he's also most definitely a spoiler!


Can we take a moment to appreciate gorgeous God-Sinbad? 😍

Also, intrigued that they are battling a 14yr old Baal Sin!! 💜💜

I’m going to assume they will battle his djinn as he collected them, so the next trial will be Valefor… curious where Zepar will fall in since Serendine conquered it and not him 🤔

Won’t lie, despite not looking forward to watching “Sin” most likely (definitely) get beat on (defeated) 7 times, I’m looking forward to these trials!

We know Credence is the Obscurial, so he’s most definitely a wizard. We can also assume that Modesty might possibly be a witch, as well. I just rewatched Fantastic Beasts, and I think Chastity could be a witch, too. In the scene where Mary Lou finds the wand is going to whip Credence, we see Chastity downstairs seeming very uncomfortable with this. Modesty steps in and says the wand was hers. In this scene, we continue to see Chastity looking visibly upset. Then, someone uses magic to whip Mary Lou. This is what I’m talking about. We would usually assume that it was Credence, considering we know he’s magic, Modesty, seeing as she’s currently interacting with her mother. We wouldn’t assume it was Chastity because she’s the one child to continuously go along with her mother’s wishes. But what if it was Chastity? Why would JK continuously zoom in to Chastity during this scene. She’s not vital to the scene. Why do we see her so upset? After looking at her body language in the scene, and her lack of reaction to seeing her mother hurt, I do believe that Chastity was the one to do that. I believe Chastity is also a witch.

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Do you think Ouma would be the jealous type that whenever someone steals Saihara's attention from him or smth he gets child mode on?

Haha, I definitely think so, considering most of Chapter 4′s comic relief before everything hits the fan involves Ouma being undeniably jealous of how close Momota and Saihara are, as well as the fact that they’re able to trust each other implicitly.

Ouma tries to fudge the reasons for why he keeps getting in Momota’s way or saying things like “you should ditch Momota-chan and team up with me instead” by then saying things like “I won’t let anyone get in your way.”

And to some degree, it is true that the narrative has very intentionally been showing Momota and the entire rest of the group sort of getting more and more complacent in each investigation up through Chapter 4, because they just sort of expect Saihara to figure it out for them as their SHSL Detective. Ouma calling the rest of them a hindrance and telling Saihara that they’re getting in the way is, to some degree, actually well-intentioned, because it’s true that the rest of them aren’t even trying to think anymore, and it’s supposed to make Saihara and the player very uncomfortable.

…But it’s also just Ouma being a little shit, and extremely jealous and childish. In wanting all of Saihara’s attention he’s definitely not pleased when Saihara would rather go spend his time with other friends rather than trying to solve the Great Enigmatic Mystery that is Kokichi Ouma. And that’s essentially one of the things he gets called out on by Saihara at the end of Chapter 4′s trial, because this kind of behavior is only excusable for so long, and it’s true that as long as Ouma isn’t really trying to let anyone in, he’s just going to be alone in the end.

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Steffi! I really, really get the feeling of grumpy, righteous omega!cas and worried, protective alpha!dean in this episode :) what do you think?


(I love the hat and the dress! Also, the hat looked slightly worn and the dress is rather plain, so I wonder about his vessel’s background. I’d love to know more about her.)

Definitely. I think in most instances Dean would be hesistant to be so relentlessly critical of his omega because he always felt like walking on eggshells around him due to their unclear relationship. (Though we’ve seen him do this before back in season 8, but I assume that back then Dean had no idea that Cas was an omega). He can be angry-worried and offensive with his family, but he was probably always too unsure how to act around Cas. But now, Cas is firmly family. He is his mate AND Dean’s worried about the consequences of his actions. And because he’s comfortable in his knowledge that Cas isn’t only part of his back by necessity and convenience but by choice, he adapts his actions around him. 

Both he and Sam are very protective of Cas and jump to his defense very quickly. And Sam takes Castiel’s side, because he probably isn’t so pleased by how Dean continues to harp on Cas. (Obviously Sam’s been on the receiving end of his brother’s protective anger all his life. He knows that Dean’s just worried. But the teasing isn’t really nice.)

I also liked how Cas is kind of meek around Isham and Mirabel at first though eventually he’s grumpy too. (Cas isn’t really a patient person. Sure, waiting and observing suit him, but he has little patience for nonsense.)

To sum up; I think grumpy omega Cas and protective alpha Dean are good descriptions of Dean and Cas in this episode! Hehehehehe.

