he's amazing and everyone knows it


this is it.

sweaty hands holding each other so tightly the knuckles go white

watery eyes looking in the same direction with passion

trembling voices whispering little things that mean the world

beating hearts that beat in the rhythm of a bird fluttering its wings

butterflies flying happily in the stomach making fun of all that nervousness

first times when everything is so serious and important

caring kisses on the forehead full kisses on the lips

long walks by the beach throwing pebbles in the ocean laughing until you cry

promises of eternity growing old together dying by each other’s side

singing stupid songs to proof something you don’t really have to 

sleeping in his t-shirt because although it’s way too long it fits you perfectly

listening to the oh’s and ah’s when everyone is amazed by you

smiling without a reason when he’s the only reason to smile

watching her getting ready in the morning 

when she pretends she knows what’s going on in basketball

when you both fall asleep on a couch cuddled to each other

when you argue when you’re not together and then you fuck each other to death

when you say it and you mean it and you know this isn’t temporary

when you finally realize it

this is it.

you know what, right?

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I'm so so so tired of all of this. I just saw someone that i follow say "I want to punch him and not in a good way" re Harry's ad. I'm so disappointed. When are people going to stop comparing the boys and pretend to know more about their relationship thank Harry and Louis? Why can't people just enjoy both of them? When Louis came out with his amazing single everyone was ecstatic and happy but as soon as its Harry they all get pissy and annoyed at Harry.

i think there are a lot of perceived differences and people are trying to fill the gaps with their own expectations/imaginations. that’s why i said i want to wait and see how harry’s music stuff/image stuff plays out first. he may have been MIA for the better part of a year but he isn’t ‘coming back’ with as a blank page. i wholeheartedly agree that it’s disappointing to see such a violent reaction. i’m having a hard time figuring out the specifics too and i’m seeing the differences too but like…… punch him…. what the

edit: apparently this was an indirect taken out of context (which i didn’t know at the time) and i have since talked to the person the anon was talking about. i certainly didn’t mean to unfairly paint anyone as a violent human being!

Everyone talks about how shitty and stupid customers are, why don’t we ever talk about the cool ones? 

-Bilingual children translating for their parents/grandparents like a boss

-The drunk guy you had to deny a sale to and he took it so well and maybe even thanked you for keeping him safe

-The random peeps in a long check out line who stop to tell you you’re doing an amazing job

-The regulars who have your back when someone starts giving you a hard time

-Customers who let you know to keep an eye on someone for shoplifting

-Bros who insist on cleaning up their own mess/spill

-The really upbeat/cheery mom/aunt type customer that just kind of brightens your day a bit

Feel free to add, you guys. You know who they are, let’s give them some love.

Yurio can’t win the Grand Prix Finals

Not because he’s not skilled enough - he clearly is.

But narratively speaking, he can’t win.

First of all, because it would be terrible for his character as a whole.

We’ve all seen how he acted after his record-breaking short program - cocky, arrogant, and still the pissy kid he is, but now feeling like his behavior is justified because he’s so amazing that he beat the world record. And indeed, that’s something to be proud of, and something to celebrate but Yurio… basically rubs it in everyone’s face. And I get it - after continuously winning silver in his senior career, it must be great to finally be on top, and I know that he’s a kid who’s still learning how to behave, but think about it. Doesn’t it remind you of someone? Someone else who needed to be brought down a notch perhaps? Maybe JJ?

I feel like Yurio’s character would head in JJ’s direction if he won. He would feel like he’s the king of the world who can do and say anything because he’s a winner. He’d feel like telling Yuuri that “Incompetents like you should just retire already” was perfectly fine because he won in the end which means that he was correct, right?

And see, Yurio does deserve to win and be recognized for all of his hard work and dedication, he deserves to be appreciated and praised but that boy needs to learn some humility.

Yes, his life is complicated and he clearly has some issues, but none of them will be solved by his winning the gold medal.

Which brings me to my second point: Yurio still has time to win the Grand Prix, the European Championships, the Worlds, the everything.

