he's always in a positive attitude though

Yoongi Scenario: Naughty Girl.

Request: Hi can i request a yoongi scenario and the daddy kink? It doesnt have to be smut because i know you dont do that but i really like your writing. something like yoongi being really dominant and possessive but not abusive and the mc being kind of innocent kind of mischievous and playful. I imagine her working at a candy shop or something like that and then a guy starts to work there and he likes the mc so yoongi is vey protectiveand jealous. Idk if this is too much i’m just really thirsty Im sorry

Daddy kink.

Genre: Romance.

You felt Yoongi’s strong gaze from the bathroom’s threshold and blushed, you were getting ready for work and since he was always ready first than you he’d usually watch you. You were a bit self conscious about it since you always wanted to be attractive to him, but at the same time you couldn’t help but love the attention, his eyes following your every move, even if it was just doing simple things like retouching your hair. Smiling mischievously you thought what could make it better and started to hum a tune, something that you had heard in the radio but that undoubtedly must be playing at the disco, a sexy tune and thus you swayed your hips to it like you were distracted.

Suddenly you felt the pair of hands grazing your hips softly just before give them a squeeze.


-You are happy today- he observed lowering his head so he could place a kiss on your shoulder. -A special reason?-

You shrugged, putting the straightener aside to turn still in his grasp. -No reason-

Yoongi hummed. -Such a bad time to be doing these things- he squeezed more and you squealed a little, but you were soon silenced by his lips. -Are you going to move like this while at work?- he asked half teasing half meaning it. 

You knew whether you answered yes or no Yoongi would react, it amused you the idea of saying yes just to play with him, Yoongi wouldn’t take it as lightly though, the thought of him rectifying that attitude made you want to answer positively but you were almost late for work. -No- 

-Good girl- he approved giving you another kiss. -I have to go to the office, let’s get going, go fetch your things-

You nodded, doing as he said. Yoongi always took you to work, first because it was conveniently close to his work place, and then because he wouldn’t just let you go alone, he was very protective and you liked him taking care of you this way.

As he drove there you only listened to the radio, today was a good day and both of you felt very calm with no need of speaking, of course you’d be staring at him from time to time because your boyfriend was beyond hot in his suit, a pleasure to the eyes. 

-Wait until that car moves- Yoongi instructed when you were close of the candy shop were you worked but not quite in front of it where he usually dropped you off.
You nodded, gathering your purse and things to be ready as Yoongi stared at the car ahead and looked curiously to the front of the candy shop, it was very cute, decorated with big real size candy like soldiers.

-Who is that?- Yoongi asked and you frowned not seeing anyone but then you did, a guy was arranging the exhibition outside the store.

-I don’t know, although there would be coming someone of proof period this week, it must be him-

Yoongi stared at the guy for a moment not liking what he saw and then his eyes drifted back to you. -Why didn’t you tell me?-

-I didn’t know he was coming today, and I didn’t know it was going to be a guy- you explained already knowing Yoongi and what he was thinking.

-It’s work…It can’t be helped- he muttered after a few seconds and looked down at his watch. -I have to go, but Y/N you need to be careful alright?- you nodded. -If he gets annoying tell me, don’t get distracted around him, I know you- you giggled at that and Yoongi licked his lips with a stern face which made you stop and nod. -If he gets touchy let me know right away, I’ll come-

You exhaled. -Yoongi, you talk like he’s going to be instantly interested in me-

He groaned annoyed -Do as I say- he answered back ignoring your comment. -Give daddy a kiss-

You obliged, getting closer to him to them put your lips over his, you expected a light kiss but Yoongi’s tongue surprised you, gasping you let it him in, humming when you felt his hands on your body, one on your nape and the other massaging your ribs and one of your breasts. 

-Call me when your shift is over- he said after he let you go.

-Yes- you were still out of breath but Yoongi stared hard at you. 

-Yes what?-

-Yes daddy- you felt excited to call him that, usually you’d reserve it for when you were going to play, in sex, or such times. So calling him that and leaving him made you feel frustrated, already craving to be next to him again.

-That’s a good girl-

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Soulmate Seokmin

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series 

You love your soulmate with your whole entire heart and you haven’t even met him yet; you’ve only felt the imprints of his soul. But you know it would be impossible not to love someone with this much warmth and affection in his life. 

And somehow, he belongs with you. In some impossible blessing of the universe, you know your positive, beautiful soulmate will come to you one day. Because the soulmate connection never fails. 

The connection itself is a strange thing. Every person in the world views their surroundings in black and white, devoid of any color other than those which match the current mood of their soulmate.

When the soulmate is sad, certain blues pop suddenly into focus - cold and gloomy shades. When calm, the scale of tips closer to teal. When happy, only the brightest warm yellows will burst into color. When passionate, a specific kind of red might be drawn out, and when angry, the red is different still. Sometimes, multiple colors come through at once, and at other times, its just the one. Of course, the whole phenomenon is hard to define; human emotions have always been complex and difficult to pin down.

It can take a while for people to learn the intricacies of the colors as well, but somehow time gives clarity, and as you grow up, you learn almost instinctively what it means when you can see a certain shade.

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Feel Me: short story

Pairings: Bucky x (enhanced) reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, anxiety, fluff

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy and timid, and waited with patience until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut.

‘Good Morning’ you said with a smile, as you noticed that he still wouldn’t look at you as you spoke. It wasn’t that he was trying to be rude, he was nervous.

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[ never will i ever ]

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Y/N!! Open up!! Wake up ya binch!!!” a shrill voice says in a register that can only be described as excited.

You shoot up in bed, the blood rushing to your head quickly causing the room to spin a bit. Squinting at the clock, you register the time, it’s 7 am. For fuck’s sake, why is this dumbass waking you up this early. Sometimes her enthusiasm is irritating.

You contemplate going back to sleep, debating whether it’s worth to let your best friend murder you for a few more hours of sleep.

Then you hear another frantic knocking spell.

“Y/NNNNNN…. get your lazy ass out of bed or I’m going to open the door with the spare key hidden in….”

“Oi!!!” you shout from inside the apartment, “We don’t need my whole floor knowing where I keep my spare key!!”

“Then open the damn door!!!” Jang-mi yells back with gusto.

Your curse the day you became friends with Park Jang-mi. Your life had never been the same. She seems to have taken the motto “Carpe Diem” as a personal goal. Your weary soul needs rest.

Grumbling you put on your comfy robe over your pajamas and make your way to the door.

You barely have the door unlocked when Jang-mi comes barreling in. What infuriates you the most is that she looks the picture of perfection, hair done, make up perfect. “Yah, why do you look like you’re going to an award show at 7 fucking am” you say in a sulking tone because you both know there’s no malice in there.

“Excuse me did you forget? I’m an idol, I always have to be the picture of perfection. One wrong HQ fansite picture and my career is donezos” Jang-mi replies in a sickly sweet voice, which she knows gets on your nerves

“Ugh man I will never understand you guys’ world” you replied, rolling your eyes, standing in stark contrast to your best friend, with your messy hair, bad breath, and sleep crusty eyes.

“ANYWAYYYY, the reason I came here at this god forsaken hour is that I have big news and you’re the first person I wanted to share it with!!” she squealed warmly.

“Umm ok, it sounds important, let me put a pot of coffee on.” you say. You need the life giving liquid if you want to stay awake for this conversation.

“Yes please, coffee sounds amazing” Jang-mi replies as she walks towards the couch in your lounge, settling down comfortably with her legs spread out.

