he's always been an observant kid


i have many Thoughts and ur gonna hear them whether or not you want to (and before anyone gets pissy, yes, I’m autistic and i’m not IDing out of my ability)

this is probs gonna be very disorganized bc i have no actual train of thought

  • Mythomagic was Nico’s S.I. for a long time
    • he got really fucking good at it too
  • the aviator jacket is a weight/pressure stim
  • his people skills are “rusty” because how was he supposed to know that no one wanted to know that.  its not like anyone told him
  • McDonald’s Happy Meals are a food hyperfixation
    • particularly the nuggets
  • prefers the shadows because why is the light so damn bright
  • cracks to the Underworld happen when he has a meltdown
  • is quiet a lot because he goes nonverbal
  • sensory overloads and backs away/straight up leaves
  • growing up he always knew that the other kids were different from him
    • they bullied him and picked on him because of this
  • separated himself from kids his age, only really connecting with Bianca
  • becomes distressed when Percy comes and turns his life upside down
    • “this isn’t how it’s always been, Bianca…”
    • “i know, but you can get through this.  I’m right here.”
  • cannot handle it when Bianca dies
    • she was the only thing that was still constant in the shifting of his life
  • years later Percy approaches Annabeth with concerns about how distant Nico always is
  • Annabeth watches and observes Nico and puts the pieces together
  • eventually she decides to talk to Nico about it, without being obvious about it
    • she explains it gently
  • Nico gets angry and storms off
  • eventually he calms down and starts to do research of his own
    • “…not like i sleep anyway…”
  • when he begins to research he starts to understand more about himself
    • “wait…that’s why I feel like that?”
  • eventually he becomes more confident in this fact about himself and talks to the group
    • “hey, can you guys maybe tone down….everything around me?  it hurts my head”
    • everyone is rly supportive and try their best to be gentle around nico
  • leo starts focusing on inventing new stim objects just for Nico
    • neither of them say anything about it, but nico will make small doodles of various things he knows that leo likes in payment
  • nico is touch averse until he is very comfortable
    • it took 3 months of dating will before he’d allow will to touch him
  • he wears similar outfits because he cant stand the feeling of most fabrics
    • sensory hell
  • will gives nico various tips and tools to help him when he starts to feel overloaded
    • “focus on something that’s stable, count backwards from 100,…”

and that’s…it for now

Give me Jason being the only Bat who can get why Steph sticks out from the family.

Give me Jason caring for an injured Steph and Steph not knowing whether it was an act or really the guy beneath the Hood.

Give me Steph questioning Bruce, Dick, Babs, and Tim about whether Jason is really ‘evil’ or just a lot more brutal than Bruce wants.

Give me Steph tearing into Bruce for turning Jason into some tale used to scare the Robins into obedience instead of acknowledging his accomplishments.

Give me Steph who sneaks into Jay’s safe house to get to know the other street rat in the Bats.

Give me Steph confiding in Jason that she feels like a bad mom for putting her baby up for adoption.

Give me Jay telling Steph that she did the right thing and that she’s stronger than she thinks.

Give me Jason cooking a stack of waffles to cheer up a depressed Steph.

Give me Steph sneaking Cass over to meet the man that’s supposed to be an evil murderer.

Give me Cass observing Jason on patrols and seeing him interact with street kids and the working women and not understanding why the family calls him evil.

Give me Cass confessing to Alfred that she and Steph have been spending more and more time with Jason and are starting to think of him as a Big Brother.

Give me Alfred telling Cass that Jason was always meant to be an older brother and that he was so happy Jay was finally getting to show it.

Give me Cass and Steph sneaking in Jason’s window and hearing him screaming himself awake from a nightmare and rushing into his room to see him sobbing because he dreamt of that damn crowbar again.

Give me Cass and Steph calming Jay down and curling up around him telling him they’d protect him and staying up to watch over him all night and seeing how scarred his body is and the autopsy scar.

Give me Cass getting angry when Bruce pulls her aside and tells her not to see Jason anymore.

Give me Cass defending Jason in a loud voice in front of everyone and going to his home.

Give me Jason being the Big Brother he’s meant to be to his sisters Cassandra and Stephanie.


Besides being crippled in tremendously physical Viking culture, abandoned by his legendary father (who also left him to die in the woods), suffocated with too much love from his mother, overcompensating for his disease and being schooled by an extremely religious lunatic in Floki, Ivar turned out better than you would expect. He has chosen to fight his disease every day, by being very independent, and dragging himself everywhere. Due to his disease he has always been the observing one—a lone wolf—but that has made him very intelligent. He is manipulative, skilled, religious and provocative, but most of all he is a sad, angry and vulnerable kid. All he really does in the beginning of this season is compensating for his disease and trying to prove himself, to be loved equally and rightfully.

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Bruce an tim are killing me so just, Bruce coming back from death and seeing the obvsly exhausted tim (one day in the manor getting some of his things together) and just bruce realising not everything is ok with tim because he's too skinny for a 17 yrs old kid, looks lot paler than before. And ofc bruce somehow realising tim lost his spleen and he wasn't snooping around he just stumbled into all the vitamins/pills tim takes and maybe he freaks out a bit because too many pills?? Anyway dad b pls

There’s weight to his movements– an almost imperceptible sluggishness that, at first glance, Bruce passes off as exhaustion. The kid’s been through hell and back, of course he’d be tired, but after a few more moments of closer observation, Bruce decides that that’s not what this is.

The line of Tim’s shoulders is bent in a slump, gravity seeming to press down heavily on every inch of his frame. He’s slimmer than when Bruce saw him last, back before… well, everything. Tim’s always been a slight kid, but this is different. It’s unsettling, to say the least. Bruce is used to seeing Tim practically bouncing with a limitless supply of energy. He doesn’t know what to think of- how to take in this Tim; this more reserved, quieter version of the kid he once knew. Sure, in some ways, Tim is still the same snarky, bratty, clever partner that’s been by his side for a good while now, but it’s– it’s subdued, a little.

Bruce’s hands curl into fists at his sides as he watches Tim rummage through the medicine cabinet, pausing occasionally to shake out a pill or two from a number of different bottles, adding them to a small pile on the countertop. Bruce can’t remember Tim ever having to take that many supplements, meds, or whatever the hell all that is. It makes him feel angry; not at Tim, no, it wasn’t his fault. Mostly at himself. At Ra’s. At the world in general, for being such a cruel place.

Tim makes a sudden noise, an annoyed huff as he leans back on his heels, glaring at the pillbox resting on the cabinet’s top shelf; a good few inches above his reach. Bruce breathes out a soft laugh, lips quirking up into an easy smile as he relaxes his hands and steps up behind Tim, reachimg for the pillbox and handing it to his son, who takes it with a roll of his eyes.

“Why do we even have a shelf that high?” Tim grumbles, popping a few supplements into his mouth and dry swallowing.

“Purely to spite you,” Bruce replies seriously, nudging Tim’s shoulder with his arm until the kid breaks into a wide smile, light laughter spilling from his lips as he nudges Bruce right back.

And this is okay, Bruce thinks. Tim’s not the same, and probably never will be, but he’s here, he’s okay and he’s at Bruce’s side, and that’s all that really matters.