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1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LOVELY HUMAN! 2. AKXNKSMKA RWBY VOL. 4 finale! So many questions! What was that terrifying Grimm!? What is Nora's past!? Why does Salem want Ruby!? Where did Yang decide to go!? Lionheart! That name can said on its own because it's so mysterious. Also I'm going to bet he's the cowardly lion. So many...

1. Aaaaahhh, Thank you~(〃∀〃)ゞ

2.OHMYGOODNESSYES! THAT FINALE! It may not have been the most “edge of your seat” volume, especially after volume 3 lol, but it was definitely great set up for volume 5!! So many questions arose with each explanation haha. At least that freaky Grimm is gone XP I need more about Ruby’s silver eyes and Summer!! I totally just know that Yang is on her way to Ruby.(I’m a believer of Armed and Ready saying as much haha) And I was kind of hoping Tai would be the cowardly lion to maybe have a bigger role, but Leo Lionheart can’t not be him XD As a lover of Ruby and Qrow, I couldn’t have asked for more with that finale v(≧∇≦v)三(v≧∇≦)v

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Yes! Exactly! Like, I waited so long to watch Dr. Who (because I'm weird like that), and I managed to avoid spoilers about it. I was actually shocked when Nine regenerated. Also, I feel like his is sadder because he could have had so much more time, y'know? Like, when Ten regenerated, it was almost a relief in a way. He'd lost freaking EVERYTHING that he could lose. It was almost like, okay Ten, you can rest now. You've been through enough.

Nine’s lost potential is definitely the most depressing part of it all. But at the same time I would say it’s almost better he went when he did, lest he end up alone and broken (again) the way Ten did.

Which doesn’t make me throw myself at the floor and scream and cry any less, but ya know….

The most painful part is that we as an audience never even realized how much Shin envies Bon. At least for me, it came as a total surprise and it was probably definitely a total surprise for Bon too. For 9 episodes we only ever saw their complicated relationship through Bon’s eyes so we knew how envious Bon was of Shin, but also how proud and happy he was for Shin too; he loves the stupid idiot so much. And then BOOM. We get this fucking bombshell and realize just how mutual this complicated relationship is on both sides and Bon was blindsided. I was fucking blindsided. FUCK. And they way Bon grasps for Shin at the end, the way he holds on to Shin and begs him. Fuck me.

“That’s basically the mantra of Herr Silverman’s teaching - think for yourself and do what’s right for you, but let others do the same.”

*some spoilers ahead*
Above is a quote from this book that really stuck with me, and it definitely isn’t the last. Matthew Quick has a way with words that makes you want to continue reading as quickly as possible but also has you on the edge of your seat, hanging on to every word.

One of the most interesting things about this book is how I absolutely loved it and yet I disliked the protagonist. His belief that he is superior to everyone is his class and his treatment of women (especially Lauren) are both things about him that I disagreed with, and yet I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. His past was definitely tragic and did make me cry, but his inability to appreciate people who were nice to him was still a bit annoying. People do suck, but there is always someone there, and he wasn’t able to see people as complexly as he probably should have.

Another thing I found interesting about this book was how it discussed issues in a way I’ve never read before. Herr Silvermann’s rolled up sleeves, for example, was such a different, unique way of dealing with his sexuality, and Linda and her terrible parenting was a depressing display of how parents aren’t always what we think a parent should be. The author discusses all of these issues yet doesn’t resolve Leonard’s problems or give a solution. And that’s the amazing thing about this book; it tells us how it is, and shows us a reality many aren’t used to.

This book is mind-blowing, and I’m so grateful for its existence. The insight it gave me is so valuable, and it really highlighted the importance of reading for me. Without books, without ‘Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock,’ I may never have gained the knowledge and understanding that I did. I’ve read/listening to people reading non-stop my whole life, but it took this book for me to fully appreciate how powerful books can be.

5/5 stars 


A concept for a prosthetic arm for Tamlen I’ve been working on in the last days :D I’ve tried to make the whole thing look a bit like it could be a schematic done by Dagna (because she would definitely build an awesome prosthetic for the Inquisitor so he can fight on like he used to). Therefore the scribbly “notes” and arrows pointing to some of the most important features. I also did some research on real life prosthetics from the past and present (and I found some really cool stuff). This one was inspired by both, plus some magic :D

Overall I wanted to give the arm an organic and simple look, with some decorative elements that reflect the skill of its creators. Tamlen values good craftsmanship a lot, no matter if it’s practical and fitting armour, the elegant curve of a sharp blade or the delicate silver and golden ornaments on fine clothing or jewelry.

