he's always been an observant kid

Give me Jason being the only Bat who can get why Steph sticks out from the family.

Give me Jason caring for an injured Steph and Steph not knowing whether it was an act or really the guy beneath the Hood.

Give me Steph questioning Bruce, Dick, Babs, and Tim about whether Jason is really ‘evil’ or just a lot more brutal than Bruce wants.

Give me Steph tearing into Bruce for turning Jason into some tale used to scare the Robins into obedience instead of acknowledging his accomplishments.

Give me Steph who sneaks into Jay’s safe house to get to know the other street rat in the Bats.

Give me Steph confiding in Jason that she feels like a bad mom for putting her baby up for adoption.

Give me Jay telling Steph that she did the right thing and that she’s stronger than she thinks.

Give me Jason cooking a stack of waffles to cheer up a depressed Steph.

Give me Steph sneaking Cass over to meet the man that’s supposed to be an evil murderer.

Give me Cass observing Jason on patrols and seeing him interact with street kids and the working women and not understanding why the family calls him evil.

Give me Cass confessing to Alfred that she and Steph have been spending more and more time with Jason and are starting to think of him as a Big Brother.

Give me Alfred telling Cass that Jason was always meant to be an older brother and that he was so happy Jay was finally getting to show it.

Give me Cass and Steph sneaking in Jason’s window and hearing him screaming himself awake from a nightmare and rushing into his room to see him sobbing because he dreamt of that damn crowbar again.

Give me Cass and Steph calming Jay down and curling up around him telling him they’d protect him and staying up to watch over him all night and seeing how scarred his body is and the autopsy scar.

Give me Cass getting angry when Bruce pulls her aside and tells her not to see Jason anymore.

Give me Cass defending Jason in a loud voice in front of everyone and going to his home.

Give me Jason being the Big Brother he’s meant to be to his sisters Cassandra and Stephanie.

Hide and Saiko: The Terrorists Who Don’t Do Anything

I’ve been suspecting it for a long time, but after this chapter it’s become quite clear.

Both characters are observant of the environment around them, and driven by simple and pure emotions of love. I don’t want to understate how genuine these emotions of love are.

It’s love in both cases, that is their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. 

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Besides being crippled in tremendously physical Viking culture, abandoned by his legendary father (who also left him to die in the woods), suffocated with too much love from his mother, overcompensating for his disease and being schooled by an extremely religious lunatic in Floki, Ivar turned out better than you would expect. He has chosen to fight his disease every day, by being very independent, and dragging himself everywhere. Due to his disease he has always been the observing one—a lone wolf—but that has made him very intelligent. He is manipulative, skilled, religious and provocative, but most of all he is a sad, angry and vulnerable kid. All he really does in the beginning of this season is compensating for his disease and trying to prove himself, to be loved equally and rightfully.


i have many Thoughts and ur gonna hear them whether or not you want to (and before anyone gets pissy, yes, I’m autistic and i’m not IDing out of my ability)

this is probs gonna be very disorganized bc i have no actual train of thought

  • Mythomagic was Nico’s S.I. for a long time
    • he got really fucking good at it too
  • the aviator jacket is a weight/pressure stim
  • his people skills are “rusty” because how was he supposed to know that no one wanted to know that.  its not like anyone told him
  • McDonald’s Happy Meals are a food hyperfixation
    • particularly the nuggets
  • prefers the shadows because why is the light so damn bright
  • cracks to the Underworld happen when he has a meltdown
  • is quiet a lot because he goes nonverbal
  • sensory overloads and backs away/straight up leaves
  • growing up he always knew that the other kids were different from him
    • they bullied him and picked on him because of this
  • separated himself from kids his age, only really connecting with Bianca
  • becomes distressed when Percy comes and turns his life upside down
    • “this isn’t how it’s always been, Bianca…”
    • “i know, but you can get through this.  I’m right here.”
  • cannot handle it when Bianca dies
    • she was the only thing that was still constant in the shifting of his life
  • years later Percy approaches Annabeth with concerns about how distant Nico always is
  • Annabeth watches and observes Nico and puts the pieces together
  • eventually she decides to talk to Nico about it, without being obvious about it
    • she explains it gently
  • Nico gets angry and storms off
  • eventually he calms down and starts to do research of his own
    • “…not like i sleep anyway…”
  • when he begins to research he starts to understand more about himself
    • “wait…that’s why I feel like that?”
  • eventually he becomes more confident in this fact about himself and talks to the group
    • “hey, can you guys maybe tone down….everything around me?  it hurts my head”
    • everyone is rly supportive and try their best to be gentle around nico
  • leo starts focusing on inventing new stim objects just for Nico
    • neither of them say anything about it, but nico will make small doodles of various things he knows that leo likes in payment
  • nico is touch averse until he is very comfortable
    • it took 3 months of dating will before he’d allow will to touch him
  • he wears similar outfits because he cant stand the feeling of most fabrics
    • sensory hell
  • will gives nico various tips and tools to help him when he starts to feel overloaded
    • “focus on something that’s stable, count backwards from 100,…”

and that’s…it for now

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Bruce an tim are killing me so just, Bruce coming back from death and seeing the obvsly exhausted tim (one day in the manor getting some of his things together) and just bruce realising not everything is ok with tim because he's too skinny for a 17 yrs old kid, looks lot paler than before. And ofc bruce somehow realising tim lost his spleen and he wasn't snooping around he just stumbled into all the vitamins/pills tim takes and maybe he freaks out a bit because too many pills?? Anyway dad b pls

There’s weight to his movements– an almost imperceptible sluggishness that, at first glance, Bruce passes off as exhaustion. The kid’s been through hell and back, of course he’d be tired, but after a few more moments of closer observation, Bruce decides that that’s not what this is.

The line of Tim’s shoulders is bent in a slump, gravity seeming to press down heavily on every inch of his frame. He’s slimmer than when Bruce saw him last, back before… well, everything. Tim’s always been a slight kid, but this is different. It’s unsettling, to say the least. Bruce is used to seeing Tim practically bouncing with a limitless supply of energy. He doesn’t know what to think of- how to take in this Tim; this more reserved, quieter version of the kid he once knew. Sure, in some ways, Tim is still the same snarky, bratty, clever partner that’s been by his side for a good while now, but it’s– it’s subdued, a little.

Bruce’s hands curl into fists at his sides as he watches Tim rummage through the medicine cabinet, pausing occasionally to shake out a pill or two from a number of different bottles, adding them to a small pile on the countertop. Bruce can’t remember Tim ever having to take that many supplements, meds, or whatever the hell all that is. It makes him feel angry; not at Tim, no, it wasn’t his fault. Mostly at himself. At Ra’s. At the world in general, for being such a cruel place.

Tim makes a sudden noise, an annoyed huff as he leans back on his heels, glaring at the pillbox resting on the cabinet’s top shelf; a good few inches above his reach. Bruce breathes out a soft laugh, lips quirking up into an easy smile as he relaxes his hands and steps up behind Tim, reachimg for the pillbox and handing it to his son, who takes it with a roll of his eyes.

“Why do we even have a shelf that high?” Tim grumbles, popping a few supplements into his mouth and dry swallowing.