Dark Real!Ciel Thoughts

I’ll be very honest, I debated about posting this. I’ve seen a lot of posts that we shouldn’t talk too harshly about real!Ciel since we’ve seen so little of him yet, and we don’t all he has experienced. Still, I can’t help but wonder a few things about him. Please understand that these are just a few thoughts - sort of a what if list. I don’t claim it’s canon or fact. I even admit that I might be wrong about all this, but I wanted to share a few dark, if not a bit preemptive, thoughts. This is goes into the realm of being cracky.

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Tobias and Eileen Snape

I have stated before that Severus’ childhood is a depiction of endemic unending poverty, domestic unrest (and implied violence), and abject neglect.  It’s also why so many readers leap to the conclusion that Tobias is violent towards Eileen and towards Severus.

But although I generally adhere to that headcanon, I think there’s such a wealth to explore with the Snape family.  Was Tobias an angry and violent man, perhaps prone to abusing alcohol and his family in equal measure?  Or was his reaction that day to Eileen somehow provoked?  Had he lost his job, and had come home to find that she’d recklessly spent the last of their meagre savings?  Had he caught her conversing with a wizard, when he’d sworn to stand by his wife, even when he’d been terrified to discover she was magical? Or had Severus accidentally revealed his magic, and Tobias had – in that moment – discovered the truth about his family?

Maybe Tobias was a brute of a man.  Maybe Tobias treated his family in the worst way.

But equally, with little to go on, is it possible that Tobias was trying to make the best of things?  Could it be that Eileen wasn’t managing to fit into the Muggle world, and kept risking their standing with the neighbours?  Could it be that she was neglecting their son whilst he was out at work, and Tobias couldn’t keep all of the plates spinning?

And what about Eileen?  How did she end up Cokeworth and married to a Muggle?  What had she wanted from life when she left home?  How did she meet Tobias?  Did he seduce her, or did she seduce him?  Why did they marry?  Did she love him?  Did he love her?  Did she tell Tobias the truth, or did he find it out for himself?  Did she yearn for the magical world?  Could she have returned if she’d wanted?  Did they try for Severus, or was he an accident?  Was it a shotgun wedding, or were they married for years before they had a son?  Did they have any other children?  What happened to her family?  What did they think of her behaviour?  

If Tobias was mistreating her, did she ever fight back?  Try to leave?  Protect her son from his father’s rages?  Or did she believe it was her bed to lie in?  Or did she dole out the abuse in a similar fashion?  Was Tobias’ rage in that scene a reaction to her mistreating Severus?

Did they love each other?  Did they, deep down, want to be together but they were strangled by the darkness in society – by soaring bills, job losses, alcohol and gambling?  Or did they hate each other, destined to stay married because it was the ‘done thing’?  Did they have affairs with others?  Did either ever pack their case to go?  If one was leaving, did they plan to take Severus – or leave him behind with the other?

Most of all – why was Severus neglected?  Why is he malnourished, and uncared for?  Why is his hair dirty and overlong?  Why is he wearing unsuitable clothing?

Had they cared, once upon a time?  Or did Eileen, as a witch, not know how to cause her son to pass in society?  And why does Tobias ‘not like anything much’? Was he always like that, or had he been beaten down?  Or is Severus’ observation a child’s viewpoint of a tired and gruff man who doesn’t have time for his son, who is always babbling on about magic and wizards and witches…and a world that Tobias knows he can never be a part of?

On the surface, the scene is very clear – a Muggle is making a witch cower whilst their son cries.  Their son, as a teenager, joins an anti-Muggle movement, keen on keeping the two worlds separate.  Is it because his father was awful?  Or was it because he saw the likes of the pureblood kids in Slytherin with their houses and money, and he returned home to squalor, where he shot down flies in his bedroom…  If only she’d married a pureblood…

For this reason, Tobias and Eileen remain two of my favourite characters to think about, because there is no doubt that it is their behaviour which shapes the man that Severus became.  I suppose the question is, is Severus as a teenager their true reflection, or was he rebellious and angry, and bore no resemblance to the boy they’d raised?  Or would it be fairer to say that his parents would recognise the man he finally became?

Whatever the stories and headcanons we create, no matter how we explain their stories, and fill in the blanks, one thing is for certain – the occupants of that house end up as miserable as they are depicted in the snapshots that we’re given. 

Have to share a little something you guys will likely appreciate

My husband and I had our son’s IEP meeting today at his school, which is a special needs program due to extra support needed for attention, behavior, and social skills. He’s high functioning on the autism spectrum, with an asbergers diagnosis. Not only was it an excellent mtg anyway, but I heard something that I’ve kind of been waiting (and hoping) to hear.

I got to hear the words that my son is really into creative writing.

His teacher described him doing well with general journal entries, but also said he loves it when they give him certain words or an idea, “like a sort of writing prompt” she carefully explains, as if I need that sort of explanation hehe. Said that he was given the idea of a penguin flying a plane and announced that he was going to need a lot of time! XD And he then proceeded to write two and a half pages of a story on the subject! Maybe for some 12 yr olds that’s not a big deal, but writing has always been a struggle for him. It took him years to do it pretty well and he’s still not at grade level. So to write that much?? That is the writing drive! And it’s a drive that can’t be taught or forced. It comes from within and it’s either there or it isn’t.

I have always known, (and even posted about it in the past I believe) that my son is a natural storyteller. He always has been. I see the way his mind works and how he wants to be a creator as opposed to just an observer of entertainment. But now he’s finally at an age and a skill level to want to get the words out of his head and down on paper, and I couldn’t be happier. There are a lot of ways that my son is not like me and I can’t relate to him, which is hard as a parent. And it’s something a lot of parents of special needs kids can probably understand. But this…this is such a big connection I have to him.

*sniff sniff* I love that he’s my little writer ❤️

Scary stories

@inukag-week  2017 Day 2 - Fear.

I’m soo laaateee again!!! Sorry!!

The story about Kagome trying to tell scary stories to her children and things don’t go as expected. She finds another way her and Inuyasha’s kids are not normal kids.

Kagome stared outside from her threshold. She smiled. The weather was chilly, not too much but enough for certain people she loved to want something warm.

She was so ready for this, it was finally fall, with it’s soft wind, the warm colors and the sometimes creepy shadows. She couldn’t stay still from the excitement.

Kagome waved her hand as the figures she was waiting for appeared on the road. A few years back she would have jumped in her place, but she had learned to avoid such displays of emotions around her easily excited children.

By the time they washed their hands with the water she had left them outside, and cleaned their feet, Kagome was sitting in her usual place in front of the fire pit, serving dinner.

She was so ready for it.

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Autistic Deadpool?

Been meaning to make this post for a while so here I go:

So he never really fits in with anyone because he never acts the way ‘you’re supposed to’, always just blurting things out, not picking up on social cues, etc.

Overexpression and very animated both in facial expression and body language

He’s often found to be stimming by either tapping his finger, foot, or even fiddling with his equipment:

Not to mention his verbal stimming:

(Like he says chimichanga all the fucking time throughout all his comics and even in his movie, turns out he doesn’t like the food that much he just likes saying it - ie it’s a verbal stim) Another example of verbal stimming:

(Plus “the sound it makes”? Sounds like sensory stimming to me!)

