and made me feel comfortable. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst. 

 "Are you hiring me?“ He emptied the beer in his hand while I waited. My heart was pounding out of my chest before he finally crusted the can in his fist and tossed it into the bin. When he did speak it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and down.

 "Y/N, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve been hired for three days now." 


 That night I grabbed my things and headed towards the door, but Dean didn’t budge from his place on the couch. I waited a little while longer before turning to make sure he saw me. When I looked up his eyes were already locked with mine. “What, you’re not going to give me a ride home?" 

 "Nope.” He enjoyed watching me stand there, clueless as to what to do or what was happening. His little grin made me both curious and nervous. 

“You didn’t just get the job. Let me show you something.” Dean looked strangely childish as he motioned me to follow him past the garage door and to an old flight of stairs. Each step creaked loudly under our weight. The walls rising around us were printed in a faded floral wallpaper that seemed quite homey. I guess Dean didn’t care to paint over this section of the house. When we finally reached the top of the staircase he stopped in front of a door and smiled back at me. I could see his excitement in the way he ushered me closer. 

“Close your eyes.” I laughed at his request and crossed my arms over my t shirt.   

“No way in hell, Dean. I don’t trust you for a second.” He rolled his eyes, and bit the inside of his cheek in an annoyed smirk. 

“Come on, just do it. You’re ruining the surprise… Here, let me help.” Before I could protest he removed the bandanna from his pocket and was placing it over eyes carefully. My hands thrust forward and grabbed his shirt to compensate for the sudden darkness, and then it was his to laugh. I felt his chuckle vibrate in my clutching fingers as he tied the cloth gently. I could smell the earthy scents of oil and dirt on the rag, as well as spicy aftershave from him being so close. When he was finished, he began to guide me by my shoulders into the surrounding blackness.

 "See, that wasn’t so hard.“ I stuck my tongue out at him and he muttered "stubborn asshole” into my ear. The door creaked and I was walked into a room I had never been in before. I could already tell it was brighter than most places in the house from the light just barely seeping through my blindfold. 

 "Where are we?“ Dean ran a calloused hand up and down one of my arms and I hoped he didn’t notice the way it made me shiver. 

 "Okay, ready? You can open your eyes.” Sudden brightness flooded my vision and I had to squint for a moment. With each blink the room around me came into being. The first thing I noticed was the large, circular window on the wall that overlooked the field outback. A plain but clean white curtain hung in front of the glass and fluttered above a small bed. The mattress was piled with blankets of varying sizes and mismatched colors. Some where probably handmade gifts from loved ones. A little TV sat across from the bed and some refurbished tables and dressers gave the room overall congruence. I couldn’t imagine why Dean would need something like this. 

 "It’s not much, I know, but I’ve been to the White Pines motel and I can guarantee this is better.“ It was all starting to make sense. Dean was walking around the room pointing out various things, but I was too busy looking at him to notice what he gestured to. 

 "It’s a new mattress, cable TV, running water that actually gets hot. I put up a mirror over here…” He looked so satisfied with the work he had put in. That same sense of accomplishment he got when he fixed something was in his eyes now. And it was for me. 

 "Oh and there’s an empty bureau here for your clothes.“ He scratched at the back of his hair and shrugged shyly, suddenly aware I was staring. 

 "And best of all you’re right over your job. No more long walls to work.” Gratitude like I had never know was threatening to tear me apart at the seams. Dean had given me a job, a home, a new life… Tears were welling in my eyes and there was nothing I could say without letting them go. My silence must have come across as disinterest because Dean started to speak quicker and with less pride. 

 "I mean, if you don’t want it I’ll still give you a ride from the motel…“ Before he could finish I threw my arms around his neck in a crushing hug. My head was tucked into his shoulder perfectly, and I hid my tears in his shirt. 

 "Dean, of course I want it! It’s perfect!” He was stunned for a moment, hands limp down at his sides before reaching up to rub circles in between my shoulder blades. I couldn’t bring myself to let go of him. 

“Thank you, for everything." 