He is literally only fifteen years old. His career has just begun. Yeah, it’d be great if he could rule the world already in his first big championship, but he doesn’t need to. He’s already broken a world record. He’s achieved enough for one competition. He can win gold next time because he has a next time. He will be competing in the Grand Prix Final for the next ten years at least, literally time is everything he has.

He’s already proved himself in his Short Program. Now it’s time for someone else to win the GP Final. (Preferably, that person being Yuuri.)

In any case, my point is that Yurio could learn way more, and therefore gain way more by not winning the gold in the Final.

And I highly doubt that the creators would miss the occasion to teach Yurio a lesson. He’s been going around being a bit of a brat (I’m sorry, but it’s true) for too long now. I’m sure they’re showing that part of his personality in order to show his growth when he does finally learn that he can’t go on being the way he is, that there’s a line to everything.

If we’re talking about Yurio’s growth then it would make no sense for him to win the Grand Prix Final.

And you know how the proverbs go: success teaches you only about your ego, while failure teaches you how to progress and such. And Yurio could definitely still use some progress.

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I've just finished binge reading this whole blog :^) you're writing is amazing! 🌚💕 how would the rfa (+ V and Saeran) act around mc if she was super sensitive. Just by seeing something cute start crying, like as simple as a butterfly. Danks 👅💦

Thank you so much!! 


  • Everyone in the RFA had always made fun of him for being sensitive
  • But now they’ve met MC
  • They didn’t know it was possible for someone to be this sensitive
  • Yoosung thinks it’s adorable  
  • But he’s always nervous about making MC accidentally cry
  • Even if they aren’t upset while crying he’s just still scared of making them cry
  • And even though he is used to MC being sensitive about stuff he still freaks out when they cry
  • He’s the type to start crying by seeing people he cares about cry
  • But he always tries to hold back tears when he sees MC cry
  • But it doesn’t always work so sometimes they cry together


  • She didn’t know about this at first
  • How did MC even keep it from her for this long
  • She found out when the two of them went on a date at the park
  • They were sitting under a tree enjoying how calm it was
  • “Jaehee look”
  • Jaehee looked over at MC and they were feeding a squirrel who had approached them
  • She was about to comment on that this was cute but then she noticed that MC was crying
  • Immediately asked if MC was okay
  • “It’s so cute, Jaehee”
  • Jahee was so confused about why MC was crying. Should she be comforting them???
  • She moves closer to MC and holds on to them, causing the squirrel to run away
  • Which led to MC crying more
  • Not because they were upset that it left
  • But because it was too cute how fast it ran on how it’s tail moved
  • Jaehee makes sure not to be too alarmed if they see MC crying


  • He walked to the living room to see MC covering their face sobbing
  • He freaked out instantly ran to hold on them
  • “Sh, Babe, babe it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong”
  • “I saw this video.. This video where this guy.. He risked his life to save a puppy”
  • What
  • He was so confused
  • “Ah MC I thought something bad had happened!”
  • MC showed him the video to prove that it was too touching
  • He didn’t cry but he agreed it was sweet
  • He still freaks out like this everytime MC cries over small stuff


  • He was quick to get used to that MC cries over pretty much nothing
  • And he thought it was cute but sometimes got worried about MC crying so much
  • One evening they were relaxing in the living room they were both chatting with wine
  • But somehow MC had ended up on the floor lying in front of Elizabeth 3rd
  • Elizabeth 3rd rubbed her nose on MC’s nose before lying down by MC’s arm
  • This was enough to make MC start tearing up
  • And then start crying
  • Jumin asked them what’s wrong
  • “That was so cute, She rubbed her nose on my nose that means she loves me” MC said while half sobbing
  • This was the cutest thing for him
  • He was probably tearing up tbh
  • He loves when MC cries over Elizabeth being cute tbh


  • He would probably tease MC about it all the time
  • But the first time it happened he freaked out
  • He thought he did something that upset them
  • MC was holding their phone and crying and he grabbed them in a hug
  • “MC, What’s wrong? ”
  • “I just read that-”
  • “Read what? Did something happen?”
  • “That cows have best friends”
  • “…What?”
  • “They get stressed if they’re separated”
  • He couldn’t help but start laughing
  • He thought they were really upset about something
  • Nah just cows being pals