“Idol my ass.” you say under your breath and chuckle, but you’re secretly pleased that your best friend has a place where she can be herself; away from prying eyes.

Setting down two steaming mugs of Sumatra’s finest on the table, you look over to your best friend curiously. “So what exactly is it that made you almost break down my door at 7 am?” you finally ask

“I’m getting married!!” she yells out and your head snaps from the cup to your best friend. The shock must be clear on your face because she hastily continues, “Not real life married, relax. If I was dating anyone, you’d be the first to know duh.” she says with annoyance as if it’s a fact.

“I’m still lost, you’re getting married….?” you ask again.

“You remember I told you about the conversation I had with my manager? About raising my profile? The group’s becoming more popular, but I just need the extra push. Finally he’s found me the best thing!” each syllable came out faster and more excited than the last. This is clearly something she’s thrilled about, you think to yourself.

“He managed to get me on We Got Married!!” Jang-mi finally lets the cat out of the bag, throwing her arms in the air in celebration.

“Whaaattttt??!! We Got Married??? Omg, I love that show soo much!! Aaaahh, I’m so excited and so jealous of you wench!! That’s amazing! Perfect for your career and image!!” you can’t help squeal along with your best friend.

The show is one of your absolute favourites, despite your curmudgeon appearance, you are a romantic at heart. You know the relationships on the show are fake but you can’t help get carried away with the mushiness of it all! Blame it on the editors!

“Wait till you hear who my “husband” is going to be! You’re going to be yelling your lungs out with joy. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get a lot of hate mail soon.” she says with a smirk, clearly not fazed by the possibility of dealing with crazy fangirls.

“Oooooh, who is it? A fellow idol? An actor? Don’t leave me hanging!!” you say in an agitated tone to your best friend who is now walking over to your fridge, undoubtedly to make herself a snack.

“Oh no one special, just a member of probably the most popular boy band these days.” she says smugly, enjoying how your face has contorted with distaste at her coyness.

“Please tell me it’s not Chanyeol, I will kill you with my own hands. DON’T BREAK THE BRO CODE!!!” you practically yell at her.

“Omg chill, I’m not getting fake married to your future husband. It’s actually V, umm, Taehyung from BTS.” Jang-mi finally tells you.

You splutter out the sip of coffee you are taking, almost choking on the liquid. Jang-mi runs to you when she sees you struggling a little for air.

“Are you ok? Take it easy, don’t inhale your drink.” she laughs as she rubs your back.

Your eyes are mere slits as you look at your best friend, “Who did you say was cast as your husband? Taehyung? As in Kim Taehyung from Daegu?” you manage to say through gritted teeth.

“Uh huh, that’s his name, not sure about his hometown. Why? You’re not a fan? I thought you loved BTS’ music?” she says worriedly with a hint of confusion.

“A FAN?? There’s no way in hell I would be a fan of the guy who made my life a living hell in middle school. He’s such a jerk!! The absolute worst!” your words are coming out fast and angry, which scares your best friend.

“Calm down Y/N, what are you talking about? I’ve met him a few times at music shows, he seems like a sweet guy, always polite and friendly. You went to middle school with him? Maybe you’re confusing him with someone else.” Jang-mi looks at your skeptically.

“Nope, it’s him alright, I’d recognise that stupid face and that dumb rectangular smile anywhere.” you say as faded childhood memories come back to you in pieces.

6th Grade:

“Haha look at Miss Greasy Pigtails, she’s so slow, she wouldn’t even win second place if it was a two person race!! Next time, you should just partner with me, at least you won’t embarrass our class like this.”

7th Grade:

“Hi Miss G.P., did you even look at the mirror before coming to school today? That flower headband looks stupid on you. Look everyone, Y/N’s trying to be a pretty girl but it’s not working awww.”

8th Grade:

“Your shoes are sooo old and gross. If you need shoes, tell me my uncle owns a shoe store, I’m sure I can get Miss G.P. a discount.”

9th Grade:

“Soo…crying over Se Joon? Pfft what did you think, you’d confess to him and he’d confess his undying love for you? Toughen up princess.”

“4 years. 4 years of relentless taunts and teasing. He was horrible to me. I repeat, the absolute worst.” you said as tears started pricking at the corner of your eyes. “I will not let me best friend go through that man’s torture, he may seem sweet and angelic on camera but I know what he’s like in real life, I won’t let you go through what I did!” you say with determination

“Calm down Y/N, that was a long time ago, I’m sure he’s changed since then. Everyone does stupid shit when they’re kids. From whatever I’ve seen, he’s a perfect gentleman.” she says to calm your fears.

“The devil does not change his colours. I’m telling you, he will make you cry. Can’t believe I ever used to like him….” you trail of as a different memory bubbles up in your mind.

“Wait, you used to like him? This just made it more interesting! What happened? He rejected you and you became an anti-fan?” your best friend seems to be enjoying your discomfort at this particular memory.

“No…it just… I was going to confess my feelings to Taehyung, even though he was always such a jerk to me, so to gather some courage, I went to talk to our mutual friend Se Joon about it, asking his advice. Se Joon and I had a really positive conversation and he said I should go for it. I mustered all the damn courage I had and went to find him. Only to see him tongue deep with a girl from our class. After that I just…never mind. My dislike for him isn’t because of this, it’s because of his nasty attitude. He was quite foul with me for a few weeks after this incident and then came grade 10 and he left for Seoul.” you realize that you have rushed through the story without a beat, so you take a few deep breaths to calm down.

“Anyway, none of that matters, what matters is that I will not let you be treated badly by that man! Please tell me you’re going to reconsider this fake marriage thing. Or find another partner. Someone who won’t treat you like dirt.” you all but plead your best friend.

“I don’t know Y/N. I’ve all but signed the contract, the two of us are meeting at the broadcasting company’s HQ today at 5. I think it’s too late to reconsider.” Jang-mi tells you patiently.

“Noo, please you have to believe me, it’ll be an unpleasant experience for you! I want to protect you from that!” you say impatiently, you have to save her from this experience, you love her too much.

“I’m a big girl Y/N, I can take care of myself. I don’t think he’s as bad as you make him sound. I have to go now, I have a schedule before the meeting.” she says with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“I’m sorry Jang-mi, I just don’t want anyone to treat you anything less than spectacular. You deserve the world. Anything less than that and I will hunt down the man and end him myself.” you reply sheepishly, knowing that nothing would come out of arguing with your best friend.

“Oh god, you’re such a pile of mush. Fiiiine, you can come with me to the preliminary meeting and if you feel like anything’s off, then I will reconsider it!” she replies with a grin on her face.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I haven’t seen him in what, 7 years? But for you, I am willing” you reply with a sigh.

“Good, don’t be late, I will text you the address, and dress nicely. Think of my reputation.” Jang-mi chuckles before picking up her things and exiting your apartment, leaving you to your thoughts.

“Well, well Kim Taehyung, what a strange world. Can’t believe I’m going to see your idiotic face again.” you say to no one in particular.

5 PM, MBC Broadcast Station

“Shoot, can’t believe I’m running late, Jang-mi’s going to kill me” you mumble to yourself as you race from the subway station to the address your best friend texted you hours ago.

You’re out of breath and your hair’s a mess when you finally arrive at the front desk of the building.

The receptionist eyes you uncertainly till you say, “I’m Y/N, I’m here to see Park Jang-mi, she’s expecting me.”

She checks a list and says, “Ahh yes, they’ve been waiting for you, right this way.”

