he's always in a positive attitude though

Dear Marc-Andre Fleury,

I’m sorry for writing this so late but I wanted to gather my words, articulate them gracefully for a proper send-off. Yet there are not enough words to describe the impact you had in the city of Pittsburgh. Yesterday was a blur of tears and heartbreak. Of course today’s still full of tears and heartbreak. We knew it was the inevitable and we anticipated it albeit dreadfully. Nevertheless, it still ripped our hearts when they announced your name. Seeing you in the Vegas jersey was unnatural. All I thought in that moment was “He should be wearing the Black and Gold, not this.” Thank you for all the great memories, all the “Great save by Fleury!” especially the one in the dying seconds of game-7 to win the Stanley Cup in 2009. We will cherish these memories very dearly. Thank you for for always having a positive attitude coming to the rink everyday even though we knew how much it killed you. I know you wanted to finish your career in Pittsburgh by taking them to the Cup and we did too but without you, we wouldn’t have been past the second round. I’m so happy that you won the Stanley Cup in the final season as a Penguin. There couldn’t have been a better present. You are the most classiest and the best teammate anyone could ever have. You will always have a home in Pittsburgh. One thing I’ve always counted on throughout the years was your wide grin which we always see through the goalie masks. We’ll never forget you, Flower. You are a special person, our special Flower. I wish you all the best in Vegas. I now you’ll be great there because you are a wonderful player but even a better human being. Merci beaucoup. Je vous manquerais tellement. Nos extraordinaire manchot. Bon chance.

Lots of love,

A Pens fan

Yoongi Scenario: Naughty Girl.

Request: Hi can i request a yoongi scenario and the daddy kink? It doesnt have to be smut because i know you dont do that but i really like your writing. something like yoongi being really dominant and possessive but not abusive and the mc being kind of innocent kind of mischievous and playful. I imagine her working at a candy shop or something like that and then a guy starts to work there and he likes the mc so yoongi is vey protectiveand jealous. Idk if this is too much i’m just really thirsty Im sorry

Daddy kink.

Genre: Romance.

You felt Yoongi’s strong gaze from the bathroom’s threshold and blushed, you were getting ready for work and since he was always ready first than you he’d usually watch you. You were a bit self conscious about it since you always wanted to be attractive to him, but at the same time you couldn’t help but love the attention, his eyes following your every move, even if it was just doing simple things like retouching your hair. Smiling mischievously you thought what could make it better and started to hum a tune, something that you had heard in the radio but that undoubtedly must be playing at the disco, a sexy tune and thus you swayed your hips to it like you were distracted.

Suddenly you felt the pair of hands grazing your hips softly just before give them a squeeze.


-You are happy today- he observed lowering his head so he could place a kiss on your shoulder. -A special reason?-

You shrugged, putting the straightener aside to turn still in his grasp. -No reason-

Yoongi hummed. -Such a bad time to be doing these things- he squeezed more and you squealed a little, but you were soon silenced by his lips. -Are you going to move like this while at work?- he asked half teasing half meaning it. 

You knew whether you answered yes or no Yoongi would react, it amused you the idea of saying yes just to play with him, Yoongi wouldn’t take it as lightly though, the thought of him rectifying that attitude made you want to answer positively but you were almost late for work. -No- 

-Good girl- he approved giving you another kiss. -I have to go to the office, let’s get going, go fetch your things-

You nodded, doing as he said. Yoongi always took you to work, first because it was conveniently close to his work place, and then because he wouldn’t just let you go alone, he was very protective and you liked him taking care of you this way.

As he drove there you only listened to the radio, today was a good day and both of you felt very calm with no need of speaking, of course you’d be staring at him from time to time because your boyfriend was beyond hot in his suit, a pleasure to the eyes. 

-Wait until that car moves- Yoongi instructed when you were close of the candy shop were you worked but not quite in front of it where he usually dropped you off.
You nodded, gathering your purse and things to be ready as Yoongi stared at the car ahead and looked curiously to the front of the candy shop, it was very cute, decorated with big real size candy like soldiers.

-Who is that?- Yoongi asked and you frowned not seeing anyone but then you did, a guy was arranging the exhibition outside the store.

-I don’t know, although there would be coming someone of proof period this week, it must be him-

Yoongi stared at the guy for a moment not liking what he saw and then his eyes drifted back to you. -Why didn’t you tell me?-

-I didn’t know he was coming today, and I didn’t know it was going to be a guy- you explained already knowing Yoongi and what he was thinking.

-It’s work…It can’t be helped- he muttered after a few seconds and looked down at his watch. -I have to go, but Y/N you need to be careful alright?- you nodded. -If he gets annoying tell me, don’t get distracted around him, I know you- you giggled at that and Yoongi licked his lips with a stern face which made you stop and nod. -If he gets touchy let me know right away, I’ll come-

You exhaled. -Yoongi, you talk like he’s going to be instantly interested in me-

He groaned annoyed -Do as I say- he answered back ignoring your comment. -Give daddy a kiss-

You obliged, getting closer to him to them put your lips over his, you expected a light kiss but Yoongi’s tongue surprised you, gasping you let it him in, humming when you felt his hands on your body, one on your nape and the other massaging your ribs and one of your breasts. 

-Call me when your shift is over- he said after he let you go.

-Yes- you were still out of breath but Yoongi stared hard at you. 

-Yes what?-

-Yes daddy- you felt excited to call him that, usually you’d reserve it for when you were going to play, in sex, or such times. So calling him that and leaving him made you feel frustrated, already craving to be next to him again.

-That’s a good girl-

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[ never will i ever ]

For the @kwritersnet April Prompt Event!

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

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Feel Me: short story

Pairings: Bucky x (enhanced) reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, anxiety, fluff

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy and timid, and waited with patience until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut.

‘Good Morning’ you said with a smile, as you noticed that he still wouldn’t look at you as you spoke. It wasn’t that he was trying to be rude, he was nervous.

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Strive Pt. 13

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5} {PART 6} {PART 7} {PART 8} {PART 9} {PART 10} {PART 11} {PART 12}

Pair: Tomarry

Rating: M-E(depends)

Tags: Mild Language, Homosexuality, Sexism, Obsessed Tom, Time-Travel/Dimension-Travel, Teacher/Student, Eventual Romance, Teacher-Harry, Grey!Harry, MoD(sort of), Death!being,

On the train ride back to Hogwarts, Tom Riddle found himself inside a compartment with his Slytherin contemporaries. They spoke calmly and quietly about the drama that had occurred at Malfoy Manor over the course of the holidays. Abraxas was being as dramatic as possible to make the story even worse than it actually was. Tom had managed to remove himself from the situation well enough, until Abraxas mentioned that the Aurors tried to unlawfully search his person.

The others immediately turned their eyes upon his form, looking mildly horrified and curious. There was no choice but to join the conversation by then, and Tom nodded regally. 

“It was amusing when Lord Malfoy pointed out that they needed a warrant to check individual people on the premises. I believe I have also lost all hope in the Auror forces if they plan to listen to the hearsay of random wizards with no actual proof. Something else that will eventually need to change, I assure you all.”

A moment of silence met his words and he made sure to eye each of them considerably, before returning to his tome about potions and their potency.

The peace was disturbed when the compartment door slid open to reveal the Trolley Witch, who was looking expectant. “Anything off the trolley?” she inquired, waving a hand toward her wares.

Tom’s eyes noticed the large amount of Daily Prophet rolls. The woman glanced over and smiled. “We were given a massive amount to sell on the train, dear. Some drama in politics as usual.”

Abraxas immediately bought a paper as well as several Chocolate Frogs.

After several moments, the blond’s jaw dropped. “Dumbledore is currently being investigated!” he announced loudly.