  • They were doing a photoshoot together
  • He would often let MC try to take pictures with his camera
  • They didn’t turn out very good but he thought they were amazing
  • Even tho he could barely see them
  • But it was a day where he was taking pictures of MC and then he heard them suddenly start crying
  • A small butterfly had landed on MC’s hand while V was taking pictures of them
  • He tried to take pictures of MC holding the butterfly
  • They didn’t get really good pictures since MC was crying in in each one
  • And MC sort of didn’t like professional photos of them sobbing
  • But V loved them


  • When he saw MC cry he was ready to fight someone tbh
  • He asked MC why they were crying
  • “Saeran.. Can we get a munchkin cat?”
  • “What?”
  • “They have tiny legs and are so adorable can we please?”
  • “…Is this.. Is this why you’re crying?”
  • He really doesn’t understand Why MC is crying over small cats?
  • MC shows him a video of a munchkin cat running
  • Now he understands

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Some facts you might not know about Alan Turing

I have just finished reading Alan Turing’s biography (written by Andrew Hodges) and I wrote down some interesting/cute/amazing/nerdy facts about Alan:

• Alan taught himself to read, but was quicker to recognise figures, and he had an infuriating habit of stopping at every lamppost to identify its serial number
• on picnic with his family, he wanted to gather the wild bee’s honey and observed the bees’ flightpaths to locate the nest
• he hated games at school, and he later said that the necessity of avoiding the ball in hockey had taught him to run fast
• his father loved literature and was pleased when Alan told him he liked one line from Hamlet - only to learn that it was the last line: “Exeunt, bearing off the bodies…”
• his first friend at school was Christopher, who he first met in 1927, and he was struck by him and “wanted to look again at his face, as he felt so attracted”
• during what Alan said was the happiest week of his life, he, Chris, and a friend went to the cinema and on the way back Alan wanted to test how much Chris wanted his company, so he hung back and then Chris “beckoned to me (mostly with his eyes) to walk beside me”
• he made a star globe out of a lampshade and woke up at 4am to look at the night sky
• in Chris’ memory, his family founded a prize which Alan won
• at Christmas 1934 Alan asked for a teddy bear because he never had one as a little boy - he got one and it was called Porgy
• when Alan was at Princeton in the US he complained in a letter that he didn’t like “the way they speak”, “the impossibility of getting a bath” and “their ideas on room temperature”
• Alan liked to chant the couplet “Dip the apple in the brew, let the Sleeping Death seep through” from Disney’s Snow White over and over again
• he broke up with Joan by reciting the closing lines of Oscar Wilde’s “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”
• he didn’t like the sight of blood and even once fainted when he grazed himself shaving
• he was an avid long-distance runner
• he wrote a short story about a gay man named Alec, but only three pages survived
• Alan died on 7 June 1954, most likely by committing suicide; the cause of death was cyanide poisoning (next to his bed was half an apple which might have been dipped in cyanide)

When Sherlock is talking about how everyone is human and he says “even YOU” to John, it’s totally flip flopping how John thinks it is. John thinks he’s the one who imagines Sherlock as this untouchable infallible being and he gets more and more angry the more that isn’t true because it means Sherlock might actually FEEL things like everyone else and that’s delving way too deep into John’s repressed love for him, you know?

But Sherlock saying “even YOU” undeniably tells John that Sherlock feels the same way, and that Sherlock thinks JOHN is this untouchable amazing human, that he puts John on this pedestal and adores him above all else and is only just realizing John is a human who hurts and feels things and is vulnerable and John needs to hear that SO BAD, he needs to know what he means to Sherlock, and really hear it from Sherlock himself because John’s gone through a lot and he needs reassurance that Sherlock does feel things and Sherlock IS human. That conversation is so much. They both are realizing exactly how real the other is, and exactly how much the other feels. That’s SUCH a big step.

Okay so I know that everyone and their mother already analyzed this scene but I’d also like to take a moment to notice something.

When Mari told Yuuri about Maccachin’s condition, he held his breath

And the first word that traveled on that first breath was none other than:

Followed shortly by:

And may I note that in Japanese, this isn’t just “right now”, it’s more like “right this instant”.

