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MariChat May Day 13: SIN

I took some liberty with this prompt, as well. I’m trying to keep this to a single, continuous story arc, and I wasn’t ready for them to get naughty just yet. So, you’ll just have to make do with LUST rather than SMUT this time.

This is for @siderealsandman. You set the sin bar high, my friend. If anyone wants to read incredibly well written sin, go check out Sandman’s AO3.


Marinette checked her reflection in her mirror for the umpteenth time, because she was too antsy to sit still. Which was silly. She didn’t even know that he would be coming over. She swung away from the mirror with a groan, and began pacing. They hadn’t made any plans, but he had made a habit of dropping by on Friday evenings. He didn’t always come, but he did whenever he could.

And since she’d finished her Chat Noir outfit earlier in the week, she’d decided to go ahead and put it on, to surprise him with the complete look. After his reaction to the choker, she was quite looking forward to seeing his reaction to all of it. But what if he didn’t show tonight? What if he showed, but he thought it was ridiculous? What if he thought it was slutty?

She stopped. Why was she freaking out over what Chat Noir thought of this outfit? Sure, a bit of anticipation and even nerves made sense. She did want him to like them, after all. But this level of anxiety was over the top, even for her. It was just Chat Noir, and regardless of what Alya thought, they weren’t dating. It wasn’t like that for them, it wasn’t anything like she was waiting for Adrien to show up.

“Get a hold of yourself, girl,” she muttered. She resolutely pulled a new library book from her desk, and sat on her chaise to read. Either he would stop by, or he wouldn’t. She opened the book to the first page, and set about getting herself engrossed in the story.

It was late when Adrien was finally released from that stupid black tie affair with his dad. It had been boring and superficial and excruciatingly long, just as those events always were, but this one was worse because it fell on a Friday night. It had somehow become routine to go visit Marinette on Fridays, and now, he couldn’t stand to miss one. So, even though it was probably already too late, he called for his transformation as soon as he was sure that Nathalie wouldn’t be bothering him any more for the night.

The journey across the rooftops was freeing, as it always was, and he’d managed to lose some of the tension from that interminable dinner by the time he reached her balcony. Her lights were still on, which was always a good sign. He peered in through her skylight, and saw that she was curled up under a blanket on the chaise, with a book. He tapped on the glass to get her attention, and waved. Her face lit up when she saw him, and when she waved him in, he wasted no time in joining her.

“I’d given up on you coming over today, Chaton,” she said as he came through the opening in her ceiling.

“Eh, I got tied up as my civilian self.” He pulled the trap door closed behind himself, and began to climb down from her bed. “I almost didn’t come over, as late as it is. And had your light been off, I’d have turned back.”

“Well then, I’m glad I left my light on.” She pushed the blanket back to stand, then turned to set her book down, and Chat realized that she was wearing something other than her customary pink.

She was wearing black.

No, she was wearing black and green.

His colors. She was dressed entirely in his colors, and he quite suddenly forgot how to breathe. It must be the outfit that she’d designed from her sketches of him. She’d elected to stay surprisingly close to the design of his suit, and the sight of Marinette’s trim form clad in something very much like his suit was wreaking havoc with his equilibrium.

She’d made herself a pair of black skinny jeans, but rather than using black thread and a traditional cut for pants, she had cut these to echo the lines of his suit and stitched them with heavy green thread. The result was striking, to say the least. When she’d bent to put down her book, he’d gotten a very good look at the horizontal line across her derriere, as well as the twin lines that traveled down the backs of her legs, making them appear even longer than they were. The waist band sat at her hips, like the belt that circled his own body, and was likewise stitched in the heavy green thread.

By this time she’d turned to face him, and he saw that while her top also echoed the lines of his suit, she’d taken greater creative license with it. It was not made of denim, like the pants, but of matte satin, and was trimmed all the way around in piping of the same green as the thread. In some ways, it resembled a cheongsam, though she’d taken a great deal of liberty with that, as well. She’d clearly modeled the shape of the cap sleeves on the lines on his shoulders, so that they came to gently rounded points. In place of the high neckline, she wore her bell collar necklace above a low “V” neckline that would have shown cleavage on a bustier woman. The green line continued straight down the middle of the shirt to the hem, and was further embellished by two matching green frog closures.

She’d found a way to combine the style elements of his suit with elements from her own heritage, and the over-all effect was stunning, and…provocative. He moistened suddenly dry lips with his tongue, and allowed his gaze to rove over her again.

“Um, Chat? I-is it ok?”

He jerked his eyes to her face, finally aware that he had been staring, and saw that she was watching him anxiously. “Guh, Marinette, you look—er, I mean, this is—this is incredible! And—are you wearing chopsticks in your hair?”

“I am!” She turned to show him her hair, which she’d coiled into a bun and secured with a pair of shiny black chopsticks, which were embellished at the ends with tiny green paw prints. “So, you like it?”

“Like it?” He stepped closer to her, and touched a claw to the paw print on one of the chopsticks with something nearing awe. Not only had she dressed herself in his colors from head to toe, but she had made every last bit of it herself. She’d all but marked herself as his. “I fucking love it,” he breathed.

She whirled to face him, grinning happily, and he found himself staring down into her blue, blue eyes, which were presently very, very close to his face. His gaze dropped from her eyes to her lips without consulting him first, and in that moment, he found himself faced with a very intense desire to sweep his hand over her curves, pull her against him, and press his lips to hers. He watched in fascination as her grin faded, and her pink tongue darted out to moisten her lips before tugging the lower one in between her teeth. His breath caught, and he found himself swaying toward her.

“Ch-Chat,” she whispered, and he didn’t know if it was a question or an invitation or a rejection, but it was enough to bring his brain back online.

He straightened abruptly, and took several hasty steps back, aware that his pants were feeling uncomfortably tight. What in the hell? Where had all of that come from? She was watching him, wide-eyed, with something like disappointment on her face. He mentally kicked himself, hoping that she wouldn’t notice his uh, problem. Why did he have to go and make it awkward between them? He cleared his throat, uncomfortably aware that he was probably blushing enough for it to show around his mask. “S-sorry about that. I, um, ahem, I love it. You did a great job.”

She opened her mouth to speak, apparently thought better of whatever she was going to say, and closed it again. She looked down, tugged at the hem of her shirt nervously, and one half of it pulled briefly away from the other, revealing a flash of the skin beneath.

The shirt didn’t close all the way down, he realized. Those frogs weren’t just decorative; they were the only things holding the silly thing closed. He leaned heavily against the ladder behind him, feeling poleaxed all over again.

“Thanks,” she finally said, with a small smile.

He blinked, an idea forming in his mind. “Hey, uh, Princess?”


“Would you mind if I took a couple of pictures?” Crap, was that weird? He really hoped she didn’t think it was weird.

Her smile broadened, and it reached her eyes again. “Not at all.”

He tugged his baton from behind his back, and brought up the screen. After tapping the pad for the camera, he snapped a couple with her facing him, and lowered it again uncertainly. “Could you, uh…”

“Turn around? Sure.”

She smiled again, and turned away from him so that he could photograph the back. She had her head turned to the side, so he was able to capture her face in profile. Had she always been so…sexy? He gulped, and hoped that she couldn’t hear. “Perfect. Thanks, Princess.”

“Of course!” She moved to the desk, then, and picked up her phone. “Would you mind taking a selfie with me? I don’t have any pictures of us together…”

“Only if you promise to give me a copy.”

“You know I will, Chaton.” She brought up the camera on her phone, and moved to stand beside him, but the angle was weird.

“Here.” He took the phone from her hands, and stood behind and just to the side of her, and held his arm out to take the picture. He pretended not to notice that her face was right next to his, or that only a few centimeters separated their bodies. He took a few pictures before straightening and taking another step away from her.

He was discovering that her proximity was inversely proportional to his ability to think. He managed to say goodnight without embarrassing himself, and then made his escape. When he was safely several houses over, he stopped and looked pensively back toward her balcony.

They’d grown close over recent months, and he considered her one of his dearest friends. If he had found himself attracted to her, he’d chalked it up to the fact that she was a pretty girl and he was a normal 17 year old guy. He’d never thought beyond that, because he’d been so focused on pursuing Ladybug. It hadn’t occurred to him that he might develop feelings for someone else, and if anyone had asked him yesterday if there was something between him and Marinette, he’d have scoffed.

Now? He wasn’t so sure any more. She’d somehow left him aching without ever touching him, so whatever else he felt for her, he definitely desired her. He adjusted himself in his pants with a sigh, and continued on his way.


Anyone want to guess what he’s going to be doing when he gets home?

A Damsel & Her Knight

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Request: can i make a request for just pure dean fluff? like a stubborn and independent reader being a complete damsel and dean just being super protective and taking care of her?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,700ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Fluffy protective Dean coming up…

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Little Sour Hearts

this would be the Holster/Esther Shapiro 6k Valentine’s Fic literally no one asked for. enjoy <3

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Freshman Year

Holster doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s some Hallmark Holiday based on a Christian saint of some sort, and it’s an excuse to be sickeningly sweet with someone you love, and a good day to have just dumped your significant other the night before so you can go to the single’s bars and get wasted. For Holster, it’s always been a day to gorge on chocolate. It always was in Juniors and he doesn’t see any reason to change now that he’s in college.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, bro?” Ransom asks, buttoning one of his nice shirts and holding up a couple different ties to judge their relative colour.

“Being bitter,” Holster says. “What are you doing?”

“Girl from my bio class,” Ransom replies.