You follow the receptionist to the corridor with the elevators and she turns to you, “Straight up to the 8th floor, the meeting room is right opposite the elevator.” her tone is brisk and efficient and she’s already heading back to her desk before you can mutter out a thank you.

You step into the elevator and your nerves have taken a sudden hold of you. What will it be like? To see your tormentor after 7 years? He would have to be nice to you right? He was in public.

The ding of the elevator makes you jump out of your skin a little. You are here. This is it. Time to face the dumbass head on and prove your point to Jang-mi.

You clear your throat as you enter the room, expecting it to be filled with crew, managers, PDs etc but to your surprise it’s just the two of them.

Jang-mi and him.

He is making her laugh, and your war mode switches on automatically. If he’s making her laugh, this will be an uphill battle.

“Hi Y/N!! You’re finally here, I told you not to be late but your punctuality is a lost case.” Jang-mi says as she spots you standing at the door.

“I’ll make introductions, Tae this is my best friend in the entire world - Y/N. Y/N says she already knows you personally so I don’t think I need to introduce any further.” she finishes with a laugh.

“Oh really.. and how does the lovely lady know me….” his voice trails off as he finally turns to look at you, recognition dawning on his fate.

“Do mine eyes deceive me? Is it really Miss Greasy Pigtails??” Taehyung says with a childlike excitement.

You roll your eyes, pointedly ignoring him and speak to your best friend instead, “See I told you… it’s him alright. He’s already started to show his true colours.” you say flatly, glad your point is proven without you having to do much work.

“It’s just with you Y/N. Something about you just riles me up. I can’t help it. How have you been? It’s been a while. Are you well.” his tone is soft as he asks about you.

You’re taken bit taken aback but you decide not to let him faze you. You’re here on a mission. You quickly take a seat next to Jang-mi and across from him.

“We’re not friends, Mr. Kim, let’s do away with the niceties. I’m just here to convince my best friend not to get fake married to you.” you say in the coldest voice you can manage.

“Well well Miss. G.P. I don’t recall giving you permission to be in charge of my dating life.”

“This isn’t real Taehyung, it’s a TV show.”

“Why, are you mad that I may end up dating your friend for real?”

“Oh please, I’m just worried she’s going to be stuck with a complete and utter ass for the next 6 months.”

“Well if she’s managed to stay friends with you after knowing you this well I think she’ll do just fine”

“I knew it, you haven’t changed. Always the disrespectful brat.”

“Correction, only you bring that ass out of me; so take responsibility.”


“I’m sorry Miss Jang-mi you’re a wonderful person but I don’t think I’ll able to do the show with you.” Taehyung finally says to your best friend.

Getting up from his seat, he looks at you for an instant and opens his mouth to speak.

“Are you free tonight around 8?” he says to you as he takes out his phone.

“Yes. Why?” your eyes narrow in suspicion.

“I’ll pick you up around 7:45. There’s this place I want to take you. Wanted to take you there ever since I moved here. So be ready on time. Your number hasn’t changed has it? I’ll text you.” Taehyung says airily as he starts to walk away from the two of you.

“Wait, what’s happening? Are you asking me out?” you ask him, utterly confused by the happenings of the last two minutes.

He stops in his tracks and walks over to where you are sitting. He places one hand on the arm of the chair you’re in and leans down close enough to you that you can count his eyelashes.

“If you think that after 7 years of being apart,  I’m going to let you slip away again, you’re mistaken love.” his voice is soft and melodious. His proximity and his little confession is making your poor heart beat a thousand beats per minute.

He smiles his signature rectangular smile at you and gets up to leave.

He’s near the door when he turns to you again and says, “I’m glad I found you again, Miss G.P. See you at 8.” with these words he’s disappeared out the door.

Your echo of “See you at 8.” hangs in the air as your hear a loud rumbling laugh come from best friend.

You don’t know how it happened but it was certainly wasn’t what you had expected.

Kim Taehyung had just asked you on a date.

7 years ago:

“So what do you think So-mi, should I tell Y/N how I feel? I don’t think she’s getting the dumb hints I’m dropping.” Taehyung says nervously to his friend

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Tae. Look, she’s going over to confess to Se Joon I think. I heard she has a huge crush on him.” So-mi replies

“What? No. That can’t be true.” he says angrily, not willing to believe the piece of gossip.

“Look at them, look how they’re smiling and laughing. Looks pretty legit to me. Oh she’s coming over here. We should congratulate her.” So-mi said smirking towards Y/N’s direction

In a flash Taehyung has his lips on So-mi’s and his soon his tongue follows when he sees Y/N approaching. He knows she can see them.

Her confused and defeated face is the last thing he remembers.

I’ve been thinking about Benzaiten being “the goddess of everything that flows”, and what that might mean for Ben’s personality. So, some ideas about Ben:

- Maybe he was quite adaptable and flexible, and that made him seem more well-adjusted than Juno on the surface. He had fewer outbursts than Juno, was better at getting his shit together in bad situations, was always looking for the bright side of things and finding positivity in unlikely places. People were always asking Juno why he couldn’t be more like his brother.

-There’s a flip side to that, though - he’d convince himself things weren’t that bad and push his feelings down rather than confronting them. He was so used to changing his attitude to whatever hurt the least that it was easy for other people to gaslight or guilt-trip him, and he gave too much benefit of the doubt to people who’d hurt him. If something in his life was threatened he’d rather cut his losses and find something new than stand and fight for it, which made him kind of a pushover.

-Juno could tell Ben was still affected by everything - a lot of his reaches for a bright side were really just desperation (no one really thinks trying to stay out of their drunken ma’s way is “just like playing hide & seek”, or looks at the pile of shattered plastic that used to be their toys and thinks “this could be good, I could use these to make something new”), and sometimes when it was just the two of them that surface optimism would snap and he’d just break down crying. Juno never said a word about this to anyone else, but sometimes the way Ben would just pretend everything was okay for the benefit of other people would drive him nuts (not to mention putting up with the constant “you should be more like Ben!” when he knew full well his brother was just differently fucked-up). Meanwhile, Ben always wished Juno would waste less time yelling and focus on what they could do to make things better (and besides, it’s harder to stay calm when you’re around someone who’s mad as hell). They clashed a lot as a result.

-But they also complemented each other: Ben would remind Juno of all the things they still had to be thankful for; he’d prompt him to eat and shower when Juno wasn’t motivated himself; he’d temper some of his self-destructive impulses. Juno would remind Ben that their situation was fucked-up and he didn’t really deserve it, that it was okay to cry or get mad sometimes, that standing up for himself was important and he didn’t need to bend over backwards for other people all the time. 

-Juno protected Ben in big, obvious ways: he’d pick fights with anyone who pushed his brother around; he’d take the blame for him so he didn’t get in trouble; he’d put himself in Sarah’s way so he could take the blows instead of Ben. Ben’s ways of protecting Juno were more subtle - he’d pick up Juno’s share of the chores when he hadn’t been doing them so Sarah would have one less reason to be mad. If he sensed one of her bad moods coming on, he’d try to find ways of distracting her before it got worse. He’d try to talk Juno out of doing stupid shit to get back at her.

-But maybe Juno never quite appreciated just how much Ben was doing for both of them, and they’d had enough fights about Ben being a pushover that he never believed he was doing enough either. So one day, when Sarah was in one of her moods, Ben decided that this was the day he’d finally stand up for his sibling… and went too far. Juno was used to Ben moderating things before he could bait her too much, and was even learning to use some restraint himself. But Ben? He’d never asserted himself before. He didn’t really know how to stop himself, and Juno wasn’t used to watching for the warning signs in Sarah’s expression, and… we all know how it ended. As far as Sarah was concerned, Ben was just another thing that Juno ruined - “He was always the good one - until he had to go and start acting like you.”     

