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part 1/ part 2

heeeeeey so who’s down for vulnerable jesse and bestdad gabriel

(might be redrawing part 1 to suit part 2 but might not.)

For @falling-into-vacancies who had this brilliant idea about how the mind link between Tony and Bucky might subconsciously affect Bucky in his opinions on technology and certain people once he recovers from the brainwashing. I couldn’t resist. (All the luck with your assignment by the way!)

He Bucky frowns at the flat smartphone that looks oddly tiny in his metal hand. Fragile too, though it probably isn’t by normal human standards. Of course he isn’t a normal human anymore, is he?

It has taken a while–seven pointed comments, four in-depth conversations and seventy-six jokes–for that to sink in, to understand that Hydra hasn’t just turned him into a monster in the figurative sense. He has been turned into a dragon of all things. Half the time he Bucky is still convinced he is hallucinating.

A dragon. Just like Stevie. Would you look at that, apparently wishes do come true after all. And is the amount of bitterness contained in that thought really normal, like his sometimes-shrink Wilson insists?

“Why a phone?” he asks gruffly. It takes conscious effort to remember that he has to say the words out loud. Seems like such an unnecessary complication too.

Somewhere behind him Wilson snorts. He wonders whether the man knows that the phone is hard enough to kill him, should he decide to twist around and throw it at his head at full strength. Remembers that Bucky doesn’t think like that. Reminds himself that he is Bucky.

Steve is giving him a look that’s a cross between amusement and exasperation. “So the next time I’m ten minutes late from grocery shopping you don’t storm the supermarket in full battle gear,” he says.

Bucky scowls. He knows Steve is still far too happy about the fact that he’d come to his rescue–apparently a sign of the ‘old Buck’–to process that he had stormed a fucking supermarket, fully armed and in battle mentality. Sometimes he wonders who the crazy one between the two of them really is.

He stares down at the phone in his hand again. It’s a cheap one. The touch screen’s responsiveness is less than optimal, the battery doesn’t last half as long as the newest StarkPhone, screen quality is acceptable but not remarkable and the storage room is a nightmare. 

The knowledge filters so quickly and precisely through his mind that it takes a scandalised, “Bucky!” from Rog Steve for him to realise he has crushed the phone in his metal palm.

Bucky stares at the hopelessly twisted and cracked pieces expressionlessly for a long moment, before he slowly looks up to meet Steve’s confused gaze. 

“I don’t like it.”

It’s been two months since he’s first moved in with Steve and Sam and while Bucky is aware that he’s getting better, there is still much he isn’t sure about. The never silent voice in his head for one. The nature of Steve’s and Sam’s relationship for another.

The TV is running, but it hasn’t escaped his attention that Sam is more occupied with laughing at one of Steve’s stupid jokes, a fact that instantly makes him suspicious. Steve’s jokes are terrible. Yet there Sam is, laughing loudly, eyes twinkling.

Bucky is about to very purposefully ruin the mood when a comment from the TV makes him turn back around to watch a stocky, fair-haired man with thick-rimmed glasses and a terribly nasal voice that instantly grants on Bucky’s nerves blathering on and on. The guy’s–Justin Hammer, CEO of Hammer Industries, asshole–aura of self-importance is almost suffocating, even though he must be miles away. 

Bucky is so distracted by his instant dislike for the man, it takes him a moment to catch up with the conversation and realise Hammer is listing reasons for why the Iron Man tech is outdated and poses a needlessly risk to civilians, as proven by the two avoidable deaths in the latest fight against-

He doesn’t hear the rest. It’s kind of hard to, what with the way he has slammed his metal hand–and really, it’s starting to grow on him–straight through the smug bastard’s fucking face with an enraged snarl.

“Bucky?” Steve’s voice filters through his fury after a moment. 

When Bucky manages to turn his head, it is to find both Steve and Sam warily watching him in clear preparation of another Winter Soldier episode. He blinks. Tries to shrug, which isn’t as easy as it sounds, what with Sam’s precious TV dangling on his arm. Awkwardly tries to put the intense wave of dislike, disgust, hatred he can’t explain into proper words.

“I really don’t like him.”

“I’ll say,” Sam will mutter after a couple of seconds. Followed by “You owe me another TV, Rogers.”


I want to thank all the Gods and baby Jesus: James Mason edition.

I keep dreaming about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I think that’s a sign I’m in too deep.