Who should you fight: Hetalia Edition
  • (I'm shameless jumping on this bandwagon just you try and stop me)
  • America: no way in hell should you ever fight america. like, have you seen him? he probably bench-presses bears and and can break every bone in your body with a friendly punch. you will die, and then he'll feel really bad about it and probably cry. do not fight america.
  • England: this depends on his level of sobriety. is he drunk? then do it. do it now. please. do it for me. fight this fucker. he'll cry and it'll be really funny. but if he's sober, I wouldn't risk it. he was a pirate once. so maybe fight england.
  • France: you could fight france and you'd probably win, but like... why would you want to? tbh if you do he'll probably try to help you solve the problems in your life that got you to this point and you'll end up crying. not only will it be a serious mindfuck, you'll feel like an awful person. do not fight france.
  • China: this one is iffy. he's really old, but he also invented karate and kung fu and whatnot. it depends on how good of a day he's having. if it's a bad day, you could totally take him. if it's a good day, you'll be unconscious before you even get a punch in. so maybe fight china.
  • Russia: nooooooooooooo. no no no. no. do not fight russia. you will die a slow and painful death if you do. not only will you be physically destroyed, all the bad karma from fighting a literal teddy bear would crush you. for the love of all that is good and holy, do not fight russia.
  • Germany: also no. have you seen this guy? he's a fucking monster. look at his muscles. stare at them. those are the muscles of a nation that can crush your tiny skull like zit. do not fight germany.
  • Italy: nope. i can see why you think that you can. he's cute and cheery and a pasta noodle personified. but this pasta noodle was an empire once and if you even think about it, germany will be after your ass. do not fight italy.
  • Japan: you'll lose, but you should do it. he's a massive weeb and disturbingly chill. somebody's gotta rile him up and get him to do something. plus, he'll probably watch anime with you after. do it. fight japan.
  • Prussia: you'd win, but don't do it. he'll feel really bad and then you'll feel bad for making him upset and he'll try to be nice about losing and it'll just make you feel worse. it'll also crush his self-esteem cause he was the shit once and now he's not even a real nation. it'll just be bad for everyone and you'll hate yourself. do not fight prussia.
  • Canada: jesus. do not fight canada. i know he seems all nice and peaceful, but have you ever sat down and watched a professional hockey game? if you have, you know that canadians are not to be fucked with. plus, why would you want to? what has he done to you? what has he done to anyone? do not fight canada.
  • Romano: do it. fight romano. this kid already wants to fight himself and he'll be so happy if you fight him. you might not win, but it would be really fun and both of you would feel so much better afterwards. fight romano.
  • Spain: no. nooooooooooooo. no. not only can he kick your ass, but he's so damn nice. why would you want to fight him? he's so sweet and huggable. do not fight spain. hug spain. go shopping with spain. dance with spain. do not fight spain.
  • Denmark: hell no. hell no. hell to the no. he's like the viking king. you'll perish in some horrible and improbable way. plus, he's like an actual golden retriever. would you fight a golden retriever? no, you wouldn't. then do not fight denmark.
  • Norway: also no. i can see why you think to can, but he can do all sorts of weird magic shit. you might win the battle, but when you wake up with a thousand spiders eating your body and bleeding from your eyes, you will realize that you have not won the war. do not fight norway.
  • Iceland: you'd win within five seconds, but jesus christ, don't fight this kid. if you do, you'll have denmark and norway after you, and that's not a good place to be in. do not fight iceland.
  • Sweden: have you ever looked at aph sweden? if so, you know the answer to this. do not fight sweden. omg how dumb can you be? why would you ever think about fighting him? do not fight sweden.
  • Finland: out of everyone you should not fight in the nordics, finland takes the cake. I know he's cute and chubby and sweet, but he'll shoot you before you even think about thinking about fighting him. his people invented the moltov cocktail. you know how much shit those can do? a lot. the answer is a lot. saints in heaven, do not fight finland.
  • Hungary: uhhhhhhhhhh, no fucking way should you fight this chick. she'll kill you. multiple times. and then laugh about it. you'll look like an idiot ans feel like an idiot. do not fight hungary.
  • Austria: please fight austria. please. he's a massive wimp and needs to be fought. if you fight him, i will personally kiss you on the face. i will pay you good money to fight him. you should want to fight him. look at this prissy motherfucker. do it. fight austria.
  • Switzerland: is this even an option?????? Jfc do not fight switzerland. no way. he can and will kick your pathetic little ass, neutrality be damned. don't do it. i see you considering it and i'm telling you now, don't do it. do not fight switzerland.
  • Liechtenstein: why the fuck would you ever think about fighting this girl???? not only is she princess of the cinnamon rolls, she'll straight up kill you. you won't even know what happened to you. out of everyone in hetalia not to fight, she is the one you should avoid fighting the most. she'll kill you, switzy will kill you, you'll feel awful for considering fighting her, she'll get blood on her shoes, it's a bad situation all around. i'm gonna put this shit in caps just so you get it. DO NOT FIGHT LIECHTENSTEIN. YOU WILL LOSE. DON'T FUCKING DO IT
  • Lithuania: another person you should not fight ever. i can understand why you think you can. he's skinny, he was russia's maid for the longest time, he seems like he's too nice to ever hit you back, but hoe, do not fight him. europe was once his bottom bitch. all of europe. his. he knows every form of fighting and can beat your ass in all of them. do not fight lithuania.
  • Estonia: do it. fight him. he is so fucking annoying and you'll win. please fight him. he'll probably do your homework afterwards too so it's a two for one deal. fight estonia.
  • Latvia: nu uh. don't fight this kid. you'd win, there's no question about that, but everyone will hate you. lithuania will fight you, russia will fight you, i will fight you, everyone in the world will just get together and collectively decide to fight you. do not fight latvia.
  • Poland: depends. does he have a sword or a bow? if so, no fucking way. get out of there. hit the hills while you still have most of your limbs. if he doesn't? do it. you'll win and it'll be really funny and become an internet sensation. so maybe fight poland.
  • Belarus: um why are you asking this????????? she carries a knife 24/7 and has canon broken every bone in lithuania's fingers. it won't even be a fight, it'll just be your death. do not fight belarus.
  • Ukraine: nope. you can win (unless she suffocates you with her boobs) but she'll cry and then you'll have both russia and belarus after you, and those are two people you do not want to fight. do not fight ukraine.
  • Sealand: look, i see why you want to fight him. this kid is annoying as shit. if i could, i would fight him too. but he's just that. he's a kid. don't fight a kid. that's terrible. nobody would get upset about it (except finland but that's if he can get sealand to admit to getting his ass kicked) but that makes it even worse. don't do it. don't fight sealand.

