he's already dead though

Newt isn’t even dead

It was just another test

And then one day, a flat trans opens up and…

Reunion!! everyone’s happy the end



i’m so

A/N I’ve been struggling with this one, not gonna lie. I just didn’t know how to go at it, but I’m happy with this, I think. I hope you guys enjoy it too :) Here is part 2! 

Y/D/N: Your doppleganger’s name

Summary: Klaus remembers the best and worst memory of your doppleganger, his first love, after hearing you sing and seeing you for the first time.

Warnings: Well, death

Klaus mikaelson

part 1

Klaus walked with his horses reigns in his hand, the horse sweaty from running in the warm spring day.

Klaus was almost to the stable when he heard her sweet, angelic voice singing.

She was singing a song that Klaus had never heard, but he enjoyed it. He walked closer to the opening of the stable, and was slightly shocked to see her, the love of his everlasting life. She was the stable man’s daughter and he had fallen deeply in love with her, as she had for him. She was the only person who made him feel human, the only one who took the beast out of him.

He stood and watched as she brushed her favorite horse, singing to it and the other ones. The horses were still and quiet as if they enjoyed her singing, just like Klaus did. When her singing turned into a quiet hum as she set the brush down, he walked his horse inside,“That was beautiful, Y/D/N."’

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LMCMB chapter 26 preview

Hey guys, I know I said it would come out today, and I tried. I’ve been gone for work from 8 this morning and I’m still not home yet. A full 12 hours shift, and I still won’t be able to crawl into bed for another two hours. I’m exhausted, and I tried to finish this chapter of the best I could, but I just can’t. 

I’m too tired. 

So, to last you until tomorrow- hopefully, here is a sneak peek!

When Lance woke up, the first thing he could feel was the sense of dangling. He was floating, his wrists cuffed above his head as his feet hung aimlessly below him. He was chained to some wall, abandoned in a silent room.

He groaned at the pain coming from his side and croaked out, “H-Hello?” He was alone, trapped in some cell. Panic enveloped him and he tugged on the chains.

Blood was dried along the side of his face and neck, most likely from a heavy gash along his skull.

It was a struggle to remember how he ended up here, only recalling waking up this morning with Keith beside him.

“Ah, you’re awake,” A voice spoke from the darkness. Jumping at the sound, Lance inhaled sharply.

“Who’s there?”

“Calm yourself, Blue Champion,” A coeihn emerged from the corner of the room, their arms crossed and smile wicked. Lance recognizes him instantly.


“Greetings,” he bows ever so slightly, almost mockingly.

“You… speak English?” Lance blinked blearily. “Wha- how?” he is looking around, unable to remember much. He woke up, then…. Guards. Guards took him to the fight. He fought Rashra. Did he lose?

“What happened? Where are we?” he croaked out. He scanned the room, feeling that it seemed kind of familiar.

“Aboard a Galra ship,” Rashra leans against the wall casually, looking at his nails. “Did you know you have quite a price on top of your head? Would make any person rich for the rest of their lives,”

“Galra? How did we end up-?”

“They came to pick you up,” Rashra smiles, rather enjoying Lance’s dumbfounded confusion. “I told them you were within the city.”

“…H-How are you involved with the Galra?” Lance shakes his head, not understanding.

“I wasn’t involved with them at first,” Rashra tells him, “But they knew my employers.”

Lance’s head is too fuzzy for all these confusing reveals and leadless words, “I don’t- what the hell is going on, Rashra? Where is Keith?!”

“Impatient,” the Coeihn frowns, “You should be grateful I’m the one in here and not the Traveks. They wouldn’t be as calm as I am. You would most likely already be dead- though I’m considering the idea.” he pushes up Lance’s glasses for him, smiling, “But I need you alive.”

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Also to the other anon asking about the difference right now between Ward and Fitz. Ward used his abuse to defend, blame and not apologize for his actions, he was basically saying 'hey yeah know i dropped you out of plane but my brother was mean to me when I was little so really its all her fault, we're good right? No death no foul?' We don't know how real Fitz is going to respond to his FWself action but given history I'm gonna guess horror, revulsion, tears and anger at Aida and himself

(In reference to this post.)

Hey there, anon!

You are absolutely right, and I probably would have put that in my original post if it wasn’t almost midnight while I was writing it. :)

Ward has a HUGE victim complex, which I’ve talked about before. He truly is a man with no regrets. He did have his moments of doubt, but then he doubled down on the bad choices he made and made even worse choices.