“Purely to spite you,” Bruce replies seriously, nudging Tim’s shoulder with his arm until the kid breaks into a wide smile, light laughter spilling from his lips as he nudges Bruce right back.

And this is okay, Bruce thinks. Tim’s not the same, and probably never will be, but he’s here, he’s okay and he’s at Bruce’s side, and that’s all that really matters.

The Narrow Gate (Part 3)

Summary: Father Barnes and [Y/N] have a tendency to let tension build, to leave words unspoken, and to harbor unresolved feelings.

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words:  1716

Warnings: Just your good ole’ priest kink. 

A/N: Must be awkward having sexual feelings towards such a sexy priest? And if he returns them… gosh. Hashtag conflicted. Read part 2 or see my Masterlist.

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Chapter 3: A Broken Wing

Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”

The ventilator in her small office was giving [Y/N] a headache. The way that thing droned on endlessly, moving from side to side, and barely provided her with any cold comfort in this scorching heat, made her uneventful work life at the local school even more unbearable. She supposed she should be happy. Her former favorite teacher, Mrs. Pratt, had recommended her for this job. What else was there for her without a proper college degree? Waitressing? In this heat? Now that would have been unbearable. [Y/N] put her hair up in a messy bun, walked to the teacher’s lounge and grabbed her small lunch box from the refrigerator, and walked outside. Hopefully there would be a bit of a cooling wind out in the shades.

“Father Barnes? What are you doing here?” She asked after she closed the door, and walked towards him in the schoolyard. He looked handsome as ever, always clad in his dark clothes, even in this heat, and the clerical collar never let her forget how off-limits he was.

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Royalty AU Ideas

((I know this is a common AU, but I just had a few ideas that I wanted to jot down because I may or may not be planning to write a fanfic centered on this universe. ))

-King of the kingdom.
-Crowned at a young age and tends to be brash compared to how a king is ‘supposed to act’.
-Known to be a near merciless soldier and for his apparent bloodlust. He always insists on leading his army into battle.
-Adored by some, feared by many.
-Often seems to lean towards violence.
-Observant, although it may not seem like it. People must be weary of what they say about the King.

-Castle staff
-Not technically the King’s personal servant, but runs into him a lot when completing chores.
-Despite having a rocky relationship with his wife, he misses her and his kids, who he haven’t been able to see after joining the castle staff.
-Has a cap he always wears, given to him by his children before he left.
-He has impressive throwing accuracy and likes to practise said accuracy with a small wooden ball he keeps in his pocket.

Jackieboy Man:
-Member of the Royal Guard
-Insists on always wearing a blue masquerade mask in public. It’s rumoured he even wears it when going into battle.
-Despite being in the Royal Guard, he disagrees quite heavily with the King’s opinions and decisions, especially when it leads to unnecessary violence or wars.
-Childhood friends with Marvin and shares a house with him to avoid staying in the castle.

Marvin the Magnificent:
-Stable boy
-Practises his magic in his spare time but doesn’t dare share it due to the superstitious nature of the town, although he wishes he could.
-Similar to Jackie, he’s nearly always seen with a white cat mask in public.
-He gets along very well with the animals he works with, and people are often amazed at how quickly he can calm an animal.
-Childhood friends with Jackie and lives with him for the company. They also share a horse for when either need to travel.

Dr Schneeplestein:
-Doctor in the village.
-Paints in his spare time, but never tries to persue it as a profession. His confidence had been knocked by his parents.
-Lost his wife and son after they were attacked during a war and blames the King wholeheartedly for their deaths.
   -(He says, although he feels guilty that he couldn’t save them)
-Hides his grief with alcohol and his reliability in his profession has been on a downward spiral ever since. He struggles to raise his daughter between it all.

-Hates his job, and only continues because it is the only thing keeping him alive. He still has a death sentence over his head.
-Has difficulty speaking without pain and can only manage a few words at a time.
-Sometimes goes to the cells to keep prisoners company in their last hours because he knows how scary it feels to be trapped in a dark cell for hours on end.
-Comes from a very poor family and is worryingly thin despite being properly fed by the castle staff.

So. I’m litteraly going d o w n with this ship and I can’t sleep and @spideyxchelle blog (check it out is amazing) inspired me so much so here we go.

Spideychelle + trans Peter (don’t get me even start with your transphobic shit, this is an hc ok? I know he’s not canonically trans. You don’t have to read it if you don’t like it) pt. 1


