he's also very charming

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jealous! isak because isn't that what everyone's here for and it's actually canon like yo boi be cool that other boi will be/is yours

snake!isak strikes again and this time its to Protect His Boy

  • even is such a casual flirter and he doesn’t even realize it?? its not even that he’s flirty he’s just naturally very charming and also very attractive according to most people and so that means that he’s just flirtatious and people are all over him all the time and isak is….Not On Board
  • we’ve all seen Season 1, jealous isak is not …….. the most trustworthy guy around
  • yes yes isak’s changed a lot from season 1 he’s learned his lessons but old habits die hard and its really hard to squash that feeling of inadequacy when you already sorta dont think you’re good enough and you see a hot guy flirt with your boyfriend.
  • isak doesn’t bring it up. he Simmers in Silence and falls quiet and starts just. throwing looks here and there. maybe once or twice he’ll say something stingy that’s meant to throw the person off, but he’s spent so much time regretting what he did to eva and jonas he’s not keen on letting his jealousy hurt other people again, so he does his best not to.
  • even almost always notices something is Up when this happens but he doesn’t realize its jealousy until the fourth time its happened??? he just assumed that isak didn’t like whoever he was talking to or was irritated by them.
    • bc even doesn’t see the conversation he had with that one really gorgeous girl as flirting, why would he be interested?? if isak exists??? and wants to be with him??? like WHY would he ever go for some guy he barely knows in front of isak? it makes no sense in even’s head, so he wouldnt get why isak is jealous until he realizes that isak is glaring at him too. even gets a moment of why is he pissed at me?? and then he looks at the person he’s flirting with and then . Realizes. 
    • even forgets he’s attractive sometimes its a problem
  • and honestly?? seeing isak all grouchy and grumpy is always sort of cute + funny to even purely for the facial expressions and indignant replies, and the fact that he’s grouchy because isak’s a tinnyyy bit possessive of him is just a bonus (any reminder that isak cares about him and loves him is a Good Thing in even’s book)
  • so at first, even just sort of laughs it off and rubs isak’s arm and teases him a little bit but isak never finds it funny. and not in the cute it’s not funny! followed by a reluctant grin and maybe a laugh. a genuine annoyance and irritation and quiet no its not funny.
  • because isak’s insecure as fuck??? yes he’s gotten so much more confident over these past few seasons but the minute sonja told him that even only loved him bc of his mania, isak believed it immediately. consistently throughout the entire beginning of their relationship, isak believed he wasn’t good enough for even, questioned why would even like him anyways, etc. and while that might have been quelled in the season 3 finale, when they saw + accepted each other, flaws and all, those sort of feelings are hard to shake. its gonna take some time before isak is completely over those insecurities - and seeing even interact in that way with people who seem so much more attractive, and funny, and sociable than isak is definitely doesn’t help.
  • even doesn’t really get why its such a Big Deal and whenever he asks about it, seriously, because he wants to know why isak is so bothered by it, isak just changes the subject and makes it pretty clear he’s not ready to talk about it. 
  • but one day, after even pesters him enough, isak just finally blurts it out. and he’s a little embarassed and refuses to meet even’s eyes and sort of buries his own confession with i know its stupid im stupid i shouldnt worry about us and jealousy is bad and
  • even just hurts a little bit inside bc he KNOWS he was sort of a dick to isak at the beginning of the relationship but he assumed that isak’s feelings weren’t as strong as his own?? that it only became Something for isak later, while it was always Something for even?? so he never thought he was making isak feel inadequate, or like he wasn’t enough - he just thought he was doing what was best for them both. 
  • even apologizes. and he doesn’t specify if its for the flirting or for the past and isak accepts it as both. 
  • after that he becomes even more vocal about how much he loves isak than he already is - just to reassure him and also bc he likes talking about how much he loves isak - and there are a lot quiet moments where even strokes isak’s hair and whispers to him, only for the two of them to hear - you’re enough. i wouldn’t want anyone else. there’s only you.
  • even doesn’t entirely cease his flirting just bc its just?? the way he talks?? but he also makes sure to loudly + obviously introduce isak as his boyfriend any time he notices that isak’s getting in a Mood.
    • can u imagine, in the middle of a conversation about a paper he had due for english with this blonde girl, isak lets out a sigh and even suddenly goes oH YEAH i fORGOT TO MENTION THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND
    • this girl is a lesbian she doesnt rlly give a fuck, shes like oh………..ok, anyways, that paper
    • isak feels a little better now anyways. 
  • Jealous Isak. poor guy.