Tom hissed, waving a hand to lock the door to the compartment and silence the entire room before the fool could make an even bigger spectacle than he already was.

The paper was passed into Tom’s hands immediately, who folded it carefully, eyes trailing over the words that proceeded to condemn Albus Dumbledore for foul action against the Lord of an Noble House, as well as call into question, his behaviour at school.


During the Yule holidays, the Auror Force headed a raid on Malfoy Manor in search of what is being termed, ‘Dark Artifacts’. An inside tip had alerted the Aurors of devious actions taken by the Malfoy Lord and an expressed concern for the visiting Hogwarts student, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Head Boy and Slytherin’s star pupil.

The Head Auror was among the group who searched the Malfoy’s home and found absolutely no trace of anything Dark. One of the Aurors on the team, who shall remain anonymous as requested, admitted to the group attempting to search the people inside the building without having a warrant to do such. Lord Malfoy has done as he had promised and filed a complaint with the Minister himself.

An inside source admitted to this reporter that the warning the Aurors received came from a golden and red Phoenix and was written in fanficul script. As there is only one wizard within our Magical community who has a Phoenix familiar, we have come to believe that the anonymous tip to the Auror Office was from Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Deputy Headmaster and Transfiguration Professor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Many would question why Professor Dumbledore would even involve himself in such matters when he is but a school teacher, but it turns out that Mr. Dumbledore is also working to become Chief Warlock of the British Wizengamot. Such a thing is not something a passive school teacher would do. It is also very interesting when we consider what some individuals have divulged to us in concern.

“I have known Albus for many years. He was a bright pupil and always ready to learn what was available. However I have noticed that he has always been a bit too superstitious and tends to believe the worst of everyone upon first glance if their immediate impression isn’t positive. His attitude has changed quite drastically over the course of these past seven years, though I cannot for the life of me understand why,” said Armando Dippet, current Headmaster of Hogwarts. “If he was truly behind such a thing, I wouldn’t be able to give you a reason.”

“Albus has always been a delightful mind to pick and prod!” Potions Master Horace Slughorn stated enthusiastically. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the only pleasant thing he had to say about Hogwarts’ Deputy Headmaster. “Albus has a tendency to be rather biased. He is quick to jump on a Slytherin should they appear to be doing anything even remotely questionable. I have noticed that he neglects to pay Slytherin students the attention they deserve while lavishing his Gryffindors often and unnecessarily. He doesn’t even acknowledge the Slytherins unless something unpleasant happens, in which Albus will be the first to accuse a Slytherin. It is concerning behaviour.”

Finally, we spoke with Hogwarts’ new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Harry Potter. Professor Potter has been seen by many students and staff, in heated discussions with Mr. Dumbledore. This has lead many to believe that the two do not in fact, get along.

“Professor Dumbledore becomes visibly irate whenever he spots a Slytherin so much as looking at students from another House. He gives detention to Slytherins without proof of them doing wrong, and often times, Professor Slughorn must intervene upon his student’s behalves. A Gryffindor student was caught bullying a Hufflepuff student and Professor Dumbledore did nothing but waive the detention I assigned. He proceeded to give detention to a Slytherin Prefect for being out after hours, despite the fact that it was said Slytherin’s duty to patrol on the First Floor for an hour after curfew.

“I have witnessed him refuse to acknowledge the efforts of students who are not Gryffindors, yet raise his Gryffindors far above a level they deserve. He was displeased with my teaching style, claiming that ‘the good and just students of his House deserved better grades’. The fact is, a good percentage of his students did in fact, not do well in my class, and I have steep grading expectations.

“In addition to his questionable behaviour toward Slytherins and Gryffindors alike, he also has controlling tendencies, having attempted to coerce me into believing particularly terrible things about certain Slytherin students that he does not like. I am in no way shocked that he would try to put the Malfoy family under fire, seeing as he constantly puts the Slytherin students under similar stress and undeserved punishment.

“Sometimes I worry for the students with him here, which is why I did not take a holiday like many of my fellows. I was concerned for the Slytherin students who remained behind without their Head of House to be there to defend them.”

With the statements from these three individuals, plus many lingering comments from many Hogwarts students and other members of the staff, it has lead us at the Daily Prophet, to question whether or not our children are safe among the influence of a man who lacks any respect for his peers, nor any caring for some of the students under his purview.

An investigation by the DMLE is underway. We will keep you updated.

Garrison Bespoke,
Special Correspondent to the Daily Prophet.

A dark grin that felt well deserved in his opinion, spread across his face. This was the perfect way to destroy Dumbledore’s reputation. To shed light on his internal bias that he was incredibly poor at hiding. And then soon everyone who adored him, would see the type of person he really was.

“Professors Slughorn and Potter weren’t merciful in their comments. Even Headmaster Dippet spoke out against his attitude.”

If there was any more of a reason for Tom to like Professor Potter, he had it now.

Looking up at the Head Table and seeing Professor Potter sitting there calmly while the seat Dumbledore usually sat it, remained vacant, made Tom incredibly please. Enough to smirk openly. How he despised Dumbeldore’s very existence.

However, this would not distract him from his mission. he needed to find out why the professor knew about about Tom’s blood family.

He knocked thrice and waited a few seconds.


When Tom stepped into the man’s office, he found Professor Potter sitting with his… friend Mortimer.

“Hello, Tom.”

Mortimer glanced between them, before standing. “I will take my leave now. Remember what we discussed.”

Professor Potter gave a firm nod as Mortimer strode out the door without even giving Tom another thought.

“Come and sit, Tom. What is on your mind?”

Tom closed the door behind himself and waited until he was seated before placing the ‘anonymous’ letter on the other man’s desk. Seeing no reason to extend the awkward feeling he was experiencing, Tom asked, “How do you know who my mother was, professor?”

Potter’s eyes grew wide and for the first time since meeting the man, Tom saw him without any self-control or his aloof demeanor he’d become known for.

The following muttered curse, was enough to make him feel good. 

Too good.


Description: Levi remembered how he used to love the rain, how much he hated it now

Rating: T

Characters: Hanji Z., Levi

Genre: Angst/Comfort/Memories

The first time Levi had seen rain, it had been like a miracle to him. Living in the underground, one never got to experience everything the sky could do, the live-giving treasure it held. It fascinated him the first time he’d experienced it – a life in the underground didn’t allow things like rain.

Now he hated it.

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Is Orihara Izaya lonely or not?

I have been asked that question.

This is just my personal opinion. I think he feels lonely, but at the same time satisfied.

His love has been, is, and always will be unilateral. It is not that he has never been loved; however, he always denies such love access to him. As long as he loves others, he feels connected to them and satisfied.

When he wants to use you, he does allow you to get close to him. But there will still be a thick wall between you and his heart.

Sounds pretentious, doesn’t it? But those were his very own smug words in my chatroom that day. Talk to him if you want to complain. Though I don’t think he even blushed when he said those words. Well.

This unblushing attitude, I think, is exactly what keeps him in the advantageous position, whatever the situation. Even so, he still keeps saying things like  "Because I love all the humans in this world, all the humans in this world should love me back.“ Well, whether it’s a lie or not, it does sound like something he would say.

But if you were to ask me, "Does Orihara Izaya love himself, then?” - I would have no answer for you but silence.

That’s something only Izaya himself knows. Whatever he chooses to tell you, there is nothing you can do about it.

Because even if people try to persuade him to change himself, he would probably never let their words sink into his heart.

That was my opinion.

Sorry. To be frank with you, I feel embarrassed.

—  Tsukumoya Shinichi
BTS Reaction To Meeting Foreign GF’s Family

Request: Can I request the boys reaction to his foreign girlfriend bringing him to her home country to officially meet her family?