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i spy a cheater

Request Prompt; Can you write a Shawn imagine where he’s been distant lately and sleeping at his friend’s house more often so when you confront him, you find out that he cheated and was too scared to tell you? So you’re about to leave him but he’s sobbing and you can tell he’s sorry so you decide to stay?

Warning; very slight use of some foul language


You and Shawn were definitely an inseparable couple. The two of you guys came in a pair, and it only made your relationship with the rising artist even stronger. Just as well as the two of you guys worked together, your trust levels were through the roof.

Although it was a bit weird at first, you learned to accept that Shawn’s career would always have him surrounded by girls that were practically in love with him. Even at the beginning of the relationship, Shawn assured you that the only girl he wanted was you. This of course made you more comfortable in the relationship and ultimately helped you through your now seven month relationship with Shawn.

Shawn was beginning to write his newest album, which required him to stay later at the studio than usual. This was nothing new to you, but you started worrying after he stopped answering your texts. You sent an occasional text every other hour to check up on him, but it was as if you were texting a wall. It had been like this for the past few weeks – Shawn wouldn’t answer your texts, he’d come home late, and by the time you’d wake up, he’d already be off at the studio.

When you got the chance to ask him, he gave you the quick excuse that he was sleeping at his friends house every other night since it was closer to the studio. Of course you bought it, but it was often a thought that bothered you.

The thought of him cheating on you never occurred because he’s never given you a reason to think that he would stab you in the back like that. He gave the relationship as much time as his job would allow him, and you didn’t complain. He knew how to treat a girl well, and he never had trouble making you feel like the luckiest girl out there.

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MORALITY’S NAME IS PATTON…or patten? pattin? pattern? pa- HIS NAME IS PAT THAT’S SO CUTE

also I couldn’t handle it when he was looking dejected HE MEANS WELL LEAVE HIM ALONE

also also darude sanderstorm made me genuinely laugh so hard 

Thank You Sourcefed

The first Sourcefed video I ever watched was with Lee and Joe. I remember being entertained but not subscribing because it was a lot of humor very different from my own in a very short period of time. But like with everything I end up loving, I came back to the channel and thoroughly enjoyed every video. I subscribed just before NERD started. I came to appreciate the different personalities and voices of all the hosts.

Lee was a ball of comedic anger and silly voices inside a tiny pretty lady, and I adored her.

Joe was this fucking bad ass, clever guy that is impossible not to like.

Meg was this hot lady that dressed in simple tshirts and jeans, which is how I dress. It was something I had never really seen before, and she proved to me that I could dress casually and still be sexy.

It took me a while to get used to Shisha. Her constant perkiness was annoying to me, but over the years I learned to appreciate how sweet the woman is. Optimism shouldn’t be annoying. 

Ross, although a late comer, was a great addition to the team.

Elliott was the one I found I related to the most. His subtle, witty, pessimistic, goofy humor was very similar to my own.  When I was going through a dark time and essentially having an existential crisis, Elliott helped me find the balance between my difficult thoughts and humor, and I’m eternally thankful for that.

I got scared when new hosts started to show up. It took me some time to get used to them, as it did with most of the audience, but I am so glad that I did.

I didn’t think much of Matt at first, to be honest. He seemed too serious and reserved. Now I know him to be this joyful, clever, talented actor and chef that I’m always happy to see in a video.

Bree was a new flavor that also took some time to get used to but, listen, the girl is badass. She is honest and funny. And it honestly was such a beautiful thing to watch her live out her passion for acting on Nuclear Family.

Will came out of fuckin no where. Like, who was this kid that seemed to have a new idea every week and was completely unpredictable in video? It was amazing to watch him grow and change over the year.

Sometimes you zone out when watching videos y’know? Not when Maude Garrett is in it. You can’t help but listen to that tall funny Australian woman and think she for sure knows what she’s talking about.

I was a late comer to Super Panic Frenzy, and admittedly was only watching for Suptic at the beginning. But Reina grew on me real quick. She’s funny as fuck and you could just tell that everything that came out of her mouth was genuine.

Not gonna lie, I had a crush on Sam for a while there. How could you not love that sweet nerd boy??? He’s one of the sweetest people on the planet and he’s funny and awkward and he’s great ok?

I had never thought much of Whitney when she had appeared in Sourcefed videos before being hired tbh. But over the past few months I have enjoyed watching this stylish woman just be herself and talk about nerdy shit, and now I adore her.