Everyone praises the communication aspect here and that indeed is amazing, but can we talk about the fact that Yuuri doesn’t even hesitate.

He doesn’t even take two seconds to think about himself and how he’ll do without Victor, because he knows that this isn’t about him. Having gone through the terrible experience of losing a dog (basically a family member to anyone who’s ever had a pet) and not being able to say goodbye, the first thing he thinks about is Victor and how he will feel.

And let me reaffirm Yuuri is not an impulsive person. He thinks and considers all aspects of a situation, which is also most likely why he gets so anxious before big events, why he flubs his jumps when he’s got something on his mind, why it took him so long to get used to Victor, why he needs to prepare himself mentally before every time he skates in public. Everything that Yuuri does, he does intentionally.

And so he does in this scene as well. It takes him only a moment to think it through and then he knows. And I’m certain he knows that he’ll be stressed before his Free Skate. But regardless of that he consciously prioritizes Victor and his feelings.

And I think that’s what contributes to the impact of the scene - the fact that Yuuri, of all people, acts immediately. It’s not just a sympathetic decision made in the heat of the moment, it’s a deliberate self-less act. And that’s beautiful.

8 Things Successful Students Do

Hey everyone! A lovely man named Mike Strangstalien, MA, MFT, LPC, NCC decided to compile a list of 8 things successful people do. He has been working on this list since 1994 and continues to update this list as he does more research. I decided to share some of his amazing work here with you all by summarizing his main points. Enjoy and good luck!

1. They raise their hand in class.

Now, this may seem trivial and sometimes you’re left with the question, “How can I speak up in class if I don’t even know what I don’t know?”. However, its been proven that people who raise their hand and ask questions tend to do better. If you are unsure of a question to ask, a good technique is to go home and review the material and the next day at the beginning of class, ask your question. This not only gets you to actively participate in class, but you begin to think about the information you learned and are able to commit it to long term memory.

2. They establish routine and structure.

During the day you should try to complete your homework so that at night you can spend your time studying, reviewing and consolidating. Its been proven that studying something before bed can commit it to long term memory. Doing work at night when you’re tired can lead to poor performance and may not commit things to memory if its the first time you’re seeing the information. 

Also, try to go to bed BEFORE 1:30 am! Why is this important? Your serotonin is used up during the day (about 90%)  and is reassembled if you get to bed by 1:30. If you go to bed past 1:30 twice in a row, you miss your key opportunity to replace it and you’re left with only 10%! Do this again and you’re down to only 1%. This affects your concentration, focus, attention, motivation and memory. 

3. They go to office hours.

Those who go to office hours at least 8 times during the semester yield, on average, 0.5-1.2 grade points HIGHER than their non-attending counter parts. The main reason people don’t go to office hours is a fear of looking “dumb”. However, if you just admit to your professor or TA that you’re completely lost, they can help re-teach. Remember to be honest about your confusion because otherwise they may start their explanation off the assumption that you already know something and you’ll have wasted your time and your professor’s. This can be the difference between a C and an A! 

4. They prepare for each lecture.

Preparation for each lecture is essential. Begin by reviewing any information from the last lecture within 24 hours of first receiving this information, otherwise you lose valuable time to commit it to long term memory. Additionally, quick read assigned readings so that the lecture can consolidate what you read. After the lecture, spend about 5 minutes summarizing the major points and look up any vocabulary you didn’t recognize. This all compiles into the three-read principle. 1. Read the textbook (or other materials) beforehand. 2. Reread after the lecture and try to find the main points in the reading. 3. Reread a third time and write notes as though you plan to teach the information. This means simplifying and not writing down unnecessary information. 

5. They remain actively involved when learning, attending lecture, and while studying. 

I have a post about active studying techniques which you can find here. Active learning requires not only that you consciously try to pay attention, but also that you maintain your motivation to learn the material, the willingness to complete the tasks at hand needed to learn it, and saying to yourself, “I am excited to learn something new and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do it”. Remember, there are kids in other countries literally dying for the right to an education. Your education is luxury, not a right. Additionally, every 15 minutes, stop and ask yourself, “how does this fit into the main idea,” and “what is it that I just read and how can I form study questions from it?”. 

