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Modern Star Wars (TFA)’s characters (1/6)

↳ Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

Literature student, who goes by the name of Kylo Ren. Loves sketching people on local coffees while drinking his usual espresso. Loves black clothes, old paper and My Chemical Romance. Passionately idolizes his dead grandfather. Learning how to take nice portraits on polaroid cameras… Of course he’s just practicing on that ginger guy, that’s all. “Can you take a photo of me while I act casual?”. Pretty much that hipster guy who sits alone on the grass at lunch, while reading books and having a couple existencial crisis, but also a dork. Dealing with a difficulty of controlling his anger.


Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Mike Fuentes) (Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 647


It was never easy the day before Mike left for tour. This time he’d be gone for four months and because of your new job you were unable to go with him for the first time in forever. You hated the fact that in less than twenty four hours you’d be trying to stop yourself from crying as you hugged and kissed him on the lips for the last time for a few months. You’d have to make do with Skype calls and texting which wasn’t the same as waking up and falling asleep with Mike next to you every day. But this was the life of a band member’s girlfriend, or in your case fiancé since Mike proposed to you a month earlier on stage in front of everyone.

You yawn and stretch trying not to disturb a sleeping Mike as you sit up in bed and plan what the two of you would do today. It would start with you making him a nice breakfast, but first you needed to get out of the firm grip he had around your waist. Mike was a hugger in bed.

“Now come on Mike don’t be awkward.”

You try to shuffle but his grip tightens, you sigh in defeat as a smirk dances on his lips. He was already awake. You playfully slap his chest and he lazily opens his eyes.

“Well good morning beautiful.”

“Mike let me go so I can make you breakfast. You do remember what the day is today right?”

Mike’s smirk falters and turns into a pout.

“I don’t want to leave you babe.”

“Mike you have to go on tour, besides you love your fans and don’t want to let them down. Plus I think your brother would have my head if I kept you here.”

Mike chuckles and sits up next to you still keeping his arm around your waist.

“Please y/n you’re taller than Vic and could easily take him in a fight.”

“Okay maybe you’re right Mike, but touring is your life and it’s only for four months.”

He groans and releases you as he falls backwards onto the pillow dramatically, this boy loved the limelight.

“But its four months without waking up and seeing my beautiful fiancés face. I’ll miss our cuddles, cuddling the guys isn’t exactly ideal even when I’m drunk. Can I just pretend to be sick and stay here in bed with you? Yeah let’s stay in bed together forever love.”

You sigh and flop down next to him resting your head on his chest, he strokes your hair as you lazily trace your fingers along his tattoos.

“How about we have a lazy bed day today? I’ll make us both breakfast and we’ll eat it in bed. And then we can cuddle and watch movies, and if you’re good I’ll even let you watch Harry Potter.”

“You’re the best fiancé in the whole world y/n. This is why I love you?”

You sit up and quirk and an eyebrow in his direction, only then Mike realises what he just said.

“Crap, no I also love your smoking hot body and killer personality.”

You can’t help but laugh as he relaxes again.

“You’re special Mike, but you’re mine.”

He leans up and captures your lips softly; you cup his face and kiss him back. After a few seconds he pulls back and grins.

“Now go make me breakfast woman and I’ll set up the movie. I’m thinking Chamber of Secrets.”

“Oi I’ll woman you Fuentes.”

You swat his chest and he mocks hurt before climbing out of bed to retrieve his laptop. You roll your eyes at his cheek,but smile because no one else is allowed to call you woman and it’s kind of hot when he says it. Maybe after the film you’ll give him a proper goodbye to remember you by.

Retraining: Take Two

So the point of this exercise, as Tony liked to put it, wasn’t to show up the two Really Old Guys and make them realize that they ought to retire.

Seriously, Tony wasn’t blind and despite all the senior citizen jokes, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were pretty much on the right side of young, fit and smoking hot.  He was also familiar with the Three Rules regarding America’s Sweetheart and America’s Oldest Heartthrob  and would have to admit that he was solidly set upon Rule No. 3.  Which was okay, since everyone else on the planet was crushing on the good captain and his sergeant.  Nice to know he wasn’t alone and all that.

The point was that they needed to test the combat fitness and teamwork of Captain America and the newly reclaimed Winter Soldier.  Tony, by the way, had JARVIS archive the priceless footage of Steve Rogers planting his feet by the river of truth (quote unquote) and proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that James Buchanan Barnes could not be held truly responsible for his actions as HYDRA’s pet assassin.  He was the country’s longest held POW, subject to unimaginable torment and brainwashing, and yeah - at the end of it, Tony was fairly sure Steve would’ve been elected President of the United States if he wanted to, the show of support was so overwhelming. 