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Our Canvas (a sequel to A Different Kind of Art)

“I don’t like it.”
I turned abruptly and shocked to see Master standing in the doorway of our sex room. I was in a chair painting an image requested by master. He wanted it to be of me laying on the bed with my hands tied above my head. I was looking at Master leaning over my body with his hand covering my pussy. I named it “Mine”.
“Sir …. why?”
“Your body is unrealistic darling. Have you ever seen yourself naked?”
“Ummm yes Master … I just… ummm-.”
Master held up his hand to stop me. He was wearing black pants and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I wanted him now. Well I always wanted him frankly. He walked towards me and stepped down until he was standing directly behind me. I breathed heavier now. His presence made me feel safe, wanted. I felt his hands on my bare shoulders. I used to be nervous being completely naked in front of him. Now I felt desireable.
“Malorie your body is so much sexier than you believe it to be.”
His right hand slowly caresses down mine until his big rough hand held onto my soft little one. He moved both of our hands to the painting and pointed my finger out.
“Your breasts need to be perkier sweetheart.”
Then his hand traveled down my body in the painting.
“And your too hard on yourself. Your waist is slimmer than that baby.”
He leaned closer to my neck. I felt his breath on my neck. It gave me chills. I leaned back and shivered into him. He brought my hands up to my lips then.
“Your lips are fuller baby and such a sexy shade of pink.”
His left hand moved my hair to the side and one finger went under my collar. He turned me to face him. He was less than six inches from my face. He smelled of his sweet earthy cologne that turned me on so much.
“I want you to do it again baby. This time I want you to focus on yourself and make yourself more beautiful. In fact I have an idea.”
He went to the wall and pulled a whip off the hook. Then some leather black handcuffs and what looked like a leash that hooked onto the handcuffs. He turned then looking dark. His demeanor changed and I felt the mood shift.
“Stand up and face me, head down.”
I did so immediately.
I felt him grow nearer.
“Hands out baby.”
I held my hands out wrists facing up. The smooth cool
cuffs buckled around my wrists easily and not so tight. Then I looked up to see the cuffs are held together by a silver loop. He took the leash and clipped it onto the loop.
“Look at me darling.”
His hand came under my chin and lifted it up.
“Open your mouth sweetheart.”
He reached into this other pocket and pulled out a small black butt plug. It had three balls one getting bigger than the last as it went further down.
“I know you told me your fear of anal play sweetheart but it’s time you get over your fear. Turn around and bend over the chair.”
I was nervous yet excited. I wasn’t scared because I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I turned with my hands still together and bent over the chair. His hand came around and I saw the butt plug in his hand.
“Suck on this sweetheart to lube it up.”
I felt the smooth rubber material against my tongue. I made sure it got extra wet. Then he took it out and went back behind me.
“Make sure you relax sweetheart. If you tense up it will only make it harder.”
I breathed out and relaxed my muscles. I felt the tip just at my entrance. How will this feel? Do I tell him if I don’t like it? He slowly pushed it in while twisting it.
“I’m going easy sweetheart I promise.”
Was it all the way in? Then he pushed further. I felt the second ball push in.
It tingled and stretched me. He pushed in further and I felt the last biggest ball slowly push in. I breathed out hard. It felt foreign in me. Not bad though.
“You did amazing sweetheart now stand up.”
I did so. I felt it move with my body. Was I getting wet already?
“Now follow me.”
He grabbed the leash and pulled my arms. He was heading towards the door. Why?
He stopped and turned.
“Yes darling?”
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see. Now be quiet.”
“Yes sir.”
We walked out the door and turned left. Were we going to his bedroom? I’ve never been in there before. Oh god we were! What was Master planning?
We walked in his large room. The first thing I see is a king size bed with a black comforter in the center with a large black headboard. To the left was floor to ceiling windows that lead to a balcony. The furniture in the room was all black with silver handles. Master turned to the right and opened a door. We walked into the biggest closet I’ve ever seen. I was shocked into Master walked forward and pulled my leash until I stumbled behind him. We walked past a line of clothes and turned and I saw a black bench in front of two giant floor to ceiling mirrors.
“Kneel in front of the mirror darling.”
As I did so I felt the buttplug in me shift. It made me wet. Well wetter.
“Look at me Malorie.”
I did so. I was facing the mirror and was looking at our reflections. He was right behind me with the whip in his hand. He was twirling the whip back and forth.
“I want you watch yourself in the mirror. With all the things I am about to do to you I want you to watch. Watch how your cheeks turn pink when I rub your clit. Watch how your nipples harden and look so sexy. Watch how glossy your eyes are and how your lips swell after you suck my dick for a long period. Watch me touch you sweetheart. Watch your body and how it reacts to me. Do you understand my intructions?”
I nodded breathlessly.
“Get on your hands and knees.”
I keep my hands together and bring my ass up. I saw Master bring his hand back and back down until it smacked against my left ass cheek hard.
“Malorie there is no yes or no! Only yes sir or no sir or yes master or no master! Understand?”
How could I forget? Stupidity.
“Yes master!”
He brought the whip back and it smacked against my other cheek. I tried not to make a sound this time.
I watched my breasts smack together and how I bit my lip hard. Master dropped the whip and walked around me to my right side. He leaned down took his hand and put it under my chin and yanked my head up. His lips crashed onto mine hard. I closed my eyes and breathed out through my nose. I leaned my head up as far as I could and pressed my lips back against his. I moaned lightly against him. His other hand reached under my body and pinched my nipple.
He kissed my cheek then and over to my ear then he whispered,“Stand up now.”
Master kept a hand under my elbow and helped me stand. He unhooked one cuff from my left hand and pulled my hands behind my back and refastened them.
“Go sit on the black bench facing the mirror again sweetheart. Lean back on your hands and spread your legs up wide.”
Oh! Was Master going to eat me? I was so excited then. Was he going to play with my pussy with his fingers. I rushed over and positioned myself comfortably spreading my legs up and wide. Master was standing in front of me still so I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. Then he moved and walked behind me. In the mirror now I could see myself. My pussy was pink and wet. My nipples were hard and pointing out. My hair fell down my shoulders in waves now. I then met Masters eye contact. He was unbuttoning his shirt slowly and let it fall down his arms onto the floor. He kneeled down behind me then. He reached around my waist and trailed his fingers down my belly just above my pussy. I watched his fingers wanting them to touch me. His fingers went just around my pussy trailing down my thigh. He went up and back down then over to the other thigh. He was killing me. I wanted him to touch me. I lifted my hips up begging him with my eyes to touch me.
“Please sir please.”
He smiled at me. Barely but I saw it.
My back was agaisnt his chest which was so warm and comforting. I watched his fingers in the mirror go down and over my clit gently rubbing it.
“Mmmm oh.”
It was exactly what I needed. My body was lit up. He gently rubbed fast and faster and it felt better and better.
I then met my own eye contact. My mouth was in an “O” shape and my eyes looked glossy. I looked …… sexy.
Then I looked at Master. His mouth was right next to my ear. His other hand pulled my hair to the other side so he could kiss and bite down on my neck. I closed my eyes as pleasure made my legs shake. I didn’t see his middle finger as it went down and pushed inside me. I opened my eyes wide and moaned loudly.
“Does that feel good baby? Look at yourself in the mirror. See how beautiful you are when pleasured.”
I did. I captured this moment in my head. I wanted to paint this. Maste roulled his finger out and pushed back in but continued this time. I lifted my hips to meet his finger. Master was biting my neck again and licking and sucking. I felt it from my clit to my toes.
“Oh please sir!”
He continued to finger me then brought his other hand down to rub my clit. The pleasure doubled and I almost couldn’t handle it. The pleasure increased sufficiently.
“Oh Master I’m so close!”
“Watch yourself Malorie! You are only allowed to cum if you watch yourself.”
I opened my eyes and looked myself. I looked so bright and alive. My skin was glowing. I saw red marks on my neck and collar bone from masters kisses. Suddenly the pleasure hit me all at once.
I watched my legs shake hard and wetness that covered masters fingers. Master was watching me watch myself. I watched my hips thrust up and down slightly as I rode his finger.
“Mmmmmm Oh Master!”
The orgasm lasted longer than any I’ve ever had.
He pulled his finger out of me slowly and stopped rubbing my clit. I had to put more pressure on my hands when Master stood up suddenly.
“Lay alongside the mirror face down ass up.”
I slowly put my legs down and got up with my hands behind my back to the floor. I turned my head to the left and laid it on the soft carpet. Master was unbuttoning his pants as he walked around the bench. He pulled them down slightly and pulled his cock out. He had such a beautiful penis. I loved wrapping my tongue the head. I want him in my mouth. Again.
He walked towards me and stood behind me with his cock proudly hanging out.
“Yes sweetheart.”
“May I …. ummmm…. suck your cock sir?”
He looked down on me and grabbed his cock in his hand and slowly moved it up and down.
“You want this in your mouth sweetheart?”
Oh god yes. I loved looking up at him when he shoved it all the way down my throat. I bet my plump lips would look sexy around his cock. Now I had another idea for a painting.
“Too bad I am the Dominant and I decide what I do to your body next. Now perch that sexy ass up for me.”
Oh too bad. I did as he said and watched the way my ass curves and how low my lower back dips in. All I could see was us in beautiful positions on a canvas hanging on the wall in our sex room. I watched Master get to his knees behind me and position himself almost into my pussy. I wanted to push back against his thick cock and feel him stretch me until it hurt. He pushed my buttplug in a little farther and I moaned lightly.
“You want my cock babygirl?”
“Oh yes master yes! Please please please!”
“I love hearing your sweet voice beg for my cock darling.”
Slowly I felt his headband press against my opening.
“Oh master …….. oh.”
His cock slide past my opening and through my slit and rubbing against my clit.
“Rub your pussy against my cock baby. I wanna see your hips bounce up and down.”
I pushed my hips up and back a little then back forward feeling shudders of pleasure rush through my body.
“Oh master yes.”
“Watch yourself baby. Look at how desirable you are.”
I focused on us with my face down deep in the carpet and mouth in an “O” shape from moaning. My hair looked golden sprawled around my shoulders and on the carpet.
My hips were going in circles slowly. Master finally pushed my hips down and slide is cock in my pussy.
I moaned “oh” over and over again as he pushed all the way in.
“You like that baby?”
“Yes Master yes yes!”
He gripped my ass cheeks tightly in his fingers. He started at an agonizingly good pace.
“Oh yes daddy.”
What? Did I just say that? Where did that come from? I don’t have a daddy fetish or daddy issues.
“What did you just say sweetheart? Daddy?”
He stopped his hips and moved his hands up and over my hips. “Sir I’m not sure. Really I don’t know where that came from.”
“Mmmm we will talk about this later.”
I shuddered. Not because I was afraid of punishment. But because I got wetter from calling him “daddy”.
Master’s hands went around the tops of my thighs and yanked me back on his cock.
“Ohhhh mmmmm.”
My palms might be bleeding after this as I dug my nails deep into my skin. He moved faster somehow moving his hips in circles and going deep. I didn’t want this to end. I went numb pretty much everwhere below my waist. He noticed and held tight around my thighs. I knew in the morning my thighs would be beautifully purple.
I struggled with my breath as he thrust harder. I felt the pleasure through my asshole as the buttplug moved inside me. I moaned then for the longest time. Master pushed my hips down farther and leaned over me putting one hand on the ground and the other around the back of my throat.
“Mmmmmm oh oh oh yes Maser yes!”
Master really started pounding into me then. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Master then took his hand and dipped it under me and between my legs. He always read my body well and could tell when I was close.
“That’s it baby ride my hand.”
“Sir please I’m so close.”
“Don’t you come yet Malorie.”
“Sir I….. can’t….. please please! I’m ……. close!”
I couldn’t stop my self. My body was overtaken by this orgasm. This was the best orgasm Master has ever given to me.
“Master! Please ……”. My hips fell to the floor as I couldn’t hold them up any longer from the intense pleasure. Master went with me and kept pounding harder and harder.
“Not yet Malorie!”
I started to see stars. I never moaned that loud in my life. I couldn’t breath or think.
“Come Malorie! Now!”
“Oh Master yes ohhhhh!”
My entire body trembled hard over and over.
Master’s grip on my neck tightened. He was about to come.
“Ohhhhhh oh oh.”
Master pulled out and came all over my back. I opened my eyes and watched it shoot.
“Mmmmm hold on baby keynote me get a towel.”
I waited patiently for Master to get back. When he did he wiped me off good and undid my hands. He pulled the buttplug out slowly and set it aside.
“Now listen Malorie.”
I slowly sat up and turned my body around to face him.
One hand came up and gripped my throat.
“I am going to allow you to sleep then I will wake you, you will eat dinner, and you will paint what just occurred. Pick any image in your mind that you saw and paint it. I expect it done no later then two days. Understand?”
“Yes sir!”
“Oh and Malorie one more thing.”
“Yes sir?”
His grip tightened and his face came closer only inches away from mine.
“Call me daddy again and I’ll make your ass red and sore for a week. Clear?”
“Y-yes sir.”
I blinked fast and breathed in.
I brought my hand up and wrapped it around his hand and looked lusting at his lips. Master then looked at my lips and leaned down. He kissed me slowly and passionately. But only for one minute. Master pulled back and brought his arms down under my waist and legs. He lifted me effortlessly and carried me back into his bedroom. I thought he would bring me to his spare bedroom but instead he brought me right to his bed and brought me down gently. I tightened my hold around his neck and buried my face in his collar bone.
I whimpered slightly.
“You don’t want me to put you down babygirl?”
“No sir.”
Master held me for a couple minutes letting me breath and rest in his arms. After some time I felt the bed under me and Masters lips on my forehead wishing me a good nap.