Here is the hard truth, though: bad things happen to everybody. Not the same bad things, but bad things all the same. The real question is what we learn from our trials, and what we choose to do with our lives in the aftermath. Do we become like Ward, or do we become like Fitz? Do we tell ourselves that we’re powerless, or do we allow ourselves to become powerful?

One of the key characteristics of both Fitz and Simmons is that they believe that they are accountable for everything they do, and that they hold themselves to a high moral standard. Sometimes this makes it hard for them to forgive themselves, but it also turned them into the successful, heroic scientists they are. As Simmons says, if you want something in life, you have to work hard and earn it. No one is going to hand you a PhD in engineering, biology, chemistry, etc. just because that feel sorry for something that happened in the past. You have to put your head down and do the work, just like you have to do to succeed in any aspect of life. 

Ward could have worked hard to be a better person, but chose to whine about his circumstances instead. 

Fitz was lucky in that he had his mother and Jemma to reinforce these values for him, but I think we saw last night that this is a key part of who Fitz really is. Even in the Framework, he is holding himself to a high moral standard. That’s something he still does in a world where his mother’s influence is trifling and Jemma’s is nonexistent. That’s the REAL Fitz.

So, yes, I do think Fitz is going to hold himself responsible for what Framework Fitz does, even though he’s not responsible at all. (He held himself responsible for killing Will, even though he knew Will was already dead!) It’s something of a flaw, but it’s also a consequence of a great strength he has. It’s part of what makes Fitz such a compelling and inspiring character. He is going to go through the spectrum of feelings you described—horror, revulsion, tears, and anger. He’s going to be mad at AIDA, at himself, and at the cosmos. But I also think he’ll come out the other side.

Fitz has had hardships, yes, but he’s always managed to turn them around. Sometimes he did it with help, and sometimes (like with his hypoxia) he did it largely on his own. But he has unflinching loyalty and love from Jemma, as well as the support from a team of fellow heroes, so I think Fitz is going to be okay in the end. He’s too good and too strong for it to end up any other way.

Hwarang was a mistake. I’m just here for Taehyung, not all these emotions and crying my eyes out by episode two.

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okay but raphael pacing around the hotel waiting for simon to get back, because it was just go take a walk, not disappear for hours and travel the whole city. raphael assures himself that he’s fine, but it keeps dawning on him that simon’s only been a vampire for a few days and he’s just a baby and he could be really hurt or hurt someone else. and both of those things are bad, so he continues walking in circles, too worried to even drink much, and so he keeps pacing with his hands in his hair. he hates that he’s so worried, tries to tell himself that he’s not, but if he had a heart it would be pounding in his chest.

he thinks about going to look for simon, but he doesn’t know where to look, and it might come off as clingy, he’s not supposed to be clingy, and it’ll show that he cares too much for his own good.

and then, hours later, simon sneaks through the back door of the hotel, hoping raphael won’t hear. but of course, nothing beat’s a vampires hearing and raphael’s been waiting for so long that he’s at the door in seconds, trying to get there more slowly but it’s no use. 

as soon as he sees bullet holes in his shirt, the other boy’s hair messed up, looking as he was killed even though he’s already dead, his cold heart sinks in his chest. 

“oh, hey, raphael, you see-”

and before simon can even finish, raphael’s hands are all over simon, touching him gently up and down. his fingers trace the bullet holes and he makes sure simon’s okay, even though nothing could really hurt him, and he sighs as he realizes he’s fine. perfectly fine, just like a teenager who snuck out at night, trying to make excuses for what he’s done.

raphael’s hands still linger on his chest, moving up to his shoulders, gripping tightly. 

“i told you to take a walk. you’re gone for hours, and you come back with bullet holes in your shirt? dios, simon, what the hell did you do?”

but all simon can see is worry in his eyes and feel it in the tight grip on his shoulders, so he meets the other’s eyes slowly, smiling. because it’s something he’s never seen in raphael, and it’s beautiful, it’s so heartwarming, and he’s never felt so loved for the time he’s been a vampire.

“raphael… im okay.”

and raphael realizes how overdramatic he’s been, how he hasn’t taken his hands off of simon for the past five minutes. he’s been so worked up that he’s let down his guard, and simon just let him realize that.

“of course. yes, of course but make sure you tell me before you go starting trouble. you have little control,”raphael responded, taking his hands from simon’s shoulders and crossing them in front of his chest instead, a gruff look on his face hiding the worry.