My explanation for each of them aren’t all the same kind of answer but they’re all true! (or true to my opinion but still)

Namjoon: Your family would be so impressed with him speaking the language whichever language it is because let’s be real he’d pick it up really fast. They’d also be impressed with how smart and down to earth he is because what family doesn’t like that? So yeah Namjoon would have all the confidence going into meeting them.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Jin: Ok they would see him and they would already love him. First of all he’s beautiful second of all he just has this feeling he brings with him of wow I really like that guy. Then, he would cook something that would officially win their approval so Jin would just have no problem with meeting his girlfriends family.

Originally posted by jeonjam

Suga: He would be reluctant to meet them but if it’s for his girlfriend he’d go for it anyways. The family would probably think he’s super quiet and awkward but once he got comfortable around them things would change. He’d be really nervous to speak in the language but he’d try anyways and that’s always appreciated to anyone from any culture or country!

Originally posted by jhopies

Hoseok: He’d ask his girlfriend questions a lot about what he should and shouldn’t say and be kind of nervous. From what I’ve seen from Hoseok speaking some English he picked up some things pretty quickly so I think he would put in the effort of learning whatever language he had to. Even though it wouldn’t be perfect it would still be appreciated and the family would love Hoseoks happy and positive attitude. He’d be fast to get comfortable with them.

Originally posted by btsleepy

Jimin: He would’ve been the one who really wanted to meet his girlfriends family but once it was all planned for him to meet them his nerves would settle in. He’d be the one to pretend he was really sick because he was so worried about making a nice first impression but once he did meet the family he’d make it seem as if they didn’t like him even if they adored him. She’d have to reassure him that he was doing great around her family and by the second visit he’d be confident around them.

Originally posted by taejin

Taehyung: He would definitely be dragged to see her family. It’s not like he doesn’t want to but he’s just afraid of them and hasn’t even met them yet. He’d confidently speak to them in the language they speak even if it’s absolutely horrible. Like I’ve said with the other boys it’s all appreciated and that gets him some extra brownie points. After meeting her family he would be convinced that they all love him but he’s probably right.

Originally posted by vminv

Jungkook: He’d be the most nervous out of all the boys. He’d go without complaint but he would be obviously terrified. When he met her family he would be super quiet they may forget he’s there if he wasn’t so cute… anyways! She may have to speak for him in a way at first but he would probably feel rude for not speaking himself so he would show off his studying for this moment and since he’s good at everything he’d nail the language and say the right thing too. He’d be shy around her family for a long while but he’d slowly gather confidence. (this gif was too adorable I had to.)

Originally posted by dae-bak

I think I’ve figured out pretty much what the final 11 will look like so I’m gonna try and guess lol

  1. Kim Jonghyun
  2. Park Jihoon
  3. Kang Daniel
  4. Lai Guanlin
  5. Hwang Minhyun
  6. Lee Daehwi
  7. Ong Sungwoo
  8. Kim Jaehwan
  9. Park Woojin
  10. Kim Yongguk
  11. Either: Bae Jinyoung/ Kim Samuel / Ha Sungwoon/ Im Youngmin
  • I think Im Youngmin’s rumours may have jus pushed him out (I hope not though)
  • Ju Haknyeon’s attitude in the latest episode may also be enough to push him down
  • Park Woojin’s perseverance will make him break into the top 11
  • Kim Yongguk has been rising rapidly since the position eval and I think he’ll rise even more after being centre
  • Ong Sungwoo, Lai Guanlin, Lee Daehwi, and Park Jihoon have always been in the top spots and never moved below rank 10 for more than one week
  • Lee Daehwi also overcame his evil edit and rose well out of the danger zone in the latest ranking
  • Kim Jonghyun led by a considerable amount of votes in the last round and is the only person to ever unseat Park Jihoon from the top position
  • Hwang Minhyun and Kim Jonghyun are both well loved mood makers and have been consistently placed in the top ranks
  • Jihoon has never fallen out of the top 3
  • Kang Daniel has been subject to rumours and controversies, yet his rank has never fallen below 8 and he is a contender for most on site votes in the latest evaluation
  • Kim Jaehwan has been praised by high ranking trainees and performed phenomenally in the concept evaluation
  • Kim Samuel may make a surprise comeback, and Ha Sungwoon’s perseverance may have a positive impact on his final result. Bae Jinyoung has been hovering aorund 12th place consistently and may finally break into the top 11
  • Lai Guanlin is a superstar

Now my personal top 11:

  1. Kim Jonghyun
  2. Kang Daniel
  3. Ong Sungwoo
  4. Hwang Minhyun
  5. Lai Guanlin
  6. Lee Daehwi
  7. Im Youngmin
  8. Kim Jaehwan
  9. Park Woojin
  10. Park Jihoon
  11. Takada Kenta / Kim Yongguk / Kim Samuel

anonymous asked:

What kind of person would izuku and todoroki end up falling for?

I hope I could do this well enough ^_^


- I actually can see him falling for a variety of people, be they active or quiet, loud or more serious.

- They would have to be understanding towards his dreams and goal and that he won’t back off from it.

- A friendly nature would help a lot as well, since he would feel more comfortable talking to someone who seems approachable and accepting of his presence.

- If they take the time to sit down with him and speak to him, give him the chance to talk about himself and the things that mean something to him, it would be something that would make him very happy.

- What makes him sure to fall for them over time or more quickly, is if they invite and include him a lot and give him the feeling that they like to spend time with him.

- He would like honest people, who don’t try to be deceitful or who aren’t purposely getting others in trouble.

- He finds people who speak their mind refreshing, if a bit blunt at times.


- He’d like people who are more patient and who don’t mind that he’s looking calm to neutral most of the time.

- He’d feel comfortable around someone with a positive attitude and who sees the good in life.

- I think he also would like people that are able to spend quite some time with him, mostly and preferably alone or with close friends, since it’s easier for him to open up if he feels comfortable and is surrounded by those he likes and trusts.

- If someone is accepting of other people’s opinions and thoughts or mindsets, it’s something he very much appreciates.

- Things that always surprise him positively, is if someone pays enough attention to him to notice his moods.

- Though the thing that really makes him fall in love with someone is, I think, if they’re able to make him smile or even laugh.




Okay, so I know this topic has been brought up a countless number of times. But I really need to get this off my chest, as not just someone who stans VIXX, but as another human being. We are all just people. It doesn’t matter how famous you become, or how loved you are. Idols are human too. They’re not gods. They’re not objects. And they don’t deserve abuse, just like no one deserves abuse. The topic of Cha Hakyeon’s skin colour is something that I see brought up a lot. And I mean a LOT. Whether it be good comments or bad comments. Hakyeon is an idol. But he’s a human, and a person, just like everyone reading this. He has emotion, and esteem, and body image. He struggles with accepting himself, as a wide variety of people do, for a wide variety of reasons. In his case, he has trouble with accepting his skin tone. It’s not something he can change. It’ll never go away. And yet, he is constantly harassed for it. He has many times been told to “change” his skin tone, a thing that quite simply just can’t happen. Everyone is born with a pigment. It’s what makes you hair and eyes the colours that they are. It’s not something you can help. It is a result of your background, and your personal genetics. That’s it. Sure you can tan, or you could stay out of the sun altogether. But that will only be a temporary change. Your original colour will always be the way it is. In Korea, beauty standards are very strict, and many incredibly outdated. One being the obsession of “light-skinned.” In Korea, the beauty standard is to have dark eyes, dark hair, and pale skin. Now, the thing about pigment is that it normally stays within the boundary of a base tone. Meaning, if two out of three of your colours are dark (if you have brown eyes and black hair), chances are the third (your skin) will be dark, and vice versa. It is rare to find someone with the variable (a black person with blond hair, etc) So, similar to North America, only a small amount of people actually fit the pushed standard of beauty.