Shance-Altean Lance

Thank you @merchant-of-aegis for the prompt! I had a lot of fun writing this! So here you go, I hope you enjoy!

Shiro couldn’t sit still. Not while Lance was in the pod. Not without seeing Lance come out of the pod as good as new. Not until Lance and Shiro talk.

To say that everyone was surprised when the castlems systems told them was an understatement. Allura and Coran couldn’t grasp what they were told, and they have refused to leave the room as well. Hunk, while having left a few times to grab food for everyone, was trying to figure out how he never noticed, how Lance will take the information. Keith and Pidge didn’t know Lance quite as well as Hunk or Shiro, but they did understand that Lance was going to need as much support as he could get. Shiro has been pacing back and forth in front of the pod for the better part of an hour, not really paying attention to anyone else in the room or to what they said, directed to him or not. All he could think about was how this was his fault.

It had all started as any mission would have. They were protecting a planet from the Galra, and doing a great job. Everyone was focused and working in
Unison. It was actually quite beautiful how everyone worked in tandem, covering for one another, weaving in and out of formation. That is until the Blue Lion was hit by the ion cannon. Falling and falling and crashing on the nearby moon. After that, there was no pattern of attack. It was just brutal rage. While Shiro, Keith and Pidge finished the rest of the Galra ships, Hunk had grabbed Blue and brought them back to the castle.

When they finally came back to the castle, Lance was already in the pod, and Coran and Allura were yelling in Altea, it seemed like they were arguing about something the at was on the tablet in Coran’s hand. And that’s when Coran told them.

Now all they could do is wait around for Lance to come out of the pod. And then what? Who would tell him the truth? They couldn’t hide it from him, they all agreed that Lance deserved to know, even if it wasn’t what he wanted to hear. Maybe Allura? She would tell him, straight forward. Blunt. Honest. But Lance would need comfort as well, and while Allura might be honest, she isn’t the most compassionate person on the team. Maybe Coran? He would be good, compassionate and still right to the point, he would beat around the bush, but he would help Lance through it. But to be honest, Shiro wants to be the one to tell him, they were the closest. While the others may not know about their relationship, Shiro could easily say that he was his commanding officer, and he should tell Lance. Yeah, that might work. But right now, all Shiro wants is to hold Lance close and make sure that he’s ok.

It took about two more hours before Lance came out of the cryopod, Shiro catching him before he could fall. He holds him close, feeling the rise and fall of his chest against his own. Just feeling Lance breathe against him helps Shiro’s anxiety and worries wash away with each breath. Shiro looks back to the others and they’re already backing towards the door, letting Shiro handle breaking the news to Lance. It seems that everyone was hoping he would do it, not that he’s complaining. But looking back to Lance he can see that Lance sees everyone else hanging back.

“Um? Is… something wrong?” Lance looks back at Lance. He gives him a warming smile, hoping that it would help smooth Lance.
“No, no you didn’t do anything wrong. But we do need to talk. Come on, let’s go and get you changed out of this.” Shiro leads Lance out of the medical bay, the others watching them with a bit too much of a glint in their eyes.

Shiro led them back to Lance’s room, knowing that Lance would like to change first. As Lance goes into the bathroom, Shiro sits on the bed, trying to figure out how to tell Lance. He could go blunt and honest, but that might be seen as if he’s accusing Lance of hiding it. He could try to beat around the bush, but that could end just as disastrous. Shiro hangs his head, letting it rest in his palms. How is He going to tell Lance. He was so worried about making sure Lance was ok, he didn’t think about how he was going to tell him.

“Shiro?” Lance quietly asks, he tentatively places his hand on Shiro’s shoulder, most likely hoping not to startle him. Shiro doesn’t lift his head right away, trying to steal his emotions and not show his worry. It didn’t work. As soon as Lance saw his face, his own fell and he stooped down to be at the same level as Shiro, he cradles his face into his hands, and says just as quietly as before, “ Shiro, what’s wrong? What’s got you all worried?”
Shiro’s realized that was probably the wrong thing to say as Lance starts to lean back. Shiro takes hold of Lance’s hands and pulls him back to him, wrapping him in an overbearing hug.
“I was so worried when I saw you take that hit, I was terrified that you were hurt, and that I would lose you and then Coran told us….told us.”
“Hey, hey. It’s ok Shir, I’m here. I’m right here. I’m fine, I’m safe. I’m, Wait….What did Coran tell you?”

Shiro slowly looks back up at Lance. He looks at the freckles that always framed Lance’s eyes. Only now does Shiro see how they look so much like Allura’s and Coran’s facial markings.he never noticed how they clustered just under his eyes and only lightly spread over his nose to connect with each other.

“Lance, after you were in the pod for awhile…the pod sent Coran a diagnosis about your condition….”
“Ok. And it said I’m alright. Right? I’m not dying. Right? Please tell me I’m not dying because of some weird alien disease, that isn’t a very heroic way to die. I’m not dying…….right?”

Shiro’s couldn’t help but laugh at how dramati Lance was being, it helped clear some tension he hadn’t realized was in his shoulder. “No Lance. You aren’t dying. I swear. You are perfectly healthy.”
“Oh thank God, I’m glad that it isn’t that.”

“Lance…..you have Altean blood.”


“You’re half Altean.”

Lance’s eyes widen when Shiro finally got the words out. Just three simple words and Lance’s world just shattered. Everything he knew about his family, about himself, just torn down by Shiro’s words. He never wanted to be the one to rip apart Lance’s view about himself. He knows his boyfriend has self image and self confidence issues. This would absolutely destroy any self image he had of himself.

“Lance…I need you to talk to me. Please, baby, don’t go lock me out. Tell me what you’re thinking.”
Shiro takes ahold of Lance’s shoulders and slowly leads him up onto the bed, all Lance does is follow To where he leads him. Once Lance is sitting next to him, Shiro wraps his Galra arm around him, holding him close, and lowers both of them down to lounging on the bed. Lance clings to him as if Shiro is the only thing keeping him tied to reality,

“I…I didn’t know….I mean….I guess a lot of stuff makes more sense now…i just….I don’t know what to do. Everything I’ve known is Earth, I knew that no matter what happened out here I would always have my humanity. But now…. I don’t even have that. Never really did, I guess.” Shiro runs his human hand through Lance’s hair, feeling how soft it is, scraping his nails lightly over his scalp.
“You still have your humanity Lance, even if you were Altean, or whatever alien life is out there. You grew up with humans, you learned like us and dreamed like us. Your humanity isn’t something you gain, it’s something you learn. And it doesn’t matter to us if your half Altean. I mean, we kept Keith, right?” Shiro was hoping the joke would get through to Lance, but he can’t tell with how they’re positioned.

“Do the others think the same? I mean, it’s pretty big news.”

“I’m positive that the others think the same. I think they’re more worried for you, how you’re taking it.”

Lance wraps his arms around Shiro, holding him as close as physically possible. He buries his face into Shiro’s chest. Most likely to afraid to look up. Lance’s next words are mumbled into Shiro’s shirt, but he can still hear it.

“ and the princess? I’m sure she isn’t to happy about me being this half Altean half human hybrid. probably think of me as some sort of mistake, if she didn’t already think that.”

“What?! Are you kidding?! Lance, I’m pretty sure she is delighted to know about this! She and Coran are probably planning on teaching you everything about Altea that they can. They aren’t mad, or think less of you. They never did.”

Lance looks up at Shiro, finally, but his eyes are watering so much Shiro is surprised that they haven’t fallen yet.

“And what about you?”

Shiro is a little taken aback by Lance’s question, and it seems that Lance takes the immediate silence as something bad because now the tears are falling down his face, cascading in rivers down his cheek bones to collect at his chin, where they fall in large droplets. Shiro uses both hands to wipe away his tears, holding Lance’s face in his hands as delicately as he can.

“ nothing could change how I feel about you Lance, just because we learned more about you doesn’t change who you are to me.”


“No. No buts. Just because your heritage is much more…diverse than we thought, it doesn’t change your personality. It won’t change how much I love you.”

Shiro bends down just enough to place a kiss on top of Lance’s forehead. He starts to trace the outline his freckles create around his eyes, as he trails kisses down Lance’s forehead, down the bridge of his nose, until he finally gets to Lance’s lips. Kissing them just as lightly as he did his forehead. Their foreheads touch and they stay like that, each wondering what this new information means for Lance. But all they need to know right now is that they each other, no matter what comes next. For either of them.