Plus he hand flaps when excited, as we all see in this popular gif:

Originally posted by cultfilmclassics

Not the best example, as he’s also tapping the person, but you still get the idea. But he’s also known to jump around, jump from one foot to the other, throw his arms up etc. when excited too. And I mean he has plenty of self injurious stims when upset, only his often result in gore, so I’m going to avoid putting them here. But on that note, he’s also a very emotional character, he seems to experience his emotions very intensely.

He often quotes either pop culture stuff or other people’s common phrases, sometimes with spin on it, either just to fill silence or to communicate. Sounds a lot like scripting to me!

His no. 1 special interest is tacos (if you read the comics you’ll see that he’s super obsessed with them, they didn’t play this up as much in the movie) But then his secondary one is Spider-man. Which is kind of weird because he’s a real person and he’s met the guy? And he has a crush on him? Anyway, as proven by this sort of thing. But at the same time I think it’s also Captain America, because while the Spider-man one is a crush more, Captain America has been his hero since he was a kid, and he’s always aspired to be like him (ok there was a point in the comics that shows him as a kid saying he wants to be just like Cap one day, to which his dad is a total asshat about, but I can’t find it right now so I’ll add it later if I do) And they even reference this in the movie with the ‘Captain Deadpool’ joke. 

Plus he’s super duper observant, like he’s KNOWN for picking up on things that other people never even notice - with all of his senses, which sounds like his might be stronger than the average joe to me. (so basically sensory processing disorder). And maybe it’s because he’s so easily distracted, but I notice that he doesn’t look people in the eye all that much. Unless he’s threatening them of course. (In the comics, I know in the movie he does it plenty)

And one of the biggest reasons that he kicks ass: his totally out there plans. He thinks so far outside the box that no one ever sees his shit coming, so he often takes his enemies by surprise, and by the time they are just STARTING to figure out what’s going on, he’s already got them beat. And we all know that autistic people are known for thinking outside of the box!

And finally: Because I, an actual autistic person, relate to him - A LOT. Also because of the PTSD and child abuse stuff, but that’s a whole other thing all together.

Also yes. Deadpool is my (primary) special interest. ;)

Lost Words (Barry Allen x Reader)

Part Three

Part One  Part Two

Prompt:  You had just come back to Central City after four years in college to major in medicine. When you came back, everything’s changed. Metahumans are now a thing, The Flash is running around the city, and you are now a doctor at Central City hospital. The only thing that hasn’t changed is your unresolved and unrequited love for Barry Allen.

Word Count: 2.5kish

Author’s Note: Guys, it’s part three! I promised y’all a part on Wednesday, and here it is. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Anyways, I loved see you guys in my inbox and it really does make my day a whole whole lot better:) and btw the drug used at the end is a real thing, in case y’all didn’t know, I just learned about it yesterday in Health Science class and I was like, ya know that would be awesome for this imagine….

You woke up the next morning staring at the ceiling of your apartment. You thought about the events from yesterday. How Barry, your Barry Allen, was the infamous Flash that the majority of the city adores. He has saved countless lives and puts himself in danger everyday. The sun peeked through your blinds, leaving bright stripes across your dark bedroom. You were still slightly hurt that no one told you about Barry’s secret, even if they were respecting Barry’s request. Then, you thought about the time where your life changed forever.

*11 years ago*

Your 12 year old self sat on the benches of the police department, waiting for your mom to come pick you up. You weren’t feeling well at school so your dad had to pick you up, but there was an incident and then there were the sounds of gunshots. The next thing you knew, you were getting put into another cop car and sent here, told by an officer to wait for your mother. 

You sighed heavily. You didn’t really comprehend what happened, all you knew was that you’d been waiting for 2 hours, sitting on a wooden bench alone. Just then, a boy your age came up to you with a smile. You looked up from your shoes.

He started to talk but then stuttered, forming incoherent words.

You smiled. “What, did you lose your words?” you asked.

His eyes grew slightly. “Did I what?”

“You know, lose your words. My mom says that to me all the time when I stutter,” you explained, reminding yourself just where the hell your mom was now.

The boy chuckled nervously before scratching the back of his head. “Uh, yeah, I think I did. Um, so, what’s your, uh, name?” he asked you.

Your smile grew larger. You thought he was kinda cute. “Y/N. I’m Y/N. What’s yours?”

He returned your smile and extend out a hand to you. “I’m Barry! My adoptive dad works here so I was just hanging around.”

“Really?! My dad works here too!” you replied enthusiastically.

He was going to reply when a girl with dark thick hair in a ponytail came running around the corner. 

“Barry!” she exclaimed. “I thought we were gonna do some homework in the conference room.”

Barry turned around to look at the girl running up to you two. “Iris, come meet Y/N! Her dad works here too.” He gave you a small smile.

The girl, Iris, smiled at you. “Hey! Do you want to come do homework with us? I see you brought your backpack.” She pointed at the backpack that you had to carry around with you since you left school. You looked down and thought for a second. You weren’t very good at talking to new people, and you were definitely more comfortable just sitting on the bench, but they seemed like nice friends and they were your age! Maybe it was time to step out of your comfort zone.

You nodded happily. “Sure!” You slung your backpack around your shoulders and followed the two to the room that they had set up.

Barry glanced over at you as you walked across the police department. “Looks like I found my words, Y/N!”

*Present time*

You sat up in bed, the clock reading 6:38 in red numbers. You were in shock and you were hurt, but you knew that Barry and Iris were still your best friends. You couldn’t just be mad at them without them giving you an explanation. Especially Barry. Oh, especially Barry. 

You rubbed your hands down your face in frustration. You could never be mad at them for more than a day. 

“Dang it, I hate myself,” you whispered. You flung the bed covers off of yourself and went to get ready. You were going to S.T.A.R. Labs. 

Two hours later you found yourself in the same elevator that you left in tears just a couple hours ago. You took a deep breath. Now that you’ve slept on it, you realize how rash you acted. You let your emotions get the best of you, and it was stupid. 

“This isn’t high school, Y/N,” you whispered to yourself. “Barry must have a reason. This isn’t high school.” The elevator doors opened and you walked towards the cortex. The empty hallways did nothing to soften the sound of your sandals against the tile which made you only more aware of your closeness to the place where Barry had almost lost his life.

You walked in to see Cisco alone in front of the computers with headphones in.

“Cisco?” you called out. No response.

You looked around, not really sure what you were looking for.

“Cisco?” you asked, a little louder. He was still clicking away when suddenly he jumped up in excitement and made a loud ‘Whoop!’ You took a step back and raised your eyebrows in surprise. Then he turned around and faced you with his headphones still in and his arms raised in triumph. 

“Oh, shit!” Cisco yelled. He pulled his headphones out and bent over the desk, clutching his heart. You suddenly came running from the doorway to him.

“What, are you okay? Are you having a heart attack?” you asked concerned.

“No,” he started, catching his breath, “just the fact that you scared the living crap out of me. Really, Y/N, you need to announce yourself before standing there like something out of a horror movie.” You looked down at your sweater and jeans and was about to ask how that looked like a horror movie, but you thought that you could live without knowing the answer to that.