The difference between North America and South Korea, is that in Korea, it is socially acceptable to publicly humiliate someone if they do not fit that narrow beauty standard. Yeah, you read that shit right. They can openly bully someone for the way their fucking body was created, something they have no control over. Cha Hakyeon is an example of this sort of abuse. No, I’m not going to deny the fact that his skin is darker than many of the people I see around him. It is. But he can’t help that. And he doesn’t deserve to be shunned for it. Now, I am not only defending Hakyeon with this post, either. There are many other idols, and non-idols who suffer the same shit as him. I’m not going to say “regular people,” because wether we are in the public eye or not, we are all regular people. I’m simply using Cha Hakyeon as an example, because he IS in the public eye, he is someone I idolise, and he is a human. I have seen time and time again that he is reprimanded for the colour of his pigment, even by those who are close to him, such as his band mates. It is a topic that is brought up constantly, and constantly taken lightly. They’re ‘just kidding.’ Throwing offensive comments, and then treating it as a joke. If you want details to such comments, I suggest you go to @offensivekpop, as they have a full explanation. It is quite clear that Hakyeon is not comfortable with these comments, and that he gets offended, as anyone would in such situations. The issue is prominence and reoccurrence. It’s not just a snarky little joke anymore. It’s gone beyond the pail, and is just flat out abusive. Hakyeon is a very beautiful and kind individual. He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Nor do any of the people that are affected by colourist comments.

When I first got into VIXX, the first person I saw was Hakyeon. I had never seen an Asian person with dark skin before, and my first thought was that it was beautiful, and that he must be admired. In North America, people want to tan. It’s something that is sought after. In Korea it’s looked down upon. I first started noticing this while watching an episode of Seoul’s Secret Box, that was featuring VIXX (situation is also mentioned in the above blog). They were to pick questions off the wall, and answer them. I noticed that throughout the duration of the episode, Hakyeon was constantly bashed, with comments such as “make sure the camera picks you up,” and “red hair doesn’t suit you, it makes you look darker.” When it really sunk in was when they had to pick a member, who had to answer yes to every question asked. Hakyeon was promptly grabbed, despite him fighting against them, and trying to open the door. Sanghyuk restrained him by pinning his arms to his side, while Wonshik berated him about his physical appearance, and his role as leader. It was quite obvious that Hakyeon definitely didn’t want to be in this situation, by the end of it being so defeated that he couldn’t even yell at them anymore. It was a harsh wake up call for me, exposing the reality and seriousness of the situation. This was not just some inside joke, or something that was funny. It was bullying. It was unwanted. It confused me. At the time, I had only seen two videos by them, and didn’t really know anything about the fandom, or the members. Up until then, I had idolised Hakyeon because I thought he was beautiful. I thought that since dark skin was rare among idols, it must be sought after.

My immediate thought was “but Ravi also has ‘dark skin.’ Why isn’t he teased the way N is?” In Korea, the only time it is acceptable to have dark skin is if you are a rapper, or someone in a sex profession. Basically, someone who is “badass” or “dirty.” It is presentable only among the grungier appearances. Wonshik is a rapper, and therefore it is okay for him to be tanned, similar to someone such as Hyuna. Hakyeon is a vocalist, and has a “cleaner” appearance and way of presenting himself. Therefore he is not allowed to be darker. What only furthers this is the fact that out of all the members, Wonshik seems to be the worst when it comes to teasing/bullying him. I am not bashing him in anyway by saying this. I love his music and his writing, and I think he’s very talented. I’m just pointing out what I’ve seen. He seems to jump at every chance he can to make fun of Hakyeon, almost as if trying to gain superiority, and to make sure the attention stays on Hakyeon, and doesn’t slide onto him. I’ve also noticed that Hakyeon likes to put on this persona, this kind of erotic image, such as the dances he performs on stage. It seems as though he puts on this act, almost as if saying to the audience “look at me, I’m a sex toy.” Like a cry for positive attention. He seems to almost whore himself out. Even the way he looks so confident when applauded. As if he’s achieved something. It seems as though he sluts it up for the camera, just so he can be seen as attractive by someone. It seems as though he just wants to be seen in some sort of positive light by anyone. He wants to be noticed in a good way. And the only way he won’t get teased is if he exploits himself. If he’s a slut, he fits the standard, and no one will harass him. He is allowed to be dark, as long as he is sexualised. He seems outwardly happy, but he always looks sad, as if he’s proved that he’s worth something. The kind of “see? I’m pretty too,” attitude. The sugar high of temporary self esteem. I find it very depressing whenever I see him act like this on camera. He seems so desperate, and he shouldn’t have to.

The final thing I’ve noticed is the ever increasing light patches on his skin. Hakyeon’s skin does noticeably change colour from era to era, he says because he uses whitening cosmetics. For example, during On and On, he was very tan, and now, just after Hades has come out, he is sheet white. But it doesn’t look like just makeup. He looks tired and sad and sick, and not at all healthy. I was almost horrified to see this recent picture of him during a performance of Dynamite that he posted on social media. The most noticeable thing is the overall colour of his skin. He looks flushed, and unhealthily pale. If you look, you can see these random splotches on his cheeks and chin, where the skin is much lighter, almost to the point of being yellowed. I don’t care wether or not he says the cosmetics he is using are harmless, it’s obvious that they aren’t. Those are scars, and they are from him using bleach creams on his skin. This is also evident, due to the almost raccoonish circles around his eyes, where his skin is much darker, like it was during On and On. He has dark bags under his eyes as well, and looks very tired. His smile looks fake. He doesn’t look happy at all. It hurts my heart to see someone I idolise in this kind of situation. Bleaching is a very painful process, and it causes rashes and skin irritation. Prolonged use can cause the patches you see on his face, the scars. If it is used too much those scars could never fade. I have a personal experience with my friend who used to bleach her skin. She was shunned by her mother for being dark, and was forced to bleach her skin. She stopped three years ago, and the scars are still there. I don’t know when Hakyeon was bleaching his skin, or even if he’s doing it currently. It just stood out to me almost immediately, and I found it very upsetting.

Hakyeon is a very kind, beautiful man, and doesn’t need to go through this level suffering to prove that to people. He shouldn’t have to validate his worth by hurting or exploiting himself. People should just respect him, and appreciate him for who he is, not the colour of his skin. It disgusts me that it is the year 2016, and yet skin tone still matters. He can’t help the way he was born. He has that skin tone because for most of his life, he was outside helping his parents, and working his ass off, which is more than what most of the fucks who abuse him online could ever hope to be doing. We need to understand that everyone looks different, and that anyone can be beautiful, regardless of their colour or ethnic background. Everyone needs to just shut the fuck up and mind their own business, he’s perfect the way he is, and doesn’t need to change to impress anyone. He’s a good person, and doesn’t need this shit. Please, just give it a rest. I sincerely hope that the other members will start seeing that this isn’t a joke, and that it’s hurting him. They need to stop. Everyone needs to stop. It’s not funny. It’s not just a joke anymore. It’s verbal abuse. And no one deserves to be abused.

Hakyeon needs to start seeing that he isn’t just an object, and that he should stand up for himself. He did nothing to deserve this. He isn’t ugly. His worth isn’t defined by his colour. He is a capable, sweet person that only wants to do what he loves, and succeed. He has feelings and dreams and goals just like the rest of us. He’s just another person, and he’s only twenty six years old. He shouldn’t feel like he has to stand by and let himself hurt like this. I find it sick that he has to go through so much pain at such a young age. He gets so uncomfortable when people mention his skin, and is always so desperate to change the topic of conversation. It really takes a noticeable toll on his self esteem. It’s heartbreaking to me, and I hate seeing it. I wish I could find a way to tell him that he’s strong, and he’s beautiful, and that everything is going to be ok. I wish I could make more of a point than just ranting on Tumblr.

