he's also a pretty good actor too

I keep seeing Donald Glover for Spiderman, which is pretty cool. Donald Glover is a pretty good actor and tumblr really likes the idea of a non-white dude playing Spidey. All good. But wait, enter Dev Patel!!

Dev is an Indian actor. He’s done movies like Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and the upcoming Chappie.

He’s 24 years old (unlike both Donald Glover and Andrew Garfield) definitely closer to the teenager Spiderman, amirite?

He’s also a Martial Artist, pretty freakin’ handy for all those flips, kicks, and attacks that are characteristic of Spiderman.

And not to mention, a pretty good percentage of New York is made up of Indian people!! NYC is not called Little India for nothing haha.

Also, he’s a gr9 actor. Like dude, if you see him cry, you cry. Dude’s a beast.

And he’s a great guy too!! He’s hella nice!!

Tumblr does like to forget about actors of other races besides white and black, so I doubt this will get much traction, but an Indian Spiderman, that’d be hella cool. I never see my people in nonstereotypical roles, so to have an Indian be in a Marvel superhero movie would be hella awesome. I need representation of my people too.


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anonymous asked:

I was surprised to hear Josh say he struggles with being comfortable in his skin during one of the Ape interviews as it applies to a question about success. Any thoughts?

Yes, I did see that response and it was to the question what makes someone a success. On one hand I am surprised because Josh seems pretty self-possessed. He’s eloquent and not afraid to speak his mind. But he’s also 24 years old, raised in a bubble of Hollywood and standing on his own two feet for the first time in his life. I’m sure it’s a scary time for him too.

The other thing Josh said was that living a genuine life is a sign of success. Let’s hope that happens for Josh soon because I really do want all types of great things for him. He’s a good actor and he directed his first film at 24 - he has great potential, but he needs to put the work in to become a success. He has to be in LA and work connections and be seen and stay relevant. And yes be honest with who he is and the life he leads. Success doesn’t happen without commitment. And not being forthright wears on you. It’s time for him to just be true.