First of all… I’m a cat person so this is a little hypocrisy on my part. Second of all, enjoy this beautiful picture of Cody with an animal other than Athena who always seems keen on blinding him.

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Prompt: Theo fluff maybe smut? Maybe with him being a cat person and you being a dog person it leads to a slight silly argument between you too and he thinks you look really cute when you’re angry&defending dogs and it leads to sweet smut and maybe they compromise and get both and the pets are like best friends and really cute and protective of each other like her and Theo’s relationship? And imagine being married to Theo and talking about having kids.

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crows-love-henry  asked:


I believe that Yoosung mentions that his sister is older than him (and that she’s a teacher please love this pure brave soul) so I can totally see her being older than both Yoosung and MC!! I headcanon that she’s around 25 or 26 and is just starting out as a teacher. HERE’S SOME HEADCANONS ABOUT THAT THOUGH (I’m going to be referring to Yoosung’s sister as Yoori but that’s totally a headcanon name!)

- Yoori “am I the only responsible adult in this family?” Kim 


- *Yoori calls MC after a particularly long day at work* 

“MC let’s order pizza!”

“….We don’t live in the same apartment, Yoori”

“….Why not?”

- MC and Yoori Roommate Adventures! (Yoosung is still living in a dorm until he finishes school) 

- For fun they make an LOLOL account which they take turns playing - they join Yoosung’s guild because lowkey Yoori wants to see how much her brother actually plays and she is LIVID

- If Yoori is pissed at Yoosung he has to go through MC as a mediator Yoori can be super petty and so can Yoosung and please just save MC - stop the Golden Retrievers from borking at each other



- “As the mature one in this family” - “You literally just ate an entire pizza yourself, Yoori”

aos-skimmons prompted: Skye is blind and likes to sit in the park every day to listen to the people there and Jemma meets her because she has a dog, who ran over to Skye’s guide dog.

There you go, love. This one’s for you ;)

Skye likes the chilly breeze. It brings the scent of autumn; caramel apples, and often enough the scent of rain. It also brings sound to her ears; playing children, barking dogs, and footsteps on crunchy leaves.