Lucy, the bear -- snowbaz

Ok so I found one of my old stuffed bears and this rly cute idea came to me so that’s the story of this fic enjoy
[ @snowbaz-feda ]
Word Count: 816
Simon Snow has a stuffed bear.
He doesn’t think I know– the dork tries to hide it under his blanket. But I see him, clutching it in the middle of the night or whenever he has his nightmares.
Of course, I’ve bugged him about it.
“What, Snow? Off to hug your teddy bear?”
“I don’t have a teddy bear.”
I have no idea where he got it, he acts like it doesn’t exist.
I even went to ask Bunce, but she didn’t believe me.
“Seriously? Baz, you do realise that Simon is too old for stuffed animals, right? Honestly.”
It’s adorable, come to think of it. How he tries to hide the obvious.
In the day time, he stuffs it under his bed along with his food stash, (He thinks I don’t know about that, either.) a leg or an ear is almost always sticking out.
I’ve actually been curious about the bear, especially recently.
I’m sitting at my desk, doing work for one of my classes. Snow’s off studying with Bunce. He won’t be back for a while.
I glance over at his bed, before making up my mind.
I walk over, crouching down and grabbing the bears leg. I pull it out from under the bed to examine it.
It’s old and worn, but in a way that’s endearing. There’s a red bow tied around its neck that’s made of red velvet.
I haven’t seen many stuffed bears in my life, but this one seems like it was expensive.
It smells faintly like rose, as if someone stuffed one inside. Imagine that, stuffing an entire flower into a stuffed toy.
I don’t have time to react when the door slams open, my roommate soon entering.
“Baz, what are you doing?!” He yells at me, rushing over to pull the bear out of my hands.
“I was curious, Snow. Don’t go into a fit over me looking at your stupid bear.”
He holds it close to his chest with a gasp, covering its ears as if I had offended it. I roll my eyes, and he glares at me.
“My bear is not stupid, if anything, the stupid one here is you.”
“Are you admitting that you do, in fact, own a stuffed bear?” I smirk, watching his eyes widen.
“Fuck off, Baz.”
I know by this point that ‘fuck off’ is his way to say that he lost an argument.
“Calm down, Snow. It was a simple question.”
“Fine, yes, I have a stuffed bear. You happy now?”
“Does it have a name?”
“I’m asking if you’ve named it, Snow.”
“You’re going to use this against me, aren’t you?”
“If I say no, will you tell me?”
He blinks in confusion, before visibly growing suspicious. “Why do you even care?”
I sigh. “Curiosity killed the cat, I suppose.”
The room goes silent, so I just shrug and go back to my desk. I really need to finish this research paper on healing potions.
Confused, I turn to look at him. “What?”
“Lucy. Her name is Lucy. My bear.”
I blink, before suddenly recalling our previous conversation. “That’s a pretty name, Snow. Wherever did you get the inspiration?” It was a sarcastic question, but he answers it anyway.
“It’s what her foot says.”
I snicker. “So, you named it after it’s previous owner.”
“Her. What?”
“You can’t be that idiotic. People write their names on things so they don’t lose them.”
He nods in understanding, like that’s the first time he’s heard that in his life.
I roll my eyes. “I stand corrected.”
He shrugs, sitting on his bed and caressing the bear thoughtfully.
It’s adorable, and I have to turn away.
Crowley, I can’t focus on my work now.
“Where did you get it?” I say without realising.
“The bear? It’s been with me forever. I think I was hugging it when I was dropped at the first children’s home…”
I tap my chin with the edge of my pencil. “You think Lucy was your mother?”
I hear him chuckle behind me. “Don’t be ridiculous, Baz. Why would I be left with my mothers bear?”
“As a hand me down? Crowley, Snow, I don’t know. Ask the bear.”
“That’s even more ridiculous.”
“I’m serious,” I turn my body so that I’m facing him, but I don’t move out of my chair. “There are animating spells, you know.”
“There are?”
I roll my eyes. “You’re as dumb as a rock.” That’s a spell, but I’m not saying it with magic, and I don’t have my wand on me. “Ask your Bunce, she probably knows some.”
He looks at me confused again. “Are you trying to help me? Why are you so interested in this?”
Because I’m interested in you, Snow.
“Like I said, I’m simply curious.”
He nods, obviously not convinced, but drops the subject anyway as I go back to my work.

RFA Male!MC Headcannon: Sleeping with them Summer vs. Winter



  • Jumin presses him into his chest. 
  • “You need to know how much you make my heart race” 
  • Male MC holds him closer 
  • The heater lets out a low hum
  • The night smells like a light wafting of cinnamon from their body soap
  • Elizabeth 3rd sleeps peacefully by their feet 
  • Warm cuddles


  • Freaking Let. Go. 
  • Jumin you can’t hug him like that in the Summer
  • Still trying to keep him close but Male MC is pretty much dying. 
  • Even with the A/C Male MC retains too much body heat. 
  • Finally let him go when he started having nightmares
  • Now resorts to at least having their legs tangled together.
  • Keeps water nearby so Jumin can mouth feed him it. 
  • “Sure. Whatever you want” 



  • “We can stick closer together if we’re not wearing any clothes”
  • Two throw blankets made out of Alpaca wool. 
  • Winter themed fuzzy socks
  • That’s it, that’s all they wear
  • Keeps the temp at 71 F jus so they don’t get too hot
  • “You’re logic always astounds me but sure okay.” 


  • “We can stick closer toge-”  “No.” 
  • They share a body pillow
  • They sleep on their respective sides of the bed. 
  • It’s just too hot for any kind of hugging.
  • Wears each others lightweight sweaters though for the smell
  • One long kiss before parting.
  • Male Mc wakes up with Seven holding his waist sometimes. 
  • Seven gets up earlier in the morning this time around anyways. 
  • A kiss to the forehead when he wakes up. Soon it’ll be winter and he can hold him again. 



  • Spooning. 
  • Yoosung always wears cute flannels
  • Nice quality ones, must have gone to Target 
  • Both like noise so the play quiet music in the background. 
  • Game music of course (like P3-mystic :P)  
  • Chest to back is they’re go to sleeping position. With one comforter on them.
  • Their cat sleeps next to Yoosung. 


  • Both just wears basket ball shorts with a t-shirt
  • Both retains too much body heat
  • They hold hands
  • Fall asleep listening to let’s plays 
  • Keeps the A/C on for the extra noise
  • Wakes up holding each other 



  • She always smells like freshly brewed coffee. 
  • He can’t let her go. 
  • She wears soft flannels 
  • He only wears long pants. 
  • They don’t hold each other all night. Eventually she rolls over. 
  • She wakes him up with a freshly brewed cup. 


  • She stills smells like coffee
  • He ain’t lettin go
  • Her body is normally cold so he can keep her close. 
  • Just the bed sheet and that’s it for them 
  • Likes petting her hair as she falls asleep 
  • He wakes up earlier this times of year. 
  • Wakes her up with freshly brewed coffee. 



  • Male Mc lays his head on ZEN’s chest
  • “Shall I sing you a lullaby?”
  • It’s always so comforting. 
  • ZEN draws lazy circles on his back. 
  • They barely move
  • And even when they do they’re holding each other somehow.  


  • Same thing with winter except without shirts on
  • Only one blanket
  • They normally part after falling asleep
  • Then are back together in the middle of the night
  • “My sweet prince, don’t think I’ll ever let you go.” 
  • Mhmm good night. 

Bonus V and Unknown in general


  • Male!MC is still tentative to get close
  • What if doesn’t want that?
  • What if he still hasn’t gotten over the pain? 
  • Suddenly he’s being lightly pulled by the collar of his shirt 
  • He rolls over and feel’s V’s arms around him. 
  • Ah…is this what true happiness feels like? 
  • MaleMC has to keep himself from crying. He finally get’s to be with the one he loves. 


  • I’m sorry. Was there a battle in here? 
  • The bed sheets are always tangled
  • Their legs look like some kind of wizard tied them together 
  • Unknown has MaleMC in some sort of vice grip. 
  • Still MaleMC is holding onto to him. 
  • Like if he let’s go Unknown will be gone.

These are fun! :D  I hope you all enjoyed! They’re (kind of) quick to write up and I like coming up things for my beloved Male Mc. Ahhhh…I wish it were real. 

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Male MC HC List

anonymous asked:

Oh if the requests aren't already filled, may I request the boys wearing collars or just any general sub!chocobro(s)? Thank you so much for all your hard work! Your writing always brightens my day!

I might as well make a comeback with something spicy, I suppose. I have another request about the bros being tied up so I’ll just mash these two together. This could be better, but whatever~

He can be pretty dominant in bed, but more than anything he’s a switch. In other words, he’s not obsessed with having one person dominant and the other submissive 100% of the time- it takes the surprise out of sex for him. Some nights he might be the giver, but who’s to say he doesn’t like receiving? Make him lay back while you ride him, holding his hands above his head and deny him the privilege to run his fingertips along your body. Noctis isn’t one to favor harsh bondage, so if you’re going to tie him up with anything, go for something soft or made of silk. Collars aren’t really his thing either, but he’ll give it a shot at least once for you. Just imagine what it would be like to tug him closer, make him kneel between your thighs…

Submissive Prompto is likely to happen 80% of the time when you get it on, but not at all because he’s lazy. He just loves to watch you take control, use him to pleasure yourself and turn him into a whining mess beneath you. Of course, he can switch things up if you want him to, but he’s more comfortable following your lead. In that sense, he wouldn’t hesitate to let you tie him up or handcuff him and even put a collar on him. He’ll play the part, let you edge him and leave hickeys all over his body for everyone else to see, and he’ll certainly let you lead him around on his collar and leash. Give him commands and see how long he’ll follow before breaking the rules…

Clearly, Gladio is dominant as fuck, and he’s always down for some rough sex that entails growling dirty phrases into your ear as he bends you over and presses your face into the mattress. It’s the kind of sex that you’ll be lucky to be walking afterwards, but there’s definitely a part of him that loves to sit back and watch you take the reins. Tie his hands and use something rough- he wants to see evidence of this on his skin- and blindfold him with something of yours, either a scarf or a tie so that he smells nothing but you. Edge him, ride him, and even indulge in some wax play; whatever you want, he’s down for it…except collars. Don’t go there. Gladio doesn’t belong to anyone, and he’ll prove it to you just as soon as he can get that damn rope loose enough…

The popular opinion appears to be that Ignis pulls some 50 Shades type shit, but that’s far from the truth. This man actually knows what consent and no means, and so his sexytimes are always spoken about beforehand if things are going to get kinky- and they often do if you’re both feeling up to it. He’s always down for being dominant, but sometimes he needs to take the backseat for a while and let you do as you wish. Whether that means that you top or whip out some incredible shibari skills is up to you. Ignis appreciates the art and time put into the intricate rope work, and it turns him on just to watch you precisely tying knots, enough so that you can visibly watch him getting harder and harder. Perhaps, then, when he’s begging for release later, you can propose the idea of a collar?

Valentines Day Surprise  D|H

A/N: Well since today is Valentines Day and I’m obviously at home like on any other day I thought I’d write my own V Day date and share it with you. I noticed that most of you don’t mind smut at all so…I wrote my first ever smut ! I hope it’s decent, I will surely get better at it with time. 

“We’ll take the champagne, please” Dan told the waiter who quickly wrote down our order. After he had walked off we continued searching through the menu for something to eat. Dan had literally chosen the fanciest restaurant in London. He sat opposite me in a black suit combined with a black tie. I can tell you he was honestly breathtaking. The suit showed off his broad shoulders. Elegance and his ‘emoness’ mixed so well. Let’s not forget to mention that his dark hair was as perfect as always.