To anyone who is suffering from colourist abuse, I want you to know that you are courageous, and you are gorgeous, and that you are so, definitely worth it. I don’t want you to feel like you deserve this because you don’t. No one does. Just keep holding on, and keep being brave. You will make it through this, it will be ok. They’re just jealous. They WISH they could be as tolerant, and as powerful as you are. Keep being you, and don’t feel like you ever have to change yourself for anyone. You are perfect the way you are. Your brown is beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I really hope someone reads this and cries, because I sure as fuck did writing it. Thank you to whoever actually finished reading this because it really means a lot to me. Rant over.

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Hey! I don't know any of yuur OCs, talk about your favourites for every number with a 3 in it. (For the character development ask)

This is long, so.. 3. How do they position themselves in a group? Do they like to be the center of attention, or do they hang back at the edges of a crowd?

Ruby Jones isnt a crowd person…Quite frankly crowds make her highly uncomfortable and she prefers small groups

13. How do they greet the world — what is their typical attitude towards life? How does it differ in different circumstances, or towards different subjects? Why do they take these attitudes, and why do they change? How do these tend to be expressed?  

Tim greets the world with a pretty positive look on life. Though during more disastrous situations he acknowledges life isnt always so great,he tries to be positive none the less. He was just raised to be that way.

23. How do they respond to difficult social moments? What makes them consider a social situation difficult?

With Envi, ALL social moments are met with disdain and a “ smarter-than-thou” attitude.She dislikes spending time with people she deems below her ,which sums up to 95% of the world population.

30. What is their preferred level of activity and stimulation? How do they cope if they get either too little or too much? 

Enos likes to read and observe nature, with technology and surgical tools making her very weary now.When shes over stimulated, her screen statics up and you can make out the fuzzy outline of a face….

when shes under stimulated, her screen just turns off

31. Is there anything that counts as a “dealbreaker” for them, positively or negatively? What makes things go smoothly, and what spoils an activity or ruins their day? Why?  

Omis refuses to do anything dealing with the tain floating in the black void of space,or corrupting anything pure, along with anyone who associates with that.It goes against Their morals. Soft music generally makes things run smoothly,while overstimulation  and too many hings over run them, causing Their wisp of a head to swirl into an angry grey mass.

32. Do they have any “props” that are a significant part of their life, identity, activities, or self-presentation somehow? What are they, how are they used, and why are they so significant? How would these props’ absence impact them, how would they compensate, and why?

uhhh…Amos wears a kawaii looking cat surgical mask and fingerless gloves,does that count?Its kinda distinguishing feature on what personality controls the lil minor demons body at the moment.

33. How do they learn about the world–what is their preferred learning style? Hands-on learning with trial and error? Research, reading, and note-taking? Observation or rote memorization? Inductive or deductive reasoning? Seeking patterns and organization? Taking things apart and putting them back together? Creative processing via discussing, writing about, or dramatizing things?

Danika learns about the world through trial and error, wandering around and thinking.Alexander on the other hand,actually does research before jumping into anything.

34. How do they understand the world–what kind of worldview and thought processes do they have? Why?  

Jezzabelle’s understanding of the world is a bit…fractured,to say the least.she has the same worldview of the world  as a hare or a baby deer would have, with extreme fear and caution.Sometimes she has a more positive outlook,but it takes  lot to get her out of her former view.

35. How and why do they internalize knowledge? What effect has that had on them?

36. How much do they rely on their minds and intellect, versus other approaches like relying on instinct, intuition, faith and spirituality, or emotions? What is their opinion on this? 

 Aideen relies fairly on street smarts and instincts, then say, her emotions. Relying on your emotions, when your mostly hot headed, and can hurl fire at people, wouldn’t be the best idea…

37. Have they had any special education or training that colors their means of learning about or understanding the world? Conversely, do they lack some kind of education considered essential in their world? What kind of impact has this addition or lack had on them?

Skye has learned how to perfectly mimic birds and other sounds.I mean i dont really think that that would hinder them in anyway, but not knowing all the current laws in America might…

38. Is there anything they wish they could change about their worldview or thought processes? What, and why?

Usha wished she hadnt seen the atrocities of war, and could be as pure and naive as her sister iasi was on how the world really seems to be.

39. What sort of questions or thoughts recur in their lives, either specifically or as a theme? Why are these never answered, or answered permanently to their satisfaction?

For Bahul the question going through Their… head is when they can go home. When will this banishment end? Its never going to be answered until they learn Their lesson though.

I hope ya enjoyed reading this! and thank you for asking this Anon!! :)

Messy kitchens and loud showers AU

Request: 26 with Calum: overhearing your roommate sing in the shower and wow, talent

Send me requests!!

You’re walking past the kitchen when you notice the absolute mess and have to repress a huge sigh. You’ve only had your new roommate for about two weeks, the other one having moved away, and he’s both charming, funny and (unfortunately for you) good-looking, but one thing he isn’t is clean.

He’s always leaving a trail of dirty clothes and dishes everywhere he goes in the apartment. You wouldn’t say that you have OCD, but maybe a slighter case. The sight of something out of place is icky, and you don’t waste any time picking up the dirty dishes and putting them in the washer, and the milk in the fridge.

But it can’t always be like this, and he needs to learn to stop, so you walk through the corridor to knock on his bedroom door and give him a piece of your mind. Except you don’t, because that makes you walk past the bathroom, and apparently he’s in shower cause someone is singing and wow, talent.

You’ve always had a special place in your heart for people who sing well. Let’s just say you often have trouble falling asleep and the only way to put you to sleep without heavy medication and a few hours of staring at the ceiling is to have someone sing for you. Your mom used to do it for you, but you’re on your own since you moved out. And Calum…his voice is deep and raspy, yet there’s a vulnerable, even a little whiny undertone in it, forming a beautiful alliance of both power and emotion that has you breathless. And he’s just in the shower. You can’t even imagine how amazing it could sound if he put in some effort.

You stay in front of the corridor like a creep, listening in on the pretty melody with no shame whatsoever. When he finally steps out of the bathroom, towel wrapped loosely around his hips and hair dripping water all over his toned torso, his eyebrows shoot up at the sight of you.

You somehow manage to keep your eyes on his face, your voice unwavering as you say:

“I’ll clean up after you if you sing for me at night.”

“What?” He frowns, confused.

“You’re always leaving stuff everywhere and I’m tired of it. But I’m willing to let it go if you can sing me to sleep at night.”

“Why would you want me to sing for you?”

“Because you have the nicest voice I’ve ever heard,” you admit bluntly, and his eyes widen, cheeks reddening slightly.

“Really?” He asks, and for once it’s like he’s lost all his cool better-than-you attitude as his voice comes out surprised and squeaky. He’s quick to correct himself though, tightening his position and drawling out a lazy: “Okay, it’s a deal.”

But when you nod and turn around to disappear in the bathroom, a gigantic smile spreads on his face as he watches your figure, his heart beating a little too fast.

Cry Baby 6 (Josh x Reader)

Originally posted by zevranaraiinai

Fandom: Until Dawn

Character: Josh Washington 

Word Count: 1,091

Warning: Swearing

A/N - The link to the last parts, this part is based off of Pity Party. Another update because I love you all <3

You told him it wasn’t a good idea, but when does Josh ever listen? The answer is if it suits him. When he asked for your advice on throwing one of his parties, (The twins had been missing for a few months now), and you said no, it didn’t stop him, despite all of your protests.

Did my invitations disappear
Why’d I put my heart on every cursive letter?
Tell me why the hell no one is here
Tell me what to do to make it all feel better

”They’ll come”, Josh insisted, “I know they will”. You watched painfully as he sat recording different messages for everyone of your friends, he looked so happy, the happiest you’d seen him in months. You let him be, but feelings of guilt chewed away at you, would this temporary happiness be worth it when nobody turned up?

Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me
Whatever, whatever
Just means there’s way more cake for me
Forever, forever

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Two Times The Headache: P1

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Paxalie, Natan 

Word Count: 1500 

Rating/Content: This one is PG, nothing to see here. Later chapters will be rated accordingly.

Summary: In which Natalie’s good intention to distract Satan from his stressful End of Days duties, winds up landing her a distraction of her own. *coughhack* Pax *cough*

A/N: This is just a sorta, intro to some ideas I have for this threesome. While the set up seems like it, I don’t actually plan for there to be a lot of End of Days plot going on. Mostly just Paxalie happening under Satan’s nose, and then Natan fluff. Triangles man. They are fun shapes. Also, thanks to magical-moosegirl for the title <3

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You sighed as you watched Dean and Sam talk about your next hunt. Sam saying something to Dean that you didn’t particularly catch and Dean exiting the room with a roll of his eyes. It was just a year that you had moved in with the Winchester brothers and for the first time in your life you were positive that things would go well for you.

You could not deny that you had always struggled with depression issues, you always felt lonely and as if you didn’t matter to anybody. Reason to that was your parents’ constant absent during your childhood and then other factors that you didn’t even want to think about.

Things had changed, though, for the better- at least a little bit - when you moved in with the boys and started hunting. Sam’s warm smile in the mornings while he handed you your breakfast always made your day and Dean’s jokes and playful attitude always managed to bring a smile on your lips. You weren’t going to deny, though, that you had grown particularly attached to the older brother. You still felt too messed up, however - hell, the whole situation was so messed up that you didn’t dare to even think about telling him how you really felt.

You had seen signs on Dean that he might felt the same way but as soon as some kind of emotion appeared he would quickly brush it off, playfully. You really didn’t why.

How could you, anyway?

How could you know about Dean’s internal battle of telling you how he truly felt or keeping his mouth shut. He wanted to. He wanted to tell you how he felt because he knew he had started to fall in love with you hard - in fact he had planned on doing so one time.

That time he would always remember. That time that he brother, little Sammy - not so little anyway, had come to him to ask for advice on how to ask you out. Dean felt his whole world crumbling down at that very moment he heard his brother - after he asked him for verification- that Sam…

… was in love with you.

How could Dean chose his own happiness over his brother’s? No that was something Dean Winchester never did, nor was he ever going to…

… was he?

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Replace VI Novel Ch 2 “THE NEXT GENERATION” English Translation Part 4 of 9

Yes! I managed to finish before I leave for my trip! After this update there won’t be any for at least a week but I’ve already done like 4 or so this week to make up for it. 

Finally, we meet Asahina Daigo!

This part focuses a bit on him and the current Seirin members.

Next update: Teiko in Hawaii parts 5 and 6! (Part 5 is only two pages so I’m definitely combining them this time) 

Now what kind of guy is Asahina?? And finally Kagami gets more lines this time

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How Calling Out Faults Improves Hiccup and Astrid's Relationship

I have seen many a happy How to Train Your Dragon fan remark that Hiccup and Astrid demonstrate a very healthy relationship, particularly within the second movie.  People are absolutely right about that.  Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship extends far beyond mere hormonal romantic inclination, but includes other important facets such as the ability to tease with one another naturally, trust one another in difficult situations, confide in one another, support each other through hardships, and yet remain individuals not clingingly dependent on one another.  There is a wonderful depth to their interactions that screams out in many wonderful ways.

One important facet of their relationship that I do think has been underemphasized, though, is that Hiccup and Astrid have the ability to question each other’s actions.  You see it not only in Riders and Defenders of Berk, but also within both movies.  It is definitely part of their relationship.  Though it might mean unpleasant discussions, I find this actually to be another overall healthy element of Hiccstrid.  The best of friendships butt heads, and one cannot successfully continue a bond with another person without learning how to maturely settle disagreements.  Sometimes it means accepting the other’s plan even though they find it questionable.  Other times it means shutting the other down from what they know to be a poor decision.  Essentially, calling into question each other’s actions allows Hiccup and Astrid to keep one another on track and be the better person. 

It demonstrates trust, for they trust to speak their own mind even in unpleasant situations.

It demonstrates respect to one another, for they want the other to act in a commendable manner, and they respect each other enough to typically listen to the other’s commentary.

It demonstrates a full understanding of one another, for a relationship of any sort which only recognizes someone’s positive character traits creates a dangerous blind-side to that person’s true faults and deeper personality.

And it demonstrates true care, for if you really cherish about those around you, you do not want them to make questionable, potentially harmful decisions.

Essentially, Hiccup and Astrid know when to step back and let the other proceed through with a plan they might initially question (certainly not understand), and they know when to step in and point out the problems in the other person’s actions.

I will examine the television series and two movies for these four possible scenarios of questioning the other’s judgment: Astrid letting Hiccup take the lead for a plan she questions, Hiccup letting Astrid take the lead for a plan he questions, Astrid questioning Hiccup for his actions, and Hiccup questioning Astrid for hers.

Gracious Loser, Lousy Winner: Astrid Corrects Hiccup

There are multiple instances in which Astrid calls out Hiccup’s actions - “Heather Report Part 1”, “How to Train Your Dragon Academy”, “Live and Let Fly”, and “Thawfest”, just to name a few.  Oftentimes she criticizes Hiccup’s tendency to act behind Stoick’s back.  in other scenarios, Astrid questions whether or not Hiccup has fully thought through situations, or if he actually has a blindspot which could cause him particular troubles later.  And, in the instance of “Thawfest”, Astrid calls Hiccup out for being an utter asshole.

While I really wish Astrid had been displayed acting competitively - it is definitely in her nature, after all - I feel like there still are some important relevant character dynamics displayed in “Thawfest.”  The episode focuses on tensions between the cousins, who quite canonically are not the most peaceable of relatives.  Hiccup, so accustomed to receiving scorn from his peers, relishes the fact he has the opportunity to finally best Snotlout at something, and thus courses through the games gloating, bragging, and insulting.

Astrid may be a competition-oriented personality, abrasive and affrontive when someone threatens to best her, but even in HTTYD 1 when she fights to prove her and her own family’s honor in Dragon Training, she never falls so low as to directly insult and antagonize her opponents. Yeah, sure, she shouts out “expletives” angrily when Hiccup “knocked out” the Gronckle before she could approach it, and several times points her axe threatening right in Hiccup’s face demanding answers to questions - but Astrid never has planned to “rattle cages.”  She lashes out against Hiccup because she is angry - maybe at him, maybe at herself, maybe at both of them - that she is not first in Dragon Training class.  Even here, when she herself loses her head in the midst of competition, Astrid is not malevolently provoking Hiccup.

So if someone so competitive and aggressive as Astrid points out for Hiccup’s poor treatment of Snotlout in “Thawfest,” she definitely has a major point.  She might be hypocritical in that she herself has become caught up in the competition, but she nevertheless has the complete and utter right to call out Hiccup’s own failings.

Throughout the episode, Astrid makes several remarks to Hiccup regarding his questionable actions.  She handles the situation well, first simply asking Hiccup what he is doing, remarking, “Why are you letting yourself get so caught up in this?"  The interesting thing is, at first she dos not outright shut Hiccup down, saying he has a point that he could quieting down Snotlout’s bragging.  However, once she realizes Hiccup is treating Snotlout just as poorly as his cousin is treating him in turn, she breaches the topic again.  And when Hiccup’s justification is less excusable - "He started it… when we were five”… she does not let Hiccup get away with his actions.  After first trying to bring up the topic more gently, finally she speaks out, “You know what I always liked about you, Hiccup?  You were always a gracious loser.  Who knew you’d be such a lousy winner?”

