he's always so happy with him

Daniela’s relationship with every single character is fascinating, if not to observe in canon for lack of time, to think about.

Daniela and Pete. She calls him Petie. Can you imagine him going to the salon to hang out and he’s got zero excuse to go there since he’s a baldie, but Dani is always interested in his hobbies and passions and respects him and his individuality?

Daniela and Usnavi. Shameless fic rec: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8350936 Two business owners facing gentrification, both loving their island, she cuddles him at the end of Carnaval del Barrio, she’s so happy for him to go back. Momboss even to him. Bless.

Daniela and the Piragua guy. Only person who is immediately into her launching Carnaval. Two middle-aged Puerto Ricans who love PR and grew up there, two joyful, lighthearted people with a strong head on their shoulders. Also both facing gentrification.

Daniela and Claudia. Two mom figures to a helpless nerd in love. Probably share Vansnavi headcanons together while drinking liters of coffee and looking at baby pictures of Usnavi.

Daniela and Kevin. Also both from Puerto Rico. Kevin probably brags to her about Nina all the time and Daniela probably promotes the Rosarios car service to all customers.

Daniela and Camila. Oh my god can you even imagine these two interacting, seriously? Super assertive Puerto Rican women, both so proud of Nina, of their own hard work. Probably Camila’s go-to place to talk shit about Kevin too tbh.

Daniela and Carla. I’m sorry did you mean, soulmates? Daniela probably only lets Carla touch her hair. She teaches her everything she knows. She WILL fight anyone who looks at her wrong.

Daniela and Sonny. Her little tiny dance partner who worships her. Spoils him crazy. Probably is his venting place when he’s upset by Usnavi and goes to pinch Usnavi’s ear and tell him to be nice to his little cuz or else.

Daniela and Benny. Relentless tease. Cannot stop teasing him, but secretly has a huge soft spot for him. Would adopt him if she could.

Daniela and Vanessa. Did you mean, actual mother and daughter? So similar, assertive, confident, take no bullshit, but also so different, Daniela so exuberant, Van so private. Probably pat each other’s shoulder awkwardly to say “I love you”.

Daniela and Nina. Aka, proud member of the Nina Rosario Fan Club. Probably taught her Spanish, and everything she knows about Puerto Rico. Used to give her THE BEST manis so all the other kids were jealous. Strong Benina shipper.

Daniela deserves all the love and all her relationships are incredible.


I am binge reading all of Hotaru’s natsumatsuri special and I absolutely love it that he’s a part of the Uesugi clan’s big happy FLOOFFY family. 

Here’s some interesting tid bits:

  • Hotaru calls Kenshin just “Kenshin”, without honorifics.
  • He calls Yoshichi “Yocchi” and Kagetsugu “Tsugu”.
  • But he calls Kageie by full name and always on repeat “Kageie, Kageie” - this is ridiculously adorable.
  • Kageie trains Hotaru in swordfight.
  • Boy ninja eats anything, even Kagetsugu’s horrible kashiwa mochi.
  • Kageie feels sorry for him so he gives him candy.
  • Hotaru was SO AMAZED that this candy was sweet and there in his mouth one time and it’s just GONE the next.
  • Kageie thinks he might have made a mistake by giving Hotaru candy because he keeps following him around wanting more.
  • Tora the cat is a boy!
  • And he considers Hotaru his baby brother, not the way around.
  • Tora thinks Kageie so cool! And Kenshin so yasashii ! And he loves Hotaru even though why-are-you-lyk-this exasperated most of the times.
  • Tora sneaks into Kenshin’s room every morning.
  • Because Kenshin just couldn’t help to play with him.
  • Kanetsugu has a soft spot for Tora, (lol remember that time in Kenshin’s ES when Kanetsugu can’t say no to Kenshin for bringing stray kittens?)
  • Kenshin takes the fall for Tora and Hotaru all the time. And Kanetsugu blames him for every mishaps the cat and the boy did. Vase broken? It’s Kenshin’s fault (it’s Tora’s), playing truant? It’s Kenshin’s idea (it was Hotaru’s). Kenshin takes the blame happily.
  • The toys strewn about in Hotaru’s room are for both the boy ninja and cat.
  • But Kenshin now also keeps cat toys in his room.

Kenshin is basically a silly dad, Kanetsugu is mom, Kageie is the cool older brother, Tsugutsugu is the quiet but reliable brother, Yocchi is the genki brother. Tora is the clan mascot. 