“Nothing could be too expensive for you” he said this morning when he revealed what his plans for today were. I looked at him with big eyes. “I also got you a little something since I thought you’d need something nice to wear for tonight. I hope you like it.” My eyes got even bigger when I opened the huge present and saw that he had bought me an expensive dress.

I sat opposite my fiancé, my body covered in the red lace dress he gave to me as a present this morning. It was pretty tight and showed off all my curves. My boobs looked even bigger in it and I knew that Dan chose it because of that. Valentines Day was pretty important to him, he always emphasises that it’s the perfect day to do something special and show his love. Right now I couldn’t really believe how I could have ever gotten this lucky. I happily smiled at him and he smiled back making his dimples appear. 2 minutes later the champagne arrived at our table and we clinked classes. We told our waiter what we’d like to eat. It was that kind of restaurant where the meals have such fancy names that you question that it even is in English. As I looked at the prices I had a hard time not feeling guilty but I told myself that my present for Dan would make up for it. Yes, although he told me that he didn’t want anything I had something planned and I knew he’d love it.

After we had finished dinner and left the fancy restaurant Dan took me for a stroll alongside the Thames. We held hands and looked at the reflected city lights in the dark water. “Thank you” I whispered and kissed him as we sat down on a bench next to the river. “I love you” he answered instead of 'No problem’ because to him ’ I love you’ was his reasoning behind everything he did for me.

I leaned against his shoulder and we stayed there in comfortable silence for a while to take in the beauty of the moment. As soon as he noticed that I shivered he called a cab and we drove home. He opened the front door for me and as we entered the flat I knew that it was time for plan. I sneaked into our bedroom while he stayed in the lounge. I nervously opened my underwear drawer and underneath a few bras I found the new set of lingerie that I bought for this special day.

I slid out of the dress I wore and put the black see through lace on. I examined myself in front of the mirror. I looked sexy and it showed of just enough skin without giving everything away.

“Dan.” I shouted as I positioned myself at the edge of our bed.

“Yeah?” he asked from the lounge.

“Can you come real quick ? I need you for second or two..”

A moment later the door opened and revealed Dan who was still wearing his suit. “What do you need me f-” he started but then he saw me. “Fu-ck” he whispered and I cheekily smiled at him.

He quickly rushed over to where I sat. I guided him so he stood between my legs. I grabbed his tie and pulled at it so he had to bend down. Our faces where now at the same height and I started to kiss him with lust. Without asking he slid his tongue into my mouth. Meanwhile I ran my hands up and down his chest and I took his jacket and button up off. I teasingly  kissed the naked skin that I now had access to. A silent moan slipped from his lips and made my inside tingle. As soon as he was on the bed with me he took hold of my breasts. “You look so fucking hot in that thing, too bad that I have to take it off” He forcefully grabbed me by my hips and put my onto his lap so I was straddling him.  

His eyes were now almost black and filled with lust. His huge hands made their way up my sides and I melted under his touch. My mouth attacked his neck and I started to suck on his soft skin causing him to moan my name. With one swift motion he unclasped my black lace bra and started nibbling on my left boob. I swayed my hips a little and felt his hard on underneath me. “Shit” he whispered desperately. “I guess we have to do something about that” I grinned and he eagerly nodded. I undid his leather belt and unbuttoned his trousers. He lifted his body up a bit so I could take them off easier. He was left in his boxers and tie now and I was still wearing my lace panties. He was about to roll us over and get on top of my like always but I wanted to be in charge today. I took his tie of his in love bites covered neck and wrapped it around his wrists. “Baby… what are you doing ?” he breathed surprised because he had never seen me this dominant before. I just looked at him seductively and tied him against the bed post. He swallowed heard as I looked down at him and licked my pink lips. My fingertips travelled down his bare chest until I reached the waistband of his boxers. The outline of his cock was visible and and he really needed to be freed. I pulled his underwear down and his hard member slapped against his abdomen. “Do something” he pleaded as he watched every step of mine. My hands wrapped around his dick and his swollen tip was tripping with precum. I swirled my tongue around it and he tensed under my touch. I licked him up and down and bobbed my head a few times before I let go off him again. He groaned at the sudden loss of contact. “Y/N, I’m telling you I’m gonna explode” he shouted. I took my panties off slowly and felt that Dan’s eyes were glued to my naked body. “You are damn hot, can you fuck me now ?” he asked  frustrated. I raised an eyebrow. “Please” he added.

The sight of Dan in fort me naked and tied up against the bed post was without doubt the hottest thing I have ever seen. I knew that Dan could barely handle his neediness and arousal but I had a hard time, too. I was tripping wet and my inside was tingling like crazy. I crawled towards Dan on all fours and stopped as soon as I reached his crotch. I lined us up and sat down on him without a warning. “DA-N” I moaned loudly and he nearly screamed. I slowly bounced up and down his cock a few times until I had adjusted myself. I placed my hands onto his chest and started riding him. He was a moaning and groaning mess underneath me. And although we were both feeling immense pleasure he was not entirely happy with the tied up situation. “Untie me baby, I need to fucking touch you” he growled and I did as he told me. His large hands travelled all over my body. He rolled us over so he was on top and rammed into me with enormous force. “Oh my god” I shouted in surprise and pure bliss. He hit my g-spot a few times and I felt that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach signalizing that I was close. “I’m gonna cum” I warned him and he pulled out all the way shortly before he smashed into my again. I screamed his name as I felt my orgasm wash over me. Soon after I felt his juices fill me up. We rode out our highs together and he fell down onto the bed next to me. Our bodies were sweaty and our cheeks were hot . “Thank you” Dan said out of breath as his strong arms wrapped around my body. “I love you” I answered just like he did earlier tonight.

chapter 19.

 Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2036

Warnings: SMUT OMG… (literally this is so sinful I’m trying so hard not to die atm. overstimulation is real in this jahfhdhfadsfh)

note: hi everyone! i filmed the video today and I promise you guys it’l be out this week. also, thanks for giving rich so much love! i plan for two more chapters, unless my emotional feelings run wild, then it’ll end. happy reading and please… drink holy water after this haha -admin

Jaebum stood up from his place and gave me a smug look. He was already planning different things in his head, as he turned his back on me and walked towards his closet. I remained still, breathless from his previous actions as I watched him grab two of his fancy black ties from his closet and closed the door. His hands fiddled with the family ring he always wore in honor of his family business. Walking back to me, he stood on the side of the bed as he grabbed one of my wrists raised it above my head, and tied it to the headboard of the bed with his black tie. Doing the same with the other hand, he crawled back in between me, his eyes scanning my body.

“You don’t need this,” Jaebum smirked, skillfully unhooking my bra and tossing it across the room, “And you definitely don’t need this.”

I gasped as Jaebum gripped the waistband of my panties and tugged them down my legs, throwing the soft material across the room. The wisp of cold air hit my soaking wet heat as I watched Jaebum opened one of the drawers from his nightstand to take out something I didn’t expect to see.

“Holy shit.” I quietly cursed under my breath. “Please tell me you haven’t used that on another girl.”

“Oh.” Jaebum looked at me, widening his playful eyes. “Who said you could speak?”

I pursed my lips, giving him the most dirtiest look as Jaebum walked over to me with a small vibrator in hand. Crawling in between my legs, he turned on the little machine and placed it on my dripping core on the lowest speed ever. I gasped as I pulled against the restraint when Jaebum played with the speed of the vibrator, making me lose my mind.

“No worries, baby girl.” Jaebum slyly smirked. “I haven’t used this on anyone except you.”

With those words, Jaebum increased the speed of the vibrator on my clit as he slipped three fingers inside my wet hole. I moaned out loud I felt Jaebum’s finger at a rapid pace, not giving me anytime to adjust to his speed. With the vibrator at its full extent, I pulled against the restraints and arched my back in full bliss. As soon as I started to build up my high, the vibrator went completely off and Jaebum’s fingers pulled out as my back fell back on the bed, my chest heaving and teeth gritted in frustration.

“Fuck.” I breathed out, trying to recover from the harsh denial. Jaebum raised one of my legs and gave my left ass cheek a hard smack, causing me to lurch forward and whine in pain and pleasure.

“No talking, otherwise I won’t let you cum.” Jaebum warned me as he placed the vibrator ontop my soaked core and inserted this three fingers again, repeating his actions. I moaned as I felt the vibrator and his fingers speed up, pushing me closer to my peak, only to be completely stopped once I was about to reach my release. My essence were dripping from my core, drenching Jaebum’s long slender fingers. My body started to glisten with sweat as my face was red and flushed. Jaebum continued to repeat his actions multiple times, denying my orgasam, and I never wanted him more than this moment.

“Next time you fucking leave me, at least tell me.” Jaebum growled, pressing the vibrator on my core again. My bounded hands pulled on the restraints as I arched my back from the pleasure. “Otherwise we’ll have to repeat the same steps again once you come back. And I can’t wait for another two fucking years again.”

“I’m s-sorry.” I gasped but then received another smack on the ass.

“No talking, baby girl. I don’t want to hear your apologies anymore.”  He shook his head as I pouted at him, attempting to make his heart soften just to stop this punishment.  In return, Jaebum gave me a  sly smirk before pulling the vibrator out of my soaked core.  I whined at the loss of contact, however, I gasped quite loudly as I felt Jaebum’s tongue inside my pussy, as he pried my legs wider.

I tried to hold in my screams as I felt his tongue go deeper and deeper. I pulled against the black ties as tight as I can when Jaebum started to circle my clit using his ring on his finger.  With his tongue fucking me hard along with the harsh movements of his ring against my clit, my mind started to get fuzzy since I’ve never felt so aroused than ever before. My moans were harder to keep silent as I started to buck my hips against his tongue. I let out a gasp as Jaebum replaced his mouth with his fingers moving at a rapid pace, not giving me time to adjust as he continued rub his ring against my clit in sync. Finally letting out a loud moan, his ring circled my clit faster as my back was permanently arched against the bed, the restraints pulling on my arms, as I gave in to my harsh peak. My cum squirted out of my pussy as Jaebum removed his fingers and ring against my clit and hole as my body shook from the intensity of the mind-blowing orgasm.

“Second time is always the charm, baby girl.”  Jaebum smirked as he continued to plunge his fingers in and out of over sensitive pussy, not giving me time to recover from my previous orgasm. He jerked his hand at a brutal pace that made my body squirm under him. Jaebum’s fingers curled, hitting my sweet spot as he spread my legs further apart, my pussy swallowing his fingers. The squelching sound of his digits going in and out heightened my peak, and it didn’t take long until I was pulling on the restraint, hard enough to make my knuckles go white, and arched my back from the bed when another orgasm hit me hard.  

