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Ahhh I love your tags on the Peter/will Clark/Hannibal contrasts, I never rally thought about it that way before reading your comments :)

Thank you nonny, and I’m so glad I could help you look at it in a different light. I just always thought the differences between them were so much more glaring than their similarities. I mean, the parallel between Peter feeling betrayed by Clark and subsequently being framed for his murders is fairly on the nose, but every time I watch Su-zakana and Will says: “That’s smart. She keeps pushing him on his feelings, not on the facts. She’s trying to gauge how comfortable he is with emotion, if he has any. He couldn’t bear being touched by her.” I always feel like we’re supposed to notice just how different this is to the way Hannibal is, especially how he is with Will.

Because not only is Hannibal highly emotive, he’s also fairly comfortable with touch, and he himself is the one that continuously initiates the contact between himself and Will. A huge part of Will’s seduction being so successful hinges on the fact that Hannibal Lecter is an emotional disaster when it comes to his feelings for and his relationship with Will Graham. Will compromises the fuck out of him to say the very least. That is about a million miles away from the dynamic between Clark Ingram and Peter Bernardone.

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I'm one of those people who don't really see Sam as a dom. I think he's definitely all super-muscely-virile-man, but I see him as more passionate than anything. Like he kisses like he's diving into her and the way he touches women is always like body worship.

Well, actually, the way Sam kisses is more like he’s trying to devour his partner

Though, to me, this doesn’t signify that he’s the dommiest dom to ever dom, he is a pretty aggressive lover. It’s my general thinking that he just wants some aggressive lovin, both giving and receiving the roughness

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how excited are you for cameron's stone cold podcast

She has 2 big upcoming interviews, one with AfterBuzz TV and one with Stone Cold. I’m excited for it and interested in her future as well. Her sit-down interviews are always good.

I think it’s great that it’s Austin interviewing her because he knew her before she got signed, he always supported & defended her on his podcast, they stayed in touch through the years and always chatted backstage when he would visit RAW, and now they’re sitting down together to talk about her WWE career. It’s nice, a “full circle” kinda thing. They have a lot to talk about.

Ariane has always been honest, unapologetic, professional, and keep it real about what goes on behind the scenes and how certain women are treated within the company. She was the one that revealed there was a “Total Divas rule” (that Brie, Eva, Nikki, and Natalya later confirmed), she sided with the fans during #GiveDivasAChance (even if it meant getting punished), she was vocal about wanting the women to have better writers/booking, being a Black woman in WWE, always been a big Naomi supporter and never had a problem taking a bullet for her and speaking up for other women. She can finally talk more about all of that (if she wants) and whatever she feel; the conversation and topics will be interesting.

Can I Get Some Of Your Time?

Chapter 1: Buckbean & Lavender

Namseok, side!Yoonmin

This is rlly shitty plz love me

Hoseok can’t say he’s ever made such a mess after a counseling session.

Maybe he overreacted just a little bit, but this is the third time his normal counselor, Mrs. Lim, was missing from the office and he’d been scheduled with someone else. He understands, shit happens, but every time he touches base with her she always had some bullshit to spew about why she was out.

On top of that, each new therapist asks him to recite his predicament and it’s exhausting and draining and it’s not doing a thing for him other than waste his time.

But here he is anyway, in someone’s office, sitting on one of those leather chairs that squeak whenever he moves.

Hoseok is twisting his hands around in his lap as he continued with the topic of his insomnia to a newer therapist, in her late forties. Her face is hard and worn from years, her small eyes staring at him through glasses. Her face is anything but friendly and he can’t remember her name. Did she even introduce herself?

A faint ding pulls Hoseok’s words to a halt, and he looks up to see her plucking a phone from the pocket in her jacket. She’s not looking at him. “Go on, I’m listening” she says. His eyebrows knit together and he makes a face.

He wouldn’t be so pissed if it weren’t for how she’d tapped away on that thing three times within ten minutes. He knows therapists aren’t supposed to have their phones on them during sessions, at least within this facility, and he stands up so quickly his shoulder hits the edge of a poorly placed side table.

A vase of buckbean and lavender flowers toppled over, probably not breaking on the soft carpet of the room but undoubtedly spilling water. It’s an odd mix, buckbean and lavender, but the employees often argue that both flowers are supposed to represent calmness. That’s the farthest from what Hoseok is right now.

This new therapist looks up when the side table hits the wall, alarmed. “Mr. Jung, please sit down” Her voice is stern and faintly reminds him of his mom.

It hurts for a split second.

“I’m sorry, but your inability to take me seriously has worn out” He picks up his coat “I’m not paying, not after you sat there and clicked away at your phone” He says, almost calmly as he struggles to find his bus ticket. “I can assure you I’m not-”

Hoseok leaves the room before she can finish, shouldering into a bulky man in his hurry. His apology doesn’t come fast enough, and he doesn’t stop to properly say anything. The man says something nasty under his breath and Hoseok feels more and more unwelcome. He calls over his shoulder a quiet “My bad” five seconds too late.

A for effort.

He goes up to the front desk in a rush. “I’d like to cancel any future appointments, please take me off your client list or whatever” the receptionist, a short, young, pudgy woman, looks a little surprised. “You want to discontinue visits? Are you sure?”

She’s pulls the bulky business phone away from her mouth as she speaks, a bit too much mascara decorating her lashes.