You laughed at his dramatic reaction. “I’m sorry, Cisco. I’ll remember to ring the doorbell next time I come,” you teased. He glared at you before slumping back into the leather chair.

“So,” he asked with his head in his hand, “what are you doing here?” 

“I, uh, actually came here to talk to Barry. Is he here?” you questioned.

“Yeah, he’s actually just down that hall in the Speed Lab,” he said, pointing to your right outside the Cortex.

“Great,” you smiled, “Thanks, Cisco.” You were about to turn around when he stopped you.

“Wait, Y/N, I have a question.”

“Yeah?” You looked at him confused.

“Do you like Barry?” Cisco asked, staring straight at you.

Your eyes grew wide. Oh, crap. Panicking, you did the first thing that came to your mind when you get nervous.

You burst out in laughter.

“What?! Me? Liking Barry? Oh, please. No…no way. It’s Barry! Barry likes Iris, it’d be like emotional suicide to like…Barry…” you trailed off.

“Mhmm,” Cisco responded, obviously not believing you. You sighed in defeat.

“Yeah, I do,” you whispered. “That’s weird, you’re the first person to notice that I like him.”

“Well, I am Cisco,” he gloated and gave his smirk. You rolled your eyes as you leaned against the doorway of the Cortex.

“I’m just kidding, Y/N. I have known you for a couple months now, it’s not that hard to miss. I mean, your eyes trail on him just a couple more seconds longer than you do with others. Your face lights up whenever he enters a room.” You looked at him in pleasant surprise. Who knew Cisco was so observant?

“Yeah, I know. I’ve always been bad at hiding my feelings but no one seemed to notice. And he still likes Iris so I’ve been trying to get rid of my feelings…with no success,” you sighed.

“Actually,” Cisco started, “I think Barry doesn’t like Iris anymore. I watch them. She’ll drop hints to ask him out and sometimes it’s just a flat out question, but he always refuses. Always. And you know what I think?” He pointed at you with a suspicious look. 

“I think that he’s rejecting her because he likes you,” Cisco concluded.

You scoffed. “Please, Cisco, don’t give me false hope.” He put his hands up in surrender and shrugged.

“I’m not! I’m just saying,” he defended himself. You chuckled. “Yeah, sure, whatever. I’m gonna go find Barry now.”

“You do that!” Cisco replied as you rounded the corner to find your speedster.

You walked into a large room that you assumed was the Speed Lab as Barry’s vitals beeped on the table and you saw yellow lightning running in circles upstairs above you. Just then, Barry came down from the second level and looked at you from the entrance. 

“Y/N,” he said shocked.

“Hi, Barry,” you said. A pause. “So, how are you doing? I hope you’re taking it slow since you’re not fully healed yet.”

He smiled. “Yeah, don’t worry, making sure to not rip anything.” Another pause.

Barry opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. 

“I’ve seemed to have lost my words,” he mumbled. You gave a small smile. Ever since that day at the police station, you two have said that to each other when one person didn’t know what to say. You rarely used that line. Only once when Barry caught you almost skipping in middle school. He scolded you and told you to come back to class. You internally smiled at the memory.

“It’s okay. I’ll talk,” you started. You took a step towards him. “Barry, I…I want you to know that I care for you. You are my best friend and I want to be there for you every day. But, it hurts when you don’t let me do that.”

Barry finally looked up at you from his leather boots. “Y/N, I know. Joe told me what happened and I had no idea you felt like that. I’m sorry. I never intended for you to feel left out. I just…I can’t have something happen to you, Y/N. I can’t have you getting hurt be on me.”

You breathed out a small laugh. “That’s why you wouldn’t tell me? Because you were worried that I would get hurt?”

“Yes, Y/N! Every single person who knows my secret is in danger of getting hurt or worse. If they get hurt, it’s on me. And I can’t handle you being in danger.” He was now in front of you, close enough to where you could see the gold flecks in his green eyes and the worried creases that laid on his forehead.

You smiled and took one of his leather clad hands. “You don’t have to worry about me, Bar. I can take care of myself,” you said softly.

He started to shake his head. “No, Y/N. You don’t know what I go against every day. All of the people I care about are behind me and I worry if they’re going to be collateral damage. If you get hurt because of me…” Barry shook his head and looked off into the distance.

“Hey,” you held his face to look at yours. “Stop blaming things on yourself, Barry Allen. Even you, a man who can run into the future, can’t predict it yourself. No matter what happens to anyone, it isn’t your fault. It never is, okay? If somehow I get hurt or Joe does, it is not your fault. You need to stop taking care of other people and take care of yourself for once! Don’t push people away because you’re afraid. Pull them closer so that they can support you.” You squeezed his hands slightly, emphasizing your presence with him.

He looked at you with the saddest eyes and then you knew what was coming. Barry pushed you away.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. But you need to go. I can’t have you here anymore,” he whispered. You dropped your arms by your sides.

“Really? Barry, I can take care of myself! I’m not some damsel in distress that needs constant attention. I won’t even be here most of the time. I just want you to know that I’m here for you, Bar.” The pain returned. How could he not want you here? He was okay with everyone else, but once again, not you.

“I…” he shook his head in frustration. “I just need you to leave, okay, Y/N?” With that, he sped away to God knows where, leaving you in the large, empty room with nothing but the beeps of the computers.

You angrily slammed the door of your car as you parked on the curb of your apartment complex.

“Stupid Barry. Stupid Y/N. You thought he liked you,” you scoffed to yourself. You groaned in anger when suddenly a crash pulled your attention to the other side of the street. It was a metahuman, robbing the jewelry store that laid across your apartment. He was shooting electricity out of his hands when suddenly, the man in the scarlet suit arrived.

People were running away from the scene, but you stayed locked in your spot. You knew you had to leave, yet something told you to stay put. You couldn’t leave Barry alone even though you knew that Cisco and Caitlin were in his ear comm. You couldn’t run knowing exactly just how dangerous electricity was. In the hospital, electricity was used to restart a heart, but it could stop one just as quickly.

You watched the scene unfold. Barry had gotten hit twice which made you uneasy but he seemed to get right back up. That was when you heard a groan. Beside the fight scene between the two metas, you saw a woman severely injured. It seemed that a part of metal had pierced her abdomen and blood was everywhere. You remembered your first aid kit in the trunk of your car. 

“Y/N!” Barry yelled as his opponent was the the middle of getting up from a hit. “You need to leave!” Then, he zipped off to fight the man again. You looked at the woman. You could save her. You car wasn’t even locked yet. You could just grab the kit, run, fix her up, and go in less than 10 minutes. After a quick battle between your two voices, you popped the trunk, snatched the black bag that held your medical supplies and ran as fast as you could to the bleeding victim. 

“Hey, I’m a doctor. I’m going to help you, okay? I just need you to hold on. Stay alive,” you whispered to her. She nodded slightly, her breath coming in short huffs. 

“Okay,” you whispered to yourself. You made sure to check that Barry and the meta were a good distance away from you before examining her. You decided to keep the metal in since you didn’t know what the damages were. You bandaged the gash to keep as much blood in as possible. Soon enough you were finished, you only had to get her to a hospital quickly. As you packed your supplies as fast as you could, a loud crash came from behind you. 