I want them all to be happy, please please let them be happy.


As I said when the spoilers came out, it happened in a way I would have never guessed, but Gruvia is canon. It didn’t happen how I expected it to or wanted it to, and I would have loved something more. But this is what we got, and honestly it happened in a very “Gruvia like” way. Back in the day, Gray would have never stated something so blatant such as “you’re mine” or “your body is mine” to Juvia. He still has tsundere qualities and he always will but that’s what makes him Gray. Juvia gets that and would not have it any other way.

My interpretation is that we are currently seeing Gray and Juvia’s romance progress and seeing their relationship as a couple. Chapter 499 was the answer, where it’s confirmed that Gray loves Juvia back. They taking it slow, since it has been a year. Well, not too slow considering Gray wants (sex XD) to be more intimate with her now. Or maybe he already has, because he flat out said she IS his. Not “should be” his. In the raw, Juvia (her or her body, doesn’t matter) is his. Meaning he has already claimed her. He catches himself saying that and tried to play it off because he’s embarrassed. The fun part is actually Wendy’s reaction that seals the deal. Why else would she be so flustered? She knows what Gray is saying. Haha.

I may write up a more in depth post later. I’m not really sure it’s necessary. But for now, I want to say despite everything I will be forever grateful to Hiro Mashima. Because he is the reason I made so many wonderful friends and went on trips with them, and got to visit them IN PERSON. They also visited me, and we had great times together. So this is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

And hey, there’s always a chance for more content. You never know! I can’t wait to meet Mashima in October at NYCC. I’ll certainly be asking him some questions when the time comes. If I find out anything concrete, I will certainly post it here. For the record, I completely understand what Mashima was aiming for. He wants us to use our imagination. But more conclusive material would have been better, as it seems this ending is causing more distraught and arguments than happiness and imagination.

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watercolour: talk about something someone you are interested in can do that never fails to make you find them attractive?


Okay, so my partner and I bicker all the time but whenever I’m having a flare up the guy will run me a bath, make me a cup of tea or get me some chocolate milk, put on a film he hates just because I love it and literally spend hours peeling skins off of my favourite fruits (the little ones like blueberries and cherries) because he knows I can’t eat the skin when I’m ill. In those moments I will always look at him and think to myself “what have you ever done to deserve this?”

happy asks here 

Sweet Surprise (Jinyoung x Reader)

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Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: A fluffy scenario with GOT7’s Jinyoung where you two adopt a puppy from an animal shelter (: Thank you!!!

Fandom: GOT7

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 2479

Authors Note: Ah, my bias wrecker from GOT7, Jinyoung. This was a really cute request, and I was writing while my own doggo was sleeping beside me, and I felt sentimental :’) Anyway, hope you enjoy, as always, and let me know if there are errors. Happy reading!

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listen to me literally harry is the best person in the whole world all he does is make people happy and i hope that hes always happ y i love him so much my star my sunshine 

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Hi can you do a blurb where you dont know if calum truly loves you but you are afraid to ask and it starts to eat you alive. So then, with knowing, you become distant from him and he starts to notice and youre just afraid to come out and speak your mind cos you dont want to risk the chance of ruining the relationship. Can it please have a happy ending? Thank you :))

ofc hunnie xx 

so i m a g i n e watching Calum practice a little bit acoustically with the band in Ashton’s living room. Now, you were always one to dig into the music and join them with ease. But this time you were looking from a distance, completely mute as you watched the boys jam out with their guitars and Ashton with his cajon, of course. And it was honestly killing you that you were too stuck in a trance to even focus. 

It’s been a few weeks since your sudden cold epiphany, feeling like a complete ass for thinking such a thing. It’s made you so distant from Calum, it frightened you. He didn’t notice too much, and you didn’t notice it yourself, so you allowed it to unfold. Even now as you were hanging out with the band, you were ever so quiet. 

Your eyes remained on your boyfriend Calum, seeing his wide, toothy smile while you were withering inside. You know that this boy cared about you, but you wondered if he truly loved you the way you loved him. It was easy to say ‘I love you’ straight off the bat, but it made you wonder if he genuinely meant it. Which was bad whichever way one could see it. 

You could be saying this because you’re incredibly insecure and Calum could be to blame for not putting the effort to defy that. 

Or you are a horrid person for doubting it when Calum likely meant those 3 special words with every ounce of his heart. 


