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Fanfictions that Gut You and Leave You for Dead

I’m constantly amazed at the Supernatural fandom and their love of disturbing and heart-wrenching fan fictions. 

 Sometimes I search the fanfiction sites by ‘Most Kudos’ and I come across fanfictions that are like: 

 'Dean is diagnosed with a terminal illness after running away from his drug addicted family that abused him. Castiel killed his own parents with his bare hands in a tragic accident at the age of three and suffers from severe depression that made him blind himself with a rusty razor at the age of four. They meet several years later in the mental ward of a run-down hospital that illegally performs electroshock therapies and lobotomies. Castiel and Dean only know each other from speaking through a dusty grating in the cells for ten years. They become each other’s world. Then Dean gets lobotomized because of their gay love and Castiel escapes and meets him in person for the first time. He feels his face, realizes he is perfect and has always been perfect then Castiel dies a few seconds later from an aneurysm. They don’t meet in Heaven because there is no Heaven.’

KUDOS: 71598323 

COMMENTS: 26749 

HITS: 279956519 


 'Ovajheyjidn! This is the sweetest story ever! Sequel PPLLEAAASSEE!?!?!


'I luv how deans character luvs Cas so much that he forgives him 4 lying and getting him brain dead. That is Sooooo deans character in the show cuz he would totally do that for Sammy 2' 

 'you misspelt the name of the woman’s cat at the gas station that time that dean collapsed from starvation. It’s supposed to be Ghennifor notJennifer. I know b cause that’s my name. Please fix or I’ll report to admins.’

 –Meanwhile, I’ve been staring at a potted plant in my living room for seven hours straight after just reading the summary. 

The crisis phone line operator is saying if this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911. 

 No, it’s not an emergency. It’s my fandom. 

 They’re insane.

Imagine - you’re Negan’s only wife and you’re pregnant with his child, after he returns home from Alexandria and seeing Judith for the first time, you see the real soft side to your husband.

Warnings - swearing, fluff, negan is a warning on his own tbh.

Negan hadn’t left your side, you were nearing the last few days of your pregnancy until your due date and you were more excited than you ever had been. Your relationship with Negan hadn’t always been perfect, he did like to sleep around at the beginning but he soon realised he’d never get another chance with you, so left his other wives to spend the rest of his days by your side.

After the kid from Alexandria had turned up, Negan gave Simon strict orders to sit in your shared bedroom until he returned, and that was 2 days ago, of course you were beginning to worry, being pregnant wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, especially during an apocalypse.

Simon had made sure you were kept in bed, Carson came in to check on you every couple of hours doing his best not to wake you from your sleep, you were too worried though, “Where is he, Simon? Our baby is due today, why isn’t he here?”

Negan’s right hand man was like the brother you never had, he cherished you with all his heart and would do anything to protect you. Simon looked up from his book before throwing it aside and sitting on the edge of the kings sized bed, “He’ll be here, he’d never miss this, you hear?” You nod slowly as he tucks a strand of your H/C hair behind your ear, caressing your cheek slightly to soothe your nerves.

A soft knock sounds on the door, “Come in,” you groan in annoyance, the door opens slightly and you see Negan’s smirking face appear in the gap, “Negan,” you breathe as he steps in, dismissing Simon as he takes his jacket off, “I thought you wouldn’t be back in time.”

Negan smiles down at you as he climbs onto the space next to your body, lying beside you, “Like I would miss the birth of our son,” he rubs tender circles into your large stomach, gazing down on you lovingly, “Rick has another kid you know, a little girl, Judith, seeing her made me realise how lucky I am to have you,” he pauses, looking into your eyes, “Fuck, I love you, Y/N.”

In a second you slap his chest, “No swearing around the baby,” you remind him sternly, he would give him credit, he had been trying to control his language to the best of his ability, but even if it did slip you would tell him off.

Negan rolls his eyes at your words, “Sorry, doll,” he kisses your lips softly, both of you moving in sync. Your husband pulls you in closer, and as soon as he does you feel wetness gush between your thighs, you freeze, “Baby? Are you okay?” Negan sits up, assessing your suddenly frantic frame.

“Get Carson, he’s coming.”


It had been 7 hours since your water broke and to say you were in agony was an understatement, Negan did his best, pulled your hair away from your face and used a cold rag to ease your temperature, not once did he let go of your hand whilst Carson checked on you, “Alright, Y/N, it’s time to start pushing,” he tells you with confidence, “On three, one, two, three,” you push hard, a cry of pain erupting from your lips.

Negan sits beside you, hating that he can’t ease your pain for you as you push that little life from your body, he looks at you, how beautiful you are even in that moment as you push your son into the world, he looks at Carson who smiles slightly, “One more should do it, Y/N,” Negan grabs your hand, whispering sweetly into your ear as you push for the final time before the room is filled with the cries of you child, “We’ve got a boy,” Carson tells the pair of you as he wraps him up in multiple blanket, handing him to you almost immediately.

“Baby, I’m so proud of you,” Negan tells you, stroking your sweat ridden hair from your face, “And you’re still gorgeous,” you giggle at his comment before connecting your lips harshly, “I’ll never let anyone touch you.”