Barry had flung the meta into a car that was parked right behind you. He got up, blue electricity sizzling off of him. You grabbed a syringe from the kit that you knew would come in handy if he did what you hoped he’d do. And he did it.

His eyes locked with yours and in three long strides, he grabbed you by the neck and pushed your body against his, using you as a shield. 

“No!” Barry exclaimed. 

The meta chuckled menacingly. “Let me go, Flash. And I’ll let your little girlfriend go.” 

Barry extended out a hand warily. “Stop, please, don’t hurt her. You want me. Fight me.” You could feel the syringe growing sweaty in your palm. You need to put this medication straight into his heart or it won’t work. You just needed to move slightly to the right…

Without thinking, you stepped on his right foot, making him lose his grip on you. You turned around and stabbed the syringe right where his heart was located and quickly injected him with the drug. A second later he fell to the ground, heart stopped and unconscious. Then you looked at Barry.

“Flash! GO! You have four seconds,” you yelled panicking. Barry stared at you for one second before he sped away to handcuff the meta and doused him in water to kill the electricity. Right when Barry turned the nearby water hose off, you could see the meta’s chest start to rise and fall once again yet still unconscious.

Barry looked at you with relief and ran back to you. He held your face in between his hands. “Are you okay?” he asked worried. You covered your hands with his.

“Yes, I’m great. I told you I can take care of myself, Flash,” you remarked. Barry smiled his famous smile at you. You looked him in the eyes. “You won’t push me away, Barry,” you whispered. “No matter how hard you try, I will always be here for you. Whether you like it or not.”

Barry rubbed his thumbs along your cheek bones softly.

“You know,” he said in a hushed tone, “Cisco said I should make a move on you. And that you wouldn’t mind.”

Nerves suddenly took over your body and instincts took over. You gave him a gigantic smile and responded in the same hushed voice. “No,” you said, “I…would not.”

The next thing you knew, Barry had placed his lips on yours. A second passed as you froze. A million things ran through your mind. But you were only focused on one. As you kissed back with your fingers around his neck and his hands around your waist, you could only think about how all this time you thought Barry wasn’t the one. But, in that moment, you couldn’t even think about being with anyone else except the man that was with you right now.

You don’t know if you would’ve stopped kissing Barry anytime soon when suddenly, claps began to appear around you, Then, a full blown applause. That’s when you realized that you were still in public. And that the entire city probably saw the scene that unfolded in front of them.

“Oh, crap,” you said as you hid your face in Barry’s chest. You weren’t very good with the spotlight on you.

Barry chuckled before carrying you so that he could run out of the scene for the police to take care of.

“Oh, wait!” you told Barry right when he was about to run. You pointed at the police and told them a quick run over the woman who was laying stable on the floor behind you. They nodded, quick loading her into an ambulance. It was only when the sirens of the vehicle faded then could you peacefully go with Barry. You nodded at him and in a second, the two of you disappeared in a blur. 

He dropped you gently on the couch of your apartment. He sat next to you before taking off his mask and kissing you again but with more passion this time. You pulled away, breathless. 

“Please don’t push me away again, Bar,” you murmured.

Barry hugged you tightly, burying his face in your shoulder. 

“Never again, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do without you now.”

You smiled contently. “Seems like you’ve found your words, Barry,” you teased. He gave you a loving smile. 

As long as you had Barry and your friends right beside you, maybe Central City wouldn’t be that bad. In fact, it was great to be back home.

The End

Kenma has never been good with words. 

He observes Tetsurou’s dark circles when he comes home from work every night, in turn kissing them all, a silent “i’m glad to be home”. Tetsurou never complains, though. He loves teaching little kids about chemistry and physics and the secrets of the universe. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s wearing a pair of ratty old sweats, eating popcorn and laughing at really bad movies with the rest of them. And he always brings back leftover candy from school.

He observes Keiji’s mouth, a slight droop of lips indicating his discomfort at having to work overtime at the hospital. Keiji never complains, though. He loves helping people. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s at home, absorbed in a good book, his head on one of their laps, enjoying one of the quieter moments with the rest of them. And he always brings back flowers that remind him of them.

He observes Koutarou from a distance, a star shining almost too bright to look at directly. But he sees the sagging of his shoulders, an indication of self doubt and dejection. Koutarou doesn’t complain about it, though. He loves playing volleyball and he knows his students look up to their coach, a figure of strength and resilience. But Kenma knows that no matter how spirited Koutarou might appear to his students, he likes it best when he is sitting under the blankets with the rest of them, late at night, talking about the latest ghost story he’s heard from his students, an act that always always leads to cuddling. And he always hugs them all so hard, lifting them off their feet and planting a kiss with a plop on their cheeks.

Where does Kenma find himself in this equation? How does he show his love, when he can’t even say the words “i love you”? Maybe he doesn’t have to.

He decides to make them a playlist.

Kuroo Tetsurou

you and i - ingrid michaelson // who do you love - marianas trench // can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots //  together with the sundown - stephen jerzak // promise the stars - we the kings // a sky full of stars - coldplay // symphony - clean bandit ft. zara larsson // u just can’t be replaced - gnash ft. rosabeales // shooting star - owl city // just the way you are - bruno mars // kiss me - ed sheeran // i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

Akaashi Keiji

for him - troye sivan ft. allday // lovers in japan - coldplay // thinking out loud - ed sheeran // rollercoaster - bleachers // i won’t give up - jason mraz // moonlight - ariana grande // vanilla twilight - owl city // goner - twenty one pilots // true colours - tom odell // i do adore - mindy gledhill // truly madly deeply - savage garden // always - panic! at the disco

Bokuto Koutarou 

treasure - bruno mars // somebody to you - the vamps ft. demi lovato // love on top - beyonce // tear in my heart - twenty on pilots // missing you - all time low // love is easy - mcfly // i really like you - carly rae jepsen // top of the world - greek fire // say it, just say it - the mowgli’s // just give me a reason - p!nk // give me a try - the wombats //  turning pages - sleeping at last

Monsta X As Dads

Anonymous said: can i have a reaction for monsta x and bts being dads? thank you!

I’ll post BTS’ version as soon as possible!


  • The quiet dad
  • Would show his love by his actions
  • He’s not good with words so he’d randomly hug his kids
  • Or even suddenly buy that game they’ve been wanting
  • Also tried to go to every event
  • No matter how impossible
  • Sports games? Concert? He’s going
  • He’s very observant with his kids
  • Will know immediately what tiny thing made their mood drop just a bit
  • He’ll notice if his kids have a crush or dislike someone
  • But, he’s oblivious at times
  • Won’t realize that the single moms and teachers are flirting with him
  • Even his kids notice before him
  • He thinks they’re just being friendly
  • Always friendzones them without thinking
  • His kids always laugh and shake their heads at this
  • He’s also supportive of his kids’ hobbies
  • Rather they sing or dance or draw
  • But they’re destined for dancing most likely