  • Peter is such a soft boy. Like, the kind of good soft boy your parents would like to have for dinner. So pure and precious. (At least apparently)
  • Michelle is not soft.
  • Really, secretly she /is/, but she doesn’t like to show it.
  • Not that she is a bad person or something, but years of people making fun of her made her hide her feelings and softnees
  • So, she just hide. Like. A lot. She doesn’t show pain, but anger. Doesn’t show that she is hurt, but sarcasm and fierceness.
  • At the end, it’s not fun anymore to try to make her cry or piss her off.
  • Now she passes unobserved and she is fine with it.
  • But even if she doesn’t know why, even if she can take everything they say behind her back, she can’t take Peter doing nothing when Flash bullies him.
  • Like, she’s so. Damn. Pissed.
  • But she let it go too because not of her business, and Peter needs to learn to defends himself and she couldn’t care less like it’s Peter damn Parker right who cares right?
  • (Spoiler: she does)
  • However, Flash teases are usually just him throwing tiny paper balls at him, giving him the i-am-gonna-destroy-you-parker face and just being an asshole around him
  • Expect that sometimes he calls him penis Parker and a part of Michelle is really screaming PUNCH HIM out loud in her mind.
  • But she doesn’t, because, come on Parker, just do something already!!!
  • But Peter just takes his shit silently
  • Which makes her even more angry
  • However don’t you dare bullshitting me she feels bad for him when during the penis Parker “joke” she can see his face, because he always seems on the verge of tears
  • Ofc she does know that Peter is trans. Not that he ever came out or something, he always presented himself as Peter and it seems that nobody at school question that.
  • But she knows that Flash knows Peter since they were like 5, and he’s the only one being an asshole about that and even if most of the kids find the “penis Parker” jokes just a stupid thing because the sounds of the words are similar, Peter seems to be a bit too sensitive about it.
  • And it doesn’t take long to her to understand. I mean, she’s clever /and/ very observant (especially when it comes to Peter parker)
  • So after she joins the decathlon team and she starts sharing moments with him is easy to connect the dots and find out.
  • But she never mentions it because she couldn’t care less like ok so what he’s still the soft cute boy he has always been (DID SHE JUST CALL HIM CUTE?! SHIT)
  • She’s a bit sensitive to the subject: she is an activist, she is a feminist, and she is a black queer woman. Of course she is touchy about it.
  • And like, trans community has to take so much shit from the people outside the LGBT+ community and the community itself, it’s so damn unfair.
  • Like, they are people, actually human beings, suffering and being discriminated every damn day.
  • No wonder she doesn’t like Flash
  • Also we are talking about Peter and this makes her even angrier
  • Not that she likes him, let’s be clear (spoiler: she does)
  • Until one day Flash crosses the line. He’s been Peter schoolmate for years and so he knows his deadname
  • And he uses it. And Michelle know it is his deadname because actually Peter gets so pale and he stops himself right where he is in the middle of the hallway and he looks totally like he’s gonna have a panic attack.
  • And he’s crying. Actually /crying/. Well it’s just a single tear but fuck he’s CRYING
  • And Flash is laughing.
  • And she can’t take it anymore.
  • She gets up and just thrown her shoes to him, before pushing him back with a loud “You are disgusting!” Coming out from her lips.
  • He just looks at her like “what the shit Jones?!”
  • “Shut up, idiot!” and she is like touching Peter’s shoulder so gently “are you ok Parker?”
  • And Flash is just… An idiot.
  • “there she is, Michelle Jones herself, coming to rescue her girlfriend”
  • And she just punches him. Like… Litteraly crushing her fist against his face.
  • And it’s damn satisfying if she has to be honest.
  • “I said, SHUT UP, you and your stupid gross ass”
  • And then she just takes Peter by his hand, running before finnally pushing him into an empty classrooms
  • So Peter looks at her and he looks shocked and kinda horrified and… in admiration?
  • “you…you just…punched him” “yes. I did”
  • And they just stay there for like a minute and it seems like he’s trying so hard to not makes a fool of himself in front of her
  • And that just breaks her heart so she is like “let go Parker. It’s fine. I’m not gonna tease you if you cry. Boys can cry, you know”
  • and he just collapses. He crumbles in front of her, crying, big tears coming down his cheeks and sobbing
  • First thought “shit I fucked up. What am I suppose to do now shit” second thought “…what the hell?!” Because he’s hugging her in such a desperate way and she just….
  • Goes soft. And hugs him back.
  • After five minutes of it’s fine Parker come on it’s ok now sch you’re fine and rubbing his back gently he stops and steps back
  • “sorry. Thanks Michelle. I’m so so-” “cut it off. It’s ok. It’s not your fault if he’s an idiot, Peter”
  • AND OMG she just called him PETER and not PARKER
  • “anyway. Thanks. For… Everything”
  • And she smiles and his heart goes like /crazy/ in his chest
  • But then she crosses her arms and she looks at him raising an eyebrow “why do you let him tease you. Damnit Peter, just say to him to shut the fuck up!”
  • “I… Don’t want any trouble” “well, duh, it’s not really working”
  • And he just looks so mortified and his fingers are tormenting the hem of his shirt and he’s looking at his shoes
  • “Peter. Look at me. Why? You don’t deserve to be treated like that!”
  • And he’s sobbing quietly again
  • “because… He knows. He knows…a thing…and… I’m afraid he’ll tell everyone and I don’t…want to”
  • And MJ is like “what does he know? Have you killed someone, Parker?”
  • She’s a bit sarcastic but that makes him chuckle a little and he’s so. Damn. Cute. Damnit.
  • And finnally he takes a deep breath and he looks at her and just “I’m… I’m trans”
  • Like what the shiiiit Peter he didn’t meant to tell her just like that, he and his stupid mouth and brain and emotions and
  • She raise an eyebrow again “I know”
  • WHAT THE SHIT MJ???? is he so obvious? Doesn’t he look like a boy? Shit shit shit. He’s panicking now.
  • “how do you…” “I’m very observant”
  • And then she touch his hand gently “Peter, don’t worry. It’s not obvious or something. I’m just…” And she stops because what can she says? I am good at observing you? Very interested in your life? Creepy. But he’s breathing again so it’s fine anyway. Better don’t mess up.
  • “I’m queer, by the way. Like… Not straight” she just says that, like ok he’s been honest with her so why not at least they can be queer together can’t they?
  • And she needed something to say lol
  • He just looks at her “thanks for telling me”
  • She smiles. Actually smiles. A tiny smile. But it /is/ a smile and daaaaaaaamn she looks so cute.
  • But better not tell her I mean she is being kind with him and he doesn’t want her to go away and anyway it’s not like he likes like MJ lol nope totally not
  • “Pride is next week. Want to join?” She asks him, opening to the door
  • And damn she could totally be more soft with him if this means seeing that light in his eyes
  • “Yeah, sure” “cool. See you later”
  • And then just like that they start to be really friends, not the we are friend but we are not they’ve always been, and maybe, maybe this can be the beginning of something.
  • (Spoiler: it is)

Feel free to send me prompt or request I’m really into this fandom, ask me whatever you want I need to write about Peter and the others so damn much.

Kenma has never been good with words. 

He observes Tetsurou’s dark circles when he comes home from work every night, in turn kissing them all, a silent “i’m glad to be home”. Tetsurou never complains, though. He loves teaching little kids about chemistry and physics and the secrets of the universe. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s wearing a pair of ratty old sweats, eating popcorn and laughing at really bad movies with the rest of them. And he always brings back leftover candy from school.

He observes Keiji’s mouth, a slight droop of lips indicating his discomfort at having to work overtime at the hospital. Keiji never complains, though. He loves helping people. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s at home, absorbed in a good book, his head on one of their laps, enjoying one of the quieter moments with the rest of them. And he always brings back flowers that remind him of them.

He observes Koutarou from a distance, a star shining almost too bright to look at directly. But he sees the sagging of his shoulders, an indication of self doubt and dejection. Koutarou doesn’t complain about it, though. He loves playing volleyball and he knows his students look up to their coach, a figure of strength and resilience. But Kenma knows that no matter how spirited Koutarou might appear to his students, he likes it best when he is sitting under the blankets with the rest of them, late at night, talking about the latest ghost story he’s heard from his students, an act that always always leads to cuddling. And he always hugs them all so hard, lifting them off their feet and planting a kiss with a plop on their cheeks.

Where does Kenma find himself in this equation? How does he show his love, when he can’t even say the words “i love you”? Maybe he doesn’t have to.

He decides to make them a playlist.

Kuroo Tetsurou

you and i - ingrid michaelson // who do you love - marianas trench // can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots //  together with the sundown - stephen jerzak // promise the stars - we the kings // a sky full of stars - coldplay // symphony - clean bandit ft. zara larsson // u just can’t be replaced - gnash ft. rosabeales // shooting star - owl city // just the way you are - bruno mars // kiss me - ed sheeran // i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

Akaashi Keiji

for him - troye sivan ft. allday // lovers in japan - coldplay // thinking out loud - ed sheeran // rollercoaster - bleachers // i won’t give up - jason mraz // moonlight - ariana grande // vanilla twilight - owl city // goner - twenty one pilots // true colours - tom odell // i do adore - mindy gledhill // truly madly deeply - savage garden // always - panic! at the disco

Bokuto Koutarou 

treasure - bruno mars // somebody to you - the vamps ft. demi lovato // love on top - beyonce // tear in my heart - twenty on pilots // missing you - all time low // love is easy - mcfly // i really like you - carly rae jepsen // top of the world - greek fire // say it, just say it - the mowgli’s // just give me a reason - p!nk // give me a try - the wombats //  turning pages - sleeping at last

Dark Real!Ciel Thoughts

I’ll be very honest, I debated about posting this. I’ve seen a lot of posts that we shouldn’t talk too harshly about real!Ciel since we’ve seen so little of him yet, and we don’t all he has experienced. Still, I can’t help but wonder a few things about him. Please understand that these are just a few thoughts - sort of a what if list. I don’t claim it’s canon or fact. I even admit that I might be wrong about all this, but I wanted to share a few dark, if not a bit preemptive, thoughts. This is goes into the realm of being cracky.