“i got you. you’re right, sorry, next time it won’t be long. i’ve got it,”simon utters with a toothy smile, holding his thumb up in recognition.

“good. now, i’ve got things to do. blood’s in the lobby, go entertain yourself.”

and with a deep swallow, trying to eradicate every fiber of embarrassment still left in him, raphael’s gone.

and simon’s stands there still, remembering the cool hands on him and the eyes glowing with care, and he smiles, wider than he has in a long time. he’s about to shout out, don’t you want to hear what happened? but he knows raphael won’t come out. he’ll explain what happened later. 

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what if Chase is already dead? what if you're too late? mwahaha... i'd personally like to see Anti snap Chase in half,or just mentally destroy him, just to infuriate all of you. #TeamAnti

Ooh now that’s not nice to our bean now, is it?
But Anti already failed to keep Jack dead though, so can he really kill Chase, dear? ;)

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Soooo ulquihime & ishihime is healthier than -toxic- ichihime???

Lol, in other words let’s grab excuses to make ichihime look bad?

I can not express how exhausting it is to see people actually believe that their relationship is toxic. It’s beyond me that they even have the decency to express that they know what is best for each character, and manipulate their interactions into a negative concept.

I’m perfectly okay with ishihime as a ship, because of their relationship as friends. They have a great friendship that could have had potential and flourished to something more.

Excluding Orihime’s romantic feelings though.

Then there could have been a possibility in the ship coming together, but as them together whether “platonic” or “romantic” they are healthy. 

But that’s only if you can differentiate between “the type of love” that Orihime had for each character. If people can ignore Orihime’s feelings for Ichigo, and force her to fall out of love from him and manipulate her happiness. 

Ulquihime being a healthier ship than ichihime?

That’s the most ridiculous statement someone can write or believe. I can understand there are fans that love twisted relationships, and try to ignore facts or only romanticize it; that’s their decision and they won’t change it. 

But this ship is the definition of toxic.

That is if you are fine with him oppressing a caring character, forcing her to comply with his wishes, not caring whether she would die or get hurt, threatening to kill her beloved friends, questioning her actions, making her also question herself as a character and self-worth, taunting and killing the man that she loves before her very eyes, and being the sole reason for this scene:

“But Orihime is such a selfish person! Like she screamed for his help while he was laying on the floor! Couldn’t do shit herself!”

Yeah like what could she have done against Ulquiorra in a moment of despair when Ichigo couldn’t defeat him?

Fight him? Even though her power was not on the same level as him, and she had previously tried to shield Ichigo but her shield broke under Ulquiorra’s attack. She still tried to protect Ishida even knowing she was no match.

Protect Ichigo and Ishida? She had run toward Ichigo to catch him and try to heal him. Even though he was already dead, and it was not in her power to bring him back. Breaking down before his dead body and still managing to put a shield to protect Ishida…

This girl was in despair and weak, yet Ulquiorra drove her into breaking down until she screamed for the only person that constantly vowed and promised to protect them all. The man she put her hope in, that always reassured her everything would be alright if he was there.

She is being belittled for breaking down and acting human?

Because she broke down/knew what she did wrong in depending on him/ was still concerned over her friends and him and yet people call Ulquihime healthy and put the blame on her? 

Originally posted by likemyleather

Not to mention when they try to justify Ichihime as unhealthy while grabbing at scenes and ignoring their context:

Ichigo ignores Orihime:

When the next page indicates the reason for him declining her offer.

Orihime is afraid of Ichigo:

Right him losing control should not scare her, it wasn’t a traumatic moment of her life. It’s not like she was scared of hollows, or the fact that the person she cared about could turn into a hollow and lose himself. Plus, it’s not like Ichigo should care about her and her worry or being scared. Which brings me to the next part.

Ichigo doesn’t care for Orihime or her opinion:

I just love it when people choose to see the flaws of a relationship, and ignore the development and good points; not to mention compare it to a main platonic relationship.

Man is it so toxic how Ichigo was Orihime’s inspiration to get stronger, how they both showed how kind they are, cared for each other, both specifically declaring to protect the other, knowing when something is wrong with them, never using violence against each other, have an understanding between each other, growing to know more about each other.

So toxic.