I Like Me Better (Chapter 1) - A Solangelo Fic

Chapter 1 - Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Nico di Angelo could not wait until he started college, so he didn’t have to deal with the stupid social pyramid in high school.
Will Solace could not wait until college started again, so he could keep himself busy and stopped himself from overthinking.
And they met on a rainy day, where Will was just trying to be nice and Nico had been having a bad day.

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#20 Mom Talk

A/N: There is one line I “borrowed” from TVD. I hope you like this, I love writing this pining “we-can’t-be-together-but-I’m-in-love-anyway” version of Linstead.

Huge thanks to everyone who continually supports me and my crazy ideas!

Prompt #20: Mom Talk - When she talked about her mom, it was always about Camille, and he understood why.

Word count: 1,519

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Description: Levi remembered how he used to love the rain, how much he hated it now

Rating: T

Characters: Hanji Z., Levi

Genre: Angst/Comfort/Memories

The first time Levi had seen rain, it had been like a miracle to him. Living in the underground, one never got to experience everything the sky could do, the live-giving treasure it held. It fascinated him the first time he’d experienced it – a life in the underground didn’t allow things like rain.

Now he hated it.

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Strive Pt. 13

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5} {PART 6} {PART 7} {PART 8} {PART 9} {PART 10} {PART 11} {PART 12}

Pair: Tomarry

Rating: M-E(depends)

Tags: Mild Language, Homosexuality, Sexism, Obsessed Tom, Time-Travel/Dimension-Travel, Teacher/Student, Eventual Romance, Teacher-Harry, Grey!Harry, MoD(sort of), Death!being,

On the train ride back to Hogwarts, Tom Riddle found himself inside a compartment with his Slytherin contemporaries. They spoke calmly and quietly about the drama that had occurred at Malfoy Manor over the course of the holidays. Abraxas was being as dramatic as possible to make the story even worse than it actually was. Tom had managed to remove himself from the situation well enough, until Abraxas mentioned that the Aurors tried to unlawfully search his person.

The others immediately turned their eyes upon his form, looking mildly horrified and curious. There was no choice but to join the conversation by then, and Tom nodded regally. 

“It was amusing when Lord Malfoy pointed out that they needed a warrant to check individual people on the premises. I believe I have also lost all hope in the Auror forces if they plan to listen to the hearsay of random wizards with no actual proof. Something else that will eventually need to change, I assure you all.”

A moment of silence met his words and he made sure to eye each of them considerably, before returning to his tome about potions and their potency.

The peace was disturbed when the compartment door slid open to reveal the Trolley Witch, who was looking expectant. “Anything off the trolley?” she inquired, waving a hand toward her wares.

Tom’s eyes noticed the large amount of Daily Prophet rolls. The woman glanced over and smiled. “We were given a massive amount to sell on the train, dear. Some drama in politics as usual.”

Abraxas immediately bought a paper as well as several Chocolate Frogs.

After several moments, the blond’s jaw dropped. “Dumbledore is currently being investigated!” he announced loudly.

Tom hissed, waving a hand to lock the door to the compartment and silence the entire room before the fool could make an even bigger spectacle than he already was.

The paper was passed into Tom’s hands immediately, who folded it carefully, eyes trailing over the words that proceeded to condemn Albus Dumbledore for foul action against the Lord of an Noble House, as well as call into question, his behaviour at school.


During the Yule holidays, the Auror Force headed a raid on Malfoy Manor in search of what is being termed, ‘Dark Artifacts’. An inside tip had alerted the Aurors of devious actions taken by the Malfoy Lord and an expressed concern for the visiting Hogwarts student, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Head Boy and Slytherin’s star pupil.

The Head Auror was among the group who searched the Malfoy’s home and found absolutely no trace of anything Dark. One of the Aurors on the team, who shall remain anonymous as requested, admitted to the group attempting to search the people inside the building without having a warrant to do such. Lord Malfoy has done as he had promised and filed a complaint with the Minister himself.

An inside source admitted to this reporter that the warning the Aurors received came from a golden and red Phoenix and was written in fanficul script. As there is only one wizard within our Magical community who has a Phoenix familiar, we have come to believe that the anonymous tip to the Auror Office was from Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Deputy Headmaster and Transfiguration Professor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Many would question why Professor Dumbledore would even involve himself in such matters when he is but a school teacher, but it turns out that Mr. Dumbledore is also working to become Chief Warlock of the British Wizengamot. Such a thing is not something a passive school teacher would do. It is also very interesting when we consider what some individuals have divulged to us in concern.

“I have known Albus for many years. He was a bright pupil and always ready to learn what was available. However I have noticed that he has always been a bit too superstitious and tends to believe the worst of everyone upon first glance if their immediate impression isn’t positive. His attitude has changed quite drastically over the course of these past seven years, though I cannot for the life of me understand why,” said Armando Dippet, current Headmaster of Hogwarts. “If he was truly behind such a thing, I wouldn’t be able to give you a reason.”

“Albus has always been a delightful mind to pick and prod!” Potions Master Horace Slughorn stated enthusiastically. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the only pleasant thing he had to say about Hogwarts’ Deputy Headmaster. “Albus has a tendency to be rather biased. He is quick to jump on a Slytherin should they appear to be doing anything even remotely questionable. I have noticed that he neglects to pay Slytherin students the attention they deserve while lavishing his Gryffindors often and unnecessarily. He doesn’t even acknowledge the Slytherins unless something unpleasant happens, in which Albus will be the first to accuse a Slytherin. It is concerning behaviour.”

Finally, we spoke with Hogwarts’ new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Harry Potter. Professor Potter has been seen by many students and staff, in heated discussions with Mr. Dumbledore. This has lead many to believe that the two do not in fact, get along.

“Professor Dumbledore becomes visibly irate whenever he spots a Slytherin so much as looking at students from another House. He gives detention to Slytherins without proof of them doing wrong, and often times, Professor Slughorn must intervene upon his student’s behalves. A Gryffindor student was caught bullying a Hufflepuff student and Professor Dumbledore did nothing but waive the detention I assigned. He proceeded to give detention to a Slytherin Prefect for being out after hours, despite the fact that it was said Slytherin’s duty to patrol on the First Floor for an hour after curfew.

“I have witnessed him refuse to acknowledge the efforts of students who are not Gryffindors, yet raise his Gryffindors far above a level they deserve. He was displeased with my teaching style, claiming that ‘the good and just students of his House deserved better grades’. The fact is, a good percentage of his students did in fact, not do well in my class, and I have steep grading expectations.

“In addition to his questionable behaviour toward Slytherins and Gryffindors alike, he also has controlling tendencies, having attempted to coerce me into believing particularly terrible things about certain Slytherin students that he does not like. I am in no way shocked that he would try to put the Malfoy family under fire, seeing as he constantly puts the Slytherin students under similar stress and undeserved punishment.

“Sometimes I worry for the students with him here, which is why I did not take a holiday like many of my fellows. I was concerned for the Slytherin students who remained behind without their Head of House to be there to defend them.”

With the statements from these three individuals, plus many lingering comments from many Hogwarts students and other members of the staff, it has lead us at the Daily Prophet, to question whether or not our children are safe among the influence of a man who lacks any respect for his peers, nor any caring for some of the students under his purview.