Filup grew on me real quick. He won me over when he sang Seasons Of Love in sign language. He’s clever and super smart and he really surprised me.

I knew Yessica from Buzzfeed’s videos, and was so happy to see a familiar face on PBL. She’s a strong woman who I enjoyed watching kick Will’s ass. A funny sweet person. I just wanna be her friend.

John was this calm, sane, funny presence on PBL. He always gave me a comforting feeling because he seemed to have his shit together.

I, like most people, thought Candace was high and boring. I was wrong. The girl is too fucking funny. She was this new kind of bizarre on the channel that made it feel like a fresh start.

Speaking of bizarre, how about that Suptic guy huh? I subscribed to his personal channel real quick after I started watching SPF. You never knew what was gonna come out of his mouth. It literally could of been anything, but it was guaranteed to make me laugh. I love that wacky tall chicken boy.

I knew Ava as DVG’s girlfriend and that was it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was very funny and witty. She’s always seemed like a kind wonderful person to be around.

I was subscribed to Mike Falzone’s personal channel for a couple years. I’m pretty sure he started at Sourcefed as soon as I unsubscribed from his channel. I adore Mike Falzone. When you hear the other hosts say he’s a good guy, you know it’s true. You can tell he cares. Also he’s fucking hysterical. Everything he said was either smart or funny.

Where do I even begin when it comes to Steve Zaragoza??? He is the embodiment of joy. He was always willing to do anything to make someone laugh and that’s beautiful damn it.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, all the people behind the camera. I am so fucking glad the Vloggity started up again because it has a pleasure being introduced to all those beautiful people in that office, that are phenomenal at their jobs. They played just as big of a role in making those channels what they were as the hosts did.

Everyone in that office made me smile. Everyone one of the hosts have impacted me in a positive way. The Sourcefed channels will forever be my favorite channels on YouTube. While the channels were alive and well, if my subscription box was full I would pick an old SF video over any new ones. That’s not going to change. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me happy every day. Thank you for making me a better person with your wonderful and hilarious content. I cannot wait to see what you all do in the future. Thank you Sourcefed.

2nd Anastasia on Broadway viewing

This isn’t going to be nearly as in depth as my last Great Comet recap, but I have thoughts. As always if you have any specific questions my inbox is open.

Mary Beth was sorta crying in the prologue and my heart broke within a minute of the show starting

  • I had never noticed how kinetic Derek is. That boy can’t sit still for 5 seconds

  • Gleb was definitely infatuated with Anya tonight. Not necessarily in love, but he was 100% flirting for most of act 1

  • Learn to Do it was extremely powerful tonight. During the lifts Christy nearly flipped over the boys and you could see her shock. I think I caught Derek mouth sorry after one particularly close call. 

  • Dimitri’s old crowd is made up of assholes and I also want to hit them with a flaming stick. 

  • There is one ensemble member, an African American dancer, who was /amazing/. His lifts were effortless. 

  • The last time I fully watched Anastasia was in previews, so I hadn’t realized how many mini reprises they have added in that aren’t on the album - there must have been at least 5. My favorites were Gleb’s reprise of Land of Yesterday and the extra verse in We’ll Go From There. 
  • Speaking of We’ll Go From There, Dimitri sings along to Anya in the overlap at the end, by Derek turned it into mocking/lecturing Anya (Take a deep breath etc) and it was really adorable

  • Christy looks like an ANGEL in her Crowd of Thousands wig it was all fanned out and voluminous I was dying

  • Countess and the Common Man was such a riot I love them

  • Christy nearly fell off the suitcase during the kiss and Derek caught her and spun her a touch early and it was adorable. 

  • During Bows Christy’s mic was still on so you could hear her blow a kiss to the audience and I love her.
  • John Boltons experience really showed tonight. A cold has been slowly working through the cast, and while you could hear it on some people every once in awhile, he totally pulled through. Also he is hysterical and I want to be his friend, I feel like he has great stories 

  • In Act 1, during The Neva Flows, on the final verse Anya also sings The Leaves Unfold while looking at Gleb (just that line, in complete unison with him) and it gave me massive chills.

  • Seriously guys they’ve really played up Glebya since previews Dimya is DEFINITELY still supreme but wow I wasn’t expecting it 

  • ( @asmenuke updated today and she was all I could think of. I love you and soft Gleb)

  • Okay this is going to get really Gleb oriented from here on out because Ramin is a GIFT but Deputy Commissioner Vaganov is an even bigger gift

  • During the Ballet he seemed /so torn/ over Anya and wanting to sit beside her he seemed legitimately jealous for the first time

  • There is a scene before the Neva Club where he talks to one of the Russians working the door and it is hysterical. Not gonna spoil it because it is funnier in person but it was grand. 