It is true Hiccup does not immediately react positively to Astrid’s criticisms.  However, their relationship is strong enough to take a hit like this, and Hiccup does consider what Astrid has to say.  He does not dismiss her even though the comment stings. 

The conversation where Astrid approaches Hiccup about his attitude is not pleasant.  However, she realizes it is necessary.  And she cares enough about Hiccup that she does not let him get away with such a poor competitive spirit.  In the end, the two of them return to good terms, with Astrid proudly supporting the fact Hiccup chooses to throw the race and let Snotlout win.  Hiccup makes the right decision because Astrid calls him out on it.  Relationships need these difficult situations, and ultimately Hiccup and Astrid are mature enough to express their thoughts, listen to one another, and solve the problem appropriately.

Animosity Without the Dragon Root: Hiccup Corrects Astrid

Again, there are multiple instances where Hiccup tells Astrid to back down; you see similar behavior in “Fright of Passage” and “Heather Report Part 1."  On multiple occasions, Hiccup blocks Astrid from aggressively attacking one of the other teenagers, and in "Cast Out Part 1” he even physically restrains her while she screams at Snotlout.  Hiccup even acts as an intermediary in “A Tale of Two Dragons”.

However, even as Hiccup strives to make Astrid and Snotlout work with each other on friendly terms in that last-mentioned episode, Astrid listens to Hiccup. She comes to his house at night expecting him to help straighten situations.  Hiccup corrects her, and while Astrid balks at his suggestions to have her work together with Snotlout or even ride on Hookfang for a day, she follows through with his ideas – and in the end benefits.  The tensions close between her and Snotlout, and everyone in the Dragon Training Academy can rest easier. 

Thus, through both instances of Astrid correcting Hiccup or Hiccup correcting Astrid, we see the two of them try to work together to spot-check each other’s weaknesses.  Through that, they can bring one another to be a better person.  I am not saying that they handle situations perfectly, nor that these conversations are all that pleasant to experience, but I am saying it is incredibly important and very admirable that these two have learned to handle one another’s criticisms.  It certainly allows each of them to grow, and it demonstrates that their relationship is a lot more than the friendly, fluffy side.  They are a team, and they are there for each other even in the unpleasant cases.

 Doing “Something Crazy”: Astrid Trusts Hiccup’s Lead

The movies display fine examples of Astrid trusting Hiccup’s lead, even when she does not know exactly Hiccup’s plans or even questions if they should be followed through.  In the Cove, the night before Hiccup must enter the Kill Ring to kill a dragon before all of Berk, Astrid first calls into question Hiccup’s decision to hide the dragon’s nest from his father, exclaiming, “Hiccup, we just discovered the Dragons’ Nest. The thing we’ve been after since Vikings first sailed here. And you want to keep it a secret? To protect your pet dragon? Are you serious?”

She has a major point here.  Hiccup now knows the information that could save Berk from further dragon attacks, revolutionizing the lifestyle of the Vikings.  However, as soon as Hiccup, with great conviction, announces he shall indeed keep silent, Astrid respectfully asks him what they should do.  And even when he tells her he has no plan yet, she continues to support him, and even at the gate of the Kill Ring only tells him, “Just make sure nothing goes wrong.”

And if you need one more great example, turn to the scene in How to Train Your Dragon 2 when Astrid and Hiccup land on Eret’s boat.  Astrid stares, positively incredulous, mouth dropping, when Hiccup announces their surrender.  She again calls him into question to make sure he is not insane - “How is this a plan?” - but when he assures her he knows what he is doing, Astrid does not balk again.  In fact, even though she does not know Hiccup’s precise intentions, she steps on board with Hiccup.  She supports him.  She defends him.  Backs him up!  Outright tells Eret, “He can be quite persuasive.”

While at times Astrid knows to tell Hiccup to change his course of actions, she also completely understands the times to simply let him continue – even if she thinks it is crazy or potentially dangerous.

“We’ll Be Waiting”: Hiccup Trusts Astrid’s Lead

If you think Astrid is all about supporting Hiccup and not the other way around, let me point you to several episodes like “Fright of Passage” and “Heather Report Part 2.”  In the latter, Hiccup is clearly very nervous about Astrid disguising herself as Heather and walking intentionally into Alvin’s clutches.  Everyone knows how incredibly dangerous the task at hand is.  However, while Hiccup expresses concern and the desire to shadow Astrid to ascertain her safety, he still leaves everything to her.  “Just get the Book and get out of there.  We’ll be waiting,” he says.  He has full confidence that Astrid, somehow, will manage to complete this incredibly difficult task  - even if he cannot predict what her exact course of action will be.

Furthermore, when events diverge from their initially conceived plan, Hiccup still does not doubt Astrid.  Fishlegs frets that Astrid already is an hour late rendezvousing with the group, and begins to assume the worse - that Alvin unconvered her disguise.  Although Fishlegs’ worries constitute a very potential threat, Hiccup, although a little nervous, responds, “Guys.  She’ll be here.  It’s Astrid.”

Then, when Astrid shows up with strangers, and everyone asks who those people are, Hiccup simply focuses on the relevant details - Astrid gives him the pre-planned signal, so they should follow through with the rest of their plan.  Whatever reason Astrid has for bringing along two other people, Hiccup believes she has a reason, and so he goes along with it, even though he’s in the dark about the details.  When he asks who they are, it is simply for information, not for doubting Astrid at all.  He trusts Astrid’s lead. 

And it doesn’t even end there.

Where their trust really becomes incredible is when Alvin threatens Astrid’s life, hanging her over the edge of a steep precipice.  Hiccup is prepared to take any measure to save Astrid, telling Toothless, “Do it, bud,” which could even mean outright killing Alvin.  However, as soon as Astrid shouts, “Hiccup, don’t shoot!” …he stops.  He trusts Astrid’s judgment so much that he stops his rescue opportunity immediately. Even though he could easily question the intelligence of her choice, which very well could lead to her death, Hiccup knows Astrid’s strengths and listens to her.  Note this is before he sees the Monstrous Nightmare that saves Astrid.  Hiccup has no idea of knowing how Astrid could manage to save herself, yet he lets her, and through this she not only gets free from Alvin, but is able to grab the Book of Dragons as well.

Concluding Remarks

Relationships are about trust.  Trust means knowing when to follow another’s lead, and trust can also mean knowing you can call another person out for questionable actions without losing the other person’s support.  Hiccup and Astrid healthily balance both sides to this coin. They treat each other as equal partners, recognizing that each individual has their strengths and weaknesses. If they see their partner acting upon a character flaw, they know to correct it - and the other knows to listen.  And if they see their partner acting in a situation calling upon their strength, they will back the other up, even if they cannot comprehend precisely what the other intends.  

For both Hiccup and Astrid have their strengths and weaknesses which makes their dynamic as a couple so complementary.  Astrid is the warrior, Hiccup the plan-maker, Astrid the fighter, Hiccup the peacemaker, Astrid the bold, Hiccup the reserved.  Each of these traits are incredibly important.  Both Hiccup and Astrid have a healthy view accounting for both positive and negative traits of the other, and Hiccup and Astrid let the other develop those to their full potential.  They can judge when the person is making a smart choice they do not understand and distinguish that from other poor decisions.

Yet again, this relationship is strong.  It is deep.  It is complex.  It is more than cuddles and kisses.  It is about recognizing and accepting all aspects of the other.

My first set of preferences! Hope you like it guys! 

One Direction Preference - wedding series:

Liam: Cake Taste Testing

You had been planning details for the wedding for months now and the day Liam had been looking forward to the most, the cake testing day, was finally upon you. Liam didn’t really know all the work that went into planning a wedding but when you had finally got a wedding planner and mapped out everything that had to be done he was at first overwhelmed, then very excited.