An investigation by the DMLE is underway. We will keep you updated.

Garrison Bespoke,
Special Correspondent to the Daily Prophet.

A dark grin that felt well deserved in his opinion, spread across his face. This was the perfect way to destroy Dumbledore’s reputation. To shed light on his internal bias that he was incredibly poor at hiding. And then soon everyone who adored him, would see the type of person he really was.

“Professors Slughorn and Potter weren’t merciful in their comments. Even Headmaster Dippet spoke out against his attitude.”

If there was any more of a reason for Tom to like Professor Potter, he had it now.

Looking up at the Head Table and seeing Professor Potter sitting there calmly while the seat Dumbledore usually sat it, remained vacant, made Tom incredibly please. Enough to smirk openly. How he despised Dumbeldore’s very existence.

However, this would not distract him from his mission. he needed to find out why the professor knew about about Tom’s blood family.

He knocked thrice and waited a few seconds.


When Tom stepped into the man’s office, he found Professor Potter sitting with his… friend Mortimer.

“Hello, Tom.”

Mortimer glanced between them, before standing. “I will take my leave now. Remember what we discussed.”

Professor Potter gave a firm nod as Mortimer strode out the door without even giving Tom another thought.

“Come and sit, Tom. What is on your mind?”

Tom closed the door behind himself and waited until he was seated before placing the ‘anonymous’ letter on the other man’s desk. Seeing no reason to extend the awkward feeling he was experiencing, Tom asked, “How do you know who my mother was, professor?”

Potter’s eyes grew wide and for the first time since meeting the man, Tom saw him without any self-control or his aloof demeanor he’d become known for.

The following muttered curse, was enough to make him feel good. 

Too good.

just cuz i can’t sleep and i saw baby driver today...

 athe DGHDA baby driver au:

-Todd and his family were in a car accident when he was just a kid. His parents were killed, his sister was deafened and lost the use of her legs, he came out better but with lasting tinnitus that affects his hearing.

-with no other family and a disabled lil sister, he took to doing some illegal stuff to keep them both alive- he was jacking cars the second he was tall enough to see over the dashboard. unfortunately one day he jacked a car from someone he shouldn’t have- Riggins, a man who earned his riches through bank heists and killing the people who get in his way.

-seeing the talent and stupidity courage in the kid that stole his car, he makes little Todd a deal- he can pay off his debt by driving for him. Todd reluctantly agrees. 

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So it actually took me a long time to compile and draw my basic sketches for this idea, but basically this is my “pilot” idea for a “Sanchez Falls AU”. The idea was based off the Dipper/Morty and Mabel/Morticia Easter eggs found in Season 3 Episode 1, and I thought it would be really interesting to explore this dimension.

The basic plotline starts off when trying to adjust to a new single life after divorce, Beth sends Morty and Morticia to Gravity Falls to live with their Great-Uncle Ricardo “Rico” Sanchez. Beth hopes the new atmosphere might help them to overcome their depression over the divorce and become more happy again, and when they do arrive they find plenty of distractions. Morticia plans on overcoming her shyness and finding a summer boyfriend, and Morty finds a mysterious journal explaining the many strange things in Gravity Falls. Together, they go on adventures with their cynical yet clever Grunkle Rico, Morty’s new crush Jessica Corduroy, and others. In “Not What It Seems”, it is revealed that Rico is actually Richard “Rick” Sanchez, and Rico is the mysterious author who came out of the portal.

Rico’s and Rick’s live and personalities ARE loosely based on Stanford and Stanley Pines, but a lot of changes were added. Born in New Jersey, their father was a Mexican pawn shop owner, and their mother a white telephone psychic. Both of them were very strict and expected the best out of their children, so when both Rico and Rick were shown to have large IQ’s, they were immensely pleased. Rico, however, was more doted on. This was due to the bullying he faced outside his house due to his extra finger and his willingness to achieve good grades in school and go to a Ivy League as his parents planned for him. Rick, however, was born as someone a little more cynical - he was smart enough to see through the failures of the school system and the so-called American Dream his parents pushed on him. This caused his parents to be a little more emotionally abusive towards him, considering him a “disappointment”. Outside, Rico got severely bullied for his nerdiness, extra finger, and the genetic disorder in his family causing grey hair at an early age (Rick was also bullied for this factor). Nevertheless, the two boys were very close and did almost everything together. Rick would always protect Rico from the bullies and other people in New Jersey, and Rico always stood by with Rick at home. They never did share the idea of sailing around the world like the Pines did, but they did have a dream of becoming rich and famous and moving to Vegas.
When, later in life West Coast Tech came to inspect Rico’s perpetual motion project, Rick tried to show Rico that going to college was pointless and a waste of his time. Rico and Rick got into a huge argument. When Rico claimed that Rick’s was foolish and stupid, and that his parents were right to think of Rick as a disappointment, Rick got pissed. He snuck into the school and broke Rico’s presentation, exacting his revenge. However, the backlash wasn’t pretty, and his father disowned Rick forever for costing their family Rico’s success. Later, they would come to regret their actions and wish they could have had their son back.

From here, Rico’s story pretty much lines up with Stanford’s - going to Backupsmore, getting a PhD early with ease, studying his life’s work in anomalies, and eventually meeting Bill Cipher. Rick, however, was led down a much darker path than Stanley’s. In his desperation to keep himself upright in his homeless life, he struck up a life up in various gangs and mafias, running from state to state to avoid prosecution. This led him to start dealing heroin, and later becoming severely addicted to it. He lived in this hell for quite a few years. He started making a final attempt in setting himself straight once he met Diane Pines, believing her to be the love of his life. He got a job as a salesman, married Diane, and lived happily with her and their daughter Beth. Around Beth’s fifth birthday, however, money started to get tight, and Rick was forced to start dealing heroin again. Due to the stress, he quickly relapsed and became distant and generally unpleasant. Diane kicked him out of the house and filed a divorce soon after. Rick was swept back out on the streets.
When Rick got the postcard from Rico, six months after the divorce, he was filled with hope that someone was still able to help him, and that he was still wanted. He rushed to Gravity Falls to see his brother. When he arrived, he learned that the only thing his brother wanted from him was to leave again, and in his anger fought with his brother yet again and accidentally shoved him into the portal. And we all know what happened from here - Rick impersonated Rico, and made the Mystery Shack. He decided to cut off heroin and try to be clean again, instead becoming an alcoholic to cope without the heroin. Later on, a year before Morty and Morticia, Beth reconnected with her “uncle”, and started a relationship with her “uncle” as her last link to her “dead” father. Morty and Morticia were the first to find out Rico was actually Rick, their grandfather, and when they returned to their mother Rick decided to come back with them and reveal himself as her father. Afterwards, Rico and Rick spend a lot of time in Vegas on vacation.

As you can see, Rick is generally more cynical and rebellious, his genius showing more in reading people and seeing through the “system”, as well as being used while surviving on the streets. His cynicism grew as his parents became more emotionally abusive towards him. Due to the events in his life, Rick generally adopts the attitude of Rick from “Rick and Morty”, due to his cynicism of people and life in general. Knowing Morty and Morticia are secretly his grandkids, however, he does care about them a lot and does his best to be a good grandfather, though it may be unnoticed. Rico, being a little more appreciated at home due to his anomaly, etc., is more positive and believes he can make his mark as a scientist studying anomalies. Everyone outside his family didn’t really affect Rico’s dreams, for he always had support where he needed it. Nevertheless, Rico still carried a lot of insecurities and fears - more so after being betrayed by Bill and being sucked into the portal. These insecurities made him very introverted and a little harsh towards those not immediate family and friends. Those he cares about are treated with a little more kindness.