“Come on, baby girl. One more.”  Jaebum growled as he continued his ruthless pace. I was jerking off the bed as Jaebum’s fingers curled deeper inside of me. My loud screams filled the room, giving up on the silent rule Jaebum tried to apply. I wasn’t sure long I was going to last when another wave of pleasure came crashing down on me as my essence drenched the bed sheets below me. My tears threatening to fall from my eyes because of Jaebum’s vicious fingering.

My back hitting the bed hard when Jaebum finally pulled his fingers out of me. My body was convulsing because of the aftermath as I tried to catch my breath. Jaebum hopped of the bed and walked over beside me as he wiped the beads of sweat that ran down my face. My face completely red and flushed from the overstimulation.

“I had to wait two fucking years to hear your moans again. Drives me crazy everytime, baby girl. You’re being such a good girl, taking in all of my punishments.”  He cooed as he began undressing himself very slowly. I stared at him and bit my lips as I took a glance of Jaebum’s well-toned chest and abs, not to mention his muscular arms as well.

“Jaebum please.”  I begged as Jaebum’s eyes turned to look at me as he put on his signature smirk. Covering his cock with the latex sheet, Jaebum hovered above me and placed both of his hands on either side of your head.

“The words I finally got to hear. Good girl.” He smirked as he inserted the head of his cock into my soaking wet pussy. I was unable to respond back as he began fucking me hard. Pulling back out and slamming into me with force, I arched my back against his body as he continued his rough pace. He held onto my hips, digging his fingers against my skin as he continued to slam into me.

“You fucking tight, baby girl. Holy shit, (Y/N)!” He groaned as I clenched against his cock, causing him to piston in and out faster and harder. Once again, Jaebum found my sweet spot and the familiar feeling in my stomach started to build up again as Jaebum never stopped the fast rhythm of his hips. His hands were now settled on my neck as he squeezed on it loosely, as we stared at each other’s eyes.

“You feel fucking so good, princess,” Jaebum growled, leaning in to give me a kiss on the forehead as I tightened around his cock, “You feel so good around my cock. Are you going to come for me again?”

I nodded my head and mewled under his touch as I arched my back as much as I possible can even through the restraints pulled me back. Jaebum let go of my neck and used his free hand to wrap his arm around my waist and hold me against his chest to get a better angle as my intense orgasm washed over me. He felt himself getting close but he wanted to push me over the edge once more, watching my contorted face scream in pleasure.

“You can take another, baby girl. Come on, babe,” Jaebum encouraged against my neck as my walls were becoming tighter around Jaebum’s cock, leading him closer to his own peak. I clenched around his cock as I came again, my screams getting higher and louder in pitch and Jaebum’s grunts got louder against my ear.  His semen filled up the condom as he continued to thrust into me, riding out both of our highs. I let out another loud moan as my body fell from the intense orgasm. Jaebum lifted his head to look at my wrecked state as his eyes scanned my body. He immediately pulled out and disposed the condom in the trash before untying his suit ties on my wrists. My arms fell limp against the bed as I pressed my legs together, still quivering because of the last orgasm that I had. Jaebum laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around my sweaty body, pulling me closer to him as he kissed my head.

“You okay, babe? Did I hurt you at all?” Jaebum asked as he murmured against my neck, resting his head on my shoulders.

I turned to look at him, brushing his hair to the side so I could see his face and smiled, “I’m okay, Jae. You would never hurt me anyways. Although I probably can’t step out of bed tomorrow because I cannot feel my legs.”

“That’s what you get for leaving me.” Jaebum chuckled, his hand resting on my cheeks as he stared at my face in a loving way.

“Is that true, though?” I quietly asked him, while scanning his handsome features.

“What’s true?” Jaebum raised his eyebrows as his hands made their way down my neck, brushing slightly over the hickey he gave me.

“You know,” I shyly smiled at him, “That whole love and shit.”

“Of course.” Jaebum said, as he leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the mouth. “I loved you since the day I first laid my eyes on you.”

“But I was taken back then.” I teased him, pulling the covers up so that it covered my exposed shoulders.

“That fucking bastard.” Jaebum shook his head. “Can’t believe he even dated my baby girl.”

I pushed Jaebum down on bed as I propped up on top of him, leaning down and gave him a hot kiss. My hands ran through his locks as our mouths moved together in sync. Jaebum hummed against my lips, running his tongue on the bottom of my lip to gain access. I gasped as I grabbed his face, pushing down on him to get him closer to me. I wanted this feeling to last forever. The sound of my beating heart running fast whenever Jaebum was near me.

I pulled away and looked at his grinning face, “I’m all yours and no one else.”

“You promise?” Jaebum widely smiled, raising an eyebrow at me.

“I promise.”


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Imagine Yondu... Now imagine him tied to a bed, arms up and legs spread with a bow wrapped around his member... imagine teasing him until he is unable to moan nothing more than your name, begging you for release as he quivers beneath you, shaking... imagine taking your time to give him this release, and him coming so hard, he nearly passes out... imagine him after telling you that he is yours, your pet, your love... yours ;)


Dear journal,

Valentines day is coming up and I want to suprise Sirius. I don’t want it to be too much, but I want to make him happy. I was thinking about a simple fondue dinner with canddles. I may also go pick a few black and red roses at the edge of the forbiden forest. Sirius loves black and red roses. It’s his romantic side showing. Today, Sirius wouldn’t come out of bed.

“Sirius come on! We have transfiguration in 20 minutes and i’m hungry!” I said, shaking his shoulders.

“Noooo! I want to stay here forever! Come here and love me!” He said.

“If you are not on your feet in two seconds, i’ll tickle you until you come out of this bed!” I warned him.

“You wouldn’t!” He said, giggling.

“Try me!” I said, starting to tickle the sides of his ribcage with my fingers.

He was laughing.

“Stop! STOP! I’ll come out of bed! I promise! Just stop!” Sirius laughed.

“You promise?” I asked, smirking.

“YES! Stop please!!” He giggled.

I stopped and kissed his forehead. He took a few deep breaths, still giggling. He sat up and removed his dark blue pyjama pants and stood up, trying to find a tie in his trunk. I stared longly at his muscled bare chest. He picked up his shirt and his long gryffindor tie. I looked at his long fingers buttoning up his white shirt. My cheeks went red as i thought of these fingers on my cold skin. He was trying to tie his tie properly but kept frowning.

“Here, let me help you.” I said, standing up and approaching him.

“Yeah.. I can’t do it right..”

“I’ll show you.” I smiled.

I slowly tied it and looked into his grey eyes. I had to bent my head a little to be able to look at him. It was like we were all alone on this planet. I felt his warm breath on my cheeks. Our foreheads were touching and he softly put his lips on mine. His lips were still a bit swolen from his sleep. Sirius always has fuller lips when he wakes up and I love it. He layed his warm hands on my neck and I had mine on his cheeks. He slowly pushed me on the nearby bed, so he could stand between my legs. He started kissing down to my jaw, leaving a trail of red marks on my skin. I was floating on a cloud. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tingly feeling that his lips had on me. A soft and quiet sound came out of my lips. Sirius’ hands slid down under my shirt to hold onto my sides and he kissed down my neck.

“Merlin I love you..” he said between two kisses.

“I-I love you too..”

Then, we heard the bell. Great.

“If we get detention, it’s your fault.” I said.

“You were the one staring at me!” He laughed.

“You were the one who kissed me!” I giggled.

We walked down to class and sneeked in. The professor didn’t notice us so we sat to our usuall place near James and Lily. James sent us a look. He then whispered in our direction.

“Are those hickies on your neck Remus?” He asked, smirking.

“No… I-I just.. Okay your right..” i said, trying to hold back a smile.

“I did those hickies!” Sirius said, lifting his hand in the air.

“Don’t tell me it happened on my bed!?” He asked.

“Actually, yes yours was the closest!” Sirius laughed.

“Ewww.. mates this is disgusting!” James said while Lily was laughing beside him.

After classes, we all went to the quidditch pitch to fly a bit. I’m a really bad flyer so i sat behind Sirius’ broom, holding his thorso. He flew over the lake and the forbiden forest before letting me on the ground to play a game of quidditch with James, Regulus and a few other ravenclaws that were there. I sat down next to Lily and Sophie and looked at my boyfriend from far. His long black hair were floating in the wind. I think it annoyed him because he stopped, put an elastic between his two lips and began tying them together to create a small bun. He took his broom with his muscled arms and flew away to catch a bat. He always said he was born a beater. Seeing those broad and muscled shoulders, I have to agree.

“Remus?” Sophie asked.


“Is Regulus in a relationship?” She asked, blushing.

“No.. not that I know of..” i said, bitting back a smirk.

“Lily do you think he likes me? I mean.. He is such a gentleman and he is so mysterious.. Why would he want a book nerd like me?” She said, looking down.

“Sophie.. If there’s one thing i can tell you, is that everytime you enter the room, he blushes! It’s hard to make a Black blush! Only Remus can!” Lily laughed.

I giggled. It’s true. In the past, many girls made Sirius smirk, but never did he blush. He only did when i was there.

After their small improvised game, we all walked back to the castle. Sirius put his arm around me and I pulled away.

“You’re all sweaty! How about you go take a shower?” I told him, giggling.

“I will. But my clothes are up in the dorm so i’ll go get them.” He said.

“It’s okay babe, I’ll go! We can get a glass of milk and cookies on our way back!” I said.

“Yes! I’m starving!”

“Okay, i’ll meet you in the bathroom. Which pyjama do want?” I asked him, kissing his forehead.

“You choose! Pick your favorite!” He smirked.

“Okay, see you babe!”

“See ya my love!” He said, walking away.

I walked up to our dorm and picked up my favorite pyjama of Sirius’. It was long baggy grey pants and a thin white t-shirt. It smelled like him. I walked back to the bathroom and the air was hot and steamy. I could hear Sirius mumble some Rock muggle songs in his shower. I smiled to myself and softly knocked on his door.

“Babe? I’m here!”

“I’m almost done!”

He was done seconds later. He opened the wooden door, wearing only a white towel around his waist. His body was shinning and i blushed.

“Oh i love these pyjama’s! Good choice babe!” He said, kissing my cheek.

I could feel the heat of his body on mine. He stepped away and removed the towel around his body. I quickly put a hand on my eyes, feeling shy.

“Hey! Not that I don’t like your butt cheeks but you could’ve warned me!” I said.

“Come on babe! I’m dressed! You can look now!” He laughed.

His wet hair were leaving drops on his white shirt. I grabbed a near by towel and he sat on the edge of the big bathtub, facing me. I softly rubbed the towel through his long hair. I could feel his eyes on me.

“Why are you staring?” I asked.

“ i can’t believe you are mine. I just cannot believe you’re my fiancé…” he whispered.