Frankie is pressed up against her leg, his fur probably giving off on her skinny jeans, but she doesn’t care so much. She can’t see it anyway, and she doubts that anyone else would comment on it. His soft pants sound clear in the air; otherwise she’d barely know he was there.

She grins to herself. He had been with her since she was little and he was just a pup. They grew up together. Frankie had been her eyes since she was eighteen and now five years later he still was. He also was the one to get her stuff she couldn’t find and thank the mailman. They had become great friends.

Suddenly Frankie sits up and on auto-pilot Skye raises one hand, as if she’s non-verbally trying to say that she can’t see what’s going on.

“What is it, pup?” Skye asks, but she only hears sniffing that she’s pretty sure isn’t her dog’s.

“I’m so sorry,” a female voice reaches her ears and clears up some of the confusion: another dog owner. “Bruce just sprinted off when he saw your Labrador. He is beautiful. I didn’t realise he was a guide dog until it was too late. I’m so very sorry.”

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Puppy love || Scott McCall

Prompt: Meeting Scott when you take your dog for a check up since your parents are both unavailable and you both flirt a wee bit and you later tell your cousin Lydia about the hot yet adorable guy at the clinic and the next day she hears him telling stiles about the girl in the clinic who sounds a lot like her cousin so she sets them up please?

Pairing: Scott x reader (ft. Lydia and Stiles)

Words: 2,048 

A/n: I know this is not a Christmas prompt but this is so cute I just couldn’t help myself at all! I love Scott, I love writing for him, he’s just my fave and my heart melted while writing this because i love Scott and i can totally picture him doing this, I really liked how this turned out and I would like to know what you think of it, please :) (btw the gif is mine)

Originally posted by daisies-are-my-favorites

“Hey sweetie, could you come downstairs for a second?” Your mother asked from the kitchen

You walked out of your room and went downstairs to the kitchen; your parents had a BBQ over at your aunt’s house and since Lydia wasn’t home, there was no use on going with them just to be surrounded by adults and their boring conversations

“Do you need something?” You asked

“Yeah, Aslan has an appointment with the vet this afternoon and I won’t be able to take him, could you please take him? It won’t take long”

Aslan was your golden retriever, he was very loved by everyone and your parents took very good care of him, so they had him check every once in a while

“Of course I will take him” you kneeled down  and started playing with him

Your parents left for the BBQ and you took Aslan to the animal clinic, he was usually very calm but he wasn’t very fond of most people, it’s true that golden retrievers were supposed to be the most loving and playful dogs, but for some reason yours wasn’t, he was actually very protective of you, he wouldn’t even let your father hug you and that happened with most of your guy friends

You parked in front of the clinic and took Aslan inside, you were expecting to see Dr. Deaton but in his place there was this boy around your age with beautiful brown eyes and a charming smile

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emberglows  asked:

Wait, so Leigh... Does this mean that Matthias is hotchacha worthy?!

Matthias Helvar is … complicated. If previous reactions to my characters are any indication, my guess is that some of you will love him and some of you will hate him. Some of you will forgive him his sins and some of you will think he should be drawn and quartered. I look forward to it! (Actually, now that I think about it, you can apply this to pretty much all of the characters in Six of Crows.)

Physically, he was initially inspired by Alexander Skarsgård although I don’t really picture him that way now. Charlie Hunam isn’t a bad reference either (see recent post for science), but Hunam occasionally skews more golden retriever while Matthias is definitely a white wolf.

Senior Year Shenanigans (2)

Description: Zay makes it his personal mission to get Lucas and Maya together before graduation. /or/ the numerous failed attempts of Operation Lucaya by Zay Babineaux

Pairings: Lucaya, Briley, Zarkle (depending on how you interpret things.

A/N: Farkle gets scarred during a Dare. Zay witnesses Lucas and Maya bantering and decides to meddle. Obviously, it fails. Also: Zay’s messages and Farkle’s messages.

Prologue The Sketchbook

2. The Afterparty  

“You all suck,” Riley muttered to the group of laughing friends, plopping down in her seat between Maya and Brandon, still struggling to wipe the blue sharpie off her face.

Zay opened his phone to check the time. It was 1:17 a.m. on a Friday night. Riley’s “survived-first-week-of-senior-year” party, as usual, was a huge success and the five of them- Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas and himself- along with Brandon, Missy and two of Riley’s friends from cheerleading (Bella and Ramona, he thinks) were sitting in a circle in the Matthews living room, playing Truth or Dare.