Morty and Morticia are basically Dipper and Mabel with a heck ton more of social anxiety. Morty, having no friends to hang out with or do anything with except his sister, gears his interests to cool sciency and mythological stuff such as aliens and ghosts. He’s not the smartest kid due to his learning disorder, but keeps a lot of passion for these topics.
Morticia is like the shy, girly-girl - she’s the type of girl who likes pastel aesthetics, and of course has the love for stickers and glitter Mabel has. She knows a little knitting, and on special occasions wears her favorite homemade shooting-star sweater. She, too, has very few friends due to her shyness. She’s more regarded as the shy, mysterious cute yet weird girl. When she meets Candy and Grenda, she learns to overcome her shyness and be more outgoing. These hopes can be quickly shattered by Pacifica, however, who does undermine Morticia and gets on her insecurities.

So that’s the basic wrap of the whole AU. If anyone likes it I do want to draw more for it in drabbles and maybe even short comics if I do get a drawing tablet, one-shots if I don’t. But I do want to explore these characters and I kinda admit I’m already starting to love them.

(also this is my first time drawing Candy, Grenda, and Soos, so sorry if they don’t look so good haha)

Uhhhh…this kind of just happened? But boy, does it feel good to write for these two lovebirds again! ; u ; For those of you who are new to the Wreck-It Ralph fandom or the Hero’s Cuties ship, this is an AU set in the real world where Felix and Sergeant Calhoun are actual people and not video game characters. I’ve written a bunch of drabbles at various points in their relationship (which you can find under this tag), but this one takes place shortly after their first meeting. So without further ado…

The light coming from the outside lamps and the illuminated windows above shine down on her like she’s an angel. In Felix’s eyes, she’s always been one.

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Is Orihara Izaya lonely or not?

I have been asked that question.

This is just my personal opinion. I think he feels lonely, but at the same time satisfied.

His love has been, is, and always will be unilateral. It is not that he has never been loved; however, he always denies such love access to him. As long as he loves others, he feels connected to them and satisfied.

When he wants to use you, he does allow you to get close to him. But there will still be a thick wall between you and his heart.

Sounds pretentious, doesn’t it? But those were his very own smug words in my chatroom that day. Talk to him if you want to complain. Though I don’t think he even blushed when he said those words. Well.

This unblushing attitude, I think, is exactly what keeps him in the advantageous position, whatever the situation. Even so, he still keeps saying things like  "Because I love all the humans in this world, all the humans in this world should love me back.“ Well, whether it’s a lie or not, it does sound like something he would say.

But if you were to ask me, "Does Orihara Izaya love himself, then?” - I would have no answer for you but silence.

That’s something only Izaya himself knows. Whatever he chooses to tell you, there is nothing you can do about it.

Because even if people try to persuade him to change himself, he would probably never let their words sink into his heart.

That was my opinion.

Sorry. To be frank with you, I feel embarrassed.

—  Tsukumoya Shinichi

The Unsung Hero…Stiles Stilinski

If Derek should’ve had the arc of victim on the path to triumph (aka the phoenix being reborn) then Stiles is the hero who never believed in his own hero-ship (aka the natural born). Of course as I’ve stated before nothing is actually naturally born into greatness (leaders, heroes, etc) because greatness is determined by action, by character. But characters like Stiles are thought so because it seems to come to them with an ease, as if it’s in their blood, as if it’s who they’re meant to be. Sadly, these characters are just built for sacrifice…that’s why they seem so heroic because they’ve spent their lives giving into others. If Derek was the guy who had to learn sacrifice (his first mistake was trying to make someone sacrifice for the sake of himself), and Scott is the guy who doesn’t sacrifice at all (instead others are always sacrificing in the place of him), then Stiles is that character who has known nothing but sacrifice. [The triangle between these 3 is important (well should’ve been) but it’s really a problem that they gave the two main side characters the hero’s sacrifice…but not the protagonist…] The problem is that, both of these characters fell prey to it. Derek once he started to sacrifice would repeatedly sacrifice his physical being and parts of himself for the sake of others (which is why a lot of fans thought Derek secretly had a death wish).  Stiles, however, is even worse than Derek. While Derek gives over his physical self…Stiles loses all of himself…instead of repeatedly it’s a continuous stream. You see this heavily in his friendship with Scott and in part with his Father.

Backstory…and Characterization done correctly…well almost

Backstory is one of the most important tools when creating a character. Back-story plays as a growth point, builds the character’s worldview, divulges information, and is usually used to create empathy for your character. Stiles backstory [his mother’s death] has great effects on who he is and how he reacts to things. By understanding how strands of the past tie to his present you understand the character that much better. Backstory plays as a motivator in story, it tells the audience why a character is the way they are, how they became that way, and sometimes hints to the ‘real’ person under the pretense. Things from his obsessive need to solve/fix things to his fear of losing others (which we saw at its height around season 5-6 with the transition of Derek leaving and Theo entering the scene) make sense when you take his backstory and surroundings into account. His mother’s death and his tittering relationship with his father thereafter. Stiles seems to have this need to do. He’s the planner, a go getter, a protector, set to follow his father’s career in some form because it’s always fascinated him. He’s capable, doing what it takes when it takes.  Despite this he does have a slighted view of himself. A lot of times finding fault within himself or fear of falling short. He’s not at all unemotional even though at times he fights to keep his own pain close to the chest trying to bare it alone – never works. His other traits such as temper and anxiety also stem from his childhood. Stile’s is never really shown as having a positive attitude towards himself, even though he has praised a number of characters. This comes natural considering his fear of his father’s view of him, and the fact his peers and teachers often pretend he doesn’t exist and if they do notice him it comes with the connotation of negativity. Those who praise him often do so when he’s not around, or seem surprised at his full culpability.  Even though we, the audience are capable of seeing his good traits he however is incapable because of the filtered view he has of himself. He lost his mother at a young age (and the fact he’s always straining for his father) gave him the knowledge of what loss really feels like (fear). At first he seems to lack a bit of empathy for those who are outside the circle. But its just an offset to how loyal he appears to be to those who are close to him. Like most comedic pretenses, Stiles hides behind an easy joke and a sarcastic mood. He loves to be needed, but what he really needs is balance. And that’s where the problem comes in, because with teen wolf Stiles will just end up being another Derek Hale…a sacrificial victim that truly had no growth. As mentioned before the show hasn’t handled any of the bad relationships he’s in…and any of the ones that could have helped him grow was pushed to the sideline or limited.

The Unhelpful…Help

One of Teen Wolf’s biggest problems is they give a character all these problems but then don’t give them the avenue to fix them…in fact they take those avenues away. They have all their characters falling to Scott (unbelievably so), with the one character that it’s believable with they don’t appropriately represent all the levels of the relationship which puts it back at being unbelievable. The truly great television friendships isn’t made up of one character living in the shadow of another, it’s not one person sacrificing for another, and it’s not pretending there is not bad blood. The Scott/Stiles friendship does all these things. We continuously see Stiles sacrificing himself for Scott but not vice versa. The most Scott has done is believe Stiles to be as dependable as he is and even then he doesn’t trust him every time he says not to trust someone…no matter how many times he’s been right. We can’t say he sacrificed when he refused to kill Stiles during his possession because he shows that same mercy to all his enemies. The show has no problem hinting at the discord (jealousy, slight bitterness) but they never actually arc them out into story. Look at the present season instead of having them fight it out about the problems they should already have they created this horrible ‘kill’ plot that wasn’t even murder. And when they argue about it, Stiles doesn’t put the blame (of why he felt uncomfortable being honest) where it should be (on Scott’s unbelievable expectations – that Stiles don’t even agree with), instead they pull the avoidance card again and make it about something unimportant to the process of moving their relationship. Scott is never hit with the real reality of what he’s costing those around him. Scott is important to Stiles because Scott was his only friend, so he clings to him and is loyal to him, and gives up everything in the name of him. Stile’s plays his second fiddle. All these things however are not healthy for Stiles. None of them builds up Stiles. Scott doesn’t build up Stiles…and Stiles can’t build up Stiles because he’s too busy being a platform to hold up Scott McCall.