So anyway.  Retraining.  Getting Cap and Bucky back in the saddle against the Forces of Evil.  And also this was a GIANT FUCK YOU to HYDRA and the long dead Obadiah Stane for what they’d forced Barnes to do to Tony’s parents - never mind Daddy Issues. 

Tony sets up the ginormous Training Room (“room” was an understatement but it had to do) which he referred to as “The Jungle” because he pretty much had classic G n’ R playing while he designed the place.  The Room could be set up to simulate any environment, any structure for a nearly infinite number of potential missions and ops.  Happy and Maria Hill brought in the agents - carefully screened and processed to infinity because again, HYDRA - as opponents. 

The objective for today was a rescue.  Since Tony valued his balls and also hey, trying not to be a sexist pig here, Natasha wasn’t going to be the damsel in distress.  Clint got the honors.

“Why do I gotta play Princess Toadstool?” Clint had whined. “I don’t even look good in a pink dress!”

“Because Nat will probably rescue herself in Real Life before the rest of us idiots can even get our acts together,” Tony explained patiently.  “And I’ll get you a purple dress if it makes you happy.  Now go sit tight and wait for Mario and Luigi to come save you.”

Naturally, Agent - no, Director Agent brought the popcorn.

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White Rose!

You met Yang first.

Your relationship was strictly professional, at first. She was your bodyguard, you were her employer, end. Unfortunately, staying next to the blonde without ending talking with her about seemingly random subjects was near-impossible, and in a matter of months you two were friends. It was pretty weird, to you, not being used to have friends at all, but it felt nice, and you liked it.

And because you liked it, when she asked you to come over to throw a party for one of her siblings, you did something stupid and accepted.

That’s how you met her sister, Ruby.

Ruby was reckless, easily excited, childish, cute, and incredibly hot. Your first meeting didn’t exactly go well, but you two still ended up close somehow.

Because you were friend with Ruby, when Yang asked you to make sure her sibling didn’t set the kitchen on fire while you went buying some flour, you also accepted. It turned out that she wasn’t talking about Ruby.

That’s how you met Reuben.

Reuben was almost the carbon copy of Ruby; he was slim, cheerful, socially awkward, and also smoking hot. Your first meeting went way better, since apparently his sister had already talked about you before, and you are glad about it.

Or you’d be, if you weren’t currently groaning in sexual frustration in your pillow because of them.

“Hey, Weiss, I’m back, you can get out of your room, your bodyguard is here to pro- whoa Ice Queen what’s wrong?”

Count on Yang to pop up at the worst moments imaginable.

“It’s your siblings, Yang.”

She blinked.

“They’re hot.”

She blinked again.

“TOO hot.”

Her face started showing genuine confusion.

“God damn it Yang I have a crush on both of your sibs okay?”

Her face lit up with understanding for a second, before faling back into complete and utter confusion. She cleared her throat, coughed awkwardly, and talked.

“Uhm, Okay. But, uh. You do realize that Rubble’s my only sib, right?”

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karasuno boys' reaction to seeing their s/o smoking?

Don’t smoke kids that ain’t healthy

Daichi wouldn’t say a word. Actually, he’d approach them casually and remove whatever they happen to be smoking from their lips and replacing it with his own. He wouldn’t need to say much, his partner would get the message from his actions.

Sugawara would pinch his nose and keep his distance while calling out to his s/o, but he’d make sure they knew he was just teasing them. If they want to keep smoking, he’ll be okay with it, but naturally he’d be concerned for their health.

Asahi, at first, wouldn’t say a word. He’d hang out with his s/o, but his mind would be racing. He’d be debating on whether he should say something about their habit or not, was it his business what they did, don’t they know the risks? Eventually it’d get to the point where Asahi’s s/o would ask him if something is wrong so they could talk about it.

“You don’t need to smoke ____, you’re already smoking hot!” would be Nishinoya’s immediate response. He also wouldn’t have a problem with it. He’s probably got some habits of his own anyways.

Tanaka’s first reaction would be like the polar opposite to Nishinoya’s. He’d scold his partner, making sure they know that he’d do everything he could to get them to drop it, but his voice would be very gentle to express his concern. He’d admit that they look pretty cool, but then mention that appearances aren’t worth the damage they were slowly doing.

Ennoshita wouldn’t say anything about it. He’d make a comment just to acknowledge the fact that they’re smoking and subtly give his s/o things to convince them to quit later on. Smoking’s not good for your health after all, and he’d want to look out for their wellbeing.