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Mister Scientist Trevor

Originally posted by lmmortalnova

Pairing: Trevor Collins x Reader

Word Count: 840

Warnings: None

AU: None

A/N: Okay look, I’m no scientist as you can obviously tell so excuse my lack of scientific knowledge. I tried to be as broad as I could be so I don’t accidentally say something incorrect. Also to the anon that requested this I changed it a little and made the readers class first graders. 

Requested: Could I request a Trevor imagine? Where reader is a preschool teacher and Trevor comes to visit during a science lesson and he knows so much and the kids are fascinated and the reader is just… wow, he’s so good with kids.

Summary: You’re an elementary school teacher and it’s science week at the school you are teaching in. The school has invited Trevor to teach your class a little about Aerospace engineering and you find out that he is great with the kids.

“Alright, children listen up, please. We have a special person coming here to talk to you today so you all have to be on your best behaviour.” You told your class of grade ones’ as you gestured to the man standing next to you. “His name is Trevor. Can everyone say good afternoon to Trevor.” You asked the class. They all said good afternoon to him in unison, you looked towards him and smiled as he waved towards the class.

“As you know, it’s science week and the school has organised to have Trevor come talk to you guys. He’s very good at what he does so if you have any questions feel free to ask him.” As soon as you finished speaking one of your very enthusiastic students popped their hand up. “Yes, Theo?” You asked the excited child.

“Excuse me mister scientist Trevor. Can I be a scientist like you?” He asked innocently which caused Trevor to chuckle.

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Tobias and Eileen Snape

I have stated before that Severus’ childhood is a depiction of endemic unending poverty, domestic unrest (and implied violence), and abject neglect.  It’s also why so many readers leap to the conclusion that Tobias is violent towards Eileen and towards Severus.

But although I generally adhere to that headcanon, I think there’s such a wealth to explore with the Snape family.  Was Tobias an angry and violent man, perhaps prone to abusing alcohol and his family in equal measure?  Or was his reaction that day to Eileen somehow provoked?  Had he lost his job, and had come home to find that she’d recklessly spent the last of their meagre savings?  Had he caught her conversing with a wizard, when he’d sworn to stand by his wife, even when he’d been terrified to discover she was magical? Or had Severus accidentally revealed his magic, and Tobias had – in that moment – discovered the truth about his family?

Maybe Tobias was a brute of a man.  Maybe Tobias treated his family in the worst way.

But equally, with little to go on, is it possible that Tobias was trying to make the best of things?  Could it be that Eileen wasn’t managing to fit into the Muggle world, and kept risking their standing with the neighbours?  Could it be that she was neglecting their son whilst he was out at work, and Tobias couldn’t keep all of the plates spinning?

And what about Eileen?  How did she end up Cokeworth and married to a Muggle?  What had she wanted from life when she left home?  How did she meet Tobias?  Did he seduce her, or did she seduce him?  Why did they marry?  Did she love him?  Did he love her?  Did she tell Tobias the truth, or did he find it out for himself?  Did she yearn for the magical world?  Could she have returned if she’d wanted?  Did they try for Severus, or was he an accident?  Was it a shotgun wedding, or were they married for years before they had a son?  Did they have any other children?  What happened to her family?  What did they think of her behaviour?  

If Tobias was mistreating her, did she ever fight back?  Try to leave?  Protect her son from his father’s rages?  Or did she believe it was her bed to lie in?  Or did she dole out the abuse in a similar fashion?  Was Tobias’ rage in that scene a reaction to her mistreating Severus?

Did they love each other?  Did they, deep down, want to be together but they were strangled by the darkness in society – by soaring bills, job losses, alcohol and gambling?  Or did they hate each other, destined to stay married because it was the ‘done thing’?  Did they have affairs with others?  Did either ever pack their case to go?  If one was leaving, did they plan to take Severus – or leave him behind with the other?

Most of all – why was Severus neglected?  Why is he malnourished, and uncared for?  Why is his hair dirty and overlong?  Why is he wearing unsuitable clothing?

Had they cared, once upon a time?  Or did Eileen, as a witch, not know how to cause her son to pass in society?  And why does Tobias ‘not like anything much’? Was he always like that, or had he been beaten down?  Or is Severus’ observation a child’s viewpoint of a tired and gruff man who doesn’t have time for his son, who is always babbling on about magic and wizards and witches…and a world that Tobias knows he can never be a part of?

On the surface, the scene is very clear – a Muggle is making a witch cower whilst their son cries.  Their son, as a teenager, joins an anti-Muggle movement, keen on keeping the two worlds separate.  Is it because his father was awful?  Or was it because he saw the likes of the pureblood kids in Slytherin with their houses and money, and he returned home to squalor, where he shot down flies in his bedroom…  If only she’d married a pureblood…

For this reason, Tobias and Eileen remain two of my favourite characters to think about, because there is no doubt that it is their behaviour which shapes the man that Severus became.  I suppose the question is, is Severus as a teenager their true reflection, or was he rebellious and angry, and bore no resemblance to the boy they’d raised?  Or would it be fairer to say that his parents would recognise the man he finally became?

Whatever the stories and headcanons we create, no matter how we explain their stories, and fill in the blanks, one thing is for certain – the occupants of that house end up as miserable as they are depicted in the snapshots that we’re given. 

Let Me Warm Your Heart Part 4

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Words: 1491

Summary: Being an Auror, sudden epiphanies are always appreciated. But Y/N has other things on her mind. A nervous, tormented soul who could do with a world of love to be exact. Credence isn’t any different though. Just be aware, strange tidings are approaching.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FBAWTFT or any of its characters besides the ones that I create from my imagination. GIF credits to the owner.

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, slight language

Everything had clicked into place the moment she had seen his scarred hands. Maybe it was just her Auror senses that were tingling but Y/N knew to trust them completely; they had saved her life on numerous occasions. She might not know the exact details and it was more guess work than actual factual knowledge on her part, but the way Credence behaved around his mother and his anxious demeanour at the mere mention of her was enough of a give away. Mary Lou’s confident and seemingly charitable persona was nothing but a facade. An illusion hiding an abusing, probably controlling, utterly rotten and cold hearted bitch. The things Y/N would do if she got her hands on that nasty woman!

She sighed loudly and let the anger dissipate from her being, rubbing her temples to dull the throb in her head. It would do no good to Credence or her for that matter to viciously lash out at Mary Lou Barebone in public. At best, it would only get her a hard rap on the knuckle and at worst, she would no longer be an Auror like Goldstein. Y/N suddenly whipped her head out of her hands and stared unblinkingly, coming to an abrupt stop outside a random florist’s shop. Of course, that must be what must have happened with Tina! Being the principled woman that she was, Tina would never let injustice like this slide.

Y/N made up her mind. She would speak with the demoted Auror the moment she reached the office to get a full grasp on the situation. Ask for case files, get her view on things. Maybe Tina had even met Credence and could tell her more about him. After all, this was a part of the case… right? Y/N let out a weary sigh and resumed walking. Whom was she kidding? She knew it was a feeble excuse and her mind was just lulling itself under a false sense of responsibility towards the case. She cared for Credence and his well being, may be a bit too much than was necessary.