Drew is the delinquent that gets the weapon to the face when the delinquents are leaving camp to go to the sea and to Luna. What is left of the 100 run back behind the walls of the camp. In the midst of the chaos we see Drew’s body being put down (the weapon still embedded in his skull.) This means that somebody picked his body up and carried it back to the dropship. To their home. Somebody cared that much to carry him, while their own life or lives were at risk. They carried him, even though he was already dead, because they were not going to leave his body behind. Somebody took the time and strength to carry Drew home.

your fave is problematic: noah czerny

  • likes the murder squash song
  • disappears at inconvenient times
  • acts afraid for his life when blue’s driving even though?? he is already dead?? that’s just rude noah
  • dropped that glitter snowglobe in the dollar city and might not have gone back to apologize and pay for it. he probably did but we don’t know
Peter Pan: The Boy Who Never Grew Up

Let’s talk about Peter Pan. 

Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with Peter Pan. I’m talking the Disney movie, THE BOOK (hearts in my eyes), the stage musical, the other stage plays like Peter and the Starcatchers and Wendy and Peter Pan, etcetera, etcetera. I hope it’s not just me. I even read a prequel book about Captain Hook and his days at Eton (Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth by J.V. Hart) which was super-mega awesome and also notable, in my mind anyway, for being illustrated by Brett Helquist, the same guy who illustrated A Series of Unfortunate Events, which gave it this mysterious, sharp-edged kind of vibe right from the get-go. 

BUT YEAH, I love Peter Pan. (Just for a point of order though, I have no intention of going to see the movie Pan that’s coming out soonish. No more white Tiger Lilys, thank you.)

But, I ask you with my fingers tented like a cartoon villain, what do you know about J.M. Barrie’s book, Peter Pan? Have you read the original story? If not, are you prepared to be traumatized by the original story? Because I’m ready to fill you in on it. 

Basically, in the original story, our eponymous hero is a total sociopath. This is not an exaggeration, Peter is literally a serial killer, and not just of pirates. Peter is explicitly said to kill members of the Lost Boys if they either got to old or didn’t follow his orders. This “getting too old” business should be intriguing to the canny reader, however. Isn’t Neverland the place where no one grows up? How is this possible? And interestingly, if you take Barrie’s narrator at his literal word, this does not appear to be the case. People do grow up in Neverland, and as he says, “All children, except one, grow up.” This “one” is, of course, Peter. But why does Peter not grow up, if the Lost Boys do?

Well, I’m going to save that piece of information for the ending.

One overarching theme of the book are the moral weaknesses of children. They are forgetful, selfish, and altogether heartless, but they are also innocent. However, innocent does not carry the positive connotations that it usually does. Honestly, it could be more accurately defined as “amoral” in the context of this book. Peter, naturally, is the epitome of these traits. He is very forgetful and very selfish, he likes to be the center of attention, and sometimes he completely forgets about the pressing needs of his companions, or indeed, their existence in general. One telling anecdote about Peter is that on his journey with Wendy, John, and Michael to Neverland for the first time, Peter became so wrapped up in showing off his flying skills that he zoomed away, leaving them alone, lost, and confused for a very long time, before Peter remembered that they existed, and returned to finish guiding them to the island. 

Peter kills without remorse. He is innocent in the sense that he doesn’t know any better. And while other characters grow and change throughout the story, even Tinkerbell becomes a less selfish being, sacrificing herself by drinking poison to save Peter’s life, Peter remains the same. Shallow, forgetful, and young.

But why, you ask?

That answer lies with J.M. Barrie’s childhood. When James Barrie was a kid, his brother, David, died in an ice-skating accident. David had been their mother’s favorite child, and she was absolutely distraught and inconsolable after his death. James, yearning for her affection, would sometimes dress in his older brother’s clothes to get his mother to pay attention to him. It is generally thought that the character of Peter is based somewhat on David Barrie.

Simply put, Peter never grows up, because he is already dead. The other Lost Boys, though they may have been misplaced by their nannies or dropped out of their perambulators, have the option of returning to the real world at the end of the story. But Peter never considers it. He remains behind, in Neverland, as his companions grow older and fit themselves back into reality. 

He stays the same. Thoughtless, selfish, beautiful, and forgetful. After promising to return for Wendy and to bring her back to Neverland for spring cleaning, he comes to her decades too late, having not kept track of time. Wendy is a mother now, and when she inquires as to where Tinkerbell is, Peter has no idea what she’s talking about, because Tinkerbell had died many years ago, and he had quite forgotten her. 

Peter takes away Wendy’s daughter, Jane, and the cycle begins again, as it will continue to do so, as "long as children are gay and innocent and heartless.“ But Peter remains. A sad figure, untouched by time, but not really being able to feel much of anything at all. 