I’m still a bit undecided about the materials the prosthetic is made from. Either it’s mainly made from wood or alternatively ironbark. Wood is lighter and has a more natural, warm feeling to it than pure metal. Ironbark on the other hand is incredibly durable and Dagna would work together with clan Lavellan to craft the arm. Only Dalish know how to create things from ironbark while Dagna would take care of the conception, assembly and enchantment of the prosthetic. I liked the idea of their corporation a lot.

The three big circles on the prosthetic (one on the back of the hand, two on the arm) are places where runes are added to it to “power” it, e.g. make it possible for Tamlen to move his wrist or fingers. There’s also some lyrium embedded into the arm. I imagine the arm’s added functionality to be similar to any “normal” enchantment of a weapon or armour.

What was really important to me (because it’s important to Tamlen) is a high flexibility of the hand and fingers that comes close or is even equal with what a real hand could also do. By that (and with lots of practise and patience) he can for example pick locks again - or, even simpler, put on his armor or even just clothing with buckles, many buttons or lacing without the help of someone else. Although to him it’s probably also important to just be able to hold a dagger in his left hand again. The palm and fingers are covered with leather for a better grip and each finger comes with a metal fingernail. A little extra (that was originally Sera’s idea) is a tiny secret compartment in the arm, just big enough to hide a key or lockpick, maybe also a letter or just anything that could turn out useful in a difficult situation and/ or that could/ should be carried around secretly.

As I mentioned there is some lyrium embedded into the arm to activate it’s magic. One line that runs accross the palm was originally intended to just be decorative and mimic the natural lines that everybody has on their hands. Somehow it ironically also turned out looking a bit like the anchor, especially because of the slight glow of the lyrium. It seems like Tamlen will never get rid of his glowing hand… but this time he takes it a little more lightly :’D

I might color some of these concepts later once I’ve decided for a material. Or maybe I’ll make a drawing with Tamlen wearing this… anyways it was so much fun to think of this concept, I haven’t done something comparable in a while :D

One Piece 839 - Small review

Wow, I can’t believe I’m in Tokyo in time for this chapter and can buy the Shonen Jump. This chapter had so much Sanji and so many horrible things. SPOILERS!!!

Seriously Oda is making those Vinsmokes as horrible as he can. I thought the Nazi stuff was a little too on the nose. But otherwise the are definitely coming off as huge assholes. Most of the chapter is really focused on Niji in particular being a real bastard.

And in the middle of it we have Sanji being a kind gentleman who and I love every single of his moments. The interaction between him and Niji and then Cosette was probably my favorite part of the chapter. Reiju is also being quite difficult to read, so Oda really might have some plans for her. I loved how it also brought up the subject of food and Sanji complimenting Cosette and talking about the effort put into food was a really nice part.

As for the Zeff parts it was a lot of things we’ve seen before, but I really liked how it showed their relationship through the years. Also now we have a double threat to Zeff from both Big Mom and the Vinsmokes. As well as the handcuffs… I wonder how they’ll manage, because Oda is making it clear how hopeless the situation is. Perhaps Sanji really will turn the Germa Army around and lead them? It would give them a lot of manpower, and he has done similar things before. We just have to wait and see.

The end though, with the clones thing. I looks like Sanji and Co might not be completely human… Which to be fair has been foreshadowed a little if it turns out that way. Though I still hope that theory isn’t true. I want a mother!! Good or bad! I need a reason for Sanji’s feeling towards women too.

Still, Oda is once again making it difficult to wait another week.

  • most definitely me: kill me just kill me why dont you first you show me an emotional scene between a mother and daughter who have trouble communicating then you gottaf ucking make steven looK AT HIS MOMS SWORD AS HE WATCHES CONNIE AND HER MOTHER EMBRACING. HES GOTTA HUG HTE FUKCING SWORD CUZ HIS MOMMA AINT THERE AND IT H U R T S
Deadpool is redeemed

After seeing the movie today, all i can say is that its as if i was reading a comic. Ryan was absolutely perfect, he fucking nailed it as the Big-D like we all knew he would. Out of all comic movies I’ve seen, this is the most faithful, the characters are spot on, costumes too and alot of the back story while also adapting the source material without hurting it. For those of you that saw it already know what i am talking about, one of my favorites moments (no spoilers) involves Wade talking to colossus, it made me laugh so hard that i cried and couldn’t breathe. It was something that was definitely worth the wait and gives me hope for another.