Entering high school, Riley had become a party animal, surprising everybody. Her parties were always a blast, and whenever she threw a party, Cory and Topanga just blocked themselves in their rooms, doing whatever the hell it is that they did.

Brandon laughed at Riley, still huffing over the blue paint on her face, before swinging an arm around her shoulders.

“Alright…Farkle! Truth or dare?” asked Riley. Farkle thought for a minute, then replied, “Dare.”

 “I dare you knock on the door across from us, propose to whoever answers the door and see what happens. With this ring,” Riley grinned, and threw a Ring Pop his way.

“At it, girl!” Missy laughed, leaned over to give Riley a high five. Ever since entering high school, Missy and Riley has grown close. When a girl on the cheerleading team made fun of Riley, Missy (being captain) immediately kicked them off the team and made Riley co-captain. They became close after that incident, but no one could ever replace Maya for her. Besides, Maya took a liking to Missy as well, having such similar personalities.

Farkle paled a little, but just nodded. Across from Riley, there lived this scary old lady who, for some reason scared Farkle to death. Riley had tried to reason with him that she was just a sweet old lady, but Farkle wasn’t convinced and over time Riley just gave up trying. Zay stood up, grabbed his phone and followed Farkle out the door.

“I’ll get a video!” he called over his shoulder before closing the door. Farkle glared at him before taking a deep breath and knocking on the door. Zay crouched in a dark corner of the hallway, already recording.

The door opened, and he suddenly understood why Farkle was so afraid of this famous Mrs. Burman. Her grey hair was sticking up, making her look like a genderbent Frankenstine. She was wearing a black cloak, covering her entire body and her icy blue eyes looked like she could pierce into your soul.

Farkle squeeked before shakily bending down on one knee and lifting the Ring Pop up.

“W-will you marry me?” Mrs. Burman narrowed her eyes on the Ring Pop before lifting up her cane. Both Farkle and Zay’s eyes widened.

Holy shit, he thought. He really ought to have a talk with Riley about what “sweet old lady” meant.

Mrs. Burman, seeing Farkle’s terrified expression, lowered her cane and simply slapped the Ring Pop away, and slammed the door shut.

Farkle knelt there, frozen, and Zay had to literally push him into the Matthews apartment then closing the door behind him. Everybody looked over, startled. Riley and her blonde cheerleader friend (Zay is pretty sure her name is Bella) hurried over, helping Farkle over to a chair.

“Sweet old lady, huh?” Zay whispered in Riley’s ear, after she helped Farkle down into a chair.

The clock just struck 2:00 a.m., and Zay looked around the room. Bella and Ramona leaned against the table with the TV on it, Riley was curled into Brandon’s shoulder, Farkle was still sitting on that chair, and Lucas and Maya sat next to each other, lazily bantering. Zay listened in.

“I’m telling you Maya, dogs are better pets than cats. Back on the farm-“

“Yeah yeah, I bet you had a little ol’ golden retriever named Buttercup who guarded the sheep pen, didn’t you?” Maya teased in a fake country accent, laughing to herself. Lucas just stared at her and when Maya realized that, she widened her eyes.

“You didn’t actually have a golden retriever named Buttercup, did you?” Lucas scoffed.

“No, of course not. I had a horse named Buttercup,” he gave her the most shit-eating grin, and it wasn’t until Maya moved away from him when he realized how close they were. She untangled her legs from his and reached over the table, grabbing a hair tie and tying her hair into a really messy bun. Lucas unconsciously smiled at her the whole time.

“Of course you do, Huckleberry.”

Zay grinned and pulled out his phone.


To Zay: Yes, I saw that.


To Zay: I am aware they like each other. I am also aware of the fact that they would never admit it to themselves, let alone each other.

To Farkle: Well damn!! They just need a push

To Zay: Yeah okay, and what are you gonna do? Lock them in a room or something?

To Zay: Zay

To Zay: Zay I was kidding


To Zay: ZAY

To Farkle: you da mvp

“Lucas, Maya, could you two come with me?” Zay said, trying to sound casual. They raised their eyebrows at each other before shrugging and standing up.

He tried to contain his excitement as he walked down the hall. He decided he would lock them in a closet, but now he just had to convince them to get inside.