6. They take responsibility for their learning.

Although your professor is there to provide you with the information, it is not their job to make sure you learn it. Often times students fail because they expect the professor to try hard to help them. This is a harmful way of thinking and it can lead to failed exams. Those who take responsibility will make sure they seek help when they need it and they will make sure they search for resources outside of what is provided. If you’re really struggling with a concept, try Kahn Academy, YouTube or asking a TA. Its up to you to earn the A, not your professor. Also, keep track of your own grades and assignments that you turn in. This way if you need to see someone for help, you’re not disadvantaged because you waited until the grades were updated online after you threw away graded papers. 

7. They understand the work load and are prepared to study 7 days a week.

Not everyone can study for hours on end every day. For this reason, those who are successful make sure they break down their studying into 25 minute intervals. Additionally, make sure you touch on this information every single day to keep your brain ready for the class when it comes time and you can avoid procrastination. You also need to be prepared for repeated exposure. This means reviewing the same material 3-7 times. This highly increases your likelihood to not only learn the information for exam, but not become guilty of the “pump-and-dump”. This is especially helpful for anyone pursuing medical school or graduate school. 

8. They have no use for negative self-talk and they are honest with themselves.

You cant commit things to memory if you feel down or you are angry with yourself! Those who are successful maintain the mentality of, “I know that hard work and commitment will lead to success,” and, “I am capable, intelligent, and worthy of excellent grades”. They also understand that any grade they receive is earned and not given. Additionally, they understand that even at the end of the day, if they get bad grades they know for a fact that they tried their hardest. Self-criticism can be more harmful than good. Never scold yourself for missing homework, doing bad on an exam, or being confused. Instead, search for ways to actually CHANGE your behavior. A change in you mentality may sound silly, but it may be the difference between having the motivation to study a little harder and laying in bed feeling bad about yourself. BE HONEST. If you are really struggling and going to office hours and studying isn't helping, drop your pride and try to find a tutor. If a tutor isn’t in the books for you due to financial situations, explain this to your professor and see if you can schedule more one-on-one time. 

you know what i Loved the most about that performance?  How strong his voice was.  How confident he sounded. How full his breath support was. He sounded like he did before people told him he wasn’t good enough.  He’s more than good enough.  He’s amazing.  I’m so proud of him.  I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for him but he blew everyone away.  What an amazing human.

no exaggerations here. louis is one of the strongest and bravest people i know. he’s constantly told his voice isn’t good enough, he barely had any solos at the beginning of 1d, his mom just recently passed away and now this. he was on stage on his own and he sounded incredible. he proved everyone who doubted him wrong. most importantly, he fulfilled his mom’s last biggest wish. i’m so proud to be a fan of this amazing young man.


I just really adore the parallels here?? 

In both cases, everyone else on the team is completely blindsided by an incredible and unexpected play, but Tsukishima and Yamaguchi both know each other so well and believe in each other so much that they’re not even surprised, just proud

Yamaguchi’s screaming reaction to The Block wasn’t because he thought the block itself was previously impossible, but rather an expression of pride and wonderment at how happy Tsukki was. This was a culmination of everything he’d known Tsukishima was capable of, and winning the set was almost second to the victory of Tsukishima finally realizing it for himself

Tsukishima didn’t need to react like the others because he knew exactly what Yamaguchi was capable of, and how much he wanted it, and has always believed in him and relied on him, ever since they were kids. Tsukki knew that Yamaguchi would succeed the moment he stepped onto the court.

They’re so tuned into one another’s progress and feelings and when everybody else is freaking out, they’re chill bc they already knew

Prayer circle and a therapist for Yoonbum please.

Okay, hear me out. This is about Sherlock.

I know you’ve seen these theories before, but listen. This sounds dumb but put your tinfoil hat on with me for a minute, please.

I am in no way trying to compromise the validity, legitimacy, or integrity of The Final Problem. I thought it was an amazing episode. But..

People had said there were a lot of plot holes. I didn’t agree or even think about it at first but, they’re right.