There was something about that oft bowed head, stooping demeanour and the anxiety lurking in those wide, brown eyes that made Y/N’s heart reach out to him. At times, he seemed like a taut wire, ready to snap under some immense pressure and that worried her the most. They had met more than once after that fateful encounter in the playground and it brought a smile on Y/N’s face at how flustered he was every time they did. He would fumble, stutter or turn an adorable shade of beetroot red and it was endearing to see a different side of him. She was glad that there was more to Credence than a gloomy, abused man oppressed by his own mother.

True, some of those meetings were more by design than chance. She needed to keep an eye on the Barebones and though Credence seldom said anything, his polite nods and quiet greetings were definitely signs that he was warming up to her presence. Her eyes lightening up at that thought Y/N quickened her pace, maybe today was a good day.

The bustling hubbub of the Broadway saw its fair share of visitors even in the afternoon. The milling crowd should have proved to be an excellent vantage point for Credence to gather people interested in their cause. However, luck as always didn’t seem to be favouring him. The majority of the crowd ignored his attempts to hand out the NSPS leaflets. The ones who paused gave him faint looks of incredulity. And the ones who took them either crumpled the leaflets soon after or worse, mocked him for wasting their time. He was careful enough to try and avoid those. After all, there wouldn’t always be kind women coming to his rescue if he met hooligans again.

Y/N. He remembered the way her name had sounded on his tongue the first time he said it. The way she smiled at him across the crowd at the next rally after ‘the incident’ (that’s what he called it) and all he could do was give a barely noticeable nod. The way her fingers had lightly brushed his when she took a flyer from his hands. The way she had brushed away croissant crumbs from his threadbare jacket that time when he had almost fainted from exhaustion and hunger (Ma had punished him for not distributing enough flyers, he had taken the ones Modesty couldn’t finish), the croissant had been thrust into his hands along with a buttered scone and accompanied by a very stern expression.

The way her laughter echoed like a melody in his ears that time they had both eaten hotdogs (much to his reluctance, he didn’t like mooching off her but she always insisted) and got matching mustard moustaches. That time he had found a child lost in the crowd following a rally and she had taken its hand, assuring him they would find the kid’s parents (they did) and the way she had given a small sigh, finally glad that the world was restored to its balance by their small deed of kindness. The way she whipped out a bandage from her purse when she noticed the fresh cuts on his hands, fingers quaking with barely suppressed anger directed at his mother. Thankfully she had said nothing, just held his bruised fingers gently; warmth, understanding and compassion radiating from her grasp (she had infinite reserves of those, he was sure).

It was this and many other things that made Credence fall for her even more deeply. It felt as if the world had been a drab, dreary place & she had suddenly entered it like a blazing sun banishing away the gloom. Well, the world was still cold and hard especially with the oncoming winter, but Y/N was the winter sunshine that brightened his days. Y/N. He often repeated her name mentally, to calm his jangled nerves. Like a monk chanting a meditative mantra.

A warm hand gently held a leaflet that was fluttering in his hands. Credence opened his eyes to see the very woman whose name he was chanting, a playful smile on her chapped lips. Had he been saying her name out loud? His face burned with embarrassment and turned noticeably red. “Careful with that. It’s getting a bit windy.” She didn’t say anything about his weird antics so she probably hadn’t heard him say it. Or perhaps she had heard him and was saving him from the mortification of being caught. Probably the later, Credence thought.

“Thank you” he mumbled his gratitude. She gave him a smile in return and said, “I’ll take this one.” She grabbed a few handfuls of them. “That’s more than one” he observed. “Are you complaining, mister?” she narrowed her eyes. He shook his head in vehement denial, “No…no…not at all.. I just… People usually don’t… You… I…” She stopped his stuttering with a smile and a shake of her pretty head. “I was just kidding, Credence. These are for… colleagues.” She had been doing this a lot lately. Ever since she had found out about the starvation for not passing out enough flyers she always took a dozen or so under the pretext of giving them to colleagues. Maybe she dumped them where nobody would find them but he was glad for her help. Ma hadn’t starved him even once ever since.

Y/N stowed the leaflets in her bag, glad to have lightened his burden or maybe something nice had happened to her at work. Or perhaps she was just in a good mood. Whatever it was, her face glowed with happiness and Credence couldn’t help the small smile that touched his lips. It was a fleeting one but she caught it nonetheless. She gave him another one of her own dazzling ones in return. “I saw you smile, Credence”, she whispered in a conspirational tone. Y/N had been using his name a lot more too. Every time she did, he felt his heart flutter like a bird giddy on its first flight in the air. “You should smile more. It suits you.” At this, his heart soared. He was truly awed by the joy that bubbled within him and filled his being with love. Credence nodded bashfully, the smile flickering on his face at first but solidifying into a beam that crinkled his eyes. “I will, definitely.” She just hooked her free arm around his in response. Maybe he could get used to this smiling business.

Originally posted by typhongeneocratis

Unnoticed by them both, a silent shadow hidden in a nearby alley observed their linked hands with derision. As the two figures trundled along the path, the person’s eyes lingered on Y/N’s form. A thought bloomed about how unnecessary gnats needed to be flicked away before they become a nuisance. The plan would go as planned, they would make sure of it.

A/N: Sinister developments seem to be developing on the horizon. This is short and a bit rushed but I hope it’s good. Excuse any typos and do let me know how you found it! Feedback is appreciated and devoured with the urgency of a starving beast. 😛
~mystical reading nerd

Thanks, I guess (e.h.)

Word Count: 1,956

Warnings: Brief mention of sex, mentions of drinking, and like one swear word

A/N: Hi! This is my first imagine for this blog so I hope you all enjoy it, feel free to leave criticism and send in a request if you’d like to, requests are open! -R🌟


When your best friend invited you to a party at their house you didn’t expect to be sat in a circle with a bunch of (mostly drunk) strangers who wanted to play spin the bottle and your friends nowhere in sight, yet here you are, lounging with your legs crossed at the ankles as you supported yourself on one hand while the other held a plastic cup of who knows what kind of mixed drink. The room you were in was located in the basement and was a lot more quiet compared to the rest of the house. The loud music became nothing but faint background noise and it was much easier to hear yourself think which is the only reason you decided to stay and participate in the overrated make out game.

The next “victim” was about to spin the empty booze bottle when the door opened, allowing the sound of obnoxious party music and rowdy teens to slip into the previously quiet safe-zone. A boy you didn’t know stood in the doorway, his eyes seemingly searching the faces of every person for some sort of familiarity. While you didn’t know the boy, he did look just the slightest bit familiar to you so you figured he went to your school.

“Are you here to play?” someone asked before taking a swig of whatever alcohol was in their cup.

“N-no, no,” the boy stuttered out over the noise that seeped through the open door from upstairs, the tips of his ears turning red, “I-I was ju-ust looking for m-my-” his sentence was cut short by someone pulling him inside the room by his arm and closing the door behind him. The person led him over to the circle and plopped him down next to you before returning to their own seat so the game could continue. Part of you felt bad that the poor kid was forced into a game he didn’t want to play but he could always just get up and leave right? But as you observed the fidgety boy next to you you came to the conclusion that he must have been too afraid of denying other people to just leave. Not like it mattered much anyway, what are the chances that the bottle would land on him out of everyone playing anyway?