“Mm?” You hummed, popping your trance as you tilted your head up to see Calum looking down at you curiously. You got so stuck in your insecurity that you hadn’t realized you drowned too deep. “Hi, baby.” 

“Are you okay?” Calum asked, worry dancing in his almond orbs. You went a little stiff, your eyes wandered away from your boyfriend to see the living room lacking 3 other boys. 

“Where are the boys?” You asked, dodging the concerned question with ease as you stared at the instruments left behind. 

“Did you stare into space, babe?” Calum asked with a little snicker, joining you on the small couch as he placed one arm over you. “They went to get pizza. Michael even asked for your usual topics and you nodded like you were paying attention.” 

“Ah, I probably did it subconsciously,” you giggled quietly, your eyes still diverted anywhere but towards your boyfriend beside you. Your heart was beating with nerves and a bit of guilt, unsure as to what to do. Should you stay shut? Should you speak up? “Happens.” 

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Calum asked once again, his hand raising towards your face to pinch your cheeks softly with his index finger and middle finger. You looked over at him indirectly and revealed a curt smile. 

“I am,” you lied, your voice gentle as you studied the beige carpet that tickled your toes kindly. You felt so incredibly bad, a sour aftertaste remaining as you lied to your beloved boyfriend. But what could you do? It only made you even more anxious, your brain torturing you with this immense desire to tell him but an even bigger want to keep it bottled up. 

That’s when Calum suddenly took both of his large, rough, calloused hands and cupped both of your cheeks. 

“Y/N,” Calum began, tilting your head to face him. Your eyes met up with his, seeing how his glossed with desperation and worry as he held you. “Look at me and tell me that to my face.” 

“I…” you breathed hesitantly, unsure why the raven-haired boy was so desperate for a proper answer. Calum knew you better than anyone, he could sense the wrong just by the mere tone of your voice and your facial expression. He truly spent a great deal of time studying your habits to determine your mood. “Yeah, I’m okay, Calum. Really, I am.” 

Calum looked into both of your eyes, his chocolate eyes studying you a little longer before accepting his defeat. 

“Okay,” Calum whispered, giving you a small smile. He tugged you forward and planted a gentle, loving kiss upon your forehead. You could feel his thumbs brush upon your cheeks gently, expressing his fondness of you as he held you. “Remember you can tell me anything, okay? I love you.” 

“But do you really, Calum?” You whispered, audaciously choosing to confess your strife to him as you looked down shamefully. “I know it sounds so bad and wrong of me, and I’m so incredibly sorry, but… I’ve been wondering if you really do love me.” 

“Y/N, what the heck would make you think otherwise?” Calum began, pure shock rolling off his tongue to cause you to panic. 

“I-I don’t know, I just–” 

“Y/N, I am so in love with you that it kind’ve shocks me,” Calum began warmly, hoping to catch your gaze. “Don’t think I haven’t been noticing how quiet you’ve become around me and how far you’ve been floating away. I notice these things but I don’t say a thing because I want you to feel like you can come to me, Y/N. I love you, and you know I’d do anything for you. If I didn’t truly love you, I wouldn’t have waited around until then or keep you around.” 

“C-Calum?” You stammered, raising your eyes back up, staring into his twinkling brown eyes. “I’m so sorry, I must sound so stupid–” 

“Nah, you don’t sound stupid at all,” Calum began warmly, giving you a sincere, reassuring smile. “I’m not mad, I just want you to trust me and my word more, okay? I promise I love you– in fact, I can pinkie swear on that as proof and fact.” 

His hands release your face and he raises one hand to shoot out his pinkie. You looked down at it and began giggling, allowing the tears that randomly coated your eyes to stream quickly. But you swiftly wiped them away, giggling quietly as you brought your hand up to wrap your pinkie around his. You listened to him chuckle, meeting his eyes to see them sparkle. 

“I love you, dork,” Calum said, snicking as he moved closer to you. “I really, really do.” 