Kinoshita would, most likely, make a blunt comment stating that his partner’s not making a wise decision. Of course, he’d use a tone where they’d know he wasn’t trying to be cruel, it was just the honest truth. They’d laugh and wave it off, and Kinoshita would still stick with his partner, but from that point on he’d give one reason why his partner’s smoking habit is bad on a daily basis. Again, he wouldn’t say it to be mean to them, he’s just looking out for them. It’d be more like a short round of cheeky banter between the two, not ending up to be harmful for one or the other.

Narita’s reaction would probably be the most anti climactic of them all. He’d pause for a moment for his brain to register that it was indeed his s/o smoking, shrug, and go to their side. It would be as if they weren’t smoking at all, and would carry a casual conversation with them regardless.

Kageyama would ask a million questions to understand why his partner would do this. Why smoking, don’t they know what it can do to them, etc. However, he’d also throw in questions that are absolutely ridiculous, such as bringing up the various myths that follow smoking. At the same time, he’d keep his distance because he didn’t want secondhand smoke to affect his athletic abilities. His s/o would set him straight and that would be the end of that.

Hinata would also ask questions, but different ones from Kageyama’s. His would be out of curiosity, and amazement because whoa, his s/o looks pretty cool ( and would say something along the lines of “You look like one of those cool characters from an action movie!”).

Tsukishima probably would be indifferent. Might make snide remarks about how it makes their clothes reek or something along those lines, but hey if his partner wants to smoke, who is he to judge or tell them not to?

Yamaguchi, much like Asahi, wouldn’t really say anything. He’s supportive, but he’ll make sure his partner doesn’t overdo it. After all, he really would hate to see something bad happen to them because of their smoking.

So I finally got to see Darren in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and finally got to meet him which was one of my life goals so I’m ridiculously happy right now.

The show was fucking amazing. Darren was absolutely incredible as Hedwig. His acting and improv were so so good. And of course his singing as always. I’m so proud of him because he did such an amazing job. I was completely blown away even though I was expecting him to be amazing.

Then we waited for about 2 hours after the show, and it was fucking HOT. plus everyone was crowded together so yeah not the best time. But it was all worth it when Darren came out and signed my program and I got to meet him! He was such a sweetheart. He must have been so tired after the show, but he stayed to sign every persons playbill that was waiting there, and there were a lot of us. He is so dedicated to his fans, and this just made me love him even more.

This video is the only one I got before my phone died. It was when he first came over to our side after finishing signing stuff on the other side.

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Mr. Possessive

Did you love your boyfriend? Yes, of course. Was he a little too possessive? Maybe, but you didn’t mind. Did he get too jealous at times? Yes for sure without a doubt. You understood that though, your were much younger than him and there were so many guys your age that he felt intimidated sometimes but still you loved him regardless.

Simon Dominic, aka Simon D, your boyfriend of two years who you loved to death but who also drove you up the wall at times. Now you were young so you would obviously like to out to clubs and stuff right? Wrong! You were more comfortable at home, in your pajamas whist cuddling with your boyfriend and watching a movie of maybe going out for a drive or a simple date but not Mr. Simon Dominic.

Now tonight you had made plans to stay at home, maybe cook a meal with Simon, watch a movie, talk and maybe even have some long awaited sexy time but of course Jay Park, who so happens to be a good friend of not only your boyfriend but also of yours decided to have a party, for no apparent reason. You loved Jay as much as the next person but he really did have one too many parties.

“Simon I really don’t wanna go, I wanna stay at home and spend some alone time with you” you said as you walked from the living room to your shared bedroom.

“Y/n if it was anyone else I would’ve said no not tonight but it’s Jay, our friend Jay, who made it possible for you and me to be together” Simon D said as he wrapped his arms around your waist while you rested your hands on his chest.

“I know but it’s just been so long since you and I have had time to spend alone together, plus you’ll be leaving in two weeks for your tour and I won’t be able to see you for three months” you said as you played with buttons on his shirt. He just smiled and kissed your forehead as you looked up at him.

“I know, that’s why I took the whole week off to spend with you before I go, but Jay said that if I want to take the week off then I’ll have to come to this party of his tonight” He said as he rested his forehead against yours.

“Ugh I’m gonna kill him when I see him!” You said under your breath as Simon laughed finding you unquestionably cute. He pecked your lips before you left his arms to go change.

He sat on the bed and pulled out his phone while you scanned your closet for what to wear. You pulled out this black dress, that of course accentuated your curves, it was stunningly simple with sheer material around your upper waist which was just beneath your bust while the rest of the dress was simply black. A little cat eye liner, nude pink lipstick, high heels and a silver clutch, you were all set.