From behind him, Maya had been scrolling through Instagram when a notification came up. Clicking it, she saw that Farkle had sent a message.


Frowning at the message, she tapped Lucas’ arm. He glanced over and opened his mouth to say something, but she put her finger against her lips and showed him the message. Glancing up at her, he nodded and Maya put her phone away like nothing happened. Zay stopped in front of a closet and Maya widened her eyes at Lucas.

“I lost my headphones in here a few days ago and I needed help finding it,” Zay explained.

“Well could you show us the area where you think your headphones are?” Lucas said and Zay fought back a grin. This is so going to work, he thought.

“Yeah, like go inside and show us where the general area is and we’ll follow you,” Maya continued. Zay nodded, and walked inside. He went to the back of the room, deciding this would be a good place for them to stand in when he locked them in.

Suddenly, he heard the door shut from behind him. He quickly started pounding on the door, “What are you guys doing? Let me out!”

“Not a chance, Babineaux! You thought you could trap us in there?” came Maya’s muffled voice through the door.

“Wha- how did you-“ Zay stuttered before narrowing his eyes at his phone.


He heard them walking away, laughing and he started knocking on the door again, “Come on guys! You can’t just leave me in here! Guys!”

Cursing to himself, he sat down on the floor of the closet. His phone suddenly buzzed from his pocket, and he pulled it out.

To Zay: Farkle- 1, Zay- 0.

WHAT WAS THAT ENDING OH MY GOD. Anyways, Zay has had pretty bad luck so far with Operation Lucaya. And he definitely will continue to have bad luck. Also, idk what the Farkle Truth of Dare scene was . But I liked it so I kept it and yeah!

anonymous asked:

part 1) hmm ok ive never sent in a prompt before but i cant stop imaging an au where Jimin and kook own try owning a dog together like maybe they went to the shelter and Jimin spotted a big dog and really wanted to get it "we can cuddle a big dog!! a small one will just get crushed :-(" and kook is like well youre small and i havent crushed you yET (adoringly) and then he finds a lil small dog and he gets really excited and really wants it and then he convinces Jimin they should get it and they

Part 2) find out being dog parents is really hard and a lot more work then they thought and kook has almost convinced himself they should find it new owners because theyre not doing a good enough job according to his impeccably high standards and Jimin is like no pls we just need help we’re new dont lose hope then they call up a friend (anyone but idk id assume theyd call up taehyung hes literally a dog whisperer) and he gives them some help then like 2 weeks later jikook is chillin in the park

part 3) with their sweet and well behaved dog whos no longer disobedient and the dog runs up to jungkook and plants some puppy kisses on him and jimin laughs with his wonderful angelic laugh of his we all love so much and jungkook goes -__- so he plants some kisses on jimin to shut him up because hes embarassed, until jimin cant breathe anymore hes too busy laughing his ass off and trying to dodge kookie kisses because hes all flustered thanks to jungkooks actions and everything ends wonderfully

i didn’t even need to write this out bc u had it pratically done already LMAO but i wanted to,,,, so,,, ye. fluff!!!

word count: 1097
rating: i somehow…….. turned this into mature…. im sorry

“A dog?” 

Jimin lifts his head off Jeongguk’s chest and gives his best puppy eyes.  

“Yes, Jeonggukkie, a dog!” he repeats. “Imagine how nice it’d be if we had one of these big dogs  – they’re so cute and happy all the time, it’d be so fun, Jeongguk, please-”  

Jeongguk sighs. He doesn’t know where this sudden need for a dog comes from; also, the puppy eyes are almost impossible to resist, and Jimin knows it. He tries to be reasonable. 

“Jimin, we can barely take care of ourselves-” he lifts a hand to stop Jimin before he can cut him off. “And also, did you forget that we’re broke as fuck? How the hell could we afford to own a dog?” He says, scoffing. 

But after looking at the crestfallen look on Jimin’s face he immediately regrets his words. Sighing, he runs a hand trough Jimin’s fluffy brown hair. “C’mon babe, don’t be like this.” But the pout is still on full force and Jimin ignores him. 

Jeongguk gives up. 

“Okay, fine, we can get a dog.” He says, and Jimin’s whole face lights up in a brilliant smile, a smile that Jeongguk would do anything, even adopting a dog, to see. Yeah, he’s whipped.

He hopes he won’t regret this too soon. 

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