“Yes, have a good day”

He doesn’t let her protest, and instead turns and heads for the bus stop.


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                    what time is it..? headcanon time!


  1. Whenever Gwen isn’t feeling 100% Jack makes her stop what she’s doing, throw on one of his t-shirts and pajama bottoms, and lay in his cot all day while he does everything her heart desires.
  2. Jack and Gwen are almost always touching. Nothing in a sexual way but they always try to be close to one another so if anything dangerous happens they can easily protect each other.
  3. Gwen keeps Jack happy, simple as that. She doesn’t let him think depressive things or just be sad for very long. There are always jokes and fun activities for the two to do so Jack’s mind never stays on those thought for long

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He was with her always; in every step, every breath, every touch. He was with her always; in her thoughts, in her spirit, in her soul. Although she wanted him to leave, she wanted him to stay. At times she would scream, LET ME GO! Then take it back. They were connected. A cord that needed to be severed, she thought, but the feeling of him was like a drug that soothed and excited her all at the same time. She knew he was thinking of her, wanting her. When she lay down to sleep, she felt him next to her. “Omg! Her thoughts screamed. What is happening to me?” Then it was there…a small gentle whisper…I put a spell on you

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Jimenna! (for le meme)

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older - Neither really. They have more important things to worry about, like making sure they live long enough to be older.

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s - Jimmy. Ravenna just leaves him little notes all over his room to find

Clings to the other during scary movies - They cling to each other or - more likely - making out.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly - Ravenna! She loves surprising Jimmy and seeing him turn beet red when he feels her kiss his shoulder from behind.

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone - Neither, they don’t often take showers alone and if they do they’re not really in a joking mood.

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving - Jimmy. He just really loves touching her whenever he can, so he’s always touching her.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events - Surprisingly Jimmy. Ravenna does it too but not as often as he does.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night - They both do, it’s part of their nightly rituals to just speak whatever comes to their minds.

Asks “what are you thinking about?” - Ravenna, she always wants to know what’s going in the brilliant mind of his.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do) - JIMMY! Ravenna loves touching him too, but Jimmy always like to have his hands on her in some way, shape or form.

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ne she could be herself around. There had been others, however none the same.
None could compare.

He came and went, as did she.
Though they spent more time apart than not, they are always able to reconnect like it’s nothing…no time apart. No time has passed, at least it never felt that way.

Everything was easy. She never had to try. Eventually came a time where she did try, and what would you know, things changed. Things always do change, there’s no avoiding it.

When he touched her, at first it was too much to handle at times, but eventually it was natural. There was always excitement, even when they did just talk.

She saw him. And he saw her.

No matter what came between them, they came out like no time had passed in the end. Eventually things got complicated, and she made the decision that even though she saw herself with him, she saw that she deserved better.

You see, she saw that who she had once seen in him….was gone.

The last time apart made them realize time. It made her realize that sometimes, even if she saw it in her future, she still deserved better. She knew better than to have him call her a dumb fucking bitch out of frustration. She knew she deserved better than to be changed up on, lied to, used. She SAW that she deserves better.


And so
she started distancing herself.
Barely texted him
and phone calls..
they anyhow wouldn’t speak much on phone,
he knew she hated it.
It had hardly been a week
that she met him and
he was already a very good ‘friend’?
And now,
now she started
restricting herself.
On the other side,
he was getting worried.
He had never seen her like that.
He knew she was reserved,
but what he didn’t understand
was this distance between them.
There was no chance of her,
being hurt by him.
He chose his words carefully
especially when it was HER.
He looked at her like
She was the most beautiful creation.
Like a crystal,
plain, transparent and delicate.
He always felt like protecting her,
from every bad thing trying to touch her.
He would die to listen to her voice.
And this sudden silence between them was killing him.
He would text her constantly.
He also tried to call her
but she would always put off
saying she was busy.
He felt something odd
but couldn’t do anything about it.

Another week passed by,
no phone calls,
barely a few texts.
The first few days were
very hurtful.
She wouldn’t think much about it,
She knew that if she did,
She’d again start feeling guilty.
That one week
was hell for him.
He didn’t understand
why she mattered so much to him.
He didn’t notice it but
he had begun to grow moody,
Life was a routine now.
It was a sunday.
She was in a very bad mood.
And argument with mum.
So her friend dragged her into a mall,
for some shopping.
She was least interested,
waiting in a vacant aisle
until her friend was done with it.
Standing idly,
looking around,
she caught a pair of eyes looking at her.
The same eyes,
that day,
in the hospital.
She was taken aback.
She was already in a bad mood
and now, him?
She started to walk away.
Heard him calling out for her
but couldn’t dare to turn around
and face him.
What would he ask?
How would she explain?
And the next thing she knew was
a hand wrapped around her arm
and she was pulled back.
His hands were shaky,
reached out for her cheeks.
She didn’t know she was crying
until he wiped those tears
from her face.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
His voice was so gentle.
She wanted to wrap her arms around him
and cry her heart out.
She had a very bad time
and now his presence was soothing.
She didn’t answer him.
All she did was
His heart melted looking at her.
He knew her well enough
to know that
she didn’t want to talk about it.
And through this one act
they spoke a hundred words,
which meant much more to them.
They spent their evening together.
Ice creams,
Stars and
Each other’s presence
was all they needed.
That night,
they spoke a lot..
through their eyes. And
Silence was never this comfortable.