- Mycroft disappears after the flat blows up. I know they said he’s in hospital because he’s in bad shape, but we never see this, or him having any type of lingering injury.

-What friends are Rosie with?

-Where did everyone in that prison go? There were a ton of people there who just suddenly weren’t.

-Unless Eurus used people that worked there to help, how did Eurus get an unconscious Sherlock and John into (I’m guessing probably a helicopter) and figure out how to fly it to exactly where she wanted to go… without getting shot?

-John was chained to the bottom of the well, and they threw him a rope.

-Again, Mycroft disappears. They say he was in Eurus’s cell, and is now in hospital, if I remember correctly. But again, we never see this.

And not only are there plot holes, there are things that just weren’t really explained, the most prominent one probably being how Molly was totally fine after being emotionally run over by a semi.

Now, recently, Moffat said in an interview, referring to how Molly was okay with that: “Surely at a certain point you have to figure out that after Sherlock escapes tells her, ‘I’m really sorry about that, it was a code, I thought your flat was about to blow up.’ And she says, ‘Oh well that’s okay then, you bastard.’ And then they go back to normal, that’s what people do.”

Um….no. That is most certainly not what people do. She was crying. She was crying when the conversation ended, and, what, the phone just hung up? Well, yes, it did, so there is absolutely no way she would hear all of that, say all of that, and then just be like.. “Yeah, alright, cool.” (Here’s the full interview: http://ew.com/tv/2017/01/16/sherlock-showrunner-season-4-finale/)

And that seems uncharacteristically cheapening for Moffat to completely blow off that scene. That scene was huge in development for both Sherlock and Molly. He helped write it, did he not? How do you miss the point of your own scene?

Answer: You don’t.

Conclusion: He’s lying.

This makes me think of Mycroft spouting slander that he didn’t mean about John Watson. I’ll explain in a moment why this is important.

A lot of this is Molly-centric, not because of Sherlolly but because of things that don’t make enough sense.

Next point. Clothes.

Remember this picture? Yeah! Remember when Sherlock wore that coat in TST? He did! But wait a minute..

When did Molly ever wear that outfit? Or have her hair like that? She never had that much fringe going on and it’s not hard to remember all of her outfits because she has so little. She had the cardigan, yes, but not the red dress.

Granted, this could all be just for the picture, but Sherlock wore that coat. Why would they take the promotional pictures with the characters in clothes they never wear?

Maybe for the same reason points get brought up that are never addressed.

“I’m worried about you Molly, you seem stressed.”

“I’m having a bad day.”

Both of those lines point to some underlying issue in Molly’s life that the audience is never let in on. That seems like something that would be resolved or at least explained by the end of the last episode but no.
Was Molly just having a bad day because she was stressed and taking care of Rosie? Could be, except that if Rosamund was at Molly’s flat, John would have mentioned that when they were told her flat was going to blow up.
We have no idea what was wrong with Molly.

These are some of the plot points that don’t make sense in the final episode. Then, of course there are some physical questionmarks that have arisen. Part 2.

Okay, you’ve heard people talk about “Apple Tree Hill,” if I remember the title correctly. What they said was that this is a show that says it has four episodes in the series, but only one is airing. This happens this coming Sunday, January 22nd. Yes, that’s a little odd, but whatever, right?

Well, I had also heard somebody mention that The Final Problem took twice as long to film as TST and TLD. I can’t cite or prove that, but I did hear it, and saw it confirmed by someone else. Again, okay, it was an intense episode, sure it took a long time to film.

Then there’s my favorite, because I’m rather proud to have noticed this on my own.

Sherlock Season 4 is available to buy and download on iTunes and Amazon, but only online. The physical DVD copy of the season is not released from Amazon to be ordered until next Tuesday, January 24th. Why wouldn’t they release it now, since the episodes are over? Stay tuned for the explanation.

So I said I’d explain why I think Moffat was lying. He was asked why we didn’t see any resolution of the “I love you” scene, and how Molly was feeling afterwards. He gave a bizarre answer because he knows the answer. He knows it for a fact, because they filmed it.

The DVD is not going to be released until the 24th so that it can include the last episode. More episodes can be bought and downloaded online, but DVD’s can’t be updated. So, it has to be held until next week.