Apparently pretty high.

Everyone’s eyes shot up to the new boy, whose face was turning pink (out of embarrassment you knew, but from the idea of kissing a stranger or from all the people looking at him was the real question).

The (slightly tipsy) girl who spun the bottle scoffed, shaking her head immediately.

“No, no way,” she said, “I’m not kissing the weird kid.”

“Come on, that’s how the game works, you kiss whoever the bottle lands on,” one guy defended, though there was a sort of teasing tone in his voice.

“I-it’s fine, I-I didn’t even w-wanna play-” the boy said, though everyone seemed to be ignoring him.

“I’m not doing it,” the girl said.

“I don’t blame her,” chimed in one of her friends.

“Ugh, you’re all ridiculous,” you groaned before sitting up and turning to the boy. You placed your hand on the back of his neck and pulled his face towards your own, planting your lips on his for a few seconds. When you pulled back you barely took the time to notice that his pink face had flushed a darker shade of red before you turned to look at the girl who had spun the bottle.

“See? That wasn’t so hard.” You stood up and left, not wanting to be around such annoying people for another second, heading back to the comfort of your own house.

The following Monday at school you noticed two things.

The first thing was that you had a couple of classes with the boy from the party, but you had never really payed him any attention because you sat on opposite ends of the classroom. In each class you had together he would send you these looks when you walked through the door, they were almost sorrowful but you didn’t understand what he could possibly be sorry for. After all, he was dragged into the game against his will and you had been the one who initiated the kiss. If anything you should be apologizing to him.

The second thing you noticed was that the whole school seemed to know about happened in the basement, or at least some version of it. People would be pointing you out to their friends, whispering things and giggling as you walked through the halls, some would even come up to you and ask you questions, stupid things like “is it true you made out with Evan Hansen at a party?” or “I heard he had his hand up your shirt, did you two bang after?” You didn’t mind too much, it was easy for you to just ignore them and walk away, but you had seen some people corner the boy-Evan, you assumed-and tease him and it didn’t sit well with you. He didn’t seem to enjoy all the attention.

It wasn’t until lunch that he had approached you at your locker, clearing his throat awkwardly as he stood behind you, practically shaking.

“Evan, right?” You asked as you turned from putting your books away.

“Y-yeah, it’s Evan, how d-did you kn-know? Wait, n-no that doesn’t m-matter.” He spoke very quickly, as if his mind was going a hundred miles a minute. “I-I wanted to-to tell you that I’m sorry for w-what happened? W-w-with the p-party I mean. But y-you probably knew th-that, why else w-would I be talking to y-yo-NOT THAT I WOULDN’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU, I-I’m sure you’re great I j-just meant w-wha-what else would I be talking ab-bout-” his hands were just as busy as his mouth was, gesturing all over the place or fidgeting at his sides the entire time he spoke.

“Why are you sorry?” you cut him off, afraid that if you didn’t he would just keep talking and stress himself to the point of frying his brain.


“Why are you sorry? I’m the one who kissed you without checking if you were cool with it, I should be the one saying sorry,” you said, closing your locker and leaning your back against it.

Now that you were able to get a good look at him, you noted that he was actually good looking-in an adorable, nervous kinda way. If he looked this cute now you couldn’t imagine what he must look like when he’s not on the verge of an anxiety attack.

After his long spew of an apology you expected him to break into another long winded explanation or something but in his shock of you not being mad at him-not only that but apologizing for kissing him-rendered him nearly speechless, the only thing coming out of his mouth being a quiet “oh” before he looked away from you to break eye contact. Apparently he was very interested in the locker next to yours.

“S-so you aren’t mad at me for everyone teasing you?” he asked hesitantly.

“Why would I be at your for something other people are doing because of something I did?”

Evan opened his mouth to speak again but was interrupted by some guys who were on the basketball team or something like that-frankly, you didn’t care what they played.

“Hey (Y/N), making plans with your new boyfriend? You guys gonna hook up in the janitor’s closet later or are you more of a behind the bleachers kind of guy?” asked Tony, team captain and major douche.

Evan put his head down as his ears started turning red-a common theme, it seemed, every time you saw him.

“Why, you wanna watch and take some notes?” you asked.

“Yeah,” Tony scoffed, “I’m sure I could learn a lot from watching this kid. He’s like the mayor of Virgin City!”

Virgin City? That’s the best you got? How many times have you used that one?” you asked, starting to grow impatient. “And besides, I’ve kissed you before Tony and you ain’t all that. Evan’s a way better kisser than you are.” You didn’t give him or his friends a chance to respond before you turned around and walked away, grabbing Evan by the shoulder to bring him along with you, though you made sure you kept your grip loose and gentle so that he didn’t feel like he was being forced to follow you. You did, however, hear Tony call you a bitch and slam his hand on a nearby locker, meaning you had succeeded in pissing him off.

“Y-you didn’t have to do that you know. Stand up for me, I mean,” Evan said, walking beside you.

“I wanted to,” you responded. “Tony’s a jerk and it isn’t any of his business who we kiss.”

You walked in silence for the rest of the way to the cafeteria, though you could see out of the corner of your eye that Evan kept looking over to you, as if he had something he wanted to say. But he said nothing, so you didn’t press.

After grabbing your tray you headed off to your usual table. Your friends all had a different lunch period so you normally sat alone and did homework, which meant that your table would be empty, and you were glad for that because it meant you could talk to Evan without him getting overwhelmed.

He was unsure of whether he was supposed to follow you to your table or not, and he didn’t wanna sit with you if you didn’t want him there but he was too nervous to ask. When you noticed he wasn’t walking with you you turned to face him.

“You coming?”

Those two words were all he needed to hear before he hurried to catch up to you. He sat in the seat across from yours to give you a bit of space and watched as you started picking at your food, not even thinking about eating his own. When you noticed this you looked up at him, unable to stop yourself from smiling a little when you saw his nose scrunched up while his lips were pursed, as if he was thinking deeply about something.

“Evan, you okay?” you asked.

“Do you actually think I’m a better kisser than he is?” he asked quickly. You didn’t answer at first, just looked at him, not expecting him to ask you that, but he took it as a bad sign and immediately started rambling again. “O-of course you don’t have to a-answer I was just wondering. A-and I totally get it if you were just saying that t-to get back at h-him, I know I’m not very e-experienced with the whole k-kissing th-thing-”

“No, Evan, that’s not it at all,” you said, reaching across the table to place a hand on top of his as a way of calming him down, but you pulled it away when you realized it would probably only make him more uncomfortable. “I did mean what I said. Tony’s all hands and too much tongue,” you reassured him. He nodded slowly, and you saw in his eyes that he seemed to be taking a mental note to try and not use too much tongue if he ever gets the chance to kiss anyone again. The thought made you smile, Evan seemed so innocent and sweet.

“And besides,” you added, “your lips are a lot softer than Tony’s.”

Once again Evan was starting to blush, but this time he had a dopey smile on his face as he stared down at his hands.

“T-thanks, I-I guess,” he mumbled

Autistic Deadpool?

Been meaning to make this post for a while so here I go:

So he never really fits in with anyone because he never acts the way ‘you’re supposed to’, always just blurting things out, not picking up on social cues, etc.