“I love you too, loser,” you said quietly, lifting up your lips to form a warm smile. He quickly grabbed your shoulders and pulled you in for a hug, knowing that this embrace would mean much more to you than a kiss. And for that, you were ever so grateful as you returned the warm embrace. 

fluffy x

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Dating Trevor would include:

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  • We all know Trevor is a smart boy, so often he’d just tell you fun facts during the day, either by texting you or when you’re together
  • When his roots eventually began to show you’d help him re-dye his hair, whilst also trying to convince him to add some colour in there
  • He’d always bring you to events because it was sorta like getting time off work (although it 100% wasn’t) and he loves spending time with you
  • Hand holding! His hands are bigger than yours and it makes him happy knowing you’re right next to him
    • Also he rubs his thumb on the back of your hand whenever you hold hands
  • When you cuddle he rests his head on yours, which leads to many forehead/hair/temple etc kisses
    • And you can hear his heat beat just that little bit faster when you snuggle in closer
  • You have a cork board hanging up in your shared apartment - probably in the bedroom - which is full of memories from your relationship, like saved movie tickets, photo booth photos and polaroids and sometimes you just stare at it and smile

i feel lowkey bad for thinking this, but i’m now seeing a common theme in gil/uma/harry fic where harry and uma are pretty possessive of gil and label him as theirs before they’re even officially in a poly relationship, and i kind of love it???

like, it’s just so them

i can easily see uma catching sight of gil one day and just being like “that one, i want him”, and harry will do anything to keep uma happy, so when gil offers to join their crew, harry’s quick to say yes

but then, of course, while they fight off anyone who dares to flirt with their gil, they also grow to genuinely care about him, vowing to keep him safe from anyone who would try to harm him (even though he’s probably strong enough to handle most dangers himself, he just might not always be smart enough, is all)

Fafiya HeadCanon

So we already know that Takiya and Fafnir live together and the human is just too nice with the dragon, because he doesn’t make him his butler like Kobayashi does with Tohru. We saw him being scared by the dragons, being his usual self, being frustrated by the rain and plenty stuff right? But what about an Angry Takiya?

I have the thought about it and is just… To make it simple Fafnir wouldn’t be used to see this “side” of Takiya, because he is always a happy guy. So imagine one day they are watching anime together and then is the end of the series, everything was so calm, Fafnir did enjoy the show despite he barely cares about humans feeling and stuff but imagine Takiya by the other hand…

Have a Bonus

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my dog passed away a few years, so i can't submit pictures, but let me just use this opportunity to talk about him. his name was schmidt (or cuter, schmiddi), and he was a month older than me. we grew up together, and he always made sure that i was safe from the scary vacuum cleaner and always brought me my toys (and his toys, sometimes). he was the best boy until the end (he was almost 16), and he was always happy and cuddly and just a big baby (and he really loved it to eat!)

Oh my God, I’m almost in tears at this.
I’m sorry for your loss, but he sounds like an amazing dog 💙💙 - Matthew

Does it ever just hit you just how much you love Ryan Ross ? Like wow. I mean he’s always there in the back of my mind but he’s not really in the public eye anymore so those rare moments when there’s a new video of him on a friends snapchat or a new picture of him on Instagram are so beautiful and my love for him just hits me again like a crashing wave. Like, this is it, this is the man I love and appreciate and I’m so happy he’s alive and well and I hope he’s doing alright because I just really love him even if it’s strange and he has no idea who I am. He’s out there living his life and somehow he still impacts me

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Oh you are doing those dating things? Could you do one with chad james or with Adam Kovic

Okey dokes, gotta go with Kovic! Just in time for me to start working on a prompt with him!

Originally posted by isaacwasgood

Dating Adam would include…

  • Having to learn to tell the difference between his resting bitch face and when he actually is upset/mad about something.
  • Getting to watch how affectionate and loving he is with his cats and wondering out loud ‘’Maybe one day you’ll love me as much as you love them…’‘
  • He’s really more of an ass-man, so be prepared for that.
  • If you’re willing to play Overwatch with him, it’ll make him so happy and he’ll always sacrifice his character to save yours if you’re being harassed by a Tracer or charged by a Reinhardt
  • Whenever he’s editing something for his personal channel, he’ll ask for your opinion and want to throw in a ton of little jokes from you if you have any thoughts you’re willing to share.
  • Secretly, he loves sending you private selfies from the gym to show off his progress. As long as you swear to never mention to anyone that he does that, he’ll reward you with some of them being NSFW.
  • Whenever he has a bad day or is feeling down, he’ll just quietly ask you to hold him, and you’ll never want to let him go.
  • He go blep. A lot.

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Hey, I'm glad you're back, hun! I know you're inbox is probably flooded by now, so, before I get to ny request, I just wanted to tell you how much I, all of us, appreciate you! So, I just wanted to remind you to take your time, and try not to become to stressed or overwhelmed. We would all rather you be happy, honestly. Now, if it wasn't too much trouble, could you do something for married life with Castiel? Thanks, hun, and welcome back!


