he's always been an observant kid

Back when Dean Winchester was only a kid, he would often dream of wings. Wings shielding him. Wings protecting him from whatever the world could possibly throw at him, whether it was a supernatural threat or not.

Obviously, his mother was the one to blame for that; telling him that angels were watching over him. According to her, they were always observing, waiting, and there to chase away both his nightmares and any monsters that dared to hide in his closet.

For years, it had been a source of comfort for Dean, even after his mom had passed away. A miracle that Dean chose to believe in, because if there were demons in this world, there also had to be some light to balance out all of that darkness. He refused to let go of it until he turned twelve years old and gave up on believing. Gave up on wishing for things that his father insisted didn’t exist anyway.

That was until Dean finally got to see the real deal, there in that barn in Pontiac, Illinois. Or actually, only a mere glimpse, a shadow of all that power and crackling energy that Dean had seen in his dreams more times than he could count. But unlike in his dreams, back then when he’d first encountered a true wave of celestial intent, it had felt like something intimidating and, quite frankly, terrifying. No hope, no comfort, not what he expected at all. If anything, more scary unknown crap for Dean to deal with, another would-be monster that he would eventually have to take out, probably.

“What are you thinking about, Dean?”

Castiel’s voice gently pulled Dean out of his thoughts, and Dean smiled at the memories as he watched how his mom and Sammy were rushing towards the Impala from across the street. His mother and younger brother were sharing a half-broken umbrella, hoping to fight off the rain to get to the place where they were all supposed to meet up after they’d each questioned a list of witnesses that might help them with their current case.

“God, the weather is awful today! Why aren’t you two waiting inside?” Mary asked before Dean could answer Cas’ question, brushing the water out of her face.

“What she said.” Sam agreed, running a hand through his soaked hair; no wonder, because from up close, Dean could count the holes in that old red umbrella.

Dean smirked at them, unable to hide his smugness as he pointed to his own hair and clothes; perfectly dry. Even though Cas’ wings weren’t visible, these days they did all of the things that Dean had pictured them doing back when he still believed in guardian angels and fairytales.

Whereas Sam simply rolled his eyes and mumbled something that sounded a lot like “cheater” before he got into the car, Mary eyed the two of them with a certain amount of relief that Dean hadn’t seen from her since the day when she’d been brought back, and he briefly wondered if she was sharing his thoughts.

She smiled while playfully shaking her head, then joined Sam in the backseat. Cas glanced at Dean with calm blue eyes, not saying anything, but not getting into the car either. Knowing Cas, he was without a doubt still patiently waiting for Dean’s answer to his question.

Luckily, it was an easy question, and Dean grinned at the angel as he watched the rain fall all around the two of them, yet never touching them. After a brief peck on Cas’ lips he humored the guy, offering him his reply.

Us. I was thinking about us.”


Besides being crippled in tremendously physical Viking culture, abandoned by his legendary father (who also left him to die in the woods), suffocated with too much love from his mother, overcompensating for his disease and being schooled by an extremely religious lunatic in Floki, Ivar turned out better than you would expect. He has chosen to fight his disease every day, by being very independent, and dragging himself everywhere. Due to his disease he has always been the observing one—a lone wolf—but that has made him very intelligent. He is manipulative, skilled, religious and provocative, but most of all he is a sad, angry and vulnerable kid. All he really does in the beginning of this season is compensating for his disease and trying to prove himself, to be loved equally and rightfully.

I feel so attacked rn. The kid I’m babysitting just called me a ‘dead person’ because I have to dye things for my art project and it has stained my nails and hands blue and hes just being so savage to me. Like I made him his dinner and he just said 'i can’t accept food from a DEAD PERSON!’ and it was all banter and I said “I’ve always been dead Mathew” and he just said “I figured since you have to make yourself look alive every morning by painting your face” and i just sat opposite him so shook from this 6 year old boy saying these things to me like??? I was never this savage?? Why are you so horrible to me Mathew, why.

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Jontrons always been pretty bad like heck he even has a history of saying the n word on game grumps but if anyone influenced his newer shitty attitude it was definitely h3h3

no kidding? i didn’t watch a lot of game grumps back in the day. maybe occasionally like when they were playing doom troopers but i’m not surprised in the slightest. from what i’ve observed, a lot of nerds start out the exact same way. i’m sure a lot of now-sensible people are guilty of the same behavior years and years ago (me) of detaching oneself from the shocking and immortal type things they would say as a joke, eventually accelerating into this if you hang out with the right crowd.

Jet Black Heart - A Peter Pan x Reader Fanfiction Part one

So I have not actually seen Once Upon A Time (I know, I know. Please don’t kill me) But I saw a gif set of Robbie Kay, aka Peter Pan from the show and I instantly fell in love with the kid (Okay not so much a kid because he is a year older than me but still the word fit.) Anyways I was feeling inspired and started to write this! Let me know what you guys think, and as always send me some requests!

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No No but seriously

What if when Hide just got transferred in, he was getting along fine with all the other kids but he kept seeing this one kid who always reads alone.

What if after that he kept noticing this kid.

What if after that he noticed that sometimes this kid comes to school with bruise marks covered with his long sleeved shirt but nobody seems to notice it.

What if after observing for so long, he’s scared that this kid is gonna break and so when this kid is reading alone by the hill beside the river he took his chance and,

“Hey you. You’re always reading books by yourself at school, huh?”

Truth about Fifth || {toranoya}

Tenma stood looking out over at the children playing soccer on the riverbank, the cool air brushing his face. He loved coming here to train, but whenever the local elementary school kids were training, he’d instead just watch them for a little while, just observing the joy of soccer.

Now that real soccer was back, girls were allowed to compete in the Football Frontier, the universe had been saved from aliens with soccer, and the the elimination of soccer had been prevented, soccer was pretty much at it’s peak. But Tenma couldn’t help wondering…There had always been one thing he wasn’t sure about. He had heard bits and pieces, here and there from friends and the like, but he had never found gotten a clear answer. Even all this time after.

“Was Fifth Sector’s real goal to control soccer…or something else?”

As he was pondering this, footsteps sounded behind him. Turning around, Tenma was surprised at who it was.