Instead of having them truly deal with the chasm they already are locked within, the show is choosing to once again glaze over an issue by going in the opposite direction. The fact that Scott truly has nothing to grow from (given the fact they give him everything – with the loss of nothing to himself) causes a dead lock. Because Scott has taken for granted and grown so use to Stiles being there for him one-hundred percent, the characters are now locked within this box of where they’re only having bad effects on one another. Stiles always being there to lean on creates a (bad) pattern that the writers nor Scott feel no need to break from. Same with Stiles there’s nothing to positively shake Stiles out of Scott’s shadow…the whole plot they have going now just sets Stiles up to once again be left with a taint, a stain upon who he is…not that they will appropriately address that either (they didn’t with the Nogitsune).

The Scott/Stiles relationship becomes further unbelievable when you take into account his relationship with his father. It’s obvious that the way his father responses so positively to Scott instead of towards him, affects Stiles greatly. However, there is no kickback whatsoever in the scott/stiles relationship. There’s a no kickback at all on any negative level. The show tries to pretend that peachy-keen is the definition and it’s not. The only time they do argue when it’s not actually about their relationship…prime example the ‘you trust everybody – you trust nobody’. That argument did nothing for their relationship; it touches on their interaction with people outside their relationship. The only reason it was placed there was to show the starting threads of their so called future problem, the problem that was all about Scott. Stiles didn’t care that he killed someone…he feared Scott would turn his back on him given the fact he broke Scott’s moral code.

His relationship with his father is no different. While his father is worried about his physical well-being he seems to have no concern over his child’s mental stability, and the effects he and his wife had (and still has). Stiles issues stem greatly from his mother’s death and the thought process that it was his fault, and the lack of trust his father has in him. The sheriff is quick to tell his son where his downfalls reside, but slow on the uptake to praise. There are a lot of things he could look at his son and see the good in…but it’s so easy for him to see the bad. This is another relationship that has no chance of growing because they keep skirting around the real issues.

We cannot forget…Malia Tate. Another thing the writers really do not know how to do, is write a love relationship. They don’t seem to understand that everything has to connect to backstory and in a love relationship it has to connect in a way that will grow the character not add more hindrance. This relationship was not a good idea for either character. If sterek’s theme was ‘trust me’ then stalia’s is ‘don’t leave me’. The writers forced them together (we all know why), and sickeningly it was faster than even the other fast relationships on this show… The way the relationship started added more problematic elements within the show (not that they care), they seem to have dropped most of Stiles characterization in that moment. Instead of giving him a partner they gave him another person he could lose himself in, someone he has to spend time teaching, and walking on eggshells around (they gave him this polite act drowning out his sarcastic, harsh nature —relationships shouldn’t erase who you are, it should enhance who they are / make both grow).

The show never actually takes into account who these characters are when they introduce new characters, they only factor in what they need from the scene, or from the dynamic. For example his obsession with Lydia…we can assume that the reason he linked to her was because in small way she was like him – hiding herself for the sake of others, but then they don’t take this into account for the other oppressed characters he meets. The prime example is Derek but I’m gonna focus on them in another post…so for here the second best is Isaac. Isaac is a darker version of Stiles. They both have fatherly (male guardian) issues but Isaac’s father is physically abusive. They’re both sarcastic with a dark humor but Isaac’s is more deadpan. Both have an ease with death, Stiles because he vibes with realism and sees the dark possibilities of people and Isaac because he’s experienced the darkest part of people, so they both tend to look at death as something that just happens unless they care about the person. They were mental twins basically, but instead of using it the show created a dynamic of soft hate where Stiles and he just didn’t like the other much for no reason. Basically their one-liners were for shits and giggles. They could’ve gone two routes with this relationship and had them bond and grow together because of their similarities.

Or, they could’ve used their similarities to further express Stiles internal struggle. The feeling of inferiority, or incapability, or worthlessness often leads to competitiveness. Stiles could’ve easily fallen to the thought process that given their similarities Isaac could take his place. It doesn’t matter that we the audience are aware their differences is what Stiles actually brings to the table…it only matters that Stiles doesn’t see his own great qualities and responds accordingly to his own internal struggle. Going the latter route could’ve still given them the dynamic they wanted but at the same time using the other characters to help flesh each other out and given someone within that group at least a clue to Stiles issues. None of these characters truly grow, the writers act like they can wave a magic wand and have these characters be okay…and they can (they did it with Derek), but it’s not authentic nor is it real if the character doesn’t actually go through it

It was the best of storylines…it was the worst of storylines

One of the best storylines in the show has been Stiles possession (partly because of Dylan’s acting), but it’s also been the worst because there were no repercussions, no fall outs, no kickbacks, no growth. For starters, Stiles was the perfect member in the group to possess. Smart, a prankster at heart, and the most loyal element within his group…meaning the character none of them would expect (adding the fact he was human), of course Stiles would have figured it out…he even suspected himself…so another great reason to take him. But the things the Nogitsune used against him should have fucked him up. This is a kid who worries about his usefulness, feels like he was to blame for someone he loves death, his only great quality is his brain…and the nogitsune used all those things against him. The nogitsune used his brilliance against him forced him to submit at his own will, he used his body to hurt people around him…those he cares most for, even killing some, he used his mother’s mental illness to break him and as a sidetrack, he took the loyalty Stiles had a reputation for and used it fuck with everyone. The nogitsune’s possession was a mental type of rape. The dark element gets darker when he stops taking and taking and instead coerces Stiles. Now it’s not just taking instead the abuser can claim that the victim is actually to blame because in the end they ‘willingly’ gave, even though it’s not that simple because the ‘giving’ was forced upon that person so therefore not truly consent…but that doesn’t really matter cause the victim still feels the guilt, the blame upon themselves and that’s what makes it twisted and even worse.

However, even though all of this touches onto Stiles characterization…that clearly doesn’t matter to the show. Instead in his ‘down time’ he has unprotected sex of some form with Malia and then in the end after losing all of these things including his own body…they sit around on the bed laughing and celebrating a chick who just learned how to start turning back into a coyote…after being stuck as a coyote for eight-nine years…

And we’re all waiting for the curtain call…

Some of us know where this is going. Teen Wolf likes to create cycles of nonsense and never properly fix shit. It’s predictable and bloated and yet we still get disappointed when they ruin a good thing. They still don’t have Stiles on the path to healthy living…and he is expected to get the same magic wand treatment as those before him. It doesn’t matter if he has the strongest characterization if they refuse to do anything with it. The character of Stiles could have been a powerful, touching character. There are a lot of kids who feel like they don’t fit, whose parents do more damage from neglect than they mean too. There are those who have a hard time empathizing with everyone but are emotional creatures for those they love. There are people who drown themselves in other people instead of realizing their own greatness. The Stiles character could have touched on the lives of all those people. And I didn’t even get into the Stiles sexuality here (that’s in another post) but it’s another one of those things. It’s sad to see such potential and watch as it gets wasted for no reason other than laziness.