So when he’d found out that cake testing was a real thing he had the planner book one of the best bakeries in London so that he could fully enjoy the experience.

You couldn’t believe you were marrying a child.

He was giddy with excitement all morning and walked hand in hand with you inside the bakery. It was early morning on a Wednesday and they had closed it especially for you both to enjoy the experience. Marrying a celebrity had its perks.

You were given a list; Liam’s eyes widen at all the choices. You giggled to yourself. You had been making a lot of choices about the wedding but you knew today it was going to be all Liam.

You heard Liam ooh and aah at the list, numerously repeating things like “What about this babe?” and “Oh my god that sounds awesome babe we have to try that.”

Liam eventually narrowed the list down to 6. The head baker bought out 6 slices and two small silver forks for each slice and laid them out on the table. Even this was over the top for you, and you had previously been dress shopping at the best bridal shop in London.

You giggled to yourself as you saw Liam enjoy a rather large bite from every slice, but you knew him too well and knew exactly which slice he was going to pick. He pointed to it with his fork and you nodded.

He looked up at the baker and smiled. “The chocolate one’s good.”

You giggled again and kissed his cheek. He was a child but you loved him anyways.

 Louis: Lingerie shopping

Louis couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the event that had just popped up on his calendar this morning. You had recently synced your calendars in order to make it easier to work around planning the wedding and both yours and Louis’s work commitments and this had to have been the best news he had received all week.

Louis didn’t know exactly how much work went into planning a wedding, so he would frequently ask why you had to do this or that. He didn’t mind what you did, it was your special day and he wanted to do everything for you but some things just blew his mind.

This event however blew his mind in a completely different way. He texted you to find out more.


You saw the little bubble come up on your phone at work. You giggled knowing what it was about.

Yes Lou Lou?” you replied.

You’re going shopping for lingerie at Victoria’s Secret next week for under the wedding dress?”

You chuckled. You could imagine his face. “Yes Louis. I need to wear underwear under the dress.

I just didn’t know that was a thing you did for a wedding.

You giggled to yourself. “Well someone at work suggested it and I thought it was a good idea.

Can I come?

You laughed. You knew he’d ask but you knew he knew the answer.

No way. You’ll have to wait till our wedding night to see it.

Not fair.” He replied. You knew he must have been pouting.

I’ll get something pretty I promise.” You were teasing him now and he knew it.

He decided to tease you back. “Screw pretty. I want sexy. But I’m gonna rip it off anyways so don’t be too picky.

Two could play at this game. “No way. You are not ripping my expensive underwear. I’m going to take it off slowly. Very slowly.

Somehow you knew that would never happen but it was worth a try.

We’ll see.

As it turned out he did rip it off but he bought you a whole new collection of lingerie in your favorite colors and styles so you forgave him.

Harry: Dress shopping

You were marrying the man of your dreams (Liam/Louis/Niall) and the day had finally come for you to go dress shopping. You had been watching reruns of Say Yes to the Dress and looking at every bridal magazine on the market for weeks now, trying to figure out the perfect style for you, and you’d finally get to put all your thoughts together.

Being both your best friend and (Liam/Louis/Niall)’s best friend, Harry had insisted on coming with you to pick the perfect dress. It may have seemed weird to other people that you were bringing a male with you but Harry’s opinion meant everything to you, and you knew he’d be completely honest, unlike some of your girlfriends who would just ooh and ahh at every garment.

So at 11am on a Saturday morning you gave (Liam/Louis/Niall) a passionate kiss goodbye and met Harry outside in a town car, both of you practically buzzing from excitement. Or maybe it was just you buzzing.

As soon as you got to the boutique you were greeted with champagne and then led to the many racks of dresses with your size.  

At first Harry just looked over your shoulder, making faces – both good and bad – but it soon started driving you insane so you suggested he go and look for some dresses too. He knew what you were looking for, and an extra pair of eyes wouldn’t hurt.

After half an hour of searching you picked out 6 dresses.

The first four were ok. You’d liked them on the rack but you weren’t entirely sold on them when you put them on. Each time you would put on a dress you would walk out to the mirror and see Harry’s eyes light up, saying how pretty or how sexy or how cute you looked. But then his most honest comments would come out and you knew that none of them were right.

It was the fifth dress that was the perfect one. As soon as you put it on you looked like a princess, but felt like a queen. It made you feel pretty but powerful and you knew as soon as (Liam/Louis/Niall) saw you walking down the aisle he would swoon.

You were lead out by your assistant to the mirror where Harry was waiting.

Your eyes met his and your faces matched. From his first reaction alone you knew this was the dress.

“Wow,” he said. You walked in front of the mirror and Harry stood behind you, examining both your front and your back. “Y/N you look beautiful.”

You couldn’t believe how shaky his voice was. You looked up at him and that’s when you saw it, actual tears in his eyes. You’d made Harry Styles cry with a wedding dress.

You pulled him into your arms. “Harry don’t cry.”

He laughed. “I’m sorry you just look so beautiful and I’m just so happy for you and (Liam/Louis/Niall). I can’t believe you guys are actually finally getting married.” He stopped for a moment just to look at you again.

“And I just can’t wait until I get to marry someone who I love as much as (Liam/Louis/Niall) loves you,” Harry added.

You took Harry into your arms again. “It’ll happen one day I promise and I’ll be going tux shopping with you and I’ll cry.”

You were both laughing and crying by this point. When you had finally calmed down the assistant stood forward asking you the most important question.

“So this is the dress?”

You looked at Harry and he nodded.

“Yes this is definitely the dress.”


Niall: Your wedding day

It was finally your wedding day and you were nervous as hell. No matter what people said to you or what you said to yourself you were shaking. You didn’t really know why. Niall was perfect. You had fallen in love with him three years ago and when he had finally proposed it was one of the happiest moments of your life. You loved him unconditionally, you guys hardly ever fought and he was your best friend. You had got on so well before you got into a relationship that actually being together was such a breeze compared to your past relationships.

You had had your moments though. Hate from the fans, feeling lonely when you needed him most and he wasn’t always there and his sometimes too-positive attitude were the most negative parts of your relationship but you had worked through them.

So why were you so nervous?

At 20 minutes before the service was going to begin Liam came to see you, hearing from your bridesmaids that you were a nervous wreck. You were sitting in the dressing room in the church when you saw his sympathetic face come through the curtain.

“What’s going on love?” he came to sit next to you, putting his hand on your shoulder. Liam had been like a rock to you for the past two years, one of your closest best friends so you needed his support right now.

“What am I doing Liam?” you asked looking up at him, tears rimming in your eyes.

“What do you mean love?” he asked. He knew how much you loved Niall so this was so unexpected.

“Am I doing to right thing? I mean what if I’m not a good wife? Niall deserves so much better then me.”

Liam’s face seemed to twist and turn into so much confusion it made you sit up. Even you didn’t know what he was feeling and you knew him better than anyone.

His face turned serious.

“Now you stop that right now,” he started. “Niall loves you more than he has loved anyone in his entire life. The relationship you two have gives he hope that I’ll find someone some day that makes me as happy as you make each other.”

You had begun to cry. He was right.

Liam left a few moments later so you could compose yourself and you were almost ready to walk down the aisle.

It was then that you got a text from Niall.

I know that we aren’t allowed to see each other before the ceremony but I heard you were a little nervous so I wanted to text you. I love you so much and I so excited to make you my wife today. I can’t wait to see you walk down that aisle. I can only imagine how beautiful you are going to look, but I know you’ll look better than I could imagine in my wildest dreams.

I’ll cya soon princess.

You couldn’t help yourself. You had a tear fall down your face and you had a little chuckle. You texted him back.

Yeah cya soon. I’ll be the one in white.