  • Glebs attitude towards his gun has changed drastically since I last saw it. It seemed more like an extension of his arm today, in a realistic way to how the former soldier in my family handle firearms. He was very precise and motivated 
  • That said he pulled it out to his side during the Ballet and even though I know what happens I got so stressed that he was going to aim it at her right then and there
  • During the Ballet you can see him casing the location the entire time. Good detail Ramin I’m impressed.
  • He was very methodical with the Tea during his and Anya’s meeting in Act 1. Like he really wanted to get it right for her
  • He made a bunch of little hand gestures when flirting with Anya that had the audience in stitches, especially the first scene. He really wanted to take her to tea. 
  • The phone joke was a riot tonight. Ramin has his comedic timing perfectly honed for that bit, and for pretty much the entire show.
  • The finger was definitely threatening, just like how he used it on the earlier prostitutes, but he softens it at the end of his warning by tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. 
  • During Still he seemed almost impressed with her scheming
  • DURING THE NEVA FLOWS/STILL REPRISE you could really see Gleb’s anger finally. He was very controlled the whole show and he finally let the curtain down - he wasn’t distraught/heartbroken, but simply /done/ being his fathers son

  • The Finale was really interesting. Gleb seemed proud to be protecting her secret and the Dowager Empress seemed fully at peace with never seeing her again.

(This is completely out of order, just the stream things come to me in the train ride home)

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I want to know everything about your Rex-adopts-Tup subplot, and in light of the Gai Bal Manda I want to know even more of all the things. :D

WELL OKAY TWIST MY ARM THEN. …this rant looked shorter in Word… >n>

Basically my “ech” about OCs collided with a truckload of Umbara arc feels and a weird obsession with the siblings-as-parents-Nani-&-Lilo-style trope. It’s a way to nudge the Fett parents out of the picture without having to actually kill them off. They’re not actually that great at being parents, from an emotional perspective. They just know that because they ARE the parents, they must be right about everything. All the boys came out okay, but it was more thanks to each other than their parents. By the time Tup is in elementary school, he’s the only kid around the house. It’s suddenly so obvious how oblivious their parents are to the fact that they need to do more than set rules and check things off the “character building activity” list. They don’t like being questioned because they consider it “talking back” and being disrespectful, but Tup doesn’t have anyone else in the house on a day to day basis to ask. So he just stays quiet and becomes fearful of doing anything he’s not directly told to do, in case he guesses incorrectly and does the wrong thing. He becomes so aware of the fact that the word “miracle” in regards to his late birth is just a thinly-veiled euphemism for “unbelievable accident,” and that he’s a major crimp in his parent’s retirement plans.

MEANWHILE Rex is over there slowly realizing that he didn’t really have much of a break between being in-house babysitter to his first slew of brothers to being on-call babysitter to Tup, but that he ain’t even mad. He LIKES taking care of a kid, even the bad aspects, and takes pride in helping guide them. But he’s still hung up on the Duty thing. It’s just his DUTY to take care of his brothers, in service to his parents. They’re still the authority. Tup’s still THEIR kid, and Rex doesn’t have a claim to him. That would be weird and selfish, right…? If he wants kids, he should just settle with a partner already and have his own, right…?

But things start kinda spiraling out of control in a way, to the point that pretty much everyone gets that Tup is Rex’s kid and that they’re both a lot happier and more at ease while living together. Cody even confides that Obi-Wan claims he can often tell where Tup is living based on his behavior. He’s always a pretty quiet kid, but some weeks he’s much more likely to ask questions and voluntarily join class discussions.

At some point it all comes to a head, and the most convenient thing I can think of is the parents wanting to move a significant distance away and just assuming Tup will come with them. It’s not about what anyone wants, really, just about what’s “proper.” They are the Parents and he is their Child. They have to take him and he has to come. But all the other bros are like “no?? Noo??? NO? No. Rex, do something!” So he ends up waging that inner war of the Lawful Good. Listen to Authority, who I always assumed was the most wise and good, or do what feels personally wise and good? He has to come to terms with the fact that his own experience and authority doesn’t automatically get trumped just because the people he’s up against sired him. 