“Come one let’s go, I wanna get there early so we can leave early as well. I have no intention of staying there past twelve” you said as you walked up to Simon D who’s eyes were fixed on you and the way your hips swayed from side to side.

You stood in front of him as he was still sitting on the bed, he grabbed your hips and pulled you closer to him as he rested his chin on your stomach. You brought your hands up to caress his face as he just stared at you.

“What are you looking at so intently?” You asked as you brushed a few strands of hair away from his eyes.

“Hmm my beautiful and sexy girlfriend whom I have all to myself” Simon D said as you smiled and pecked his lips before walking away. He followed you as he took your hand in his and kissed the back of it “I wanna show you off to the world but at the same time keep you all to myself” you laughed and walked ahead of him as you picked up the keys and threw them at him.

“Let’s go Romeo, you know I hate being late” you said as he came up behind you and kissed your neck. He took your hand and guided you to the door as you playfully hit his arm.

So here you were at some club in Seoul, it was annoyingly loud and there were one too many people all grinding on one another. You had to admit though you were kinda having fun, you forgot how funny the guys were, Jay, Dok2, Gray and the rest of them, they always made you laugh like crazy.

“I’m going to get a drink do you guys want anything?” Dok2 asked as everyone stated their orders “y/n you don’t need to tell me yours I already know” you smiled and nodded. How long did you know these guys that they even knew your orders by heart you thought to yourself.

You turned your attention back to Simon as he smiled and kissed you. Thank God Jay had rented a VIP room otherwise none of you would’ve been able to talk. As Dok2 came back with the drinks, you got up to go to the bathroom.

“Nice timing Dok2, you came back just as I was about to go to the bathroom” you said jokingly as Dok2 just gave you that ‘sorry not sorry’ look. You made your way to the bathroom, trying to avoid eye contact with all the weirdos giving you stares.

“Hey Simon, you better be careful, there are a lot of guys here that have their eyes on y/n” Jay said since he knew how low some of these guys could be. Simon D just smiled at Jay telling him not to worry so much but deep down his blood was already boiling.

You checked your hair and makeup before leaving the bathroom, man you hated coming to the bathroom in clubs. There was either someone making out or getting high or vomiting but this one was pretty decent. You closed your clutch and walked out of the bathroom to find this guy standing right outside. He was around your age, tall, good looking but it was still creepy that he was just standing outside the girls washroom.

“Hey” he said as you turned to see if he was talking to someone else but nope he was definitely talking to you.

“Umm hi” you said back a little weirded out as you began walking back to the VIP room.

“I noticed you from a far earlier but I didn’t get the chance to talk to you since you went into the washroom” he said as he walked alongside you “I just wanted to tell you that you’re really pretty and also smoking hot!” Well at first you thought he was a creep, then you thought he was just innocently flirting but now you were plain scared and creeped out.

“Uh I don’t know where you’re going with all this but thank you for the compliments, I think” you said as you were almost at the VIP room.

“Nothing really, just wanna buy you a drink and maybe talk a little and then we’ll see where this goes from there” he said as you felt his hand on your lower back, you could sense his dirty and perverted thoughts from his voice alone and that made you feel disgusted.

“I appreciate the offer but I have a boyfriend and I’m here with him” you said as you moved his arm away from your back.

“So? He doesn’t have to know what we’re up to” he said and just as you were about to respond to his sickening comment you felt Simon D’s arm wrap around your waist as he pulled you closer to him.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Simon asked as you looked at him and then at the guy who was flirting with you.

“Hey dude this is between me and your girlfriend alright” the guy said as you could feel Simon D’s rage built up as he pushed you behind him.

“There is nothing between my girlfriend and you, asshole!” Simon D said as you grabbed onto his arm in an attempt to try and make him stop before he does something stupid like punch the guy in the face, cause you knew he would do it.

“Look dude I don’t know what all the hostility is about, all I was doing was talking to her” the guy said as Jay and all came out to see what all the commotion was about “besides she’s not that pretty anyway I was only talking to her cause I felt bad for her! If you want some real chicks dump that one and come with me” that was it, you weren’t strong enough to hold him back anymore as Simon let loose from your grip and his fist went flying across that douchebag’s face causing him to fall onto the floor.

You couldn’t really hear what Simon was saying but there was a long chain of profanities as he went to punch the guy again. Jay and Dok2 ran towards you both as they held Simon D back. The guy scurried back on the floor as you ran and stood in front of Simon D and held his face as you literally had to beg him to stop.