  • The emotional dad
  • Wouldn’t be afraid to show his affection
  • Rather through words or overly dramatic cuddles
  • He’d be just generally loving 
  • But because of that, he’s not good at discipline
  • Once his kids do something, he’ll try to
  • But their pouts immediately make him stop his scolding
  • Unless they do something bad like bullying
  • But his kids grew up to love others so he doesn’t have to worry
  • They’re like angels from heaven with extra charm
  • He’s also extremely supportive of them
  • He’ll go to every event humanly possible
  • Is also flirted with by everyone single
  • But, he’s not oblivious to it and flirts back
  • Even though he flirts back and all
  • His attention is solely on his kids and their happiness


  • The hyper dad
  • People wonder if he’s the kid
  • Even his kids wonder
  • But even though he’s hyper and childish he’ll be serious if he needs to be
  • His kids are the sweetest angels and always have energy
  • They’d probably be friends with everyone so he’d know all the kids
  • Everyone loves him and want to play games or hang out with him
  • Even the teachers want to spend time with him
  • His kids are loved by everyone in their schools and even town
  • The bullies listen to them and him which decreases bullying
  • Supportive all the way no matter what
  • Doesn’t coddle his kids and lets them explore
  • But he’ll be beside them instantly if needed
  • His kids will probably sing, but they’re destined to be the mood-makers


  • The motherly dad
  • Takes care of both spectrums of parenthood
  • People wonder if he sleeps and how he always looks good
  • Mothers think he’s an alien with how good of a parent he is
  • If there’s an event his kids are in, he’s going
  • How he juggles motherhood and fatherhood, no one knows
  • His kids are sweet and nice but will have a sassy attitude if needed
  • They wouldn’t be afraid to voice their opinions and fight for them
  • If his kids are having problems then they’re his problems
  • At first, the other kids were scared of them because of his glares
  • But one school day he brought his cookies and now he’s one of the favorites
  • Has “mother” talks with the other moms
  • Moms either love him or envy him there’s no in between
  • Treats his kids like his treasure and always help him
  • Protective and sometimes has a mental breakdown if he doesn’t know where they are
  • Supportive of what they do no matter what
  • But there’s no way they’re not going to sing


  • The chill dad
  • More like a big brother than an actual father
  • His kids are allowed to do pretty much anything
  • Yet they are well-behaved which confuses people
  • Sometimes doesn’t know where they are
  • Once found one of his kids in a store after missing for three hours
  • Bought some food and took them home
  • His kids are lanky and tall too
  • Their meme-ish sass are over normall human limit
  • They won’t hold back their opinions at all
  • He treats his kids like adults so they deal with their problems
  • But he’ll get involved if he has to for them
  • His looks have everyone flirting 
  • He just judges them as they try with his kids
  • His kids have his charms and looks too
  • Bound to dance but he’s supportive either way


  • The embarrassing dad
  • He loves his kids and he’s not afraid to embarrass them
  • Pretty much crazy to some people
  • Overprotective is an understatement and has a mental breakdown if he doesn’t see his kids
  • His kids are just as crazy and embarrassing as him
  • They always do aeygo and generally have fun
  • Embarrassing his kids is his strong suit
  • Either doing dramatic aeygo or screaming about his love
  • Will fight someone for his kids
  • Always goes to his kids’ events
  • Is somehow loved by the other kids
  • Probably because he’s a giant baby
  • Supportive of his kids’ hobbies
  • His kids can’t help but rap too
  • The teachers think he’s crazy but the single moms think he’s cute
  • When flirted with, he tries to deny friendly so his kids have to get in the middle
  • They also have to kill the bugs but he’d fist-fight someone for them


  • The weird dad
  • Would also show his love by actions
  • Not one to really talk about his feelings
  • Another type to be more like a brother than a father to his kids
  • Calm on outside and freak out on the inside
  • He’ll act unfazed if he loses his kids but inside he’s screaming and flailing
  • His kids are quiet and weird like him also they’re incredibly observant and smart
  • They’re shy at first and become crazily funny once you know them
  • The teachers think he’s just misunderstood but the moms think he’s a cute alien
  • Is flirted with a lot but he’s an awkward bean who tries to deny it as friendly as he could
  • His kids will voice their opinions if needed
  • They’re also bound to rap as a hobby but he’s supportive on whatever they want to do
  • He will protect them and make sure they’re happy
I hope you enjoy this, love! I’ll post the BTS version as soon as possible. Have a wonderful day, request if you want anything else!

~Admin Kat

By Zombies

This is all @saibrarutherford‘s fault. More grammar silliness in the Class Act AU. Things in Mara’s classroom get a little off topic (as they do), and Cullen is there to see it all. A similar thing might have happened in my classroom… Cullen’s POV, 1k. 

The best part about Cullen’s classroom being right across the hall from Mara’s was that on his prep hour he could hear all of the shenanigans she got into with her kids. The desks in Mara’s classroom were arranged into groups to form tables, a stark contrast to the straight, front-facing rows in his. There was always a chaotic sort of buzz coming from her classroom. He’d teased her once about it, and she’d just shrugged and said it was the sound of learning. His teaching style was so different from hers that it had been hard to understand that completely, but the few times he’d observed her this year had shown him that she was right.

That day though, Cullen could hear them talking about zombies. His students had been watching a documentary the last two days, which meant that his grading was up to date, all his planning done. He’d been catching up on some reading, but set it down in favor of crossing the short distance from his classroom to hers.

He leaned silently in the doorway, a faint smile on his face as he took in the scene. Mara was at the whiteboard, marker in hand. She was dressed more casual than usual, jeans with a soft flowing shirt with a gray cardigan. He knew just how soft that shirt was, and she knew just how much he liked the blue color. Behind her on the whiteboard was written, “The pizza was eaten by zombies.” Cullen was still not sure what on earth was going on.

There were several students talking to her at once, and Cullen wasn’t sure how she managed to keep track of them all, but she did.

“Come on, Paul. The mountains would be the place to go, you can set up your own traps and there are enough natural predators to help pick them off,” Jonny, a student Cullen had next hour, said.

Paul shook his head. “I’m telling you, stick in the city. I Am Legend style. You’ve got access to all sorts of conveniences.”

“Remember that the guy in I Am Legend dies, right?” a girl at another table said.

“Okay, but he was fine until he made the one zombie dude mad.” Paul leaned back in his seat.

Mara frowned. “Those weren’t zombies though.”

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James Hanbridge and the youngest of the triplets. Takes more after his father in terms of attitude. Due to an illness when he was younger he is a bit weak but is making steady progress in getting better. Always there to keep Akko calm when his dad isn’t there to calm Akko. Secretly wishes to become a wizard, but hasn’t told anybody as he is a bit embarrassed by it. However Amanda knows about James wish as she secretly has been teaching him to master riding a broom as she observed that he possess the skills to ride one with grace and speed. He is the kid who attends his father’s meetings much to his parents suprise. Also enjoys talking with aunt Diana about books at their weekly book club get together. You can find him helping his dad prep for a meeting by simply listening to his dad’s ideas. Enjoys taking a stroll with Akko in the mornings as he gets to listen to his mom’s stories from her youth.

So yesterday was @wanderingcas birthday and she mentioned a few days ago that she wanted me to write a femslash version of her amazing fic, Passing Ships, so I wrote the first half of chapter two :)

Happy birthday, Sam! Love you!

Deanna finally eases off the gas as they enter the school zone and Cas stares almost in awe as the building comes into view. It’s nicer than she expected, almost homey with its white-washed bricks and Victorian windows laced with the not-yet shriveled vines of summer. There’s evidence of a beautiful garden during warmer seasons and an expansive field of grass surrounding the whole property.