The 10,000 testimonials about how he’s a much better dad than their own dad was help, but the only convincing he really needed was Tup trying to lighten the mood with a joke along the lines of “You don’t have to worry about a squatter interrupting your life anymore.” It suddenly slaps him in the face that Tup thinks he’s unwanted, and is a burden to Rex in the way their parents act like he is to them. And then feels are had an offers are made and Tup is boggled that it would even be suggested that he has a choice, and it’s midnight-thirty and I’m running out of ability to sentence. But it turns into a kerfuffle just shy of an actual custody battle, mostly because the parents waited until the last second to get Rex to sign away whatever partial-custody he had already gradually accumulated by bits, because they assumed he would just do so unquestioningly. But he’s like “oh yeah well what if I exercise my right to read this brick of legalese thoroughly before signing?” They already have obligations set up in their new homestead, and don’t have time to actually take him to court. It might all get really nasty actually; they (or one of them) shows up at the police station hoping to get Rex to sign off quickly while half-distracted, which pisses him off and leads to a deceptively quiet and extremely heated argument in Mando'a. Most co-workers can only get the gist by watching Cody’s and Fives’ reactions. But the silver lining is that once the tug of war is over and the parent’s leave, they are very far away so it’s easier for everyone to get perspective and cool off.

In closing, here are two things I doodled last week but was too embarrassed to post. But now it’s super late o’clock and dude you asked, so.

(And then Rex immediately ends the call and Tup’s like “Did you just hang up on one of our parents?? O_O” and Rex is like “Holy shit I think I just did O_O”)

papyrus gradually becoming more of a pussy destroyer

also for some reason Every Single Time i draw Pap i get suspicious about Sans’ size??

i just think “theres no fuckin way hes up to his chest thats too small i have to See it to Believe it”

so heres the size comparison i draw every single time

Lee Pace’s Favorite Songs:

  • ROCK: “The Hills” - The Weeknd
  • LOVE: “Hysteric” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • HIGH SCHOOL: “All Mine” - Portishead
  • ABOUT A CITY: “Look Out Cleaveland” - The Band
  • DANCE: “Danger! High Voltage” - Electric Six
  • LIVE: “Little Red Corvette” - Prince
  • RNB: “Pyramids” - Frank Ocean
  • DUET: “Poncho & Lefty” - Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard
  • MOM AND DAD: “Drifter’s Wife” - JJ Cale
  • CHRISTMAS: “Lumberjack Christmas” - Sufjan Stevens
  • MOVIE: “Bang Bang” - Nancy Sinatra
  • HAPPY: “Home” - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
  • REGGAE: “Riding for a Fall” - Delroy Wilson
  • ALL TIME: “Young Americans” - David Bowie

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*pssst* Do you have any ocs for this au?

Just a few to fill out Genji and Zenyatta’s retinues–I haven’t thought as much about Deadlock since McCree doesn’t keep assistants in the same way the other two do.

Genji’s group, that I’ve thought of, are as follows. 

Rei-Ichi Shigeru, an omnic who is Genji’s main chauffeur and also kind of Genji’s bud. Shigeru’s a fairly skittish and nervous omnic, and so he tends to start and stutter in most conversations with Genji, but Genji finds him endearing and honest and usually complains to him a lot on long drives. He got absorbed into the Shimada-gumi when he found Genji limping around on the side of the road in the middle of the night, badly injured and only vaguely conscious, and when he tried to drive Genji to the hospital Genji forced him to drive him back to the castle (which scared the actual hell out of Shigeru, in no small part because this was during Genji’s nasty phase). But, it made an impression on Genji and in a fog of blood loss and aneasthetic, Genji offered a job to Shigeru–which he took because he needed the work. Genji’s punched in a lot of teeth in the defense of Shigeru’s personhood, so Shigeru’s come to respect him wildly. Since Shigeru’s basically a civilian, the actual mob work that the Shimada do puts him waaaay on edge, but he takes it in his stride. He has a hard time interacting with Zenyatta because of how much he dislikes him.