6 months later

Negan looks at you from across the room, how you bounce your son, Noah, on your hip in front of the women who loved him more and more each passing day. Negan knew it hadn’t been easy for you to get back to normal, he knew you felt insecure so when anyone mentioned something about ‘baby weight’ or anything of the sort he would should them down instantly, if anyone went to touch you or your boy then he would push them away.

One night you all lay in your shared bedroom, Noah resting on your bare chest as you play with his lack of hair. Negan rolls onto his side, his hand rubbing the soft, pink skin of his little soldier who sleeps soundly on your chest, “I want another one,” he tells you with a twinkle in his eye.

You look at your husband, “So do I,” you tell him, “How about we start trying again soon? We all know that’s the best part,” you attempt and innuendo, he smirks at your comment but doesn’t remove his eyes from your child.

“You know what? I think this is the best part, nothing can beat this,” he leans over you, planting a soft, loving kiss on your forehead before pulling you and Noah into his chest, wrapping his arms protectively around the both of you.

too late || isaac lahey

word count: 3954

request:  can i get an isaac imagine where he cheats on you and you two fight and he wont apologize for what he did. and then a mission comes up & it ends where you die in his arms? just really angsty please. maybe base it off of “too little, too late” by jojo?

warnings: lots of angst, breakdown, death

author’s note: this request is from my old blog, but i had the idea in google docs, so here it is! enjoy xo (not my gif)


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They are liars, the both of them. One lies for the Rebellion, the other lies to keep herself alive. In their hearts, neither feels justified. Neither is willing to take off their masks—underneath, there might be nothing left. Whether they’ll be able to lie to each other is another story.

Cassian Andor has been undercover as an Imperial officer for the Rebellion for so long, it may not even be a cover anymore. He had always been perfect for the job, cold and charming at the same time. Jyn Erso, meanwhile, never asked to be a part of this fight. It is for her last favor to the main who raised her that she donned Imperial armor and was assigned to Captain Andor’s flight crew. She will lie her way to freedom, even if it means leaving herself behind. Even if it means becoming Captain Andor’s personal bodyguard.

read on ao3.

Espresso or Caramel

Originally posted by sassyminghao

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Seungcheol (S.Coups) x reader

Words: 2.1K

Author’s Note: If you want me to write another drabble or another chapter to follow up with this, please do tell me.

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Hoseok has always been beautiful ♥ but recently he just became more and more perfect and I am so speechless :’) I feel as if he were more beautiful than nature itself, so ethereal and wonderful, when I look at hoseok my chest feel warm, I wish his happiness was eternal, I would sacrifice mine for him :’)🌸🍃

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“He told me he wanted to make love with me. Well, I acknowledged the fact that I wanted to make love with him, and he told me to take off my clothes, so I uninhibitedly took off my clothes, and there happened to be a full length mirror in the room, and he told me to go over and look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t want to do it, so he took me by my hand and stood me in front of the mirror, and I turned away and he said, ‘Go ahead and look at yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect. You have always been perfect.’

He asked me if I had ever made love with my father. I looked at him and kind of giggled and I said, ‘No.’ And he said, ‘Have you ever thought about making love with your father?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ And he told me, ‘All right, when you are making love picture in your mind that I am your father.’ And I did, I did so, and it was a very beautiful experience.”

- Susan Atkins, member of the Manson family, on Charles Manson

Rough Silk (.2)

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**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: yoongi x reader

word count: 2.5k
request: Ok so I’m really hung over rough silk. So.. Can I get a pt.2 of rough silk, but with a happy ending. Thanks ! I love you
a/n: there’s really nothing much to say other than I love him

part one

“But… you don’t sleep in the same bed?” Jimin asked. He stared at you from the other side of the room, a frown on his face as he sat down on the edge of your bed in your hotel room. You knew he would be confused, because Jimin’s relationship was filled with flowers and cuddles and candles.

Jimin, unlike you, knew what those cutesy romance movie relationships were like. He’d always been so obsessed with perfection and it was hard for him to accept anything but that perfect he grasped so firmly in those adorable hands of his. You’d always wondered whether if you were dating Jimin, things would be different. Or, different.

It didn’t, however, take long for you to realise that things wouldn’t be better with Jimin. No, you wouldn’t survive with all those roses and hugs and candles because that wasn’t you. What you did survive was sleeping in separate beds and cold stares and silent dinners.

“It works for us, Jimin.”

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pretty positive i found the blog of the girl my first real boyfriend cheated on me with and i clicked it and just like closed out the whole browser because i am ******not***** going to waste my time. they’re still scene and that’s all i need to know. 


You have been the Doctor’s companion some time now and same time you have been dating great, maybe too great guy. You haven’t found any bugs from him. Nothing wrong at all. He always has been just too perfect. Too dreamy. He is like a prince from many fairy tales. Tomorrow is your wedding day and you are so excited to marry this dream guy you always dreamed about as a child while reading your favorite fairy tales about princess and gallant prince. You always wanted to get your own prince charming who will save you for example from the big bad wolf. You still can’t believe it..that soon tomorrow you will marry that perfect guy. Guy you always wanted.