I love the story of Peter Pan, mostly because it is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and the harshest things I have ever read. It’s a story that’s not afraid to make it’s villain, the child-hating Captain Hook, more honorable than its carefree hero. Hook, incidentally, while ruthless, is driven by etiquette and "good form,” and his final victory over Peter was being able to goad the boy into kicking the pirate to his death. This means that even in his final moments, Hook could be assured that he, not Peter, was the better man. And of course he was, because Peter was only a boy. A man is the only thing that Peter could never be. 

So what I’m saying is, if you want a mythology you can over-analyze and bawl your eyes out over, the answer is Peter Pan. Read J.V. Hart’s book, see a villain humanized, and cry. Read the script to Wendy and Peter Pan, which is teeming with feminism by the way so yay, and meet the other boy who’ll never grow up, and cry. Cry about a callous fairy that’s been forgotten, cry about Wendy waiting for years and years, and cry about Jane, because one day, Peter will show up at her window, and take away her daughter too. 

Just do it. Embark on an obsession to a darker and wilder Neverland than the one in the Disney film. You’ll see what I mean. 

Undertaker, Osiris, possibilities...

The fact that we know about Undertaker so far are: he used to be Shinigami and that he have deserted around 50 years (half a century) ago from the current time in manga and he had 7 people that he cared about enough to put their names/hair on mourning jewels. Did his desertion had something to do with queen Victoria (she came to the throne around that time) it is yet to be seen. We know that one of the people whose name and hair he keeps on mourning jewelry is Claudia Phantomhive, Ciels grandmother. We also know that he cared for Vincent so much that he even cried after him and he was willing to give his ribbon to Vincent in bonus chapter, but Vincent name isn’t on one of the 7 mourning jewels.

I’m not going to use anime canon, although Shinigami OVA (or Tale of Will the Reaper) could be close to manga canon. Still Grell doesn’t seem to be newbie and among the reason Grell doesn’t recognize Undertaker could be because his look has changed from the time he was active or even he could be among higher ups and not close to shinigami in the Collection department. There are no records in manga of how Undertaker have looked before he deserted, and we can’t really use anime look since that is the look of the legendary shinigami, and looks like he is not that legendary in manga.

I am hoping that Othello was introduced to clear at least part of Undertaker’s mystery in manga, and I hope that he will run into Undertaker soon(is).

During Campania or Ship Voyage arc (soon to be animated as the Book of Atlantis), company called “Osiris” was mentioned. We haven’t found out much about the company, but it gave me the clue that Yana knows who is Osiris.

Osiris was Egyptian god of death and underworld. One part of his myth says that he was killed by his brother Set and cut to pieces. His sister/wife Isis has collected all parts and put them back together (it was said also in some version of myth that the vital part was missing and have to be restored). Isis also have conceived Horus with Osiris, while he was still dead.

That leads to the possibility that Undertaker is partially based on Osiris. Although we have learned how Shinigami come to existence and that they used to be human, they are still dead gods. Being cut to pieces and then put back together could explain Undertakers scars, especially since they are all over his body. I am not sure that that was done with death scythe, since it is stated that death scythe is probably the only thing that can kill shinigami. To be cut to pieces without dying some other weapon is the most likely used, maybe even just regular human weapon.

Leg scars are not visible in manga, but it is presumed they exist… chest scar is visible in bonus chapter.

If he is based on Osiris possibility that he could have conceived child (children) even though already dead. Although dead should not be able to create life, Egyptian mythology give us example that it is still one of the possibility. Would that be true or not remains yet to be seen.

Undertaker might not be the legendary shinigami in manga, but he is still different then the rest of them. And even though some parts of manga have base in Christianity, Yana have also used other mythologies and references for creating her world.

Considering that Book of Atlantis anime movie is coming to Japanese theaters in January, I hope that we will get some big discovery in manga too somewhere around that time.

I am open for discussion and to other possibilities. Until it is written in manga everything is still open, and even things written in manga are open to different interpretation.


I tried to make an intimidating wolf character but then one thing lead to another and now it’s a skeleton ink dog.
His eyes and tail are full of ink, so it kinda drips everywhere. Doesn’t stain somehow, though.
He is basically already dead, so he can’t die. The closest he can get to dying is falling apart after being injured greatly. Even after that he reforms an hour or two later with only a few cracks as proof he was defeated.
Technically he doesn’t have a gender since he’s a skeleton, but let’s just say he’s male. He doesn’t care much about what he is called, though.

I still don’t have a name for him-