Yoshizawa Saburo, a woman who is both Genji’s bodyguard and also one of his aides. An unflappable and deadpan woman maybe a year or two younger than Genji, and tends to visibly trail him while he’s at the castle and invisibly trail him when he’s not. She’s been with the Shimada since before Genji took control of it, and while she does have much of the requisite training, she initially worked as muscle at one of the Shimada’s hostess bars, and would eject customers that got too rowdy. She was always of the opinion that, while Genji could be a bit of a brat, he was ultimately a good person and wouldn’t do anything to jeapordize his family unless it was life or death. Her calm demeanor and solid work ethic allowed her to remain a neutral presence in Genji’s life, and she was moved into his inner circle a few years ago as a sort of thank you for her long and consistent service to him. She is incredibly forthright, almost to the point of tactlessness, which Genji finds hysterical. He also likes that she has a boy’s name. Saburo does not trust Zenyatta and is incredibly open about it.

Sho Daichi, another of Genji’s bodygaurds who also does a fair amount of accounting for a few of the Shimada’s businesses. He’s stern and can be pretty uptight, and while he respects Genji and his judgement for the most part, he can get pretty sullen when Genji doesn’t listen to him. He also tends to get visibly stressed out when Genji decides he wants to be alone and tries to dodge and weave him and Saburo. Daichi joined on as an enforcer a few years into Genji’s ascension and clawed up the ranks the old fashioned way. He’s one of the few people who kind of misses Genji’s old “take no prisoners, take no shit” demeanor, but he still supports him no matter what. Genji likes to tease him a lot. Daichi tends to be pretty cool towards Zenyatta when they interact, and will grumble about him and the obvious manhandling Genji endures from him, but he’s keeping a stiff upper lip for now.

Oni (the oni omnic) rounds out Genji’s main bodygaurds. I’m kinda sort of including Oni here just because he’s essentially all fanon, but I won’t get too much into detail with him. I adopted the idea that he doesn’t speak from Naopao, and comes off rather stoic as a result. I tend to thinking of him as using very cutesy and emotive chatspeak when he texts haha

Zenyatta’s group thus far only has:

Maha, an omnic who is an aide and one of his closest followers. She’s the same age as him, but she can seem a bit more youthful because she is more likely to be openly emotional than he is. She has a somewhat prickly demeanor when dealing with most people, and her worrisome nature means she often comes off like she’s scolding Zenyatta when she’s trying to express her concern for him. She went on a pilgrimage to the Shambali not long before Zenyatta left them, and when she realized Zenyatta was at odds with his brothers and sisters, she decided to hear his point of view. His thoughts resonated with her more than the Shambali at large, and she followed him when he left. Though she’s often at his side, she lacks his fighting ability and so he encourages her to keep clear of him in more dangerous situations, though she’s just as likely to ignore him as to acquiesce. She refuses to acknowledge or talk to Genji when she has the bad luck of being in his presence. 

Adhiraj, another omnic and something of a spy/bodyguard for Zenyatta. In public, he’s usually not seen anywhere near Zenyatta–if you see him, though, that probably means you’re in very dire straits. He collects information on anyone and everyone Zenyatta might have to deal and delivers it to him. He has a very mild, professional demeanor–though he gets real nasty when Zenyatta’s life is in jeapordy. He used to work for a large company that dealt in security information, and Zenyatta blipped on their radar. The more he learned about Zenyatta, though, the more he came to believe in Zenyatta’s message–so he ditched the firm to become a follower, but not before wiping everything he could that could paint Zenyatta in a bad light. More doesn’t ‘get’ Genji than anything, but he also thinks Genji’s kind of a ticking time bomb and doesn’t like that Zenyatta’s insistent on hanging around in his blast radius.

There you go!


Has this been done yet, or….?

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Alexander Hamilton?? was ur first crush??? ho w????

Okay sit down my dude I got a story to tell you.

So anybody with an elementary school teacher for a mom or dad knows that it’s PBS or die. Your tv is permanently on PBS, the station for PBS is the first station you fucking remember. But y’all know that if a break is coming up, your about to get the good shit on DVD or VCR (yeah- I said VCR I know what I’m about). I’m talking Between the Lions, SchoolHouse Rock, the good fucking shit. 

So I’m bout 5 years old and my mom brings home Liberty’s Kids which is about these three little fuckers growing up and trying to be journalist during the American Revolution. So my mom pops that shit in and my life is IMMEDIATELY CHANGED. 

First off, the theme song is a fucking bop. And it’s just a good fucking show. And then just when your like, “okay fun and educational.” this motherfucker Alexander Hamilton shows up and. 

look at those jawbones, he’s a fucking qt.

So basically five year old me just immediately has a crush on this animation of this crusty ass dead guy. He’s only in like three episodes but just damn, that show was my shit. Who am I kidding Liberty’s kids still is my shit.