It’s like no school Cas has ever seen and she shares her thoughts with Deanna. 

“It’s a Montessori school,” Deanna explains as she parks the car. “Lots of funding, super fancy. I probably wouldn’t even have this job if Sam’s wife’s sister hadn’t taught music here.”

“What do you teach?” Cas asks.

“First grade.”

Cas almost smiles at memories of Claire in first grade, with her blonde pigtails and Barbie backpack.

“Well, see you in seven hours,” Deanna says as she opens the car door 

Cas scrambles out of the passenger door. “I’m coming too.”

Deanna squawks like that’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard. “The hell you are.”

“I have to be able to observe you,” Cas says as she trails after the blonde. “There was no point in me coming here with you if I can’t even see you.”

“Then I guess you should just hitch a ride back to… wherever the hell cupids stay.” Deanna waves a noncommittal hand. “Whatever. See ya later!”

She’s just about to open the front door when Cas barks, “Deanna. My orders are to understand what is preventing your soulmate connection. In order to do that, I must be allowed to observe you in your day-to-day activities. This is Heaven’s will and I am going to follow my instructions to the best of my ability, so I am coming into this school.”

Cas can hear Deanna’s strained exhale before the woman turns around, lips pursed. There’s still fight in her eyes but she just closes them and sighs again. “Fine,” she grits and points a finger at Cas. “But you don’t say a word, got it? Nothing about this soulmate bullshit. This is my job, and if you get me fired, Heaven will have hell to pay.”

Cas nods once. “I understand.”

Deanna just rolls her eyes and yanks the door open before impatiently gesturing Cas through.

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One of the Greatest Titles in the World is Parent

Summary: “One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.” Bellamy and Clarke have somehow quasi-adopted a plethora of children.


Bellamy first noticed it when he finally reunited with the 47 that were locked within the mountain. He had heard that Fox had been captured and he had drawn the line at any more of his kids being injured in any way. So Bellamy had shot the two guards who were attempting to take fox and rescued her. She had been scared that he had been there to kill her due to the uniform he had on but once Bellamy had whipped off the guard’s helmet, Fox had tackle hugged him like a little girl hugging her father after being lost in a supermarket. He had shushed and reassured her that she was okay and then helped get her to safety in the form of Maya’s father before returning to the other kids to start getting them out.

But Fox was just the start of these reactions, jasper had hugged him tightly as well that day and it spiraled from there. When Bellamy protected Harper, she hugged him and whispered her thanks before going back into the safe room she had been placed in. Some of the kids asked how Clarke was and what the plan the two leaders had to get them out. He had told them to prepare for War and that’s what he always repeated.

It wasn’t until a month or so after the final attack and the delinquents had decided to return to the drop ship campsite to rebuild and take their land back that Bellamy truly observed how the kids acted. Clarke and him had reunited and reconciled after the attack and were now sharing a tent near the drop ship converted med bay as the campers worked on building more permanent structures in the form of cabins.

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anonymous asked:

i know you've said multiple times that you watch arrow for oliver, olicity and ota, but would you please share your thoughts about the new team? thank you!

Honestly, when the season started off, I’ll admit I was skeptic yet hopeful about the new team.

Quentin was me. I was Quentin.

That was because for me, Team Arrow has always been and will always be, despite whoever comes or goes, this

I love my OTA. Yes, I could work with Roy slowly working his way into the team and then Thea coming in. But this? This was sudden. This was a complete redo of everything we’ve known about Team Arrow for the past seasons, with only Oliver and Felicity (broken up) at the core, and I didn’t think honestly it would work for me this soon.

But, it has. I admit I was skeptical. And I admit I like this. 

So, I’ll start with my absolute favorite so far.

Rory Regan

Oh Rory. Out of all the new vigilantes, Rory is my absolute favorite.

It’s not only because he’s got a beautifully heart-wrenching backstory, because he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders completely alone, or because he has nothing to turn to except scraps other people leave to work with, or because he’s in such constant pain that I can feel it across the screen.

It is because of that, but it’s also because he’s lost everything and everyone and is still going on, doing the right thing, carrying his father’s legacy on to the future because that’s what good people do. It’s because he’s on the path to be a hero, rags or no rags. (And the rags are odd, to be honest).

Remind you of someone else we know? Hint:

I feel like Oliver’s character was split in half and one part put in Rory and the other in Rene, so both are very similar to Oliver in a lot of ways, while being very different.

Rory, especially, god this boy. I see tears in his eyes and I want to wrap him a blankie and feed him ice cream. He has no one. Nothing. He has every single right to be so, so angry with the world. He could’ve taken his rags and become an admirable villain with a vendetta against Felicity, especially after Felicity told him the truth.

And yet, I think his reaction was defining him.

He didn’t lash out at her. Didn’t look at her with hatred. Didn’t even look angry.

What he looked was broken. Like he’d found a new family, only to lose it all over again.

And he left without a word.

He could’ve done so many bad things, with the powers in his possession.

But he didn’t.

He came to talk to Oliver personally and tell him he couldn’t be on the team with complete honesty, like a decent man, 

then holed himself in his workshop taking scraps and making them into something beautiful, creating art out of death and waste.

I think that defines Rory pretty well - he takes death and breathes life into it.

He’s just been in two episodes prominently, always the quiet, observant kid on the sidelines, watching all the other dynamics in the family and taking pleasure in simple human interactions, maybe remembering his own family, friends and loved ones.

He’s thoughtful, compassionate, the quiet soul of a philosopher perhaps.

He came back to the team because he wants to move forward, because despite it being Felicity’s actions, it wasn’t her fault and he knew that. He took a major step forward with her, with his team, with Oliver by doing that, and just like Team Arrow became a family for Oliver, for Felicity, for Digg, for Roy, Rory feels in his heart it’ll be the same for him.

The fact that he could let vengeance for his family go to save the life of a man he did not know surprised me.

But it was the fact that he could even offer the woman who sent a nuke that made him lose everything a coffee and this genuine hand of friendship just amazed me.

 “We can’t let guilt swallow us up. I’ll keep you from doing it, if you promise the same for me.” 

It just sealed the deal for me. Rory, after this moment, was in my heart. I don’t know if he’ll die in the next episode or stay with the team for five seasons. What I do know is I want him happy. I root for him.

I know it’s just been two episodes, but I love Rory. I love him deeply. I realize I can write a lot about him, only from two episodes and that tells me I love him. He’s taken a little space in my heart. I want him to find his own Digg and Felicity, find friends and family. I can’t wait to see his character grow from here, see him interact with my faves, see him have some place to call home again.

Plus his lines?

Yes, I love him.

Rene Ramirez

Wild dog. 

I swear never was a nickname more appropriate. He’s completely wild, and stubborn like a dog with a bone. 

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coin-in-the-wishing-well  asked:

Er, I'm new to this ask buisness, but I was wondering-- Do you think you could go a canon divergence, (maybe with a little coldwave thrown in there), where the Waverider crew ends up in Gotham?

