he's always touching her

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Tbh I think that Seungri would be the most possesive, or not really possesive but more like wanting his gf always close and touching her and stuff because he seems kinda insecure to me.

could be 🤔

imagine sebastian getting his nose booped.

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oh wow i really need more of hancock making sole beg or just i need hancock in general but, what situations would that be like with each of them making sole beg for it?

An absolute monster when he wants sole to beg for it. Teases, torments, and whispers absolutely filthy things into her ear until all she can do is beg him to fuck her. If he’s feeling REALLY devilish that knife of his is going to come into it; he likes sole incoherent enough that all she can say is his name.

He’s a lot bigger than sole and sometimes he uses that to his advantage, pinning her down so she can’t touch him. He likes how she wriggles beneath him, begging to be allowed to touch him while he’s inside her.

Always makes her beg. That’s just the way he is. Much like Danse, he uses his size and strength to his advantage. He’s an absolute tease though, using his fingers to circle her most intimate parts but never penetrating until she’s begging incoherently.

He’s a flirt, charismatic. Silver tongued, almost. He’ll touch her lightly and whisper things that range between sweet, sensual, or downright dirty until she’s begging him to just fuck her already.

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I've always headcanoned Acnologia being insecure around Anna with only one arm. Cuz what if he felt he wasn't 'whole' enough to make her happy?? What if he keeps pushing her away cuz he thinks it makes her uncomfortable but she's so desensitized that she has no clue why he's always distant and never touches her?? What if he keeps Anna around him because she doesn't treat him differently?? WHAT IF THEY GET MARRIED AND HAD BABIES?! Oh my god I think I just got a new OTP..

IDK about the married and have babies (lmao if only xD) but the rest is gooooooood. 

Imagine Acnologia, even before his slaying days, always harboring an inferiority complex. Everything he’s ever done hasn’t been good enough for the people’s eyes, and it was always his goal to strive to get stronger…up to a point that it became ruthless, and his frustration at never being good enough seeped into hatred for humans altogether.

But at the same time, there is Anna- someone who’s just always seen the good in him while being amazingly talented herself. She earned herself the title of “greatest Celestial Spirit Wizard”, she gets her respect, and hell, even the Black Wizard himself can’t touch her (but that’s a totally different story- stick with me here).

He’s got the powerful, revered, and elegant Anna by his side, and somewhere deep down he loathes how much he adores her too, and he hates that everything he can offer her would just pale in comparison to what she already has. It burns away at him, and he’s not going to burden her with his own shortcomings, so he stays away.

But Anna has never seen him for his flaws- she has seen the good he put in towards the war (before going rogue), she knows he’s a bold and strong man despite not being approachable nor exactly friendly, but she’s fascinated by his penchant for solitude- after all, constantly being around people who praise you or need things from you can get tiring, and so she goes to his side to indulge in more peaceful moments, and slowly, slowly, pulls back the armor he built around himself and finally gets to know who Acnologia is. 

It’s a subtle, but tasteful relationship built upon rather intimate personal trust. 

And it’s why it hurts that much more when he snaps and starts slaughtering anyone and anything in his path with the face and physique of a dragon, and why she eventually goes through with the plan to put an end to him.

Because, the man she once knew -or thought she knew- isn’t even there anymore…and there was nothing she could do to prevent it since she was inadvertently part of the problem. 

(Whoops got angsty there, but it can’t be helped, theories are fun ;D) 

-Admin Brandy

She was in love
with his mind
his words were
all she could hear
taking her to the
edge of madness
always touching her
even when he was
not near.
—  n.r. hart

Of Myths and Monsters Chapter 11

Part (11) of my NaLu Paranormal AU

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    Lucy was probably gonna snap and fuck Natsu Dragneel’s brains out. Like, Oh my gosh! I totally didn’t mean to tear all of your clothes off. My bad. The past couple weeks had been utter torture. She’d always found Natsu attractive- ridiculously sexy, even. But that afternoon when they ran to his house in the rain and she’d seen him shirtless, water still dripping from his hair and sliding down his chest, something in her had snapped. And now ninety percent of her thoughts were consumed with the idea of touching him.