Kihyun birthday

Today is the birthday of the person with the most beautiful voice 

Kihyun, also have a charming smile.

He is a very focused boy, he is always giving his best, he is still going to grow a lot and give us a lot of pride and I’m sure of it.

With puppies, the cutest thing

A boy who can be 2 different sides

Kihyun wrote a letter to monbebes on a leaf ♡

Anyway, give lots of love to our main vocalist, he deserves

Happy birthday, Kihyunie

Thoughts on Seungbae, Bum, and empathy

The last chapter keeps haunting me and I want to explore how it could tie in to Seungbae’s narrative and bring some light to this dark situation. Spoilers for Chapter 15 under the cut

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Brian Epstein knew nothing about management, which was a great advantage because he was managing artists who knew nothing about the business either. The Beatles were new and revolutionary and it was right that the person who represented them should also be an innocent at large. He was a very charming man who worked very, very hard in those months when he came down from the North to try and interest people in London. I liked Brian Epstein very much. When I was launching Manfred Mann, we did a show with the Beatles at Wembley and Brian walked right across the arena to tell me how good Manfred Mann was.
—  UK agent and manager, Ken Pitt. The show he refers to was the 1964 NME Pollwinners Concert. (Love Me Do to Love Me Don’t: Beatles on Record by Spencer Leigh [2016])
Describing My Boyfriend - Jongup

“What’s your boyfriend like unnie?”

he’s very adorable.

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a bit of a dork.

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but also very charming.

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he has the ability to make anybody smile.

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he’s breathtaking. 

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“Wow, he seems perfect.”

Yeah, he is. 

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so tell me girl, aside from andy what other males of the caucasian persuasion do you fancy? lol <3

Why does it always happen that I suddenly forget everything I’ve ever liked when I get questions like this? 😄Only Chris Evans and Ross Marquand come to mind, but I know there are more. I’ll just add Kit Harington and Ryan Gosling for now.

no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is


Robb Stark appreciation month

Day 31: Anything you want 

↳ I wanted to use this gifset to focus on something that has always bothered me in interpretations of Robb. Everyone (well, 90% of the people, based on what I’ve seen) always sees Robb as an extrovert, this social, outgoing young man who has no problem getting along with anyone. And partly, that is true. But not at all entirely. I guess the main thing that bothers me about this is that this’d set him apart from the other Starks quite a bit, since House Stark has always been known for being secluded and quiet. 

While I don’t think his social personality is an issue (it makes him very charming, and a good leader), he also has a darker, more serious side to him. Sometimes he acts as if he just wants to be alone, to escape from all the heavy responsibilities and demands of the people around him. And considering what he’s going through, it’s entirely understandable. Robb is warm, talkative and fun to be around. But he can also be cold, angry and feel the need to be left alone. That’s exactly the beauty of him. He’s not that one-sided. He never has been. 

@ladyhedoniste replied to your photo “So I went to see Justice League Dark and yelled at Matt Ryan from a…”

Yay! I’m so glad you had a good time, and got to speak to Matt Ryan :D

Technically I got to scream at Matt Ryan (honestly what self-respecting fan event doesn’t have microphones for audience Q&A) but on the other hand I got a poster and he SPOKE TO ME so yes I’m v v cool with it :D


Richard Dean Anderson
- OzComicCon 27th Sept 2015

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14 years and you guys didn't talk about much? What is he like - personality wise (in your opinion and all)? I'm reading a book about him right now, the one written by Philip Carlo and it's pretty grotesque but it also keeps saying he's very charming, etc and he did have those legions of female following so I just wanted to get your opinion on it :) sorry I don't have Tumblr but I follow your blog religiously!

Well, we used to. He used to talk to me a lot about music and his childhood and would kind of go in depth about a lot of stuff. But for the last several years, he was very monotonous and boring. The personality he had upon his arrest compared to his personality later in life was like night and day. I’ve expressed on here that I felt he was heavily medicated. Either that, or he just sort of lost his mind.

Introduction to Louis Weasley

Name (Face claim)-  Louis Weasley (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)

Blood status-  Pure-blood/ part Veela

Parents- William ‘Bill’ Weasley (father) Fleur Weasley nee Delacour

House-  Ravenclaw

Year- 4th

Quidditch Position/ Prefect?- Neither.