“Please Simon stop! Please! It’s not worth it, he’s not worth it” you said as he tried to get out of Dok2 and Jay’s grip, it was like he was totally ignoring you “Stop it!!” You yelled as he finally looked at you.

“Stop? You want me to stop? That guy-” Simon D tried to say as you gripped his collar and interrupted him.

“I know want he said and did but you didn’t have to act so rashly! You’re older than him you should’ve been more level headed and mature” you said before leaving his collar and walking away. Jay and Dok2 let go of him as he ran after you and grabbed onto your wrist “Simon let me go” you said as you tried to pry your wrist out of his grasp.

“Are you seriously mad at me right now?” Simon D asked as he dragged you out of the club. He let go of your wrist as you ran your hands through your hair in frustration, he always did this.

“Yes, I am. I’m more angry at you because you’re my boyfriend not that guy in there. It doesn’t matter what he says, it makes no difference in my life but what you do and say does Simon. You always do this, it’s like you’re eager to throw punches around at every Tom, Dick or Harry who so much as looks at me” you said while he just listened.

“I’m sorry y/n, it’s just that you’re so beautiful and you’re younger than me and that guy was just an absolute asshole, I guess I’m just a little possessive when it comes to you. I love you so much and I don’t wanna lose you to one of those younger, better looking guys” he said as he leaned against the wall. You smiled to yourself before walking up to him and kissing his cheek.

“You’re an idiot, you know that right?” You said as you playfully pinched his cheeks. He rested his hands on your hips and pulled you into a kiss.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot right?” He asked as you laughed and nodded.

“Yes you’re my idiot and only mine” you said as you rested your forehead against his. You both smiled at each other as you heard someone cheering on in the background. You both looked and saw all the guys watching y'all, you hid your face in Simon D’s chest at the sight of you unexpected audience while he just giggled a little as he placed a kiss on your head.

Imagine Legolas’ first day of college.

Requested by blessed-with-wings.

The tall, blonde man leaned heavily on his car with one elbow, his grey hoodie zipped up tightly against the cool morning breeze. He attempted to talk to some girls passing by, anything to make him seem like less of a loner, but they all ignored him.

“Where the hell is he?” he muttered to himself, looking around him for the familiar rugged face.
His friend, Aragorn, a year older than him, had promised to meet him by the school gates at half past eight. It was now, Legolas glanced at his watch, a quarter to nine.

He sighed again, before giving up and locking his car door, hoisting his backpack up on his shoulders, and casually strolling towards the open doors.

They suddenly reminded him of the gates of hell…

Moving to a new school was never easy, but starting half-way through the year, when everyone else had already made firm friends, should really be illegal. That was his opinion anyway.

Having a father who worked in the banking business meant moving around a lot, but lucklily this time, Legolas already knew at least one student there, wherever he was…

“Legolas!” he heard a voice call, and he spun around quickly, his long hair flying, as he saw Aragorn running up the stone steps towards him. He was decked out in a scuffed leather jacket and faded jeans, his black converse trainers slapping on the hard floor.

“Legolas!” he said as he caught up with him, pulling him into a tight hug, “It’s great to see you again, man.”

Legolas smiled in response, also happy to see his friend again.

“I’ll see you later, babe.” came a low female voice from behind Aragorn, and he stepped to the side to reveal a tall girl, her long black hair tied back in a ponytail, bringing out the ethereal blue-ness of her eyes.

“Sure,” replied Aragorn, kissing her quickly on the lips before she ran off in front of them, obviously late for her first class.

Legolas raised a dubious eyebrow at Aragorn and he laughed.

“Nah, Arwen’s alright, seriously.” he said, “Also, as you may have noticed, TOTALLY smoking hot.”

Legolas grinned. His friend had always been a ladies’ man.

“I think you’re going to like it here,” said Aragorn, lazily slopping one arm over Legolas’ shoulder as they walked through the doors together.

Legolas had the sneaking suspicion that Aragorn was right.

FTF // 001
  • MIKE: Honestly, Mike hadn't yet fully wrapped his mind around the recent developments yet. He knew he had a reputation (one that could be see as bad or good, depending who you asked) but he had never expected to be asked for this kind of ... favor. But this was Jess, someone he considered a really good friend and who happened to also be smoking hot. Turning her down would not only have been mean but downright stupid. So that's how he ended dressed up in a dress shirt and tie and a single rose in front of Jessica's door. Adjusting a strand of hair, he squared his shoulders, then raised a hand to ring the doorbell, hoping for either Jessica or her mom. he was good with moms. Dads were a little harder to charm.