    It wasn’t like she didn’t try to fight the urge. But it didn’t help that he was always touching her. Throwing his arm over her shoulders or starting a game of footsie during study hall or putting his hand on the small of her back to guide her through a crowd. The result was her being turned on. All. The. Time. It was near impossible to focus on anything other than the fantasy of shoving him down and having her way with him in the middle of class. Maybe she had started this dangerous game with her playful nudges and her mock punches. But she didn’t deserve this. He could completely demolish her thought process with a simple brush of his fingers.

    Lucy couldn’t even escape Natsu in the solace of her own home. What with his unannounced visits and him frequently sneaking in through the window. He even slept over at her place! He said that sleeping near her somehow kept his recurring nightmare away- which, goddamnit, was ridiculously sweet. And Lucy couldn’t deny him after hearing that. She couldn’t deny him ever, really. Because as much as she cursed his constant closeness and the havoc it wreaked on her, she would never try to change it. All of her empty protests were more for herself than anything. She’d always been a lonely little girl, after all. And as strange and foreign as Natsu choosing to pester Lucy all the time was, it didn’t go unappreciated.

    The most dangerous thing about this situation wasn’t even what she wanted to do to him in the dark of her bedroom (although the images her mind conjured up were rather scandalous). The most hazardous thing of all was that she didn’t want to keep any secrets from him anymore. They’d spent too many late nights talking about their childhoods to count. They shared insecurities and aspirations and would recount every event of their day down to the last embarrassing detail. Natsu knew every hidden side of her- except one. Succubus. The word felt dirty, but for some reason she wanted to share it with him. Because if Natsu Dragneel thought she was fantastic, then there was no part of herself that was bad enough to be ashamed of.

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ginaka + 9

(I have to hide) 

Akane sank into Ginoza’s touch, his arms wrapped around her. He always said he was cold, but he was warm, so warm. Sometimes she didn’t understand the way he thought about himself. 

And sometimes she was amazed at the way he thought about her. 

They’d stopped kissing a few minutes ago, when Ginoza surprised her with Dime during a stressful day at the office. He was meant to have the day off, but being in the building, he tended to come in even when he wasn’t supposed to be in. Sometimes, to do extra work. More often now, to see Akane. 

Dime was resting behind Akane’s desk, having taken the hint that the humans wanted to be with each other and that he would get some attention later. 

Right now, Akane just wanted to stay in Ginoza’s warm embrace forever. 

Voices drifted from down the hallway. Familiar. 

“Kunizuka-san, I don’t understand why you spend so much time out of the office when you should be working-” 

Ginoza stiffened. “I shouldn’t be here,” he whispered. 

“You work here,” Akane said. 

“But she doesn’t know.” 

Akane stepped away from him, because he was right. Mika didn’t know, and couldn’t know. Ginoza stepped away as well, fixing his coat, and hurried to his desk. 

Mika and Kunizuka entered the office. Kunizuka gave Akane a knowing look that made her cheeks turn red. Mika narrowed her eyes at Ginoza. “I thought you had the day off.” 

“I was bored,” Ginoza said, turning on his computer. 

Mika sighed. “We have nothing for you to do, Enforcer.” She made her way to her desk, sat down, and glanced at Akane. Her eyes widened. “Why is there a dog here?” 

“Um,” Akane said. 

“I thought,” Ginoza came to her rescue, “that since it’s a slow day, everyone might benefit from something fun. Like Dime. He loves people.” 

“I like dogs,” Kunizuka said, before Mika could protest. She got up and went behind Akane’s desk, kneeling to pet Dime, whose tail started wagging in enthusiasm. Mika sighed and turned away, and Ginoza nearly sank into his chair with relief. 

“Thank you,” Akane mouthed at Kunizuka. 

Kunizuka shrugged and kept petting Dime. 

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For the sake of something unusual (and because there's a PC rerelease on its way), Zidane/Garnet? :3


  • Who wakes up first?