Note(s): So another installment!  Only took me all day :) and I still didn’t touch on a lot of stuff but its mostly relationship stuff and I don’t wanna overlap in the long run. Most of my Stiles issues are in actual scenes so I touch on some of that when I get to that section. I’m gonna probably jump to the Scott/Stiles/Derek triangle next that way I can close of this their section. I don’t know where I’m gonna do stydia and stalia…prob in the same post because with stalia theres really not a lot to say. The next character I’m moving to is probably Lydia though for characterization. I don’t know when I’ll post those…I kinda wanna work on a fic but I don’t know…I’m indecisive.

P.S. I did not watch the recent episode nor did I even edit the Scott/Stiles portion…this is what I mean when I say predictable.

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BTS Reaction To Meeting Foreign GF’s Family

Request: Can I request the boys reaction to his foreign girlfriend bringing him to her home country to officially meet her family?

My explanation for each of them aren’t all the same kind of answer but they’re all true! (or true to my opinion but still)

Namjoon: Your family would be so impressed with him speaking the language whichever language it is because let’s be real he’d pick it up really fast. They’d also be impressed with how smart and down to earth he is because what family doesn’t like that? So yeah Namjoon would have all the confidence going into meeting them.

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Jin: Ok they would see him and they would already love him. First of all he’s beautiful second of all he just has this feeling he brings with him of wow I really like that guy. Then, he would cook something that would officially win their approval so Jin would just have no problem with meeting his girlfriends family.

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Suga: He would be reluctant to meet them but if it’s for his girlfriend he’d go for it anyways. The family would probably think he’s super quiet and awkward but once he got comfortable around them things would change. He’d be really nervous to speak in the language but he’d try anyways and that’s always appreciated to anyone from any culture or country!

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Hoseok: He’d ask his girlfriend questions a lot about what he should and shouldn’t say and be kind of nervous. From what I’ve seen from Hoseok speaking some English he picked up some things pretty quickly so I think he would put in the effort of learning whatever language he had to. Even though it wouldn’t be perfect it would still be appreciated and the family would love Hoseoks happy and positive attitude. He’d be fast to get comfortable with them.

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Jimin: He would’ve been the one who really wanted to meet his girlfriends family but once it was all planned for him to meet them his nerves would settle in. He’d be the one to pretend he was really sick because he was so worried about making a nice first impression but once he did meet the family he’d make it seem as if they didn’t like him even if they adored him. She’d have to reassure him that he was doing great around her family and by the second visit he’d be confident around them.

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Taehyung: He would definitely be dragged to see her family. It’s not like he doesn’t want to but he’s just afraid of them and hasn’t even met them yet. He’d confidently speak to them in the language they speak even if it’s absolutely horrible. Like I’ve said with the other boys it’s all appreciated and that gets him some extra brownie points. After meeting her family he would be convinced that they all love him but he’s probably right.

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Jungkook: He’d be the most nervous out of all the boys. He’d go without complaint but he would be obviously terrified. When he met her family he would be super quiet they may forget he’s there if he wasn’t so cute… anyways! She may have to speak for him in a way at first but he would probably feel rude for not speaking himself so he would show off his studying for this moment and since he’s good at everything he’d nail the language and say the right thing too. He’d be shy around her family for a long while but he’d slowly gather confidence. (this gif was too adorable I had to.)

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What kind of person would izuku and todoroki end up falling for?

I hope I could do this well enough ^_^


- I actually can see him falling for a variety of people, be they active or quiet, loud or more serious.

- They would have to be understanding towards his dreams and goal and that he won’t back off from it.

- A friendly nature would help a lot as well, since he would feel more comfortable talking to someone who seems approachable and accepting of his presence.

- If they take the time to sit down with him and speak to him, give him the chance to talk about himself and the things that mean something to him, it would be something that would make him very happy.

- What makes him sure to fall for them over time or more quickly, is if they invite and include him a lot and give him the feeling that they like to spend time with him.

- He would like honest people, who don’t try to be deceitful or who aren’t purposely getting others in trouble.

- He finds people who speak their mind refreshing, if a bit blunt at times.


- He’d like people who are more patient and who don’t mind that he’s looking calm to neutral most of the time.

- He’d feel comfortable around someone with a positive attitude and who sees the good in life.

- I think he also would like people that are able to spend quite some time with him, mostly and preferably alone or with close friends, since it’s easier for him to open up if he feels comfortable and is surrounded by those he likes and trusts.

- If someone is accepting of other people’s opinions and thoughts or mindsets, it’s something he very much appreciates.

- Things that always surprise him positively, is if someone pays enough attention to him to notice his moods.

- Though the thing that really makes him fall in love with someone is, I think, if they’re able to make him smile or even laugh.


You sighed as you watched Dean and Sam talk about your next hunt. Sam saying something to Dean that you didn’t particularly catch and Dean exiting the room with a roll of his eyes. It was just a year that you had moved in with the Winchester brothers and for the first time in your life you were positive that things would go well for you.

You could not deny that you had always struggled with depression issues, you always felt lonely and as if you didn’t matter to anybody. Reason to that was your parents’ constant absent during your childhood and then other factors that you didn’t even want to think about.

Things had changed, though, for the better- at least a little bit - when you moved in with the boys and started hunting. Sam’s warm smile in the mornings while he handed you your breakfast always made your day and Dean’s jokes and playful attitude always managed to bring a smile on your lips. You weren’t going to deny, though, that you had grown particularly attached to the older brother. You still felt too messed up, however - hell, the whole situation was so messed up that you didn’t dare to even think about telling him how you really felt.

You had seen signs on Dean that he might felt the same way but as soon as some kind of emotion appeared he would quickly brush it off, playfully. You really didn’t why.

How could you, anyway?

How could you know about Dean’s internal battle of telling you how he truly felt or keeping his mouth shut. He wanted to. He wanted to tell you how he felt because he knew he had started to fall in love with you hard - in fact he had planned on doing so one time.

That time he would always remember. That time that he brother, little Sammy - not so little anyway, had come to him to ask for advice on how to ask you out. Dean felt his whole world crumbling down at that very moment he heard his brother - after he asked him for verification- that Sam…

… was in love with you.

How could Dean chose his own happiness over his brother’s? No that was something Dean Winchester never did, nor was he ever going to…

… was he?

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Hello Mod Gem! I would like a matchup, please! I am a short bisexual woman and I'm pretty sure that I have a dark blue soul. I am nearly always smiling, people say I'm a joy to be around, and I'm affectionate with those I'm close to. I have few secrets, and treasure the people I trust. But I do feel inadequate and depressed on occasion and hide in bed. I struggle with sometimes with social cues and worry too much. I tend to know a bit about everything, and I love to write and knit odd animals.

Ooh, you sound so cool! - Mod Gem

Your match is Papyrus! He adores that you have such a positive attitude, though he understands when you’re in a depressive funk. He gets that way too.. even he can’t be happy all the time. He also appreciates your intelligence, and finds your knitting to be adorable. Your height just adds to the cuteness for him, he can pick you up fully and hug you as tight as he wants! (words to the wise, don’t let him. He will forget you need to breathe.) You’re the same in that you’re both worry warts and don’t pick up on social cues too well, but hey, maybe you can learn together!