Next day on wedding day, when you are alone in front of the huge mirror with your beautiful dress on, having your gorgeous wedding make up, something  unexpectedly happens. It’s the Doctor with his Tardis, teleporting you straight into his Tardis. And then he takes you away from your home planet, far away to another planet just to be sure that you won’t marry that guy.

“Doctor! What are you doing!? I need to go back, you can’t do this!” -You

“Listen. I brought you here..to stop you. I can’t allow it. You deserve much more than him.” -11th

“What are you talking about? He is the right one..for me! You can’t stop anything!” -You

“Please let me show you..” -11th

Then the Doctor showed you your future with that guy by traveling in time. Doctor proved you what kind of dream that guy you almost married really was. It was very shocking. He was repeatedly cheating Zygon.

For @istillliveinmydreams

I hope you like it!! :) xoxo

Psst! I love these requests i gladly do more and i’m so sorry for typing mistakes.. if you found some.

“I really loved you you know.” He says low. “I still do. Always have always will.”

A lump gets caught in her throat as she looks down trying not to cry.

“Don’t cry baby.” He says as he cups her face and wipes away a tear that escaped. “I fucked up everything, not you.”

“I wasn’t perfect.” She whispers. “I’m not sure where we went wrong.” Her voice shaking.

“You’ve always been perfect to me.” He says, giving a sad smile, rubbing her hand. “I don’t know where we went wrong either, but I would give anything to get back to that moment to fix it all.”

Our little star >> Jungkook, You

The part two of A beauty like you Enjoy~

A request like this took him some few weeks till he had the courage to talk about it and ask it from you.

He knew how the two of you were so young to have a kid, especially when the two of you just started your new life. He had just always been dreaming of a perfect family and he wanted to make this family with you, with love and a happy smile.

But it seemed like it wasn’t like this for you.

The last time he finally got the courage to tell you about his wish to have a kid, you didn’t give him an answer, until now. You always told him that you were thinking about it and it wasn’t easy to make a decision on something like this so fast.

At first he was sad and upset, the two of you were already married so you should have sooner or later expected something like this, but he still couldn’t forget what you will leave behind when you agree with him.

And it pained him as he saw you getting more stressed and down by the time. He never meant to push you into doing something.

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How my nephew sees/feels SwanQueen

He was 9-10 years old when he said to me: “If Regina and Emma would be together Henry could be happier and all the problems would be gone and I like them together.” I was very surprised and pleased, he got that by himself.

Now he’s 13 and he stopped watching the show but every once in awhile he asks me how it goes with the story. Tonight, a couple of hours ago he asked me about the finale, and after that we changed the subject of the conversation and started to talk about other things. Suddenly, out of the blue, he said to me: “SwanQueen should be endgame. Both characters are meant to be together, even the name of the ship means true love. True love represents the beauty and the power/strength. Swan is the beauty and Queen is the power and both united represents the strength, then you can add the magic and everything is perfect” 
He’s always been so smart, he’s a little Henry in real life, and he’s becoming now “the truest believer”. But mostly, he’s showing me the power and the beauty of SwanQueen, what the story can do if many kids, teens and adults could be open minded to every possibility when it comes about love.
I told you Alex, but I’ll say it here too: I LOVE YOU and I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Sorry for my English.

i. If showing your love isn’t something you do
Don’t expect those closest to believe that it’s true

ii. Do not be ashamed of who you once were
Instead become the person that you now prefer.

iii. Don’t let the memories trouble yourself
By twisting good times into something else.

iv. If you are addicted to deal with the things in your life
Stop taking pills and start making things right.

v. Don’t love a partner more than you love who you are
But rather learn ways to cleanse your own scars.

vi. Never leave what you love to impress any boy;
It is always your life that ends up destroyed.

vii. If you have a dream and it doesn’t work out
You’re never too old
You’re still in with a shout.

viii. He may have been perfect
But if you’re now afraid
Always find the courage
To leave and walk away.

ix. There is not a soul on this beautiful Earth
That reserves any right to treat you like dirt.

x. Yes, she is beautiful
But then so are you
Why waste time being envious?
When she has not a clue

Rather tell her she’s wonderful
Make her blush, make her smile
The two of you will feel better
And you’ll have done something worthwhile

—  things you needed to hear // A.S
So many of us had died to get here. I want you to know that if there was another way out, I would’ve taken it.
—  John Connor, signing off Kyle Reese’s death warrant


Kangdae faced his back towards the mirror, scowling at the marks on his skin.  The old man and everyone else was stingy as fuck when it came to certain things up there so part of him was actually relieved to have been exiled down to earth. The only thing he regretted was that she was punished along with him. He was aware that he had never been the perfect angel, always questioning the law and their beliefs but to be exiled all because he took a peek of the weapon was complete bullshit. But why was he not punished alone? It was his idea in the first place. 

Filled with anger, the ex-angel spun around and threw a hard punch into the mirror, shattering it.