(Also another anon asked what shower sex with him is like so I just slid it in this one)

  • Sleeping in is always a thing on the weekends, no exceptions! He likes to just lie in bed for a while holding you before actually getting up. Also don’t try to wake him up because he gets super pissed off and grumpy for that morning.
  • You guys eat breakfast in silence because he’s not a morning person, but it’s not an awkward silence though! He’s just trying to wake himself up still. His way of communicating in the morning is just grunting in response to your questions. “Do you want pancakes, Cas?” “Mmmhm.”
  • You guys have really petty arguments all the time, it’s so annoying. If he thinks whatever you’re upset about is dumb he just kinda brushes you off and it makes you even more upset lololol
  • You guys walk around in your underwear all the time. He loves it when you wear just his shirt with panties. Makes him go crazy. He’s always shirtless.
  • He hates doing them but he keeps up with his chores. He’s pretty neat he just HATES cleaning
  • Over the years of living alone most of the time, he’s picked up quite a few cooking skills! He can cook pretty well now and he makes some really good stuff, so he’ll randomly cook for you whenever he feels like it. Looks pretty damn hot in an apron tbh.
  • Oh my god… So many unexpected visits from his parents, mainly his mom. She always nags you guys about giving her a grandbaby. His dad is super chill though. They love you very much.
  • Expect lots of shower sex. Don’t think you’re going to be able to shower without him joining unless you tell him not to. It’s always super steamy and he loves the way the water feels on your skin as he thrusts himself into you. Also lovessss bath sex, especially with really warm water and lots of bubbles because it makes everything nice and slippery hehehe. He likes washing your body afterwards, but he uses it as an excuse to touch you even more.
  • Demon was your ring bearer for the wedding btw.

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My boyfriend and I ordered some stuff a couple weeks ago. One of the things he got was the flappy hand buddy. He absolutely loves it, and it makes him feel better about the fact that he happy flaps. Thank you so much for products that make us feel accepted!

You’re welcome! I reclaimed my stims at kind of a late age so I’m always super excited when people say our products give them positive feelings about stimming. :)

I dated this boy once who I made my world because that’s how I always knew love. I gave him everything because I didn’t want anyone else to. That was what I knew. I was always so optimistic about love that it killed me. Anyway, this boy wasn’t a part of my plan. He wasn’t in any of my worlds. We never met through people. Like he was an idea out of the blue. And yet, I wholeheartedly loved him. 

It was wrong to. Because I was unstable. I tried to make him fill my empty spaces. So I gave him all I could to keep his empty spaces full and to keep him happy. I supported him when no one else did. I gave him doors to his dreams while I completely disregarded mine. “My goals can wait” I’d always tell myself. Because I loved him. And he was my focus. 

I guess he grew without me because I lifted him up so high that I couldn’t even reach him anymore. But that was my mistake. Loving him wasn’t. But building him up without me. 

I shouldn’t have let myself go so easily. 

When he left, it hurt like hell. Kinda like seeing a dream fall apart. I’m not claiming I made him. But I did help him out a lot. I did more than a friend or a lover can do. I basically replaced everyone in his life. And he always said it was okay. That’s why I got so angry. And I used so much on that anger on myself. No, I did not wreck myself. I fixed all the things he said he’d fix for me. I picked myself up without needing another pair of hands. 

I met people who didn’t know who he was. I started getting into music again. I started loving my body and upgrading my taste and confidence everyday. I created a world without him. Until he stopped existing to me. I told myself that I was never going to let anyone come in between what I personally love again. Shit. That still gets me angry. But it’s fine. Hahahhaha

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I was always so worried for him and his relationships with the others, when I first got into SVT I had this feeling like he was really alienated. I've been always paying extra attention to him and his interactions.My heart swells seeing him being so comfortable around basically every member now, receiving love from them and fans. I'm glad more people noticed that back then (I was always scared that I was being overprotective) and I'm so soo happy now because this angel deserve the world

You have no idea how happy I am to see this, this is the reaction I like to see from Jun stans. It’s important to remember that our bias should not be described as just “underrated” and “slept on”, but all the things that make him so deserving to be loved.

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If God loves us, why am I so miserable? Why my life is a shit everyday? Why am I always so sad? What's my mistake? I was created wrongly. How you handle your life? Why are you all so happy?

Hello there,

I am so so sorry that you’re feeling this way. I truly am.

I feel like Holy Spirit is saying that He has given you the gift of His love, but you’ve yet to open it. 