I just smiled at him. Looking in his beautiful eyes. He was so beautiful. I was deeply in love.. and I will always be..

February 9th 1976

I can see a couple of these guys going way too rough on their s/o in bed. I think we know who ;D [Admin E]


Squalo gripped your hips even tighter as you both let out moans of pleasure and rode out your orgasms. You gasped for breath, hips slowing down. You moved off of Squalo, laying down on your back. Squalo sat up, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to move.” You muttered, feeling your womanhood still throbbing from the violent orgasm. Squalo smirked when he heard that, looking over at your body. He glanced at the red marks on your hips and abdomen that were from his nails.

“Was that rough for you?” Squalo leaned over and placed a kiss on the hickey on your neck. You groaned.

“Yeah.  .  . you were rough.” You murmured, groaning from how sore your body was. Squalo got up and went to the bathroom, running some hot water. He came back and pulled you up. You wrapped your arms around his neck, letting Squalo pick you up.

“You didn’t have to run a bath.” You muttered. Squalo sat down in the large tub, letting you reposition yourself in his lap.

“Why not? It’ll wash the sweat off.” Squalo shrugged, running his fingers through your hair. You laid your head back, letting it rest on his shoulder. He cupped some water, pouring it over your chest, making you sigh.

“I should be washing your hair or something.” You murmured, feeling tired in the warmth.

“I’m not the one who just got fucked into immobility.” Squalo said, a curve to his lips. You closed your eyes, resting back against Squalo.

“I might fall asleep.” You warned him, feeling more warm water against your body. Squalo picked you up again and wrapped a towel around your body. He laid you back in bed, running his fingers through your now-wet hair. Squalo kissed your forehead, laying down with his arms behind his head. He still felt proud that you literally could not walk.


Xanxus was a man of few words and very brash actions. The lack of gentleness in your sex life did not bother you in the least because you knew there was no point in asking. This time, Xanxus had been having a terrible day. Lussuria spilled coffee on his desk. Squalo had wrecked his favorite wall piece. Bel and Levi had been arguing all day. Xanxus was stressed out for 10 hours and he needed the best way to let out that stress.

You were pressed into his bed sheets for a good forty minutes, letting him ravage your body anyway he wanted to. He was rough, pulling your hair, gripping your thighs and biting your neck and shoulders. When he came for the last time, he pulled away, lying down on his bed. You laid in your spot, trying to catch your breath. Xanxus looked over, seeing the scratches and bruises over your body. Your ass was red from how hard he had hit it. Xanxus got up from his spot and walked out of the room.

“Xanxus? Where are you going?” You asked, trying to sit up. You failed, flopping back down in bed. He grunted, walking out of the room in the nude. He came back a second later with a hot rag and another pillow that he took from Lussuria’s room. He put the rag on your back, rubbing it up and down your back. You moaned happily, looking back at Xanxus. He sat back down in his spot, letting your muscles relax from the almost hour of intense sex. You sighed, turning your head to look at him.

“You’re being so nice.” You smiled a little, moving over to rest your head on Xanxus’s chest.

“I’m always nice.” Xanxus grunted. You laughed a little, letting Xanxus run his fingers through your hair.

“I know.” You were in complete bliss.


Your eyes opened when you heard Takeshi walk in the door. He had a towel over his shoulders and his briefs back on.

“Hey, are you awake now? I can make us some breakfast.” Takeshi offered, walking over to the bed. You rubbed your eyes, realizing you were still naked.

“I don’t think I can get up.” You muttered, tiredly.

“Oh, are you still tired?” Takeshi asked, totally dense.

“No, no. You gave it to me really hard last night, which I don’t really mind. But I’m still sore.  .  .” You admitted, lying on your stomach. You hugged a pillow, burying your face in it.

“Really?! I can make you breakfast in bed. Do you need anything? Water?” Takeshi asked, wanting to make you feel better. You smiled at how sweet he was being.

“Breakfast sounds nice right now.” You told him. Takeshi hurried downstairs and started making something for breakfast. You waited upstairs, grabbing the glass by your bed and taking a drink. Takeshi clumsily came back up with a tray of different breakfast items. There was a torn bagel, some toast, fruit and a piece of muffin on the tray. You looked at the selection with a raised brow, but shrugged and started to eat the food.

“This is really nice. Thank you.” You said with your mouth full of food. Takeshi laughed a little, kissing your forehead.

“I didn’t mean to be so rough on you last night.  I just hadn’t seen you for a few weeks.” Takeshi moved your hair out of your face. You leaned forward and kissed him.

“Trust me, it was fun. I just hate the morning after soreness.” You shrugged. “But you kicking it up a few notches is really hot.” You smirked.

“You wanna go ag-“

“Absolutely no.”

“Oh, ok.”


Your head was still tilted back, trying to catch your breath. “Can you.  .  . can you untie me now? I think my wrists are bit chaffed.” You said. Mukuro was leaning back on the bed, sitting up when he heard you.

“Untie you? But you always look good when you’re tied up like that. Vulnerable.” Mukuro’s eyes ran over your naked body.  You whined, picking at the ties with your nails.

“Pleeeease, Mukuro?” You asked, feeling how sore your body was. Mukuro sighed, leaning over you and untying the blue ribbon on your wrists. You rubbed your wrists, seeing the red marks on them.

“Looks like you were pulling too hard.” Mukuro mused, holding your hand and looking at where your skin was irritated. “Don’t you remember our safeword?”

“Of course I do. It’s pineapple. It was just.  .  . it hurt, but felt good at the same time.” You muttered, looking away with a blush on your cheeks. Mukuro laughed to himself, leaning over you.

“That’s kinda hot.” Mukuro smirked, taking your hands into his. He grabbed some gel off the edge of his bed stand and started rubbing it gently on the red areas that had been rubbed too hard. Mukuro wrapped bandages on your wrists, placing a polite kiss on them.

“You know, you’re actually pretty sweet.” You smiled, your hands still in Mukuro’s. He scoffed, acting like he was not. You leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

“I’m not sweet.” Mukuro said.

“Mukuro, you turn into a snuggle bug after we have sex.” You deadpanned.

“Shut up and come here.” Mukuro rolled his eyes. He wrapped his arms around your body and held your hand, rubbing his thumb over the top of yours.

“Next time say something before your wrists actually get hurt.” Mukuro muttered. You smiled, knowing that he cared.


You laid back on the bed, closing your eyes to catch your breath. You put your hands on your breasts and groaned from how sore they were.

“You really did a number on the girls today.” You muttered, seeing Gokudera by your window. He had lit a cigarette already, taking a puff. He looked back at you.

“Are they sore?” Gokudera asked. “Was I being too rough?” He went from being really cool to worried in just a second.

“I mean.  .  . you were more rough than normal.” You said, laying on the bed, completely naked.

“Do I grab an icepack? A heat pack? Water? A smoke?” Gokudera started listing off all sorts of things he could get you. You just shook your head.

“Hayato.  .  . could you rub my back?” You asked, turning on to your stomach. Gokudera sat back on the bed, having his underwear on again. His hands started to massage your back gently. He rubbed at a few knots in your shoulders, making you groan in thanks.

“You’re the best. You know that?” You asked, taking a deep breath. Gokudera started on your mid back, stopping a minute to take a drag. Gokudera blushed a little, running his hand through his hair.

“I really love you.” You murmured, feeling his hands work magic on your back. He stopped for a moment, running his hand down the length of your spine.

“You, too.” Gokudera said, his hands still on your back. You had a goofy smile on your face and buried it into the pillow.

“Do you think you get me an extra pillow for my boobs?” You asked. Gokudera quickly grabbed his own pillow and helped you put it underneath your chest.

“Next time I won’t be as rough with them.” Gokudera said, rubbing your back.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

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halloween smut with rami? xxxxx

Okay I wrote this quickly as it’s the 1st of November today! THIS IS A SMUT WARNING.

You peeked your head through the blinds as you watched your boyfriend Rami lock his car and jog up the steps to your home.

You tiptoed into position, ensuring all of the lights were turned off as stood in the very corner of the kitchen.

You breathed slowly, your face growing slightly clammy under the thick plastic of the scream mask you’d donned as you listened to his footsteps outside.

‘Y/N?’ Rami called as he unlocked the door.

He repeated your name louder as he made his way down the hallway. He was halfway into the kitchen when he decided to flick the light on.

‘AGHHH!’ You screamed as you jumped out on him.

'What the fuck!?’ Rami yelled, his voice several octaves higher as he jumped back and clasped desperately at the kitchen door handle.

You wanted to continue your torment but the expression on your boyfriend’s terrified face was too much and you doubled over laughing.

'Y/N you could have given me a heart attack!’ Rami sounded somewhere between shocked and angry as he placed his hands on his hips.

You pulled the mask off which had been partially suffocating you, shaking your hair free.

'I’m sorry…’ You trailed off trying to control your giggles as he scowled at you.

'Happy Halloween!’ You stepped towards him to kiss him but he moved away.

'What’s wrong?’

'Nothing.’ Rami mumbled, kicking his shoes off.

'I didn’t mean to upset you…’ You awkwardly scratched the back of your neck, eyeing the mask you were holding limply.

'It’s fine it’s not your fault. Sami used to scare me all the time when we were kids. Like constantly.’ Rami had his back turned to you now as he got himself a glass of water.

You took a few steps forward and tentatively placed a hand on his firm shoulder. 'I had no idea he used to torment you like that. I’m sorry.’

Rami turned to you his expression much more relaxed now. 'Don’t be I’m just being lame.’

'I could make it up to you.’ You suggested, leaning in to place a small kiss on his collarbone which was slightly exposed in his loose jumper. You noticed that his heart was still beating fast from where you had scared him.

Rami hummed in response, tilting his head back to allow you more access to his neck. You continued placing more soft kisses.

'I mean, there’s no point letting all this adrenaline go to waste.’

That made him let out a deep chuckle and you felt the vibrations against your lips as you kissed his throat.

'You’re right. But you’re not forgiven yet.’ Rami tilted your chin up to look at him. His pupils were dilated and he was wearing a wicked grin.

'Where do you keep all of your Halloween stuff?’

You raised your eyebrows. 'I’ll show you.’

You led him upstairs, the small space between the two of you buzzing with tension as you led him into the bedroom. It had been a mad rush to find the mask out before he got back and as a result you had Halloween paraphernalia sprawled all over your bed.

'How am I supposed to spread you out on here with all this mess?’ He asked in a tone feigned with annoyance. You bit your lip in response.

'I’m sorry.’

'Sorry what?’

'Sorry sir.’

That was the confirmation you needed of where this was going and you felt a rush of heat between your legs. It’d been a while since he’d been this dominant with you.

'Put that on.’ Rami pointed to a cheap looking witches dress. You gathered up the dress and made your way towards the bathroom.

'No in here.’