By an overwhelming three votes to zero, here’s the Mick-with-friends short fill I mentioned :) @coin-in-the-wishing-well, I hope you don’t mind that it’s a bit Mick-centric!

AO3 Link

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Nate chants.

“It’s okay,” Sara says, though she sounds a little nervous herself. “It’s just Gotham.”

“It’s Gotham,” Nate hisses.

“What’s the matter with Gotham?” Amaya asks.

“Gotham has the largest supervillain population in the United States,” Nate says. “Worst of the worst. The real crazies. Poison gas, fear gas, acid, killer plants – basically, if humanity has had a nightmare about it, it’s probably shown up in Gotham. Which we’re currently stuck in!”

“But, you know, maybe by now…”

“We crashed in 2020,” Stein says. “As of 2016, Gotham was getting worse, not better. Gideon, the supervillain population in Gotham –”

“2020 is the height of the supervillain boom,” Gideon says cheerfully.


“We’re gonna die,” Nate says. “Of all the cities we had to crash into…”

“We just need to get one part to fix the ship and we’ll be able to get out of here,” Ray argues. “In, out, no problem.”

“Has that ever happened?” Jax asks skeptically.

“…it could,” Ray says.

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Back when Dean Winchester was only a kid, he would often dream of wings. Wings shielding him. Wings protecting him from whatever the world could possibly throw at him, whether it was a supernatural threat or not.

Obviously, his mother was the one to blame for that; telling him that angels were watching over him. According to her, they were always observing, waiting, and there to chase away both his nightmares and any monsters that dared to hide in his closet.

For years, it had been a source of comfort for Dean, even after his mom had passed away. A miracle that Dean chose to believe in, because if there were demons in this world, there also had to be some light to balance out all of that darkness. He refused to let go of it until he turned twelve years old and gave up on believing. Gave up on wishing for things that his father insisted didn’t exist anyway.

That was until Dean finally got to see the real deal, there in that barn in Pontiac, Illinois. Or actually, only a mere glimpse, a shadow of all that power and crackling energy that Dean had seen in his dreams more times than he could count. But unlike in his dreams, back then when he’d first encountered a true wave of celestial intent, it had felt like something intimidating and, quite frankly, terrifying. No hope, no comfort, not what he expected at all. If anything, more scary unknown crap for Dean to deal with, another would-be monster that he would eventually have to take out, probably.

“What are you thinking about, Dean?”

Castiel’s voice gently pulled Dean out of his thoughts, and Dean smiled at the memories as he watched how his mom and Sammy were rushing towards the Impala from across the street. His mother and younger brother were sharing a half-broken umbrella, hoping to fight off the rain to get to the place where they were all supposed to meet up after they’d each questioned a list of witnesses that might help them with their current case.

“God, the weather is awful today! Why aren’t you two waiting inside?” Mary asked before Dean could answer Cas’ question, brushing the water out of her face.

“What she said.” Sam agreed, running a hand through his soaked hair; no wonder, because from up close, Dean could count the holes in that old red umbrella.

Dean smirked at them, unable to hide his smugness as he pointed to his own hair and clothes; perfectly dry. Even though Cas’ wings weren’t visible, these days they did all of the things that Dean had pictured them doing back when he still believed in guardian angels and fairytales.

Whereas Sam simply rolled his eyes and mumbled something that sounded a lot like “cheater” before he got into the car, Mary eyed the two of them with a certain amount of relief that Dean hadn’t seen from her since the day when she’d been brought back, and he briefly wondered if she was sharing his thoughts.

She smiled while playfully shaking her head, then joined Sam in the backseat. Cas glanced at Dean with calm blue eyes, not saying anything, but not getting into the car either. Knowing Cas, he was without a doubt still patiently waiting for Dean’s answer to his question.

Luckily, it was an easy question, and Dean grinned at the angel as he watched the rain fall all around the two of them, yet never touching them. After a brief peck on Cas’ lips he humored the guy, offering him his reply.

Us. I was thinking about us.”

White Team and the Lunar Eclipse

(This is a collaboration between myself and @linkspooky and is as much her work as mine, both in ideas and in making them flow together into a cohesive whole.) 

In the latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul, you could easily be mistaken into thinking things are setting up for the final arc. However, there are a few discrepancies people have been noticing. Characters seem to be letting go of old grudges too easily, Kaneki might have returned to Anteiku far too soon for what was, the final objective of the last series. While these might set some readers at ease who expect Tokyo Ghoul to be a much tighter written series, these flaws within the current group structure might be intentional.

As we are in the arc of the moon. With the arc just beginning, tensions and unease on the surface is an essential part of the moon card. Moreover, this arc seeming like it’s final, but in truth only being penultimate, as well as the conflicts that might show up in this arc, have been set up in the manga before this.

What the moon Tarot card depicts is a lunar eclipse. The revelations of the star allow the fool to grow too confident in his journey and be lost in the illusion. Just as Kaneki right now seems to be ready to embark on an idealistic end to Arima’s request for him. Finally, always lost and ever confused Kaneki seems to have found his ultimate purpose. However, the moon depicts a lunar eclipse, the light which you see has been blocked out by the moon in front of it. An eclipse not only focuses on an overlying of opposites, light and dark, moon and sun, but the ultimate result of an eclipse is a shadow cast down on those below. The moon card plays heavily with this jungian idea of the ‘shadow’ or repressed desires that exist beneath the surface.

The symbolism of the eclipse has already been invoked before. The Tsukiyama building was known as “Lunar Eclipse” and Tsuki itself is a character which stands for moon. [x]

The phrase White Rainbow, which was used on the same chapter that depicted Kaneki’s mental world finally clearing also carries the Idiom ‘White Rainbow’ which considers White Rainbows as a bad omen, that something bad will happen to the king or a rebellion will occur. [x]

Now this could be all well and good with Kaneki’s new rebellion against the CCG’s order, but rebellions tend to run in circles.

Even without the invoking of the moon card, eclipses and white rainbows are both bad omens to be following Kaneki around.

Then look to the imagery even used in this chapter alone. An organization led by a white king is going to be named black goat, while alternatively they fight an organization led by a black king, consisting of white doves. White overlaid on black is an eclipse.

Kaneki names his team “the Black Goats” after “the Black Goat’s Egg,” following the metaphor of the world as an egg that Eto uses during the flashback in Cochlea. The plot of the book, and it’s primary conflict are of a son who has these deep, subconscious urges that mirror those of his violent serial killer mother. And he tries to deny them, but he cannot. As the novel goes on, he can no longer repress the parts of him until he, too, becomes a killer.

The novel is fundamentally a Moon Arc conflict, of the subconscious asserting itself - surfacing and refusing to stay buried no matter how hard the ego, the conscious mind, desires not to act on it.

These characters repressing their true urges and secret or not so secret desires in order to work together, while they simmer under the surface - that’s the plot of the Black Goat’s Egg. And in the book, like its set up in the chapter, like it should happen in the Moon arc, these repressed desires break free spectacularly and violently.

Therefore what exists between these characters right now is not true cooperation brought about by Kaneki having the kind of discussions he wishes to have, addressing his true feelings, but rather the appearance of cooperation. Stragglers with a vague common goal all trying to unite under the banner of the One Eyed King, but almost every single named character has an as of yet unresolved conflict.

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