Best friend(s)- Rose, and his eldest sister, Victoire

Personality- He’s very intelligent and sweet. Louis is also one of the most sensitive guys you will ever meet. he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s also very charming.

A bit more about Louis…

Louis was always closer to his elder sister and mother, growing up. Him and Dominique almost never got along. He’s quite the mama’s boy, and almost always listens to anything his mother says. He has also always been oblivious to the affect his good looks have on girls and boys alike. Louis is also interested in fashion, not as much as Vic, but more than Dominique. He’s an open book and makes friends easily. Though not many people know this, he is the biggest bookworm and fanboy at Hogwarts.


MY NEW BEST FRIEND AXEL. Picture an Anatolian shepherd, shrunk to half the typical size, add a heart of gold and a penchant for putting his face as close to your face as possible, and you have Axel.  (I could hardly get any pictures of him because every time I leaned down he was like, “hello friend, what is? you are lie down? you need face in face? here, face.”)


[TRANS] EXO'luXion Photobook Interview - What the members said about KAI

Xiumin: Kai is performance centre. In performances, it is not an exaggeration to say that Kai is the one-top of EXO. His body line is great so he fits clothing well. He is a cold handsome man with a cool image. Even when men look at him, they will think he is a cool guy. Above all else, Kai is very adamant in his own world. He always treats the stages seriously, and always supervises the performances. [t/n: 원톱/one-top is the Korean term used in soccer to talk about the solo striker position; for example, the 4-3-2-1 formation]

Suho: Although he pretends to not be like it, he always cares for other people with the greatest care. But he also has aegyo. So he is very charming. Above all else, the time when Kai is the most charming, is obviously when he dances. He dances while including all sincerity. These days when I look at Kai, he does not only enjoy dancing but is crazy in it. I am jealous of Kai’s ability to be immersed in something to the extent of going crazy [in it].

Lay: When we talk about “Kai”, it is “dance”. When Kai stands in the centre, EXO stages raise more and more.

Baekhyun: Kai was born a dancer. When I look at Kai dancing, I unconsciously clap my hands. There are a lot of times when I look at Kai and follow his dancing.

Chen: Kai tends to think deeply. Our age gap is not big, he is a dongsaeng, but there are a lot of times when he thinks deeper than me. Especially the consideration he has for other people is huge. He regards [other people] meticulously. He is a really considerate kid.

Chanyeol: Kai too, compared to his age, is mature [t/n: Chanyeol talks about D.O being mature before this]. He also worries a lot about the team. Also he has a lot of desire about the stage so during concert practice too, if the performance is something that could be done in five times, he will be the member who make it into more than ten times.

D.O: Kai is called a cold guy, but if you know him he is very delicate inside. But the charisma he shows on stage is the best. Kai is a member who sincerely cherishes and deeply thinks about EXO and other members. Therefore, more than anyone the concern he has for the performance is deeper.

Sehun: No one can match Kai hyung’s concentration. His ability to concentrate on stage is amazing, and when he is immersed in one thing, he will be in it until he masters it. He is a man whom you can trust whatever task you entrust him with.​

​Translated by choconini.

Peter Pettigrew always thought he was the least of all the Marauders.

James was very handsome. He was popular and charming. He always knew exactly what to say to the ladies (except when it came to Lily, of course). He was a very talented Quidditch player and he was great at Transfiguration.

Sirius was also very attractive. He was charming and funny. He was a prankster. He had the “bad boy” thing that all the girls loved. But, he could also be sensitive and sweet when he needed to be.

Remus was smart and kind. He was a Prefect. He was the kind of guy that you wanted to take home to your mother. But, he also had an adventurous side and wasn’t afraid to break a few rules.

And then there’s Peter. Peter was overweight. He had a weird haircut. He was short; much shorter than his three friends. He was always awkward around girls no matter how hard he tried. He envied his friends for being so cool. He didn’t believe that he deserved to be friends with them. Sometimes he thought that the only reason he was was because he just happened to live in the same dorm. Peter was just very insecure.

At some point, Peter encountered Voldemort and Voldemort saw through Peter. Voldemort saw Peter’s insecurities and preyed on them. He used them to his advantage (as he does). He reiterated the feelings Peter always had: he wasn’t good enough, he was talentless, he would never be as brave and courageous. Voldemort made Peter believe that his friends had wronged him; that they were the reason for all his insecurities.

Betraying his friends was a very bad thing to do, but Peter wasn’t a bad person (at least not in his youth). He was just an insecure young man who fell prey to one of the worst bullies of them all.