he's already badass

have people even realized that ralph says here that jack doesn’t even need to be chief,  because he’s jack merridew, he’s already badass and the greatest thing ever

ralph is basically surprised that jack is jealous of him, because ralph thinks that jack is better than him and better than everyone else

ralph was jack’s biggest fangirl and we haven’t realized it and here’s why:

after jack introduced himself, ralph was really impressed with jack’s attitude and strong character, which is why he chose jack to go with him everywhere he went and wanted jack to stay with him most of the time

ralph acted like an asshole to piggy at the beginning so jack could approve of him and like him

ralph tried to hunt despite that he hated hunting, just because jack liked hunting. ralph was happy when he hit the pig and he searched for jack’s approval again, but jack put him down

when ralph promised the other boys that his father would save them and people started applauding, he flushed and looked again at jack for approval, and jack smirked at him

when ralph talked about the beast and presumed it was a tiger,  he said that not even jack could fight the tiger, implying that ralph saw jack as the most badass and the strongest of them all, but not even the most badass could have fought something like that

ralph was hurt and really upset when he realized that jack indeed hated him

ralph willingly went with piggy on jack’s side of the island again before the feast, because he still held the respect for jack in spite of what jack had done to him until then

yes, jack liked ralph and wanted to impress him, but it was the same case for ralph and probably even more, since ralph had really admired jack and even respected him and acted according to jack, so jack could like him, while jack didn’t quite hold the same respect for ralph.

it wasn’t the same respect, because jack purposefully betrayed ralph and stole the entire group on his side, not to mention jack had also mocked and made fun of ralph on countless occasions.  jack liked ralph indeed, but ralph liked jack probably even more.