he's always worrying over everyone

Prompto’s Story

I’m gonna ramble here but it’s something that’s been on my mind a bit lately ever since the trailers from Episode Prompto have come out. I’ll be surprised if anyone actually reads all of this lol There’s FFXV story spoilers and some talk about the Episode Prompto trailers

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When I think of Prompto’s story it’s actually really sad. I mean he was born to a father that didn’t care about him. (hearing his father in the trailer tell him he is “nothing but a failure”) He was supposed to be an experiment, probably wasn’t even meant to live his life even, cause the way it seems he was supposed to be an MT. (of course we’ll hopefully find out more about that come Tuesday what exactly he was meant for) So far we know nothing about his mother. So already off the bat he has no real “family” to call his own.

We have his “adoptive” family….and I use that phrase loosely cause we know nothing of them. They were never around though so he pretty much raised himself and grew up alone. Which I think he did a pretty damn good job of raising himself if you ask me.

Then from Brotherhood we know he was really shy growing up so he didn’t have any friends really. He saw Noct around his school but always thought he wasn’t good enough to be his friend. Then, the whole thing with Pryna happened and Luna contacted him which of course gave him the jump start of bettering himself so he felt worthy to be friends with Noctis.

At the start of the game, he’s only thinking he’s going on a road trip with his friends. Then everything goes to hell, and he doesn’t back down. He was a normal person, he had no real training other then the bit he had before leaving Insomnia. He didn’t have to stick around after everything happened, but he did. It definitely wasn’t what he signed up for. He wasn’t Iggy or Gladio, raised/trained to protect Noctis. These guys were pretty much his family though now, and he made the choice to stick with them.

He wanted to meet Luna so bad to thank her, cause if it wasn’t for Luna, who knows if he ever would have got to know Noct? Of course thanks to Ardyn, he never got to meet Luna, then in Cartanica he said “I finally get to see her home” and he never even got to do that cause he got knocked off the train before they got there.

With his capture and what not we’ll see what went down with that next week. He was pretty banged up when we found him though and just from watching the trailer we see he’s pretty much fighting tooth and nail to get out of wherever he ended up. Of course that’s not to mention the mind games Ardyn was playing on him (we see in the trailer how it looks like Noctis is attacking him and of course he’s already worried about Noctis attacking him on the train) Then even after we find him, he’s still worried more about everyone else despite everything he had just gone through.

Then Noct, his best friend, gets pulled into the Crystal and is gone for 10 years. So after he gets back to everyone, he immediately loses his best friend. Even though Iggy, Gladio, and Prompto stay in touch the dialogue from the ride with Talcott kind of makes me think they grew a bit apart, since he says they all kind of do their own things now. They didn’t really have Noct holding them together anymore. Noct finally comes back only for him to have to pretty much sacrifice himself right away. Prompto doesn’t get any time to catch up with him or anything.

Which leads me to the saddest thing. I’m one of those fans that believes the bros lived at the end. If you watched Kingsglaive, Nyx did not lose his weapons when King Regis died. It was only after he threw them to that ship and he couldn’t warp to them or call them back that he lost his weapons. The bros summoned their weapons before Noct died, you see them do it as Noct is going into the Citadel. So if the same holds true, they kept their weapons and as long as they didn’t lose them I would think/hope their 10 years of training was enough for them to hold off some daemons until Noct did what he needed to do. Anyways, now Prompto has to carry on without his best friend. He’s pretty much lost everything now. I’ve always hoped Ignis and Gladio kind of stuck around Prompto to help him deal with it all. That they all didn’t just go their separate ways after it all, cause thinking of Prompto having to grieve alone is heartbreaking.

The fact is Prompto, despite going through all of this, is always cheery. Always worried about everyone else over himself. He has so many insecurities and worries, but he always tries to keep them to himself. Always puts on a happy face and cracks jokes. Always tries to make everyone else smile and find the best in situations. There was so many things that could have gone wrong with him. He could have turned out evil, jaded for being dealt so much in his life (and he went through a lot at 20 years old), he could have just become hopeless and given up, but he didn’t. He never wanted people feeling sorry for him. He always worked hard and kept pushing forward.

I just think he’s a really amazing character and it makes me sad to think of his story sometimes. They did a really good job with him I think.