Overexpression and very animated both in facial expression and body language

He’s often found to be stimming by either tapping his finger, foot, or even fiddling with his equipment:

Not to mention his verbal stimming:

(Like he says chimichanga all the fucking time throughout all his comics and even in his movie, turns out he doesn’t like the food that much he just likes saying it - ie it’s a verbal stim) Another example of verbal stimming:

(Plus “the sound it makes”? Sounds like sensory stimming to me!)

Plus he hand flaps when excited, as we all see in this popular gif:

Originally posted by cultfilmclassics

Not the best example, as he’s also tapping the person, but you still get the idea. But he’s also known to jump around, jump from one foot to the other, throw his arms up etc. when excited too. And I mean he has plenty of self injurious stims when upset, only his often result in gore, so I’m going to avoid putting them here. But on that note, he’s also a very emotional character, he seems to experience his emotions very intensely.

He often quotes either pop culture stuff or other people’s common phrases, sometimes with spin on it, either just to fill silence or to communicate. Sounds a lot like scripting to me!

His no. 1 special interest is tacos (if you read the comics you’ll see that he’s super obsessed with them, they didn’t play this up as much in the movie) But then his secondary one is Spider-man. Which is kind of weird because he’s a real person and he’s met the guy? And he has a crush on him? Anyway, as proven by this sort of thing. But at the same time I think it’s also Captain America, because while the Spider-man one is a crush more, Captain America has been his hero since he was a kid, and he’s always aspired to be like him (ok there was a point in the comics that shows him as a kid saying he wants to be just like Cap one day, to which his dad is a total asshat about, but I can’t find it right now so I’ll add it later if I do) And they even reference this in the movie with the ‘Captain Deadpool’ joke. 

Plus he’s super duper observant, like he’s KNOWN for picking up on things that other people never even notice - with all of his senses, which sounds like his might be stronger than the average joe to me. (so basically sensory processing disorder). And maybe it’s because he’s so easily distracted, but I notice that he doesn’t look people in the eye all that much. Unless he’s threatening them of course. (In the comics, I know in the movie he does it plenty)

And one of the biggest reasons that he kicks ass: his totally out there plans. He thinks so far outside the box that no one ever sees his shit coming, so he often takes his enemies by surprise, and by the time they are just STARTING to figure out what’s going on, he’s already got them beat. And we all know that autistic people are known for thinking outside of the box!

And finally: Because I, an actual autistic person, relate to him - A LOT. Also because of the PTSD and child abuse stuff, but that’s a whole other thing all together.

Also yes. Deadpool is my (primary) special interest. ;)

kurokawahitaki  asked:

MayuImaHimu sex hc and family hc (anything about their teenage children, if i'm allowed to be more specific)

Thanks for requesting these side characters ♡ So many people are asking for sex headcanons lmao yall thirsty

✿ - Sex headcanon


  • When he has sex his mouth runs like a fucking mo t o R with all the filthy dirty talk he has up his sleeve. Like seriously, expect him to be very descriptive. He might spare you his words if it’s only your first time together (instead using his words as a means of encouragement) but once you get used to being intimate with him, he has no filter
  • “You like it when I lick here? *licks* Haha, you have such a lewd body, __________, look at your hips wriggling like that… Do you want more of that? Mm-mm, no, you have to ask nicely. Say it.”


  • He lives for foreplay, like if only he can better control his desire to fuck you, the foreplay will go on and on and on. This is mainly because he loves seeing you lose your mind under his touch, it gives him a serious power surge. Plus he gets to hear your voice become louder and louder until you eventually beg him, which is probably the best thing he’s ever heard.
  • He loves basking in the glow with you, both right after sex and the morning after sex. The morning after always overwhelms him with so much love for you, seeing you peacefully lying next to him… to the point where he gets turned on and initiates another round.


  • This guy is some sort of god when it comes to getting you in the mood. He uses subtle methods, like rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt and unbuttoning the first two buttons, light touches here and there, etc. etc. and the fact that it’s not obvious makes you wonder if he’s really trying to seduce you or he’s acting completely normal (you almost always become turned on). He’s good at doing this thanks to his poker face.
  • LOVES SEEING YOU IN FRILLY STUFF, he won’t even try to take all of it off because he gets off so much by seeing you in it as he fucks you, and all of a sudden this boy just turns into a carnivorous freaking beast??? Takes you hard and fast so prepare yourself ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

♥ - family headcanon


  • OMG imagine him having a teenage daughter who’s so hot that everybody wants to bone but whoever tries anything with her Imayoshi just *snap* send them a look from behind his glasses and the boys will piss their pants and scram….. poor girl is having difficulty with her love life despite her great looks and personality thanks to the rumor going around school that her dad is part of the yakuza
  • which may or may not be true lmao
  • He hates coming off as an overprotective parent, but he knows it’s for the wellbeing of his child, so he takes it anyway, although it hurts the most when his daughter throws jabs at him for being overprotective. If he has to be the bad guy to keep their heart from being broken, so be it.


  • This guy probably takes the approach of being friends with his kids. He tries his best to instigate discussions and conversations with his kids since young, so that they get used to telling him things that are going on in their lives. Because of this, if for some reason his kids refuse to tell him about something particular that is happening to them, he will be very sad about it because he thinks his kids don’t trust him/are scared of him.
  • Bans phones and other gadgets during family meals together. I imagine he thinks that actually spending time with the family matters way more than just sitting together and not paying attention to each other. Normally, most teen kids hate this kind of house policy, but since his kids are buddies with him, they’re totally chill about it.


  • The mysterious quiet dad that sometimes pop up in animes lmao like literally poker faced 24/7, chills in the living room reading the newspaper while having his coffee and all that. He’s very observant, though, so he will notice if anything is going on in his child’s life, and will bring it up very casually, like if his child likes somebody or not. His child doesn’t know why they’re still surprised at how their dad figured it out… it’s always been that way.
  • Mayuzumi isn’t much of a talking person, but he cares so much for his loved ones. His child would be the type that asks him for advice, but in a very vague and disattached way so that they can probably fool their dad into thinking that it’s not that big of a deal. Mayuzumi, of course, catches on pretty quickly, and answers with an equally vague yet very powerful advice that enlightens the child so much. Overall, they look out for each other with little to no words exchanged, which I think is beautiful.
Mr. Red Hood
Jason letting slip how he hadn't really asked to live as he tries to talk to some kids he’d just rescued in the Narrows.

Sooo….This was inspired by that panel…ya know the one. (Like, really Jay. Such a depressing look on your second life). Then I kinda started this when Jay’s death day came around mostly just the first 2 paragraphs and then I stalled…

There is fluff. Not really super thought writing. I just wanted the ending to come about since I finally had one for this.

Told y'all I had a fluff one incoming. Hope ya like.

FF | for @camsthisky bcoz I hurt ya with the first one. my bad.

“Don’t you like your life?” Meg, who was six and on the short side, looked up at the Red Hood as she held his hand while they walked. The hero had just saved her and her friends from some thugs who’d thought of using them. 

Jason didn’t know why he’d ever voice this but…"I have days where I wish I was still six feet under.“ 

“Still?” Cole, the eldest of their group at age 10 stared up at the vigilante with a frown. He was sporting a fast becoming black eye from defending his friends earlier. 