Rami pulled the duvet of the bed and in one swift movement had tossed all of the costume items onto the floor.

You took a deep breath and began to undress as he lay down propped up against the headboard.

'No underwear.’ He chided and you slipped off your bra and underwear, trying to ignore the scratchy feeling of the cheap material against your skin.

Rami smirked at the sight of you in the embarrassingly short dress.

You rolled your eyes in response. 'I look ridiculous.’

'Be a good girl. And get on the bed.’ Rami was stood up now, pacing the bed like a predator as you sat in the middle.

'On your knees.’

You positioned your self and tried to focus on the sounds of him behind you. You could hear the sound of a jingle and throbbed slightly when you realised he was undoing his belt.

'Good girl.’ He whispered in a low voice and lifted your ankles, allowing him to tie them together using the belt.


It took you a moment to realise he was enquiring about the tightness of the belt.


He pushed the dress up your back, exposing your behind as his hands roamed over your cheeks kneading them softly. You let out a small sigh wishing his hand would travel lower but he was just toying with you for now. After a few moments he stopped and you could tell by his footsteps that his pacing had resumed.

'Spread your cheeks.’ He instructed.

You tried to widen your legs but the belt kept them securely together.

'With your hands.’ He added with a light slap to your behind.

Your face pressed into the duvet uncomfortably as you reached behind you and gently parted your cheeks. You heard let out a quiet groan along with a rustle of fabric which meant he was probably palming himself already. The thought made your face burn red.

'How do you feel?’ His voice sounded slightly breathless now and you were certain you could hear the quiet sound of skin slapping as he jerked off behind you.

'Exposed.’ You replied, knowing he secretly enjoyed it when you sassed him.

'Colour?’ He asked, gently running a single finger over your slit which made you gasp and press your face further into the bed.


'Play with yourself.’ He kept his palms pressed flat against your cheeks, keeping them apart as you gladly pleasured yourself relieved at the fact he was moving things along.

You fingered yourself slowly, the angle awkward due to your face down position. Rami kept one hand on himself and one gripped your thigh as he leaned forward and gently lapped at your clit. Your back arched in response, pushing yourself onto his tongue.

Rami hummed in amusement at your actions, gently pulling your fingers away and replacing them with his tongue. You whimpered at the feeling of being ravaged by him, your hips bucking against his mouth as he strong hands pinned you down. You hated the fact you weren’t able to see his face as his tongue flicked against you.


Being bent over made you feel lightheaded as you began to tense up. Rami lapped at you enthusiastically, groaning quietly when you came all over his mouth. You thighs convulsed and relaxed rhythmically as you rode through it, panting heavily when the feeling eventually wore away.

'You’re perfect baby.’ Rami whispered, kissing the back of your thighs gently as you caught your breath. 'Colour?’

'Green.’ You panted earning a gentle bite on the sensitive skin of your thigh.

Rami stood up, taking himself in his hand and pressing the hard wet tip against you. 'This is what you do to me.’ His voice sounded ragged now as he rubbed his length against you.

'Please…’ You begged, desperate to have him inside you already.

He slid into you immediately, clearly as frustrated as you are as he stretched you out. 'So tight.’ He grunted in a strained voice, holding your hips tight to keep you still due to the boneless feeling in your legs effecting your balance.

'Harder.’ You gasped out, arching your back until he was all the way in and stilled for a moment.

'Rami!’ You groaned as he began to fuck you at a punishing pace, the sound of his name from your lips only driving him on further. You were already tensing up to cum again, the tightness of the belt around your legs making sure he hit you deep every time.

'Wanna see your face…’ Rami breathed, pulling out of you as you rolled onto your back. He held your legs together straight over his shoulder and thrusted into you as he sat almost upright. The position felt incredible and you came immediately, arching your back off the bed in ecstasy. Rami pumped you a few more times before cumming with a strained 'fuck’, his hips moving lazily against you as the warmth spread inside you.

Your legs were cramping badly by this point from being tied together and Rami sensed your discomfort. He sat up and gently removed the belt kissing your calves as he checked for bruised.

'Are you alright my love?’ He enquired, brushing the hair out of your face as you caught you breath. It always astounded you how quickly he reverted back to his normal self after these encounters.

'Yes.’ You smiled cupping his cheek as he turned and kissed your palm.

Rami let you come down from the intensity of a few moments ago whilst he went to fetch a damp flannel and gently wiped you down, offering a few tender kisses in between. You’d never been happier to take that cheap outfit off.

'Am I forgiven now?’ You teased later on as you lay on his chest, fingers drumming across his chest.

'Well I suppose.’ He replied sarcastically earning a playful slap from you.

You could hear the smirk in his voice as he stretched his arms out and placed them behind his head.

'Happy Halloween.’

Undefined - Jackson

He had called and I gave in. I was at war with myself whether to allow him to comeback or not, but if I had to wager, I know among all truths that I miss him more than I hate him. If only I can spill the truth, but because ‘love’ is forbidden in our language, I swallow the word whole down into my chest where it kicks at my guts and forces me to open my door every damn time to let him in.

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Ecstasy- Vmin(Requested)

Originally posted by pasteltae

//things aren’t always fair, but when is it fun to play by the rules?//

~i have no idea what this is tbh, but to the nonnie who requested rough punishment with vmin smut, I’m so sorry it took me this long, enjoy~

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My Kitty(Coups)

A/N: Idk why this gave me hell while writing it, like serious writers block this week sorry guys, but here it is, that Daddy!Coups fic. Geez I’m tired

Request: Daddy!Coups

Genre: Smut DADDY SMUT

Word Count:1077


“What did I say about teasing me like that?” Seungcheol growls at you.

“I’m sorry, Coups” you whimper under his lustful glare.

“Who?” He breathes on your lips, tempting you even more.

“I’m sorry, Daddy…” you say softly, gripping the hem of the large t-shirt draped over your body. You had to wear one of Mingyu’s shirts because he spilled something on you and insisted that you change because he felt so bad. Right now you were in between Seungcheol and a wall, nothing protecting you but some cloth.

“God I can’t believe you were walking around like this around the boys, you know I hate showing you off. I think something has to be done about that don’t you?” His hands glides up and down your exposed thigh.

Suddenly his plush lips are on yours and your breath has left you, that was the effect that he had on you. His lips claim yours hungrily but carefully. He pulls away, your bottom lip caught between his teeth. You let out a small moan just audible enough for the two of you to hear.

“Come here, Kitten” he pulls you along as he sits on the bed.

“Bend over for Daddy” he says and you know exactly what to do. You lay yourself across his lap. His hands gently massage your ass cheeks over the material of your panties. He grips the waistband and pulls them down and off of your body. Without warning he brings his hand down forcefully on your ass making you jump a little but then he massages there area he spanked.

“Count for me Kitten, for all the boys that saw you acting like daddy’s little slut”


“Yes, 12”  






“Th-three…” You’re getting turned on with each strike it’s becoming difficult for you to keep your moans in. With each smack your cunt gets wetter and you want nothing more than for Seungcheol to just flip you over and fuck you but you know he would drag this out.

When you two reach twelve, Seungcheol massages the reddened skin, soothing the delicious pain with his gentle touch. You let out hums of pleasure and you relax on his lap.

“Good girl, you took your punishment well” he praises you while stroking your hair “Now, get off my lap and lay on the bed for me” he commands and you waste no time laying yourself on the mattress. Seungcheol pulls the shirt off you and unclasps your bra. You feel your face burning, you always felt flustered when Seungcheol was in his “Daddy” mode.  

“You haven’t been that good, kitten, punishment can’t be a simple spanking” he says as he ties your wrists above your head to the headboard with a silky tie.

“And, just to have some fun…” Seungcheol uses another tie as a blindfold. You feel your heart rate pick up with the loss of one of your senses but everything else feels more intense.

“Daddy…I’m sorry for teasing you” you whine “I wanna touch you, Daddy…”

“I know you are, Kitten” he says. You hear clothes dropping on the floor and suddenly there is a hot and wet feeling on your right nipple. You gasp at the sudden sensation on your body and you hear him chuckle at your surprise. He licks up to your collarbones and then to your neck, he sucks and bites making the skin blossom in little purple splotches. You feel his hands glide over your torso and you feel goosebumps being left in his path.  

Coups is straddling you and you can feel his semi-hardened length pressing against your thigh, you naturally buck your hips up towards his and you feel his lips form a smile on your skin.

“Someone, can’t wait” he jokes and you groan.

“Daddy, I need your cock” you moan out and Coups kisses you gently on the lips.

“I know you do, Kitten, but you have to wait” his hands slide down your sides and suddenly his mouth is on your heat.

“Fuck…Daddy!” You whimper when his tongue starts flicking at your clit, the sensitive bud sending thousands of signals through your body. His hands grip your ass and he pushes his face flatter against your dripping cunt. He groans against your entrance and you feel the vibration through your core making you more and more impatient.

“My kitten tastes so sweet” he moans as he slips two fingers in your slit and you let out a loud and throaty moan, shamelessly. He pumps in and out at a painfully slow pace, you start to rock against his fingers to get that friction you craved.

“Ah-ah, you can’t rush me baby” he pulls his fingers out and you whine.

“Daddy, please fuck me I need you, right now” you whimper out.

“Suck Daddy off and he’ll fuck you good” Coups’ low voice grounds into your ears. You only nod to answer his request and almost immediately his cock is placed in front of your lips. You feel the tip poking at your lips and the pre-cum that is oozing. You open your mouth letting it slip between your soft lips and you hear Coups groan out in ecstasy.

“God, your pretty mouth feels so good around me” his hand snakes around to the back of your head as he guides you in sucking his throbbing member. You swirl your tongue and drag it down the shaft making Coups moan out loudly. He’s close and you can tell. He pulls out of your mouth before he can cum and pushes himself into your throbbing pussy with force. You cry out as he fucks you hard and fast with desire for release.

“Daddy…I…Fuck!” You cry as you feel yourself come undone around Coups, your muscles tense around his cock and you push him to his orgasm as well.

“Oh my god…” He groans lowly as he releases inside of you.  

He unties your wrists and removes the blindfold and kisses your cheeks gently.  

“I didn’t hurt you right? You okay?” He asks concerned and you giggle.

“I’m okay, just a little tired”  

“Let’s take a nap then okay?” He wraps his arms around you and pulls you into his chest.

Dull Blades

Requested by Anon

Summary: “The reader is friends with Arthur (she’s a princess whose brother is the king of some kingdom) and is sarcastic, blunt, kind of rude and has no time for anyone unless they involve sleep or books, and usually hangs out with Morgana when she visits Camelot. But somehow she falls for the dork of a manservant that is Merlin.”

Warnings: fluff, insinuations 

A/N: I love writing ladies who take no shit. Also, Merlin’s described as “the dork of a manservant.“ I’m in love.

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