Garnet. She has Queen things to do, of course.

  • Who is grumpiest in the morning?

Zidane, but only if Garnet makes him get up with her, otherwise he sleeps until the afternoon.

  • Who cooks breakfast?

The servants; castle, you know. But if they’re not in Alexandria, Zidane usually does it. Garnet’s…still learning.

  • Who serves the other breakfast in bed?

Zidane attempts to on occasion but he’s never up before Garnet.

  • Who suggests the skip work and stay home?


  • Who falls asleep on top of the other?

Garnet; she passes out working and he usually is there next to her snickering before he carts her off to bed.

  • Who always has to be touching the other?

Zidane, the nerd. He can be a little…in need of reassurance sometimes.

  • Who stays up until 2 reading?

Garnet. Zidane wakes up at like 1am all GO TO SLEEP FOR FUCK’S SAKE

  • Who kisses their partner while they’re sleeping?

Both of them.

  • Who is most adventurous?

Garnet, much to Zidane’s amusement. She’s very gung-ho.

  • Who is most protective?

Zidane, because Garnet is just YEAH LET’S DO STUFF and he’s like GODDAMNIT PRINCESS I AM NOT RESCUING YOU AGAIN.

  • Who cares too much?

Both of them honestly.

  • Who is most competitive?

Garnet again and it’s a little scary how into it she gets when they do competitive things.

  • Who sings in the shower?

Zidane; he has a nice voice.

  • Who is more likely to get naughty in inappropriate places?


  • Rate this ship: 10/10 would ship again.

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"Why are you wearing that?”

“Why are you wearing that?” Deacon questioned Ripley, who was clad in some decidedly ragged clothes that seemed fitting for a passing farmer.

“Dez asked me to help you out today,” she replied. It wasn’t unusual for Desdemona to send Ripley along on ops with him, especially the simple intel-gathering ones. Today they were trying to gauge the Institute’s influence in Diamond City.

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Haymitch almost started purring when he felt her fingers in his hair. "Love you too" he answered in a tired but very fond voice. His fingers brushed over the flesh of her sides and ran over the visible stretch marks. Soon they'd be gone, repaired by a doctor. He stopped touching them before she could get uncomfortable, so instead he found her hand and entwined their fingers.

Admittedly, she flinched a little when she felt his fingers trailing her sides but then again, she always did when he touched any of her imperfections. In an attempt to distract herself, she let go of his hand and started playing with his hair, braiding it with a smirk on her lips.

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Send “Upsy-Daisy” for my Muse’s reaction to being picked up by yours!

          He treated her as one would fine china or a precious artifact. Not a
          once did he handle her so roughly, always imparting the most tender
          of touches. The same applied as he hoisted her up: she hardly stirred,
          pale unseeing eyes half-lidded as her brain queried what was going
          on. She did not startle; she was content in the arms of someone who
          meant the world to her.

          Arms slung themselves lazily around his neck, and she reached to
          place a kiss tiredly to his temple. He was kind, he was true; he was
          her everything.

Dancing On My Own

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Tasha can’t stop dancing. It’s Friday night and Jeremy will be pulling into the driveway at any moment. He’s a freshman at Eastern University, which is three hours away.  She’s still a senior, inching her way ever closer to seeing him on the daily. Now they only get to see each other every other weekend. It’s been three now since she saw him last.

She jumps over a crack in the concrete and does a twirl before landing, her shoulder-length brown curls twirling with her. She pictures Jeremy scooping her up in his arms, barely having time to shut the car door before holding her. He’d stare into her eyes and plant a soft kiss on her lips, gentle. He’s always gentle. Jeremy makes her feel like a delicate flower, touching her with care. It’s been so long since they last touched each other. She can hear his sweet voice over the phone and pretend he is next to her as she lies in bed with her eyes closed, phone resting on the pillow beside her, but she can’t reach over and run her fingers down his chest or kiss him in the crook of his neck. Tonight she will finally get to touch him again.

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