Jason ignored the question. Thankful his hood hid the sudden frown on his face. Why the hell did he confess his worst thought? And to kids even. He was just glad that four-year-old, Hidaya, was fast asleep in his arms. The kid had finally fallen asleep after bombarding him with questions and not letting his jacket go.

 "But. You’re the Red Hood!“ 

He sighs. “Yeah, I am.” But sometimes, just sometimes, he wished that he was just Jason. Just a kid. Just…a son. 

But more often he also wished he was no one. 

Because being no one meant having no expectations, no rules to live by, no interactions with people -with family and all to have it just end in harsh words exchanged, no coming home to a place that didn’t feel like one. He just wanted to feel nothing. 

Jason shook his head out of the gutter. It had been frequenting such these past few days. Maybe going into isolation and getting wasted on his death day hadn’t been such a good idea. His negative thoughts had persisted in the morning, more so than his hangover. It had been a couple days since and the thought still cropped up from time to time. 

“C'mon. Let’s get you out of the cold.“ 

Barbara Gordon was a fast thinker. She made quick observations and made quick decisions. This had helped her all her life. Made her always lean forwards and think ahead.

But right now she wasn’t sure how to feel about this. She trusted Jason but to a point. Sometimes he just did stupid things without meaning to. And she had hacked his comms just because she wanted to make sure he wasn’t saying anything stupid to the kids in the narrows. 

She hadn’t expected such a confession from him. 

And now, she was caught between getting angry and worried. 

Because she hadn’t been alone when Jason’s words came through the speakers. 

Dick had come in unannounced and heard the same thing, eyes going wide behind the mask, hand gripping a flash drive so tightly. 

Now Babs watched as Dick slumped down on the floor before her, head bowed down over her covered knees. Reaching out, she stroked his hair as he rested his head and arms over her legs. 

He didn’t cry though it looked like he would. Dick Grayson simply sought comfort. Hoping that maybe he’d be able to give the same to his little brother.

When he gets back to the cave, Dick’s mind is still flashing to Jason’s morbid words. He doesn’t mean to but he ends up telling Bruce. His mentor and father had noticed his mind was elsewhere. 

"What is it, Dick?" 

"Jason wished he was still dead. That he stayed dead. Why?" 

Dick snaps out of his maudlin state of mind and regrets speaking without thinking it through. It hurt to see the hollow and haunted look in Bruce’s eyes.

Feeling like an idiot he tells Bruce to forget what he said and runs away.

Babs scolds him when he tells her. Not like they could do anything. Jay just wasn’t ready to accept their help yet. 

Still, it wasn’t like the world would always be unkind. One night, doing as Bats do, they catch sight of Jason resting on rooftop ledge, cigarette in hand. But he’d yet to even remove his hood. 

Dick had wanted to sit by him but Babs had told him not to even though he could see that all nearby cameras were pointed at Jay. It was already a miracle Bruce had done nothing since his slip up. Well, almost nothing if his shadow from a far away and higher up rooftop was any indication. Dick couldn’t even roll his eyes at his father since he was doing the same but closer. 

Jason was too deep in his thoughts to notice any of this though as he recalls his unbidden words to Meg. Cole had given him a consoling pat on the head when he’d stooped to let down Hidaya. Surprised as he was, he’d been more embarrassed about it since this was all done in front of Leslie. The doctor had only smiled though and made no comment.

 He was only a little startled when he realized he wasn’t alone anymore in his corner of Gotham.

They watch as the same kids plus others meet up with Jason who had been resting at a corner rooftop before he dropped lower to the fire escape. 

“What are you brats doing back here?” 

Hidaya stepped forward and made grabby hands at Jason who shrugged. There wasn’t anything going on tonight anyway. 

Once on the ground, Jason easily picked up the little girl who promptly hugged him. Surprised, he almost missed hearing her say, “Thank you for saving me.” 

Those words started a torrent of other similar words. 

If Dick subtly got closer, it was only because he cared. And it was only because he cared that he turned on his comms and let Babs and B in to hear. He didn’t bother holding in his smile. It was nearly blinding with how wide it was. 

The children, one by one, start thanking him for saving their lives For saving their mother’s life. Their father’s. Their brother’s. Their sister’s. Their family.  Their friends. 

“We don’t wish you were gone, Mr. Hood.” Meg clung to his jacket, not at all scared of his holstered guns which level to her face. She was staring intently at Jason, Hidaya’s hand held tightly after she’d been let down so the others could give their thanks. 

Dick watched as his brother actually go through breathing exercises. He recognized the pattern of breathing. Whether Jaybird was simply overwhelmed or actually panicked at all this emotion, he couldn’t really say. But his brother had remained outwardly calm as the kids surrounded him, spoke shyly to him, gave him fist bumps to his side and hugged him. 

When Jason crouches down and removes his helmet, the children get excited though still a bit disappointed at the domino. It’s quickly forgotten though when he smiles at them. Seeing the big bad Red Hood sans hood and recognizing how young he was, hearing the affectation of a Gotham born and bred accent, the children are delighted and feel that much closer to him when he says, “Thank you.” 

They return his smile and the youngest kids all pile-hug him while the older ones just laugh. 

“Alright. Alright. Now scram you brats before you become targets.” They do as they’re told but laugh as they scatter. 

Jason watched them disappear into the night and felt his smile grow even wider.

He was so glad to be alive.


Getting to know Teruki ~ a man of very few words

Disclaimer: This is of course NOT 100% accurate of what they said. Far from it …. hehe! Just an oversimplified translation of what went on. I rephrased & left out what I didn’t get. I’m sure I misheard things too. Totally not sure what was the last word Teru said there. Skipped it. Hu..hu.. my Japanese listening skill is a sorry state of existence 😁.

This is just to give a rough idea of what was going on when Teru was asked to talk about the ALL LEAD TRACKS album for TOWER Record’s No Music No Life. Yes, I exagerated it a bit though 😁. Anyway, unlike the others who eloquently expressed their thoughts, Teru was like, “hmm … what to say?“. Of course his bandmates had a jolly great time laughing at him. But if you observe him in interviews, he has always been quieter and less articulate.

Me: Still can’t forget that he uttered only ONE word onstage in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Even if he’s too shy to speak English but ….. ONE word? No kidding. And that ONE word was “BOO!” :-P

Scary stories

@inukag-week  2017 Day 2 - Fear.

I’m soo laaateee again!!! Sorry!!

The story about Kagome trying to tell scary stories to her children and things don’t go as expected. She finds another way her and Inuyasha’s kids are not normal kids.

Kagome stared outside from her threshold. She smiled. The weather was chilly, not too much but enough for certain people she loved to want something warm.

She was so ready for this, it was finally fall, with it’s soft wind, the warm colors and the sometimes creepy shadows. She couldn’t stay still from the excitement.

Kagome waved her hand as the figures she was waiting for appeared on the road. A few years back she would have jumped in her place, but she had learned to avoid such displays of emotions around her easily excited children.

By the time they washed their hands with the water she had left them outside, and cleaned their feet, Kagome was sitting in her usual place in front of the fire pit, serving dinner.

She was so ready for it.

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