You’ve got this extravagant present in front of you, beautifully wrapped and bursting at the seams. But, you’re just holding it. You know you’ve got it, but you’re not ripping it open to experience it. Experience Him. Anon, oh boy does He love you. However it’s one thing to have the head knowledge that He loves you, it’s another thing to step into His love and experience all that comes with it. 

My life is NOT perfect. Not at all. I’ve got things going on that should be sending me fleeting in fear. It wasn’t a deal of me giving my life to Jesus and overnight all of my issues disappeared. Not at all. The world around me is still in pieces. The difference is this. I know who I am and I have experienced His love for me. 


And so, nothing that goes on around me, can change who I am or how much He loves me. 

  • Miserable? You have the peace of God and you are so loved by Him. 
  • Bad day? You belong to His Kingdom and you are so loved by Him. 
  • Sad? You are completely filled with joy and peace and you are so loved by Him.
  • Unemployed? Your identity is in Him, not work, and you are so loved by Him. 
  • Unloving family? You’re a child of God and you are so loved by Him. 
  • Mental Illness? You have the mind of Christ and you’re one with Him in spirit, and you are so loved by Him.
  • Feeling like a mistake? He knew you first and He set you apart. He chose you and you are so loved by Him.

I know who I am, because of Him, and nothing that happens to me can change that. Yeah, now and then, I feel the weight of the world and I feel deflated, but I’m still His daughter, I’m still an heir, I’m still His righteousness, I’m still chosen. I am so joyful because my Father has told me who I am and He loves me. I’ve opened the gift. I’ve stepped into love. I’ve experienced it. I’m still experiencing it. 

Friend, it’s one thing to know you’re loved. It’s another to feel loved. Let Him love you. Let Him love you. Let Him. Let Him.

I’d love to talk more about experiencing Him, if you’d like, you can message me personally. Please Anon, I don’t just want you to know, I want you to experience His love for you. It goes above everything you’re facing. 

xx - c

Mr. BrightSide


You wanted more, so here you go! :)

Pairing: BasicallyMoo <3


“You’re a strongest… aren’t you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Um… just curious, I’m not..” 9-year-old Brock mumbled, eyeing his lego blocks cautiously as he matched them together.

Marcel smiled, Brock was always the smart, kinder one. He was absolutely adorable, Marcel had grown so fond of Brock at this point. He never wanted to part from him.

“So? So what if you’re an average, Moo?” Moo had become a nickname for the smaller boy since he loved cows so much.

“You don’t care that you’re friends with an average?” Little snuckel asked, his eyes furrowing in confusion but a smile being providing on his adorable face.

Marcel smiled, “Why would I?”

Brock went quiet but smiled anyway, happy that his friend didn’t mind him not being like him. “I want to marry one in the future. When we’re older, you know.” Marcel smiled, fond of the memory he came up with.

“R-Really?” Hope glistened in Brock’s eyes, a sheepish smile making its way on his face once more.

“Yeah!  I know who already!”

Brock giggled, “Whos’ the lucky girl then?”

“You’re a girl, Brock?”

Brock stuttered, “N-No? I’m a boy, I think.”

Marcel grinned at the dense boy, watching the other’s face grow red with realization. “M-Marcel!!!”

“I love you, moo. No, I adore you, Brock.”

Brock flinched, his face red, “W-what? N-No way!”

“I have ever since I met you! You’ll be my Mr. Brightside, right?”


“Brock! Come back here you mother fucker! Give me my chocolate bar back!”

“Never!” Brock cheered, skipping away from his best friend and tearing open the package.

Marcel caught him, wrapping his arms around the other, taking a bite out of the chocolate bar in Brock’s hands. “Mine!”

“No-ho-hoo!!!” Brock giggled, turning in Marcel’s grasp and letting go of the chocolate bar so Marcel struggled to hold it in his mouth.

Marcel smiled and let go of Brock, taking another bite from his chocolate bar. He leaned forward and grinned, pressing his lips against Brock’s. Brock blushed but kissed back, enjoying the taste of caramel mocha chocolate.

When Marcel turned away, Brock giggled and crossed his arms. Marcel smiled, “Well, Mr. Brightside?”

“Stop calling me that.” Brock giggled.

“Let’s go.”

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll be late, I know.” Brock smiled, Marcel’s hand grabbed his and led him along the pier.

“You wanna ride the Ferris Wheel before we leave home?”

“Hell yeah.”