Because there is a fourth episode. You knew where this was going.
Amanda said something along the lines of, “If we pull this off, it’ll be amazing.”
If they air a secret fourth episode, that will be “television history.”Now, we never want to get our hopes up. Remember, hope for the best but prepare for the worst (and the worst isn’t even really bad). When I first heard people talking about a fourth episode, I thought it was just people grasping at straws because their ship didn’t become canon. But now that I think about it, a lot seems to fall into line. After all, “people always stop looking after 3.”

UPDATE/DISCLAIMER: I ship sherlolly, whole-heartedly, unconditionally, and I ship nothing else. I loved their scene, I don’t think it was an assault on Molly’s character development, and I loved The Final Problem. I’m just saying that there is a possibility that this is all more amazing than we could have ever hoped for. ❤

can i just say how i love that matt daddario is very aware of his popularity within the fandom and uses that to constantly hype up other cast members and characters? like, in s1 (and arguably right now still) he was one of the most popular cast members (if not the most popular) but he Knows some of the other cast members (ie. isaiah) were going largely unnoticed (same thing w alec vs other characters) and matt has literally done EVERYTHING to share how great his fellow cast members are and how amazing other characters in the show are (specifically the downworlders) and basically just bring attention to the fact that we should appreciate everyone else in the show too

idk man i just love that matt uses his popularity to show fans that everyone is in the cast is just as loveable and amazing as he is. what a good dude

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The fact that Namjoon and Wale's collab song 'Change' is free for download really says something. They put all this money and hard work into producing the song and making an MV, but in the end they release so everyone can listen for free. I would have thought since Wale is an American artist his company may want... idk nicer word-> compensation for the effort and also Wale's travel and expenses when he went to S. Korea. It just shows that both just want to join the two music scenes and create.

I’m also really really impressed with this side of bighit. though we don’t really know what happens behind the scenes and how they arrange it and stuff. but just the fact that they encourage/allow these collabs is amazing to me. and it’s kind of like the same with their mixtapes and how bighit doesn’t spare any expense and like we get multiple MVs. Just look at Suga’s August D, and both MVs. Even RM’s mixtape and his MVs too. It’s done like any other track on a new album even though the tracks itself/mixtape isn’t for sale. I love it, I’m really grateful to bighit for it. 

Also yes about joining two music scenes and wanting to meet up, fly across the world and create amazing things!

you know what we need now?


because she’s the one who was all ‘yuuri, that’s victor, he’s amazing and beautiful, and you sure like him, huh, i hope to see you two skate on the same ice one day!!!’ when they were kids

we’re all joking about phichit’s knee-jerk ecstatic reaction and everyone being happy for them

but yuuko’s literally yuuri’s oldest friend, there’s no way she’s not gonna be screaming so loudly in surprised happiness the entire damn town hears 

Imma tell yall how i simultaneously pissed off 50 art students and the most infamous art teacher in my school.

Basically we have one teacher named Herman. The entire school knows him because hes Big Bad Herman and hes tall af and scary and he has a habit of seeing through everyone and finding your weak spots. He talks loudly and will not hesitate to tell you your stuff fucking sucks if he thinks you didnt have fun or tried hard to make it. Hes the best fucking teacher ive ever had.

And he told us to create a physical experience for our classmates and him.

So i had three layers of bubblewrap. And some construction tape. You know the red tape with the white bars on it that tells you you cant enter somewhere.

And i know no human can resist bubblewrap. And i know my classmates and Herman cannot resist getting past some “do not pass” tape.

So i hammered the bubblewrap into the wall and put tape in front of it. As a challenge to get past it. As a big red sign of “POP THE FUCKING BUBBLEWRAP JUST DO IT”

So Herman asked me what my work was and i told him to try it out. Try and pop the wrap. And he looked at it and reached in his arm and said “the bubblewrap is literally in reach this isnt very hard”

And he grabbed a layer of bubblewrap and squeezed it. Then he grabbed another layer and squeezed it. Then, he just slowly turned around, looked at me and said “you dirty bitch”

Unpoppable bubblewrap, ladies and gentlemen.